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F.Voliime 88, Number 27 One Section 324 Main Avenue North, Thief River Falls, MN 56701 • 

75 Cents Wednesday, July 7, 1999 

D. Patrick McCullough reignsl 

The John f. Anderson Substation being con- Industrial park users. This station provides the 

strutted by MInnKota Power on the south side of city with a third service line and lessens the 

Thief River Falls should be energized or on-line chance that another serious ice storm could 

by the end of July. This will give the city another cause the problems it did in 1997. The 115,000 

substation to- serve the city, particularly the volt line is a direct tie from Warren-Oslo. 

Finseth asks disaster request 

Chairman of (he House 
Agriculture Policy Committee. Tinf 
Finseili. R-Angus. has asked that 
Governor Vcntuni sun ilie process 
to request the federal government 
dcclure certain northwestern 
Minnesota counties ■us-ugriculfurc~ 
and public disaster counties due 10 
the excessive moisture the area lias 

Although other counties will be' 
included in the request for federal 

recognition. Finseth usked in u 
phone call to the Governor's office 
thai he makes sure that Polk, 
Marshall. Red Lake. and 
Pennington counties be included in 
the Governor's request to the 
Federal - Eiiicrgency_manugcment 
Agency (FEMA). 

"With ull the rain we've had up 
here, farmers hnve not even gotten 
the chance to plant a large percent-,, 
age of their fields." Finseth said. 

"Our crop conditions are so poor, I 
wanted to make sure that the 
Governor includes these counties 
in his request for federal assis- 

- If the request for agriculture and 
public disaster , recognition for. 
these counties is accepted by- 
FEMA and the 4Yesidcnl signs the 
disaster declarations, the counties 
will be eligible for emergency 
loans and other federal assistance. 

as Winter Carnival King Boreas 

(Former Ncwfoldcn resident D. 
Patrick McCullough. currently serv- 
ing as the St. Paul Winter Carnival's 
King Boreas/was" recently featured 
in on article by BSU director of 
news-services- aiid-publicaiions A) 
Nohncr in BSU Horizons, an alumni 

- association -publication. Thearticlc- 
is reprinted as follows with permis- 
sion of die author.) 

As a youngster, Pat McCullough 
used to find some quiet time when 
he" was herding cows. After getting 
up by 5 a.m. to do chores, he and his 
siblings were sent to pasture with 
the cows to keep the animals out of 
the neighbors' fields. 

As the day got longer and the 

would lay down on a hill overlook- 
ing die herd and daydream of kings 
.and lands far away. 

(McCullough explained that the 
"hill" was pan of a gravel pit where 
the cows were pastured — the only 
rise of significance In the vicinity of 
the Ncwfoldcn area farm.) 

In January, McCullough became 

royally, crowned as King Boreas, 

" the ruler and lord of snow, winds, 

. ice and frivoliTyTtnrimj the St. Paul 

Winter Carnival. 

"This would have been a fairy 
. talc.drcam when I was growing up. ' 
said McCullough, a 1967 Bemidji 
State University graduate from 

- Newfoldcn." Wc didn't have TV, so 

Ktogh SKllPSdlte D. Patrick McCullough, a native of rural Newfolden and now an 
-days. Lying in the sun, I could do attorney in St. Paul, has been busy making numerous appear- 
anything I wanted to in my mind:"' ances as King Boreas of the St Paul Winter Carnival. He expects 
. Herding cows was one of the to make some ZOO appearances In addition to the approximately 
treasured opportunities to let his 10 o during the carnival itself. 
mind roam. It as a task that fell to ■ * 

the nine children of the McCullough - ■■ ' „ ...... . , .... • ■ r* i 

family since they couldn't afford been near one. Frequently ribbed by chology with minors in German and 

posts or barbed wire to fence all of i-hisfamily forhis.well-Known-feur* SKiofogy.-As- class-president, he- 

of heights, he stepped imo'thc trans- also come to enjoy debate and llvc- 

posts or barbed 

their land.-- -■ 

iWeJwLinnn^Jd&Jtan-Jea*^ , 
we herded Hhe cows," McCul- througl 

jtWgh/remembered about growing 
up' &T a tog home with no electricity, 
no running water and no indoor 
bathroom facilities. "But we were 
always very happy because we did- 

#t41PS*Wnge k ibQu$ipassc^^ He took.. 

ighnTs head. "Someioo'ls even another leap and decided to change 

jump out of these things.' 
■'• Naturally, he joined the para- 
troopers, serving in the 101st 
Airborne for two years. 

'Overcoming my worst fears and 

_'t know we were poor, and there challenges proved to me that I could 

weren't very many affluent people do anything I wonted to do," Mid 

around us." ■ ■ ■; McCullough, who entered BSU 

At 14 he started working as o after service. "I wanted to §o to col- 

career directions. McCullough 
earned a law degree from the 
William Mitchell College of Law 
and hung his shingle on a building 
in the cast side of St. Paul. 

"It was different starting out in 
1971 than it is now," he said. "It 
wasn't easy, and I joined many 
organizations to get some exposure 

Herman and Ida Klesow family included nine Sr. and Caroline; standing, Herman Jr., Richard, 

children after their first died in infancy. Pictured Henry, Otto, William and Erick. ... 

from left are, seated, RosIeJda,SeIma, Herman ■ '.- I _T 

Kiesow family reunion draws 
,182 relativeslo Espelie Twp. 

fannhimd-whUe-ottendIng-hish--lege"»mv^^^^ . ,. ... 

sthool. FbUo»lna - gn»lu.iron, Ee to experience poverty and go One of uje organizations wos the 
joined the military Sid boarded a through .the straggles I did growing St.. Paul Winter Carnival. ™_d he 
plane taking him to boot camp. MP-" „ . ~ . . ' ' 

. He had lieard and seen pictures Alfirslhe wantedtobeapsychi- 
,of airplanes in school, but had never alrist, and earned a degree in psy- 

Library to present reptile program 

was chosen as the EasuWind In 

(Continued on Page 14) 

Families of six of the lOchildrcn 
of Herman and Ida Kiesow, and of 
Herman's brother Julius, attended 
' the Kiesow family reunion Sunday, 
June 27, at the old Henry Kiesow 
farm in Espelie township of 
Marshall county near Goodridge. 

Participating in the event were 
182 relatives from 13 states and n 
foreign exchange student from 
Japan who had lived with one of the 
families and reuirncd.for a wedding 
of that familyVchild. ~ 

Slates represented were Minne- 
sota, Missouri, North Dakota. 
Wisconsin, Pennsylvania,- Washing- 
ton, Georgia, Texas, Nevada,. New 
York, Florida. Alaska and Illinois. 
Attending from Japan was Shuri 
Sorlo, who came back to the U.S. to 
attend the wedding of Trevor 
Kiesow to Keri Stratum Saturday. 
June 26.' ' 

Reunion festivities started Fri- 
day, June 25, when 90 family mem-. 
,bcrs gathered in Oakland Park. in 
Thief River Falls for a pizza picnic. 
Activities Saturday, June 26, include 
cd fishing, golfing and visiting and « 

the reunion was Walter Kiesow, 82, 
of Enumclaw, WA. He suffered a 

E analyzing stroke two years ago .but 
is will to attend the reunion aided 
his recovery to the extent that he 
was able to make Ule trip. 

Youngest family member attend- 
ing was Alexis Marie -Kiesow, 
daughter of Tony Kiesow and 
Nicole Bums, who was bom June 
12. 1999.Tony Kiesow now lives on_ 
what was formerly Walter's farm, so" 
the oldest and; youngest family 
members attending have roots in the 
same farm. . _ 

- To-assist in identifying the" vari-- 
ous family members attending, 
color coded T-shirts designed by 
family member FlorcneHal! were 
worn by the various families. Each 
family attending also' received a 
Kiesow Descendant Family Re- 
union 1999 genealogy and address 

Also among those attending was 
Kris Olsen of York, Pennsylvania, 
great-granddaughter of Julius and 
Mathilda Kiesow, whose mother 
"was'taken from her mother -while a 

Heritage Community Center in " "" 

Thief River ■<■ Falls for' 91 people. 
Many of the relatives attended the 
Kiesow-Stralton wedding dance, in 
Goodridge Saturday night. 

At the Henry Kiesow. farm' 
Sunday,, several antique cars and 
tractors* were brought by family 
members to gi ve rides andstond for 

inspection^ A pig roast provided the 
mam fare for dinner, along with a 
sharing of traditional' family foods 
such 1 as cabbage rolls and.peppcr- 

.family roots by posting an ail In the 
Todd county, Minnesota* genealogy • 
cal web' site in February of 1998. 
The story of Kris finding her family . 
and attending the reunion, as written 
by-Kathi Carlson, appears in die 
June 30 issue of the Thief River 
Falls Ttmes. . 

First generation of the families - 

' ■ A~ycar later Herman and Ida 
moved to a farm at Clarissa, next to ■ 
Herman's brother Julius, .who had 

B receded Herman and Ida to the 
!nited States in 1886 with his wife 
Anna and two children. Herman and 
Julius were -from' Pomeraine, 

In 1896 Herman and Ida moved 
to Moylan township in Marshall 
county where they raised nine chil- 
■ drcn— Otto,' Richard, Bill, Erick, 
Caroline, HenryrRosie, Selma-and; 
Herman Jr. , 

•Of these -children' only Rosa. 
(Rosic) Kiesow Kolz, 96, survives. 
She was bom Dec. 30. 1902, mar- 
ried Frederick August Kotz June 28, 
1942, and hod no children. She lives 
at the Knute Nelson Nursing Home 
in Alexandria and was unable- to* 
attend the reunion. 

Herman Kiesow Jr., bom Aug. 

(Continued on Page.15). r.r~ 

Brooks man is .'■ . 
killed in accident 


"The - 

. reunion were 
Herman arid Ida Kiesow who immi- 

gotcd to Ujc United States from 
crmohy in 1886 and settled ir 

William. Klasen, ,29. Brooks, 
- died in a one-vwhtflo acddenUone-u. 
quarter of a* mile south of Oklee on , 
Monday, July 5. -,i ' 

Minnesota State Patrol received 
a report of the occidental 5:40 .aJii. 
According to theaccident report," 
Klasen was' 'driving' a'1987. 1 
Chevrolet Celebrity _north ' ob 

-MlnneS(«a - Hl8hwny'222 when Ids 
car left the east side of the road, hit 
an approach, went, airborne and.. 

rest sitting uprighL During ' 

Klasen hit ihft'dath-nf- 

Aspart of the children's summer education degree. . 

programming at the Thief River Korbel's wife is a teacher and. 
Falls public library, Jeff Korbel will . they own a Mack Labrador retriever 
present a half-hour program entided as welt as (heir collection of reptiles 

Reptiles- of the Worldat 2 p.m. on .and insects. -.—.„ ..... ... 

Thursday, July 8. The program is ; 'This will be my first time to 

free and there is no pre-registration. bring reptiles to Thief River Falls, 

Jeff-Ktirbe], a representative in 

' northern Minnesota o f the 
Minnesota Herpetological Society, 
will bring approximately 200 rep- 
dies and Insects for 'viewing, includ- 
ing boa and python snakes, lizards, 
tarantula spiders and scorpions. . 
The speaker- will talk about the 

'differences between reptiles and; 
-amphibians, where they come from, 
their environmental niche,' whether 
or not they make good house pets, 
which ones arevenomnis andtiow 

-theyjiscjhcir sensesv/.^.,.; ;,',;.; :l:. 

— -An "active™ nen^lagfern-vith-Tr; 
naturalist background^ -vKorbel- 
believes it is important to educate'.;, 

- people about reptiles. He served-ai-a— 
forest naturalist at the. Chippewa--' 
Notional Forest for three ^years and' 
currenUy also works as a fly fishing 

■ ^insmictor and fishing 'rod builder. 

"He is also a student working on an =■ 

Modification made 
to requirements-for~- 
cover on CRP land 

In response to^the amount of .' 
unplan'ted ■ Conservation Reserve; 
Program acreage In Minnesota this^ 


i made a modification in cover 

The ?deaa till 'opuVns" in the 
Minnesota Approved Cover Types ■ 
L and Practices: for'Idled'AMTA 
Contract Acres was ntodlfied to add 
a fifth stotement which says: *The,; 
last operation in- the fall . will, be _ 

he said. -Tm looking forword to o 
full library. Don't forget to bring. 

program, contact the Thief River 
Falls public library at 101 East First 
Street or call 681-4325. 

.1 " 

rmu V Mpii u in ^tfHwipe^Idi -^Hl il rh i nion . They 1ml lti i -ir tint Ihf n rrirtr nl Kl n.r n Ml Ihrjiiih 
.Klci>v/ ulcered after coming from -'■" A " -i.~.i.. -■>- u.ji.H„f r,rf~ I 

dicntiirto the.previil|Dg wind, to ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 

^TOtf'moolBcaaonh for 19^ ^^ 

^lyninhirai lteMp roveeHiyH ne Th u r id ^ y .J ltly^rMgl^ r~ 

county committee, in consnltatlon ; ; to.$hownwHh his python riamtcI'Bbritt." There Is no charga for ^~- 
wlth the district comeryntionlst, In the program and no pre-reglltrntlon b required. For morelnfor- 

'" "T." ' ", '■■*• '■ :\ :■*■ -. 

Germany . to, accommodate the 
ingredients available here. 

Oldest family membcr'toattend" 

. child, Ernest, shortly after their 
arrival, with the. cause said to be the 
stress of the ocean crossing on- the 

the car. He died of his injuries. He 
was not wearing a seat belt:; 

The . accident remains t under ; 
Investigation. • - ■ - : ;- ■•--■t-^--v-~~-- 

1 J.. .= ■■ 





lZ.-: "..._ J 

-. ■ ■ , 

' '' - ' 






'•-" ' L_ 

■■ • -.i ■ 

■' s ! 

i ■ 






\ ■" 

k— --*-' 


' ' ' 






... -.;, j 

' ! 

'f '"'.■ 

\ I 

- 1.' 


.- - j i' 




I»:i B c 2 


Wednesday, July 7, 1999 

Wednesday, July 7, 1999 


Boy Scouts from Troop 59 in Thief River Foils pose with .Lutheran camping equipment made possible In part with a matching grant. 
Brotherhood 8129 board member Al Johnson before the troop left from Lutheran Brotherhood and the troop s fundraising efforts, 
for summer Boy Scout camp recently with their newly purchased 

AARP offers older drivers driving program 

Mundalls are serving SDA 
and Open Arms churches 

Pastor Murcus Mundull >md bis 

wife April aw serving llie Seventh* , 
jliiy Ad.vcniisl churches in Thief 
River Falls und Cmoksiim and the 
Open Anns Christian Fellowship in 
Thief River Falls. They arrived in 
Thief River Falls May 27. 

•Martins was hum in Belize. 
Central America, the third son of a 
missionary doctor. The family 
moved to Bertha, MN for five years, 
then lived al several places in the 
Midwest hdlbrc- stilling in Council. 
WA. Marcus has five Vro l hers and 
one sister and graduated in . 1994 
Tram Upper Columbia Academy in 

April was born in Berrien 
Springs, MI and moved with her 
family to Maryland when she was 

- eight.- That 'has been- her home since- Murcus and April Mundalt ■ 

that lime, living with her mother :■ ■■ . .. 

and two younger sisters. She grudu- was us student missionaries lo 
ated from Blue Mountain Academy Sydney. Australia, where they were 
in Pennsylvania in 1993. " youth pastors for. the Kellyvillc 

The couple met al Southern Seventh-day Adventist church. 
Adventisl University in Tennessee _ After returning to the U.S. las! 

where Marcus studied theology and 

April pursued Bible education and 

nursing courses.' Both worked at 

-_.T ri.._:_.;~i'C ioo<:n/r 

Christmas, ihcy took enough course 
work to graduate in May. Having 
done u lot oFtruveling, they say they 

. With ihe approach of summer 
month-., increased local traffic and 
vacation driving is a signal for. 
older nioliitists lit Update their ttri- 


. Whv older drivers? As we grow 
older, driving becomes a habit and 
manv skills are taken lor granted. 
The .problem is that physical 
changes, declining perceptual 
, skills, and local driving conditions 
can lead to serious accidents when 
not detected. The answer is the 
AARP 55 ALIVI-ZMalurc driving 

AARP 55 ALIVE is an eight- 
hour classroom refresher, course 
specifically designed to meet the 
needs of older drivers. The course 
addresses ihe physical changes that 
can affect your driving anility and 
behavior, and ways l» compensate 
for those changes. Also the curricu- " 
lum is -geared to remind you of 
.skills and technk|ues you once 
learned hut fail to use regularly, and 
update you on the rules of ihe road., 

"Many older drivers lend to for- 
get it's easy to develop unsafe dri- 
ving habits' over time because we 
become too familiar with some- 
thing we have done lor many 
• years." . says Rich Dohrmann. 
AARP 55 ALIVE Minnesota Slate 

Coordinator, •■'Rial is why we teach 
the rules of ihe rnud 'ami the ways 
to prevent accidents by identifying 
what should be done in adverse dri- 
ving conditions.'- : - ; 

In 1998 a .statewide network of 
574 volunteers in Minnesota who 
are 50 and older, reported 5U.I91 
graduates in 2.49ft classes. The pro- 
gram gives the volunteers an 
opportunity to help their peers leant 
how to handle adverse driving con- ' 
ditions and traffic hazards, as well 
as the affects of aging and medica- 
tions on driving. 55 ALlVli teaches 
participants about normal, age- 
related changes thai can interfere 
with vision, hearing- and physical 
strength that typically influence 
driving ability and attitudes. For 
. example, did you know lhat: 

• vision- is a critical factor that 
impacts driving ability? 

• side vision is a problem for 
'older drivers? 

* impaired hearing is a common 
problem for 20 percent of people 
55 "and older aitd 30 percent of 
Ihose over the age of 65V 

* another area of physical 
decline among older drivers is reac- 
tion lime, and lhat slower reaction 
time represents a significant prob- 
lem for older drivers'.' 

• mcdjcaiions taken bv older 
persons can interact with each other 
and with alcohol cause serious 
adverse reactions to occur? 
— These-problems are what lead-to- 
Ihe typical traffic violalions com-, 
milted by older drivers, including 
failure lo. yield the right-of-way. 
improper left turns, incorrect lane 
changes, passing, and entering and 
leaving expressways. Recognizing 
this, and that most older motorists 
began driving before formal driver 
education existed. 55 ALIVF. 
■ instructors teach ihe rules of the 
road. Participants also learn about 
the proper use and maintenance of 
their vehicles, aiurieani the safety 
aspects of the car including safety 
bells, airbags. ami-lock brakes, and 
child safely seats. 

"If cars suddenly seem to appear 
-from no where. -intersections boiher 
you because there scorns lo be so 
much going on or if gaps in traffic 
are harder lo judge, then it is lime 
to lake the 55- ALIVE program. 
You'll be glad you did.," says 

Completion of ihe 55 ALIVE 
classes can result in discounts from 
several automobile insurance com- 
panies throughout the country. In 
addition, legislation has been 

enacted in 34 stales and the District 
of 'Columbia which requires all 
automobile insurance companies 
conducting business in those slate's 
_to-providc. a premium ^discount lo . 
graduates of . stale-approved 
improvement courses. Minnesota 
docs offer legislated insurance pre- 
mium discounts. 

For more information on AARP 
55 ALIVE class location or volun- 
teer opportunities please call toll 
free 1-888*227-7669. A nominal 
fee is charged for the eight-hour 

AARP has developed an "Older 
Driver Skill Assessment and 
Resource Guide." This useful hand- 
book helps older drivers to. self- 
assess their driving skills through 
focused questions, ideas, and self- 
. tests. Single copies may be 
obtained. by requesting brochure 
number D 1 4957, I mm the 
Minnesota AARP information cen- 
ter. Mall of America,- 60 East 
, Broadway, W-334, Bloomington. 
MN 55425. telephone 612-858- 
9040- or by writing AARP 
Fulfillment. P.O. Box 96796. 
Washington. DC 20090-6796. 

summer camps. During ilie l995-96~"are looking forward to settling Into 
school year, Marcus served as assis- Thief River Falls and pursuing 
tant dean of boys at Mount Ellis some of their hobbies. Murcus is a 
Academy in Bozcman, MT, while soccer player, bird watcher, garden- 
April taught Bible, English and. er and French horn player. Apnl 
hand bells in Micronesia. ■' enjoys crafts (especially, crochets 

-'Both-returned lo Southern- for— ing),-gardening,-cooking and-read — 
more classes unlil their marriage ing. 
Dec. 28. 1997. Their wedding tnp 

Weed control tour 
Monday at Crookston 



^ '^♦" '.' / 

gfilP • 

v H& ,i. 

■^3J2^\ v ^ 

'■'■'• ' ■"•-"•>: Jirs^w ' 

-A. .£. : 4Hfc ■• '■' 

/ F * 


'- '*** 

-.:-—■. • • 

■. / . :_, 


. mim£~ •. 


^^w£ XliT^^kSHWH 

mi nlMMHHflTT* **\ r' 


Newfolden student 
in Who's Who 
college edition 

Natasha H.J. Olsohaw.siki of 
Newfolden, daughter of Mr. and 
Mrs. Jon Hirst has been selected by 
University of North Dakota as one 
of the country's most outstanding 
campus leaders by Who's Who 
Among Students in American 
Universities and Colleges. 

A campus nomination commit- 
tee and editors of this publication 
included her name in the 1999 pub- 
lication', which is an annual direc- 
tory of outstanding students. This 
honor is awarded to students who 
display outstanding achievements, 
not only in scholarly endeavors bui " 
also participate; and exercise lead- 
ership in extracurricular activities. 

Soldiers subdue a protester attempting to disrupt Allied Forces 
non-combatant evacuation operations. Soldiers practiced evacu- 
ating American citizens from hostile areas during the exercise. 
(Photo by Keith Brown) 

Latest advances in weed' control 
in sugarbeets and small grain will 
be discussed and demonstrated by 
weed control specialists al tours 
beginning at 9:30 a.m. Monday, 
July 12, al the Northwest. 
Experiment Station agronomy farm 
located one mile north of ihe inter- 
section of highways -75 und-2 north 
of Crookston,. 

Specialists -providing tnforma- 
lion will be Dr. Bev Durgan. 
University of Minnesota in St. Paul 
and Dr. Alan Dexter, U of M/NDSU 
in Fargo, ND. . . ._, 

■ The sugarbect tour will feature 
weed control with Roundup, Liberty 
and the micro-rate herbicides at dif- 
ferent timing and application num- 

bers. Dr. Dexter will also discuss 
nozzle plugging problems observed 
wilh the use of micro-rate applica- 

The small grain tour will feature 
control of foxtail, wild_oats_and 
broadlcirf weeds. In these plots dif- 
ferences in wheal variety tolerance 
-to the various herbicides will be dis- . 
cussed us well as herbicide injury 
and non-performance. 

Refreshments' will be provided 
during the tours. 


70e TOcuttlloun.. 

Pennington Co. Fair Shines in 


■ Gody a Fender Repair . 

• Expert Reflnlshlng 

• Plastic Welding 

• Windshield Replacement 

Call Us For An 


Privacy & Security. 

Heritage Pines offers a private 
apartment lifestyle, with the 
security of 24-hour-staffing. .if you 
are considering a nursing-home,' 
consider Heritage Pines first. 

Call us for a personaTtour: 

r(218) r 773-7484 

Good Samaritan Village 
Heritage P ines Assis ted Living ^^ 

"2208- : fover-Road I NWr r: ^-— f=V 

East Grand Forks, MN 


Even If 

Army Sgt. Chad M. Kuck, an Infantryman, was a participant in 
exercise Tandem Thrust 99, held recently In Guam. (Photo by 
Keith Brown) 

TRF soldier adjusts to 
changes in the weather 

by Garrett Reed representing n fictitious island die- 

Imagine living, working and tutorship intent on seizing its 

training in a region where snow, ice . neighbor's territory. The united 
anf blistering winds are the norm. States and Australia responded by 
Now imagine rapidly picking up sending air, ground and naval 
and flyingW to a steamy tropical forces to help the besieged republic 
island for weeks of intense military turn back the invaders, 
combat training,' all .without miss- . "At Fort Wainwright I'm a fire 
ingabcat. team leader," Kuck said. "I help . 

- —Adapting lo' an -extreme change . with the rifle ranges, physical train- 
in climate was just one of-lhe chal— ing and I conduct classes. My main— - 
lenges'.the son .of a. Thief River. ' mission is to.train and leadjmy sqU_._ 
Falls couple faced during a recent dicrs." 
trainin g exercise dubbed Tandem Jj""j"" J*l"i s i P °" d numcrous 

Army Sgt. Chad M. Kuck. son controlling hostile anti-American 
of-Allnn-and-Pcggy-Kuck-of-Thief— demonstrators, — -^safeguarding.-,. 
River-Falls, was among more than •American and allied" citizens, 'and 
12,000 -service- rnembeisJrom_lhc — fightlng_ofL_eneiny.JfcWCS,JEor — 
O.S., Canada and Australia who Kuck and the arctic warriors or 
converged on a tiny island in the Fort Wainwright, however, one, of 
South Pacific to participate in einb-- -the biggest challenges -w t ns adjust- - 
orate military war games. • ing to Guam's tropical climate. # 

Tandem Thrust is a biennial "I'm sunburned and drinking 
exercise that calls together military lots of water," Kuck said. "The 60- 
units from ' different services and degree change in temperature in 
nations and trains 4nem to work one. day was extreme to adapt- to,; 


tions anuind'ihe world. \ • No matter .where .the hotspots 

While, the other services ful- around the world might pop up, . 

filled their respective roles; Kuck when (he call goes out, Kuck will 

arid his fellow soldiers took on the bercady. 

responsibility of repelling enemy _"•_''. 

ground forces and evacuating allied Derek Bem, TO . 

non-combatants from the island. - »*__ j a,,-,,-*--- 

"I ran the vehicle search at the attend AUgUStana 

main gate chttkpolot,"' explained ■ ^^ B jy^ pj ver Fo] , s 

-Kuck^l-help-idcnu fy a n d sen rrn wi U - ■ - B 

you need your best . . 

don't think about Insurance 
needs. But it's very Important to 
protect your assets in a rented 
environment. Milbank's Renters 
Package provides you with the" 
financial protection you need.; 
Our policy is a "contents"and 
liability policy that avoids the 
costly overlapping and duplica- 
tion that may result from buying 

' Individual policies, lb lind out 
more, call our agency today. . 



iMMSInttE. 'nitUnMKMN 
-, v . -fetagoodflgMt. 


Offset the price 
of travel with our 

Thief River Falte Regional Airport offers prop Jet 
service, 18 outbound flights per week and money 
:r saving fares. We're your quick, 60-mlnute connection^ 

IffikuilPniaMSafvIca <• 


non-combatant civilians for evacu- 
ation back to the U.S. I alsoassist 
with riot control.'' 



Sioux Falls, SD, beginning with the 
1999 fall semester. 
Berg, a 1999 graduate of 

«■•""""-"""" ■ . UbIKi U. 1777 KIUUUUI4 «l 

Oiringaheatge ycf Irrtfirhf , — LiifCu ln-H igi rSaiiBI , i in ig-Kiinir 

. f^M*^ nB.Mmltl kfifiburi hu I I.S. —m ■ tot- _ n..... *v_ ,_ .,. . 

the Conadion'Navy, backed by U.S. 
NaVy aircraft and Marine troops, 
'pla yed the rote of the /bad guys; 

Tim and Roxanne Berg*. He is the 
recipient of a Heritage Scholarship.- 

Send Address Changes lb: 
The Times 
-PO Box 100 
TWef River Falls, MN 

mry Friday. 

Ttw TWnM to IM ottlclal n«w*pap*( foe 
Ptmlnglan County; Cfflt* <* TT« Rhw FaH, 
- OoocWdo* and SI HUkK Bchoot DWricti of 
mat Rtor Ft* 604, NMtMMl VdcbboiuI 
CoopatMM Cant* 878. Nawftfdan 441, 

- •■■ set. 

-Tht-Tlm»«»M rx«b»a*bU fc»f*QN ttianrjaa— 
w typograpnieal afroTa Owl do not h*«t ma 
vttua ot m *t**fmm. Tna "nmaa- laBMy 

I ■> Mrteny Imttail p pubk* 
Don ot vw advaniMrnani'ki mtf ntMaquant 
■u or lha ralund ot any mortaa paltl tor 0m 


; — ^324 Main Avenue North ^~ 

Thief River Falls, MN 56701-0100 

' Tfclepbooe:(218)68t-4450 
^laitmillr tritlmf itttrfllmnmnrT. . " 

' ' http^/www.trAimei.cbm 


The Times 


I" ■'.-•"' T ' ':'■.!'. 

Wednesday, July 7, 1999 

Donor June Scholin continues to give the gift of life 


Wednesday, July 7,1999 


IMI.IIH!!.,*.'!*-" 1 ."-.^ 1 * I"";M " ■-■'" ■ ! " '"-.'."'•i ' 

Page 5- The Times 

Shalla Ottesen and Jeffrey 
Kierzek to wed in Bahamas 

•by Kutlii Carlson 

Times Reporter 

' There's no w;iy of knowing jusi 

how utility lives June Scholin lias 

saved over lite years. 

Tor nuire ihan 50 years. June has 
been donating blood, and .on 
Thursday. July I. she was recog- 
nized by Untied Blood Services 
.. a nd . presen led . w i 1 1 1 a . p I ai] U e.. des i g •_ 
iialinj; tier as a lea gallon donor 
during a Wood drive at' Redeemer 
Lutheran Church. 

United Blood Services is based 
in l-'argo and provides blood lo 
more than 40' hospitals in 
^Minnesota. North Dakota and part 
-'■Tnr-Stmth-Datoui. Area patient 
needs require over 7(H) units per 
week or approximately 36,000 
units per year. A unit of blood con- 
tains 450 milliliters or approxi- 
mately one pint. 

June's gilt is not common. Iimur- 

area, only about five percent of the 
population donate blood, and 
respond to the never-ending need. 

Hie history of donating Wood 
goes back to, the early part of the 
century. While a few successful 
took place before 
I WX>. modem, large-scale transfu-. 
sions became practical after the dis- 
covery of blood types in the early 

During those earliest iransfti-' 
sions. however, blood was trans- 
ferred directly from the, donor to 
die recipient. In 1914. tlie storage 
of blood becunie possible with the 

discovery of -chemicals -dull pre- 
vented clols from forming. 

Today, preserving solutions per- 
mit blood to be stored for as long as 
■12 days although, according to 
United Blood Services representa- 
tives, mosi df the blood collected 
by its technicians is used within a 

.... While advances in science. have 
changed the way~hloo"d~is used and 
i lie methods used for collection, the 
majority of the Million's blood sup- 
ply is, still provided, by volunteers 
tike June. 

'Hie donation process is simple 
and takes less ihaii an hour. " 

Die first .part-of- the process. 
determines an individual's suitabili- 
ty as a donor. A drop of blood is 

.collected' and tested to make sure 
thai lite person is not anemic. A 
potential donor's blood pressure. 

-pulse-and temperature are also 
taken, and questions about health 
and behavior are asked to help 
determine whether the individual 
may have been exposed to HIV or 
other viruses. 

If it is-deleniiined that a volun- 
teer is able lo donate, blood is taken 

" from the arm of a donor using a 
new. sterile needle. Most people 
feel fine during and after a dona- 
tion,. and many say that they "feel 
belter" afterwards. 

After donating blood, donors are 
treated to refreshments and asked 
to remain in the building lor 15 

■ -- -There js minimal risk lo blood 
donors. A donor cannot gel AIDS or 
any other infectious disease, by 
donating Mood. All of die equip- 
ment is sterile and used only once. 
Donated blood goes to a United 
Blood Service laboratory, for nine 
hours of typing, tcsting-and ibe sep- 

aration or_w!lo_le_blood into blood 
components before it is labeled'and 
delivered to urea hospitals. 

Should any tests show that the 
donor may be a carrier of hepatitis, 
syphilis. HIV or other viruses, the 
Wood is not used. If required by 
local law. the results of the blood 

June Scholin (center) was presented) with a plaque and special 
card designating her as a 10-gallon blood donor by United Blood 
Services during its recent blood drive in Thief River Falls. June has 
donated blood on a regular basis since 1943. Marilyn Winter (left) 
is one of the community's volunteer coordinators for the blood 
drives, organizing the event and setting Up appointments. 

tests__are reported to the Jieallh 
deportment, and the donor's name 
is placed in a Deferred -Donor 
Directory. The donor is notified of 

■ the results and told that they must 
not give blood. Also, anyone who 
tests positive for HIV tests will be 
provided with counseling and refer- 
ral information. 

' Technology continues to 
advance, and" currently, United 

-Blood Serviccsis participating in a 
rcscarcji study that will evaluate a 
new type of testing, using Nucleic 
Acid Amplification Technology, lo 
detect viruses in the blood. 

One of the most common ques- 
tions asked by potential donors is 

' whether or not he or she has enough 
blood to spare. 

If a person weighs more" than 
110 pounds, they have enough 
blood to spare and share. The aver- 

' age adult person has about eight 

-pints of- blood.-The. fluid or plasma- 
is replaced within 24 hours, and red 
blood cells arc replaced in about 
five weeks. To ensure the safciyof. 
donors, guidelines allow donations 

• every 56 days.. 

The need for donated blood is 
not likely to end. Although, since 

..the 1960s, .researchers have inves- 
tigated a number of possible blood 
substitutes to be used in emergency 
situations, no substitute has been 

-discovered for blood. 

Because the need for blood is 
never - ending,' United Blood 
Services is on the road constantly 

holding blood drives in the commu- 
nities within its scrvicearcu. 

In addition to blood donors, 
other volunteer services arc uti- 
lized. Local volunteer coordinators 
organize the drive, publicizing the- 
event and making donor appoint- 
ments, and other volunteers register 
donors and' serve refreshments at 
the site on the day(s) of the drive. 

Why should we think about 
donating blood? The most obvious 
reason is that none of us can guar- : 
antce that we or a loved one will 
not need blood at some time during 
our lifetime. In fact, it is -estimated 
that up to 90 percent of the popula- 
tion will use blood before the age of 
72.. ' - 

The need for donated blood 
becomes more critical on-holiday 
weekends as an increase of people 
on our highways result in more-' 
accidents. Unfortunately, it is also a 
-time when many regular volunteers 
find themselves too busy to donate 

June Scholin was not one of . 
those who found herself too busy to 
donate blood lost week. In fact, 
since making her first blood dona- 
tion as a young woman attending . 
teacher's training in 1943, she has 
"donated blood on a regular basis 
throughout the years — at least 10 
gallons worth, and that adds up to 
giving the gift ofjife to countless 
others and setting* an example, for 
all of us. Thank you, June. 

Shalla Ottesen and Jeffrey 
Kictyck announce their engagement 
and forthcoming marriage. 

Shalla is a graduate of Moorhead 
Slate University and is the commu- 
nications director for ihc.Amcrican 
Collectors Association in Eagan." 

Jeff is a graduate of Augsburg 
College and is employed as a com- ■ 
putcr programmer 'for Dart Transit 

The couple will be married on 
^Odobcr'al the Radisson Resorron 
Cable B.each in Nassau. Bahamas. 
A wedding reception will be held in 
Minneapolis on Friday, November 

Shalla and Jcffrey_will make 
iheir home in Eagan. T 

.ADawn McLean and Chris 
Mel bye to wed August 21 

and forthcoming marriage. 

Parents of llic couple are Alec" 
: and McLean of Dasscl and 
Fern and Allen -Mclbyc of Thief 
River. Falls. 

ADawn attended the University 
of Minnesota, Crookston and 
received two bachelors of science 
' degrees, a n assoc iate degree in sci- 
enee and is comply I ihg"'' eTMast e rs 
in Education degree through the 
University of Minnesota. She is 
employed as the agricultural educa- 
tion teacher al Lincoln High School. 
Chris is a ,1991 graduate of 
Lincoln High School and Northwest 
Technical College in Thief River'. 
—Falls. ■ He-is - employed as an- 
announcer at KROX Radio in 

The wedding will take place on 
ADawn McLean aiid Chris August 21 at Trinity Lulhci 
Mclbyc announce their engagement Church in Crookston. 




Farewell for church intern this evening — 

A farcwellfor intern Greg Walter 
will he held this .evening 

(Wednesday. July 7) at Hkclund 
Lutheran Church, rural' (ioodridge. 
Services and Holy Communion at 
7:31) p.m. will be' followed by pie 

and ice cream. t 

.From Ihe Goodridge corner. 
Hkclund Lutheran Church is located . 
•I miles south on Pennington County 
Road 24 and 3-1/2 miles east on 
County Road (>. ..... 

Tuesday, July 13 . 

'Plummcr. ; 9:30-10:30. a.m. 

Brooks. 10:45 n. 

Oklcc .".. 1-2 p.m. 

V '-„-. Wednesday, July 14_ _ _ 

Grygla . .". 10:30 a.m.- noon 

Gaizkc 1:15-2 . 

p.m. Middle River 3- 

. 4:30 p.m. Thursday, July 15 
Ncwfolden 10:30 a.m.-noon 

Strundquisl. . 


Notice: Persons HiihtrtlistibililY 

I used lo live on Rural Route 1. 
Now, thanks to the new 911 
addressing system, I live at 10345 
45th Street west, or something like 

atnuscd by her new address. "I've 
lived in this same swamp for 53 
years," she said, "and now they arc 
calling it Main Street West!" 

The- first of these crazy new 
addresses 1 ever saw was 187th St. 
SW in Buxton. ND. I was sure it 
was a joke. I thought some impish 
North Dakota.' person invented a big 
address to get more respect on the 

Rhone when ordering things from 
lew York. 
Then I got notice of my new 
address. No more rural Touie. The 
cowpalh past my place had become 
■ 125 th Street. 

The idea behind these complicat- 
ed addresses is that the ambulance 
will be able to find farmsteads more 
easily. To check that theory out, I 
called the 911 people to see where 
they would end up if I had an emer- 
gency and couldn't tell them where 
to go. 

Good thing I checked. They had 
me on the wrong road. They had me 
in the wrong county. If 1 actually 
had been choking on something, I 

palchcr where I actually lived. I 

fave the big fancy address. No help, 
gave the Jlrc number. 
GX304YM38. That did no good 

I said 

old Johnson place. 

"Oh. the old Johnson place!" The 

lady said. "You mean the while 

house just down from (he Erickson 

farm?" . 

Now tl was all clear. The dts- 

Eatcher found my farm in her plat 
ook. She corrected her computer. 
"When I finally' hav'e~a"htjarrailockr 
they will know whereto find mc. 

Perhaps these new addresses 
make sense to somebody, some- 
where. One can only hope that ihey 
make sense to the ambulance crews. 
Perhaps they will make things easy 
for them. . 

But I doubt it. It is more likely 
that some bureaucrat with more 
power than brains decided that 
everybody should live on a street 
and have a' house number just like 
him, whether it makes sense or not. 

I suppose we'll get used lo the 
new addresses, just like we gut used 
lo having lo dial the prefixes on the 
phone numbers when that improve- 
ment came in. But, no mailer how- 
meaningless the change, I will miss 
living on Rural Route I , 


Sr. J^ w. 9iaa me.-®, s. m. 

"Christ In The Heart Of Psychology" 

213 LaBree Avenue N. 

.Thief River FaJIs, MN 

Now Available' 


- The Times 

nniMWIUl > 


...TO homes: .in_yo.ur area l . 

'I'Iil' Times -WA-rc:H 

' ~.i ri.iiniii-r.' I'rlnt Stiup 

324 Main Avenue North 

Tliiel Hivcr. Falls. MN 56701 

email: irftimosGjlirflimes.cbm 

681 -445Q 

JibtllitUi/mtjII hr 
& Gladys 

July 10, 1999 • 2SP.M 

JI01 4m St. F... TRF. MH, 

Wednesday, July 7, 1999 

Learning Academy 
Week Aug. 9-13 



Don't Miss This Opportunity To 
Advertise Your Business, Service Or 
Product In This Soon To Be Published 

» Quick And Easy Reference Booklet 

i Info 

For Ad Placement Or More Information 
-Call Denise, DeDe or Jeff 


Hurry Space Is Limited!! 
(Deadline Wednesday, July 7) 

IsThe Times*WATcH 

^^& Commercial Print Shop 

324 Main Ave. N. • Thief River Falls, MN 56701 
(218) 681-4450 ' 

' During ihe week of August «J- 1 3 
. llic . Minnesota Service Cooper- 
atives and Minnesota Department 
of Children, Families and Learning 
will sponsor hands-on technology 
integration' training at various sties 
throughout the state. 

The Learning Academy Week is. 
designed for kindergarten through 
ACTIVITIES "Fake out!" Word trickery game, 1 2th grade teachers and school dis- 

Papor Piute Ffsh http://www.hmcq,com/hmco/ iriet staff with sessions focusing on 

Give yt"" - child u' paper plale. school/dictionary ■ integration and infusion of lechnol- 

Show vour child how to'cut a triun- Remember that the Thief River ogy in the classroom^.. 
Hie shut* out of one side of ihe Falls' public- library -ha>-prcvclH«iU_ s .-T4u;-SlQ-pctpeDiO!i-per-iJiiy eosL. 
rWcr nlaie. Then let your child cut story times every Thursday at . 10 includes lunch and refreshments. A 
a triangle out of his -or her plate, a.m. Also remember to check out .'variety of courses will be olfered. 
Have your child glue their triangle the- parenting comer by the 
tolhcir plmc straight across from drcns room for new ^(nm 
1 e place where they cut out the tri- ' and helpful hints for : , . 
_.iglc io make tail fins. Let them on books, reading and ihuch more. 

decorate their plates with fell-lip 

Want to listen to a story -over the 
phone ouch day? Call Dial-A-Story 
at 681-4985! 

and sliitewide daily sessions 
formation hroadeast via thc-Mimiesola ~ 

. "///tftf/r/ie ^//te 
.■yihUf'/ir/fYf'r'J ... 


IMUfcy.KS.' • 681-4433 *TOilHhwMl 


Five T.iitle Fjsh 
Five'liitle fish 
Swimming by the shore. 
One got caughl. 
And ihen there were four. 

Four little fish 

Swimming in ihe sea. ,__ 

One goi caught, 

And then there were three. 

Three little fish 
' Swimming in the blue. 
One got caught. 
And then there were two.- ' 

Two little fish 
Swimming in the sun. 
One gat caught. 
And then there was one. 

One Utile fish 
Swimming for home. . 
Decided it was best 
Nc^cr to roam. 

(Contributed by Discovery Place 
child cure center.) 

For next week's Activities fca- 

' (Contributed by the Northwest 
Regional Library.) 

Learning From Life 

It's easier to understand a new 
idea usin g real-life objects lhan_ 
"using pictures or wurtis. For exam- 
ple, the word "orange" stands for 
Utejfruit we eat as well as the color 
of certain things. But that idea may 
be hard for children to understand if 
we just tell them about it or show 
"Them pictures. 

If children touch, smell, peel and 
cat an orange and then look around 
for objects that' match. the color of 
the orange the idea will "come 
alive." Any time you can use the 
real object instead of a picture iris 
better and easier for y our child to 
"grasp theitlca; 

During the summer we have the 
opportunity to take part in many 
county fairs. A fair can be a lime to 

-i pants to explore a variety ol current 
issues. Some of the sessions include 
Multimedia in the Classroom. 
PowerPoint. Excel. Avid Cinema. 
Web Page Design. Digital 
Photography/Photo Imaging. 

LightSpan. Accelerated Reader. 
Accelerated Math and many other 

For more information or to regis- 
ter, contact Art Tiff at ihe Nonhwes" ' 
Service Cooperative, 1 14 West FirH 

~*Slrecl, Thief-River Falls— MNT~ 
56701; Call (218) 681-8005 or e- 
muil aliff@nw-servicc.k- 1 
The complete list of sessions 
scheduled around the slate can be 
found on the Minnesota Service 

"Cooperative- website at - - 


Women of Zion 
to host luncheon 

Women of Zion Lutheran 

■ Church in -Thief- River - Falls-invite— 

area Lutheran women to attend a 

noon luncheon meeting on Tuesday, 

July 13. , 

vill include special__-_ 


Page 7— The Times 


25% TO 75% OFF 





-82.00 OFF PER YARD 
-$3.00 OFF PER YARD 
-$4.00 OFF PER YARD 

1/3 OFF 


Or. ,■:: 


It has been 30 years ilnea you 
passed away. 
We will never target, 
the tears we wept 
The tears tor you. .«■ 

the tears tor ourselves. ,". 
Time his dried, 
mast ot those tears. 
But what wrt wouldn't have gave, 
lor a last I Love You and. 
a'chance to say good-bye.' 
You're thought about everyday, ' 
not In just one, 
bat so many ways: 
Our memories ot you wo treasure so, 
and will never tatte. • 
Still sadly missed by. 
Shirley (wlte), & Children. Man, Donna, 
Becky. Patty, Stem & Robert 
Also the 17 Grandchildren, 
you riavtr had a chance to meet 

turc, you will need plastic laundry time to take a close look at farm uni- 

deterpent bottles with handles, yam, mals. Seeing the real thing is so 

much' more "cducuiionnJ N then look- 

&r\^^s^^-0x^^^ , 

detergent bottles with handles, yam, 
an Exacto knife and cardboard. 
The Thief River Falls public 
library invites you to browse 
through its new selection of chil- 
dren's books including the follow- 

Dance at Heritage 
Center Thursday 

Chuck Gust will provide the 
music for the dunce al the Heritage 
Community Center from 7 to 10 
p.m. on Thursday. July 8. Refresh- 
ments will be served. 



— i_: 

I . ' 

— U =~* 

i v 

fabrics -i»-wi-»»i 

Sewing 212 3rd Street East 

.Uiicliiiim Thief River Falls, MN 56701 



• Free Delivery Service 

• Convenient Parking 

• Health& Beauty Aids 

• Passport Photography 

• Drive-up Window 

• MailS' FAX Service 

• Candy, Gifts, Cards 



EKEK;EN r l)Mt; 

inc at pictures in books. 

When looking at farm animals, 
talk about how big they arc, what 
e , color are they, what the baby is 

Jennings, Dana. Me, Dad and colled, what does the animal say. 
Number 6. Andy and his dad have etc. 

one big ball fixing up their old '37 (Contributed 'by the Early 
Pontine clunker, then racing her- Childhood Family Education 
every chance they get. After a sud- department of School District 564.) 
den spinout at the lost race of the 
season, Andy realizes that the sum- 
mer was about more than just win- 
ning races. 

---McCourt. Lisa. The New Kid 
and-the Cookie Thief. A shy girl 
like Julie thought absolutely noth- 
ing could be worse' than her very 
first day at a brand new school. 
Thanks to a little bag of cookies, her 
terrible day has a very hnppy end- 


Dr. Seuss: Horton Hears a ...A Cat Owner, or Owned by a Cat? 

Whol Horton's attempt to rescue Sometimes I get a little crazy and think how nice ii would be lo'havc a 

the miniscule inhabitants of y tty yes, ; ( _ wou f(j be gp-at to have a companion for the dog, a sclf-suffi- 
Whovillc unintentionally turns him c j c jJ- [j„] e bundle of fur that would cuddle Willi me while I rested on the 
into a hero when he insists with, couc h, catch any errant flies and spiders in the house, sit in the window sills 
and watch birds and be much less demanding limn the puppy. _Thcri 1 think 
nbouLbctDg.a cat owner again and c ome to m y sens e s, especiall y after rc^ 
reading the following story. lTTcailcd~ ; Fclinc~House SranagcmehTlOTT'" 


• 21 ff-681 .-Z3S1 * 

119 Third Street East 
Thief River Falls, MN 

childlike logic that "a person is a 
person, no matter how small." 


Looking for a family-tested sum- 
mer vacation far from crowds and 
bright lighta?'Whethcry?ur family 
wants complete relaxation by the 
lake, o secluded cabin in the woods 
or a week of adventurous recreation, 
you can find the perfect spot in the 
June/July issue of Eamily_±lin mag- 
azine. ' ' 

Heritage Center 
general meeting 
Monday, July 12 

Heritage Community Center 
general-meeting will be. held at 1 

Sm. an Monday, July.-I2at the 
eritage Center. 

Family night 
program on farm 
crisis at Oak Ridge 

Family night program "at Oak 
Ridge church on Friday, July 16, al 
7:30p.rrr. will focus on the farm .cri- 
sis. The. church is located seven 
_ miles west.of .Thief River Folk on 
Highway 1 and one mile north. 

Speakers will be Jeanctte Kliner, 
Winnie Stoltman and Willard 
Brunelle from Rural Life Outreach; 
Michelle Benton and Ray Safranski 
from the Kays, Benton, Safranski '& 

You cat owners will understand every word of it: 
Do not allow closed doors in any room. To gejt door open, stand an 
hind legs and hammer with forepaws. 

Once door is opened, it is not necessary to use it. 
After you have ordered an "outside" door opened, stand hdlEway in and 
- out and think" about several things. _This is particularly important during 
cold weather, rain, snow or mosquito season. 
Swinging doors arc to be avoided at all costs. 

if you have to ihrow up, get to a chair quickly. 
If you cannot manage in time, gel to an Oriental rug. If there is no 
Oriental rag, shag is good' ' i . ■ 

When throwing up on the carpet, make sure you back up so that it is as 
Ions as the human's bare foot. 

Always accompany gucsls to the bathroom. It is not necessary to do 

anything -just sit and stare. — - ~~ 


When supervising cooking, sit just behind the left heel of the cook. 

You cannot be seen and thereby stand a better chance of being stepped on 

and then picked up and comforted. 

_'..,-.. -For book-reading humans, get in closc.nnd rub under ihe.chm, between 

-.eyes and book waving your tail in the air - unless you can lie across the 

book itself. '--. •',.,■ 

For humans paying bills or working on other paperwork, first sit on the 
paper being worked on. — 

- When removed, watch sadly from the side of the tabic... 
. .. When activity proceeds nicely, roll oraimd.on lhc_papcrs^scoitering_ 
them to the best of your ability. _ . 

Aftcrbeing rern'oved_a second time, push pens, pencils, erasers and 

"other things off the table, oncata time: —-...-.— 

When a human is holding newspaper in front of him or her, be sure to 
jump on the bock of the paper. 


..-.iiuiw-- v. - «. • ~ As often as possible, dart quickly and as close as possible in front of . 

Co', accounting- firm- and possibly— the human, especially-onstaib,whenihcy have something in meir.arms, in., 
several others. _ .'the dark and when they first get up ifl the morning. This will help their^ 

- Topics will cover ^p. available-— a»rdination_skills.._; : __'.__ ''-'■" 

-for-areo-farmcrs— such-as-family— 

frames from sticks; cardboard, glue and natural 

Perfectly framed tyBreanna Groslie, one of the materials. Breanna selected leaves and acorns as 

campers during Girl Scout day camp recently at two of the main materials for decorating her 

Camp MOE southeast of Thief River Falls. As one frame. 

-of their activities at camp, the girls made picture — — 

Conference on 
Aging scholar- * 
ships available 

Scholarships are available for 
seniors wishing to attend thc25th 
annuul Fall Conference on Aging 
scheduled for August 18 at the 
University of Minnesota. Crook- 
ston. The theme for this year's con- 
ference will be "Aging Into llic 
New Millennium." 

Sponsors for the event dre 
Riverview Healthcare Association, 
Northwest Medical Center, Roseau 
Area Hospital 'and Homes, Inc. and 
AARP. . 

Scholarships huve been provided 
by the following agencies and busi- 
nesses: Argyle LAH/BNP. Border 
Slate Bank, Bremer Bunk-Crook-, 
slon, Bremer Bank-Warren; 
Crossroads Displaced Home-mak- 
ers, Fair Meadow Nursing Home,, 
rlillcrcst Nursing Home, Inter- 
County Community Council, 
Karlstad Health Care Center. 
Luihcran Social Services Respite & 
Caregiver ■ Support. * Marshall 
County State Bank, Marshall 
Manor Good Samaritan, North 
Valley Health Center, North Valley 
Home Health, Northwest Senior 
Federation, Pioneer Memorial Core 
Center, Prime Security Bank,, 
Riverview Healthcare Assn., 
Roseau Area Hospital & Homes, 

.. Retired and Senior Volunteer 

igram. Tri-Vnlley Opportunity 
Council, Inc., Villa St. Vincent, 

For more information about 
scholarships and/or register for the 
conference, contact the NW' Area 
Agency on Aging office at (218) 
745-6733 or the Senior Linkage 
line at 1-800-333-2433. 

Northwest— Area— Agency- 
igram of 

Hard at work on her project at Girl Scout Camp MOE is Alyssa 
Peterson. Campers glued natural materials to their cardboard pic- 
ture frame as one of the camp activities. 

Aging is a program of ' the 
Northwest Regional Development 
Commission and is located at 115 
South Main, Suite 1, Warren, MN' 

TRF Christian 
Womens Clubs 
to meet July 20 

"Say It With Flowers" will be 
the theme of the July 20 meetings of 
the Thief River Falls "Christian 
Womens Clubs. 

A luncheon will be held at noon 
at the Best Western ' Inn. 
Reservations can be made by coll- 
ing Beverly at 68M394 or Iris at 
681-1996. Free nursery at the 
United Methodist Church will be 
available by reservation only. Cost 
of Ihe luncheon is $5.75. 

At 6 p.m. the After Five Club 
will^cnjoy "dinner at the Best. 
Western Inn. Reservations .can be 
made by calling Bonnie at 681- 
4828 or Ardelle nt 523-3232. Cost 
of the dinner is $6. 

Lee Ann Bengston will present 
■ihe feature, ."Floral Fantasy." The 
guest speaker, Arlene Bcckwith of 
Red Wing, will also provide special 

Finishing touches on her picture card wera being made by Lindsay 
Johnson when this Times' photo was taken during Girl Scout 
camp at Camp MOE recently. Craft activities Included this project } 
of making a picture trams of sticks, cardboard, natural materials j 
such as leaves or pine cones, and a photograph taken of the indi- 
vidual camper. 

Hamerlincks announce 
birth of daughter 

. Announcing the birth of Claire Grandparents are Bruce and 

Elizabeth, bom June 17, are parents Mary Koppcnhavcr of Savage and 

Jeff and Julie Hamerlinck and sister Frank and Jeanctte Hamerlinck of 

Moiro Ann of Laramie, Wyoming. Thief River Falls. 

You're Invited To CROOKSTON 

THURSDAY, JULY 15TH - 8:00 A.M. - 9:00 P.M. 


needs, personal counseling, lax and 
financial counseling and other' 
issues related to fanrung. Time will 
be allowed for a question and 
answer session. 

Eveiyone Interested in learning 

more about the current area farm 

situation and help that is avollable'is 


served and a free will offering will 


Oet enough sleep in the daytime so you 

e fresh for your nocturnal; 

If you should have an accident during play, falling off a chair, 
Immediately wash a part of your body asTuo soy, "Imcant to do that!" 

Humans would have you believe that those lumps under the covers are 
fceland hands. They are lying '-they, are actually Bed Mice. Rumor has it 
that only the most ferocious attack can stun the Bed Mice long enough for 
you to dive under the covers to get them. ' V , 

Any small iicm is a ipbtcntial toy. If a hunufflu ics t o confiscat e it, t his. 
™™ «~ - ..— -... -..-.«.„ ..... means that it k a Good Toy. Run under the bed with it. look suliablyptnr - 
be donated to the Farm Wrap pro- raged when the human grabs you and takes it away. Always watchlwhere' . 
gram. This family night program is it is placed so you can steal it later. ■ 
co-s ponsored by Branch 7453 of -'■ ' ' ' HUMANS: 

"TAldAssociation for Lutherans. 


HumansJiaYCJhrec. primary functions - Io Iced' Us, I6„play With ItllU. 
give. attention to us, and to clean the litter box. ' 
.'■It blrnportant to maintain one's dignity when around humans so that 

they will not forget who is Master of the House.. ■■<».. 

Hiimansneedtoknow basic ruIcsTThey can be taught if you start -early— 

and are consistent. You will then have'a smooth-running household. 

Listening Intently as Instruction is given on how and Jessica Hjella. Compass use was one of Heritage board 

to lis© a compass during ctimp at Girl Scout many activities for girls attending the camp. meGtlnQ tOdaV " 

Camp MOE recently are Kendra Pederscm- „ .„,, r nmmiinll * r ,. n ,„ 

a.m. today (Wednesday, July 7) at 
the Heritage Center. 

Citizens' forum wrestles ^ 
with rural economic crisis 




by Joseph Kurtz 

Extension Communications 
University of Minnesota 

■ Financial challenges facing 
today's farmers and financial barri- 
ers for young people who might 
want to farm or live in rural com- 
munities were key themes at 50 

, jocnl '_ citizens . .[orums_across 
Minnesota June 14. 

"If current prices and 'conditions 
don't change, it will get to the point 
in a couple of years that' those left 
won't be able to sell land or machin- 
ery." said Pennington county, extent, 
sion educator Howard Person of 
Thief-River Falls. "There won't be 
buyers." ' 

Person was facilitator at' the 
Crookslon forum which had 40 par- 
ticipants. Altogether, there were an 

.estimated 1,200 participants at 50 
• sites. The participants were also part 
of the audience for the statewide 
fonim, a live one-hour radio and 

.■_ television, broadcast _onjJhe_socjal 

—and— econorriic— crisis— in— rural- 
Minnesota that featured Minnesota 
Governor Jesse Vciitura. The broad- ' 
cast "was carried on .Minnesota 
Public Radio and KTCA television. 
Participants at Crookston includ- 
ed a dozen or more farmers, repre- 
sentatives of the Chamber of 
Commerce, some* Crookston city 
res iden ts and a membcrof the clcr- 
gy. "The overriding theme was, 
"Yes, we're in deep-trouble, 

~will get worse,'" said Person. 

L.kcy question wos,- 'Do yo u 

— wnnt-to-iuppoit-smnJI tnrmcrs c-rtor 
..!.agricuMrc_go ihe_way of_blg busi- 
ness?' Government actions such "as 
paying pork producersjS5 p er ho g or 
. reducing property taxes" $4 per acre 

were seen as crumbs." 

Person said government agricul- 
ture policyin Europe and Japan was 
a topic. "They have a national poli- 
cy that supports small farms and 
they subsidize those forms heavily," 
he said. "It's obvious to those farm- 
ers that the government wants them 
there, and wants food produced in 
their own countiy.Thurs not appar- 
ent here. If there s another way, peo- 
ple ore very open to suggestion. ' . 

A representative of an organiza- 
tion that supported the 1996 federal 
''Freedom, to .Form" bill said it was 
supposed to include an assurance of 
free and open markets, no trade- 
embargoes, and crop . insurance. 
"Those things haven t. happened," 
he added. 

"Most farmers sold, if we're 
going to do something, let's do it 
soon, or there won't be many left in 
a couple of years," Person said. 

At the. forum at Albert Lea, cur- 
rent fa rm circumstanc es were also a 
'-main-concer n .- I n - add i li nn .- m uc h l 
concern was expressed for young 
people" who ; wanrtO"get intofarm-- 
ing, Pat Stumme, extension educn- 
tor'in Freeborn county, said the 
fQP*h had 21 participants. The. 
group included eight who had lived 
on farms and represented a*broad 
spectrum of ages and. employment 

h^huge~finBncial - barrlcr" to; get into "farming was 
cited," said Stumme. "There arc 
beginner farming loons, but if the 

impact of farming on rural commu- Ivanhoe in Lincoln county, 
nitics. In addition Io Albert Lea, Providing opportunities for young,, 
with a population of around 18,000, people to stay in the county was.a . 
there are six smaller communities in main concern. 
Freeborn county. A comment wos "Lincoln county is very rural and 
that when agriculture suffers, rural ■ very dependent on agriculture, 
communities suffer. ' Ostlie said. "The county has a high 

A forum at the Dakota county average age, with very few young 
extension office in Furminglon drew formers. When the older formers' 
40 participants. Jaync HagcrDee, retire, what will happen^o the land? 
county extension leader and Jeremy Taxes and interest on borrowed 
Geskc, extension educator, served money mean that it Is difficult for a 
as facilitators. young farmer to succeed." 

"One comment at our forum was' ' The second, third and fourth scs- 
that in agriculture we don't docc<u> __sions will be more specific on issues 
craiivcmarkctmgbrdurprbducfa'as ancHwhat the posslbte"solu.u"ons" 
much as wc should." said Dee', might be. Upcoming state forums, 
"Rugged individualism is tradition- each followed by locally-based cili- 
ally associated" with farmers, but. zens' foruma, willbc: ' , / 
sometimes it can be- detrimental. ■ *■• July 9, with the theme .of 
' There may be a need for education "understanding the views, of 


End hw 

hard water 

for good 

in cooperative liiurketing." 

Government, policies such as 
deregulation were seen as favoring 
large businesses and corporations. 

ibusiness and the food industry." 
The purpose will be to engage the 
much talked about, but UtUe under- 

„. o r stc^ido\Ilemeaofthc.foodindus- 

'A real distrust of larger companies" ' try: The forum will originate from 
•with the feeling that government is • August 5, with the theme, 
-morc-responsivc-to big companies "Whot-vduo-do-.we-placoon.the~-- 
than to individual farm producers." rural economy?" It will .focus on 
The Dakota county gathering- consumen'. values and attitudes on 
attracted some representatives of agriculture and the value sociery 
organized laborwho were interested ■places on the rural way of life. It--. 
in. organizing farmers. '■ They urged"' will "originate from FarmFest near . 
farmers to "raise a little less com , Redwood FaUs. , » 

and a little more hell," using tractor- • August 30, with the theme of 
TOdcs-m-whatevcr-is-necessary-ti) — -^Mdn g -a^ii CTi -fo r -the-fu ti i r c- o f. 
get the attention of government pol- - .Minnesota agriculture." It will wrap 
icy makers. * up the fpnimTTOcosT-Wldng-at 

Overall, the feeling in Dakota what differences, die process-has 

TiPc ra tio n - ^ crn V c as h^crwr m e-l oan s — county-was ^at4ow 4aHn^ ri cct-arcw_n i ade-a n d jflsloni l u X - t neJ utu n;. 

._!__,. .,_ 'L.' . ' . ■ ' J — tail-- u_.__ |C- n .„l,:i_ -nillRSi iTii. Mit Tutu 'untrnnriainnlR fmm'tlu" Wt*i>M1 

■won't do anyone any good. Pnccs_ 
and marketing opportunitieiTnecd to 

turn around." _^ ■ 

^There waslalsbHiscussion-tiri the" 

nty-WM, -■ ■ . r ;: -7T —TT7 " i . ™ Tj" 

here for awhilcand'tfiat the next few wilPoriginate from the Fitzgerald 
"years will be tough; Dec said. ■ • Theater In downtown Sl Paul. 

Extension educator Karen Ostlie 
-ww-facilltnmr^ortneTfontm -»!--■ — : ■ r™ 1 — 

■ • Umltod Lir-tlmo Wnrmnty 

• Expert Mrvlco backott by ovor 

' OOyoor«"o-rporioneo 











X- : 

I'aj-c S 


Wednesday, July 7, 1999 . 


J -Thelma Andersori,*83 . 
I Emily Bizek, 94 
T Jackie Bredeson,. 63 
I Linda Brown; 53 . 
Glennie Iverson, 79 
William Klasen, 29 


EtheTSanders, 90 
Steward. SIstad, 68 
James Solsten, 76 
Chester Tandberg, 80 
Chester;Wood, 79 

James Splsfen, 76 

t- Jlilif River Fulls - 

■*' J.iim- S.-Kiai. 7h. ..lid 
il:l\. Juno 2'». I Willi liislumic 

ol Clii^lJiin httrhil rt'as 

"ul I p.m. 


3 al St. 

...;- nurd's 

(Tiiiholic Church 

in Thief Ki 




LaSiiIlL- was.llw 
oriiiiiiisl, ;ul Rob 
1 .uul- Shelly 
riiiiU-l wm : ihe .L-uiiiurs. 
Caskolhciirer- won.* Mike Lchrcr, 
1-Viink WoriiiK-k. l.t--ri-S(irvis, Us 
TurjiL-fMin. IVI> lirnM. lanuvc 
- Bu/zcll. K:iml>_ Iliirger^amMjiti. was iti Si. 13 l- nurd's 
Cailii'ilic CciiiL-ierv in Thief River 
l-'alK, Tin- Green Vtineral Homo of 
Thief River Falls was iti charge of 

I he 


:ert was hum mi April 

... _. L'cfc'fiiritlpL'. IIil* sun nf- 

James Arthur anil Myrtle Rose 
iVinesi Solsien. The family moved 
10 l-'argo. Nl) where Jim attended 
idiunl. graduating from Fargo 
Central Mini] School in 19-11. On 
Novemher"l3. W2 he was uniled 
in marriage lo liloise Horner at 


Carroll. Iowa. The couple lived in 

, -James joined the U.S. Army in 
l'J42. In 1954. 'he graduated trom- 
North Dakota Stale University wilh 
■a Uaehelur of Science deua'e in 
music. He did further graiitiifie work 
in music iheory and composition at 
the Uttiversil'y of Minnesota. He 
began his leaching career in Villari). 
MN in 1954. 

In 195d. Jim became the orehes- 
Ira instniclor in Tliief River Fallj 

.whore he taught fur 29 years. He 
played in the Thief River Tails 
Community Band and also the 
'Grand Forks Symphony for 10 

y*-' ar ». . . 

Jim was an artist in waier and 
oils, an avid photographer, pilot and 
.jjlidcr instructor and enjoyed golf- 
ing and sailing. 
__He was a member of the 
"American Legion. Stl Bernard's" 
Catholic Church. Knightls of 
Columbus. Golden Kiwanis and the 

Jim is survived by Jeanne Hargcr 
of Tliief River Falls; one daughlcr 
Catherine Bell of St. Paul; two sons. 
John (DeAnna) of Uikeshore and 
Mike (Cindy) of Tliief River Falls; 
six grandchildren: and nine great- 

He was preceded in death by his 
wife. Eloisc on November 29. 1994 
and his parents. Aim wduu 

Linda Brown, 53 

Thier Kivcr Fulls - Linda Brown. 
53. died Sunday. July 4, IWHJjn her 
- cam per at a cam p site i n Warren. 
Funeral services will be heldat" 
10:30 a.m. today (Wednesday. July 
- — 7) ul First ■ 
Baptist Church 
in Thief River 
Falls with 

Pastor Ron 
Gull man offici- 
al ing. Gloria 
Lee will be the 
organisl, and 
special music 

will be provided 

Diane GullmaO and 
Twyla Micks. Caskclbearers will be 
Norm ilalsa.,Dudley Johnson, Gary. 
Johnson; Richard Johnson.- Sherman 
Johnson and Ron Moen. Burial will 
be in Greenwood Cemeicry in Tliief 
River Falls.. 

' Visilalion was held from noon lo 
7 p.m. on Tuesday. July (i al Green 
Funeral Home with a 7 p.m. prayer 
service. Visitation will also be held 
for one hour prior lo services al ihc 

* Linda Marie Johnson was born 
on November 1 . 1 945 in Tliief River 
Falls, the daughter of Andrew and 
Lucille (Hagness) Johnson. She was 

Jackie Bredeson, 83 

by soloists 

brought up in ihc Christian faith at 
the livangetical Free Church. She 
graduated from Lincoln High 

-School In -1 963: 

"O'ri July 27, I96J Linda was unil- 
ed in marriage to Duane Brown In 
Tliief River Falls. The couple had 
two children, and Linda worked al 
various full-lime and pan-lime jobs 
over the years. Duane died on 
Fcburary 13. I WW. 

The family enjoyed camping 
traveling and spending time at their 
vacation home on Fine Lake. Linda 
also enjoyed bowling, erafis; flower 
gardening and dccoraiing;-. . 

Linda is survived by her mother, 
Lucille Johnson of Thief River 
Falls; one son. Kevin (Carol) Brown 
of Tliief River Falls: one daughter.- 
Kristi (Mark) Appell of Redwood 
Falls; four grandchildren;- four 
brothers, Sherman (Mona) and'Gary 
(Shelva). both of Tliief River Falls, 
Dudley (Judy) of Si. Paul, and 
Richard (Esther) or Thief River 
ftiffccjmc sister-in-law; and several 
nieces and nephews. 

She was preceded in dealh by her 
husband; her father; one brother, 
Glenn Johnson; and two nieces. 

Ethel Sanders, 90 

iThkr River Fulls -" liihel 

■ Sanders. 90. died Tuesday. July 6. 
1999 at Oakland Turk 7 " Nursing 

■ Home in-Thief River Falls. ii 

Funeral arrange men is are pond; 

Stewart Sistad, 68 

• Gryglu - Slewan Sistad. 6H. died 

Monday. July 5. 1999 al Northwest 

Medical Center in Tliief River Falls, 

Funeral arrangement's are peud- 

. Chester Tandberg, 80 

ing with the Green Funeral Home in 
Thief River Falls. 

A complete obituary will appear 
in the next edition of The Times. 

i wilh ihc Green FutieraTl-lomc lit 
Thief River Falls. " 

A complete obituary will appear 
in ihc next edition of The Times. 

. Thief 'River Fulls - Jackie 
' Bredeson. 63. died Sunday. July 4. 
1999 -at her home in Thief River 

Falls. ' 

Funeral.' arrangements are peud- 

Glennie Iverson, 79 

ing wilh the Green Funeral Home in 
Tliief River Falls. ' 
. .Acomplcle obituary will appear 
in the July 14 edition of The Times. 

■Sg, Denver, CO - Chester 
P^ Tandberg, 80. * died- on 
Wednesday, June 30. 1999 at St. 
Joseph's Hospital in Denver. CO. 

Funeral services were held at 2 
p.m. on Tuesday, July 6 at Green 
Funeral Home in Thief River Falls 
■with Reverend John Jorgensen offi- 
' elating. Ida Nordvall was the organ- 
isl. and Julie Tandberg and Lynn 
Larscn presenied a duet. Special 
music was also provided by violin- 
ist Rachael Lassy.'Mark 7'affdberg 
was ihc eulogist. Burial was in 
Wcsiakcr- Cemetery in Newfolden 
township in Marshall county. 

Chester "Chuck" Tandberg was 
born on July 31. 1918 on his 
father's farm near Newfolden. the 
son of Rolf and Petra (Green) 
Tandberg. He was confirmed on 
July 24. 1932. As ihcy grew up. 
Chuck and his brother. Peie. did 
much of the farming. Chuck attend- 
ed, high school al the Northwest 
School of Agriculture in Crookston. 

On September 27. 1941 he was 
united in marriage lo Edna 
Finncstad al Glendale. CA. Chuck 

and Edna were both employed al ihe 
Lockhead- Aircraft plane before he 
entered the Army Air Corps where 
he became a flight engineer. 

After Ihe war, ihe couple lived in 
the Karlstad,' Newfolden and 'Iron 
Range areas' before settling in 
Grand Forks. ND where he was a 
consiruciion superintendent for 
I-ickhof Consiruciion of Crookston. 
Chuck constructed numerous build- 
ings in and around Grand Forks, the 
University of North Dukoiu and the 
Grand Forks Air Force Base. 

The Tandbcrgs were avid antique 
colleciors and operated an antique 
shop out of Iheir home. - . ■' 

Chuck is survived by one daugh- 
ter. Belie Jeanne (Lynn) Larscn of 
Woodbridge. VA; one son, Mark 
(Julie) Tandberg- of Littlclon, CO; 
one sisler. Shirley Ann Woodward 
of California; and nine grandchil- 

Llle. was. preceded Jndcaihby his_ 

parents; three sisters, Alice, Eriia- 
and Luella: and iwo" brothers* 
Kenneth and Peter. 


Emily Bizek, 94 

Thief River Ful)s - Emily Bizek. 
94. died Tuc si lay. J ime -29. 1999 at 
■ the CNC Unit of Northwest Medical 
Center in Thief River Falls. 

Funeral services were held al 10 
a.m. on Saturday. July 3. 1999 al St. 
Bernard's Catholic Church in Thief 
River Falls wilh Father Tim Bushy 
officiating. Elizabeth Odette was 
the organisl. and Shelly. Burke! was 
ihe cantor. Caskclbearers were 
Daniel Olson. Joshua Olson. Tun 
. Riiuiwski. Mike Rinowski. Anthony 
Ri i, Mailhew Rinowski and 
Alex Rydell. 'Ihe Green Funeral 
Home was in charge uf ihe arrange- 

litnily Marv Novak was born on 
November 5. 19IM on her family's 
farm near Tabor, the daughter of 
Joseph and Emilv (Kopecky) 
Novak. She was baptized and con- 
firmed into ihe Catholic faith at 
Tabor and attended a country school 
near Tabor. . 

On November 24. 1925 she was 
united in marriage io Lawrence 
Bizek in Tabor, 'flic couple moved 
lo Minneapolis where they lived, for 


Tlilef River Fulls - Chester 
Wood. 79. died -Sunday. July 4. 
1999 al bis home in Thief River 

a short -time before moving to 
Greenbush where they owned and 
operated Bizek's Tavcm for several 

'Hie Bizek family moved loThicr 
River Falls.' and Emily worked at 
the Rex Cafe for several years. For 
a slum period of lime, the fiftbily 
also lived in Grand Forks. ND. 
After Lawrence died in 1964. Emily 
reiumed lo Tliief River. Falls where 
she had since resided. 

She was a member of St. 
Bernard's Cutltolic Church and* 
enjoyed flowers, plants, cooking, 
baking, needlework and playing 

Emily is survived by two daugh- 
ters, Ailecn (Harry) Rinowski of 
West Fargo. ND and Martha (Bob) 
Hall of Grant's Puss, OR; 15 grand- 
children; 21 great-grandchildren; 
and four great greal-grandchildrcn. ' 

She was preceded in death by her 
husband; one son. Ernest; her par- 
ents: four brothers, Joseph, William. 
, Edwin and Anthony: one sister. 
Helen: and two infant grandchil- 
... dren. ,.-' .. Mmmmmnm 

Thler River Fulls - Glennie 
Iverson, 79. died on Tuesday. June 
29. 1999 at his home in Tliief River 

Funeral services were held on 
Friday, July 2 at 2 p.m. at Ekelund 
. Lutheran Church, rural Goodridgc. 
with Reverend Robert Dahlcn otfi- 
ciating. Grace Hammer was the 
organist, and Diane Johnson was the 
soloist.. Caskelbcarers were 
Glcnnic's nieces and nephews. 
Burial was i n Ekelun d Cemetery in 
Highlunding Township of Penning- 
ton county. The Green Funeral 
Home wus in charge of the arrange- 
ments. , 

Glennie Johannes Iverson was 
born on October 4, 1919 in Star 
township, the son of Gusl A. and 
Jennie (Bammerud) Iverson. He 
was baptized und confirmed in the 
Christian faith and attended school 
at Clovemook rural school in Star 
township. He graduated from the 
Northwest School of Agriculture in 
Crookston in 1937. 

Glennie worked us u buKcrmaker 
in River Valley Creamery before 
entering Ihe U.S. Army on July 15, 
1942. He served in Tunisia, Sicily, 
Po Valley* Nuples-Foggiu. Rome- 
Arno and North a 

Agnes Lambert, 81 

medic. He received the EAME 
Theater ribbon wilh six Bronze 

Following his discharge on 
October 30. 1945 at Camp 
Atterbury, Indiana, Glennie 
returned to_Minnesolii and worked 
on ihc Iron Range near Hibbing. In 
1948, he relumed lo the family lurm 
near Star township and farmed there 
for many years. He also worked us a 
fur-laker during the winter months. 
In 1988, he retired from farming 
and moved into Thief River Falls. 

Glennie enjoyed playing the vio- 
lin and was in the school band al 
Crookston. He ulso enjoyed .base- 
ball, hunling. fishing and oilier 
sports and sheered sheep. 

Survivors include three sisters, 
Anna Kricl of Thief River Falls. 
Geneva Spurby of Bloomington, 
und Ruth (Donald) Mosbcck of Red 
* Lake Falls; two brothers,' Alfred 
(Clcnora) and Vernon (Clara), boih 
of Goodridgc; and muny nieces, 
ncphewsT .grand nieces, grand 
nephews and cousins 

He was preceded in death by his 
parents; two brothers-in-law; one 
nephew: one niece; und special 
friend, Frances Kezar. 



Marshall County 
July 7-13 

July 7 - Arrive in Warren at 9:30 
a.m. Pick up passengers in 
Newfolden at 7:30, Slrandquist at 8. 
Stephen at 8:45 and Argyle at 9 a.m. 
Depart Warren at 2 p.m. 

July 8 - Arrive in Tliief River 
Falls at 9:30 a.m. Pick up passen- 
gers in Strtuidquist at 8, Ntwfolden 
ul 8:45 and Holt at 9 a.m. Depart 
Thief River Falls at 2 p.m. 

July 9 - Driver's meeting. ■_. 

July 12 - Arrive in Thief River 
Fulls at 10 a.m. Pick up passengers 
in Newfolden at 7:45. Gatzke al 
8:30, Grygla at 9 and Goodridgc at 
9:20 a.m. Depart Tliief River Falls' 
at 2 p.m. . 

_ July 13 - Arrive in Grand Forks 
nt 10 a.m. Pick up passengers in 
Slrandquist al ^-.05. Newfolden at 
-7:45, Stephen at 8:30,. Argyle at 
8:45, Warren at 9. Alvurado at 9:20 
and Oslo al 9:30 a.m. Depart Grand 
Forks at 2:30 p.m. 

Polk County 
July 7-13 

July 7 - Arrive in Tliief River . 
Falls al 1 1 a.m. Pick up passengers 
in Crookslon al 8:30, Fertile at 9, 
Winger at 9:20. Erskinc at 9:35, 
Oklee at 10. Brooks at 10:15 and 
Plummcrat 10:30a.m. DcpartThicf 

River Falls al 2:30 p.m." 

, July 8 - City-wide in Fertile from 
9 a.mjo 3 p.m. 

July 9 - Driver's meeting. 

July 12 - Arrive in Grand Forks 
at- 11: 15 aim. Pick up passengers in 
Oklec ul 9:30. Plummer at 9:15, 
Red Luke Falls al 10:10. Crookston 
al 10:35 and Fisher al 11 a.m. 
Depart Grand Forks at 3 p.m. 

.July 13 -Arrive in Bcmidji at 11 
a.m. Pick up passengers in 
Crookslon al 8:30. Mentor at 9, 
Erskinc at 9:15, Mcintosh at 9:30, 
Fosston al 9:45. Lcngby at 10;05„ 
and Baglcy at 10:30 a.m. Depart 
Bcmidji al 2:30p.m. ". 

Wednesday, July 7, 1999 


Page 9 



KttSTY M% 

Bar & Lounge 

303 Main Avonuo North " 681-Nall (6245) TWol Rhrcr Foil, 


* 1 " $1 

Thurs., Fri. & Sat., July '8th, 9th & 10th ' 



■Corns To The Rusty Nail, 
Everyone's Favorite Spoil 





fimWEW*y Along With 5" Burgers & Fries 
■SttttAJl " — — 


5 75* 

Red Luke ■ Falls - Agnes 
Lambert. 81 . died Monday, June 28, 
1999 at Hillcrcst Nursing Home in 
Red Lake Falls. 

Mass of. Christian, burial,, was 
held on Friday, July 2, 1999 at 2 
"LJoscphls Catholic Church. 


Interment will" he" in Greenwood 

Visitation will be held today 
from 9 a.m. until the lime of ser- 
vices. — "■ 

Chester Darwin Wood was bom 
on October 29. 1919 in Bray town- 
ship of Pennington County, the son 
of Melvin and Cora (Norman) . 
Wood, lie attended Ihc rural District 
"169""eleineittar>' schtuil in Bray 
township and spent three years at 
-llie'NonhwcHtScliotilofAgriculliir*;. x 

Thelma Anderson, 83 

in Crookston. For several summers 
he worked at Droits Farm near 
Viking. He also joined Ihe Civilian 
Conscrvution-Corp und spent some 
time working there. ' 

In 1942, Chester began farming 
in Nordcn township of Pcnningion 
county. While on the farm, he also 
worked for Arctic Enterprises from 
1969 io 1979. He moved intoThicf 
River Fulls in 1995. 

Chester served on ihc Nordcn 
lownship board for 27 years. 

Survivors include five sisters. 
Hazel Kron ofLancastcr, CA, Helen 
(Clarence) Mellcm of Libby; MT, 
Jcun Wold and Dorothy (Bernard) 
Wold, both of Thief River Falls, and 
Betly (Edwurd) Miller of Defiance, 
OH; one brother, Robert Wood'of 
Thief River Falls; ■ 30 nieces and 
nephews; cousins; and special 
fricnds.-NormunOIson and-LcRoy- 

Chester was preceded in death by 
his parents; two brothers, Edward 
.and Darroll Wood; two sisters, 
Evelyn Kron und Harriet Carpcnlcr; 
and several brothers-in-law and sis- 

Hillcrcst Nursing Home and worked 
there until retiring -in 1982. Dennis 
died on August -2671974. On May 

-28, 1999 Agnes entered. Hillcrcsl 

Nursing Home. .^..:. . v;'.. ■ 

She enjoyed sewing, crocheting 

_and reading. She w as a member of 
St.' Joseph's Cfiurch and thc~VFW," 
Auxiliary and was a Gold Slar 

Agnes is survived by her son, 
Richard .I'Dick" (Gcri) Lambert of 
'Red Lake .Falls; three grandchil- 
dren; four brothers, Omer Sauvc, 
Jim (Elizabeth) Sauvc, and Jerry 
(Murlcnc) Suuve, oil of Red Lake ■ 
Fulls, and Mike (Kathleen) Sauvc 
of Rudd, IA; two, sisters of -Mary 
Kcllcnburgcr of Superior, WI and 
Lorraine (Chct) Brown of Red Lake 
Falls; -and several., nieces and 

, nephews. 

, ' Agnes is. preceded in death by 
her husband; parents; Francis 
"Fritz" Bcnoit (Lambert) who lived 

■ with Agnes and family; and six 
brothers, George Sauvc, Eli Sauve, 
Robert "Bert Sauvc, Delphus 
"Pete" Sauve, William "Sam" 
Sauvc und Edmund Sauve. 


Hopkins - Thelma Anderson. S3. 
died Thursday. July I. 1999 ut her 
home in Hopkins. 

Funeral' services were held at 
_ 10:30. a.iii._on_Morjday,_Jul' 

TJcirrct^bmhenni — Church — rrr 
Grcenbush with Pastor Ernie 
Christenscn officiating. Joan 
Huugcn was . the organist. 
Caskclbearers were Ross . Eeg. 
Byron Eeg, Mure Anderson, 
Matlhcw. Anderson, Durryl 
Trangsrud and Roger Trungsrud. 
Burial wus 'in Pauli Lutheran 

Cemetery, rural Greenbush. 

Thelma Theresa Eeg was bom on 
March, 7, 1916 in Greenbush, "the 
daughter of- Tcnncs and Thca 
(Ncslcby) Ecg._On_Mnrch24..1940, 
' 1-Ha J '~ J 

in Red Lake Fulls wilh Fnthcr Tim 

Bushy officiating. Gemma Drees 

was- the organist, and special music 

was provided by St. Joseph's 

Church Choir. Caskctbearcrs were 

Tim Schmidt, Dean Schmidt, Randy 

Sauvc, Jonathan Sauvc, Nathan 

Hooscr und Jamie Sauve.- Burial 

was in St. Joseph's Church 

Cemetery. The Petlcrson. Funeral 

Home of Red Lake Falls' was in 

charge of the arrangements. . 
Agnes Rose Sauve was bom on 

October 5. 1917 at Crookslon, Ihc 

daughlcr of Oscar and .■.Polmirc 

(Sauvc) Snuvc. She grew up in ihc 

Red Lake Foils area where she 

attended school. 

On December 30, 1944 she was 

uniled in marriage to Dennis 

Lambert in Red Lake Falls. The 
~ couple lived hi Red Lake Falls 

where Agnes did housekeeping for 
-.people and. provided daycare. In 

1968, she began working at 

WHIiam Klasen, 29 -" 

Oklee - William "Billy" Klosc'n, at St. Francis ' Xovier Catholic 

29, died Monday, July 5, 1999 near Church in Oklee wilh Father Gary 

Oklee as •■the result of a single-car LeMoine officating. 

automobile accident. A complete obituary will appear 

Muss of Christian buriarwtll be in the July 14 edition of The Times. 

held at 10:30 a.m. on Friday, July 9 ': ' — __ 

Host families sought for AISE exchange students 

Volunteering to host a high call AISE today ul 1-800-SIB- 

school foreign exchange student LING, or visit Ihc AISE web site at 

can be a fun und exciting woy io to request student 

I cam m o re abou t the differen t cul- profiles. ■ — - 




^-HarierLlc^d-Anderson — tu rc s o f . th c w orloU«lule-opciiirig.a 

Guaranteed Memorials Since 1B37 


. !S24 N. Stata Ava. T.R. Falli, MN . 

y : 2is-<iai-i4B4 y 

ut Hulma. They lived at Greenbush 
where they farmed, and Harlcy was 
an electrician. In 1956, they moved 
lo Hopkins where they pwned 
Anderson Electric Co. Hurley died 
on July 26, 1977. 

Thelma is survived by three 
sons, LcRoy (Carol) of 
Minneapolis, Terry of Mathis, TX 
-and — Rodney (Connie)— Lot. 

— unu n.uu ucy v<- u«u») — — w» 

Minnetonka; eight grandchildren; 

one greai-grahduaughter, one sister, 

Elena Aamodt of Greenbush; and 


young person's eyes to the excite- 
ment of American life. 

American Inlcrcultural Siudenl 
Exchange (AISE) is currently seek- ' 
ing local host families for exchange - 
students for the upcoming school 
year.- Host families provide 
exchange students with meals, a 
bed, ami a loving, family aunos- 


-She was preceded in death byher- 
husband; parents; two sisters, Ilah 
Gauss ariu Alvilda Trangsrud; and 
three— brothers; — Tenney: — and - 
Theodore Eeg and Art Lindcr. 

Local representatives remain in 
contact with students from the day 
they arrive iri August, until their 
departure the following June. AISE 

TRP woman : ~~ 
Injured in accident 
on Saturday, July 3 

.Melunic Smith, 23, Thief River 
Falls, was injured Saturday, July 3. 
when her vehicle collided with a 
moose one mile south of Holt oh 
Highway 32. 


.Q: Does a family history of 
disability get considered as part 
or n disability application? In 
other words, if someone In my 
family now receives disability, 
will that harm my chances of get- 
ting disability? 

A: No. Each application is 
decided on its own merit. Having 
parents, siblings, or a spouse cither 
on or ulso .applying for disability 
wilt not be a factor of consideration 
in developing your own applica- 

Q: ir my application Tor bene- 
fits is denied, (s there an appeal 
process open far roc to use? 

A: Yes. The Social Security 
Administration has a multiple step 
appeals process built into the sys : 
tern for all of its programs. Since 
disability issues arc usually more 
subjective and open to discussion 
than other agency decisions, dis-- 
ability claims are more likely to be 
involved wilh the appeals process. 
A wide range of issues are open to 
appeal including if it is decided that 
you are not eligible or no longer 
eligible for benefits, or that the 
amount of-payments to you should 
be changed. In addition, parts of u 
decision can also be questioned. 
For example, as it relates to disabil- 
ity, you and. Social Security may 
agree that you are disabled but 
have differing opinions of when the 
disability began. Basically if u per- 
son disagrees with an agency deci- 

hculth docs not Improve. Will I be 
able to look into getting disability 
even though my husband Is work- 
ing full-lime? I have heard that 
his income can prevent me from 
getting benefits. 

._ A. You can definitely look into, 
oJncfTis, and your husband's earn- 
ings are not going to matter. When . 
talking to someone about Social. 
Security Disability there are two 
main topics lhat ore discussed. The 
firsi is ihc client's work record 
because persons need a certain 
omounl or work on their record, to 
be considered for disability benefits. 
For most adults this requirement is, 
lo have five years of work within, 
the ten years before health 'prqfc 
Icms made them unable to work." 

Of course, there arc more sjweif- 
ie' requirements concerning the 
amount of -earnings involved and - 
when the work 'took place, but part- ■ 
time work can definitely fulfill 
these. A person not meeting the 
work requirement cannot be eligible 
for disability.- through Social 
Security based on their own work 
record no matter how ill.thcy might 
be. " 

The second main topic is the-, 
client's health with the long term' 
nature and severity of ihc impair- " 
ment discussed. The income of a 
spouse is not a point of . discussion 
because income is not a factor of 

' It is important to bear in mind 
-that all of-tho above pertains only to|- 

Therc ar c 1 f o u r levels o f review; — Socrar^cctnityr^rrat-can-rje-con- 

.Students attend local .high^schoojs,_ 
and have their own medical insur- 
ance and spending money. 

\ . For more information about 
hosting a foreign exchange student. 

a report of the accident at 2: IS a.m. 
on July 3. Smith was driving a 
1985 Oldsmobile on Highway 32 - 
when hcrcM-collidcd-wiih*moc« — (SSA-Publicaiion- 

. ... ..^ . ,..*«_, ,_._ .- — ■-— ... ^•M..l n mln(n..i..ll, 

Aimuiiivmiun < 

onthc road. "Melnnlc'was'takcrrur 
Nordfwcst Medical Center in Thief 
River Falls where she was treated 
ant) released for minor injuries. 
Her cat was considered a totalloss.- 

which ore sequential in nature. 

-They- are- reconsidcnilion,~hcaring- 
by an administrative law judge, 
review by the • SSA Appeals 
Council and the potential of federal 
court review, when a decision is 
made concerning your application, 
or ongoing benefits, a letter is sent 
telling you what the decision is and 

to appeal it if you, disagree.. For 
more information request the SSA 
fact sheet "The Appeals Process" 

100444-from — program. 


fusing is that Social Security offices 
alf»-adimiiistcr-ihe.totally_scparatq. . 
Supplemcnjal Security Incomo 
(SSI) program that is based in large, 
part on financial need. SSI has its 

— — — vFvir 


Sal., JotyJOMi • 8:30 P.M. -12:30 A.M. 

' ^v. Music By:,: ^' ■ 



• Tucs.. Thurs. Si Fri. 5-6:30 P.M. • Sal. 3-4:30 P.M. • #0009 

' Members & Quests Welcome 





_ •jji.nmiivt.: 

Facility available to non- 
organizations and setvl. 
groups tree of charge. 

POST #2793 


Monday-Friday 1 P.M. - 1 A.M. 

Saturday 11 A.M. ■ 1 A.M. 

Gaming Ucenst IA-00404 



S:00 - 0:30 P.tVI. 


SiOO - 0:30 R.M. 
V- * B R..VI- 


S:00 - 6:30 P:M. 

'■'" ■ 7.-WP.M:'.'. 


m m 

tottoMniMMwWtortnHtSttdi\QtculuuQiaW-mi ■ 

See Marcos 
swing into action! 

T: "-Marcos-has-been-a-irapeze-iinlsi-sincc--he-was..a little — 
' -■■■ child. Trained under the eye of his father Roberto, ; 

' larcos-lcarned^crobatic-nips-arid-sptns-righi — - ^-1 
fP.after he 
learned to 

' For Thief (Over Falls Shuttle Service. 
I For &u> far tnfomutton ForThow LMnj Quteldg The Thief. 

.To the Ciiiw -Cill CASINO EME55 At (216) 681-7359 


Come see Marcos . 

and .all of our. 

other trapeze 

artists, juggler*, , .._ ^_ 

elephants, camels; -horses,, clowns and more, 
in a tent that's bigger than a' football field! 

After 60 years of operating our Circus, we. . 

know it's thtt best place for family, fun. That's 

why, whether yoiS'rc 3 

or 103, the Miller Family 

personally guarantees 

.your enjoyment. ;."...^,: 

' Join us at one of our two' 
great stows! FourGcncnlton> . 
_ . ■ of ihc Miller Family 


any local office,- the ngcncywcbsitc or the national toll- 
freclnumbcr 1-800-772-1213. 

Q. I work part-time butmiRht 
'have to stop working soon If my - 

port on financial n 
own disability program, and that is,, 
concerned with a clfent's-incomo; 
and other issues. 

To belter serve our clients by 
■informing-th e'm . o f ,. a vnL' 
grams, Social, Security representn- '. 
lives aslc some baste questions dur-*' 
ing an interview to determine which 

" '" ii""!"-' 1 ■""'"'"fj hi»flf 

to your original question, you can 
file for Social Security disability 
benefits' based on your part-time 
work- and regardless of your.hus-- 
band's earnings. -• ■ - - A 

Hosted By: St. Hilaire Lions Club 

Thursday, July 8th 

Pennington County Fairgrounds 
In Thief River Falls, MN >"*" 
Shows At 4:30 & 7:30 P.M. 


Bellamy Brothers- 

■■iiiWiiwanSrt : ■',.:- 

Mtw* 0»,1lf5>M«u/,-. 
M a qwuUU Boo/ ftlm, ;. , 

',/ -^-?,auiya3 f '~'-. : '' '' 
;;>;''-;: -7.**p»^.;*- 

'VCabant Shoamwfli 

Win a 1999 Buick LeSabre 

Drawing Sunday. July 25 - 8pm 

Shooting Star Purchases Stardust Suites 


. During t*tfr In put fM£».- 

(2) Buy S10(JOI S20 






Sun - Thur 


Fri - 



Hotel Roo 







(2) Buy S1 

got S?. 




(21 Free B 



iitiiy 17 - Coretta -lyritCorJoftiOSilM-. 
July:i8 , ;'Beiorii».Jcm»;oV:Kmy.V»» ii> ' 

Call 1-800-932-3878 for reservations 



Before Circus Day 
Adult S10 Child (s-nl 
Prc-School FREE Coupe 

At Box Office On Circus Day 

ftdult S12 Child (s.11) S 

Prc-School Children S4 

■ J^tajz. 

Ticket Outlets: Potro Pumper, Hugo's, SupcrVnl 

ASINO iV IlOll.t 

hthinmwit. M.X 

t'-,j-, w jB - 


: t 


Page 10 - The Times 



Wednesday. July 7< 1999 

Star Community News 

Mm. Larry Kolrba and Mindi attond- 
sd the wodding and - reception (or 
Trevor Kiosow and Karl Slralon tit Faith 
Lutheran Chiirch in- Goodridgo on 
Saturday afternoon. 

On Thursday altornoon. Oloon Kriol 
was a visitor and coltoo guos; nt tho 
Leonard and Bornlco Johnson homo. 

Gone and Ronao Marquis and 
Andrea and Mogan woo among others 
for breakfast at Iho Clara Potorson 
homo on Sunday morning In honor ol ' 
Clara's birthday. Happy Birthday. Clara! ' 

Leonard Johnson was a visitor and 
coltoo guost on Monday allornoon at 
the Honlord and Shlrlay Roislnnd 

Sunday morning Jason Kolrbn was 
a breakfast guost ol Iho homo ol Lorry 
and Gllda Kotrba homo. - 

Mr. and Mrs. Loonard Johnson woro 
visitors on Saturdoy night at tho Mr. 
and Mrs. Larry Norhus homo. 

Harriet (Rolsland) Thorpo ol 
Vancouver. Washinglon passod away 
on Saturday, Juno 26. Harriot is 
Henford Rowland's slslor. Our sincere 
sympathy Is oxtondod to tho Thorpo 
family. Our thought and prayers go out 
to hor relatives ond frionds. May hor 
memory be blossod. 

Anna Kriol rotutnod homo on Friday 

aflor spending a monlh visiting at Iho 
Bruce and Connio .Kriol . homo In 
Phoenix. Anna also atlondod tho 'grad- 
uation for -Mackenzie Kriol from high 
school. Thoy nil .woro in Calilornla'and 
spent Iho day by tho ocban. Anna Kriol 

.and Bruce' Kncl also visited and had 
lunch at the Swon and Bonnlo 
Sjttiestad homo in Phoenix. On hor way 
home, Anna spont a low nights .In 
Minneapolis with Gonova Sparby. On 

. Friday. Anna Kriol visited at Iho Bob 
' Knoi homo in Alexandria and Mrs. Bob 

■ Knofcand R aw I oy„ brought Anna homo 
to her apart men! |n*Thiol flivor Falls. 

On. Saturday. Mr. ; and Mrs. Vornon. 
Ivorson took in tho Salosdal In Fosslo'n. 
Lator alter tho Satosdal Mr. ond Mrs. 
Orlm Hanson and Doan woro visitors 
and lunch guosts at Iho homo ol 
Vornon and Clara Ivorson. 
■ Stanley* Enckson was a visitor on 
Thursday at iho Honlord and Shirley 
Hoi Sl and homo. 

Saturday morning Joan Johnson 
antl Maymc Johnson mot Morto and 
Donna, Nadsoth in Thiol Rivor Falls, 
and Donna Noosolh wont to Grand 

, Forks shopping with thorn. On tholr 
way lo Grand Forks. Donna, Joan and 
Maymo sioppod at tho Dennis and Deo 
Schulz homo in Euclid ond had colfee 

with thorn before thoy loft for Grand 
Forks and Donnis and Deo lolt (or 
Worroad, Joan. Donna and Maymo 
also onjoyod dlnnor at K.F.C. In Grand 
Forks. That 'ovonlng Joan and Maymo 
took Dorma homo and Ihoy had colfoo 
at tho Morto ond Donna Naosolh homo. 

Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Ivorson and Mr. 
and Mrs. Donald Mosbock ol St. Hllalro 
visited wilh Anna Kriol at hor aparlmont 
in Thlof Rlvor Falls on Sunday. 

On Sunday Dick ond Marlon. 
Marquis of Okloo woro visitors and cof- 
(oo guosts at tho homo of Gono and 
Ronao Marquis. 

Ethol Johnson was a visitor and cof- 
(oo guost at tho Henford and Shirley 
Holslond home on Friday. 

Clayton Johnsrud, Konnolh Und of 
Lllchflold and Mrs. Ron Fullon_ol 
Roseau all went out fishing on Sunday. 
On Monday morning KonnolrTLmd and 
Erin loft for homo and Mrs. Ron Fulton 
lolt for homo on Monday attornoon. 

Mlcaji ond Doanna Ranum. of' 
Mlnnoopoirs como on Friday and spont 
tho wookond visiting wjth rololivos. 
. - Mlko and Patty Gwynn, and family ol 
'Now York Mills camo on Sunday and 
woro suppor guosts and ovornlghl 
guosts at tho Leonard and Bornlco 
Johnson homo. On Monday. Mlko ond 

Patty and family loll lor Gillotlo. 
Wyoming whoro thoy will bo sponding a 
fow days. 
- Elva Fiodlor was a visitor and colfoo 
guost on Thursday at ihcjAdolIno and 
Raymond Parnow homo «i Thiol Rivor 

Thursday ovenlng company at tho 
Vornon and Clara Ivorson homo woro 
Edgar Miller and Mr, and Mrs. Ortln 

Joan Johnson and Maymo Johnson 
' onloyod brooklast altar church on 
Sunday at Mho Morto and Donna 

■ Naosolh homo. 

On Wodnosdoy,. Maymo Johnson 
and her "granddaughters, Mlchollo and 
Monica Johnson onjoyod dinner at Iho 
Plan Hut In Thiol Rivor. Fails. 

Juno Johnson was a visitor and col- 
Iqojuosl at tho Oloon Kriol homo qnp 
"Hay during Iho wook, 

Mrs. Danny Johnsrud. Erlco and 
Kolsoy oltondod tho wodding for Trovor 
Kiosow and Kerl Strollon at Faith 
Lulhoran Church in. Goodrldgo on 
Saturday. . 

Mr. and Mrs. Norman Adams and 
Jason Kolrba woro visitors and coffoo 
guosts on Sunday afternoon ol tho 

■ Larry ond Gllda Kotrba homo. 

Elva Flodtor oltondod the lunorol on 

Tuesday for Gorda Knutson hold at 
Tolomarkon Lulhoran Church. Our 
sympathy goos out lo iho Knutson lam- ' 
ily, May hor momory bo blossod. 

Jonnilor Dahlstrom and a'lnond. 
Chris, woro Sunday ovenlng visitors at 
tho Clayton and Marlys Johnsrud 

Donna Naosotfi and Joan Johnson 
woro visitors and luncheon guosts on 
Friday ovonlng al tho Maymo Johnson 

Mr. and Mrs. Allon Englund ond Fred 
Zinlor and Kim woro visitors and lunch 
guosts oh Sunday at Iho Honlord ond 
Shirloy Rolsland homo. 
■ -Friday morning Donna Naosolh and 
Maymo Johnson mado a business trip 
to Bomidjl. Maymo ahd Donna also 
wont shopping and on Ihoir way homo 
Donna and Maymo onjoyod dinnor al 
Polos Roslauranl. " — 

On Saturday, Gory Johnson ond 
Kylio oltondod tho Tonold family 
reunion ot Park Rapids. 

Elva Fiodlor altondod tho wodding 
for Trovor Kiosow and Korl Siralton at 
Faith Luthoran Church in Goodrldgo on 
Saturday. Congratulations Trovor ond 
' Korl. 

On Friday. Mrs. Ron Fullon and 
' Jesso and John of Rosoau camo up 

ovornlghl guosts at tho 

Clayton and Marlys Johnsrud home. 
On Saturday Konnoth Und and Erin ol 
Lltchliold and Ron Fulton of Rosoau 
wero supper guosts at tho Clayton and 
Marlys Johnsrud homo. On Saturday . 
dvortmg, Mr. and Mrs. ; Clayton 
Johnsrud, Mrs. and Mrs. Ron Fulton 
and John and Jesso, Konnolh Und and ■ 
Erin of Lltchliold attended tho program 
at Silver Croek Luthoran Church of 
rural Thlof River Foils. Salurdoy night 
Ron Fullon was an overnight guest ot 
tho Bonlta Fullon homo In Thlof Rivor 
Falls. On Sunday afternoon Ron Fulton 
camo ond picked up John and Josso 
ond thoy atlondod Iho parade Injhlef 
Rivor Falls and. lator they loft for their- 
homo In Rosoau. 

Jason Naosolh was a visitor on 
Monday ovenlng at Iho Joan Johnson ■ 
homo and also on ovomighl guost at 
iho Jean Johnson homo thai night. 

Wodnosday night. Mr. and Mrs. Dole 
Andorson and Katie woro visitors at tho 
Loonard and Be mice Johnson homo. 

Clara Potorson was a visitor and cof- 
. (oo.guost on Saturday at the Gone and 
Ronao Marquis homo. 

Vornon Ivorson was a visitor on 
Wednesday night al tho Loonard and 
Bornlco Johnson homo. 

Wednesday, July 7, 1999 


Brooks Community News 

Page 11 

Senior Meats 


Wm p$0 €$0f^@f0me£ 


1002 Ptnnmown Avoniw * Trwl Rivor Folia 

Wesley Lsngaai. Potior 

, 681-2300 

Office Hours: Tuos.-Frl„ 9-12 Noon 

Worship Services: Sundays ut WO 


Box 3S • Nowfotdan 

John Jorgansen. Potior 

sjury I. Jorgansan. Lay Assistant Pastor 


Worship Services: Sundays, ui 11:00 

— n.m.;— Tuesday- Worship/Com muni on: - 

'6:00 p,m. 


www Street • Sl Hiloini 
Wonhlp Services: Sundays, in July at 
11:00 a.m.; Auguit nt 9:00 a.m. 




flr, 1 Dot mi 'Okloo 
Sloven R Spartey. Pastor 
-Worship Services - Ml. Olive: 
Saturdays ut H:30;un. 
Worship Services - SI. Petri! Sundays 

Worship Services - Oak I'urk: 
Sundays at |D:(H> u.m. . 
Worship Services - Niiuirclh: Sundays 
at 11:1.1 ii.m. 



Baptist General Conforonco 

414 Horoco Avonu« North • Thiol Rtvor Fein 

Hon Qutonan,' Pastor 


Worship Services: Sundays at 10:30 

a.m.; Sunday school at 9:15 a.m.; 

Evening service at 7:00 p.m. 



Thiol Rivor Falls 

Gvo/go Davis. Pastor 


Worship Services: Sundays ol 2:30 

p.m. (Cninmunitin: l-"ir»t Sunday each 





Qotike • Thlel Lake won 
Worship Services - Our Savior's 
-(Thief Lake): Sundays in July nl 11:00 
a.m.: August at 9:00 a.m. 
Worship Services - United (Calikc): 
July 4 Special Centennial Worship 
Service al 1 1:00 a.m.: Sundays In July at 
9:00 a.m.; August at 11:00 a.m. 


First Lutheran Church • Middle Rivor 

Ouitav Adolph Luthoran Church • Slrnlheono 

John Jonjonsen. Pastor 

Mary L, Jonjonsen. lay Assistant Paitor 


Worship Services - First Lutheran 

(Middle River): Sundays at 9:J5 a.m.: 

Thursday Worship/Communion: 6:00 


Worship Services - Guslav Adolph 
igtralhcona): Sundays nt 8:30 a.m. 


2075 Hwy. SO South * Thiol Rivor Fait* 
. Tony Olson. Pastor 
Ollico Hours: Wookday mornings 8-12 - 
Worship Services: Sundays at 9:30 a.m. 
Wednesdays: Uihlc study und prayer at 
7:00 p.m. 



Rural OoodrtdQO 

Reynard Huglen, Pastor 


Worship Services: Sundays al 9:30 a.m. 

(Holy Communion first Sunday) 


105 Krfght Awnu* Worth ■ Thiol Rlvei Foils 
i » ttfKrWoonn/s WWand. Pastor 
I y-' t "e81-357t«Ofllco' 

Hwrjrtton.-Frl.. 8 §.[0.-12 M»n;.M p.m. 

rVWMi; Satunlays at 3 p.m.; Sundays at 

8:00 £m. and 11:00 a.m, 


Mass: Sundays at 9:30 a.m. ' 



rlfltiway 1 Emt, Bl. * Don.llA* TWol Rlvw fits 

■ CuibsJttcobsoo, Pastor 

G81-228S ., 

Ollico Hours: Mon.-Thurs.', 9-3 ' 
Worship Services: Sundays ui 10 a.m.; 
Evening service ill 7 p.m.: Wednesdays 
al 7 p.m. 






, FutmJomRletianis. Pastor 

. . Weekend Masses: 
Brooks: Saturday at 7:00 p.m. 
OUcc: Sunday at 8:30 a.m. 
Grygja: Sunday -at 10:30 a.m. 






' — fatfMr Don Brtobpann. Pastor n 

' Mkn and U* WtHO. Pastoral Assistant* 

" B) 782-Z467 Ftoctory • 222-3392 Office 

itUMIddli RlTtn Flnt.-third.-and - 

fifth Sunday: 8:15 a.m.: Second nnd 
fourth Sunday: 11:15 a.m. 
Mea la Kaxbtad: First, third and firth 
Sandiy; 11:15 o.m,; Second and fourth 
Sunday: 8:15 a.m. 


1Sc3 raahway 68 Somhoast • TNol RWr Fans 

Carrwron Smtton, Pastor 

OaaJay S Cay Donim. Toon Mtaisten 


' Office Hours: MocvFri., 9-5 

Wonhlp Services: Sundays niJO nji.: 

Kid's On the Move' Children's church'; 

Nursery and preschool; 

Wednesday*: Chosen Generation Teen 

■- Group. Precious Preschool, Nursery and 

Kids on The Move Children's Church al 


1425 Third Strool Easl * Thiol Rrvor Foils 
J Meinll KliKtatt. Pastor 

Chad Persons, Youth Pastor 


Otlico Hours: Man. -Fit.. 8:30-5 ' 

Worship Services: Sundays nt 9:30 

Wednesdays: Adult Bible study and -Jr. 
&Sr. High at 7:00 p.m: 




RobMW.Oahisn. Pastor 

t Qrtg. WsJtsr, Intam Pastor 


Offlca Hours: Too*.. Thurs.. Frl. 9-12 Noon 

Worship Services- Bethany: Sundays 

•in-July-ai-l!:00 a.m.; August at 10:00 

, a.m. ' ■ ' 

Worship Services - Ekelund: Sundays 

in July at 11:00 a.m.; August at 9:00 

o.m.: Mldvreck services on July 7 at 

7:30 p.m. 

Warship Services - Faith: Sundays in 
July at 9:00 a.m.; August at 1 1:00 a.m. 


P.O.Box tB7 * NonrtokJon 
flov. toroy Rlckmgar. Pastor 
Worship Services - Wcstaker: Sunduys 
at 10:30 a.m.: Listen lo the "Trumpet of 
Truth" radio broadcast Sundays from, 
7:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. on KTRf 1230. . 
Wednesdays: Week of July 11: Lake 
Bronson Family Bihlc Camp: July 7: 
Radio-Wcstakcr at 9:00 p.m. 


HiQhwny 1 • Goodrldgo 

Tony Olson. Pastor 


Worship Services: Sundays al 11:30 

David Broekopp. Pastor 
Worship Services: Sundays: Worship at 
10:00 a.m.: Bihlc Study ul 9:15 a.m.;. 
Sunday School at 1 1:00 a.m. . 



325 Horace Avonua Norm • Thiol RMr Foam 

johnA. WoMntim. Pastor 

Timothy M, Bauer, Poswr 

. 881-1310 

' Ollico Hours; Mon.-Frl.. W; ' " 

Worship Services: Sundays at 8:30- a.m, 

and 10:30 a.m.: CotTce and fellowship at 

9:30 a.m. 



P.O.Dax 1B5« NawlokJon - 

OHIO. Urdahl. Paslor 


Worship Services: Sundays at 9 a.m. 

Wednesdays: Bible Study at 7 p.m. 


211 Arnold Avonuo North •Thlal River 'Fan* 

Mo rvin Stch, Associate Pastor 


"OHIcoHoura:Mon.-Fri.,8-S . 

Worship Services: Sundays at 8:30 a.m. 

and II a.m.; Sunday School at 9:45 a.m.: 

Wednesdays: Bible Study and prayer at 

„ _._ 



1007 County Rood 02. Thiol Rlvor Fan* 

Don Shain, Pastor 


Offlca Hours: Mon.-Frl., 8-12 Noon ' 

Worship Services: Sundays at 11 B-m.;' 

Sunday School at 10 «.m.; Sunday 

evening services at 7 p.m.; Wednesdays: 

Prayer &. Bible Study at 7 p.m. 

(Southern Baptist Convention) 

Worship Services: Sundays at 10:00 



P.O. Boi 86 * NowiokJon 

Gary Barrett. Pastor 

Myha Hogbarg, Youth Director 

B74.87B5 "" 

Worship Services: Sunday July 11 at 

10:30 u.m,: Sunday School at 9:15 o,m, 


001 Dowoy AVo. North • Thtaf PJvor Fotta 

" Goorffi' Davis; Pastor~- 

681-7705 Church • 881-5482 Office 
Wurshlp Services: Sundays at 10:15 
amr Family night service every 4th_ 

Sunday ui 7:00 p.m. '""" ~ 

Wednesday: Bible study at 7:00 p.m, 




— ■ r Tdt^W.D*hknlnterurnPattor 
Qreg VWMr. Mtam Pastor, 
Wonhlp Services - Nazareth (Holt): 
July 11:9:00 a.m. >....' 

Wonhlp Services - Silver Creek (East 
orTRF on Range Line Road): July II: 
10:00 a.m. 


2*8 Kondotl Avonuo North* Thiol nrverPotls 

Qaorge Bunnell. Pastor 

Otlico Hours: Mon.-Frl., 8:30-5^ 

881-4718 or 686-8986 

.Worship Services: Sundays at 10:30 

u.m.: Sunday School Adults at 9:30 n.m. 

TVednesdnys: Bible Study and Youth ot 

7:00 p.m. 


CHURCH, ELCA . .- — 

. 1300 Easl Horn Strool * Thiol Rtvor Fal» 



Rural St Hitniro 

Oaion & Abrrdo Sylvester, Pastors 


" Otlico Hours: Mon.-Frl., 8-4:30 

Worship Services - Redeemer: 

Sundays, ut 9:30 a.m. 

Worship Services - Black River: 

Sundays at 9:30 a.m. 


1024 Tkidotoh Avonuo Sputn • TWol Rrvg'r Fans 

Marcus Mundatl. Pastof 


Worship Services: Saturdays_nt 11:00 

u.m.: Sabbath School at 9: 1 5 a.m. 


Second & Korooa •Thtot Rrvor Fatls 

Daniel Horn. Pastor • Tanvtn/WetatMng, 

Youth Dtrtctor 

_ ..6B1J4388 L 

""■ Oflieo HoursVMon.>ri.", 8^0-8:30 
Wonhlp Services: Sunday. Julyll at. 
9:00 n.m.; Fellowship -time 01 10:00 

Thursday July 8 - Saturday July 10 - 
Work Dav at Pine Bend Mission Church. 

Wnllor oncfWillio Kolschko hosted a 
dlnnor party ,on Falhor's Day In honor 
ot Marsha McPhorson ol Frankfort, and 
Lu'clndo Wingott ot Lopaz, Indiana. ' 
with Jason and Shorn Engon and 
Jordon and AIok, Dwlght and. Amy ■ 
Erickson and Avory. all ol Thlet Rlvor 
Falls. Lowoll and.Cindy Arlt ond Ross 
ol Plurrimor ond a trlond Sarah ol 
Ersklno, Carl and Joyco Magors ol 
Plummor. Miko.ond Ann Tuura ol 
Gfoonbush. and Jona Rowortz ot 
Bomldjlos guosts. 

Father's Day guosts ol Marc and 

Connie -Parontoau - were -Gary, and— 

Donnollo Pnrontoau and boys ol Invor 
- Grovo Holghts. Grog and Donna 
Paronloau and boys of Ersklno. 
LaMonlo and Mary'Lu Doavor ol 
, Charlotlo, NC. and Aurol arid Gloria 
Parontoau. - 

Don and Val Walker and Kolion and 
Kalllo ol Crookslon won! Falhor's Day 
■tj "■ suppor guests ot hor parents. Donna 
and Joyco Rock. 

Ron andEllio Knutson and Morcla ot 
Korkhovon woro guosls last wook ol 
Lonnlo ond Konya Paradis. Othor 
guosls wero Ron and Dollas Paradis, 
Amlq nnd Pam Paradis ond Ryan. . 
Xholsoy and Ethon. Loland and Carol 
Sago, Loa and (riond Rick. Lacoytandj 
Kayloo o) Fortllo. All got acquaintoor" 
wilh tho now arrival, Sponcor Ronald. 

Francos Bradley and Jonnno 
Dolago molorod lo Slillwaior ovar tho 
wookond to attond tho 401h wodding 
anniversary and rocoptlon (or Lorry 
arid Bonlta (Champngno) Langor. 

Mark and Doanna Gagnor and fami- 

ly ol Cassolton. ND woro guosls last 
wookond of his molhor, Mrs. VI 

On Saturday, Willard.and Shirloy - 
Hinco ol Thlof Rivor Fnlls. Mrs. Adollno . 
Noss of. Monlor ond Mrs. Evongollno 
Grovo vlsliod with Mrs. Ullian Hinco. 
■ On Falhor's Day. Iho family of 
Waltor and Monica Novok galhorud 
logotnor at Ihoir homo' with guosls 
Jorome nnd Barb Novak. Nancy. 
Ellingson ol Bloomlnglon,. Robocca 
Novak ol Mankato, Waller and Cindy 
Novak nnd Carly Ann. Loonard Novak 
-and -a-frlond -Mary, Lynn__SbltyodL°J_ 
Worron, Gorard and Kim Novak and • 
Alyssa of Thlof Rlvor Falls. Ray Wallor. 
and Raymond Novak. 

Mrs. Voronlca Novak and Dorolhy 
Myhro visited Mrs. Edna Hyde al 
Plummor who Is laid 'up from a loot 
surgery handicap. 

Sunday guosls ol Mrs. Lillian Hinco. 
woro Shorlln and. Evangolino Grovo, 
Darrin and Ponny Grovo, Scott and 
Kim Grovo and Zack and Brady, all ol 
Okleo. and Mrs. Mabol Sobourin... ... - 

Mrs. Pal Larson ' (raveled lo 
Mlnnoopolls whoro sho altondod hor 
50lh'annlvorEary*school reunion hold 
at St. Anthony Academy In Minneapolis 
"over tho wookond. 

'*- Mrs. Maymo Borborich and (amily 
hoslod a spoclal birthday partyln honor 
ol Butch who colobralod his 50lh 
annivorsory" wilh "many lamlly and 
(rlonds to wish Bulch Happy Birthday 
on Sunday. 'Happy Birthday. Butch, 
and many morel" 

Four TRF Lion's club 
members receive honors 

Thief River trails 

'Meals. on Wheels will deliver 
meals Mmulay through l-riday 

"including holiday;.'. For more inlor- 
maliim. call dS 1 -4336.or h8 1 -68ft I . 
Monday. July 12: Sliced ham. 
whipped potatoes and ^r.ivy. broc- 
coli tuts, onmgc iimbnisia. wheat 
ha-ad. margarine and I'A- milk, 
Tuesday. July ,.I3:< Swiss 

' sicak/iomalo sauce, parslieil pota- 
loes. corn O'Brien, creainv 
coleslaw., carrot cake, wheat hreail. 

.,tiurgariiie_aiid.i!(Linilk. ' :_ __„ 

Wednesday. July l-l; Veal birds. 
oven browned potatoes, wax beans. 
pear sauce, onmge sherbet„' wheat 
bread, niar^aritte and 2'7<- milk. . 

Tltursday. July_L5L5!ii:wUlirkey. 
whipped potatoes, 'gravy, green 
peas, carrot raisin salad, apple crisp. 

- white bread, margarine and 2 '.I 
. I-'ridav. July If.: Baked llsh 

. nlmandihe. O'Brien |Milalocs. liny 
whole carrots, trusted impel food 
cake, wheal bread, margarine and 

2/;; milk. 

Thief River Falls 

Your nutrition center: a place for 

meals and' information on services 

for older adults. 

Monday, July 12: Salisbury sicak. 

...parslied potatoes, heels., roll, and 

. cherry cheesecake. 

Tuesday. July 13: Sliced liani. 
sweet potatoes, "Under the Sea" 

salad, roll and chocolate pudtling. 

Wednesday. July l-l: Heel' slew 
.(potatoes and carrotsJ. applesauce 
salad, roll, bread pudding and milk. 

Thursday. July 15:' Chicken and 
gravy, whipped potatoes. California 
mix. roll, apple crisp and milk. 

Friday." -July 16: Cold plates, 
salad, tomatoes., roll, dessert and 

Lutheran Social Service- Center 
nutrition program will serve . meals 
ill the .Heritage center at 301 '4th 
Street liasi Monday through l-riday 
except holidays. Serving begins at 
-H'AV^ni.-Rescrvalioris appreciated- 
one day in advance, but not neces- 
sary. Call,om-27'J3 lor reserva- 


' ; Monday. July 12: Pizza. holdish._ 
wax beans, lelltice salad, garlic' 
bread, margarine, dessert and milk. 

Tuesday. July 13: Country steak. 
potatoes, peas, blueberry muffin, 
.dessert and milk-. 

Wednesday. July 14: Vegetable 
soup, meat salad sandwiches, man- 
darin orange Jello, cmckers. mar- 
garine, dessert atid milk. 

Thursday,. July 15: Roast beef, 
mashed .potatoes, gravy, carrots, 
bread, margarine, dessert and milk. 

Friday. July 1ft: BBQ ribs, baked 
potatoes, peas and carrots, bread, 
margarine, dessert and milk. 

Monday -llirough.niursdays-arc- 

iHiim meals. Friday is an evening 
meal at ft:00 p.m. 

A Bold 
Look -At 


TIic new day dragi us fnim our sleep. It's 
a ilny full ofpromisc. ciiallcn'jjc and deci- 
sions. Start il oirrighl wilh an invigorat- 
ing ruilt mini the Masters liimcr" lowei 
hy Kohler'. lis sheet-How spout and mini 
shownhcad ipray opliims create a iltow- 
er environment, that's as individual as 
you arc. To sum j our day olT right, come 
see.'lhe MsstwShowef' lower und the 
MaslrtShowcr" collection at our Kohler* 
" Registered Showroom loday. 

l!f Ut^DK.X-.+;.. . 


do you need life insurance 
from Farm Bureau? 

.Protecting -your family's financial 

future takes careful planning, . 

And. through every stage of your 

life. Farm Bureau is there, with . 

-innovative life insurance options.-^ 


Donn Roach, Pastor 

— "523-4735 " 

Offlco Hours:' Mon.-prl., 9-4 
Worship Servlcci: Sundays at It ajn.; 
Sunday School at 10 a.m.; Wednesdays: 
Midweek Fellowship nt 7 p.m. 


Sltvorton Township • Thtot Blwr Fnlls 

Qeorgo Davis. Pastor ' 

Ottico 681-5462 

Worship Services: Sundays al 8:45 

a.m;; Family League on/Third Sunday nt 

7:00 p.m. 

BoxSa • Plummor 

Oarmnco J. Johnton, Pastor 

■ 465-452S 
Worihlp Service) • Immanuel: 

.Sundays at 9:00 a.m.__. ,__ ._ 

WorshlpSenrlce* - Ebenezer: Sundayi 
at 10:30 1 

AMIntatryotOv* ' 
S«v*nlh Day Advtntlst Church 
401 SL Paul Avonua South • ThUt RWr Fall* 
r Mondoft Paslor 
Ofllco - 663-3251 
Wonhlp Services: Saturdays nt 6:00 
p'.m.; Prayer time at 5:15 p.m. 
Vespers on Fridays at 7:30 p.m.; 
Mothers' Prayer Circle on Wednesdays 
nt 11:30 -a.m.; -Home Fellowship: ■ 
Wednesdays at 7:00 p.m. 


P.O. Box 37* VBclng ■ 


Rural Thiol Hrvtr Fsltt 

Paul A. Chat, Pastor 


Worship Services: Zlon: Sundays al 

10:45 a.m. 

Worship Services: ; Oak Ridge: 
■ Sundays al 9:00 a.m. . 

*7^ (Z&un^A 72ciectoru *?± S/zo*t±oied "Scf 76e yoMrxOACtty. OrMut&^ie^: 


Dr. Charles Samuulson, Rolicrt 
Rccvc, Lowoll Swcnson, ami Russ 
McKcrchcr liavc been awarded the 
■ Lions Clubs International 
Foundation - Melvin Jones 

Humanitarian service is the goal 
of all Lions. The association was. 
founded for the purpose of. serving 
others and in doing so, making the 
world u better place. The Melvin 
Jones Fellowship is the Lions 
Cliths International Foundation's 
highest honor, and symbolizes 
those attributes and cliaruclcrislics. 
of individuals who are dedicated to 
humanitarian services. Particularly, 
the fellowship honors such attribut- 
es as generosity, compassion and 
concern for others. The fellowship 
is numed after and is a tribute to the 
founder - of Lions Clubs 
International. Melvin Jones. 
"Df.'CruirlCK Samuelsonhas becn- 
n mctilbc'r of the- local 'Uoris Glub 
-chapter for 26 years*. During that 
time he served as president from 
1986 to 1987 and was involved in 
the association as the district cabi- 
net zone chairman, conducted pub- 
lic relations for the organization, 
. and was chairman of ihe mid-win- 
ter convention. 
- ' Robert Reeve has been a mem- 
ber of the local Lions Club for 28 
years. During that- time he - was 
president from 1979 to l"°" 

Mayor of Thief. River Falls. 
Department Commander for the 
State of Minnesota American 
Legion, and has been involved in 
Lions Club projects" "and 
City/Community projects. 

Lowell Swcnson has lived In 
Thief River Falls for many years 
and during this lime, he has been 
involved in many worthwhile caus- 
es. He has been very supportive of 
the City orThier River Falls, com- 
munity- projects, Northland 
Community and Technical College. 
Minnesota Lions Eye Bank and has 
.been supportive of many, more pro- 
jects and organizations. 

Russ -McKcrchcr became a 

'member of the local chapter of the 

Lions Club in 1981 and was very 

active in the club. He wus on the 

board of directors and had almost 

perfect attendance. Upon his death. 

-he- remembered- the-Lions-Club- 

' with a gift of 1 money. His uwnrd 

was accepted by his son .Ron 


Euch of these men received an 
inscribed wall plaque, and a Inpel 
pin thai identifies them as-Mctvin 
Jones Fellows. The names of these 
men have also been addcd'io a'dis- 
r play on a computerized plaque in 
ih'c Lions Clubs Inicmational 
Foundation Recognition room at 
-International headquarters.. 

Discovery Place 


Monday .--July 1^: Milk, nriiiigcs. 
'French toast, ftvrup. 

TucMliiy. Jiily 13: Mill*. oranRc 
juice, luiist nnd tint meal. 

Wednesday. July 14: . Milk. 
oraiine!". Wee KrLnpleH and (oust. 

Thurftdny. July 15: Milk, apple 
lulec. Corn Clicx. Io;im1 iiikI peanut 
-ui! tier, 

Friday. July 1(3:. Milk, orange 
Juice, c-i:- and clntuuii'ui wast. 


Monday. July 12: Cream of ion in- 

to noup. grilled cIicchc. plcklc». 
ftiillliics. Hllccd peaches nnd milk. 

Tucsdny, July 13: Dakota liotdlsn. 
boiled cjyjs. bread, butter, lime Jello 
w/ pineapple, and milk. 

Wednesday. July l-l: Pancakes 
w/syriip.' t*nuna|k'tliikH. applesauce, 
oniniic lulec nndinilk. 

Thursday. July 15: Spaghetti hoi- 
'- dbli. bread, butter, lettuce salad, 
pears and milk. 

. Krfday. July lfl: Uarbccucd.hnm-. 
burden*. French fries, pickles, fruit 
cockiull nml milk. 

Agde'r Com munity News 


Silver Crook Contonnlol 

Silver Crook Lulhoran Church colo- 
bralod Its conlonnlol on Juno 26 and 
-27i-l999.-Tho ihomo (or.lho contonnlnl. 
was "A Conlury of Faith." ' ■ : 

A rounlon lor Iho conllrmanda was 
hold Saturday ovonlng following a 
short- program. Paslor Oahlon por- 
trayod Pastor BJomson, trio "circuit rid- 
ing praochor" who sorvod tho parish In 
tho oarly 1900's. Having vlsliod with 
Pastor. BJornson'a grnnddaughtor, 
Lydla Loo.-ho loamod about tho strug- 
gles ol o circuit ridor ond rolayod thorn 
to iho audience, Music soloclions woro 
by iho Silver Crook choir and tho 
:Tornorson lomlly choir. Thoy woro tho 
chlWron and grandchildren ol iho talo 

Carl ond Hattlo Torgorson, tormor 
mombora ol Sltvor Crook. Hattlo had 
holpod organlzo Iho first choir at Silver 
_Crwk.lnJ.941>^^^..;:::i:^-, -,-U 1 - 
A communion' wrvlco was hold on 1 
Sunday morning. Tho mossago was 
broughl by Patll Swanson of Hallock, 
vice presldont of tho Northwest 
Minnesota Synod. Tho solectlon 
■Booulllul Savior" by tho Torgorson 
family was sung as a tribute to tholr sta- 
ler, Janot Fischer, who passod ewoy 
Iho previous wook. 

At noon, a dinnor was served to 
approximately 275, colored by 
Joanotto Rolorson ond sorvod by 
mombors of Nazrir'olh Church of Holt. 


• 'AIWI'.%SK 



- - WATftJirHOOF * HKEJor- - 

iMLiuKih u.r nr tiMtmcs mtsK 

MJUO .tKULWUs UATTBIrt- I'.M'K * .tt1»«mV. RMK 



Highway 59 North * Thief River Falls 

• I ' 

,--i -r-V 

-(■ H 

Marvin Lundln 

David Hill 
Associate Editor 

Wednesday, July 7. 1999 

Editorial opinion published under this heading is intended to stimulate thinking and discussion among our readers. Unless specified otherwis e the ed trials are J|ff" ^£^!^ n Lundin 
and do not represent opinion of other staff members. Opinions in items from other publications may not coincide v* h the editor's own v.ews but are offered for their general interest. 

United Nations Proving itself A Giobai Threat 

. Despite ilic willingness of America 
believe thill .What their country does is right. 
many have wondered arid continue 10 wonder 
how wo could have been involved in the boiiih- 
ing and virtual lake-over of a nation with which 
we were not m war. Mow were we and are we 
involved in Kosovo in an aeiion tliat imposes our 
country and others on a tiny nation and its inter- 
nal strife.' 

At least part of the answer is included in the 
following column hy F. R. Diiplantier of 
America's Future: ~. -* 

G AVKL, GUN & RUltSE -^ 

"The United Nations was created to provide 
a fonini for sovereign nations to meet and discuss, 
differences in hopes of finding peaceful solutions 
id those differences." observes Henry Lamb-ofr 
, Sovereignty International. 

"The purpose and function of. Ihe United 
Nations is changing, however." Lamb warns thai 
the UN "no longer sees itself as the facilitator for 
cooperative action by sovereign nations," bin 
rather "as the administrator of what is called 
•global governance.'" 

■Writing in the summer issue of e'eo-hftu: 
published by the Environmental Conservation 
Organization. Lamb notes that the UN has pub- 
lished "many documents which reveal both the . 
intent and the plan to achieve global governance. 
The plan is quite comprehensive." he observes, 
"and it is currently being implemented. The plan 
seeks to control environmental and social policy. 

intomic activity and military 
action." Lamb contends. 

"The United Nations no longer* sees its 
responsibilities as limited to serving its sovereign 
nation members." he charges.- "It has now 
assumed responsibiliiy for providing security to 
all the people* of the world, without regard for the 
sovereign authority of the nations in which those , 

people live. 

According to Lamb. "The published plan for 
global governance intends lo have all military 
power— including the ina'iufaciure.^ale and dis- 
tribution of munitions (including handguns) — 
under the auspices of lite United Nations. The 
plan calls for lite elimination of permanent mem- 
bers of ihe .Security Council and elimination of 
■all velo power. _ 

"The published plan fur -global governance." 

Lamb warns, "is being implemented, particularly 
in the United States, despite the fact that 
'Congress has noi ratified many of the key 
treaties, nor has it authorized the use of U.S. mil- 
itary forces by Ihe UN." 

Lamb emphasizes that the World Trade 
Organization is "only the first step toward con- 
trolling economic activity; the next step, consoli- 
dation of international currency flows, is well 
under way. The second step is necessary before^ 
the UN can impose ihe 'Tobin Tax' which." he ' 
explains, "will-give the UN an independent rev- 
enue source, making it truly independent of its 
member nations." _ ' : 

Lamb points out that .the International 

Criminal Court "will have the power-to enforce 
virtually all international law. The public was 
told that the ICC was a vehicle to prosecute only 
war criminals and international terrorists," he 
recalls, "but it is clear from the preparatory liter- 
ature that its creators fully intend to amend the 
charter"to broaden its jurisdiction to environmen- 
tal and .social law as well." 

According to Lamb, "Control of military 
activity. is the big prize for the UN. All the other 

control mechanisms," he emphasizes, "are only 
partial steps to ultimate UN controf. Control of 
■ military activity is 'the final step. And we nre 
moving in that direction very rapidly." 

Lamb argues that NATO intervention in 
Kosovo is "consistent .with the UN's objectivcof- 
ignoring national sovereignty" and he speculates 
that NATO could constitute the "standing army" 
needed to complete the UN plan for global gov- 
ernance. ■ 

How Do You Live Your Dash? 

The following poem was passed along to us 
from someone who probably pilfered it fronV the 
Internet. It is under a heading called "This" Week's 
Parishioner Participation" and is entitled: 

I read of a man who stood to speak 
At the funeral of a friend. " . 
He referred to the datcson her tombstone 
From the beginning to the end. 
He noted that first came her date of birth, 
And spokcthe latter dale with tears, - 
But he said what mattered most of all 
Was the dash between those years (19xx-19xx). 

For that dash represents all the time 
That she spent alive on earth.... 
And now only those who loved her 
Know what that little line was worth. 
For it matters not how much we own — 
The cars, the house, the cash; ' 

What matters is how we live and love 
And how we spend our dash.' 

So think about this long and hard; 
Are there things you'd like to change? 
You never know how much time is left 
That still can be rearranged. 
If we could just slow down enough 
To consider what's true and real. 
And always try to understand 
The way other people feel. ■ 

And be less quick to anger, 
. And show appreciation more . 

And love the people in our lives 
Like we've never loved before. 
If we treat each other with respect. 
And more often wear a smile.... 
Remembering that this special dash 
Might last only a little while. - 

So when your eulogy is. read, 

With life's actions to rehash.... 
I WouH'ybu be proud of the things they say 
' About how you spent your dash7 


' Tho weathor In northwost Minnesota Is still acting out ol 
sorts. Almost ovory day ttioro Is wind and walorlhat wo can- 
do without around horo. Fargo had what thoy a called a tasto 
ol Y2K and thoy don't think It's tunny. It didn't tako thorn long 
to got soma back up lor tholr walor supply whon Ihoy found . 
Ihomsolvos without that Important commodity. Up on the 
sandrkigo horo. Roy soys thoso morning showors saves on 
Iho'waloring choros. It has boon hard on tho lloworo.l only 
had onb wookond lo arrango poonlos. but thoy woro hugo. 
folks say that tho season gooms lo bo rushing things moro 
than usual ospoclally tor ftowors thai wo would llkd to soo tor 
awhilo longer. 

The dahlias ore coming along just lino now though thoy . 
woro covered with black mud~aftot somo ot Ihoso hard rains 
wo had. Most of Ihom now aro tall enough lo tako that troat- 
monl nnd aftor Roy como homo, tho first- day ho gavo^hom ■ 
a good cultivating and I hilled thorn wlth.a jwo. It doosn't tako 
him longTo got things In shapo again. Tho.noxl day wo put 
away sovon ico croam palls of slrawborrio3 and Saturday wo 
woro off to colobmto In Strandquist. ■ 

usod lo bo whan there woro-taur grocery stores, throo cafes, 
a nlco motel and tho passongor train stopped bolh going 
north and south overy day. Tho baseball team will always bo 
'remembers as tho winners ol tho Mlnnosota championship 
end the idols of many lowor.gradostudents. Tho players. 
woro coached by T. M. Prlngle and they hod learned obodl- 
enc'o tram O. W. Vngvo. There wero tho* throo Koland boys. 
' Hans, Olo and Joe. Swodo Sjodln. Herbert and Loyal Olstad, 
Torbln Johnson, Bert Bonson, Roy Stonnos: Myron Hanson 
and Arnold Sanderson, o group rtovor to bo forgotten. 

Tho Kiddlo Parade was first on Iho Ii3l ol onto rtolnm an t 
with 13 ontrios. First prize wont to M, Tim Ronslrom on tho ' 
tractor and Sponcor and Morgan Kuznla, children ol Adam 
and Markolla Kuznla, and Tyler and Tanner Turn, children ol 
- Rickl and vlchi Turn, on Iho trailer 

The second ploco winners woro #8, children of Lonny and 
DoAnn Lotstrom. Dovln drossod llko Uncle Sam on a blcyclb, 
followed by Dustln and Damlan drossod as farmers on tholr - 
tractors. . 

Tho third ploco winners woro #8, Krista Anderson, daugh- 
ter bt Darwin and Lort Boon, and Cholsea Boon, daughtor of 
-Paul and ■Jacklo'Boon:"Thoy"rodO"a"'motorscootor In tho- 
parado, Congratulations "to all who partlcipolodl Thoy woro 
oil great. 

■ Thoro wero 42 entrants In the regular pomelo nnd it was a 
— chorotodocido onwtnnora.-Flrat place wont to #6,- Burner— 
Andarson, who was driving a Modal A coupe with fivo win- 
dows or maybo it was widows!. It Is hard lo declphor writing 
In the wind, but ollhor way ho suro was lucky and namod #\. 
Second place 1 winner was a shiny 1931 Model A, drivon by ' 
owner Wlnfrod Jacobson and wo know It was Helen lolling 
him whore lo turn. 

Tho third ploco wlnnor was #41, Eldor Woslman, driving . 
horses who woro pulling a form wagon. Congratulations to 
the wlnnors and to all Iho others participating. 

Thoro was music for all lo enjoy at tho gozobo during Iho 
Intennlsslons with a groat omcoo and musician too. Arvln 
Sundby. Slngoro and ployora woro Arvln and Jooy Gust, VI 
Moon and Gordon Bring ol Nowfoldon, Morvln.Strnndbarg of 
Strothcona, and Tina Qarfvo, Dion Larson, Don.nnd Morlys 
Lofrobth, all local lalonl. Thanks lo all. 

At 5:00 a dolicious dinnor was served on tho stroot, The 

main' ontroo was roast, the othbr whllomool. was 

—absolutely great. There wasan auction salo and pony rides 

■~torth*rWct5TinditoarniarKu"i( fui lliu giuwii-trps: - 

Whon I mossed up tho computer parts of my typewriter I 
promlsod to got Iho main nows item In tho column today, and 
that was tho birthday of a nlno-yonK>ld lady. Miss Aloura 
' Donaldson, on Juno 20-Whon tho vacation Bible School pro- 
gram wos over, hor lalhor Joff Donaldson surprised hor wllh 
n cord and (lowers. Thoso who holpod her colobrote woro 
Joff, Morgorot.and Sara Donaldson, Grandpa and Grandma 
Lelroolh. Grandpa Donaldson, Uncle Lowell Bront, Racholte 
and Et han Pono l daon, Bothany Storoby , a nd S tanley and_ 
Ruby Swunson. On Tuesday Morgarot and~5ar'n toolTAIdura 
out for supper, 




Brooks Community News 

and family of Worrood we're omong 
those who altonded tho Baptism and 
rocopllon tor the son of Keith and Mel 
Delago of Thief Rivor Falls. 

Clara and Pattl Thompson hosted a 
.Saturday bvonlng dinnor_party_wllh. 
. Lamonte and Mary Lu Doaver, Mrs. 

Rogor.arid Mary Jano Paradls and 
Holdi Paradl3 ol Edon Prairie. wero 
among thoso who ollondod tho collogo 
graduation and rocoptlon En honor ot 
-Joromy-Bloedow— on-Groon.Laka.aL 

Splcor, MN. on Friday. Thoy rotumod . _. , . 

homo on Sunday. wookond with hor parents, Waller and Parenloau, and Marc . and Connie 

Mrs. Joan Bronkon of Okloo visited Monica Novak, Paul romalnod to enjoy Parentenu as guosts. 
Mrs. Knnyn Paradls, nnd also got , his summer holiday, . ■ , ; „Mra. Jyangolino Grave and Mae_ 

ocquaintod with liltlo Sponcor Ron. Kay Atkons and Francos Uobol of Sabourln visited Mrs; Lillian Hince on 

Friday afternoon guosts of Mrs. Mahnomen treated their, mother, Mrs. Sunday. , 
■ - ' - ■ -•■ -■•--" ■'-- — ----.-- --■-■ Mrs. Delias Paradls, Pam Paradls 

Mrsl_AnitJL_Mattaon_and,Paul_ot Betty_H.owo,Joonnjo Gramm ar, Dalb_ 

Mlnol arrived on Friday to spend the and Nancy Porrussi, Aurel and Gloria 

Mrs. Nalhan Uodborg and Halley of rural Goodridge visit-. , 
od at the Nell Uedberg home during the week. * 

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Orton of Foroston and'thelr daughter, 
Mrs. Mlko (Jodl) Overman of St. Cloud came to spend the 
woekend at tho Nell Uodborg home In Thief River Falls. Mrs.) 
Overman spent Friday and Saturday night at the Andrew and 
Short Lalllor homo In Thiol River Falls. '■ ■ ' 

. On Father's Day, Mr. and Mrs. Gary Orton, Mrs. Mike 
Overman, Mr. and Mrs. Norman Uedberg, Mr. and Mrs.' 
Andrew Lalllor, and Mr. and Mrs. Nell Uedberg enjoyed din- 
ner together at tho Best Western In Thief River Falls. Liter in 
tho afternoon, Mr. and Mrs. Norman Uedberg, Mr. and Mrs. 
Andrew Lalllor, and Mr. and Mm. Nalhan Uedberg and Halley 
visited althe Noll Uedberg homo along with Clara Dahten. 
They all enjoyed coffee and lunch together. 
. Mr. and Mrs. Gary Orton and Mm. Mike Overman left for 
their homes Sunday afternoon. 
~0n Friday afternoon, Mr. and Mra.. Andrew. UDIer..Mlke _ 
Wilson and Mrs.' Nell Uedberg left for Duluth to spend the 
weekend. They joined Mr. and Mrs. Nell Gillespie and Neil 
Uedberg who Ion Frtday-momlng on their tnotorcyelea. They 
ell attended the Minnesota Hog Rally In Duluth on Saturday 
And Sunday. / ™ 

SatutdayjwnlngWr..arAMfs t NolLGin*wf»j^Mr.JM¥L_ 

Mrs. Noll Uedberg took part In the Minnesota Kariey Owner* 
Group parado hold In ■Duluth and Superior; Them were 
approximately 800 Hurley motorcycles that participated and 
they traveled about 31 mllos. 

Saturday afternoon Mr and Mrs. Nell Gillespie and Mr. and 
Mrs. Nell Uedberg Joined a group of cyclists and they went on 
a tour ol the North Shore Drive. Enroute home, on Sunday,. 
Mr. and Mrs. Noll Uedberg visited at theNathan Uedberg, 
home at rural Goodridge. ' ' ' . ■ — 

Ruby Vaglo of Thiol River Falls spent the week wtth Clam 
Dahlen at the Nell Uedberg homo In Thief RJver.FaHs while 
Mr. and Mrs. Nell Uedberg spent Ihe weekend In Duluth. ' 

Saturday Olga Dahlon visited with Ctara Dahlen at the.Nell ■ 
Uedberg home. . ■ ■ -- 

On Sunday, thoso who visited with Clara Dahlen at the Neil 
Uedberg home. were Ruby Vogle. Mr. and Mis. Norman 
Uedberg, Lee Haugen, and Mr. and Mm. Nathan Uedberg 
and Halley. 

Monday evening suppor guests at the Nell Uedberg home 
wera.Mra. Nathan Uedberg and Halley, Mr. and Mrs, Andr-r-w-- 
Lalller, Clara Dahlen, and Jodl Gustafsoh.* 
__Syl^Lalliar.o(.rural-PJummar.vlaRBd aLtha Andrew and. 
Short Lalllor home on Monday evening. 

Mr. and Mrs. Winton Forsberg and Mr. and Mrs. Nell 
Uedberg had supper together at the Best Western in Thief 
Rtvnr Fnlla on Thursday m/nnln g. : 

Wednesday, July 7, 1999 

Historical Rkvikw or Tun Times a\v St. Hiiaihi-: Si'i-ctator 

From the Pages of 
The Times 

Two Hartz Men Ibkc Over 
Local HartzjGrocory 

- "The sale of the Hartz retail gro- 
cery store in Thief River Falls, 
effective Thursday, June 30, was 
announced (ate last week by -the L. 
B. Hartz store system. The buyers 
ore James Winjum nnd Arthur 
Christianson, veteran Hartz employ- 
ees. Winjum will continue to serve 
as head supervisor of the Hartz store 
chain, while Christianson has taken 
over ihe management of the local 
store. He is a Jbrmcr president of 
the Junior Chamber of Commerce. 

"Included in the purchase arc tljc 
stock and fixtures of the store. The 
new owners have leased the present 
quarters at ihe comer of Horace 
avenue and Second street.'' 

Lions Club Members 

Viewed Movie Film At 


"R. R. Henderson, member of ihe 
Uons club at Ontario, California, 
entertained the local Lions club 
Wednesday noon at its luncheon in 
the Rex cafe by showing colored 
motion pictures of Death Valley and 
other parts of California. The tern- 

?crnturc in Death Valley reaches 
20 degrees for days in succession. 
At a brief business 1 session, Earl 
Severson, committee chairman, 
reported on the float entered by the 
club tn the Jaycee Sports Carnival 

panide Sunday." 

—Supervised Play Field Dify ' 

Is Set -."._ 

. "Climaxing the supervised sum- 
mer playground activities' in Thief 
River Falls, a field day will he hold ; 
in the near future in TinUolpli park, 
"it was announced today by Quenlin j 
Jones. and Miss~Sue Priichard. , 
supervisors. Little girls wilt partici- I 
pate in a dull panide, while older j 
boys and girls will compete in 
swimming skill tests, penny diving .! 
and croquet. Hoys of all ages will . 
share in track and field events, and ; 
basketball and foulball throwing./ 
East and west side learns of high 
school boys will compete in Water 
polo. Finals also will be held for 
boys' handball and volleyball and 
for boys' and girls' croquet, itihle 
tennis and junior tennis tourna- 

New Farming Course 
Available At Lincoln Hi]>li 

"An additional veterans' class in 
o(PtHc-farm agricultural training got 
.under way last ■Thursday evening in 
Lincoln high school, with approxi- 
mately 20 men enrolled. Classes arc 
held each Thursday evening under 
the supervision of Ted Kusinnk, who 
invited "other inieresied .veterans to 
contact him or call at the local V. A. 

Turning Back 
The Times... 

' Ten Years At A Time 

St. Hilaire Spectator 

Poarl Lanlol woro Dobblo Schmlt, 
daughlor Nicole, a friend Jerry, arid a 
nephew ol LaPorto. 
_ Sunday owonlng Mrs. Dlanno 
Gagnor vlsllod Mrs. Corolfna Gorvaia 
In Red Cako Falls. 

Sunday visitors of Mrs. Mayme 
Berborlch woro Mr. and Mrs. Kovln 
Fonnor and Marc and a friend of 
Bomidjl, Mrs. Gall Koropatnlckl of 

Maymo Serborlch to a special dinner 
and iroats on Wednesday lo help cele- 
brate her blnhday. Lawrence, John and 
Slacy Berborlch stopped In Ihe 

1 evening to help thok mother colobrote. 

„,"Hoppy birthday, Mfiymo." 

and Chelsy visited with Mrs: Carol 
Sago at Fortllo, on Thursday ovenlng. 
Dale and Nancy Porrusso hosted a 
potluck dinnor on. Sunday with Mrs. 
Betty Howe, Joanne Gramer, Joyce 

Marc and Connie Parontoau, Betty- McMenny of Thompson, ND, Marc and 
Howo, Joannlo Grammor, and Aurel Connie Parontoau, LaMonte and Mary 
and Gloria Parenloau altonded tho Lu Deavor, and Aurel and Gloria 
retirement reception In honor ot Father Parontoau. as guosts, Joyce was an 

Tompn, AZ. Marlo n o_h*orbQH ot Thief ' Jony Noeson, hold at Maplo Laka on overnight guost of thePotTUflBO'a." 

Rlvor Falls, and Harold and Luke 
Bolstad of Fosston. . 

On Sunday, Or. Bryon and Krlsll 
Delago. Todd Dolago of Ortonvlllo, 
F;nricos Bradley, Joanno_Oolago_and 
Qarc ln. and Fro d'and 'Jomml Paradls' 

; Sunday. Fred and Tamml Paradls and family 

Mrs. VI Gogner accompanied of Warroad were weekend guests of 

Maurice and Theresa LaCourslore of "Mark and > Donna Paradls . ot 

Rod Lake Falls lo Minneapolis whore Torrobonno. - - 

VI visitod hor daughtor, Mrs. Gall • ' 

Cblorhan'nt Lake Elmo, over the week- ' ** ' " ■'"' ' 



To Tlic [Editor: ' 

1 attended the forum on 
"Wcalhcring the I'arm Crisis 
Together" at Northland College on. 
July I and was very disappointed in 

I I came i|icre to learn some real 
help. Instead il was mostly what lo 
do when a farmer has lo leave ihe 
farm. We want to farm.' nut. run to 

worked hard to build those farms. 
. Should wc lose that? 

Despite ihe crisis, few formers 
aiicndcd, the headline said. I'll (ell 
you why. In talking to some fanners 
w ho wer e n't ihe re, ih ey sautTl's the 

Ono day during tho week, Leslie Iverson was a visitor and 
luncj) guost ot.lho Hop'ord arid Shlrloy RolslondrhomOj, 

towns and ciites and take jobs away 
from people who live there! 

So who will farm? Many farms 

- Jirc-opcra I ed-h y— 1 1 1 ird-and -fo urth - 
generations. Should wc lose that'.' 

, Our grandparents and parents 

same old thing. Why go there? Also," 
some had lo work,. Don't you think 
many arc already working out, 
forced out. The forum was on a 


1999— who can take that? 

Weather is one thing nobody can 
Change, but if farmers received a 
fair price.for what they sell, this cri- 
sis would be resolved fast. 

Some people think food is high 

*worE day — Thursday, July-' t~ 
Maybe a Saturday would fit' more 
people'!' schedule. 
.iWhy-dan'Ltbeseiag-' people, talk— 

priced no^ut"fho*Se"pcOpl*rimve*-t 
surprise. coming when the food-will 
be raised by a- few corporations 
instead of us small farmers. I'm 


about the f cfrl : pr oblem ....; price! 
Farmers arc' gelling I960 prices in 

. Middle River, Minnesota' 

:.i3iioT16" fi .iiiO \ 

,JSffflwItefftf (! ' ( 

'BJI^ia^wrf^^^ pojnt fast v, 

, . ;"■ Wild strawberries ore npc and very plentiful in this «n 


vicinity. " ' " 

"Fred Fountain drove in from Thief River Falls just ahead of 
the storm Sunday. ' - 

"The old reliable street commissioner, S. Harris, made a great 
many noticeable improvements last week. 

"A new ten-foot sidewalk was laid in front of Ihe new drug 
store lost week.' A great nbny othe rs sho uld follow Ihe same exam- 
ple. ' <" . ^^j^ r 

, "The heaviest rain of the season dropped down Sunday after- 
noon accompanied by a strong northwest wind. Hicks, the weather 
prophet, is striking dates this year without fail. 
"^ "SrMrDainardrwhilc driving through the country cast of hcrc- 
Iast-Saturday passed by an exceptionally fine field of barley belong- 
ing to Gander Torgcrson and brought samples to town which 
seen at the\§ont office of the Spectator. The stalks arc over forty 
inches in length-while the heads average about sixty kernels to the 

anything ever growifin the clover stales. 

■Editor George of the Fertile Journal pitched a good game of 
ball herp on the Fourth. Mr. George is captain of the Fertile nine and 
under" his rulings, which are strict, he has the finest 'aggregation of 
ball players, every one a gentleman, we have ever seen on or off the 
diamond. The best is none too good for the Fertile boys." 

The Fourth Celebrated 

"The morning of the Fourth opened rather cloudy, dampening 
the hopes of the celebration committee and the patriotic citizens who 
left no effort, undone to have a rousing celebration. But, as (he day 
advanced, the clouds rolled away and every indication of a day of jol- 
lification was in evidence, 

■ "The comet band went to the depot to welcome the Fertile ball 
team upon the arrival of the train. Tho line of procession moved up 
Main street and circled in front of (he jugglers stand where (he crowd 
centered to witness the performances. 

' "After dinner the ball game .was looked forward to with great 
Interest. T. Flaherty was the unanimous choice for umpire. The 
-game was called at-1 '30,-Fcrtile to bat, but failed to score. St. Hilaire 
made two scores in the first. The playing was close up to the seventh 
inning.when the score, stood even. In the eighth inning St. Hilaire 
made five scores nnd the visitors t wo, mak ing the score stand 9 lo 12. * 
tally. .The best of feeling prevailed throughout the game. The Fertile 
' boys made many pleasant remarks abotlt the umpire, saying his deci- 
sions were just ana spoke in high terms generally about how courte- 
ously they were treated by our.citizcns. ' , 
.- .' ..-"The-various races had a.'number.oLcntries and all. afforded^ 
much amusement, no irregularities occurring until the fat man's race . . 
was calleaV When standing ready for.the^vord, 'go,' some failed to, 
hear it and others were thinking only of coming in first and made the 
start and couldn't be called back. Then there was a fat man's mix-up, * 
those having made the run feeling satisfied and those standing at die. 
starting point clambering for the run, The matter was compromised 
by letting them run. ThejutJjescouIdn'tawardprizessoandthernin 
*ttJ5 agr^ upon and.lhe dlHicult*rscltled. ' 

^e.lastonthe.brognim was the free-for-all horse race, two 
best out of three heats^ first prize won by Axel Rood and second by"" 
-Johnnie MlbUiell.-The.disnlay.of fireworks and die by__ 
-lhc-banahoysjwhickj-^*TO*a^ the celcbro- 

tidri. Much credit is due to the committee for their efforts and hav- 
ing.evciything pass off successfully." ' 

. 1879 — One Hundred Twenty 
■ Years Ago ■ 

- — Anew town- called Huclid has 
been organized on the St. Paul, 
Minneapolis & Manitoba railroad 
line, louriccn miles north of. 
Cn inks I oir~tG rand - Forks _ Hem I d , 
Dakota Territory) ~*" - 

— Crops arc looking splendidly 
and fabulous yields are expected; 
imc thing is certain, if the present 
wcalher con limits for a few weeks 
longer, that the Red River Valley 
will astonish ihe world with her 
marvelous wheat ' production. 
(Grand Forks Herald, Dakota 

—The pmspticis arc excellent 
thai the railroad line from Fisher's 
Landing |I'islier] to Grand* Forks 
will be finished in a few weeks: 
(Grand Forks Herald. Dakota 

1889 — One Hundred Ten Yean- 

—John Crumb. C.'G. Rapp and I. 
L. Hillcstad have been appointed lu 
investigate ihe seed grain swindle in 
this county. 

— 'Hie old King building' which 
has been an eyesore in Si. Hilaire 
for ihe past five years! wasblown lo 
the ground in the wind storm Inst 

-^Charles G. Rapp was appoinlcd 
posimnsle'r at Si. Hilaire. 

IH9!> — One Hundred Years Ago 

— Work on ihe new brick build- 
ing for the Odd Fellows will begin 
next week. ■",, \ ' ' 

— Dr. Fountain is of the opinion 
that he has gathered up all the dimes' 
in town and has moved his medicine 
show to Red Lake Falls. 

— The Thief River Falls Lumber 
company will begin sawing lumber 
next Monday aflcr being tested 
Saturday. " 

1909 — Ninety Years Ago ' 

— The work of -driving logs on 
"* tlic"*rivcr'' has'liad'to*" be" abandoned 
until it rains because of the low 
water level. 

— The city council bought an 
auditorium site, secured two park 
.sites.-nnd- established a ■ !! *" #* f"f 
paupers, all at one session. 

— The Tri-Slate Telephone com- 

Eahy is busy' setting poles between 
ere and Grecnbush. 

1919 — Eighty Years Ago 

— The county board accepted the 
recently completed bridge across, 
the Red Lake river in Kralka town- 

— There is so far_poor support 
voted for die building of a $300 
women's building at the county fair- 
— Montana and North Dakota 
cjitllc growers may~bririjj "stock to 
thrrarca because the grazing (here is 
very poor (his year. 

— R. E. Bonpwman of'St.,C!oud- 
was' named by *'lIte~cUy "council to" 
serve as engineer on paving and 
sewer projects in thiscity. ... — ... 

Viking Community News 

1 .U. I .MJ.l l .1.1 

Saturday morning Juna 19, Sustad 
eouslna met at th» Bast Western In 
Thlet River Falls (or food, fun and fel 1 


4owshlfh-HonoTed-su««t*-wens._ _ 
*and"Evetyn"Bnd -son-Poterof-Morria,' 
Glenn and Ella Sustad of Stephen, 
Vemette Stokke of Newfotden, Gerald 
and Thelrna-Pe'erson-o't TMofcRiwr- 
Falfa. Bemyceand "AMn Gmndstrand,- 
and LeRoy and Ruth Sustad.. . 

Hal and Arde'lla Andarson visited 
with, Lowell Gustafson at Altru Hospital 
on Thursday evening. 

I Inyri nnH Mnynnrri Hnmrm " 


Sustadhomo. r\ 

. Ardella Anderson hosted the board 
-Women's Club on Monday evening- - 

1929 — Seventy Years Ago 

— More than 2,000 people attend- 
ed the annual pianic at the Rcd.Lake 


— Robert J. Lund has purchased 
the Shaw Insurance agency. 

— Harry . Fowler was appointed 
deputy county auditor. 

1939 — Sixty Years Ago ' 

— Diplomas were given to 73 
rural school eighth grade graduates 
in ihe city auditorium. 

— W. p. Claffy was inslalted as 
president of the local Lions club. 

—Fire losses for die first halfof 
this year in Thief-River Falls arc 
only S660. 

. 1949 — Fifty Years Ago 

— lidion Hassel, Goodridge cafe 
operator, was killed in a head-on 
crash near Mareoux. and his wife 
was seriously injured. 

—A destructive hail and wind- 
storm July 3 caused heavy losses lo 
crops and buildings on numerous 
Pennington county farms, 

. — Miss Joyce Lunke was chosen 
as queen of Ihe 1949 Jaycee Waler 
Sports carnival. 

1959 — Forty-YeursAgo— 

— Mochnmmad Sjachrani will be 
this year's foreign exchange student 
at Lincoln high school. 

—Milton Olson was named the 
new probation officer for an eleven- 
county area of northwestern 

— Harry Lund was installed as 
head of the OiJd Fellows. 

1969— Thirty Years Ago 

—The Thief River Falls commu- 
nity theatre is presenting "The Night 
of the Iguana" this week. 

—Marie Brcznny was the 1959 
graduate of Lincoln high school 
awarded the prize for coming the 
farthest distance for the class 
reunion from her home in Tehran, 

— Ambulance .. service . from 
Northwestern hospital in Thief 
River Falls began, using two com- 
pletely — equipped — high" d&me- 
Chevrolet ambulances. 

1979 — Twenty Years Ago* 1 

==EQUL£ejiningtoiu:Qunty^ _ 

lies will host teenagers from Japan 
in a,4-H exchange program. 

— The Eleven !J"owns Jubilee cel- 
ebration is set for July 4 at Good- 
ridge. . 

— Les Borning of Thief River 
Falls ^has-been named Region I 
supervisor of enforcement tor the 
Minnesota department of natural 

1989 — Ttn Years Ago 

■ — Heavy' infestations of grass- 
hoppers in the area prompted a visit 
from Minnewnr^Commissidher of 
Agriculture Jim Nichols, who met- 
with 80 area formers to discuss the 
use ofpestictdes. ■ 

—The Miss Thief River Falls pa- 
geant will be" held 'Sunday.-at -thc- 
Lincoln high school auditorium. 

.—A special investigatory com- 
. mittcc looking Jntojc vejppment ^.gf. 
.plans -for an outdoor swimming 
pooirhas-decided to delay a public 
bond issue referendum on the sub- 
ject."; • ■ .-,. ^-;.; .' ■ 

Reiner Community News 

Wedd'no Beltel s - 

Congratulations to Marion Zavoral 

and Bruce. Johnson who were united jn 

marriage on May 19, 19991 Marlon and 

Bmco worn honored at a reception at 

.Congratulations to* Dale and Cathy. 
Coan who were recently married arid 
honored at a reception at Aurora, MN 
on Saturday June 26. Many friends end : 
family .from this area attended the 
reception and also visited at the home 
of Dale's parents,' Raymond- and Ann 
'Crair'flt^iTibarraBsr'Be B t' w t s hea-to- 

their wedding anniversary on June 28 
and also'Dorathy"8 btrthday on June 
28. They were honored guests at a 
supper' held a,t"GoodrkJge'.on' Friday 
-evening, June-25,-Those- who helped 
" taa rand Dorolhy ' ceieomte were Mr. 

you, Cathy and Dale! r • 

Happy Annlverearyl 
-Happy- Annluorsary-Jo-Halan. 

_ j MrsTGary Amiereon, Garrotfand" 
Laura, Mr. end Mrs. Bruce Wegley and 
Samantha of BemkfJlrJack Malar and 
Luke- and Chios, Karl Miller and friend 
Jason Gllbertson of Ada, Gaiy Miller 
and Lynalle Sandy of Warroad, and 

.Kenny Coah. Others who received 
cards and gifts -wore Mart-Lou-** 
Andareon, Samantha Qunllkson and 
Garrett Anderson; who celebrated their 

-btrthdaye: — ' ■■ — ■■■■ ■ — : — -— - 

■Solm'er Holeir-who-eelobrated- 
wedding annh/ereaiy on June 281 

:-."— Happy Anniversary! ... 
Edgarand Dorothy Millar celebrated 

. .-Samantha Qunllkson spent the 
weekend at the home of her grendpar- ■ 
o cfllebtale hor June 28 birthday 

lerr-rwtth' GmndmaOorothyl- 

"Happy Birthday" to Marl Lou 
Anderson who celebrated her birthday 
.on June 26 and lo 'Garrett Anderson 
-who celebrates h1s*W*1hday on Juty-7^ 

Mkslon Picnic July 4 

' "Ihe Mission picnic will be held 
Friday, July 4, at the Pcder J. Buggc 
fann ten and one half miles west 
and three miles north of Thief River 
rails and three miles south of 
Viking. Rev. C. M. Grimsrud wilt 
be the principal .speaker at ihe morn- 
ing session which wilt begin at 
10:30. There is also a program and 
special speakers expected in the 
afternoon. A dinner will be served, 
lunches may be had at any lime and 
[here will be booths selling ice 
cream and soft drinks. The public is 
cordially invited to attend." . 

,' St. John's Lutheran Church 

"Rev. E. H. Kreidl, Pastor. No 
services Sunday to enable the mem- 
bers to attend the Mission Festival 
at Red Lake Falls. German services 
there in the grove next to the church 
in 10:30 a.m. in which Rev. H. A. 
Meyer, of Luke field. Minnesota, 
president of- the Minnesota district, 
will.spcak; English services at 2:30 
p.m. in which Rev. E. Amend of 
Cologne will preach. Coffee will be 
served for dinner, but visitors must 
bring their own lunch." 

Goodridge Lutheran Church 

- TV. O. Aakcr. Pastor. Sunday. 
Jjlly 6, Norwegian services al line 
at II u.m: and at Torgcrson al 2:30 
p,m. Miss Anna Kmilson will close 
a month's parochial school' with a 
program in Belhania church' Sunday 
evening al H p.m. A Fourth of July 
eelebralion will be held al die " 
Andrew Hanson fann. two miles 
north of Erie. Dinner, ice cream, 
lemonade will be served. Singing 
and speaking program in the after- 
noon. Rev. M. B: Ordahl of Holt 
will give the main address. 
Everybody welcome. The 

Confirmation classes will meet as . 
us.ual. Confirmation in Goodridge, 
Sunday, July 13." 

First. Htrtiiduy I'nrly 

"Muster George Werstlein, Jr. - 
was guest of honor at Ins first birth- 
day party Saturday afternoon. June 
28, when his mother emenained a 
number of (jhifdren at her home. 
The hours from 3 to 6 p.m. were 
pleasantly passed in a social way 
and a laic luncheon was served with 
a birthday cake bearing its one cau- 
dle forming the centerpiece." 

. mcni. a lot (*j£.Amcricansjwiw.can'*ncs.for.tlieni-_ 
selves will soon be helping lo pay for homes for others. 

—Lovers of shortcake arc perking up. Locally grown strawber- 
ries again are an the market. 

— Confusing, isn't it? Minnesota has towns named Spring Park, 
Spring Lake Park arid Lake Park. 

—The green aphid pest- is damaging craps in Red River Valley 
counties. Here's hoping tney don't get a foothold in this locality. 

— The littered appearance of parks and camping grounds after a 
holiday destroys the custodians' faith in human nature. 

—A nickel, they tell us, is belter than a dollar, at least it goes lo 
church more often. 

■■ — If you motorists are nblo to read this; you must have driven -; 
carefully over the Fourth of July weekend. 

— Minnesota license plaies for 1950 will be more substantial and 
incidentally, they will cost considerably more than this year's. 

— Children, says a traffic sign, should be seen and not hurt. 

—Remember way back in those gloomy days when columns of 
newspaper space were taken up with mortgage foreclosure noiiccs. 

—A minister tells the world that folks are so keyed upJn these 
feverish days that even a sermon won't put them to sleep. 
.,• — Horse sense, we read, is only stable thinking. 

From Thk Uppkr Falls 

As It Was Celebrated In Thief River Falls. 

"The celebration of the Fourth of July in Thief River Falls this 
year was not what had been anticipated. The doy was fine, but owing 
lo the heavy rains of Monday evening the roads leading into the city 
were placed in poor condition and few farmers were in town to cele- 

"The celebration was commenced in the morning by a parade, 
led by the Ogahmnh band, and a very creditable showing was made. 
After the parade had traversed several of the streets, exercises were 
held on the grounds, back of R. Ocn's hardware store. The 
, Declaration of Independence was read by Wayne Richardson nnd the 
Rev. Harry Logan was orator of the doy. 

"In the afternoon the races, ball game, etc., were held. The fol- 
lowing were the winners of the different events'! 
Men's foot race Al Parenteau, first; Fred Fair, second 

Handicapped foot racQ Fred Fair, first; John Rogers, second 
Three-legged race Parenteau and Rogers, first; Fair and 

Benzie, second 

^Boyslincc : , . - P ercy van Dyne, first; Silas Rockstad, __ 

second; Malcolm Ebcrhardi, third 
Log rolling contest ' Frank Barton, first; Dennis Lasargc, 

■■- ■ ' second ■ ■ -- -■ - — --. 

-Horse race-*"- 1 ---'-" -— ^"---Jarcnsonfirst; :LaBree.sccond^c_^-_.i. ■.; 

"In the evening a large display oCfireworks was held and a large 
crowd attendedjhe bowery d|Mi*«-8' ve ' 1 _by^nckc and Amundson."| 


Moorhead's Newest Motel 

■ FrHBrukhut • Indoor Pool *Spe ■ 
> King, DouUa,~Vrtrtpbbi ft Suit** < 

• CaMeTV/KtowtOi ; '. - 

• IrvRoom Coffte 

• Meeting Room* Game Room -'■'■-■ 

• OuwtUundry. .^_ _*. .* *_ . . . ,...__!_- 

• In-Robm Data Pons ft Business Cento 



soar •. Fronton* It* -Hm* «■ •MecrhMd.MN 









somes AVlUUMl. 
mo SHOT 

DWDM tutor 


Thief River Falls 

'.Jiihii 1\ Maiismi 
Publish vr 

Miirvin I.uiuliii 

■ Associate Editor 


■:-. : j--... -. . .;...:. i'ii 1 1 . ,vi- ■: we.-.-. !i ! <: <.'<Jitoriiil5 .'iro wfiitGn by Editor; Marvin Lundin 
;,_■ .-. ■■ -i . .-:,!:.!■. ,-.-.-i ■.■i. ; hu: . -in? olloiofl lor IlieirgcnDfal interest. 

United Nations Proving /7s " :obnl Threat 


. w i i i.i \ .\ n km 

.-,.. t.. ultimate I'N control C oniidfu'r 
;,ViimI\ is the Imal sk-|i. Ami hc are 

. .tii-m-. ili.ii NATO iiiK-ru-iiliini in' 

s'\V.llMSIell1 VMlllllu-['N'MlllKV1l\CUt 

n. ill,. ii,, I ..ivereiuiii;." ami hi- speculates 
i ■ ■■ X M() 1 1 mill nxiMituk- the "Miiiiilifii; ai my.'' 

ve-icl MCollipleletllC I'N pl.lll I'm ; jjov- 

How Do You Live Your Dash? 

mm -,-...• ;".,..e,i .ilniii- in ». s,. ik aK.ui ilii^l.mi: .iii.l hard; 

,.,k,hK nil. -.. A tt ti.mi Ilk- Me llteie ilmip wm'.l like In -li.mjitt ' 
,.-. s t[ij, ■■ J.dle.r I his Week'- "nm never knuw ln>w much time is let! 
.,■„.! ,-. entnle.l ■ " ||uisi,IK.mK-u-.uiaii._cdT "" 

W.dwav-nv . 
' The way pe.ipk-teelr 

now no \oi i w v \ c>i it I) i 



the •.-■its (!.,- !„ 

v .,|-pkvi.ilion moic 
Hie people in mil h\ 

KViiieiiiivim. Ihi- special dash 
Mitfhl List ,.nly a little while, 

So when vour eulotiv is read. 
W.ih hies 
Would sou k'pioud of the (hint's lliey'suy 

ATonThow you s|K-ui 


' Sli.'ri:!t|uiM Ok-malui 

■ /-.ofenct '.Q, W ■ 


Brooks Community News 


isied ;■ 

Goodridge _- 

Mi!. Nathan LiedUern and. Hailoy ol rural GoodritJga visil- 
oil al the Neil Liuduory homo, (luring the week. 

■ Mr and Mrs Gary-Onon olForoston and I heir da ugh tor, — 
Mrs MiKi! Uufli) Overman ol SI. Cloud camo to spend Iho 
wi-iii'ih! al Hit; Noil Liodberq homo in Thiol Rivor Falls. Mrs. 
Overman spent Friday and Saturday nighl nt iho Androw and 
ShL-ri Liillior Jionie m ThioJlRiver Falls. 

On Father's Day. Mr. and Mrs. Gary Orion, Mrs. Miko 
Overman. Mi. and Mrs.'~Nortnan Liedberg. Mr, anti-Mrs. 
Andrew Lallior. and Mr and Mrs Noil Uodborg onjoyod din- 
nor lotielhor at-lhe Best Wostorn in Thiol Rivor Falls. Lalor In 
Iho aliornoon. Mr. and Mrs. Norman Liodborg. Mr and Mrs. 
Andrew Lallior. and Mr and Mrs Nathan Liodborg and Hailoy 
visited ill the Noil LiedDotij home along with Clara Dahlon. 
They all onioycd collee and lunch lotjothor. 

Mr and Mrs Gary Orion and'Mis. Miho Overman loll lor 
ihoir homes Sunday altornoon. 

On Friday afternoon. Mr and Mrs. Androw Lallior. Miko 
Wilson arid Mrs Noil Liodberg loft for Duluth to-spond iho 
weokund. Thoy joined Mr. and Mrs. Noil Gillospio and Noil . 
Li-dtifcrg-who left Friday morning on ihoir moiorcyclos. Thoy 
all attended Iho Minnesota Hog Rally in Duluth on Saturday 
and Sunday. 

Salufdny ovoning Mr. and Mrs. Neil Gillospio and Mr.. and 

Mis, Noil Liodberg took pan in iho Minnosota Harloy Ownors 

* Gioup-patndo hold in Duluth and Suporior. Thoro woro 

appiommately 000 Hartoy motorcycles lhat participated and 

, Ihcy traveled about 31 milos. • 

Saturday atternoon Mr. and Mrs Noil Gillospio and Mr. and 
Mrs. Noil tacdborg jomud a group ol cyclists and thoy wonl on 
a lour ol Iho Norlh Shore bn«'o Enrouto homo on Sunday, 
Mr. and Mrs Noil Liodberg visned al Iho Nathan, Uodborg 
homo_at ratal Goodridge. . . .__ ... .._ . 

Dahlon at llio Noil Liodborg homo In Thiol Rivor Falls whllo 
Mr. and Mrs. Noil Liodberg spent iho wookond In Duluth, 

Saturday Olga Dahlon visiled with Clara Dahlon at Iho Noil 

On Sunday,' those who visnetl with Clara Dahlon ol tho Noll 
Liodborg homo wore Ruby Vaglo. Mr. and Mrs. Norman 
Liodborg, Lee Haucjeti. and Mr. and Mrs-Nalhap Liodborg 
and Hailoy 

Wednesday, July 7, 1999 

Historical Review of The Times and St. Hiiaire Spectator 

From the Pages of 
The Times 

50 Years ago • July 7, 1949 - — • 

Two Iliirl'z Men Tuki- Out (-»■"''■ s "".^ , 

Local Marl/ (Jnuvn ... . ,„ ,. .. 

. - .S|l|HT\IM'[l 1'lilN I ll'lll 

'I he >.ile ..I Jhe ■■!.. K Si-I 

LCI V III lllH-l IllU'l I .ill. 

'(■IiJlIiu- Thinsa,i\. e in- «a* ■ ■ l ii, 

iilimilllKV.I l.lle /..s( ueei. I<\ (lie { ' " n.ei |W.e. ■■,..,(-.. I , , 

It I bit/ snne swiem I he hi^ei-. lire I ,UI-- .1 he!.: .! ■. 

■arc James Wui|tn I \illnn in Hie .,e.e :-,im, :■■ I ■ ,-. ■:.- 

C'hnsli.ill win, ll .lk,i1/e (l i|.l.^ 11 ■■>..■ ..1 ,;n...! :..!... !■■. < 

i-i-s Wmiuiii wilK-uiiliiiiiel.- sene l,.,ie-. .nul M,.. s,;. !'■- 

eliaill. vUllk-, lal.ell . | 111 ., .I.jII c-.;.j]:.: ..!..: 

over Ilu- m.iii.iL-eine tie h> !>.■■.. .m.l -nl v. II ..-:: 

sinif. He is a li.Miiei |>ieM.leiU nt .vmii.iiiii.- -IiU i.'.: r . :,.■■. 

Ilu- J11111.H Cliainhei nl Cfitmielee .nul , i...jii, 1 I'..-.. ..1 ■:' 

''IlkUule.l Millie |muli,ise ,ne ilie .h.iie in ti.nt. .m.l he I.I ■ ..: 

._Jiew.>mm-i s. haw lease.! ihejiu-M-iii | '.,,i'. 1 , 1 '.l .w .1 ..,.!.■ u.i.i,: 

iiuariers at Ihe ei>iiiei .ii .,h.-.| k.\-. uill ...n.].:. 

.avaiiie,iiHtSeom.|s 1 i; ,„,i,, | IIM k',,u',. , ,n '. :■ 

h.^s h.ui,!h.,ll .111.1 ', ..Ik ' 

Lions C'luli Mi'mlk'i'v ' i.'.i h.^- .m.i ■ ni i.| 

Viuwtd Movii-rilm.A1 . "■' •;'"' i"""'i i 

Lunclu-oii """ k 

"K Ii Ik''iiienihei nl the ' S| '-'" 1'armiii" Coin 

Lions' chih at''()iit.iri.i! 1 '.ihh>iin.i. \\aihihle Al l.iiienlii I 
cnieriairieil ihe l.ieal l.j'.rr- eluh 

WallU-sdav llonll .11 Us limelie.m m \n ...Miti..n..l seie-.m- • 

ihe Rex eak- In slmwnii: enlnie.l v|i ihe i.miii .1-11 < 

minion |)ielurew>l IV.iih Vallev I umlei «a\ J.isi linn-. In ,■■■.- 

other |»aris-l <"..]■ I'. .1 Ihe lem 1 hk»Iii hi;'h -.Mil. .. 

pcralure in Dealli \allev i.-.i.h^ -u -K .'n meneiii..!!,-.! ( L, 

|-*n.l....r |-..r.l:.v^»l-J.^v^l..ll "ll .-U .-...-l) Mmh.L .1 

Turning Back 
The Times... 

1,1! 1,1,'. 1 \i.\ lllll,- 


Missiiml' 4- 

. .liilin's I iillieran Cluneli 

Hh ..I 1 ite ■ l'i 

lirst lliilhrlav t'a 

At a brief l-iisir.ess s C ssi,m. I„ M I. TTie 
Suvltmhi. . ei.miii.lkv ehaiiiii.iu. .1111: 
repmieil on ilie ik'.il euleie.l h\ llie emi 
club in ill*.- Jauee Sj«i»l- C.1111H..I __ 


I'M'l I'il'M .i-.irs \i;i 

"'." ' ' ---- — — i«j>')-^r !l ii > -\ l .i.i--\ ui ,_ 

.',..,. \u Si liil.iiie M.vh.iium.i.l Si.kIii'.iui uill he 

\leu-l »l l.ikehel.l \1 ihlieM-l.i. > uhen 

I-iTm.I.I. he \| 1 |llies..l.i .hsliie hei , 

vMllslv.a. lu.'hslisemees.U .' in I lie 

nul in «tikh Ue- 1 Ameii.l «l |.le..-. ■ 

Topics by Norm A. Holen 

t' t.r-. 


St. Hilaire Spectator 


.'.1:: .. ■• .mil !■ 1 .1 ol Di'tty I 

Monday ovoning supper guests al Iho Noll Liodborg homo 
woro Mis. Nathan Liodborg 'and Hailoy. Mr. and Mrs. Androw 
Lnlliur. Clara Dahlon, and Jodi Gusiatson. 
- Sylvia Lallior ol rural Plummor visited at Iho Androw and 
Shori Lallior homo On Monday ovoning. 

Mr. and Mrs .Wmion Forsberg and Mr. and Mrs. Noll 
Liodborg had supper together at. tho Bost Woslorn in Thiol 
"iL"M}?.„ River Falls on.Thu rsdriv oveninq, ' ___. 

-.rammer. Dale 
iiel and Gloria 
; and Connie 

on Thursday 

o hosicd a 

. ! •■■I.IV M.n-tl.- . 
.■«.• .■ • C —1... f.K.-ll.M:. 
,-..- I.,,.-:.. C.M"i"-.'-' .■■"! 
! ... : . i.ll. :<■,:,„ .111,1' I,' 

i, ■..■■■ ■-. !■.■'■! ■■' f.'.iJIV 1 .1. 

.'■ ■ •; _ !.,:■..■, .,i-.t..i.|.. 
,.. . .en ;■.-.,.,., i.iCo.i.-.. 

'v.'^i.-.'i . I.,,,,, ' /.ti..: 

.-..,-, .,11.-,. !.■■:-..... ■.,; i'.e> 

Dotty Hi 

.villi Ml! 

mpsoii, ND. Marc and 
iu L.iMonte ancLMiiDAl. 
(I Ati'el and Gloria 
in'., ts Joyce was an 
)1 tno Perrusso's. 
mi Paradis and family 
1; wueKond guests ot 
inmiii Paradis ol 


, .i.-.l li.n.l :.. I.ini.l ih-.M- 1. .111:. 
1; -..:..!. 'tin -!..!..!!"-.- >e. ; .l III VII 

e..i,ii:nii- Hh. e.'it^c.- \l — 

. !....! :..^..ik H....I * :nk 

i ..1. .il.e.i.K »..!l.m-j .mi: 

|.ikv.lii.w. HuTl li..M,-|>ti.p l tiln 


Letters To The Editor: The staff of The Times 
encourages written responses to editorial com- 
ment or letters with original thoughts or Ideas of 
general interest. Letters should be intended for 

-publication In The Times exclusively; tatters sent 
to multiple publications will generally not be 
accepted. Right is. reserved to edit fetters for_ 
length and clarity and to reject letters deemed to. 
be promotional in nature or in poor tastel 

Letters Must Be Signed: Ail letters must be 

-signed^rfd contain arvaddress -or- phone number- 
ol ihe writer so authenticity can be verified. 

~~Slgnatar63~magrBppear-orrh mem p u b^ 
lished. The staff believes that -there is greater- 
credibility in letters signed in print and will not wtttK 
hold names of writers from publication. ' ; 

Responses Invited: Letters critical of fncfivkt*: 
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viduals" or represehtatives of those entities in' 
advance of publication with an Invitation by news- 



original letter. 
" . Corrections: If an error Is mada in news or 
adverlislngjubllcation, the staff encourages read- 

^nnrriair:iMunmr ^ mad lentlon:D y.. c a lli ng : 
681-4450. We will attempt to correct the error or 
clarify the misunderstanding in the next issue. 

.. Mihnii-i »K..i 

I'H,'i-:.TIiiri) \viw-. \u' 

many mUieeable irii|>invein 

pie' 1 " ' 

:ek. A pieat many 

"The heaviest r. 

prnnltci. is striking ila 
' "S. M. Dainank 

lasl Satuiday piisseil I 

ing to Ciimilcr Tiiijier' 

seen iil.lhc I'nuil olllee ol llie S11.1 
' inclies in k'rijrlli while the heaile .1 
.head, lie ;iImi bn>ii):lii in samples 

anyiliiiif! ever jinm-n in llie elmei 

ball here on Ihe 1'oiiilh. Mr.'Cemi; 

titnler his fillings, whieh are striel 

ball players', every one a geiilleinai 

diamond. The besi imioiu- iiin.iioi 

.Thc.liuurtli-Ct'lcl.irnlcJ _ _„-■. 


JnCHNVt inMie.! .1 

.-ise.ipta iheL. 

he lias the Imesi : 



llie hopes ol' tin 

-left no clioil uiHlone lo li,i\e a loiisine ..vlehi 1 

■advaneeil.lliecloiulsio][eilawa\ amle\ei> 11ujie.1t 
lillcalioii was in eviileme 

"The e'ornei hanil win lo llie olepol to mln 
'team upon ilie'anival ol ihe Irani. The line >>i pm 
Main Mreei ami eireleil 111 lioutoi ihe jueeleis si.m, 
ceiliereii 10 wilnes's the 

' " "Al'ier .liitneillie hall game was k'uike.l U»\ 
iillerest. T. I : lalieitv was ilie unanimous eliinee 
game was ealle.l al I :.«.. leilile lo hat, hill laile.l i. 
niailelwoseoiesinllieHisi: The playing waselusi 
iniiint: when life seoie stood e\en. In ilie eighth 
made live seoiesaiul Ihe viMioistw... makni,? llie - 

— nii r lini)ilTTPnni'ili(ln'i-t:n-Tri- h nrth'r-nmih-Tni 
tally.. The liest ol' feeling .jut* ailed ihioughoiii the game Ihe I 
hoys made many pleasani remark- almm ilie uiiipiie-. -a> me hi- 
sinus were jusi anil spoke in high ivUl^X'lll^il'ii-^ii'.'.'Ji.'i-W^e 
misly thev were ireaied hy our eiii/ens, 

-I'h'e various raees had a iiuniher ol eutiies and all .all 
imieli atlltiseiiieiil. no iriegularilies oeeiirring until die I. it man' 

wasealled. When Mantling leatly loi ihe woid. g...' ir l-.i 

hear it mill olhers weie thinking only ol eoinirig in liisi.nnl 111,1 
stari anil eoiililli'l he culled haek. Then llieie was ;i i.n\iii 
Ihtise having made the run leelmg satislied and those Maiulim.- 

__ stariimi poi nt elanihe rim: (or ihe run. 'I he mallei was tomp 
hvlellmy llwui run. Tlinudge^o l .Idnn^aid]r-:—*"'"--' 

' was aprecd upon aiid llie dillitithv seitleil. 

"The lasl on the |>rogram"was the lree-|or-all Imise r;ii 
hosl 0111 of three heals, first prize wonhy A\el Rood and -ee 

_ Jolm^^\li^cireil7Tirrilisplay-ornreWV,,k— imtnili'-iliiiR'e-i'.i 
the hand hoys which was largely aitemled. Iinishe.l up the e 


n. Much credit is due to ihe 
iiii; everything pas's oil' -ueeessh 

millee loi Ihen 

I Uo.ei l.lIU I.uinliei 

I'Hiu Nhu-I.i deal's \g. 

leiimnn Muni hei I e in lelrt.m, 

. Amhiikiiiee seiviee J 1 

s h.i Uoer lallsU-v.ui.;' two com 

,, .,„ l«>7'l— •hwiily Years \fi» 

s and e-l.iHHic.1 .. h-iue hu ■ I I' onini> liimi 

.peis. ..If ..I .-i.e .ess inn lies » t |l hosl leenageis 1 1 lap:. 

•Mi. in sue lelep ie -tmi "m ,1 r II eveli.mge ,.|..giam ■ 

n 1. has., ..'nine pule. IVlweeu llie I leven I, mil- luhilee ee! 

.Jli, ..niiiilv h.-aul.i^epled.llie._.:.iipelMs.ij_i'1..elihiKeiiieiil I..I Jhe. 
^■U u jijU u i^Ulii.uL^_,twUtv L\lii>»oul^-Jqi.iiiuieiil_ul_H.ilUUl_ 

meiil. .1 loi ..1 Anieiuans uhoi.m'l alt.'i.l d I 

-ekes w,|| Iv helping In pa-. I..| Iknue. I.n ..the 

I ,nei-..1 up. 1 ..e.illv 
ne. ■ ! -.>iii ate on the m.iikel 

Si " I ,il.e l',.tk and Lake Park 

Jl M.ii im.roNsis ;ue ahle fo ieail this. ».m mo~l N.oe dm. 

i.ueliillv .iwi ihe I- Ihol InK weekend 

' MmiK'"«.l.i h.vnse plates lui I'lSriVMl he titme siih.i.iiio,,! .,1 
mei.leiu.dh. Ihe> wi^L.isI V.insfdeiahly mnie 1ll.ui this \e.,i > 

Iseni'enihei'u.i'! haek in ilmse L'J..oiii\'ii:i\"s'wheii .'.'lui 

neu .li.rpei spate weie iake.n up Willi moilgage lute, l.-iiie n.m. 

A'imiiisk-rlells (he world dial loll,s aie s,. lew.l up in Hi' 

ileu'iisli .Us dial even a seiinon v,,i.,' 1 Iheiu 1.1 sleep . 

"""s, Ilmse sense, iw lea.i: > -lahle thinking 

From The Upper Falls .; -.' I.11 p pp. .it ■ 1W»— I'li^earsiAp. 

.',. nun-. Jin-.. .,nhe,.iiml>. lleav\ .iife-latioris ol glass- 

\ and Ni'tih li.ikoia horn Muhle-oia C missionei ' ol 

allle -n.weis m.n hnmj sinek In \;;lk iilluie Imi S'lehi.K, who mel 

ii-.nea Iviaiiseiheeia/m./lheieis Willi Ml aiea lanneis lo .h-eiiss ihe 

en I '.eat . ' .-I |-eMiei.les 

K I IIhii. .win. m .il Si n.Mi.l lluel Klvei lallsjm 

. is named l.\ llie uix , eil lo ueanl will he held Su.i.U al' Ilu' 

.■a; ... eu-meei on ' p.O Ule and lalieolu lueh sellool audilolil.lll. .. 

y> — snnin Years Ajy* pl.u 

■ ■■■ punk has deei.led lo delay ;rp 

aiuiiialpkiiK'atilieKed Lake reel . 

Reiner Community News 

Dorothy Miller • 378-4269 

■^.^ii^VW^ W 

I'HE'l'OnM'EI . . 

As It W.Ts (eleliniliil In Tliiel' Kiiei- lulls. 

Tliecelehialiiinol ihe l : ..nilh'ol lulv m llnel Unei I ..lis 
Win was 1101 whal had Ik-en aniieipaieil. I he >\.n wa. line, hut ..w 

io il.e heav\ 1.1.11s ol Mmidas esenuig die 1 - lea.lmi- urn. ihe 

weie rUei'l in ik...i eorni i;..ul lew laimei- weie ill lown |.. , 

1 llu-eelehralion waseo.m.i 
TeintnlirngnhtiirilrrtandrTiml a i 

Allei'ihe pa.atle had liaveised several oijiie snee.s. t -wieis,-s 
lK-1,1 lie giounds, haek ol K. ( leu's liaidu.m- . -h'ie 

IsVv.'liuiv l.oean wasoraloi ol ihe day.' 

"Ill the ailemoun llie laees. kill game, eie . weie held I Ik 


Men's I... 

■ evenls 
aivnteau. liist; lu-.l l-.m, se. 
,11-all. liis1..l.,h.ils.i L -eis. sin 
'aieiiie.mauilKo.jeis. I.isi. L.u 

Al I 1 

|l,,\s' laee I'eiev van Ihne. lirst; Silas 

-eeoinl; Maleohu H111. 1 
|oe lollineeoniesi ■ - l-raiik Haihni. liist. I )eiun- I .,i-.n;v 

"In Ihe evenini; a l.uge display ol Tnew oiks wa- held and a k.i". 
e.ow.l aiieiu[ed the howery.daiiee given J»;' llaeke and,.., 

I f m i May l'l IJjI'l' MniioiiaiKl 
iilinn M.-ill-on Salurclay, .liirio 19. 

_-Uieii_werJiJina anmvi'r-iary.ori Junc.2fi 
anrl also Doiolhy's hiriliday-on June 
28. They iveio honotod qucslij at a 

_j .1 1 p j 1 m _ nolt j at G nniluilfii) on Frida y 
6vomnr},"Juno 2b, Those vmo helped 
Edgar and Dorothy colobraio woro Mr. 


Viking Community News 

Saturday morning Juno 19, Sustad 
cousins mot "at tho Best Wostcrn in 
Thiol Rivor Falls lor lood, lun and M- 
lowflhln. Honored gnosis wore Dennis 

I and Ardolli; An(li;rV"i 
.owell Gusi.-ifiion at Aliru ovqninq 

amiatirni-. to Dal»- and Cathy 

al a lOcnpliMii, al Aurora, MN 
lay ^iiiio L'fi Many luimda and 

:'. i\ir..-ni:i. Playmoiicl and Ann 

~T flV(j ' MHl ~G i> i VAm l u i: .u i i. Onm-irn 
Lajjjji. Mr. and Mrs. Bru ce Weglny and 
Samantha ol Bomidji. Ja'ch Miller and - 
Luke and Chtoo. Kan Miller and hiend 
Jason Gilbertson ol Ada. Gary Miller 
and lynollo Sandy ol Warroad. and 
Konny Coan. Otlws who roceived 
cards arid ■ qiils were Mari Lou 
Anderson. Samantha Gunitkson and 
Garrett Anderson, who celebrated, ihoir 

Moorhead's Newest Motel 

■ Frmi Qmnkl.-Kl • Indnw Pool A Spa 
"KHitrDnubliiT'VfltiiltHWySuil fia"" 7 

■ C;.!)iO TV.'MOWDS ■ 

■ In.RoontCoMcn 

■ Mi-etiriij Room • G.i'nu Roorii 

;"Gu iSf i. wsfry— : — : — : — - — 

■ InRoom Data Ports 5 Diir.niii'.s Contyr 

Travelod ge 
& Suites . 

tJ S. Fronlmo* Ha. .Mwy 10 it -Moorhena. UN 2 1 8/233 - 5333 

Happy Anniversary! 

urmtfiTs: ; : 

Samantha, Gunlikson spenl the . 
veekend at the I'ome ol her qiandpar- 
in1<; to celebrate tier June 211 llirltiday 

' > OnScttociwyRtxr^C 

^ 2-£6r-l ^ 


l™™.™™„ C^ Renl.1 & TWo Or«n F M » 


r $4t> weekday «t>OU 

C' LocMtd 3 mllM WHI al hi*! FiU». 
— ,— fc H1grMivTl.FBrtMllit)««tn(l1»a»^ .... 
^T* Mull uKtiuinl coufion. ncWWAufl 31. 19OT _ "\ 


— flnd-Evolynond-son-Holer-oi-Moiiii.-— ..t 
Glonn and Ella Suslad ol Stophon. Suslad home 
Vornollo Slokko ol Nowtolrjon, Gorald Ardelle Anderson host.: 

and Tholmn . Peioiaon ol Thiol River moetinrj lor- tin. Att.-r L 
FnH_..Bomyco and Alvin Grandslrancl. Women s Club on.Uoii_ay 
(ind LoRoy and Ruth Sustad - 

ci .ii<nie..|;.ary oil Juno _f)'' 
Happy Annl«ersary! . 

wi ih . bra ndi n_ .b u r 11 1 v ! . 

■ Happy Bi'jnday" to Mar Lou 
Andftson who Lolebr.itr.-d her ijirtlirJay 
on Jiinr. 2fi Aiirl.-f.fin 
'v.iio c>i.<l>ialos ins balttdav on July ! . 

weekend ' 1 
F-U.Unofl |. 


Page. 14 


Interpretive program 
held at Lake Bronson 

-Excavation on what will become the new road located south of thB city utilities, department 
• through:' the industrial parkin Thief River Falls building. - 

has begun.. The industrial park and hew road is 

Local students learn from 
sto ck market e xper ience 

Business Economic li<luc;ilioti 
l-'otmdalion (uT:lil ; > ;nul Thiol 
-River- Falls-LincwIti-Hiph-SrfBHrf— 

. arc working together to enhance ihe ' 
economic education of local slu- 
Jeius through the Minnesota Slock 
Market Game, Hie Slock Market 
Oame is a classroom-bused leach- 
ing tool designed to promote a bet- 
ter understanding of otir economic 

. system while stressing math, social 

- studies and reading skills. 

Thief River Fulls High School 
Teacher Lynn Dyer is working with 
a carefully designed curriculum for 
student loams thai compete in grade 
divisions 'J- 1 2. In the portfolio 
' west a 

!c. cost, what the specific company and report about 

„ -and reasons lor their findings. Students are eneour- 

ptirchasing the siock, liver said that — a^dlo-write a paper, make avidco. 
,tso helps when the group decid ' - : - »" " ■- ' '"* r """ 

identification kv 
onipany make^ 

-hy rKithetical-$ I OO^WO^m-cpmiuor 
stocks over a" 10-wcek period. 
Teams are issued weekly portfolio 

- summaries showing current hold- 
ings, brokerage fees, margin inter- 
est and team rankings. Team stand- 
ings are printed in the St. Paul 
Pioneer Press each week. At the 
conclusion, of the Yime. the lop 
"three learns in both the elementary 
and secondary 'divisions are pre- 
sented with awards at a ceremony 
in their honor. 

Dyer said one of this year's six 
learns from Lincoln High School 
placed ninth out of 497 learns 
statewide. His top loan), consisting 

... of. Levi .Kraft._ Aaron Lcndobcja,. 
Shane Peterson. Kyle Newton, and- 
Mike Langland, finished with 
SI96.7yo.27. The top team in lite 

' state, Esko; finished with. 
$265.7%. so the top teams were 

pretty close. Dyer's second lop 

team finis" 


ished 4-tth overall with 

Dyer's financial management 
cluss at Lincoln High School has' 
been participating in the game for 
about eight years. Dyer said, thai he 
could say he was most excited 
about (he game litis year because it 

was the closest to real trade. - 

. This year was different because 
the school has a MacLab in the 
classroom (Dyer added thanks to 
the referendum), which is net- 
worked to the Internet. They have a 
television tuned to CNBC in the 
classroom all ihe lime, and can buy 
and sell nt the end of the day. which ~ 

— i5~in~cariiparisonurwaiting-forup- 
to two days for the trade to lake 

This game, he said provides stu- 
dents an opportunity to learn about 
oilier places lo invest money. [I gets 
them on the internet, leaches them 
lo use other research tools utid 
develop those research skills. He- 
ulso believes il helps their decision 
making and organizational skills. 
Each student works in a learn (if 
five students; he explained, so they 
have to lenm to work with others, 
make decisions and sometimes 

--agree to disagree. 

to sell ihe slocks later. .Sludenis 
also relinked to do some "leclmical 
reading ' and perform other meth- 
ods of analysis, 

Before sludentsTiegin participat- 
ing in the game. Ihey take field trips 
to local brokers. Dyer said each of 
the local brokers have been real 
great. The students talk wiih 
investors and 'learn a lot ahout the 
job. whai's involved, and by learn- 
ing a little ahont whai's "hot" - pos- 
sible investment strategies and 

_ — Dve£.puiim.ouLlliiiL;iJBfe^gk_ 
to 'trie game Is its "gambling" 
aspect. In his class he" said lie tells 
students that if they decide lo invesl 
in Ihe siock' market, that they 
should be involved in it tor the long 
term. Ten weeks is a short period of 
time. ' ■ ' „ 

He also advises ihem lo not buy 
the slock if ihey would not buy it 
themselves, bul ihe game is such 
that they may take greater risks 
than under normal or "real" cir- 
cumstances. The game: does allow 
sludents to buy on margin, and 
some groups have taken great risks 
and have been heavily leveraged, 
which. is. somclhin^ he would never 
advise a first lime investor to do. 

There have been some spectacu- 
lar results. Dyer said sludenis in his 
top group picked up on a lip from 
CNBC Market Watch and conduct- 
ed research on die tip through on ihe internet. After 
investigating the slock tip "BooKv 
a-million'V the students purchased 
7.500 shares of ihe slock on 
Wednesday before Thanksgiving. 
On Friday, ihe stock closed at $42 
per share, up from $8 per share. 
The group's position in the game 
rocketed them to second in (he stale -- 
with a market value investment of 
$347,581. But Dyer pointed out. 
that ihe students had lo sell shares 
in oilier slocks to come up with the 
money for ihe 7.500 shares. They 
chose to sell Yahoo, which had 
climbed from SIM per share to 

L r rea,io a display or another cre- 
ative project. 'Hie first place winner 
of boih eleineniary and secondary 
divisions are recogni/echat the 
awards cereipony. 

More than 25.000 Minnesota 
students will participate this year in 
the statewide program. BEEF has 
twice been honored for running ihe 
hest Stock Markel Game in the 
nation. In 1996. BEEF received the 
1.. Massey Clarksou Jr. Award from 
the Securities Industries 

Foundation for Economic 
Education for exemplary miatity 

and expan sion of the ga me. 

— BEEiHs^rnon-pronrnrgnntzn- 
tion dedicated to providing 
Minnesota students with ihe pracii- 
cal knowledge needed for their 
future in our American and world 
economic systems. By partnering 
with educators', businesses and 
oilier non-profits. BEEF is ahle to 
provide educational programs that 
will prepare Minnesota youth and 
educators for the challenges of Ihe 
21st Century. ' 

Because BEEF is u non-profit 


arc integral lo Ihe success 
program. More than $250,000 will 
he raised this year by businesses, 
financial 'institutions, foundations 
and service clubs. ,_, 

Headwaters Bull 
Ride draws 120 
entries, top bulls 

Second phase of the 22nd Annual 
Headwaters Rodeo and Bull Ride at 
Park Rapids— the bull riding com- 
petition—will take place Friday and 
Saturday, July 9 and II). ut 6:30 p.m. 
at die DoublcJ arcnajocali'd one. 
and one-half miles east of. Park 
Rapids on Highway 34. 

The PBR-sanctioned evenl drew 

1 20 entries for the two days, causing 

. the PBR lo turn out 20 entrants and 

leave 50 different riders for each 

n.-! miuiu iu night of the bull ride. Six contruc- 

$145. Al the end ofthe Class-Yahoo— iprs will be providing torrbulls for 

■ -Uie-two-niglUviiicluding- t hc-loo-LO 

wasal-S220 |wrsharcr 

Students also learned thai what 
goes up can also go down. On ihe 
Monday following the. spectacular 
increase, their '.'Books-a-million" 
slock dropped 24 points and the 
students could not buy or sell until 
"Ihe eiid of iheduy.Thcy decided to 
hang on to ihe stock a little longer, 
bul it continued to drop. By the end 
of ihe trading day on Tuesday, the 
sludenis still managed to "see" n 
$10. per share increase. 

from ihe big rodeo completed last 
weekend nt Cody. WY. 

A number of top riders are 
included in the list ot participants, 
led by Jim Sharp of Stephcnvillc, 
TX, a iwo-lime world champion. 
Also on Ihe list arc Cody Cuslcr, 
Mark Cain. Brian Herman,. Cory 
Navarre, Roy Doyle. Casey'Gatcs 
and others. 

Spectators can expeel lo sec from 
55 to 60 bull rides each night, 

It isn't just a big guessing game. 
' Each team member is assigned ccr- 
-tain -uiski;,-*uch-a£_caplain_chari.. 
keeper, researcher, chief financial 
officer. Each group is required to 
keep irack ol s.iocks, chart the 
progress of the stocks, and among 
other things, to provide statements 
that justify each and every one of 
their 'purchases. Each justification 
sta tement i ncludes such jhings as_ 
the name ofthe company, i(s~stoek 

Jessica Pream 

Students may also participate in according to Randy Jokela of Jokcla 
the investment research project .ProWest Productions, sponsorof the 
conicstuspunofthegiime,Inorderey H(:atiwa " :Ri evcr "' 1 - ' 

to participate, sludenis research a 

An interpretive program will be 
held in. Lake Bronson State Park 
Friday and Saturday, July 9-10. 

On Friday. July 9, a scavenger 
. hunt, which is a children's activity. 
and a program on bats will be 
tauglii: The scavenger hunt will 
begin at 4 p.m. at the beach house. 
The program on bals will begin al 8_ 
p.m. at the picnic shelter. Learn the 
-[nitli -about bats-and-whauwe-caiu 
do for these important mosmiilo- 

On Saturday. July 10. a chil- 
dren's program called Turtle Talk 
will. be held at the beach house at 2 , 
.p.m. Children will learn about the 
different species of turtles in 
Minnesota and which ones call 
Lake Bronson home. Al 4 p.m. a 
wildflower walk is scheduled. 
During ibis excursion on lo ihe 
prairie, view some- of the (lower 
species in bloom at this time of ihe 
year. Al 7:30 p.m. a .boat lourcalted 
a wildlife watch will He held. 
I'anicipants are asked to register at 

Old Mill State 
Park in ter pr etiv e 
program July 11 

_ Old Mill State Park will be the 
site or ah interpretive program 

_ Sunday, July II. . . 

The day begins at 1 1 a.m. wild a 
scavenger hunt, a children's activi- 
ty.' Children's knowledge will be 
tested wiih this challenging activi- 
ty al ihe beach. 

At 1:30 p.m. orienteering will 
be taught. Experience the outdoors 
with a little more confidence. 
Learn to use a compass, pace dis- 
tances and how to put it ail togeth- 
er (0 find your way in the woods 
with this course. The program will 
also be taught al the beach. 

From 3 to 4 p.m. participants 

what life -wax like around the turn 
of ihe century at the Larslln Mill 
aiid cabin. Learn about the sleam- 

Sowered mill for which Old Mill 
laic Park is named. The park nat- 
uralist will be. on hand lo answer 
o,u est ions. 

All programs are Tree and open 
to ihe public.'TV^Hjiclc permit is 
required lo enter the park. For 
more information call 437-8174, 

Two area women 
attend ELC A 

Bonnie Wagner of Middle River 
and Wenda Sang of Karlstad will 
be two of nearly 500 delegates 
gathering July 8tII at the 
America s Center in St Louis for 
ihe Fourth Triennial Convention of 
the Women of the Evangelical 
Lutheran Church in America 
(ELCA), Thousands of participants 
will join the'delegates for speech- 
es, worship, workshops, discussion 
forums, reflection and Bible study 
under' the ihcme - **L"ivc - GodV 
Justice." ' 

Delegates representing 

women's organizations .from 
ucross the United Slates 'anil 
Caribbean will elect a new presi- 
dent, vice president, secretary, trcu- 
_ surer and thc_17.othcr members of 
■ their executive bo ard. The conven- 
tion launches the three-year theme. 
"Live God's Justice." and related 
resources and programs will be 
introduced at the event. 

Jennifer Larson 
graduates from 
Winona State Univ. 

Jennifer Larson of Ncwfolden. 
has graduated summa cum luudc 
with a bachelor of science degree 
from Winona Slate University. 

."the park office by 6 p.m. Space is 
limited for ibis evening event. 

Ilring binoculars if possible. . 
~ All prognims are free and open 
lo ihe public; however, a vehicle 
permit is' required to enter the park. 
For more iiilormaiion cr" "» IU -' T<: '- 

WHY-ARE-37 M1U10N 




Dun'l IniM ju*t tinyuiu 
lo insure your Liir. sco mi*: 

■In AvinuaJJertti 
Rlvtr Falls' MN 

Jim Dngg insurance agency 

PutYour Car And Home Under One Roof. 

if you put both your home and car Insurance with me and 
you're an excellent driver, you could get a discount on a 
portion of your car Insurance. To see how much money you 
can save, stop by soon. 

UUU "Our People Make The Difference" 
SSSSS'" 3 "™"™ (21 8) 681 -641 1 

110 Th 



East • Thief River Falls 






Farm - 

Judy Duray. CISR 
Dan Baumgartner, CIC 

A car owned by Erick Kiesow and restored by hit son Lawrence of 
Goodridge was a hit during the Kiesow family reunion Sunday, 
JunB 27. Pictured with the car are the great-great-grandchildren 
-of Herman and Ida Kiesow JUotaLoL182 descendants of Herman 

and Ida attended the' reunion. 

selected to receive 
MSU scholarship 

Moorhcad State University stu- 
dent Jessica Prcam has been select- 
ed to receive ihe $500 President's 

rrdnsfcrscholarship lor Ihe com- 
ing academic year. Jessica is the 
daughter of Lyndon and Ginny 

— PrenrrrandTTgrnduatc-df-L-incoln- 
High School in Thief River Falls. 

Die Moorhcad State University' 
alumni Foundation Scholarship 

— program- w as .cs t a h lii. h cd-Ui r uugh 

donations from, friends and alumni 
of Moorhead State University. 
Recipients arc selected by univer- . 
sily (acuity in recognition of exem- 
plary academic performance. '"' 

Preliminary construction on Markley Avenue improvement project has begun at locations' 

through what used to be thB playground for throughout the city. Residents are asked t o use , 

Knox... elementary school has _ begun, caution while driving through those areas.. „..'-;., 
Construction on the 1999 Street and Utility 

Julius Kiesow descendants 

Herman and Ida ■ Kiesow family included nine " Sr. and Caroline; standing, Herman Jr^Rlchard, 
children after their first died In Infancy. Pictured Henry, Otto, Williem and Erick. 
from left are, seated, Rosie, Ida, Selma, Herman . 

extreme Team coming to TRF Monday, July 12 

YouthNct cXtremc will kick off YouthNct extreme is a five-per- The team-is designed lo create 
a week of music and uplifting son ministry ' team focusing on revival, inspire service and out- 
drama in Thief River Falls at 7p.m. reaching Generation X with the. reach, and empower local ministry 
Monday, July 12. The team will be radical love of Jesus- Christ, in youth across i North Americn. 
in concert al Lincoln High School Twenty-five yearold Brian Yoeger, Yaegcr, along with team members 
auditorium ' nightly , through director and team member of Katfiy ■ Caralg, age i 20, Steven 
Saturday, July 17. except for YouthNct says, "Generation X Cochrane, age 18, Brian Fowler, 
Thursday evening, when they will belongs in the spodight, working age 2S, and Bemita Smith, age 26, 
'. .... ,_^-„ «... «.....:„,...■. f 0r God." At first this was only an i>ring,multiple talents to their min- 
idea that Yaegcr held. But he talked istry^Their biggest passion, howev- . 
about his dream and YouthNct er, is letting local youth and youth 
eXlreme, as it is now known, leaders, create their own event. 
emerged as other people, across. the" . JWe'U help you with ; whateyer youi 
notion Joined him in-acting onthU--need^Yacger-afiirnis,^miuijam_ 
conviction. The results have been . changotheworld;we'rejusthereto ' 
nolhihg less than spectacular. . help them get started." 

The team, traveling in a custom- 
designed truck and matching trail- 
er, is on an extended tour for the 
summer of 1999 through 'the 
•1999/2000 school year. They will 
travel to' Canada and most states in 
the USA. Their' luggage includes 
sumo wrestling suits, ' musical 
instruments, an incredible sound 
system, their Bibles, avelcro wall, 
and hearts for service.- Besides their 
mtoistry-.thiough' ;music,"YouthNet 
extreme teachers, listens, performs 
dramas and hosts youth functions. 
Thfl y ft r Sri ally ffrl'caTlff l*r W*"* 
with local youth and youth leaders 
to bring, local young lifeto a real 
IifeinChrist . 

The extreme team has already: 
met with .wonderful success/They 
take-no-credil fortheir success but--?-* 
'aremnltedlnibe belleftbit "It'raJi 
God."', : ■ '•■.■"■ 

The public is invited to expert. 
ence n week uplifting po sitive val- 
ues, positive choices and positive 
lifestyle. Admission fa free and 

incert at uneoin mgn.scnooi auorwnum tl?< 5m£ 1 Bd^ma5c*U available 

,....„, _„ JaT3orTi7rwt»pt^r-Th^^ 

when they will appear at the former Our Savior's Lutheran 

Chureh,401 St.„PaulAye. SouuY ' ^_" ' „ 1 " " ' '■' ' " "" ' " 

Olio. bom.OcL f9, 1887, mar- 
ried Emma Olson Dec. 26. 1911. 
and died Feb. 7. 1971: 

Richard, bom Jan. 25. 1890. 
married Grace E. Wieclunann May * 
30. 1917 and died Jan. 29. 1975; i _ 

Erick.-bom March 9. 1894, mar- 
ried Mary Catherine Cullcn Aug. 
11.1927 and died Jan. 6. 1981; 

Heinrich (Henry), born May 28. 
1896, married-Vivian Mary St. 
Martin June 26, 1941 anddiedNo*. 
4. 1973; ■'■ 

Caroline, bom Jarr. 27, 1898, 
married Gustave Kalnin April -2, 
1923 and died April 17, 1926; and. 

Sclmn. bom Aug..l7, 1906, mar- 
ried Oliver Joseph Si. Martin Jr. 
May 15, 1928 and died Nov. 11, 

Family Trivia 

Herman -Kiesow Sit built a log 
cabin in Moylan township upon his 
arrival from Clarissa. It soon 
became a gathering place for neigh- 
borhood socializing and for holding 
Lutheran church services. 

To better accommodate his 

f [rowing family. Herman built a 
argcr frame house In 1920. In 1990 
| thni ho use hurncd lo the ground in .. 
an arson-related fire. 

Herman also designated a comer 
of his property for n family ceme- 
tery known as Jerusalem Cemetery 
-and many of the original family 
members and their descendants are 
buried there. 

■ Otto Kiesow was the first mail- 
man f rom G crmanlown to Espclie 
township and walked a 10-mile 
route to deliver the mail. Otto also 
was the first in his neighborhood to 
buy a threshing machine and it was - 
.contracted out to olhcr farmers in 
the area as a means of earning a liv- 

Goodridge Fire 
Department sets 
open House Man. 

Goodridge Ere Department and 

EMS will sponsor an open house . - S V 

Monday, July 12, beginning- at. 6:30 CORRECTION 

p.m. at the fire hall in Goodridge. • ih the list of students named"to 

Demonstration will be givch of me spr j n „ scmC si er . dean's list at 

the Jaws of Lifcequipment recently- Bcmidji" Stale University and pub-" 

purchased with donations from a u sne j m me j une 30 issue of TKe • 
number of-contributon^Pictures- of — Tfmw.JencaRewertzofGrecnbush - -— 

donors ,wlj/bejaken and juncrr was incbmclly listcd^un "Junea 

serveaTJuring the bper) house. The ■R cwcrtz , 7/, e times regrets the 

public is invited to attend. : - . . errom* , . , '. „___ 

McCullough reigns as King Boreas 

(Continued from Page 1) he saw , as a great opportunity to appearances as Kmg Boreas/' he 

Benefiting from his background cany many positive messages about said. "Nearly 100 hopnen during the • 

in psychology and sociology, his thecity. " ■ ■ • ■ ; . carnival, but the other 200 are at 

practice grew- in. two specialties—- The event was started in 1886, porades, coronations or festivals 

family practice and personal injury' ■ which mokes it the oldest known duringlhercstortheyear.Myjobis . 

law He is now the senior partner in festival in the United States, when a lo show them that we have ton m St. 

McCullough, Smith, Wright and writer in New York called St. Paul Paul.'" ■ .' 

Kempe,P.A. Heisoneoftwoattor- .•'Uie-second Siberia..not fit for He has fun on the job_ as well, 

neys in Minnesota and one of 100 human habitation." That challenge and enjoys the times when he bnngs 
•nafionwide who Iwve-becn-sclccted— wasmetby-apaiadc^jdjaM 

CoIIese of Family Trial Lawyers, .king of winter, now known as King ties; like at and hos- 

MccSlough has also been named' Boreas/ ■ pitals. Part of his task is bestowing 

by his colleagues as a Leading "The legend of the king^was knighthood on people. : 

AWnwadesIgnatibnthatisattrib- staned in 1886," McCullough . - 1 ! don't care if they re youi 

ute d tb approxirnatcly five perc ent explainedT"He's changed somewhat old, they like being knighted 
'Spractidng towycrs ineach of his;. oyer 'linieT'buf basically^ has the 
~ hL of concentrBtrbn. . . ■ .;,. ; same job of keeping the festivities 

young or 
_hted with 
the scepter," he commented. "When 
Hook back, it all, is like one of those 

He and ius- wife Marlys raised ■ moving before Vulcanus Rex and daydreams I.might have had;siUing 
two children and now live on a the Vulcan Krewe defeat winter W on the. hill overlooking a ficld.oT 
raKh-in-rural-StillwateFWhtre-tney-H!lo"^^ m 
raise.primarily registered Charolais val." ' court, speaking lo ^people and 

... •*— -,-*.*,,-?; .,-„j l- . r»..i a .u. lj_™ u™™-. — knighting subjects. That would have 

been rny fairy tale."' " 

__ r ____ This Is one, however, thai enme 

McCullough remained" active with region and state. : trite. ' : -' V 

the St. Pnul Winter Carnival, which "1 will make approximately 300 

cattle. Their heifer AddHda was chc* 
sen as the nadonalgrand. champion 

' Dethroned, the king becomes an 
ambassador forSL'Paul, traveling. 
itcnsivelv-tcc-promote^ij ta-cia^- 



Spurts Editor 

Wednesday, July 7, 1999 

Bemidji takes pair of - 
wins from TRF VFW 
baseball team Friday . 

Ocmidii scored eight runs in ihe 
holtom of the sixlli inning Friday to 
beat Thief River Falls 14-7 in the 
second halfofu VFW baseball dou- 
bleheader for Ifi-year-olds. 

lite second game victory com- 
plclc'd a iwinbill sweep for Demidji. 
u 7-6 winner in Game I. 

This week's Thief River Falls 
VFW schedule included double- 
headers at Irv Wilson Field Tuesday 
vs. East Grand Forlis and Thursday . 
vs. Perhum. 

Oam« 1 

( h o 

Thiol RivorFons 230 100 0- fl 9 4 

Bomio> „ .303 00 1 >- 7 7 3 

Parting • (TRF) Slow Wiwth-L: IBomidji) Paul 

. Ofloraivo NghUghta - (TRF) Bon Owon 3/4. 5 RBI; 
Caleb Crapcau 21*; John Maroon 2/4; (BomkJji) 
Nick Martinka. Andy Broncryk. Jon CoUflan 2 hit) 


02 13 1-7 7 5 

001 418 i 

I tS 2 

Pitching - (TRF) John Martxm-L: (Bomkli) Andy 
Bfonoyk-W. ■ -- 

OBondvo hkjhSgha - (TRF) Jarod Smanwn 2/3, 3 
RBI; Colon Cnipoau 2/3; (Bomkljl) Bamtf WJlaid 3 
hi* Paul Fonnor, Jake- Fahor. Koiby Bnsw. Eddm 
Johnson. Nick Martinka 2 hits aach. 

Minnesota, North Dakota 

Detroit Lakes' Keith Blattunbauer was forced out out of an inning that found Thief River Falls „ m „„„_.,„_ _ H _ rt lftr 

at-the plate by Thief River Falls catcher Steve escaping a one-out, bases-loaded jam In a 5-5 eye cooperative enuri ior 

Wiseth during the seventh inning of Thursday's game. Post 117 wound up winning 7-6 In extra Red River spring tismng 

American Legion baseball doubleheader opener innings to begin a twinbill sweep that included a 

at trv Wilson Field.' Blattenbauer was the second 10-8 second game victory. 

TRF is doubleheader winner 

Officials in Minnesota and North 
Dakota arc. considering 'a spring 
conservation season to standardize 
theTishing. season and creel limits 
i n both states fur angling on the Red 
~border ; bciwcen-thc- two-states— 

Double play pivot by Thief River Falls' Justin Skjerven forced out 
Detroit Lakes' Jason Schrarh at second base, butdidn't result in a 
twin killing during thB fifth Inning of an American Legion baseball 
doubleheader opener at Irv Wilson Field Thursday. Thief River 
Falls" swept the Ninth District twinbill 7:6 and 10-8, with the first 
game going eight innings. 

Moorhead out-scores 
Post 117 squad 19-10 

ttBht-Muorhcad-hitJi— Jiomjcncliin e the .5 1)0 Jcvcl, drop 

Thief River Falls found a way to 
score the tying and winning runs in 
the bottom of the eighth inning 
_wiuioutjhe_bcncfit of a base hit 
Thursday in a doublehcadcr-open- 
ing 7-6 American Legion baseball 
doubleheader win over Detroit 

Post 117 added a IO-8 second- 
game victory to complete the 
unlikely Ninth District twinbill 
sweep for an 8-9 team that had been 
beaten by the Lakers 1 2-2 the prcvi 

Joey Pritmla followed with a sacri- players answered the challenge in 
fice fly lo center field thai produced their ai-bal. 

In April of 1998. North Dakota 
changed the fishing season on the 
Red River to allow for year-round 
harvest of gnmefish. Minnesota reg- 
ulations do not currently, alio wiliUT: 

vcsl of certain fish species from the 
Red River between March 1 and the 
first Saturday in May each year. 
_-The- difference- in-regulations- 
caused some confusion and contro- 
versy among resident anglers and 
enforcement officials; a situation 
which subsequently triggered dis- ' 
cussions between fishery officials 
from both stales lo consider a stan- 
dardized, ycar-around recreational 
fishing season on the Red River. 

"We arc interested in maintaining , 
year-round angling while" address- . 
ing conservation concerns," says 
Terry Stcinwand, Chief of Fisheries 
for the North Dakota Game and 
Fish Department, 
b^an cmr'and d»reJwalks." A wild week tonight (Wednesday) wilh a 5 J^JZ^^LS^ u « 
pitch plated the first one: a single to am. doubfeheader at home against ffiS I1 S t h JS ! i ! n ^ a ^,"* 
An innlng-opcning walk and. leftbyVn Kvid.tiedituncrroYpu. kas. Grand Forks Thief River Falls jd adtol harvc^ « of walfcye 
Keith BlattcHbaucr's fourth hit of the Lakers ahead; and a hit batsman will play in the Park- Rapids ^ „ p^S f "f RshcriVfor 
the doubleheader opener"- a iwo- wilh the bases loaded made it 5-3. Inylaiional Friday, Saturday and g" E^d'SJ "J 
out, ground ball single into left field Hilless scoring occurred in Ihe Sunday. »} c Minncsotn Department oi 

■^ffitT*troil"Lakcfi"alieatI"6^3in _ lh(: — Ttitcf-RivcrFalls-fourth-whcn-Lian ; ; — ■ 

— -5evcn--siraiglil-MoQriieaU— mis ironi reaciini H niu ..niy lou.a ur 

TirfflluceilTScvt'ii'nJit Second iimiiig piiig~PtSt~l'17 _ to-«-lO. Air other 

-;-; — . ■ .. i > . - . » ■ i i. - : - n r~ " . ' - ..:.i - n. : -i • r v s x t — p r. r; ; — rr^il? — ►antiliif - ui in t r m - 

winning RI3I. 

A (Uieoiil. two-base emir and a 
iwo-oul triple into Ihe right field 
comer by Ulallenbaucr • plated the 
first run of the game in the Detroit 
Lakes half of ihe ihird inning. . 

Thief River Falls put together 
four hits in the bottom of the third to 
take a 3-1 lead. First iwo runs 
scored on a Berg double to right- 
center. A throwing error on a double 

week and was coming off a poir play attempt plafcd Hie third n 

of. one-sided Tuesday tosses /at (hi 
hands of Roseau. 

"It was a great night for our kids," 
said Thief River Falls coach Mike 
Wienen. "They really needed that." 
They played well.They did a lot of 
good things." 

flie scoring continued in the 
fourth when iwo Thief River Falls 
errors allowed Detroit Lakes to 
score four unearned runs. Those 
crossing the plate were put on ha: 

Earlier in ihe year the kids might 
not liavc been able to come back 
like that,"' admitted Wienen. ""But ^ 
ihey have more confidence now. 
They wenl in with ihe feeling thai 
ihey were going to win. and they 
found a way to do it." 

Post 117 carried the momentum 
into the second game with a four- 
run first inning that featured a walk, 
a double by Reierson. an RBI single 
by Solcm and a ihree-run home run 
off the hal of I'ribula. 

Nick Wilcox, ihe winning pitcher 
in relief, also connected for a three- 
run homer. 

Post 1 17 is in ihe midst of a busy 

Monday, lilling Ihe Blues past. Unci 
River Falls 19-10 in a Fourth of July 
holiday weekend Legion baseball 
match-up al Irv Wilson Field. 

Moorhead banged out 17 base 
hits iii beating Thief River Falls for 
the second time this summer. The 
Blues won 10-1 in the first meeting 
three weeks earlier at Matson Field. 
~"nicy"hirihe"ball." 'pointed out 
Thief River Falls coach Mike. 
Wienen. "We didn't play that bad. 
but they just hit Ihe ball, Therc's'just 
not a whole lot you can do when a 
team hits the bull like thai." 

Thief River Falls had a chance to 
add to ihe scoreboard numbers, but 
Post 117 stranded 17 base runners 
over mc course of ihe game. "We 
manufactured some runs wilh some 
'bunts iind sacrifices." explained 
Wienen. "We were able lo advance 
people on ihe bases, but we weren't 
able to score them." 

The loss kept Thief River Falls 

match-ups arc seven-inning double- 
headers, but the two meetings with 
Moorhead were single nine-inning 
affairs. . ' - 

- It was the siari of a busy week for - 
the Thief River Falls team that also 
featured doubleheadcrs Tuesday at 
Crookston and tonight (Wednesday) 
at home against East Grand Forks, 
along with an appearance at the 
. Park Rapids Invitational beginning 
Friday. "h'H^W^tA';^ a jpugh 
week for us. acknowledge wienen. 

'$<ering/lnNlnsa : 

r h o 

Moorhead 573 111 031 -19 17 3_ 

TWolRivorFaIlj...133 020 100 -10,' 8 4. . 
' Pitching - (Moothoad) Stove Woodbury- B-WT 
(TRF) Ryan Loosto 2-L; M RuJo* 4; Josh J«Wn 
3. ■ 

Cfflrm^ hlgrJkjhts • (Moortwad) Jim Anderson .' 
4/6: Ed Miiton */6; Justin Wong 2/4, horn* fiffiTom 
Pahnko homo tun; (TRF) Don* Berg 2/4, hero' 
run, 4 RBI; Slave Wsodi doubto, 2 taction. 

.Natura l Resources. .. 


top of Ihe eighth." was hit by a pitch and Wiseth ■. Ohm 1 

But in ihe bottom of the inning, reached base on an infield error. _,,„,,.■ nfM , n . n , . I 5 s 

No. 9 hitter Jeremy Lian reached Lian advanced lo third on u fly ball . ™"*w* -jjgj «° gj ; £ J 5 

base for the third time on a walk and to right field by Berg and scored on Prtc^ ■ ibl) Joe Muz* 7 20-L ffHF) Jooy 
Steve'Wiseth put down. a sacrifice a wild pilch. * pnTjuia 6 1/3. Andrew Sdom 1 2/3-W. 

bunt. The Lakers tried to throw out A Wiseth single up the middle Oflonjivohkjhiic^-(DL)KerinBiat!enbawif*S, 
-the lead runner on the play, which and a Rcicrsoii double to left sei up- 2 dout*«. tnpkj, 2 RBI; (THF)_ Stove_Wi»od> 20; 

E roved lo be a poor decision since a sixth inning RBJ opportunity for , " nrt n "" 
ran was an easy safe call at second. Solcm, who bounced a single 
It also allowed Wisclh- the winning - through the left side for a 5-5 lie. 
run - to join him. on ihe bases. Dciroit Lakes-began exlra innings 
"" ■ --■■-• ■ ■ by SC oring in ihe eighth' as Jake 
Grinaker drew, a lead-off walk, 
advanced on a sacrifice bunt by Pete 
Huberty and scored when 
Blaitenbauer completed a 4-for-5 

Another sacrifice bunt, this time by 
Derek Berg, advanced bolh runners. 
An intentional walk issued lo Jarod 
Reierson loaded the bases, setting 
up a force play around the infield. 

The strategy backfired on Detroit game ay he plate wilh a ground ball 

Lakes when Andrew Solcm was hit 
by a pitch that caromed off his hel- 
met to force in the tying run. and 

igle into center field. 
That 'put ihe pressure back 'on 
Thief River Falls, but the Posi 117 

Jarod Rolorwn 2/4, ctoublo; Derek Berg 2 RBI; 
Andrew Soten 2 RBI.. 

dam* 2 

r h a 

DelroJtDkoi 122 010 2-862 

IhwIHhrorFalli 400 303 x - 10 11 4 

Pitching - (DL) Pole Huberty 6-1; (TRF) Andrew 

Oflonirvo Nghligrits - (01) Jake Orlnaker 2/3; 
Ryan Whinwnh 2/4; Keith Blattonbauef home run; 
(TRF) Nick Wilcox W, 3-nm homo run; Ryan 
Looita 2/3; Andrew Sdom 2/3; Sieve Wleeth 2/4. 
triple; Joey Pributa 3-run home run. 


Water Safely Tips 
As uWw'calHcT heats up and vaca- 
tion season begins, people head to 
Minnesota's beaches, lakes and 
pools. Everyone wants a little wet 
relief frbm soaring summer temper- 

Unfortunately, as cool and 

. *,Swim with, a buddy. Even 
adults get inio trouble in ihewuter. " 
If no one is there to help, drowning 
can be the outcome. 

* -Waled your children ;d the 
beach or anytime they are near the 
water. Children can slip away 
quickly. Don'l let a moment's 


'Division I 

Pizza Hut-Cellular 2000 

Budgot-Sinr TrlBuno 

SI. Hllolro Boars 

Universal ScroonpnniD. Cat ... 
Nortowosl Eyo Conior... 


refreshing as it may look, water can Icssncss>lead to a lifetime of regret, 

be a killer ■■■■■•. When your children are near ihe • 

"I think people arc anxious Cor water, you should be near your chil- 

some fun in the waier," said Tim dren." 
Smallcy, DNR boat and water safe- » Know how lo rescue a drown- 

Collular 2000-Qonofoux ;„., 

Land O' Lakoe .' 

Rusty Noll-Andorson Power ... 

fT _ ._ Tnco John'e/Tony Dom <m 

first .really perfect weeken d we've al _ risk. Tji row a floating object or 

Dlvlalon III 

had so far this summer. Folks havi 
to remember that even though water 
is fun, it can be deadly lo the care- 
less or clueless, or just -plain 

The DNR offers several lips to 
help make it a safer summer tn 

• Take swimming lessons. Many 

local parks and recreation jJcpart- 

— ments-and^the-Rcd- 1 €rosSr-of'fei" 

extend'somcimng like u slick, towel 
or other item lo ihe victim, so if ihey 
siart to pull you in, you can release, 
il lo try another form of rescue. 
Only swim oul if you are properly 
trained in lifcsuving techniques. 

* nniue L easier., 
by the proliferation of cellular tele- 

• Ifa person has been totally sub- 

Qroon Funoral-Koyslono 11 

Model Laundry- River Road 8 

S.H. Automolhro'Wlmcc-A.C 4 

Brodln-Prowlor Express 3 

Dlgl-Koy 1 

In the past year, the two slates 
have reviewed the advantages and 
disadvantages or year-round fish- 
ing. In order to provide greater 
recreational angling. for both stales, 
both sides of the river would be 
open to ■ year-round fishing. To 
address the concerns of over-har- 
vest, a spring conservation season is 
being considered that would run 
from March 1 to the first Saturday 
in May. 

During die proposed conserva- 
tion scason.there would be a reduc- 
tion in the daily creel limit of wall- 
eye or saugcr to- two fish, with no 
fish over 18 inches pos : 
session. After the first Saturday in 

- May,- the daily creel limit for wall- 
eye or saugcr would increase, lo five • 
per day, wilh no length restrictions. 
The same conservation season 
would apply _to northern pike, with _ 

J.a creel limit, of three fish_pcr. day,_ 
wilh no fish over 27 inches allowed. 
Rest of the .year, no. length limit.- 

- would apply, t but the creel limit 
would. at tnrcc' fish.-— ■ . — _ 

Channel catfish fishing would be 
allowed year-round with no change 
to current summer regulations on 
the Red River and its tributaries. 

Daily limit- for largemouth bass 
and smallm'outh bass or a combina- 
tion would be three fish for the Red 
River during the year-round season. 
The season for muskcllungc 
would be' year-round, wilh a daily 
"limitof one and a minimum lengllr 

~of 40inchcsr" . — ~~ 

Proposed regulations could be-in- 
place for the year 2000 fishing sea- - 
son; with a proposed evaluation 
period of four years. Part of the 

- ji evaluation process would be a 

review of information on angler 
use, cotch rates, harvest rates; and 
(oao^ — angicr-demographics-from-year- : 
~ ' long surveys to be 'conducted in" 

2000 and 2001. Regulations coultl" 
then be modified or removed after 

Wissoia Late Models will moke 
-their^yiilv-appeurBnce-of-th*rl99P^ — I 
season ai the Grcenbush Race Park 
Saturday. Racing that evening will 
also feature the rescheduled Mid- 
Season Championship for the five 
regular classes of cars at die track - 
an event that was postponed Friday - 
due to the weather. 

For the second consecutive week, 
and ihe third time this season, the 
weather won out al the track due to 
lo persistent precipitation Ihut 
moved through the Grcenbush urea 
Friday. Seven heats we're hc|d prior 
to ihe first light rain before the pro- 
Middle River plays host 
to women's tournament 

An ASA-sanctioned. women's 
slow pilch softbatl tbum'dment will 
be, held Sunday. July II, at Middle 

River. — — — : ■■- — 

— Teams- arc -guaranteed -three- 
games. Entry fee is $90. 

To enier, contact Loric Kilcn by 
calling 222-3413. or Brett Brandon 
at S74-8665 or 681-2850. , 

gram was put on hold for about no 
ond modified heat was on the track 
for only one lap of green flag racing, 
when the clouds opened again, end-j 
ing the night's program. 

Admission to Saturday's Late 
Model Special and Mid-Season, 
Championship, will be SID for 
adults and S5 for children. Gates 
open at 5 p.m.. with racing, sched- 
uled lo begin at 6:30. The Race Pniki 
is located one-half mile north. of. 
Grechhush on Minnesota County. 
Road 7. '~ '" '•''' 

Wednesday, July 7,1999 



Page 17 

Plummer Community News 

Ettia and Bumel Byer returned homo 
on Monday Irom SL Francos whoro 
they attended a'graduatlon reception 
for Dorok Vlostol, son of Stovo and ' 
Denlso Vlostol, hold at Iholr homo. He 

- graduated from Anoka High on Juno B 
and will be attending UMD In Iho tall. 
His mother DeEtta had a part for him 
on Saturday at her homo. Family mom- 
bers at Sunday's party wore Vtgstol . 
uncles Nell of Omaha, Eldon and 
couiln Karl-ol P!ummar> Davo of 
Lskevlllo, Dan and Jan and family of 

- Ceday, Dlckand-Val and family otOak — 
Grovq, Poderaon unclps Jeff and 
Jeanle of Thief River Falls, Steve and 
Kathy of the IWIn Cities, cousin Rod 
and Kelly Vlgstol and gins of Cottage 
Grove,- Ariys and Dennis Morrison of 
Esko, anal many friends. Wo drove * 
down on Saturday and were houso- 
guests of Stovo and Denisa. Wo also 
attended services at- Trinity Luthoran 
Church In St. Frances where our. 

' newest great-grandchild was baptized. 
He Is Dawson Richard, son of Patty 
and Tim O'Brien of Oak Grove, grand— - 
son of Dick and Vol VTgslol. Sponsors 
were Jodl HauschlkJ end Mike vlgstol, 
Patty's siblings. On our return trip on 
Monday, we visited Welly and Lois 
Tlmmer, our Texas friends at-Onamla. 

.June Is a lovely time to travel with 
everything so green and nice. We took 

. a route through Grand Rapids and 
south which took us through Minnesota 

, and Rosemary .Eskoll. His daughter, 
also of Now York Mills, camo on Friday. 
Thoy had also vlsllod one day wilh tholr 
broth or Wood row. 

Wockworth Reunion 

' Bill and Tom Potorson jolnod Iholr 
siblings and mombors ol Iholr mother 

Undo,ond Noll Moitlson and Chris, and 
Rogor and Barb Horrrionlng of Rod 
Uko Falls. 

Art and Gloria Fossum spent the 

weekend ol Juno 20 in North Dakola. 

Thoy wont first lo Anota, Art's old homo 

town and ottondod Iho annual luikoy „ . 

barbequo which was groat, bul Art was Aim's family on Saturday al Iho Old Mill 

dlsappoinlod that.nono ol his class- ■"— "-'- -' »— ■'- "" — 1: ~" 

mates wore thoro, Thoy wonl gnJo 

Carrlnglon and woro houso guosts of 

his slsior Evolyn and Kon SwoiBor and 

family.- They- alao vlsllod Gloria's 

cousins Harvey Honno, < Alvln a'nd 

Marlys, ond Marlys' molhor. Mario Laura and Paul Klamnr, and Bront 

"-■■- " Klamar. all of Galzko. Don and Roslo 

Fullon of Warren, ' and David 
Wockworth of Woshlnglon. 

Francis Chompagno and wfo, Loo 
and grandson Roborl of Fonton, 
Arkansas, spent soma llmo camping in 
Iho Plummor Park last wbok. On Friday 
Ihoy wero lunchoon guosts of Joan 
Carpontor and also aiiondod tho 40th 

Slalo Park of Argylo. Attending woro 
Aunl Donalda Amlo ol Manassas, VA; 
hor son Alan Amlo ol Phoonlx, AZ, 
Myrllo Wockworth Erlckson of Thiol 
Rlvor Falls, and Ihroo groat-grandchil- 
dren, Mildred and Roland Klamar, 

Rubber Stamps 



, The Times 681 * 4450 



SPonTE / Arthritis Surodoy . . 
tl, . ttu « hiu T,,,: tiW 

Hri.inT. Hriggs, M.t>. 

Niw mviih; /'itfri-rrfs nn Vmrmlim nwniiii^- nl 

NorthuYttMnliHtt O-Mrr in Hiii-fRttvr I.rHv 

For an appointment call: 

1-877-746-7521 . 


■ Leadership Somlnor 
Shoona Groonwald, daughter ol 
Mlko and Sandy Groonwald was cho- 
sen to roprosant PHS at Hugh O'Brian 
leadership school at Hamlino 
Unlvorslty of St. Padl. Participants had 
wrlllon ossays at tholr Individual 

schools and ware Judgod on thorn. . 

Many schools sent students. Some ol • woddlng annivorsary ol Mol ond Roslo 
tho local schools Included Wln-E-Mac, Eskoll. 

"Czech Visitor 

Standi Rolinek of tho Czech 
Republic, spent Monday and Tuosday 
visiting Alice Jobe. He Is a descendent 
of her great-grandfather's sister and 
came to the USA for the 100th anniver- 
sary of the grandparents' farm at 
Badger. He Is a' first-time visitor In our 
country and Is spending a month or two 
with Alice's mother Sylvia Kukowski of 
Badger. Alice took him to various 
placet of Interest that Included Itasca 
Park. Tabor Church and Cemetery 
where there Is a Czech community, 
Red Lake Falls Catholic Church and a 
buffalo (ami. He brought beautiful gifts 
of etched glassware from the Republic 
and iu thoroughly enjoying his visit to 

"An>erk^-ftlifelono.dreBm . ■ — 

Cloarbrook, Mahnomon, Grygla, Thlof 
River Falls, and Marshall County 
Central. Craig Hllllor was Iho key-note 
spoakor and spoko on motivation. 
There woro many more, but Mlko 
Patrick who spoko from a wheelchair 
was vory Impressive Thoro woro dls- 

' cusslon groups ond Iho days wore filled 
wilh looming. On Saturday Ihoy woro 
treatod to a tour of tho Motrodomo. Hor 
parents had ' taken hor down lo 

-Hamllno.-accompanlod by KatyOlson,— 
representative from Thlof Rlvor Falls. 
.They spont tho wookand visiting rela- 
tives and brought them homo again on 
Sunday evonlng. 

Don, Shar and David Fox woro 
Father's Day guosts of Scott end Dob 
Groells of Moorhead.. 

. Dolla Rowortz and Ruth Wllkons 
attended Iho golden wedding party lor 
Virgil and Dprothy Patnodo on 
. Saturday at the homo ol iholr daughter, 
To rasa Palnodo ol Rod Lako Foils. 
Albert and Evolyn Torvo were 
■ Sunday evening visitors of Eltle- and 
BunnloTJyor. -- 

Ronnie Undo rand IngaLlndor Gpent 

Sunday at tho Hjolmkomsl Center In 

Moorhoad and Troll wood Park In 

—Fargo. : ■ 

Retirement Party 

A group of friends gathered at 

Lokeview on Maple Lake on Tuesday 

to honor Don Fox on his retirement.' 

— WHh-him -were his wife, Shar Fox. 
Paula and Jason Carter, Burton and 
Joyce Carlson, Merlin and Judy 
Carton, DorT"a"hd Glenyce Harrington, 
Loren and Helen LaFayette, and Kem 


Birthday for Jean 

Judy Kolloy and Nancy Holmes 
hoslod a birthday dinner for Joan 
Carpontor. Those present woro Mr. and 
Mrs. Lylo Carpontor ol Bagloy, Ross, 
Kim. Mlnolto and Nick Carpenter of 
Hawloy, Francis, Lea and Robert 
Champagno of Bonlon, AK, Grog, 
Nancy and Danielle Holmos, Dan, 

,„ , „.. _, .... Loulso and Jason Carpontor, Jolf, 

*lalo Don Hesse was recently named . Tammy and Judo Kolloy, Jarod and 
employoe of tho your by tho Public Jenny Kolloy, Stove McMullon a friend 
Works Department of Hlllsboro County, of Jason's, and Art and Gloria Fossum. 

Florida. Tho ovont was hold In Iho Ice 

Palace of Tampa whore Tom and his . Kon and Donna Wlsnlewskl. of 
wile Tina ond children llvo. Ho Is on Milwaukee. Wl arrived on Sunday to 
-elect ronlce-technlcian-and-ls-fnvolved — spend most ol the week with hor.falhor_ 

lln.lioJfltopQratJons^Somo,ol.hiSJittrib: EmlaEodoraorijmdJo-YlsilhoLmolhQi: — 

utos are honesty, absoluto Integrity, a Dorothy , at Oakland Park Nursing 


RkJgorunnors - . 

Tony Dom-Fltnoss Centor... 
Swingers ... 

Plzia Hut:::..;..:...™ 


Wednesday, July 7 ,■ . „, 

■ 14-tS-yoar-otcD • Thiol River Fodi ai 
Rod Lnko FriOs, 10 a.m. 

■ LontonTWofRhrorFollsvs.EiutQrand- - 
Fork*. 5 p.m.. . . .'■-■'.■ .^.. 

■ -Thursday, July B ' ' ,;i' 
- ■ VFW .ThW River Foils vs. Porharn,'4' 

pm/lrvWIhonFtaW. ■ - ■ 

.Friday, July 

■ 14-iS-year-okfi -Thkrf River Fans I vs.' 
Rosoau, 4 p,m., trv Wilson Flokt; Thiol Rkw 
Falls II vs. vVarroad,-4 p.m.. Northlond. - 

■ ^Legion - Thiol Rlvor FoDs at Pork- 
' Rapids Invilstlonol. 

Saturday, Ju|y 10 

■ Legion - Thiol Rhror Folia al Pork, 
Rapids Invitational. .,- 

Sunday, July 11 - '.,' 

■ 14-15-yoor-oktB-ThW-RlvorFollslvs.; . 
Baudotto, 5 p.m., Irv WDton Flold. 

■ Legion - Thlof Rlvor FaUi at Park -■ 
Rapids Invitational. ' :l 

Summer traveler publication ''',;', 
-madeavallablQ. through DNR^- 


Universal Scroenprtn! -Black Col vs. Budgot- 

Sior Tilbuno, Field UNorthwoit Eyo Centor 

.. , vs.Elk8.noWZ;PlnoHul-CoHular2000vs. 

iii E1 ii3 u .m ...*. .x k « vlwm ".— merged in-wator-and then Rxovcn^r-^t-HJ^o-e«anj^t_HitairoJnokiJ^Jti(it)i. 

swimming lessons. evenloWduIts. .*. insist they seek medical attention. A ^^"K i SML'J 

•Wear a life jacket when boating, jmall- amount of inhaled impure (t&^iSJiNo*^ 
Most boating-related drownings water can cause severe lung infec- Budaot-star Trlbuno, Flold 1; University 

happcn-fc^^pIc^whJ'have^oma— tlonBtand^'c n ilr^ ilrif ii nt ratcd^: SOToriiitntJiDj^fl^ 

«SnlS£y. but aren'tW- J*™*®™*"^.^ Se^S^S^^ to 

ing life vests at the time of ihe aeci- safe iy, .call I ihe DNR toll free 1-888- F|old ,. S| Hllo|lo %£„ rt , Luthonln diMUSS ^ possible change in rcgu- 
dcnt.__ ,.;.. MlNNpy 1 *: ,„. ■ ... Broiherrwod-Floot Supply. Strtlalie Flold 2. t nl i onSi v 

pick up a copy of the summer' 
Minnesota State Park_Jiayclef, 
newspaper. The paper is packed; 
wilh Information about stale parks 
and a schedule of park interpretive __ 
programs and cvcn!s"~bcing Tiold: 
a special pull-out section lists state : 

„„,, ... _ „..., . park descriptions, phone numbers; 

■Disrnc^iTWoert-milcww ^'srrueJdflo. , and directions lo ihe parks. 

Dairy Oueon-Sather Law 6 4 

Thlbert-Phlilon 4 6 

Dan's Trucking 3 7 

Dlgl-Koy 2 B 

Kandiyohi :. .1 . S 

-Schedule * 

~ - ■ Wedrwsctoy, Juty 7.- (530 pjn.) Pizza.'- 

Hut'vs. Dlgl-Key, FloW 1; Tony Dom Inc- 

Fltnats Conior vs. Kandiyohi, Flold 2; 

Rldoorunnors vs. SwWnors, Falrgroundi 
_ K% f n . . 

■ Department and the Minnesota 

"Red Like FoPi FloB 1; Pepsi vs. Dnliy 
Queen-Saihor Low. Rod Uko Fotls'Flokl 2: 
[7;30 p.m.) Dlgl-Koy vs. Swlngora, Flokt 1; 
Tony Dom Inc.-Rlnoss Conior vs. Pizza Hut. 

_Flold„2^. Rldaerunnots— vs-^Kondlyi 

Popsl, Rod Lake Foils Flold 
Trucking vs. Dairy Oueon-Salner Low, Rod 
Lako Falls Raid 2. ' , 

HlUIICmiHip IHHIB \rdini,. ■ , 

The newspaper, which is.'pub^ 
Hshed three times a year, may be- 
picked up ol any Minnesota state. 
7 p ble-.., 
at Tourist Information Centepr 
around flic state and DNR regional 1 
offices. ' f 

V s 

- Going Away Party 

Father Jos • Richards; who has 
served St Joseph's Catholic Church In 
Brooks for some time, and where a 
targe group of Plummer folks worship. 
was honored at a golng-away party on 
Wednesday following a 6 p.m. Mass. A 
potiuck supper was served and fun 
games were played. Father Richards Is 
being transferred to Moorhead and will 
serve St Frances deSoles Church. 
. Brooks-Pfummer Church will be served 
by Father Tim Bushy of Red Lake Falls. 

Boye Stater 
Wade -WestJake was chosen by the 
American Legion to.attend the 1999 
session of Boys State-, which was held 
at St Olal College at Northfiekt. He" 
rede down on the Seventh QEstrict.bus 

— on-June-llarKtthe^eselon-lasteduntll-- 
June 19. The days were filled with 
classes for an the representatives to 
learn aO about the govemmenL I asked 
him K.he would like to be the governor 
some day, but he was a little doubtful. 
He.dfd say that the days were very 

. Interesting, though. 

WrtJiday tor Floyd ■ 
. Fern Hesse hosted a birthday party 
for her husband Floyd's 63rd birthday . 
on June 17, at their home. Attending 
went their daughter, Nancy Jo Matttson 
and two boya from Virginia, brothers 
and sisters, (van, Sylvester, Meh/tn and 
Peggy Hesse, Dona Mahvrtz, Loratta 
Hess and Harriet Norman, grandchll- 
dren Christy Jobe and two children and 
Ryan Wkdnerman and a friend, niece 

can-do spirit, rock-solid dependability 
and a lino oxamplo of prolosslonallsm 
and oxportlso in - his work. 
Qualifications for aaming-lho award ore 
superb administrative obllity, oxcep- 
lional technical exportiso, a suporlor 
trainer and motivator, and, loading by 
example. Tom is all of this and wo say 
•hats or to Tom, a good representative . 
„of our.lown and his family. 

Sister and Brother Come For Visit 
Tho week of Juno 20, Harold and 
Ramona (Juneau) Champagno camo 
- to spend a week wilh Iholr famlllos. Tho 
couple stayed at tho home of Harold's 
sister Joyce and Roy Thlbort at Maple 
Lake and brother Ron and Kathy 
Juneau's homo In Plummor. It was 


Lloyd and Wovoll Sorgnson ottond- 
od tho prayor sorvlco for Eva Boutaln 
an Sunday night and later woro coffod 
guosts of Loma and Morlo Josmo. 
_ Dorothy Myhro, Edna Hydo, Bunny 
DuChamp. and Rulh Wllkons took 
Veronica Boucher of Brooks out for a 
bolatod birthday dinner ot Ness Cafo In 
Ersklno. Lalor thoy had birthday cake 
and coif oo at Dorothy's homo. ' 

Esthor and Diane Dahl of Middle 
River spont Tuesday wilh Peggy 
Hesso. . 

Supper guests of Kom and Alice 
Tillman on Monday nlghl were Harold 
and Marian Vatthauer and Lorena 

_ Karon Johnson of Now York I 

great weektor all. This wook. Ramona spent a fow days with her mother 
and Harold will be visiting with family In Amolla Eskell last week. Her husband 
the Wilmar area and then on to Lowell Joined them In attending the 


up to 

40 % 

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-21 8-683-3027 »-T HIEF-RIVERJALLS-»_l-888r.47_7^6699 

Longmont, Colorado to visit wilh 
Ramona's oldor brothor Bob and Jo 
Ann Juneau on their way back homo to 
El Paso, Texas. 

40th anniversary party of Melvln and 
Rosemary Eskell. 

Sincere sympathy Is extended to the 
family and friends of Eva Boutaln 
whose (unoral was hold on Monday at 
Dorothy. Hor daughter Janice end Milt 

W.....W „ pw „ . _ Peterson lived In Plummer for several 

arrived on Juno 20 st tho homo of his years ond most of us knew Eva. 
sister Karen and Eldon Vlgstol. Thoy The Champagnes ot Arkansas, Art 
-spont-a-week-hereuand-Jlnvattandod — and— Gloria — Fossum_and — Jean- 

Carpenter were evening' dinner guests ' 
of Marie and Don Qagneron Mentor on 
Monday. ■ 

, Fern Eskell, Bunny DuChamp and 
Amelia Eskoll treated Edna Hyde and 
Joan Carpenter to a birthday breakfast - 
and later had cake and coffee at Jean's 

his 20th does reunion In Thiol Rlvor 

Charles and Donna Schrooder ot 

Two Harbors visited friends in-Fertile 
' and than camo to our area to visit Don 

and Glenyce' Harrington. Alice and 

Kem Tillman Jolnod the group. 

Jean Carpenter, Bunny DuChamp, 
"Avis Frolland and EffleByor visited 

HUlcrost Nursing Home In Red Uko 
- Falls on Thursday and participated In a 

worship service led by Pastor Johnson. ..... . 

Ray and Shirley Vlgstol of rural Thief kets, bodapreads, drapes and curtains 

River Falls were Thursday evening vis- and anything you might have^Please. 

Mora at the Byer home. 

A note from Immanuel's Qulltors. 
Some of us sew quilts during the sum- 
mer and could use old sheets, blan- 

Leonard Eskell of New York Mills 
spent throe days with his brother Eddy 
Eskell last week. He came to attend the 
40th wedding anniversary of Marvin 

remembor us and don't bum sueh 
things. Bring them to the church or e 
of our homes. Thank youl 

Viking Community News 

. - Sunday, 
for a ramify and relative get-together 

- picnlo at the Dan and Donna Sustad 
home. Of the sbrty-plue present many 
were cxwnlng Just for the day and also 
to attend mi Mth anniversary for 

^URoyjuid Ruth Sustad at the Viking 

* School aa well as RuttYa sister, Jan and 
Richard Adams of Maine, LaRo/s 
brother OrvfJJe and Marion and son 
Mark and April and two daughters ot 

. Colorado; also cousins LW and Bob 
Madsen of Ctusago, Wisconsin, and 

"others from Wisconsin, Washington as . 
wall aa Ruth'a three brothers In 
Minnesota and former schoolmates 
and nelghborajrom Aketey and Dan, 

' Wallace and ArienaJHarjsorvvlslted 
"lot the John arid"' Loona Gustafson" 
home on Sunday afternoon.. Scott 
Gustafson and hie wife, Janelie and 
daughter Emlly,.were up from Andover 
for the weekend. 

Joyce Ericksoh attended th**drcle 
meeting hosted by Amy HJel|o. Olhera 
who attended were Bernyce 

Grartd^Btrand. Virginia Engen, Jo an- 

"Patera and'Jahet Berg. 

Adelle Skjerven celebrated her birth- 
day wilh family members' bringing . 

' greotlnga. They Included Dan and 
Kathy Olson, Arnold and Mary Weleskl, 
Corey and Julio' Skjerven, and Randy 
Skjerven -and Ijls children, ol Grand 

. Forks. ,■'■. 

Ill - W M -**v* VJ — • ,*Tfi*~. v - — . - 

—. The plcnkt dessert was a 

irey, who graduated . June - 4 at 

Vantage Point .Campus.. Brighton, 

Cotorsdo, representing Horizon High 

_^^tberi_pay cJInner-ni whi at th e- 

Hal Anderson homo were Mr. and Mrs, 

Don Metby and gtria of Badger and Mr, 
. and Mrs. Doug Haven and boya. Dale 

Anderson Joined them for coffee In the 

Star Community News 


Agnea EkJelbes spent a month visit- ding lor Trevor Klesow and Keri 
Ing at the Harry and Nadlne DeBoer ' Stratum that day. 
home In Spring Lake Park an d also at . Monday forenoon Mrs. Leonard 
...-^ ■gari:-J t w3ri ffimr i««g-.-i — jdhhson-andPattyGwynn vlsttod with: 

Adeline Hanson at her home In Thief 
Tlrve'rFttns^na^eyoJsonrl s lt ed wI th ■- 
Hilda Hoffman at valley home. 

Mr. andMrs.-EugenoRondorfatSt. ' 
Hltarfe were visitors and coffee guests 


Rydell and Jane .Nleland of 

Shueton, SD came Friday night to 

>end the weekend at- the Eari 

> cejebrate 

Dairy D^prognun In Thief Rhrer Fells 
arid on Sunday they drove to WaJhatla 
to attewlthiPiKfuctton at Frost Flre_ 
- Theatre/Joyoe waaTreated kTa'blrth- 
day dinner on Sunday night 

~thYTtank~and CIndrKu»ita*home at" 

Coon Rapids. Michelle Eldelbes also 

spent a week at the Hank Kuznla 

home. Michelle came back home with 

Tina Kuznla and Tina spent a week at 

theAgnesEkfelbeahome.Agrioscame .. ._ . 

.nomajnjniufaaay, .Harry antLMfldlllO— on Monday evening at ihe Vernon and 

brought her home. , '" Clara rvorsonhorne. , 

Kathy-Hdvet and Dennis arlended Norman and , M«ne^Adams i took _ 

the pancake benollt~for- Wesley James AdarradReynoldarNDoutfor 

Sandsmark of Grygla on Sunday. . . Falher'a Day dinner at the Bronze Boot 

. Darcy and Norma Moses of Rush In Grand Forka. 

City came on Saturday to spend a few- ^ Vjgjj??_, .g!}!!.*^??!!. °"° a 3S.J 


zoning afM 

daysatthebleenKrielhomV. ■ : Thursday oven 

Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Watne and Naoselh home were Jean Johnson and 
Brittany of Grygla were'Sunday visitors Michelle- and Monica, and 
at the Lorraine Watne home. • Johnson. 

-— MfP^nd-Mrsr-Hormle-Kotrba-and — - V Taltor a .. a n d ■ : auppat-gus 
DusunatMrKJedlheweddlngforTrevor, Wednesday evening W the 
Klesow and Keri Straiten al Faith - Johnson home were.Merfe and I 
Lutheran Church In Goodridge on Naeaelh, Jessica Johnson and Katie 
-Saturday.-Mr.-and-Mrs.-Mkjah-Ranum-- Furaem ot-TrttetJRr^alls^-— —-^ 
'of Mlririeapolla V also^ H anded lhe'.wod-~ ~ ■■':*"■ 

w -i 

■ IS -.'I 'Ik' Times 




S 681-4450 


y:,..ji> Minimum l*or Up To 

In Winds. S1.C10' Fur.. 
Aijillli.m.ii !<L^"l5: * !1 -°i ) 
lnu-nu:t riiaw I'i-r Wick. 


The Times 

P.O. Itox 100 

ThkfRiuTF:ills.MN 56701 

Help Wanted 

Help Wanted 

Help Wanted 

FULL-TIME DAY Clotk. Pick up opplica- 
lion at Polto Pumper. Hwy. 1 a 50 Wost. 
T RF. 5211c __ 

TUF bul no* rouiding in Si. Paul suburb, 
looking lor poison lo It'vo'-ln wilh tliom nnd 
provido halM,mo.(20 hours por wook) 
c.iro lor tlioii chitdron starting in Soptom- 
b«i. Fur moro information cull Tracy nnd 
P.iul Pholps ill 651-683-1010 collect. 


WORK FROM HOME! Company ex- 
panding! Nood poopto lo work 10- ' 
JO/hts/mook, S7.50/ra1o lo stint. Sond' 
SASE:-A1ln;Bov Dopt. II. 73761 3C71h 

~Sl. .- Kimball..MN.55353. -Pai59p 


Experience Necessary 

Apply In Person To 

Hwy. 1 & 59 West 
Thief River Falls, MN 



Somo high school (oquiiod: 7-14 
hours wooklywilh opportunities 
.to substituto. Job descriptions . 
nnd Applications avaiiablo ni iho 
TRR Public Library. 101 Eosl 
First Snoot. Thiol Rrvor Fails, 
MN 5G701 EOE. 
A pp Ileal Ion i tikon until July 13. 

WANTED- 49 pooplo to loBowolght.aBt._ 

All natural. 100% guornntood. Increase 
your motabollam! Start today. Call 800-- 

485-7119. Fote9p . 

LOOKING FOR ovortibod door inslallora 
and sorvlcomon, expo rlo neb piolorrad 
bul will train. Call 603-3027. 2154c 
LOOKING FOR o Human Sorvicoa Co- 
roar, noi |ust ajob? Central Lakoo Col : 
logo has 1 tfr 2 yoar training programs for 
Mlnnosoln county Financial Workofa and 
Child Support Otlicors. Both caroors olart 
at avor S21K, allot good bonoliis and--. 
• daytlmo. M-F hours. Holp pooplo and 
yoursolf. Call now for inlormatlon, CLC 
Admisslono. 1-800-933-0346 or 218-855; 
8037. 4156c 

HELP WANTED- Part-tlmo. wookondfl. 
Iloiiblo schodulo. cleaning. Possible 
wookday work. Call 081-1070. 2154c 
WE NOW ollor coloi coplaat Thlol,P.lvor 
Falls Times - Northom Waloti. 324 Main 
Avonuo North. 6B1-44S0. 401lo 
paid vacation, paid Inyowor, homo ollon, 
sion-on bonus, owner oporaior program 
also. Call 218-681-3295 or 1-800-338- 

0963. 6159c : ■ 

GET PAID lo shop! Mnko S25 an hour as 
"Myolory Shopper lor local sloros. ChoCk 
Irlondllnoss, cloanllnoss. Shop (or fur- 
nishings, clolhos ond morol Thoy pay lor 

_it_.You hoop iti-Apply. aonrJ.S ,A,S.E_. Bor-_ . 
roll 4 Associates. 1750 1st Stroot tool, 

"Thiol RivoTF01l9;'MN.-D0pi; Tl. 56701/ 

. 1I54p. ■ ■ 

ATVs/Moto rcycles 

1992 CR125. oxcollont shapo. now top 
ond. now chain and sprockots. 
S1.700.00/o.b.O. Call 681-5270. P4l55p 
1999 RM 250 dirt blko. 3 hours, mini. 
S4.200. 8')t24' onclosod raco trailoi. 
.S4.000, 449-2300 ovonlng3. P4i56p 




307 Main Ave. N., J.R. Falls 

REM ROSEAU. Inc.. is accepting appli- 
cations lorJull- and pan -II ma Coordina- 
tors lo provido direct caro to poisons wilh 
davolopmonlal disabilities. Comp'olo In- 
surance paeknpo avaiiablo woiklng 20 

_. hpjj<s7wook, 216-463-1031. EOE. 

FRONT DESK clorhnoodod Friday ond 
Snlurday. 11:00 p.m. to 7."o.m. -EKCOllont 

lorrod. Apply in porson al Supor 8 Motol, 
Thiol Rlvor Falls. 54tlc 

noods part-limo murko ling/solos porson 
to loaso opartmonts. Baso plus commis- 
sion. Ilox hours, call 1-800-504-6093. 


Handy Farms/Hayloft 

"THierRiver Falls- 


is ' now accepting 
workers Bonus & 401 K. 
■Applications may- be 

401 Cohley Avenue So.. 

Thief River Falls, 



:'"•-. Equal Opportunity. 
.. V Employer! 

■ HELP WANTED- FulWpart-ti mo cooks 
positions avaiiablo, soma bonoliis do op- 
ply with com'potllivo wage. Houra vary., 
bul must work ono wookond por monlti. 
Ploaso apply at Doo's Kitchen, ash lo 

""TpoaK"Wltn Cynth io or Lisa .— 46lto 

•-PERSON FOR olficocloanlng. part-tlmo 

' ovonlnns;.coll 681-2319. 52tfc . 

caro tor 3 children agos 5.3 and 2-1/3, 
ovary Monday 3:30-11:00 p.m. For do- 
tails or il inlarootod call Jonni al 681- 
5173. P4l57p 

Daycare . 

Falls Tlmoo - Northom Walch. 324 Main 
Avonuo North, 681-4450. 73t(o 



A spoclal moating ol rosidonts will bo 
hold July 13, 1999 at 8:00 p.m.ot tho 
town hall to discuss tiro protection op- 
lions. Ploaso at! and. 

Jill K. Hall. Clork 

. KRAFFLE TICKETSI Numborod or un- 
numborod. groat prlcosl Slop In at Tho 
Tlmos, 324 Main Avonuo North, TRF. or 

call 691-44 50. . 

Excol Township, Marshall County .regular 
township board mooting lo bo hold July 
12, 1 999 at 8:30 p.m. 

J da Ooo. Clark 
■ ■ 2155c 

1993 FORD F-1504K4. oxtra cab pickup, 
loaded, 302 onglno. high rood milos. 

• Phono 218-B43-2056..R'H57p 

YOU CAN access Adquost Nallonwldo. 
Classlllod ad oorvico by phono. 1-800- 
FREE-LIST (1-800-373-3547). II you oio 
away trom your computer, or lor. those 
wilhout Inlornot access, you can soared 
Iho Adquosl On lino Class!! Iods by phono 
and novo ttiom laxod or mailod lo you lor 

1988 MAZDA 82600 4x4. 20K milos on 
now molor, S3.0007o.b.o. Can 681-7356. 
P4IS6p __1 

1989 CHEV. Choyonno' pickup. 6-cylin- 
'do'r.' auto., now liroa. battery, S3.50O, 

ovonlngs21B-6ai-2730. P4155p ■ 

1992 DODOE Grand Caravan SE. 

96,000 milos. good tiros and 'battory. 
S5,O00.00/Q.P.o.. 218-424-7734, I2154p 

= Wednesday, July 7, 1999 


FOR SALE- '42 Chovy C.O.E. Iruck, 
nowor 6-cyllndor. 4-spood w/2-spood 
axlo. rough cond. wAlllo. S450.00. 681- 

4323. 521lo . 

i992""KlPD"ThSn"dO(birdrblack, V-8. ■ 
loadod, good rubbor, solid car. 61,000 
milos. S6.900. 218-874-2160. P4t54p 
FOR SALE- '87 Dodgo Chargor. good 
runnor, 4-cylindar, 5-spood ironny. best 

ollorlokos. 661-4648. P4l54p 

WE NOW olfbr color copies! Thiol River. 
Falls Timo3 - Northom Wolch, 324 Main 
Avonuo North, 681-4450. 40Ho 
;91 PLYMOUTH Lasor RS lurb'o, rod and 
black, loodod. 5-spood. sunroof, oxcal- 
'lonl nhnpe. 63.00 milos. S7.900. 681- 

Campers/ RVs 


-»NEED FAX sorvlco? Slop in at Tho 
Tlmos. Sond or rocolvo for only S2,0011rsl 
pago wilh oach oddilional pago Sl^OO. 
Tlmos, 324 Main Avonuo North. TRF„Tol- 

ophono 218-681-4450. . 

1977 23-FT. Shaola camper, soil-con- 
lalnod, landom oxlo sloops six. 218-436- 
2247. 1l54p 

EZ PONTOON Irnllor. Ills 20'-24' porr*''* 
toon, landom, 51.000. Coll 681-3280. 

— BOATFOR Sa1o^4 - Soaray vVookondor.— 


Wanl to make a dilloronco In your lilo, 
as well as somoono also and at Iho somo timo mako somo monoy? 

Work as a Resldonl Counsolor doing 

diroci caro in a homo lor tho dovolopmenlally disabled.- 

Prolor oxporioncol but not nocossary as wo provide training. 

Wo hnvo ji varioly ol oponlngo localod 

m Thiol Rivor Falls and in Rod Lake Falls. 

Slulls vary from a.m.'s, p.rn-'s and ovgrnighl shilts. 

Each shifl includos overy olher wookond. 

" Starting salary is $7.00 "por hour (allor orionlatlon) wilh , 
a differential pay when working weekends and ovqrnlghts. 

Musi bo 17 years old. and havo a valid driver's license. 
Background chocks are required. 

II inioreslod call Prairio Community Services 2ie/203-4315~-3 



Marshall County Central Schools Has the 
following teaching positions open: 

> Secondary School Special Education 

w/EBD Licensure 
• Secondary School English and 

Language Arts (Preferably 

with Drama and Speech) 
» Part-Time Secondary Mathematics 

Deadline for Applications 
is July 7, 1999 

Send Letter, Resume and Credentials to: 

Supt. Ron Paggen, MCC Schools 

PO Box 189, Newf olden, MN 56738 

Marshall County Cantral Schools Is an 
Equal Opportunity Employer 



Marshall County Central Schools has the 
following position open: 

Tho following position is avaiiablo in School Dislrici #564, Thiol Rlvor 
Foils, Mlnnosota olfoctlvo with tho 1999-00 school yoar: 

LOCATION: Challongor Elomontary 

REQUIREMENTS! Mlnnosota corttliod (or corlillablo) as Physical 
■ Education Toochor. 
SALARY AND BENEFITS: Por nogolintod contract 
APPLICATION DEADUNEf 4:00 p.m., Friday, July 16, 1099. 
Applications (Including crodontlals, transcripts, and a copy ol Mlnnosoln 
llconso) rocorvod and complolo by 7/16/99 will rocolvo lull 
consideration. Am well, proloronco given lo applicants who havo 
qualifications (or and wllllngnoss to work wilh oxiiacurricular activities. 
Rogalla, Personnel Manager, Thiol Rlvor Fnlli Public Schools, 230 LoBreo 
Avonuo South, Thiol Rlvor Falls, MN S6701. 210-661-8711. 


f Tho following poaliion Is ovalloblo In School District #564, Thiof Rlvor 
* Folia. Mlnnosoln (or tho 1999-00 school yoar. 


LOCATION: Challongor Elomontary School 

DUTIES: Teaching students with spoclal noods in an oarly Childhood 


REQUIREMENTS: Mlnnosoln cortlflod (or corUflabla) as a Toachor al 

Early Chlldhood/Spocial Education. — -' "' 

SALARY AND BENEFITS: Por nogolintod contract 

APPLICATION DEADUNEs 4K» p.m., Friday, Jury 23, 1999 

Rooatla, Personnel MnnnDor, Thief River Fnlls Public Schools, 230 UBroe 
AvenuoSouth. Thief River Fells, MN 50701. 218-681-8711. 

■ •/wBXwtcppORrLwrr&i/iovtrr 

The Thief River Falls'Police Department 

is accepting applications for a 

Part-time Police Officer 

Candidates must be licensed by the Minnesota Board, 
of Peace Officers Standards and Tcalnlng or eligible to 
be licensed as J a Peace Officer in Minnesota. 
Applications can be obtained at the Minnesota 
Department of Job Service located -at Northland 
'Cbmmunity"andTechnlcalColleger1101-Highway One- 
East. Applications will be accepted until July 23, 1 999 
The Oty of Thief River Falls is an Equal Opportunity Employer. 

•95 GRAND-Am SE, 6-cyllndor. -ABS. A-.. 
door. 78,000 milos, powor wind- 
ows/doors/mlrrors, S7.800, 683-3075. 


FOR SALE- JVC AM/FM cassotlo radio, 
omp. and spoolers for car. 683-7316. 


'83 OLOSMOBILE Toronado ond n '83 
Bulck Skylark lor parts, mako oflor. call 

218-253-4827 anyilmo. P4iS5p 

TO PLACE an onllno classified ad. stop 
in ot Tho Timoo, 324 Main Avo. North. 

Thiol Rlvor Falls. _^_ 

FOR SALE- '89 Suburban; '82 Suburban; 
■87 Olds.: '74 Hydra-Mac, bosl olfor, 

phono 681-3724. P4l54p 

1990 LINCOLN Contlnqntal, 105,000' 
milos, 4-door, whlto, oxcollont ■condition, 
locniod Hwy. 32, St. Hllolro. 218-964- 

5761. P4154p - ■ 

- F0R"SALE^"'9B"Sn 0-B1nzortTr5&000- 
mllos, loodod. oxcollont condition. Call 
874-4271 atlor 6 p.m. P4l54p 


S225/down. $225/monlh. Call Cochran's 
Marino for dotalls. 1-800-732-7297.. „ 

.P4156p . 

FOR SALE- 1988 Dodgo Grand Caravan 
LE, pood shape, call 681-8370. P4t55p 
FOR SALE- '94 Dodgo pickup. Iwo- 
whool-drlvo, loadod, groon in color, 
68,000 milos, now liros, auto., asking 

18' STARCRAFT wilh 65-h.p. Spirit out- 
board, powor lilt/trim, runs groal! 
$1.400/o.b.O., call 681-8777. P4l55p 
FOR SALE- 1971 Gloslron 17-1/2", 115- 
horsopowar Morcury, S1, 700.00.. 1998. 
Daylono Tigorshark 770, usod lltllo,. 
$2,400.00. 1993 Tigorshark 850, 
81,400.00. 2-placo Irailor, S400.00.881- ■ 
185Bor6B6-3B72. P4l56p 

Sp orting Goods 

FOR SALE- Now and usod goll carts. 

-WHeoxrRod-Uk«.EflJlBjiBuklM5:50ai . 
56lfc _ 

^OR SALE- 4x32 powor T tubo. Tosco 
scopo. porfoct for 22 rlflo, S25.00. Soo 
John nl Tho Timos. 324 Main Avo. North, 

Thiol Rlvor Falls. 32tlo 

NORTHERN GUN S Pawn pays cash lor 
guns, 311 N. Main, 881-6611. 58tfc ■ 



Page 19 -The Times- 

. FOR RENT- Sleeping room, kitchen 
avaiiablo, prlvato onlranco. 681-4761. 

47lfc ; 

JULY 1ST, nlco 2-bodioom mobito homo, 

—entry. Counirysl.do_Court, no pels, dopos- 
II. roloronco.loasd. 681-2863. 3156p 
chair accossiblo. ovalloblo August 1,681- 

0494. 5311c " 

MIDTOWN MANOR, ono-bodroom 
oponmonl In qulol building noar uptown, 
avaiiablo immodiatoly. call 681-3422. 

Real Estate 

Office Space For Rent 

-Ifix 19 Newly ftemodelad- 

Nvd to Pa'mt & Glass, T.R.F. 

tsg 681-5927 n 

»*" 681-3111 ■■> 

HOUSE FOR Solo- Groat location, oxcol- 
lont condition, 2 or 3 bedrooms. 1-1/2 _ 
balharTTroplaco, now carpotlng and lino- 
loum. All applioncoa Included. Nowor 
doublo cor garage. 339 Moriiam Avonuo . 

- North. Coil 681-6056 tor additional, in lor- . 

mallon. P4l55p 

HOUSE FOR solo. In Warron, 3-bodioom 
with 2-car garago. nowor gas fumoco, In- 
cludos oppllancos, asking S19.000, Nool, 
218-437-6621 doys_ or 218-437-6468 

ovonlnga. P8157p 

FOR SALE- Lorgo woodod 101s. closo to 
Challongor School. Wotor and nowor in- 

Stalled, call 681-8632. P8t54p 

COUNTRY UVINQ within city limits, cozy 

-2-bodioom homo on beautifully. woodod 2_ 
acres. A must boo. Call 681-1130 altdr 6 

-.p.m..ond„8ayy. 00 J l( j ndB - P 4 twp 

Wanted to 

WANTED TO Buy- 12- lo 14-foot nlumi- 
■ num boat, no motor or irailor noodod. 
roasonablo. Call 681-6585. 291lo 

FOR SALE- Bull. 18 months old. Horo-" 
ford ond Black Angus cioss,68r-452B of- 
tor 5:00 p.m. P4l54p 


NOW ACCEPTING applications In Sen- 
ior suboidlzod housing, Must bo 62 yoars 
of ago and ovor or handicapped or disa- 
bled. RlvorsldoTorraco,225LoBrooAvo. 
So.. Thiol Rivor Falls, MN 58701. 216- 

681-7657. E.H.O. 901fc 

raco TortTihousos tocaux) on Hwy. #1 and 
Brldgo Avo. In Warron, MN. Is now taking 
applications for 2- and 3-bodroom units. 
Occupancy avaiiablo for Juno nnd July. * 
Certain Income restrictions apply. For 
moro. Information, ploaso contact Connlo 
• at D.W. Jones Mnnagomont. Inc., 218- 
547-3307 oxL 106 (TTY). Equal Housing 
Opportunity. 41tfc 




Division Manager lor Home Care and Hospice Services Is 
needed. Applicants must be a registered nurse with experi- 
ence in home health care or hospice and/or healthcare nurs- 
ing administration experience. Position reports to Home 
Health/Hospice Director and will oversee services in the 
Fosston, Oklee and Thief River Falls areas. First Care 
Medical Services, Human Resources Director, 900 Hilllgoss 
Blvd. S.E., Fosston, MN 56542. (218) 435-1133. E.O.E. 

' ■-.. LPN NEEDED ^ : N 

Prairie Community Walvered Services has a part- 
time position open for an LPN to work 20-25 hours 
per a 2-week pay pegod, between two of our 
•adult/child foster care homes for individuals with 
developmental disabilities'. Possibly more hours 
available for working direct care.. 
If interested call 218/681-3114 or 681 -6603. 
\ AA/EOE ... y 


Tiuef River Falu, MN 

(218) 681-3370 

CLEAN FURNISHED aporrmont. outsldo 
polio oil kltchon, rio smokors. call 681- 
4290 nltor 6 p.m. T2l56c 

~FOR - SALE~"or-Ront— Throe-bedroom— 
farmhouso, 1 7 milos north of TRF. To pur- 
chase S45.OO0.0O, to rani' $350.00 a 
month. For moro- Informntlon call 1-701- 
271-8653. loavo mossage. P4t57p 
3-BEDROOM MOBILE homo In Country, 
$200 month. + deposit, no pels, 881- 

3913. P4l55p ' 

LARGE 2-8EDROOM 3rd floor apart- 

...mont. for low Inco'mo party, must hove a 
dopondont. Slovo. fridge, hent and hof 
walor tumlshed. To qunllly can 801-4087 
and ask lor Stan at Tho Sinn Gibson Ro- - 

ally. T 52 tlc ■__ 

FOR RENT- Avaiiablo Jury 1st, efntioncy 
apanrnonl, closo to downtown and laun- 
dromoLboforo 5:00 681-8207, nfter 5;00 

681-1408. TSOtfc . ■__ 

■ NOWACCEPT1NG Applicouonsl Pioneer ■ 
Court, an apartmont complex lor tho ol- 
dorly ond disabled. AmonlUes includo n 
Strrglo-sldry. floor plan, largo community 
room and spacious 1 -or 2-bodroom units. 
Ron! stnrts form .$300 and $31S.""Hoal 
paid. Incomo llmltntlonB apply. Rental aa- 

/^ Tho following position Is.nvnilablo in School District #564, Thiol Rlvor 
Fnlls, Mlnnosoln: 


EFFECTIVE! 1999-00 School Yoor ~: — r— 

JOB QOALi To provido glflod/iolenlod sludonls with advanced looming 
and enrfchmonl actMtlos, oxporlancos and opportunltloa In spocHlcnlry ■ 
doslgnatod oroos ol curriculum. 
UCENSURE REQUIREMENT) MmrwMU Toothing Bcerao hi any area K-12. 


"SAtARY'ANDBENErTrSTPor nogoliatod contract 


Rooallet, Peraonn»Menager, Thief Rlvor Falls Public Schools, 230 LaBroe 
Avenue South, Thief River Fells, MN 58701. 218-681-8711. 




1 This position involves coordinating after-school and 
summer learning activities for children in "grades K -6. 

Requirements include ability to. organize activities, yvith area agencies, to communicate with oth- 
ers, follow directives of supervisors and the grant pro- 
after-sehoot teaching position. 

College degree preferred but not required. . 

Deadlinofor Applications 

is July 7, -1999 r 

Sond Letter. Resume and Credentials lo: 
Supt. Ron Paggen, MCC Schools 
— PO-Box-1S9,-Newfo]dan,-MN-567.3a 

Marihall County Central School. U an Equa|.Opporiunlt y Employ, 




Cede FounJriM. tnc. -Si. Cloud DWUIon •' l,« IcoJIng manurwiurcr omuiomotlve «id 
henvv wulnmcnl wn. Ore ile Km w tw ndcd our workfoite Trom 73 em plu ycei lo ovct 
Mti employee, In die pui 3-1/2 ye««rDuc tolncrcMlngeutiamcrdcmaiiiR endarecenf 
plwn cxpuMlon. we mc eomlnulns To *Jd people to ourie.m. 

•- - We offer competitive wages and benefits 
itionMrnilahlcalUbme shifts • 

Bonus Potential 
Pension Plan & 401(10 
Lire Insurance 

• Medical 




■ Paid Vacation (rtfrimmiht)' 

' Tuition Reimbursement 
•And More 

ru'd like lo workforapmsrenive company wilh Itale-of-tlic-art 
foundry technology, apply at Gredc Foundries today! , 

Immediate Opening.: Production, Incentive Crfndmg, Indiutrutl i 
Mnlnt. Mechunlra.and Mnlnt. Electricians, Pattern Repairer,, I 
Weekend Production, Stock Room Specialist, Receptionist I 

3200 Foundry Circle, Si. Cloud. MN 36303. 320-235-3;OO. www.grcde.i 



Northwest Community Action ..Head .Start has a, 
position opening for a.Special Needs/DlsabiJIUes Services 
manager. This position will serve pre-school children with 
special heeds and'their families' In an Integrated Head 
other community-agencies and professionals serving chil- 
dren with special needs and their families. 

Qualltlcations Include a minimum ot a Bachelor's 
degree In Early Childhood Education or Elementary 
Education with additional training experience, and exper- 
tise working with children with special needs and disability 


located at the Northwest Community Action Head Start 
office In Badger, Minnesota.- Please send a letter of appli- 
cation and a resume to Northwest Head Start/P.o. Box 
Thursday, July 1S. Call 800/568-5319 qr.218/528-3227 tor 
more Information. 

' We ere an EqOal Opportunity Employei_.. 


Equal Housing Opportunity. St61c 
Roasonablo rales, you Insurol 681-8803, 
loavo mossage. 9nc 
FOR RENT- Mobile homo, 3-bodroom, 
Countryside Court, available July 1,881- 

1858 or 686-3872. P8lS4p 

FOR RENT OR SALE- 3-bodroom, 2- 
bath (ono with Whirlpool tub) homo In Ar- 
gylo. 2-1/2 stall garngo, plus nddlllonal 
shod in back. New carpet, now high on> 
doncy gas f umoco^ Avaiiablo Immodiato- 
ly. Call Cralg or Wondy, 320-532-3859. 
P4tSSp ' ' ■ ' 

FOR RENT- Upstairs 2-bodroom apart- 
mont pnrtlnlly fumlshod, utllllios paid, 
deposit and roloroncoa roqulrod, 681- * 

mont, all utilities Included, off-street park- 
ing, quiet building, $375/mo. plus dopos- - 
_ It/loeso/roforonco required, 681-8664. 

4811c "_ 

STUDIO APARTMENT, doso to dovm- 
lovm, $250," an utilities- paid, lum-shod," 
no pols, deposit, roforonco, 681-2863. 
46Hc ' 



(all Ihroo sold as ono) _ 

►northwest grains 

6th & Oavfs Ave. 
►"Thief River Falls, MN4 

Soalod Bids To Bo Rocorvod 

By July 30. 1899. A 

Sand To; Norlhwosi Grain ^ 

tsoalodbidTRF) 1 

315BroadvvayAvo.' M 
P.O. Box 128 ■ 1 

St. Hllairo, MN 56754 1 


2-BEDROOM HOME wilh nllachod storo. 
Grocorios, boor, gas, updated gas tnnks, 
3-stall garaoo, pig bam running bam, all 
with comont floors. Approx. 40 acros. Lo- 
calod In bestbuatlng nroo. Also, fivo rent- 
oblo cabins. "Leonard, 218-425-7702. 

P8154p ' 

FOR SALE-"ln Rod Uko Foils. 4 -bod- 
room, 1-1/2 bath, now gas fumaco. new- 
ly romodolod 2-story homo, doublo unat- 
tachod garngo, largo lots. Call 218-253- 

2946. PBlBOp "-■ . ,.*' ' 

*N1CE 3-BEDROOM ramblor with family 
room In lull basomont, 72,000, imp. re- 
duced lo $69,900, across from Franklin 
School, 881-8276, 218-338-2060 or.218- 
338-2059." P4l55p 

Mobile Homes 

ANEED/'a GlFTlorlharriardlo'buy^or-- 
porson? How about a gilt subscription to 
Tho Tlmos, 324 Main Avonuo North, TRF, 

881-4450. -■ ' 

2-BEDROOM READY to bo moved mo- 
bile homo, now carpal, windows and 
sinks, rodono bathroom only. $5,600, 

253-2383. P8l58p 

1985 18X80 Marshflold 3-bodroom, 2- 
both, control olr, roconUy. rocarpetod/re- 
shlnglod, lo bo movod, 378-4492, 681- 

4249. P4t54p : 

FOR SALE- 1974 14x70 Ootroltormobllo 
homo, 12x24 addition, 4 bedrooms, 1-1/2 
baihs, stovo nnd fridgo. propnno hoat. . 
Also, wood fumaco In tho addition with 
block chlmnoy. $8,000. 218-782-4461 
days, 218-782-2149 ovonlngs. 2tS5p ' 
FOR SALE- 1973 Irailor house, 2-bod- 
room, to bo movod. Located at Country 
Estates, Thiol ■ Rtvor Fells, 
$2.500.00/o.b.o„ 222-3496. P12159p 

Household Goods 

AIR CONDITIONING- 2-ton central air 
package*, starting at $700. Wo sorvlco 
ell brands Including window units. Nelson 
Hoota.Alr,TRF,MN21B-449-4141. 37lic 

The Country Place 

RR 2 Box 300 • Erskine, MN 56535-9371 


(55 years of ago and ovor) 

ij at the Intersection of Hwy. 59 & Hwy. 2 In Erskine, MN . 

' ■" \ Independent Living featuring ■ 

" • Noon-Meal 

• Emergency Call System ■ 

, • Weekly Light Housekeeping 

• Free Washers & Dryers ■ 

■ •'Cable TV 

• Security Entrance . 

■ : • Bay Windows 

• Electric, Heat, Water 

• Group Gathering Areas 

& Sewer Paid 

: • Additionat Services Available 

• Scheduled Activities 



•%<*U>- CallKariat 

Ofte*l. (218)687-2288 

~ Reserve Your Apartment Now!! 




CALL 21 8-294-6033 


^or Appointments Call: 2T8- 68-1*- 4087 . 

• Dlndre Noi 

Lawn & Garden 

FOR SALE- Gravel, dirt nnd ogod ma- 
nure, havo truck, will hnull 861-8021, 
Dennis Carapenlor. PT4l54p - . ' - 


HON. S7S.SOO.00. 


Michael L Melby - Broker • 681-4117 
Marilyn Nelson -Assoc. Broker'681-8261 
-uolene Ryba- Sales Assoc.-* 874-6791-- 






dUST 149,500.00. 

STARTER HOME1 $35,500.00. ■ , 

AGE. $124,900.00. 


—RENT- Efficiency— — apartment, - 

5185.00/month, plus olectrlc, garbage. 
S180.00 deposit, NON-HUD,.'no pota, ' 
non-smokers, tong-torm, off-street park- 
ing, cor plug-In, references,. 681-7419,. 
leave mossogo only. Also 1 -bedroom, 
epojrlmont, S195.00/month, same'lorms. 

: 'PT4lS6c 

FOR RENT- Small 1 -bedroom basement 
apartmont In Thiol Rlvor Falls, 
$225/monlh plus deposit, 483-0338. 
S2tfc ; * 

-QUIET EFFICIENCY opejj1rnant.el.OBk-.. 
wood . Manor, near cdlege/AVTI, non- 
-snioWng,-$195rrvcrude» heat, water, 681-— 

- 3778. P4l55p ■_. ■ 

Real Estate 

homo, formal dining room, now kitchen 
w/lslond. built-in oiihvmiher. ohd ml- 
crowovo, hardwood noon, vinyl skung; 
foncod backyard, 2-ttaH healed garage 
w/attaehod shop. Only S71 ,000.00, 320- 
291-1280. 46tlc 

.HOUSE FOR sale In Argyle, 2-1/2 bed- . 
room, 2-balh, 2 garages, 1 attached; In- 
cludes appliances, asking. $29,000; - 
Noel. 218-437-6621 day* or 216-437- 

» 8488.ovonlngi,-Pet57p . ..... .■- 

TiFOH ALL your printing needs, slop at ' 
Tho Tlmos. Wo print letterheads, envel- 
opes, resumes, booklets, pamphlets, 
what havo you. Cel l 861^4450 for , your „ 

freo osUmato todayl 

-BUILDING LOT for sale- Water, power, 

gas, sowor all In'. Good highway fron- . 

tago, old building on lot Call 881-1070. ' 

4I56C \ 

«09,T)OO:OO. ■ — — : — — — ■ — 


•DETAILS, t ■■-■■■-.:. ■ :' ■,' ■ ••■•■:••■■'■.-,.-;• :■■' ' : ' ' 

•21,000.00. .:.,'■:.• ■ ■-'■. ■' .;.'.- " .. ■ ' ■ ._ 

WITH SHOP ••16,000.00. 



S87.B0O.00, . ^J- .•■;., ■ ., ■ 


^sl. Robert FrynrL Broker 
tLsJ • Jetty rWnwm,QR1, AtsocWe Bro*er™44*3»45 


e. Seles AuocUlt -^J81.1B52 



Flynn Realty. Inc^ 

.320 Main Avanu. North 


j-^ -Genereux Realty, Inc. 

Genereux YOO^ Hwy. 32 South 

1 304 hWEFSIDE SOUTH. P.O. BOX 385 

Thiol Rlvor Foils, MN 56701 

(218) 681 -HOME (4663) 

Check Out Our Web Page 

KemRGsnerenr, Breter™68(-M53 

Mess, Safes MM7S7 

We fcarsori„.„„.~..,~,MI-7584 
Lorsniusfghan, G/ygJa.._™i9+62M 

CfiKfy Sang, Karlslar/ ...„„„43S-2723 
LeslTs Step/ienson, Sa,eS...„6SM 16a 

*m: 6 

BAOOKBI AH tsr roadsl See 
Ihii nice O^bedroom rambler 
with llreplsce in the living 
room. -Ample elotell, roe 
room ha* bum-In gun cabinaL 
double attached otrnDo, 1* 
jerejot wtlh leu ol malure 
TrQBi^HHua^o~mp» - irn(f 
■chokecheny. s^.OOOJO. 


ittntr rtomel Modroorn niM* 
wtOi 2 bBthil Lwao Hvtng rooml 
Evt*Vif*iQ on one itoorl 6h«Jy 
tront poreiil - Deck, ■ttichtd 

K12i>4rTiTf 'NICE TURN-OF- 
Tt^CBtTOtW Jetty horns »*h 

itxnttv'iormil tMns ream, opm 
■ttkeut, Wi*tf nits oM wooOiwrii 
rnri ml d*omt»d! Ssuns,- end m 
- , VirM tUna m Mnim nn - 

tB1B2-gUtT LWmW Perftet 
rMmrwnt. hon>tL.. or^stsrUt. 
homsl TN* Mek rsrnbktr Im- 

Boors, flreptoce In the nving 
room, tomil dbsng •*•*. dhetle 
In Uichen, Uticned gersatl 

34#earaoni raUrdment or tttulM 
aornsl New curpeii, Urge 
kitchen," evsryitiing on one Boon - 

hi ready! Excellent neighbor- 


Walk to city cenlert This wen 

- maintained -2-stoty home fas- 

. lures «i'lo«naUlirilnC-raonuj. 

ntto Irani porch. 2 bedrooms, 

18210-fflAn THIW fUVER 

FALLM 8M this nice 4* trSdroonr 

home with (onMl dining. Um 

-Oom IMrij room has. Hre- 

fox>ae>HERtrs a real 

NEnUlT OF TOWM 4 bed- 
rooms, 2 betha, e nice family 

car 'attached .gerage, pallo, 
itorege ' shed end lovely 
yard, tTB^XtOO.. . ■ ■ 

otllcei, built-in 1S77, nko 
locellon, Isrgo loL csll todayl 
tMJOOJOI. ■ . ■ 

Live In one and rent out Iho 

^otrier twol See this trl-pksx 

ir i' 2 ' Iwd rooiii a p e mn on ts - 

Wednesday, July 7, 1999 

535 J.D. round l 

•SOMETHING TO SELL? -Advorluu in 
Tiio Timoi Wo uao compulorijwl typo- 
.iicitinp, .inU layout tlosiiin. Chock it out 1 

Main Ave. Norlli 

TIRES FOR Sfilo- 2 14.9.26 tO-ply 
iTns and lubes. 2 I4,9x3fl 6-pty 
' tubus, J65-J5C3. P-JI56P 

Situation -Wanted - 

B-TON 4-WHEEL trnilei 
rack. 1 O'xl 6" lor hauling Dig bales. Mm 
•.oi,'i 1 10 m;muro spreader, now floor, ical 
" rjood -shape, "power lake-oil.- 218-353- 
"327.1 overlings. P4I5GP 

SALE- 7- p loco Tii ma drum &ot. 4 Zlldjlan 
cymbalo, hoovy-duty hntdwaro, cases lor 
S1 200. Schwinn Air Dyno Of Nordic 
Track Pro Skiar lor S225. Entry door and 
screen door, 3G-or larao aquarlum/ciillar_ 
cago wild slond lor S75. GE trash com- 
pactor, oldor Soars dryor.-Jadios' otonor 
noil clubs- or lovosonl lor S50. Small 
kltchon iab.lo with 2 cluilrs. 4 bar slools> 
dining room and.onlry light. Illo cabinets, ■ 
3-pioco luggngo sot. bun wlinckor, Wob- 
or koillo gull or comploio parakool cago 
lor S25. Largo sand box liro for Iron, 601- 
2128. T21S4p 

Juno 30, July 7, 1090 • 



Minnesota Statutes Chapter 333 

1 . Assumed nnmo undor whkih Iho busi- 
ness is or will b"o — conducted :" Cum p 'a 
Custom Remodeling 

2. Addross ol principal placo ot busl- 
noon: Rt- 2 Box 228, Thiol River Falls, MN 

' 3. Nnmo nnd oddross of all persons con- 
ducting businoss undor tho abovo Ansumod 
Nnmo; Robort E. Camp. Rt 2 Bo* 228, 
Thlet Rlvor Fallt, MN 58701. 

4. I corlily'thal I am authorized to sign 
this cortillcuto and I lurthor comfy lhat I 
undorotond that by signing this corttllcalo. I 

a— I. 

Residents on IVIain 

Red Lake Ij^ulsN'IN • 218-253-4352 

-.^van.aiu.i; NOW- 

• Affordable. Spacious 3 -Bedroom Apis. 

~.Vi3edioom S3V5-S405 

• Convenient Downtown Location 

• On-She Managers 

■ Some Income Resliiciions' .Qo Apply 

-CALL Becky or Dcnisc 218-253-4352 

ADULT MALE looking lor lawn mowing 
jobs in and around tho Thiol Rivor Falls 
urea. G81-1191. P0t54p 

FOR SALE- Mac IlX and 21." Monp- 

rtrpmo monilor: Mac I II a fd m°no ; _ ^^ - ( ■ - oi ^ 

chromo pcrlrnl monitor Mac II s. ? ntJ-l4 ir ? M lnrwsota Slatulos section 609.48 

..color monitor; Mac SE 30 and 15 mono- 
chromo monitor. Conlacl John Matir™ "* 


Of Thief River Faljisf. 

SummerField Place has 
2-bedroom - 2-bath 
apts. available in the . 
multi-family general 
occupancy townhouses 
on Wcistview Ave. 



. =W~ ^^ _.. . M ... 

Aim-nltk's IiicIikIc Indlvlduiilly ciiiilrolled' hcjiUn^-^ml^; 
c,n.)l,i«. wiislitT/ilrjurlii^iich iipurlmuiil as well iw,dl«h^3 
wiiNlivr. nilcmwiivv, runKC. rcrriKcrutor, lOKt.- drsposid.}], 
<;urtit;c iivnlliiMi-. Hoatand wmt-'r paid. - - :: r'-^i 

Call 218-681-5194'*%^ 


f^Rooling And Vinyl Siding, 


Rummage Sales 

_ S~ATURD"AYrilULy"10rNorthWofltTrnltbr 

Coun Lot 70. Cloihos for tho lurgor wom- 

on, 9-4p.m, 1lS4p J— 

GARAGE SALE- Frl.. Sat- Sufi. 8/.m'.-6 ' 
p.m.. 1514 Cartway bohind Northland VII- 
Ingo. mlcrowavo. dlshos. books. 1l54p 
HUGE MOVING Sola- Juiy'O&tO, B-5. 
1012 E. 3rd Slroai. Fumiluro. poltory, 
knlckhnucks. antlquoo. kids to adult cloih- 

ing, toys. Ions of misc. 1l54p 

THURSDAY, JULY 8th. 8-5. 304 N. Oak 
Avo., (across from eollaga), clothing, 
t. misc., Avon products. 1l54p 

RUMMAGE SALE- Thursday, July Q, B 
a.m. -3 p.m., Davidson Drlvo. Household, 
curia ins, bedding, children 's clothing, cor 

1 Bool, »54p : . 

GARAGE SALE- Friday, July 9th.' 7 a.m.- 
6 p.m.. Saturday. July 10th, 7 to 12 noon. 
416 Moplo Avo. S. Children/young 
toen/adull doming. Lllllo Tykos car, 
child's car soul, tol's bod Ira mo and 
household misc. 1l54p 

all stainless stool. Provon to outlast mild 
siool lurnacos. Guarantood lawpst pric- 
es. Financing. 1-800-446-4043. Mahno- 

mon. 7611c ' .. 

WE NOW oiler color coplosl Thiol Rlvor 

'Falls Tlmos - Northom Watch, 324 Main 
Avonuo North. 681-4450. 73tfo - ■ 
FOR SALE- Electric motors ot various 
slios. 110- and 220-volls. 1/12 h.p. lo 1- 
1/2 h,p. Contact John at Tho Tlmos, 324 

. Main Avo. N„ TRF. 30J 1P 

COLLECTORS- WE still hovo a low cop- 
los ol Tho Timos Contonnlal odillon avail- 
able. SI. 00 par copy. Tho Times, 324 
Main Avo. N.. .Thiol Rlvor Falls, MN 
56701. 341lo ■ 

-FLOOR HEAT walor tubing. High quality, 
lowost prlcas. Easlor Installation. Call tor 
Iroo quolos. Financing, www.mlko shoot- ii» ■■ i 


31llc ; ■ 

ntgnod this co rtlllcoto undor oath. 

•s-.RobarlE. Camp 
Robort'E. Camp. Ownor 
Namo and daytlmo lolophono number of 
a contact pprson: Robort E. Camp (218) 
6898529 ' ' 

Datod; Juno 3, 1999. 

OARAGE SALE- Llttlo Tlkos kitchon,. 

sing-along tapo playor. gamos, books, P4154p 

puzzlos lor loddlors lo loons, children's ^ ^ ^^— • 

Halloween coslumos. stuttod animals, />„.>.-, QorvlrpQ 

wall docor. baratools. lots of misc. Horns. ^USIOm Services 

Cloihos, oxcollonl condition, many brand 

nnmos. Boss, JNCO. CK. Polo and olh- 

FOR SALE- 14' Bulior building, disman- 
tled, no rust, mako ollor. call 904-5142. 


QIS795. 12 monllV12.000 mllo warranty • 
w/oxch. on robultdnblo coro. Installations ' 
und lowing avaiiablo. 'Don's- Machlno _ 
Shop, Fosston, MN. 80O-44S-151B. 17WC 
FOR SALE- Electric motors. 1/4-h.p, lo 
7-1/2 h.p. Soo us for all your oloctric mo- - 
tor needs. Floot Supply, Call 681-2850. 

47llc ■ 

AIR CONDITIONING- 1-1/2 ion duclloss 
mini split packages Blurting al $1,095. 
--New window A/C'a also avaiiablo In 4 dlt — 
foiont slios. Nolson Hoat « Air. TRF, 449- 

4141. P815Bp ; 

FOR SALE- Varloty-ol windows, doors _i 
and 60-amp. luso box with fusos. good 
for hunting cabin or garago. Call altor 
4:00p.m,.2ia-294-60OO. P4tS4p 
FOR SALE- Antique loys. Call 964-5142. 

Juno 30. July 7, 1999 



Mlnnoiata SlntuUa Chaplar 333 

1 . Assumed namo under which tho busi- 
ness Is or will bo conductod: United 
Satellite' Servlco Group 

2. Addiosa ol, principal placo of bu sl- 
noss: HC 3 Box 40, Karlstad, MN 8*732 

3. Namo and addross ol all parsons con- 
ducting businoss under tho above Asoumod 
Namo: Harold Bag rial I, HC 3 Box 40, 
Karlatad, MN 56732 ' 
4. 1 cortlly that I am ouihortiod to sign this 

'coniltcoto and l.funhor certify thai I under-. 
stand that by signing ihls cortilicaio, I am 
■Subject to tho pormilios ol perjury as sal. 
lorth In Minnesota. Stttvtaa Boclion 603.40 
nn ii i had signed this cortidcoto undor oath. 

___ -s-. Harold E.Bagnalt 

Harold E. Bagnall 
Namo and daylimo lolophono number ot 
a contact person: Harold Bagnall (218) 436- 

'3201or(21B)fla9-5815 ' 

Datod: Juno 14. 1999. , 

"3uno 30. July 7,14, 1999, 


Court File No. 

Qulot Tlllo Action 

il, or lie 



In Iho real ostalo dascribod ) 
In tho Complaint horoln.— )- 
Dofondants.. ) 


You. and oach ol you. aro horo by sum- 
mon od and roquirod to unawor Iho 
Complaint ol the plaintiff In tho abovo-onu- 
tlod action, which Complaint has boon filed 
In tho ottlco ol tho Court Administrator, In Iho 
City ot Thiol Rlvor Falls; County ol 
Ponnlngton. State ol Mlnnosota, and to 
copy ol your Answer lo sold 

oraV Friday; July 9lh"," starts "at 7 a.m. nnrJ". tj a i/commorcial." Specializing In" as phaH _ T Complaint upon tho subscriber at his oKlco - FHONo. 


Croat Countaling Contorl . 
olAmenea. Stop cotiociar 
calls. Lower pointionis A In. 
Froo debt contoh- 

Call this newspaper for 

Information oh how to place 

your ad In this space. 

Soturduy. July 10th. 7 o.m.-l p.m.. 
miles ooulh ol TRF on Hwy. 32. Is! loll 
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BIG SALE- July 10th, 7:00 a.m. lo 4:00 
p.m.. 108 Countryside Trailer Court, 

' many nico things. 2155p 


OAS AND woodbumlng Ilroplacos and 
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wood stovos and Insorts. masonry Ilro- 
placos, wood-oil lurnacos. financing, 
www, ml, Mahnomon, 1- 

B0Q-44B-4043. 31Hc 

PENTIUM 233MHZ computer, like now, 
only usod ono yoar. 24X CDROM, 33K 
modom. Iloppy drlvo. S800.00, 21B-2S3- 
4827. P4tSSp 


With Scandinavian, Qer- 
mon, Europnan;- South 
American, Asian Hiah 
School oicnange students 

and woodon shako jhlngloa. Toor-oll and 
roplacomant Froo ostimalos, rotorono 
DS/worrantlos/lnsurod. No job too big or 
I. TRF, 681-3879. P12l57p 


Chapter 7: $400 


Uncontested: $250 . 





Crod.1 proWoms? Consoli" 
MlodoBW! Snmedayap' 
provnl. Cut moolWy pny- 
ments to 50*-. Qocoma 
dabt Imo, No nnplicniiao 


B7fl. 1 



Sinn your own bu&.no»s. 
Montfieiiblahauni. Enjoy 
Ireo 080*12^053 



iblp.pny- FLORALDES1GN, 

Upuolo St, Cloud tocnlion 


Toreliruinco. ..Loworyour tJQnoi 

"monmry pnymontsr Pay oti* 

I. Got 

purl a need do- 

> troth Woo* will- 

«o lewQfh *■"> <**)" loM— 
**-- "-— ' Good pay and 

Auuro S 1 1 0.05VMI.: Olylot 
(Roundup, Bifernallvo) 
i stamipto33e: — to r . TOMsCAcc e r n 12 7 ,2 0/- 
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077/283 K)03._Puf«ull. 10, lO/oi.: Raplor > 


Truck Linos. Rolrtsornied 
hnulino "51,000 wgn-on 


Save big on huge Itrxsr 
OD. tamtrysUed pool orVy 
S92B11I Includes sundeck, 
tsneo & Mer. 100% flnanc- 



cash lor any reason. Can DenolriB. Julio/owner: 





Tho City ot Wfllipalon. ND 
(pop. 9.8001 Ii Booking nn 
aggf ossiyo npociantt in r 


'Anolriot pay Incmase. 
'OTR * Drlvo more mlloi, 

.... .... BBB/460-. . 

Mortgage Plus Equity & 
Loan Corp. LicontodMort- 

Sago Bank. Mlnnosota 
FECT CREDIT? „„. ,.._._ 

Noed debt eonsolidniiont nomic dovoiopmonl lo ... 
Can Crwio MnrUinnun io — mi cny-CouncHjMUi eco- 

gel ItM linanonl toliot you norrnc A industrial develop' 

nood ihreugh our innova- moni.rocniiimanl.tWandai 

iwe rosldonHnl mongnpa.' packaging. BusinesBroton- 

retinanco proo'ams. Cull iion A uipnniion, i urtwn 

■n0wtBOTKM-3273.OI!»9- lorwwnl. AppficohtB mull 

ThoChauManriaiianCor' hnvo 5 yonrs ot Incrnasing ' RIVERS 

poraWxt-AllngrilsroBOrvod. retpentibiUty in community Many 

Equal Housing Lender. A economic development: -■ 

luivo nWily lo dovoiop S 

"HOMEOWNERS" matnrain good woiMng re. 

Use oqmiy.ln homo. Cast; ~~~ — " " 

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available end motor Irelghl 

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samples ol lesl-seisng ami- 
ronmontal Item to schools, 
dturcties ft noa-pront oraa- 
nliatlonsl 0BBV310-2B33. 

tastforonyrmnonl Allerodd oovommeni W 

welcome. Post bontuwil- valopois; 1 r— ■ 

"CIO B-OlC— BOO&4 9-634 3 ; — wtHW — * — 

Moitgago. Ami 

Dtoomlngton, MN. C 

tree aaalyait. mem toola: A 

" irovolainoeaituirylocarry 

FREE"FREE"FREE" oulroeruitmenlrosponnuiil- 

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driven Encollonl pey a 
benelits. HomewoeUy. Can 
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'MN. www.snuccom. 

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bottom ol organic 

. Sentinel DuUngs.1100'327- 
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dudes Slfl.OOO ol prodi 


Auditor, City Hi , 

St. N.. Wehpolon. ... 

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for making cards. Pro-pockagoa with 

pricos storting at $2.50 plus lax tor a 

package ot r K -" "~* '" *'"" 

In Iho City of Thiol Rlvor Falls, Minnesota, 
withlri twenty (20) days oftar tho sotvlco ol 
this Summons upon you. oxctusrve ol Iho 
dayol sorvlce: and If you loll to answer iho 
Complaint within the time aforesaid, Iho 
plaintiff will apply to tho court lor tho rollol 
demanded In tho Complaint and take Judg- - 
mont tharalor against you. 

You am lurthor nottllod lhat Iho UUe to 
thai certain raal property lying In and being 
in the County ol Ponnlngton, State ol 
Minnesota, described as follows, lo-wlt: 

Lot Two (2) of Block TWO (2), 
Bamlck'a Second Addition to the City Ot 
Thief Hlv-r Falls. , 

la affected, involved, and brought In ques- 
tion thereby, and that tho object ot said 
action la to dolotmlno that the piaJntlfl Is Iho 
ownor, In lea simple, ol said premises, and . 
thai you, end each ol you, novo no interest 
or oatato (herein or lion Ihoroon, and that no 
personal claim Is made ogalnsl you. or any 
of you. 
' Oatod this 1 6th day ol Juno, 1 999. 



-s- Mtchaol L Jomenson 


Attorneys For Plaintiff 

IIBWost Second Street- 

PO Box 506 

Thief Rlvor Fells, MN.56701 

(218) BB1-4002 

Atty. Reg, No. 18B144 


shoots B-1/2XS-1/2- Also, 




Juno 30, July 7, 14. 21. 2B, August 4. 1999 
ING. ' 

hoi occurred In tho'condluons ol tho follow- 
ing described mortgago: 

OATCOFJm-RIQAQEiAuauaL7a991 :,_AddiUorj, 


AtORTQAGE: $21,019,00 


Christophor J. Dahlin and Bronda S. Dahlln 

MORTGAGEE: Norwost Mortgage. If*- ' 

Filed lor record In tho olflco .ol iho 
Ponnlngton County Roeordor, Pennington 
County, Minnesota, on August 7.-1091, as . 
Document No. 135384 (Book 226 ol. 
Records, pago 239): which mon gaga was 
subsequently assignod to Horbourton 
•Mongogo Co.i-L.P..- by Asslgnmont of 
Mortgage datod September 15. 1995. and 
tiled for record on November 13, 1995. as 
Document No. 148710 (Book 200 ol 
Records, pago 449); which mongago was 
subsoquantly assignod to Sourco Ono 
Mongago. Services Corporation, by 
Asslgnmont ol Mortgago datod March 1, 
1997,nnd Mod for record on May 23. 1998. 
"as Docunibhl No.' 153734"IBMlf"28tT of.- 
Racords, pago 318). _„-. 

TY South Twenty-Six Foot (S.26') ol Lot 
Ono^l) and all ol Lot Two (2), Bloc* Six (6). 
Townetto of Rod Lako Rapids, according to 
tho official plat thorool on record, now a part 
ol the City of Thiol Rlvor Falls, Ponnlngton 
County, Minnesota. . 

LOCATED: Ponnlngton 

GAGEE: S_0.e03.99 

THAT prior to tho commoncomonl of this 
mortgago foreclosure procoodlngt mort- 
gagee compiled with all nottco roqulromonts 
as roquirod by statute: 

THAT no action or proceeding has boon 
instltulod at law or othorwiso to rocovor tho 
dobl securod by said mortgago, or any part 

PURSUANT to Ihe power of solo con- ■ • 
lainod in oald mongago, tho abovo 
. doscrfbed property will bo sold by tho Sheriff 
ol said county as loltows: 


PLACE OF SALE: Lobby ■ ot Iho ■ 
Ponnlngton County Low Enforcement 
Corner, Thief Rlvor Falls. MN 56701, lo pay 
tho debt securod by said mortgago and 
laxos. It any, on said premises and the costs 
and disbursements. Including sltomey's 
loos allowod by law subject lo radomplion 
within six months Irom Ihe dato ol said sale 
by the mortgagorls), tholr personal ropre- 
sontaUvos or assigns. 


Datod: Juno 23, 1999 

Mortgago Services Corporation 
Aaslgnoo ol Mortgago 
Northwool Legal Servicos, P.A. 
by: Rolf A. Undberg 
3001 Metro Drive, Sulto 130 
Bloomlngton, Minnesota 55425 
Attorney* for Aaslgnoo ol Mortgogoo 

Wednesday, July 7, 1999, 





Page 21 


Juno23,30,Juty'7, 1009 



Gordon Johnson, Murlol ) ' 
Johnson, David A. ) 

Portocto, Jr„ Patty Anderson,) 
Ralph CHmscheld, Angaliqua ) - 
E.OImscheld, and also aU ) SUMMONS 
other persons claiming any ) 
right. tWo, ostato or Intorost ) 
or Uon In the real property ) 
described in the Complaint ) 



WHEREAS, agriculture hos-lew other 
profitable options beyond CRP In Iho fore- 

WHEREAS 25% of the total tillabla 

CRP program: and 

WHEREAS some form ol financial roliel 
to 'aimers In need ttUs spring: and 
■ WHEREAS acceptance ot all qualifying 
bids In the 18th sign up will put Bio county- 
total tillabla acres in Ihe CRP program at or 
near 38.0 percent, 

tho Pennington County Board ol 
.Commissioners do hereby support and 
.request that an CRP off ars tukon during the 
18th sign up period, which quality under lod- 
eral guidelines, be accepted Into the pro- 

Dofondants. ) " . BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that Ihe 
Pennington County Board of 

THE STATE OF MINNESOTA TO THE Commiaalonors requostt the Farm Servlco 

ABOVE NAMED DEFENDANTS: Agoncy to remove the 25% county cop, 

You are hereby summonod and required allowing ft* access by Pennington County 

to sorvo upon Plalntlffe attorney an Answer (armors to the CRP program from sold 18th 

to the Complaint which Is on file In the office sign up period. 

ol the Court Administrator ot Ihe above- Dr. Jay Lettch, Leon Heath, Chartos Fritz 

named Court, within twenty (20) days after and Dr. Denver ToWvor met with the county 

service ol this Summons upon you, exdu- board lo discuss what the- county board 

stvo of the dayol service. If you loll to do so, would like to see In the Land Use Plan, 

judgment by default will be taken ogalnsl Commissioner Jonsen lathe prtndplo point 

-June23, 30, July7, 1099 



In the Matto> of the Wetlort. of; K. R. 0„ 






A petition having boon filed In this Court . 
(or the Termination of Parental Rights to tho 
child described above: 

That Ihe above-entitled matter has boon 
sol for en odmH/dony hearing on a Potltlon 
for Termination ot Parental Rights on July 
19, 1999 at 2:00 p.m.. before the presiding 
Judge ot tho Ponnlngton County- 
Courthouse, Thief River Falls, Ponnlngton 
County. Minnesota 56701. Failure to appear " 
you may havo In regard to the abovo-cap- 
Uoned mottor. 

Doled: Juno 17. 1999. 

-a- Dennis J. Murphy 
.._... . Judge of District Court 

Juno 30, July 7, 1099 
' Notice I* hereby given that pursuant to 
Minnesota Slaluto §41£S51 and pursuant 
lo a resolution of the City Council ot the City 
ol GoodrkJge, adopted June 24, 1099, the 
City Council wWhokJ a public hearing at tho 
Senior Ctturons building, City al Goodrtdge, 
County ol Pennington and Stala ot ■ 
Mlnnosota, on tho 16th day ot Jury, 1999, at 
7:00 o'clock pjn. to hear all tnlorostod par- 
Uos and citizens roror against the vacation 
ot the alley south of Lot 16. Block 3 of the 
First Addition to Goodrtdge, botwoon the 
wost line of said Lot extended to tho south 
lino ol sakf Addition and the east Hno of sold - 
Lot extended to Ihe south Una of said 

you lor tha raliat demanded In tho 

This action Involves, affects or brings In 
question real property situated In the County 
of Ponnlngton, Slate of Mlnnosota, 
described as (oJlows, lo-wlt: 

Lots Twelve (12) and Thirteen (13), 

contact, for Donvor Tolllvor and 
Associated (or Ihe purposes ol di s cus sing 
the Und Use Plan. 

, Tho county board then dscussed with 
Leon Heath the nood for a survey, ot the 
larger employers on the need lor housing. 
Commissioner Swanson moved, seconded 

Block Sixteen (18), In the Townslte of by Commissioner Jensen to request the 
Red Lake Rapid*, now a pott of the Northwest Regional Development 
City of Thief River Falls, according to Commissioner do a survey of major omptoy- 

tfw OffteUI Plat thereof . 

Tho object ot this action Is to obtain Judg- 
ment that plaintiff, Clarence Amlot, la Ihe 
owner In lee simple: 

Lots Twelve (12) and Thirteen (13), 

Commissioner Naplln discussed the 

_ _ _ problems with Bio dead animal pickup sor- 

Block Sixteen (10), In the Townslt* of vice. The rendering plant has cut the price II 
Red Lake Rapids, now ■ part of the Is paying from 2 cents per pound to .5 cents 

Sr pound. The trucker now has a load thai 
win lose $600.00 on If he hauls the load 
to Parkors Prairie. Commissioner Naplln 
moved, seconded by Commissioner Jensen 
that tho Pennington County Board agrees to 
pay $120.00 or one-fifth of the 5600.00 to 

_ ., reimburse the hauler to deliver tho load of 

s- Defray Sparby dead enbtuus to the rendering plant if the 
Oelray Sparby other counties also agree to share In thai 
Attorneys far Plaintiff cost Motion unanimously carried. 

" Joan Attercromblo met wtth the county 

board regarding the Housing Rehabilitation 
Grunt awarded to Pennington County lor the 

,__, ... six townships In the eastern end-ot the 

Atty. id. No. 183308 county. The award was for $470,000.00 and 
Is estimated to fund 30 homes. Aftor release 
of the funds we can start taking applications 
and the applicants wM be dona on a firs! 
come first serve basis. A committee wtn 
noed to be established to review tho appU- 
to see that was decided 

City of Thief River Falls, according to 

tha Official Plat thereof on record, 

and that aald defendants have no estate or 

, Intorost therein 'or lien Ihoroon In regard to 

the above described real property. 

Datod this iflth day ot June, 1090. 


312 North Main Avenue 

PO Box 574 

Thiot Rlvor Folia. MN 56701 


July 7, 1099. 





Pursuant lo adjournment the Ponrtlngton that one county commissioner and one 

-County Board of ComrnlSBlonorrmol In the --tcrwnshlp- supervisor- hxm -each- tcmmsWp- 
Pennlngton County Courthouse In Thief would make up that committee. 

Mdmbors absent none. 

Multi-County Housing Rehabilitation 

As duly advertised the county board . Association endorsing the Housing 
opormlbfbs tor CP 57-09-07 (seal coaling). " "~ " — ' — ""■ '— " "" 

The county orrgfnoar then met with tha 
.county board and made a roccmmendatJon 

, to ewardAstech Corp. the bkJ tor seal coati 

opened bkts for CP 57-99-06 (truck, box, Ing. Cornmlsaloner Naplln moved, seconded 

_ MorrlsrMN'$f39,57G.19rand-Caldwott 
Asphalt Co, Hawick. MN $146,494.17. 
- As duty advertised the county -board 

Boyer Ford Truck, Inc., Minneapolis, MN, 

The county engineers offloo wtn chock 
all bids for accuracy and return with the 
results this afternoon at 1 :45 pjn. 

Commissioner Jensen moved, second- 
ed by Commissioner NopRn to table the bid 
on CP '57-99-06 (truckl until March 23, 
1999. Motion unanimously carried. 

Commissioner Jensen moved, second- 

John LoMoino met with the opunty board ed by Crxrimlsslonor Cornstock to advertise 

todUcusa Ihe procedure to obtain a liquor for PonrWngtonCaaity Wghwoy 

e tor a proposed liquor establishment 

at the fWcc*Twr of tho imorsectkmrt Trunk hour. Motion uiwnunousry canted. 

of $7.00 per 

empkryeeaattheradeof$7.00per Woodmen 

Highway #59 and C.SAH. #3. The county 

Commissioner Swanson inoveet, sec- 

Btlomey referred tothe pertinent Minnesota coded by Commissioner Jensen to autho- 
statutes and provided Mr. LoMoino wtth the rtxo the county onglneef to grant employees 
requirements. No further action was taken a leave of absence) without pay tor short 

Jim Steenerson representing the Intor- 

i per personnel policy, 
n uriorsmousty earned. 
The fbBmvtng resolution was Introduced 

riling Intor-C 

. ncauuj i lun , 
WHEREAS, County State Ak> Highway 

.e Program. The '«4doujrkxatadextrerrK»ydunYxjth*s 

purpose of the program la to koepfamlDes In of 1998; and 

thelrhomes during a time of crisis. .Then* WHEHEAS. nKonattuetion of the hkjh- 

lowtng way. wBI reo^ilre.replocernent of various 

n>soluikMwuaitfl>o\JC«dbyCcmmkuloner wetenvay operilnga through approaches; 
Naplln, seconded by Commissioner — 

Swanson and upon vote w 


WHEREAS, the approach off of County 
State Aid rfkjhway #24 unto County Road 
fSB contains a waterway opening referred 


-p — -— ■— — ■—^'CUT-OUTANDSAVE' ^— — -- 
, Call 964-5237 For... 

Council, the City ot Goodrtdge 
By: -a- David L Brawn 
David L Brown. Mayor 


We Have Heated Ready Mix For 

Year Around Jobs, 




Court Flkt No. 

In Rs: Batata of Ervln Eldo Voecks, 

St Hllalre, MN 




FREEDOMIt From your rwnrl lo m 

Earn S5-10lfmO. P/T, No Offering your tnby Ic 

100^ support and- Ligo''1«'.l« J - 

iionai Falls. MN 
Bircndalo. Pome Inning, 
hunl'no. Four S'ncio plus 
WtsrWS.OOO oath- 21BV 
2B5-7 502 or 2 1 1 W44jTO6B. 

12-lamlly; $20.05 ft S/H. 
Telescopic poios/accesso' 
des available. Froocatslog. 
Order lodayl Call: 

BfsTfTEO . . 


Honda Outboards. New 

crated. 40 trim. . . S3,495.- 
40 non-trim... $3,105. 23 
' TWer eledrtc . . $2,505. 
BOO/30 1-2028, 



For Saturday Delivery Of Ready Mix, Catf Frfifiy I . DESCENTOrPROPEITtY 

RADIO DISPATCHED TRUCKS \ The petnton of Terry Voecks. dated June 

NOJOTTOTBrOCflTOOSMALU " I 28, 1999. having been filed hi this Court rop- 

sn__-' sTssar^e. . rosentlng that the above named necedenl[s) 

CQHCP K ' l 'K~MCe- 1— njia-nTaMlbeen'O^iadforiTnOTthun three- 

- ' -yeans leaving certain proporty therein 

last wW of each decedent, It any, and the 
descent of said property be determined and 
assigned by the Court to the persons onti- 
. tied thereto. 


Uon be heard ontheZrthoay ot July, 1999. 
at 10:00 p'dock a.m. by the abovo named 
Court at Thlet River Falls. State ol 

■ CONCRETE INC. oi. niiaire, win , 

Did You Know You Can Search For Products 
' AndSerMicerWbrtdwideEvenlfYouDon'f 
Have Internet Access! 

Classifieds by Phone 
1-800-FREE-LIST (1-800-373-3547) 
, Ifyou are hway from your 
zTTTComputerror-Tor ihoi*r^- 
without Internet access, you 
can have the results of your 
classified search Taxed or 
; rtinjlnl to you for free! 

fT IS FURTHER ORDERED that the peU- 
ner pnworloed by M.SA 524.1-401 to aU 
persons emitted to notice pursuant to 
M.SA 524.3-403 and lo aU persons who 
have fttsd a demand for notice pursuant lo 
M.S A 824-3504. 

Da tod; June 3 0, 1999 ' 

. -"---■■- -UOTMROEHSON. Judge '■ 
(COURTSEAL) * -w Barbara 
Clerk Barbara Bo Ito 
MJchsoll, linrgnnnnn , 

119 West Second Street 
Thlet Rlvor Falls, MN 58701 

WHEREAS, Ihe need for homeless pre- ' to as Bridge #12454; and 

ventlon and assistance exists In Pennington 
County; and . V . . 

WHEREAS, Inter-County Community 
Council desires to administer tho Minnesota 
Housing Finance Agency's Family 

WHEREAS, tho structure consists ot a 
structural. steel piata .wtth. dknanaions. ol.. 
18*10"Xff4' with aMthelency raoncj ot 62.7; 

WJlEREAS, ft Is anticipated that upon 
Homeless Prevention 'and Assistance— rnovernerttthtestnKAmwUtal:and '•- 
Program In accordance wtth an applicable WHEREAS, the replacement ot the 

State and Federal rep*patJons: and ■ existing structure wtth a resiforced concrete 

WHEREAS, In order to sckrtnistar the pipe arch wtth dknenalons of 3910 mm X 
program, ft la necessary tcrlntsr^ounty 2460 mm, prwrldes a waterway area equal 
_Ccrr»^ axtsUnp; structure, and — «—«h 

approval algned by iWPetii*igton Courrty* "coettforroplaee»nertare»^4S.0IXW». 
BoanlofCcmnWskmerewrmlh^ NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED. 

Housing RnancaAosncy; and- by" the Board of Commissioners of 

^__THE^REliORfctB6rrtRESC4J/ED^Jhat ParmlntfravCourrtv. thai 'thev dhact tha 

InterCounty ComrrwnlV-CourK^la.aulhor wurnv.englneei 

rtzedto; . - . ■ proposed, and- seek funding assistance 

.. 1. aubmtt a proposal to tha Minnesota through the Mlnnaaota .Irepartmanl of 
frouabw Finance Agency tor funds fromthe' Transportation through their. Fund 20 
Family, Hornolesa Prevention and Program.' ■ 

Assistance Program to assist people In Cernrnlsskxtor Swanaon ra^rlewad 

Ponnlngton toznty: ehangaa needed In the ccrattha^ of the 

2. Administer the Family Homeless minimum security faculty that Included 

■ Prevention .and Assistance Program In replacing entry doors wtth new aluminum 

. Pimntngton County. acoonJng to guidelines single entry door wtth locks iand carpet on 
andconBnp^ijpontunosbeliTigrBnled. vestibules. ' Total ooet' of changes rs 
Jkn Steenerson also dtacusaed the pes- $3,708.00.' Commlsatonaf Cornstock 
slbillty of using Community Service or moved, seconded by CornrrUssloner Napfki 
.Sentence to Servo personnel to build two to authortn YHR to draft a change order to 
rwtisesm&rfMre. Trie tots are avaiku* Include a new door, took cyte^kera, key 
but the major problem la that the State swt^cen^andlrsitalatkwonve^ 
Depaitmern^Corrsctiona wants Ihembullt f«atoWt»etolS3,7p8fX).Motk».urwmr. 
and available tor sale for »BO,000iX>. Thta mousry carried. ■ _.,'■■ 

has not been possible wtth the houses buDt - The county board then had a bnafraa- 
under this program so for. Department ot cuaalcnoflharxor^xssdlsglaiatkwtotrBna- 


MN l^uutkxi Control Agency i 
.. PENNCO has been changed to March 16, 
1999 In Detroit lakes. Howard also stated 
the SWIS PENNCO had agreed to repair 
state and to enow Less SannatJon space In 
the northeast comer of Iho count/a rxoper- 
ty. SWIS PENNCO has signed an agree- 

"-■-mow abovo eorrcWona. . 

t -and-Coiiiinlsslonar_ 

Aco^ierdworo 3897.18 

-Attru amic - Thiot Rtvor Falls 4144.13 

American Business Form $1,093.79 

Association Minnesota Counties... 44 95.00 

Bear Graphics... ,...:, 4399 81 

Benjamin's Rostauront ..4424.57 

Boat Western • Drover's Inn .4321.01 

Bl Monitoring Corporation ..„ S1.118.25 - 

Brodeson Supply $139,89 

CartBrozek $134 85 

Canon Financial Services Inc. .$14,452.12 

Chamber ot Commerce — $194 00 

City ot Thiol River Fans $23,587.41 

Construction Bulletin $1,561.65 ' 

D & J Radio Solos ft Service S109.77 

DAR.E. America 4284 82 

Direct Saloty Co 4369.80 

Elan Financial Services $1.01388 

Election Systems & Software 4474.13 

John EniBon — .— ..-rrzr^:4292 44 -.- 

EvansStaeICo , 4253.39 

Folia Decorators „.'..." „42. 139 89 

Farm Plan Corporation 4298.73 

Farmers Union Oil $2,912.63 

Fireetono Stores ....43442^0 

Fleet Dlstrtbuttng 4170.72 

Geno's Body Shop 421009 

Goc-Comm Corporation $1.25000 

Gerry's Appraisal Servlco 417.10000 

Green Funeral Home, inc ..4536 00 

Hartt Foods Inc. 4180.24 

HlOyard Floor Cere Supply 4946.08 

Hilton • Mlnneapous Norm $270.00 

Houston Engineering inc. S1B.7B5.O0 

Hubert Outdoor Power $100.51 

Hugo's 7 $44548 

Information Systems 

Cc«poratlon S3.766.00 

Inter-County Nursing $945355 

Donald Jensen $432.61 

Jims Sleomogkr 4788.94 

Raymond Kuznla ...: 4 204.80 

Lab Sototy Supply Inc 424758 

Lee Rumblng A Heating 435940 

Less Sanation Service -.-^ $813 68 

Main Street Standard... $165 00 

Craig Mattson _ $53447 

Melander, Meiander. 

e\ Schilling : $5,111.05 


Department of Revenue 4165.00 

Minnesota State Auditor. $3493 00 

MN Association 

of Drainage inspection 415000 

MN Rural Counties Caucus 4100 00 

MN Slate 

ShertJTsAaaoclaUon 421255 

Mcdet Laundry 418645 


Supply Company ^282.75 

Charles Napuh ._„ 4195.92 

North Country Auto Parts 4450.43 

Northland Inn .„ 4416.12 

Northwest Medical Center 45.138.92 

Northwest MN Household -4352.10 


Service Cooperative _ 444942 

Devld OUn $2,016 00 

Kenneth Olson ~ 4202.77 

Pemberton, Some, 

Rufer.Kors 48S140 

Pennington County Shertft 4111.56 

-Pe nn ing to n Feat Luba.7.....«;=.».T...Si6i.tM — 

Pennington Main ....421548 

Howard Person 41.10659 

Peterson Lumber 463647 

Pttney Bowes. Inc. $29440 

R.WJ. Inc ....: S4.050.00 

Rhke - Noonan 4210.00 

hsnSehmatt _ 4423.64 

Detton Schutt 4366.75 

Schwaab Inc. 4183 06 

SpeecTaAuto Soles $217.42 

Stralehor'e - $42800 

- Swanson Construction 4485.00 - - 

Othrer Swanson 4144 flO 

SWIS of — - — - 

Pennington Courrty LP 450756 

•The Times $1574.94 

Hank Tkachuk $ 250.00 

Tony Com, Inc. _„ „ ....471542 

Treactway Graphics 4190.01 

US. Bonk Trust NA ...447340 

Ultimate Grafts $77446 

University ot Minnesota .„ 4375.00 ' 

US Office Products „ -4270.17 

VBdng Office Products „.420744 

West [publishing .„ „ -433240 

Westsldo Motors ™ ~ 4890.92 

Wilson Brothers ...„ 41.763.91 

r^cnstrucUdn, Inc. „ — 4879.74 

YHR Furthers ...4611.18 

Zee Mectal Service 4632.08 

Zlegler, Inc ^ SJ1741 


leu than 4100O0 „.u.- JKM^.^7 

TOTAL ..— 415448842 

* Wendy Mattson and Mttch Bomeman 

J metwtm-thexo*aTtr board to dbcuse the- 
staff needed for the minimum security work 
release factty. It hea been established that 
the county win need to hire 8 fuB-Bme JaBers 
and 4 part-Ume Itllers to property stalf the 

-faciBty^Trelnlng frxthafauere wffl take place, 
the first two weeks In April endkig Aprl 16, 
.1099. The JaBeni wtn. than go. through one 
week on treWng ki tha faeUBy and help get 

' everything ready to open on April 26, 1 999. 
The open house Is scheduled tor April 24 
and 25. It was noted- that this ladBy needed 
to tun at a break even basis, as wa do not 
want to Increase our levy to cover tha added 
Commissioner Swanson moved, seo- 

.ondad .by .Corrimlssloner. Cornstock. to 
aprjrovethehirtrKjof ek]Wfull-llmeJaBe^ < 
$848 per hour and four pert-time loners tor 
$7.oa per hour. Motion unankiwusly carried. 

Wendy then dracuaaed.tho ,Bureau.ot_ 
CnnwtsJ Apprehension funrJng and plaos- 
ment of eleetrenki fingerprint I'capnin 
devkes In shsrlfTs office. The device Is. 
caBed Uveecw'Teetinolcw.,Cccr*rtssk)ner 
Cornstock to approva the BCA proposal to ; 
ptaoe a Uvescan a l e OJ onto llngenprlnt cap- 
turn device In tha Pennington County 
shertfs office at n o coat to PennlnQton , 


Tany Bayne, chief deputy sheriff gave 
and update on the K-S fund-rslslng. 
Donattona In the amount ot $9,730 havo 
been pledged out this time. Mr. Bayne 
asked to order tho cage tor the ear and per-.. 
mission to attend tho training. Hewfloon- 
tJmie to raise funds to pay the. entire 
amount ComrnkMioner Cometoek moved, 
seconded by , Commissioner Naplln to 
authorbta Terry Bayne' to purchase the K-9 
cage and attend tha training. Mcoon uoanl- 
rnouoly canted. 

Commissioner Cometoek moved, aao- 
onded by Comrrssstoner Nopsn to move 
few of the ojrreffl pert4Jme Jo»era Into ful- 
time rxertlona at the merJum rnaxtmumjal 


.^ , . Commissioner Jensen moved, second-. 



Dr. Jerry Roblchsau, superintendent of 
schools. i 

Chairperson Stove Young called the 
meeting to order and Clark Joan 'Larson 
establlaned that a quorum was present 

A motion was modo by R. Twtstol and 
seconded by B. KoJlnoakJ lo a 

agenda " " 


RepresentaUves ol the Junior class pre- 
sented a request lo tho board to consider 
holding graduation In the year 2000 oh tho 
Sunday of Memorial Day woekond, . 
Discussion was held and the students were 
askad to survey their dassmatoa to see 
what day the mojorny ot the students would 
llko lo see graduation held on. 
Superintondent Robtchoau wilt work wtth the 
students to put the survey together and will 
get Input Irom the Lincoln staff as to how 
holding graduation prior to the end ol school 
would affect somool their classes,"; 

A listing of the computer dassos that are 
being ottered lo start during the summer 
'months was dtslrtbutad. Also distributed was 
Information regarakig membership In tho 
Minnesota Rural Education Association and 
a schedule of tholr (ail .area meetings.. A 
form to nomlnsto"" Individuals for, Ihe 
Minnesota Acadamlc t Excellence 
Foundation Hero Award was made avoflsblo 
lo Bio board. Ballots for the Region l-ESV 
executive board election were avoilabla for 
completion. * 

The board approved e .resolution to 
allow tho Junior doss represontativos to sur- 
vey their doss to select a date Irom those 
suggested by the Superintendent lor gradu- 
ation In tha year 2000. The suggested datoa 
will take tnio consideration exire-currlcular 
schoduios and other factors such es avaJI- 
abUlty of the arena and Input from start and 
the afur-graduaiUn party organizers: A reo- 
ommerKtatton Is to bo brought to the board 
al their next meeting scheduled for June 28. 

The board extended their congratula- 
tions to Nicole Koport who repeated as 
champion ki tho gels Stale discus and shot 
put compotBons and to Chelsea Havlland 
who finished fourth si the Slate In Ihe 1600- 

hours/day lor 38 days ertecUve June 7-July 
30, 1999. Motion carried unanimously. 

A motion was made by L Olson and 
seconded by B. Kallnoski lo establish and 
authorize ihe administration lo post lor a ' 
part-time food sarvlco warkor for tho 
Franklin summer after-school program lor 
up to but not to oxcood 4.5 hours/day lor 36 
days offocUva June 7-Juty 30. 1999. Motion 
carriod unanimously. 

A motion was modo by L Olson and 
' seconded by B. Kallnoski to establish and 
authorize the administration to post for a 
part-time adult assistant for tha Franklin 
summer ahor-school program for up to but 
not lo exceed 5 hours/day tor 3Bdays qffoc- 
tivo June 7-Juty 30. 1990, Motion carriod 
unanimously, -•< 

. A motion was made by L. Olson and 
seconded by B. Kallnoski to establish and 
..authorize the administration to pool (or a 
~ Summer *99dUirtct vrido technology coordi- ; 
tutor for up to -out not lo exceed 40 days. 
Motion canted unanimously. 

A motion was made by L Olson and 
seconded by B. Kallnoski to approva iho 
transfer of Jeffrey Murrell from Chailongor 
Elementary School assistant principal to 
Chananger Elementary School principal 
effective July 1 , 1999, with contract as nego- 
tiated. Motion canted unanknoualy. 

A motion was made by L. Olson and 
seconded by B. Kallnoski lo opprovo tho 
employment of Donna Nolson as summer 
sarty childhood special education toachor 
for 18 hours/week affoctfvo June t4-Augus( 
5, 1999. Motion carried unanimously. 

A motion was modo by L Olson and 
seconded by B. Kallnoski to approve the 
employment of Valerie Larson as speech 
clinician ki the summer preschool program 
for 4 days/week, 3 hours/day, effocUvo June 
14- August 6, 1999. Motion carried unani- 

A motion was made by L Olson and 
seconded by 8. Kallnoski to approve the. 
employment of the fcflowtng as pupil pro- 
gram support assistants m the summer 
preschool program for 4 days/week, 3-1/4 
hours/day, effective Juno 14-August 5, 

meter run and eighth In the pole vault com* . 1099: Judy Egenes, Arlotto Oelreece, 

petitions. The board also congratulated the 
boys varsity tennis team who placed first ki 
the region and second In the State tor the. 
Minnesota Stale Tennis Academic Award. 
Team members ktctudo Andy Janlsch, Tom 
Fbgorty, Mstl Wkijum, Josh Cahoian, Darin 
Bjeiknes, Allen Boior. Bailey Nordm, Matt 
Lutovsky, Jonathsn Lofgron, Joe Brotan, 
Roy Unbehaun, Matt Dknleh and Jason 
Swenson. Their coach Is Troy Honestad. 
The board recognized Ihe following for 
recently completing their high school gradu- 
ation requirements through tho Area 
Learning Corner: Jed Brazier ot Karlstad; 
Austin Eggorud, Crystal Rlnguhg and Lane 

ArdatJe Oflerdahl. Motion carried unanl- 

A motion was made by L Olson and 
seconded by B. Kallnoski to approve the 
employment of Nancy. Kendrtckson as 
learning readiness educational assistant for 
3 days/week, 34 hours/day, effective June 
15-Juty 29, 1999. Motion carried unanl- 

- A motion was made by L Olson and 
seconded by B. Kallnoski lo approve tha 
employment of Michael CoDette as loaehor 
of the muftlr^e-harKllcapped at Challenger 
for 4 days/weekv3 hours/day, effective Juno 
-14-August 5, 1999. Motion canted unanl- 

appro xlmnloty 4-5 hours/day. Motion earned 
unanimously.. . 

A motion was modo by L. Olson and 
socondod by B. KalinoaM tt> opprovo Iho 
* omptoymont ot Linda Koushogon as bus drt- 
vor lor iho Franklin summer alior-achool 
program ofloctivo Juno 7-Juty 30: 1909, lor, 

— oximatorv ' ' "-■ '— ' * 


A motion was mado by 1. Olson and 
Bocondod by B, Kalinoskl to opprovo tho 
employment ol Tom Millor as summer 
school special oducotlon bus dnvor olfoctlvo 
Juno 14-August 5. 1999. 4 days/weak lor 
appropriately 3 hours/dny, Motion carried 
unanimously.' _ . 

A motion wos mado by L. Olson and 
socondod by 0. Kallnoski to opprovo tho 
employment ot Mary Btuggomnn as sum- 
'mer school special education transportation 
assistant otfoctrvo Juno 14-Augusl 5. 1999, 
4 days/woolUor npproximnioly 3 houm/day,— 
Mpiion carriod unanimously. 

A motion was mado by L. Olson and 
socondod by B. Kallnoski to opprovo the 
omptoymont ol tha following as. summer 
transportation assistants offDCttvo Juno'14- 
August 5. 1999. 4 days/wook lor approxi- 
mately 2.5 hours/day: Tom Millar and Mary 
Bruggoman. Motion carriod unanimously. 

A motion was modo by L. Olson and 
socondod by B. Kallnoski to opprovo Iho 
omploymoni ol Marsha Kozar as attar- 
school . sum mor program coordinator at 
Franklin offocUva Juno 1-Juty30, 1999. with 
hours not to oxcood 25VWoak. •Motion car- 
ried unanimously. 

A motion was mado by L. Olson and 
seconded by B. KallnoBkl to approve tho 
employment ol Rhonda Voltioson as aftor- 
school summer program adult assistant at ■ 
Franklin a ffoctrvo Juno 7-Juty 30. 1990, for 
up to but not .to oxcood 5 hours/day. Motion 
carried unanimously. 

A motion was mado by L. Olson and 
seconded by B. Kallnoski to opprovo Ihe 
omptoymont ol Carter Rogatla as businoss 
education toachor at Lincoln High School 
affective August 24, 1999: BS Lano, Stop 1 
with salary and benefits per contract lo bo 
nogotlaled. Motion canted unanimously. 

A motion was made by L. Olson and 
seconded by B. Kallnoski lo approve the 
omploymoni 61 Casoy McCausland as 
physics toachor at Lincoln High School 
eflecthre August 24, 1999: BS Lano, Stop 
wtth salary and benefits par contract lo be 
negotiated. Motion canted unanimously. 

A motion was made by L Olson and 
socondod by B. Kallnoski to opprovo Ihe 
omptoymont ol Anthony Dolanoy as Gorman 
toachor at Franklin Middlo School and 
Criollongar Elementary School otfoctlvo 
August 24, 1999: BS Lane. Stop wtth. 
salary and benefits per contract to bo nogo-. 

Rodohl of Thief Rhrer Fans: and Mayrna mousfy. 

McCortdo and James Stuart of Salol. The A motion was made by L. Olson and 

board thanked Dave Strand'tor" donating " seconded by B. rteOnoeki to approve the 

$100.00 lo the Challenger, playground employment ot Betty Olson aa pupil pro- 

soufpment fund. gram support assistant ki tha multiple-hand- 

Randy Twtstol reported on behalf ot the (capped program at Challenger for 4 

■ Northwest Service Co-op Board of Directors ■— daysrvreek, 3 twurs/dey, etlectrvo June 14- 

noting that the Co-op Is working wtth ABcla August 5, 1999. Motion carried unanimous- 

Hovtland and her eooioocont eating disorder ty. 

project Randy also Informed the board that Amotion was made by L. Olson and 

Rob Blankanfefcf, who works wtth the city seconded by B. Kallnoski lo approve the 

and county on cooperative purchasing and employment ot Chert Benfor-Cotlette as 

projects, has resigned. . teacher ot the vision Impaired at Challenger 

Barb KallnoskT reported on behalf ot the for 8 rJays/week, 2 hours/day, effective June 

Multi-Events Center Joint Powers Board 
Indicating they met on June 1 and noted that 
an art selection and dedication commrttssa 
are being formed. Dedication ot tho center Is 

planned for next spring,- _ 

resurfacing ot the track has been postponed 
and that reeaedrng of the tootban field Is In 

14-juty 23, 1999. MoUbn carried unanl- 

A motion. was made by L. Olson and 
seconded by B. KaHnoakl to approve the 
emplcyrrttMtfCtirtsBumham as teacher of 
the learning doubled at Challenger for 5 
days/week, 1-1/3 to 2 hours/day, effective 


A motion wos mode by L. Orson and 
seconded by B. Kallnoski to approve the 
employment ot.MaQt .Forney es basic skUJs 
reading teacher at Lincoln for 4 days/week, 
2 hours/day, effective June 21 -Jury 15, 

process. A question 

hg ISO #564* financial corrtnoution to tha 
project Thst question has been cleared up 
and it has been noted that the dkttnct has 
futflaed Its financial commftrnent to the pro- 

. Business "Manager Harry Nelson 
reviewed the recomfirandaUon to renew 
Workers' Comp. Insurance through tha 

tluiniwwlBsrvtf»rn^^rKW?1tn<fkTanrigrfilf , 

lsthethWvaaxufathra4t^«arcerr«TV^mont employment' ot Mary Forney oi'refreshor 
The rjbjtrlcfs total premium Is $6340000. rearing teacher at Lincoln for 5 days, 2 
HanysJsorevkrwsdthoreeomrwmdatJcnto . hodra/oay, effective. July 19-23, 1999. 
deed the St Htalre fire haul property to the Motion csnkKLurunkrtousty. 
Cny ot 8L Hlaire. Harry Indicated that the - A motion waa made by L Olson and 
request to purchase two new vans would seconded by B. Kallnoski to approve the 
replace two 1990 model vara and would employment of Amy Roche aa refresher 
leave the cistnW wtth two 1007 vans In aooV math taachar at Lincoln tor fi.daye* 2 
Uon to the two new ones, -K hounVday, aftecUve July 19-23, 1999. 

Superhtendent Jerry Robk*ieWlnoIcat- Motion canted unanimously. . 

~_. ^ . A motion was made by L Olson and 

seconded by B. Kallnoski to opprovo tho 
Memorandum of Agreement with Ihe Thiol 
River Falls Education Association permitting 
an exception lor sovorance pay eligibility for 
a toachor In Ihe district bocauso ol unique 
, and compelling circumstances. Motloncar-- 
ned unanimously, 

A motion was mado by L Olson arid 
seconded by B. Kallnoski to renew Workors 
Compensation Insurance with Borkloy 
Administrators as part ot the Northwest 
Service Co-op Retro Plan for the period . 
from Jury 1. 1 999, through Juno 30, 2000, at . 
a deposit premium of $83,300.00. Motion 
. carried unanimously. 

A motion was mado by L Olson and 
seconded by B. Kallnoski lo deed the fol- 
lowing properly lo tho City ol St. .Hllalre as. 
per terms of loaso dated Novombor 29, 
19B2: Lots Eleven (11) and Twelve (12) ol 

had been raised regard- Jury 12>August- 20, 1999. Motion carried Block Forty (40), aigkul Townstlo of 

Hllalre, according to tha Official Plat, thereof 
on fHe end of record in the Office ot the 
Register of Deeds In and for sold County 
and Slats. Motion carried unonknousty. 
A motion was made by L. Olson and 

purchase of two new vena for Ihe trans- 
portation department. Motion carriod unani- 

A motion was made by L Olson and 
seconded by 8. Kallnoski to approve mem- 
bership m the Minnesota Rural Education 
Association tor tho 1999-2000 school yoar, 
Motkyi carried unanimously. 

ondod by R. Twtstol to approve the perfor- 
mance review system for the Thlet River 
- Fans Public Schools aa presented. Motion 
carried unanimously. 

Amotion waa made by C.Clark and ar- 

the agenda for approval would put a com- - ascended by B. rOulnoekl to approve the ondedrryJ.Ursontoaccerrttheraslgnation 

prshensrve rjrogrm Into rjlacal^ 

htherastrkl Mr. Ftooteheou also reported 'readfng/rnath teacher. at Franklin for 5 School offectivo Jury 9,1 999, wtth a letter ot 

.. - n _ ~-_ „. 'reerang/rnath „„.._. . ._ 

thai the prtrxdpeta end staff si the bua^^ davsVweek, 4 howB/day, effective June 7- 
ara actively Intarvkrwtng for the orjenpoal- Jury 1B, 1999. Motion earned unanimously. 
bona In tho dkttrkt As we begin preparing A rw>bon was made by l_ Olson and 
gooMjorJtM-Uproriung school yoar and ' seconded by B. Kallnoski to approve the 
tjeyocTd.SurjLRoWcneeijrsvkrwedeomert empkwmentotBorwitohsrknlasbaskisklt^ 
the Issues we need to consider aa we pre-, readtng/math teacher at Franklin for B 

.,_._ ^ days/rreek, 4 hounvoay, eftective June 7- 

Juty 18, 1999. Motion canted unanimously. 

Amotion was made by L Olson and 

seconded by B. Kaflnoskl to approve the 

pare studenta to begin the new cetttury. 
These Issues Include penormanoe stsn- 
rJards, e*rrneulurri. Instruction, assessment 

schoot-corrrrrssitty rotations, governance, 
teecher leecenmto and dhttrtd leadership. 

< Amotion was made by L Otaon and 
seconded by B. KaDnoeW to approve tho 
rranutea of the May 24, 1999, regular board 
meeting. MolUncshledunantrnoualy. 
. — u ._ ., uy l_ ojgQfi md 

n was made by L. Olson ond ■ 

oppredaUon to bo sent tor hta 27 yeare ot 
service In Independent School District #584.' 
Motion carried unanimously. 

A motion waa made by L Olson end 
seconded by R. Twtstol to accept the reslg- 
notion of Roberta Welgend as teacher at— 
Challenger Elementary School effective 
June 8, 1900, with a tetter of eppreclaUon to 
be sent for her 10 years m service k> 
Independent School District #564, Motion 
carried unonimousiy. . 

— Amotion was mode by C. Clark and sec- 
onded by M. Spears to eliminate the follow- 
ing warning readkwss positions effective 
the end ot tho 1098-99 school year: one 
learning roadnoss position at up to but nol 
to exceed 1.450 noura and subject to 

..._„, _. ...... ...... „ change baaed on enrolment: one learning 

learning Certef teacher In the TRFsltefor readkiesa teachetrcoordkutoc ooelUon for 

* ^ — ....... _ i. — .j... ^.— ^ to j^j not io exceed 1,170 houraand— 

subject to change based on enroomont; and 
post the fcflowtng positions for the 1999- 
2000 school yean 195-doy dean ot students 

ens^toyment ot Wayne Johansson-as Area 
lAsinlng Center r»c<rJnatorAsactier In the- 
TRF arts for B weeks. 4 rJaysAveek, 8 
rrours/day, affective June 21 -August 12, 
1999. Motion r*rrled isiarwnousry. 

: A' mobon was made by L Olson and 
seconded by B. KalhoskJ to approve the 
employment of Angle Hoglo as Area 
. Learning Center teacher ki the TRFsttofoL 
4 weeks, 4 days/week, a hours/day, etfec- 
. the Jane 21^ 10, 1999. Motion canted 
unanimously. . 
byB.rfaahoekl to' accept the roe— Amotion waa made by L.ptaon and 
tTamara " _ ™ — " "~''~ ' "~ J """ ~ ■*— — " - 

a MaBkcwsM aa physical seconosd by a ruiJInoskl to- approve Ihe 

.j — i^— , ^- --BmploymBrrt' of~Pater Solerpj-r- » 

Laernhg Center teacher In the' TH 

4 weeks, 4 oarysrweek, B i^£z.'±:;, sffec- 

byL Otaon and BveJury10-Auousf12,1999.Mrtkxtcarned 

t>7B;iO»ri6elo'toaeoT«l^nre ; — urlMrmOuet* - ^ 

« r ' " ■ 

al-Chaflenger; 4 FTE hearing Impalrad 
'teacher In the dUtrict: sign language Intar- 
prttor m the dUrrnct, 64 hours/day, student 
days; outreach wxsrdlnalor ki the ALC 32 - 
■ hourarwoek; — one — teaming— readiness ~ 
tescNr/coordkiator'for up to but not to 
exceed 1 .480 hours and subject to change 
based on enroJknent: one learning readi- 
ness position for up to but rnt to-exceed 
"1460 hours and subject to thongs based 


payment except the veterans service offl- 

TOfflnr*)o'tea<„ r _.._ 

A modon was made by L. Otaon and 
seecoded by a KaJnosM to approve the ; 
Morion esiriedunaramously. ' employment of Elaine Grovum as Area 

A itiotion was made by L Olson and ■ Laame^Certtsrtsaoharlnlha'mF she for 
seconded by a Kaahoakt to accept the res- ' 4 weeks, 4 days/week. 8 IwuraAJay, effeo- 

Ignatlon ot Tarn! Hernmooch aa hockey Ova Jury 19-August 12.1 999. Modon carried on enroarnenb and Increase and authorize 
3wexteeckwacMt«»'ef(ecttveJune2,1999. ,. unanimously. . ' . the aomlrtiatrBtlon to post l^otiowknjfood 

Mobon earned unortoouely. A motion waa made by L Olson and service positions for the 1999-2000 school 

A motion was made by L Olson end seconded by a hskhoskt to approve the yean increase the food preparation position 
*econdedbyar0usK)ekltoacoec4theree- . employment ot rtarJoeAronsonaa Area, .at Lincorn from 444 hours/dsy to 6-1/4 
lgriatkMofn^HarVorait«aara>e*s^ houra/day. student , daya: Increase the. 

wrestling coach effectrro'June 2, 1999. for 8 weeks, 2 deysrweek. 4 rtounroay, Wtctien heqw pcartion al Frankln from. 3- 
Motion canted unansnoualy. . efTective Jisw 21-August 1Z-1899, Motion 3/4 hours/day to 4-1/2 .houreMay.. student 

A motion wu mac* by L. Otaon and wrriad urtarernousry. days; and Increase the kitchen helper poal- 

eecorxJedl»aKsariceAltoac<»rntheree- . A motion was made by L Otaon and tion at Franklin from 3-1/4 rnurarday to 4 
Igru^kmcfKenpklcftassdwcJpsliriBdvt- seconded by a KaHnoeM to approve the hours/day, student days. Motion carried 
eorefnsctiveJurxM, 1999. Motion carried , errapk>yrrra«t' ot Deal ■ KHrrash as Area unanimously. -• — . 

unanlriKwety. < aeher.h the- Roseau stta Pollckw QCE UrtHorm Procadura lor 

A motion was 'made I by 'L T C»aon'B^ tor 8" weeks, 2 days/week; 4 hrxosMay,' Use otSubetituta Teacher SarvteeandGDE *■ 
eeceridedbyaiOalnoaWtoatMeMtnerea-— ef^^ were- 

' iti on ol Al B uhl aa Franldtn Mkfcf o carried unawmousfy. ■ v ■ presamledffxrevktwandrJbKussiMandwB 

6o tar>fcigwaW ' rtorrt ' supar\ra^ ^ b y L Cfaon a nd — b #bf c sj gtn:p 

... June 1, 1999. Motion ranted unanl- /eeeondedby a tburnski to approva the' 
mouaty. / en»kryrrreritotMsryt*»saasArs«Laeminrj 

.. '_j ^^. t « — arrtkCert, — ■ — ■ ^-^.^.^^ 

rbnxx j^Tpsai t ' a j i ap t ii u vai - ar r he Ti ax t— 

Jensen then rtocussed the haod (of ■ reao- 
lutlon to bDow lor morst trjao 25% ot 
Pennington Count/a tlable'-ecree to be 

bn tor .chain saw rapaka. Motion unonl- 
mously carried. 


County Revenue $67.76908 

Road and Bridge 16442953 

SoBrJ Wests FacDty S1,797JM 



— fng — lesuluJuti 'was InUuduced — by-_ 
CcWnbukxier Jensen, seconded by- 

.-$47340 - 

Also approved were per dktms and meal 
rekT*ursements ki tha amount ol $1 ,94800. 



■A motion was made by L Otaon — _ 

seconded by a Ks saetho ^^Juna21-Au^12,1B99;4daysA(rse*, 

h|frssherrssdrnrjteaenerpea*oonalU«^ BhrAsin4ay,wBhaalaryrwner/Mlatsdcrjr^ 

mm 1 taurrckry to 8 houia^ 

etkictlve Jury 1M3, 1999. Motion carried Arrwoon waa made by L. Olson and 

unanlmousry. seconded by a rutfnosH. to approve the 

■■"■ A ration was made by l_ Otaon and employment of the Mrjwkw aa cleaners ki 

secorxied by a IguinrjeM to hcraeae the. hedkjtn^ehscBvaJulyl-AV*20.l"9 1 

_ .^__. ^ n ^ tj^ ein iw ehoorsAJaylnezl^nhart.Jrienr^skwn. 

A rnotton waa made- by J. Larson and 
seconded by R. Twtatof'to schedule a spe- 
cial school board tnservtca on June 28, . 
1999, at MO pun. In the conference room ol 
the (^strict Service Center tor the purpose 
of reviewing the evaluation ol tha auperkv 
tandem. Motion carried urunknousty. 

Tha next racUar board meeting la 
scheduled tor Monday, June 28. 1999, at 
7*0 pjn. in the conference room of the 

HJ Jean Larson 
Jean Larson. Clerk 
' re/ Steve Young 

— aurora*, hip .■onHinHi.H. iMwt.B 
busdrtysr for Ths'FtssTWn aummarane 
school program . tor sfjcrtadmatety 

worker for tha Frank*! summer ener-echooi, 
program attactrve Juno 7-Juty.30, 1099, tor 

■ilStava Jfouryj. CBaaTrerMtrr 

^ '■ 



-. ■ ■:. 

..'; _..-,| 


; . 

l. — -.- _ . — _i — _ — „ 

i ':■"■ • i 

; 1 , '! 

■ : . " 

* • 


■ l,- 



^. ■■ _WTO ! iw,WtW l ».'*'. ''' .lMf' u1 ' 1 . 

Wednesday, July 7, 1999 

ir WW.f!P> i !'"' WU 

Wednesday, July 7, 1999 

I^Mnn^wiMLi*jii.iiiijiiii. ii.-i i m. v i 


' Page 23 

'We JVcutt tfom 'SiMitteMJ 

FRYING PAN?> ^ / ^ 








July 7. 1099 

(Unapproved) ' 


Board of Education 

Marshall County' Central 

Nowfoldon; Mlnnoiotn 

Independent School District No. 441 

• Conloronco Room 

Juno 22, 1099 ■ 0:00 p.m. 

lliu Uo.Lid ot.Educnllon ol Indupondont 

Scliool Dmlncl No. -I'll mol In loQular oog- 

■;lon on Juno 22, 1999 in llio hlfjll school 

eoiifuroiici) room ol ' Mm a hall County Higlt ' School" in Nowloldun, 


llin mooting wm ciillod 10 ordor tiy' 
Cti.n'pti'^on Eldon Aurjualjno, Momboro 
prosonl Eldon Auguolino, Mnrh Carlson. 
Judy Dutfty. Sc oil- Po lorn. Kmlh Rnnum. 
Mailano Rokhn. Supt. Ron Pnngon. Absonl: 
""""MylnV" HogornorOlhori: prosonl: Bryun 
ThygosCn. Jim Modny. Murk Jorgonson und 
Marin Olson. 

Mo comments woro mndo in opon 

:ti Ranum to pay cur- 
i prosontod by 
,ad no principal 
ion ro period on 



motors, Inc. == hwy. 1 & ss w. 

s pro s anted with nddi- 

Tlio .'ItJOfidil 

A mol ion waslnnda by Koith Rnnum and 
^ocondod by Ma* Carlson to upptovo Iho . 
iinonilii as peosonlod with oddilions, UC. 

Minutes ol the proviouti mooting ot Mny 

10 1999 had boon mailed 10 members lor 

review. A mol ion wns mndo by Judy Du ray 

and seconded by Murluno Rokko 1o npprovQ 

' iho minutes ;is prosonl od. UC. 

-.- A-m olion-nna-mndo-by-Mork-Coiloo"- 

nnd seconded by K 
' rem bills. UC. 

Treasurer's, roporl wo: 
Mnrk Carlson. 

Principal Jim Hodny h 

Principal Byron Thynoi 
. itio lollowlng: , . . ,_. 

1) Spollinhl on Scholarship Program . 

2) Fomalo end Mnlo CompoiluVo 
tniorscholoslk: Aclivllios Roport 

3) MCC Summor Stnool doloo aro July 

«>-23 ' _, : " , , 

5upt. Ron Pnggon ropodod on tno r«- 
lowing: . . • 

1) SunlXP training - Joan. Monu and 
Dryan on Juno 23 and Juno 24 

2) 21" Century Looming Contor Grant 

' 3) Crisis Mono go mo nl/lnlo mention Plan 

A) School-lo-WoiWToch . Prop/Carl 

Pofktiw ... 

5) Iniograiod Communication". NolwoiX 

) Agncuttu ro Educal Ion possibiliti os 

A motion was mado by Mark Carlson 

and oocondod by Judy Duray lo Sdopl a 

Bofloluiion ot Marshall County Control 

School District membership In iho MorshoH 

Family Sorvicos/Chtldron's Mental Hoollh 

Coltaborniivo. Rosolutlon < 

Ottico, UC. 

..otoflldol until ' 
ho next rogularly 
Ung.) /*" 


July 7, 1999 
(Tho following rnlnutos ore r 
opprovod by tno Board nt it.- . 
schodulod mooilng 
JUNE 18. 1999- B:00 PM 
MomDora prosonl: AJdon Hyland. Moriln 
Kotrba Torry Dinngstvoit, Joo Philipp. Alan 
Swanson and Tom School. Also prosonl: 
Superintendent Clow. Absonl: Principal 
Wingo. - " J - 

Tho mooting wot oponod by 
Chalrporson Hyland at 8:00 p.m. Tho 
plodga of alloglanco was given. 

Kolrba moved, Philipp. socondod. to 
opprovo tho Juno mooting ogondo as 
amondod. Motion carrlod. 

Philipp movod. Swanson socondod, to 
npprovoiho Moy IB, 1999 rogulor mooting 
minutes. Motion conlod. . 

Drongstvolt movod, Hyloncywcondod; 

.._.»,« hi nnumnnl rfcncka 122217 



Thefts, accidents listed in Law enforcement center reports 

Tho Conlonnlol tnrowoll service 
bogan ot 2 p.m. Former pastors. 
Nnncy Womor, Gono Rolstod. una 
Konnolh Krnmor brought groolings 
and ramlniscod about tholr days spent 
ot Silvor Crook. Thoro woto also flrool- 
Ings (rom noighborlng congregations. 
Special music 1 was provldad by Iho 
Sunday School and a junior girts quor- 

- A social hour totlowod tho forowoll 
sorvlco, An anniversary cake was 
bnkod and docoratod by Margaret 
Rupprocht.. It was cut and sorvod by 
Margaret and Ida Rupprecht to approx- 
imately 150 Irlonds and mombore ol 
Silver Crook. Thanks lo all thoso who 
attended tho services arid all who 
■ holpod make Iho contonnlal a success. 

n District 

( modo by Koilh Ranum'and 
"sec oridtrtTby" Scon' Poioroto approve, tho- 
sottball/bouoball fiold changes as prosonl- 

U'ongsivoii movuu. njmw»«"""~ 
to opprovo lor poymont chocks *22217 
■'through #22203, and tho Moy end Juno 
oxtra payroll S12.950.07 as liilod on roport 
*0.12.MoIloncaniod.4yOB.'1 no. 1 abstain. 
[Soo roports #3.11 & 3.12 ottochod to tho 

orlldol board mlnui as). j^q nomo ot ^onai nuppiun" w 
Swanson movod. Drongstvolt flocondod, vvndnosdav in Fotao. Ida and Vera 
—"»" ™*??_. r <~ ImnvnmloM ouosts. On Thureda'y. 

i. UC. 

o Iho. 


Subscribe to The Thief River Falls Times 

and receive one Adult Ticket 

to a performance of 



Thursday, July 8th • 4:30 & 7:30 P.NL 
Pennington County Fairgrounds 
In Thief River Falls 

Come to The Times News 
Office Today! 

The First 25 Persons to subscribe or renew 
their subscription to The Times for 1 year 
will receive an Adult Ticket to Carson & Barnes 
5-Ring Circus from this newspaper. You will see two 
troupes of flying trapeze performers, clowns, jug- 
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Menagerie Entertainment for your entire family. 
Personnel of over 200 from around the globe thrilling 
you with feats in all five rings. 

Must stop in personally • No mail-in subscriptions or renowals. 

America's Largest Wild Animal Circus 

Supl, Poggon gave on updato 
-board on the buildings and grounds pto|octa. 
Ot nil throe schools.. — — - - --- 

A motion was mndo by Scott Potora and 
socondod by Mnrh Carlson to opprovo Iho 
high school technology coordinator conboct 
wilh Mark Jorgonson for tho 19B9-2000 
school yon r. UC, 

A motion was made by Motlono Rokko 
and socondod by Koith Ranum to opprovo 
hiring Androw Filer to osolsl with communi- 
cation loehnology Improvomonto during tho- • 
summor ol 1939. UC. 

A motion was mado by Judy Duray and . 
oocondod by Koilh Ranum to opprovo a lull- 
-tlmo-olomontory-'«nc"'"0-P w " to "-' t "" 6 "— 
roadinp/moth. thoroby allowing for oplifling 
ihroo grades for math and reading. UC. 

A motion was mado by Scot! Potora and 
socondod by Maik Carlson lo opprovo tho 
hiring ol Dlono Waiorwodti ao main and 
roading loachor In tho olomontary tchools. 

A motion was mado by Scott Potora and 
socondod by Marlono Rokko to approve of 
tho kindorgnrton plans as prosonlod lor 
1909-2000. UC. ■ „ ■ 

A moilon wan mado by Mark Carlson 
and oocondod by Judy Duroy lo opprovo a 
resolution authorizing iho, superintendent to 
oxocuta and sign an agroomont (or tho pur- 
poso of ttotttlng: domogo claims from tho 
ico/wind storm of April 1997 with MN Dopt. 
ol Public Sofoly. UC. 

A motion wns mado by Scott Poloro and 
socondod by Mark Call son to sol dalos, 
limos. and place lor tho public hoottngs 
(ognrding proposed taxos payable 2000 ns 
follows: first mooting: Novombor 29, 1999 nt 
7 00 p.m. In Iho high school modla contor 
second mooting (II noodod) Docombor 13. 
1999 at 7;00 p.m.' In Iho high school modin 
contor. UC. 

A motion wns mado by Koith Ranum and 
oocondod by Judy Duray lo advortloo for a 
port-timo coordlnntQr ot Iho local program 
lor 21" Century Community Looming 
Contor. UC. 

Noxt school board mooting will bo July 
20. 1tr99at8;00p.m. '"„*"""■' „, 

- A motion wo» modo by ScoQ Polora and 
socondod by Koith Rnnum to.adkMirn Ihe 
mooting. UC. ■ 

Adloumod ot 9:35 p.m. 
' Atlost: 

Eldon Auguttlno, ChnJr 
Marleno Rokko, Clerk 

-lo approvo tho 1890-1 91.,, , v .».. .- 

budgot as lollows: Gonoral lund 
SI ,887.351 .00; Food Sorvlco fund: 
SB3BD7.00.; Community Sorvlco fund: 
$43 02900: For lolol of S2, 114,787.00. 

"Motion ca"iribd."(Seo roport #3.211, nttachod 
totho'offlcinl boaid mlnutos). 

Philipp movod. Swonson socondod, to . 
opprovo tho 1998-1999 rovlsod oxpondtturo 
budgot oo follows: General lund: 
$1 ,B53,BS7.00; Food Sorvlco lund 
$92 493.00; "Community Sorvlco lund 
$21930.00: lor a lotal ol $1,968,080.00. 
Motion camod. (Soo roporl #3.221 ottochod 

^lo tho official board mlnutos). . 

Philipp movod. Kotrbo socondod, to 
opprovo tho 1899-2000 tonlothro rovenuo 
budgot os lollows: General Fund 
S1.937.615.00: Food Sorvlco Fun d 
$79 450.00; Community sorvieo ruritr 
$39489.00; For a total of $2,058,554.00. 
Motion corlod. (Soo roport #3512 attached 
to tho official board minutes). 

Kolrba movod. Drangstvolt socondod, lo 
opprovo tho 1899-2000 tontauvo oxpondl- 
luro budgot ns follows: Gonoral fund 
$1,908,681.00: Food Sorvlco fund 
S103 116.00; Community Sorvlco fund 

!_..,M. c. . Inlal nt MIW17WM 

Ida Rupprochi; Vora Valosklo„Jonn 
and Larry Doodon. Wendy and Bob 
Bluo, Jason and Rachaol and Shawn 
Doucoumo woro guosfs lor suppor al 
tho homo ol Cnndl Rupprocht on 

■ A, »^^ H ^«., in Cnmn IHn nnri Vnm 

woanosaay in ruiou. ■"" «'■- •-;- 
wore ovomlgtit guests.- On Thursday,- 
Joan and Rachaol relumed lo Thiol 
Rivor Falls with thorn. 

Mombors ot tho Torgorson (omlly 
■KolCTBToonlornmho-dorvls-BndMorinfl — 
Toraorson homo over iho wookond.. 

-Thoy woro Sybil Hoalh. Dululh. Ruth 
and Rnndy Hills. British Columbia. Mr. 
and Mrs. David Torgorson and 
Amanda, Andrew, Bfldgotto and Hattlo 
ol Evorotlo. WA, KalhlOOD Byo ot 
Colorado Springs, Carol and Glon 
Holborg ot Brooklyn, NY. Carol 
Holborg ol Shanghai. Hank Pschor 
and Jonny, Chris 'and Andrew of 
Bloomlngton. Vlcklo and- Don 

-Fararidcrfhind-AmandorAJTianda-jind — 
Nicholas Farondotl ot Bullalo, Norma 
Kavnnough, * M r - and MrB - M11<0 
Kavanaugh and tamily, Mr. and 'Mrs. 
John Kavanaugh and. family. Mr. and 
Mrs. Joo Kavanaugh and Uly, all ol 
Mlnnotonko, Slanloy and Bolty 
Torgorson ot Maplo Grove, Lisa and 

Sni iin no" Communltv Sorvlco fund Torgorson ot Maplo wove, usu uno 
I27HS 00? Fo^Tloui. % $2.M9°772.00 Mlko Paront. Cart and Rood. Otsego 
Mnitoncnrriod. (Soo report #3522 attochod Graco Jordo. Phil Torgorson, and Mike 

$27 90500; ror o mini 01 »*,ujb.'/*."" 

Motion carrlod. (Son roport #3522 attached 
lb iho official board mlnutos) % 

Suporlntondonl Clow prosontod tho 
cosh Dow and Invostmont roports. (Soo 
ropoitt «53 and #354 ottochod to Iho offi- 
cial board mlnuios). 

No patron concoma, 

MIKO rareni. ^-un u>i« nuuu, — ""a— 
Graco Jordo, Phil Torgorson, and Mlko 
Torgorson, Jordan, Marlah and Kalob.. 
They all stayed in compare and tents In 
tho Torgerson (ami yard. On Sunday 
attomoon, Mr. and Mrs. Allen Kvidt of 
Campboll and Mr. and Mrs. Joromo 

Law cnforccmcni officials 
responded 10 numerous rcporus dur- 
ing the pasi week, including sever- 
al for theft, and several involving 

Thefts. On June 29 al 6:35 a.m. 
police received a report [hut nine 
flogs had been taken from down- 
town poles. The flags taken includ- 
ed five American and four red. 
white and blue banners. The flags 
arc owned by the city und the 
American Legion. The lliefl loss is 
estimated at $225. 

On June 30 at 1:37 p.m. police 
received u report of a liieft from a 
vehicle left parked in the parking 
lot al Fourth and LaBrcc. A window 
was broken und a slcreo system 
including speakers, CD players, 
. amplifier, and 50 CDs, were taken. 
The iheft loss was estimated at 
$2,536.16. The damage loss- was 

On July 3 ui 1:34 a.m. police 

received a report lhat. a bike and . 

television hud been taken from a 

mobile home in Rivcrvicw trailer 

. court. '_ 

VnndBlbm i -0n-June'3O"aT8r<!O 

a.m. police received a report lhal 
someone hud lipped over six monu- 
ments in the Greenwood cemetery. 
They did nol appear 10 be broken. 

On June 20 the sheriff's depart- 
ment received u report dial a tractor 
had been vandalized. The windows 
and instrument panel hud been bro- 
ken, und a CB radio taken. 
Windows of a bom were also bro- 
— keni-and-a-55-BaHon-drunuof-oil- 
wos taken. Damage loss was esti- 
mated at over $500. .The. Iheft loss., 
was olso estimated ut over $500. 

On July 3 charges arc pending 
against' a 14-ycur-old male from' 
Thief River Falls following investi- 
gation lhat someone hud thrown 
eggs at a mobile home breaking u 

window. Damage loss was estimat- 
ed al $30. 

Alcohol. On July 1 at 1:MJ a.m. 
a 17-year-old female has charges 
pending against her for consump- 
tion by a minor and shoplifting. ■ 
. On June 30 at .5:58 p.m. 
Buudcttc police called .requesting 
assistance in locating a runaway 
believed lo be in Thief River Falls. 
Upon-investigution. police located 
a vehicle. Inside the vehicle, three 
girls ages 15. 16 und 17 had all. 
allegedly, been- drinking alcohol. 
Charges for consumption of alco- 
hol by a minor are pending. The 
runaway youth was located, 

Accidents. On July I at 6:47 
a.m. law enforcement received a 
report of an accident in Greenwood 
trailer court on Parmmi. Tyler of lit 

Gordon VanCamp, Thief River n 

Falls, was attempting lo make a u- 
lum when, his car collided with 
another car. , Ryan Wcslty 
Reiplinger, Thief River Falls, was 
following VanCamp and iried to 
swerve- lo' avoid - a colli 

Street. "Joyce* Arlcne 'Gohell. Thief ' 
River Falls, was driving ■ii'cursotiih 
on Highway 32. and Francis- 
Kenton Wtnmick, Thief River Falls, 
was driving a car"- west on' 
Greenwood. Woniack "pulled our'": 
into (he intersection after stopping 
for a slopMgn and the vehicles col- 
lided. Womaek was cited lor failure 
to yield.' Police estimated damages 
at S31H) lo the Gobell vehicle, and 
S')(H) to the Womaek vehicle. 

On July 5 at 3:16 p , ,m..lhe sher- 
iff's department received a report 
of an accident on State Aid 3 one- 
iltiurrcr mile west of County road 
10. Tanya Marie Nesland. Thief 
River Falls, was driving a cur west, 
when a truck driven by Earl John 
Proulx. Crnokslon, turned in front 
inter a private drive. 
Proulx was cited lor failure to 
yield. Neslandand a passenger had 
cuts, bruises and scratches. 

On July 6 at, 7:06 a.m. police 
received jireporLof an accident at „ 
Eighth und Davis. Matthew Lorcn 
Voeeks. Thief River Falls, in u Jeep 

old Ryan Alan Frisk, Mcintosh lor 
driving-while intoxicated. 

Assault. On July I at 4:22 p.m. 
officers were called tu a slumping 
plaza because of a report that an 
-adult was striking a child. It has 
been alleged that u 7-year-old child 
was struck in the face and grabbed 
by the throat. A charge of fifth 
degree assault is pending against 
65-year-old Martin Richard 
Koehler of Grygla. 

On July 3 at : 
received a report of an i 
local . residence. Charges of fifth 
degree assault are pending against 
Roger Harlan Garfve. 27. 
Newfolden. and Bnbbi Jo Garfve. 
25. Newfolden. During the investi- 
gation of this incident, the sheriff's 
department stopped a vehicle. 
Cited for obstructing legal process, 
and allowing open' bottle was 
B nindi Lee Larson. 22. limburrass. 

Gunshot. On July 4 at 9:20 a.m. 
police investigated a report of a 
gunshot. Chester Wood. 7*'. Thief 
River Falls, was found dead of a 
self-irtDicfecJ gunshot wound. No. 

Damages were estimated by law> Wrangler was attempting to (urn 

enf'orcenTehl — ill — S700 - tir~the — wcsr~onto— litEhth—Strcen— and— fouTplay -was-susjiecled 

VanCamp vehicle, und S800 to the because of- sunlight, did not see 

Reiplinger vehicle. 

On July I at 12:34 p.m. police 
received a report of an accident at 
Fourth and Main. Anna Lou Hellc, 
Thief River Falls.jvas driving u car 
north on Main, and Floyd Junior 
Haugcn, Badger, was driving a car 
cast on Fourth. Haugcn stopped at 
the stop sign ut Muin and then pro- 

■,vt,»(l intn lhi> inlrr 


the vehicles collided. Haugen was 
cited for failure to yield, Damages 
were estimated at SHOO to the Helle 
vehicle, and $500 lo the Haugen 

On. July 2 at 1:10 p.m. police 
received a report of an accident ut 
Highway 32 and Greenwood 

Glen Andrew Kajewski. Thief' 
- River Falls, who was riding a bike 
and attempting to tum south onto 
Davis. Voeeks nulled into the inter- 
section and collided with the bike. 
Kajewski was taken to Northwest 
Medical Center with an injury to 
his shoulder. There wus no damage' 
to the Jeep Wrangler, but $300 

nage. _.. . 

Driving while intoxicated. On 
July 2 at 1 ii.m. law enforcement 
slopped ii vehicle, and 48-year-old 
Nicholas Cruig Drees, Thief River 
Falls, was charged with driving 
while intoxicated, and open bottle. 

On July 3 at 1 :58 a.m. following 
a traffic stop, police cited 21-year- 

Thcse reports include mimes of 
individuals charged, arrested, or 
cited with various crimes und 
offenses by police, the sheriff's 
department or other law enforce- 
ment officials. Depending upon 
the circumstances or u case, 
charges can be, und sometimes 
are, changed or dropped by law 
enforcement officials or attorneys 

eve n_be ro re I h e case reuc h es 

"court. Readers should also realize 
that under, the American system 
of Jurisprudence, Individuals 
charged with crimes arc' innocent 
until proven guilty of those crimes 
in a court of law. 

iSSuTSr instructional roporto woro pro- and Bomlco Trochmann stopped l ovo 
-™™ — to visit following tha sorvleos at Silver 

•onlod. ' - . 10 visit 

Tho board wu ghron a wrWon roport on Crook. 
studonl council officer oloctton results. (Soo 
roport *5.11 attached to tha 'official board 
minutes). . ' 

Dronaatvalt movod. Kotrbo soconood to 
accopt a Wd (rom flam Construction of Thlot 
Hhror Falls to romodol tho gymnasium 
Bloachors for whoolchair ■poco-ol a cost ot 
S13.060.00. Motion carrlod, (Seo roporl 
#7.1 attached lo iho official board mlnutos). 

Tho board discussed tho football flold 

School movod, Drongstvolt socondod lo 
koop both homo football and volleyball. 
games ol both Iho Gryola and Ooodrtdgo 
' silo* lor tho 1 SOS season. Motion canted. - 

The board toque atod that Julee 


^^:,m^^l^'g^^^^^£C^ v ^^>^'"^^ 


Sliaron and Bob Multlar ot Bollviow, 
Idaho woro wookond guosts at iho 
homo ot Irono Nolson. 

Val Mattison of SL Hilalro was a vis- 
itor at Iho Bomlco Knutson homo on 
Monday evening. • 

Guosts at Iho Margaret and Losllo 

Nolson homo lor tho wookond 1 woro 

Emily and Glon Dahlqulst, Sandra and 

Lorry Prudon, and JockJo Anderson. 

Bo my co and Alvin Gmndstrand and 

„,„,„,„ -Vera Valosklo were- dinner. guosts.aL— 

Tho board roquoBtod that Juloe t ho homo of Ida ' Rupprocht on 
PeiorsonofJ.O.Rlnc.comehoroiogrvoan Tuesday. In tho evening, Ida and Vera 
assessment ol transition plan noods prlorto worj) g U08 t s of Molvln and Irono 
contracting with J.Q.P. lor special noods Qmndgtmnd t a local restaurant. 

transitional plan servtcoe. (Seo report rs.l .,_ LJ , ,,_„„ ,„„,„ „i e it nra m thn 

attochod lo the ottWal board mlnuios). 

School moved, Hytend aocondod to 
ButhorUio tho tflstrtci auditors to make trans- 
fora between funds In iho best Intorast of 
the district. Motion carrlod. 

s^^l^pppi^ [mmrn] 

We Invite You To Participate In A Community Meeting On Flood 
Preparedness, Protection and Recovery for the Red River Basin! 


The TIFMI — 

What is the International 
Flood Mitigation Initiative? 

"ma 'inlernatlonaVFIood -Mitigation Iniilalive-(IFMI) brings together - 
loadorshlp trom Canada and Iho U.S. and cilizons throughout Iho Red 
Rivor Basin to devolop strategies tor preventing a ropoat ot the 1997 
flood disaster that slruck the Red River and Us tnbutonos. 

■ ' Participants include prosonl and former, officials and repiosontoliwos 

. of Canadian and U.S. federal, provincial, state and local governments. 

_businoss and lr)duslry. agriculluro, local wator ootmos. chanmblo 

foundations, disaslor-relie"! oiganizatiohsrand onvironmontoi groups. 

. Modeled after Project Impact— a national oHon ol mo U.S. Federal 
~ Emergency Managoment-Agencr(FEMA) \ bu-ld disaster-i06<slant- 
commuhities-IFMI alms to help create a disastor-ioslstnni Rod Rwor 
Basin by' developing goals, policy rocommondat:ons. and modol pro- 
grams and partnerships lor flood, prevention and mitigation. 

IrVe need your ideas! 

This is a chonco to sharo your knowledge nnd ouporionco. En]oy a. 
froo dinner and convorsallon wllh your neighbors, facillla- 
tors. You will help IFMI dovolop goals, objectives, and actions fotflood 
preparedness, protection, and rocovory In tho Rod Rivor Boelnl 

Be part of a basinwide effort! 

Moolings will iako placo throughout the Rod River Basin. II your com- 
munity Is nol lislod, ploaso attend the mooting closest lo you. 

IFMI is co-sponsored by the _. 
-- U.S. Federal Eraej3^ncyMa na 9e m0n l 
' Agency (FEMA) and the Provinc&-of Manitoba, and is 
coordinated and facilitated by the Consensus Council. 

;F?r 1nf9rmati Qn Contact: 
' US : Brad Crabtree . . ' - 



. -• JUC 




□randstrana at a iocai ruaiauium. 

Molvln end Irono wero visitors at tho . 

Rupprecht homo later in tha ovonlng. 

Margarol and Rusty Restemayer of 

■a between funds In tho best imorosi 01 Phoenix era spending a couplo.woeka 

the district. Motion corned. visiting rolativos In this area. On Friday 

Drangstvell moved. Kotibo seconded, 10 evofl | n g, Margaret and? Rusty, Irene 

opprovo tho hlrlng'of Paulo VetOoson os No ] Bon Sharon and Bob Mettlar 

S.aSH!"iSSE "" «"E„» » '" »' •" Pam """ a " y 

-iSnrasaBSK- ■■sai'sa-. --.-;*; . 

Scoteachertof mo 1898-2000 school your Olson at hor home on Tuesday aftor- 

as per tho master agroomont. Motion car- noon.. 

nod. . . ' Myrtle Solborg and Bomlco 

Kotrbo moved. School secondod, to Trochmann accompanied Ardith 

accept Iho «»Kinotlon rff^no McCautey j0hn8on nrld Q | 0riH whaelor to Grand 

as ECFE paront educator and director with ork T„ n Thursday. 

to WreBUo BSmeTis Ctoam votleyboll . Mettlar, and Margaret. and-.RuBty 
couch tor tho 1098-2000 school year. Rosle mayor wore among the guests at 
Motion comod. ' the Tore and Jeremy Nelson home on 

School moved, Hyland socondod, 10 Sunday ovonlng to help Emma Roo 
approve hiring Justm ^^"V** !^ . celebrate hor first birthday. 
Gryglo school contract as tho low head vVondv and Jason Blue Wore 

gMs^Mskotboll coach for tho 1999.2000 « ona V nna . .H Bwn . D _. .^_ .^ 

school year. Motion carrlod. ; 


mooting woro prosontod to tho board. (Soo 
report *\Q2 attached lo tho oMclal board 

Superintendent Clow gave on updoto on 
tho Region I board election. 

Tho consonsue-ot the board was to set 
. ihe next regular mooting for.Tuotday. July 
20.1 999. 8:00 p-m. 

The board dlscuuod cortlfled stall 
—negotlaUons. . — .- 

The meetmg,od|oumod. 

Two sentenced on criminal damage to property charges 

wo nay ana jason wm mum 
Saturday overnight guests at the Ida 

.Rupprecht home. -_ :__:. .,. ... 


Sunday visitors and lunch guosts at 

tho Shirley and Honlord Rolsland 

homo woro Mr. and Mrs. Calvin 


Maruniwuoo Kolly a'nd'Brdnda Dohlon woro vtoK 

CMiK.Troosurar i orB and coffeo guests on Wednosday 

AUonHytand morning at Iho Leonard and Bopice 

Chalrporson— -jonnson'homo. "■ "^ 


I __JSfatf_' 

6:00 -9:00 P.M. 

Brooks Community News 






25 First Stree t 

JULY 12- 


6:00-9:00 PM. 


.324 Toronto 
Ave. E 

701-224-0588, Ext. 101 
Canada: Chuck Mrena 
-204-98-M 81 e-^ 

All meetings begin at 6:00 p.m. and 
include a FREE DINNER 



Mrs. Betty Howo 6T Denver,' CO 
BiTtved on' Tuesday and Joined Mrs. 
Jeanne Grammar of Forgo, and aro 
guests of Claraand Pattl Thompson's 
lake cabin at Maple Lake. 

Tuesday morning guests .ol Mrs. 
Poart taniel were Mn. VI Gagner,- 
Dorothy Myhre, Mortha Gagner.- 
Joanne Dotage, Mary Rlendoou, and 
. Myrtle Homrum. 

On Sunday, Mrs.'. Olanna Gagner' 
traveled to Twin Valley to attend the 
50th wedding annrvorsory of Francis 
and Ruth Tangen. 

were Mrs. Barb Stover, Jolene Frttzlot, 
and Evangeline Grave. 

Walter Jr. "and Cindy Novak and 
Chris and Kartl vfslted Walter Sr. end 
Monica Novak on Sunday. 

Dr. Bryon and Krtatl Delage and fam- 
. ||y and Todd Delage of Ortonvtlle, and 

- Ddrd Delage ot Grand Forka were 

- weekend guests ol Joanna Delage. - 

Mrs. Evangeline Grove, Mabel 
"Sabourlh-and -Shawn Hlnca visited 
Mrs. Ufllan Hlnce on Tuesday. 

Mrs. Audrey Bachond, Pearl Lnnlol, 
Jeanne O'NeUl, Joan Bronkon, Rose 
MandL- Ev a Mae Bergeron, and Shirley 
Chrtstoferscffl wore Wednesday alter- 
noon guests of Mrs. Dorothy Lambert 
In Oklee. The bridge traveling prizes 

wont to Shirley and Dorothy. 

Rick Kotvisto of Plummer and Janet 
Berborlch ol Thief River Falls visited 
Mrs. Mayme Berborlch on Thursday to 
wish her a belated •Woppy Blrthdayi 
— On-ThutwJ»y r Mrs-Mabel Sabourin. — 
Evangeline Grove, "an'd'Russell Hlnce 
visited Mrs. Lillian Hlnce. 

Mrs. Shannon Knutson, Seth, Zack ; 
and Brooktynn ol Mlnot, NO were test - 
weekend guests ol her parents, Die*,; 
and Judy Olson. Seth, Zack arid; 
Brooklynn remained lor a longer hoik' 
daythlsweek. -J— 

Mm. Joan Bronken ol Oklee vteltod 
-Mrs. Peart Lonlal, on tnursday.- 

Russell Hlnce and Shawn and Mrs. 
Evangeline Grove visited Mrs. Lillian 
Hlnce on Wednesday. ' 
. Mrs. Betty Howo of Donvor, CO and 
Jeanne Grammer of Forgo wore week- 
end guests of Marc and Connie 
Parenteau. ""■ 

Harvey end Mary Riendaau, Michael 
and Sharon Riendeau, and Michelle 
Rlendeau and Emily and Nicolo wero . - 
-Simday-avenlng -auoste ol Dan and . 
Ranks Plante. 

On Friday Wlllard Hinco ol Thief 
Rfver~FallS7-Mrs^Evangellno Grovo, 

Two Grand Forks men were scn- 
. -tenced on June 28 for felony. crimi-1 
. nol damage to property following 
their convictions May 10. Charges 
against the two men stem from 
breaking into" a vehicle April 14 in 
Thief River Falls. 

Kendall Scott Feist, 18, Grand 
Forks, ND, was sentenced on 
felony criminal damage to property 
in the first degree, to one ycar«nd 
one day in prison ancl^ordcrcd to 
pay .$3,485.50 restitution jointly 
and severalfy with the other defen- 
dant in this case. 

Upon sentencing for criminal 

damage to property .inthcfiwi: 

degree, Michael Ryan Gefrah, 19,v 
- Grand Forks, ND, was ordered to 
pay a fine and fees totaling $53.5, 
and serve 120 days in jail. He was 
also ordered to pay $3,485:50 rcsti- ' 
tution jointly -and. severally ..jvit.b. 
Feist. He was placed on supervised 
probation for five years and given 
. credit for time served, and allowed 
to perform 100 hours of communis 
ty work service for $500 of the fine. 

Thief River Falls Police 

-department cases: Tiffany Anne 
Lee, 19, Thief River Falls, con- 
sumption, $85; Cody John 
Cropeuu,\i9r Thief River Falls, dri- 
ving after consumption, $235, 20, 
days in jail stayed for one year, 

— Loreen Josephine- Hanson,— 60,7 
.Thief River.Falls, no scat belt, $60; 
Nathan Dean Magner,, 27, 
Goodridge, 40/30, $75; Erica Lea 
Rumpco, 19, Thicr River Falls, 
consumption by a minor, $85; Scott 
Glenn Rusty, 32. Thief River Falls, 
no current registration, $55; 

-Michael Erick Peterson; 35. 
Thief River Foils,- four counts of 
overtime parking, $25 for each 
count for a total of $100; Richard 
Dean Poppenhagen, 37, Goodridge; 
driving while intoxicated, $235, 30 
days in jail stayed for two years; 
Daniel Eugene Hagmon, 19, Thief 
River Falls, consumption of liquor 
_by a minor, $85, 10_days injoll 
stayed] forgone ^ year, Cinda~Lou 
Hamlin, 48, Thief River Falls; 
seven counts of calendar parking 
violations, $25 for each fine for a 
total of $175; 

Matthew Martin Kara, 28, Thief 

Z~Rivcr. Falls, "driving, aftersuspen-' 

sion,. $85; Joshua. .Edward. 

Kinsman. 18, St. Hiloire, 41/30, 

$85; Donald Eugene Matfson. 48, 

' Thief Rivef Falls, 48/30, $95; 

Aaron John Myers, 24, Thief River 

„Falts, no proof onnsuronce, $235, 

" 20 days in jail stayed for one year; 

A - Randall Eug^ie MatWs,^l3 J .Spring. 

ST Branch," 'Dt'drivtng while intoxi- 

- ca(c^, k $535, 30 days in jail stayed 
t for two years, placed on unsuper- 

vised probation for two years; 
Suwltc Goy_Thompson. 34, Thief 
River Falls, driving without a 
license, SI35; and Jiidc Anthony 
Hanson, 27, Thief River Falls, care- 
Icss driving. $135. 

Minnesota State Patrol cases: 
Rcnettc Yvonne. Engcn. 56.' 
Newfolden, 65/55, $75; Marilyn- 
Kay Stordnhl, 53, Grccnbush, 
64/55, S75; Hurry Ernest Bushaw, 
57. Grand. Forks, ND, 69/55. $85; 
Bryan Kent Grove, 40, Thief River 
Falls, 66/55, $85; Joseph Aloystus 
Horrcn, 71, Warroud, 65/55, $75; 
Hugh Patrick Holmsirom. 20, 
Fridlcy,..69/55,. jS85;-Joy. Diannc 
Nordby. 59, Grygla, 65/55, $75; 

Frank Todd Terrell, 2.3, Thief 
River Falls, no insurance, failure to 
obey stop sign, S320. 20 days in jail 
stayed Tor "one yeur, " John David 
Vanwinklc. -52, ^ipip Falls. SD. 
65/55, $75; Richurd Michael 
Yonke, 28. Thief- River Falls, 
69/55, $85; .Cassandra Joanna 
Collier Madison, 33, Argyle, 65/55,-. 
$75; Jed Clare Mcintosh, 20, Thief 

■River Falls, 69/55, driving, after 
revocation, $631.50, 30 days in jail 
stayed for one year, Christopher 
Paul Schmid, 31, Fargo, ND, 65/55, 
$75; Michelle Renee Self, 21, 
Viking, 65/55, $95; Casey Dean 
Skjerven, 19, Thief River Falls, 

-65/55, $75; ; ^- 

Debra Ruth Brunc, 22, Baudettc, 

.failure to use seat belt, $60; 
Michael Douglas Burrows, 34, 
Warroad, 69/55. $85; Justin Gale 
Hanson,- L9, Thief River Falls, 
wrong address on DL, failure, to 
register motor .vehicle, $140; 
Laydert- Mark Hanson, 38, Thief- 
River Falls, "65/55, $75; Jason 
Lester Johnson. 18. Thief River 
Falls, no seat belt, $60; Vincent 
Allen Larson, 43, Viking, inatten- 
tive driving, $135; 

Richard Joseph Bergeron, 45, 
Warren, seat belt. violation, $60; 
David Harvey Ccdergren. 41, 

■ Akcley. radar in commercial vehi- 
cle,* $ I 35f BrendoT Gaylc' Dokkinr 
35, Thief River Falls, 65/55, $75; 
Gary Paul Gerszewski, 41, Warren, 
69/55, $85; Ashley MarieLessard, 
15, Grand Forks. ND. 65/55. $75; 
Duane RossWolff, 16, -Thief River 
Falls, failure IcTwcar'scat belt; $60; 

"Roberta Jo Ackcrmanr 36; Devils 
Lake; ND. 65/55,$75; James M. 
Johnson, 37, Fargo. ND. 72/55, 
$95; Guy Timothy-Pylci III. 17, 
Sault Sainte Marie, MI, 74/55, fail- 
ure to display current registration, 

__Jr*:eniiIngtori County Sheriff's 
department cases: Kenneth John 
Strand, 35, Thief River. Falls, 
aggravated driving white intoxicat- 

ed. $1,330, one year in jail with all 
but j:ight months stayed for two 
years, placed aii liiisupcrivscd pro- 
bation for two years, credit for time 
served. STS ullowcd. for fine; 
Joseph Allen Corneiliriir20, Tliief 
River Falls, possession of drug 
paraphernalia, $85: Justin Gale 
Hanson, 19. Tliief River Falls, pos- 
session of u small amount of mari- 
juana, $85; Kristina Delilah 

Laroclielte, 19, Tliief River Falls, 
possession of a small amount or 
murijuunu, $85; ' Jason Dean 
Cardinal. 21, Red Lake Falls, issue 
worthless check, $135, $35 restitu- 
tion, 10 duys in jail stayed for one 
year; Ray Valdcz Sanchez. 52. St. 
Paul, issue worthless check, $135, 
SI 75 restitution. 





OLDS. ALERO, 12^) miles, queeh .$16,900 

CADILLAC DEV1LLE, onsri ........ . .$24,900 

BUICK CENTURY CUSTOM, peotih . . .$14,900 
BUICK CENTURY CUSTOM, burgundy .$13,900 
CHEVY LUMINA, to, pwteb ....... .$10,900 

P0NTIAC GRAND PRIX, 2-dr, white . . . .$12,900 

BUICK RIVIERA, gbeen ........... . .$15,900 

BUICK PARK AVENUEj revmB"..~.7.$17,900 
OLDS. DELTA88 LS,«r,siack . ; . ,. .$13,900 
CHEVY LUMINA LS, «b,white ........ 

OLDS. DELTA 88 ROYALE, *dr,qreen . . 
BUICK CEIimiW WAGONJ oheen..;. 


PONTIAC GRAND AM, «r,bi!ue ...... 

PONTIAC GRAND PRIX, uh,buk .... 

MERCURY C0UGARr2j>n,-wHirE-.-n .-.-. 
OLDS. CIERA, blue........ .':. 

.$9,900 | 
$6,900 " 



Several pets held 

pound: a-wljite shepherd, impound- 
ed Ju!y;5. from the St. Hiloire area; 
a black lab puppy, impounded July 
5, from the 3t. Hilaire area; a block 
lab female, impounded July 5 from 
the St. Hiloire area; a white'femole 
mutt, .impounded July 5 from the 

, , North State Ave. orea; a male black 

other expense „incurred~byrthe— rcafMmpdunded-July^HToin-Uie- 
police deportment will be assessed ' Oreendole Manor area; a female 
prior to release. black cat, impounded July 2 from 

Each animal impounded by the the 1300 block of North Main; and 
■police-wi!!-be-kept-for-a-minimuni — a-o r a n ge m ale c d t ,:i m pou r tded.Ju n c — 
of 10 days, from -the date of 16 from the' South St. Paul Ave. ' 
impoundment. The following pets area, 
are being he]d at the police ontmal - i' _ , 

Several pets are being held in 
the Thief River Falls Police Animal 
Pound. Owners' 'who recognize - 
their pet. among the following list 
can clqim' their, pet by contacting 
the police department at 681-6161 
and providing proof of ownership. ■ 
Pound fees; license fees and any 

Hi CHEV. SUBURBAN LS, «t,wimw/DLUEimi$26 l 900 
OT CHEV. TAH0E, «r, 4X4, bed .... .■. ..... .$26,900 

'97 CHEV. EXT. CAB 4X4, wwa, blue ... . . .$20,900 

'96 CHEV. SUBURBAN LT,«4,«Hmw™oumy 

LEATrBHIrSKHI ......... . . ... . . ... . . 527,900 

'96 CHEV. BLAZER LS, 4X4, mmioon .$17,900: 

'96 FORD RANGER XLT EXT. CAB, queen . ^11,9001 

- _ */l»EYCtOmKIHIIOB-. ........ i . . . . ..:>.. $21,900 

^HEyrjaTRC-V A N ,Hbu ....5 71900 

'94 FORD RANGER XLT REG. CAB, buje. „•. $6,900 
'85 CHEV. BLAZER 4X4, vjeum-. ...... 52^900 

'i5 FORD CONVERSION VAN, red ...... . 42,900 

J = ":H:4^ 

■j^^rjDta'?- ? (^)iacaac3i;^ &-j-u<jj^ 


Auto., CD, Tilt, 
Cruise, A/C 


FOR $199.35 . 

ONLy36.monlh Imtc. $1,500.00 Down'PtunTnK. I'tnk-s. 
Security PapotU. Flrat Payment O.A.C. 


TSRiTTftlvaiTtage NOWIIr" 


Air, Tilt, Cruise, Power Windows, Power Locks, 
Power Seat, AM/FM Cassette 

O NLy$l7»880.0°* 

■■•■Price. ' 

- GM Robnlo 


Stop in and tesfTJrive the 
New 2000 Buick USabrel . 


(3) 3/4-T, 6000 Engine, Extended Cab 

(15) 1/2-Ton, 5.3 Engine, Extended Cab 

(2) 1/2-Ton 5.3 Engine, Regular Cab 


1999 Chevy HEAVY-DtlTY 3/4-TON 4x4 

Reqular Cob, 350 V-8, Automatic, Air, Tilt, 
Cruise, LS Interior, 8,600 6VW :.- 




. ■• 4-Dr.« 23.000 Ml. •Moroon 


• 12,000 Ml. • Rod 


■■ Auto. • Tin. Cruise *Groon ' 
" • 2-Or.. 4^Cyi,. 5-Spd.." Till. Cruiw" 

. • CO* 46,000 ML *WhHa 

■ . 4*0r. •31,000 Ml. -Groan. 

• 32.000 Ml. • Sltvor 

. ■i7,onnMl.»JBdtiBtor> o 


• * 4-Dr. •19.000 Ml.- Groan . 


• 4-Dr. -29,000 ML* Blue 


• 35.000 Ml. • Groan 

• 35,000 Ml. • Maroon 

" . Ultra -49,000 Ml. •Block 

' 19960LDS.80LS 

.47,000 Ml.- Whllo 


" • 4-Dr. • 100,000 Ml. • White ' 


; ■■■-■ :.-..• 90.000 ML-whiia : . .:. 


-•65.00OMi> Groan ■ 

« V-fl. Auto. • Maroon 

• V-fl.Auto.,TIILCfUb» 

.. -• P.Wlndowa-Slrvor 


• 4-Dr. -96.000 Ml. -Rod 


• V-6. Auto., P. Windows, P. Locks 


•305AUIO..P.W..P. L, ,. 

• Tin, Crulu. ■ 18,000 Ml. • Block 

.1097 CHEVY Si10 EXT. CAB 4X2 

* 36.000 Ml. • Maroon 

1907 CHEVY EXT. CAB 4X2 

• 38,000 Mi. • MaroorVBolao 
199* CHEVY EXT. CAB 4X4 

— •-54,000 Ml.*-0roen 

. 1907 CHEVY EXT. CAB 4X4 

■. 60,000 Mi.« Oreon 

. 1997 criEVY EXT. CAB 4X4 

' • 34.000 Ml. • BlOCk/Sllvor 

1006 CHEVY EXT. CAB 4X4 

• * 350 Auio. • P.W.. P. Locks 
■ > . -Till -60.000. Ml. •Whllo 


«~4X4""~P: wtndowirrPr L o ckB ■■ * 
• Alum. Wlwols 
. •99,000 Ml.- Black ' - 
• 1090 CHEVY REO. CAB 4X4 
.- V-fl,fi-Spd.' Tilt. Crulio, A/C 


• l.TonFlolBod»350V-8 

• *<pd.-Rod 


>. 1068 QMCREQ. CAB 4X4 
• V-fl, 5-Spd. • Rbarotesa Topper 

■^ • li Autitmr rw ood ■ ' 




• 4Uf.' 38.000MI.' Rod 
1006 CHEVY TAHOE 4x4 

• 4-Dr. • 57.000 Ml. • Rod 
1000 CHEVY BLAZER 4x4 

• 4-Dr. * 50.000 Mi.'* .Groon 



-•""•""■ cmiHis 

MDRTHFRN 681 . 4 8?o 

^motors, inc. _...' - - 



F&&d Lake Falls 

1 -800-24 7-CHEV 


l' ; . S e24 


Wednesday, July 7, 1999 

St. Hilaire Senior CenterPresents 


July 10 & 11V 1999 

7th Annual 

M i^attOH4CuItural jf epical 

St. Hilaire, MN . u . u oo 

40 Miles East of Grand Forks, ND or 7 Miles South of Thief River Falls, MN on Highway .32 

For More Information Call 218-964-5433 
Gates Ooen 1000 a.m Sat./9:00 a.m. Sun. • Show Starts: 11 :00 a.m. Sat./10:00 a.m. Sun. 
■■« a rtmi°lon?l 8°0Adulte.S3.0b Children 12 & Under. Advance 2-Da y passes available for $12.00 at Kru se Ip (St. Hilaire), Eagle 
" ""'""■="""■ "-"' Square (Red Lake palls, MN), Petro Pumper QW-7MN]TaTia'BoagBrElectrgnlcs-(TRFrMN)- 

St. Hilaire 



P e m 


HarVGSI Northwest Grain 
States Division 

Mvuu q-owaKw a.^ 


-KkW.Q-Hadio-Staion in Warroad, 


KKDQ - FM - 49.3 

City of 
St. Hilaire 


Chlng Wu Lion Dance Society - Sunday 

Hispanic Dance Theater - Sunday 

Rumba Sels - South American Band - Saturday 




-Bob Jackson Dixieland Bind 


Celtic Way- Sunday. 

Uganda Dancers 


" We w: Flea Market • Trinity Trio (Sup.) 

Curfman's Critters 

. Mule : Drawn Stage Coach & Buggy Rides 

Pitting Zoo • Key Club's Kids Carnival 

Arts" & Crafts • Lefse Demonstrations 

Food Concessions • Rolling Pin Contest .-. 

.. Coon & Crocket MuzzleloaderS(FotTnd«Ene«n»mnii 

0a//y Drawings: SatiTrdayi-MicROWME 

OVEN, Donated By Budget 
■Electronics, TRF.MN. 

Sunday: vcr 

Donated By Hardware Hank, 

For the K IDS - A drawing 
each day for A BiJCWBOXT 
-donated by 

Cathy Erickson Band . 


Squire Lawrie (Clown) 

Saturday & Sunday 



Volume 88, Number 28 Two Sections 324 Main Avenue North, Thief River Falls, MN 56701 • 75 Cents Wednesday, Juy 14, 1999 

Sen. Rod Grams listens to 
concerns of area farmers 

Batuque Percussion Ensemble -Sunday 

Fialka Ukrainian Dance Ensemble - Saturday & Sunday Phillippe Habeck (Humorous Emcee) - Sat. & Sun. 

MarvNIssel Band - Satunlay & Sunday 

: Electric 


Post #2793 

■ ThtalRInr Falls 




QThe Times «WarElJX 




*->>'-m 9 < > t J * 


Co-Sponsors: • St Hilaire Lions • Otter Tall Power Company • Budget Electronics • Wilcox Furniture & Appliance • Sorvlg Oil • St. Hilaire Fire Dept & First Responders 

j -" — — — c«rc|u««i . -.._ '^T-i'SssSSESHSjt 

B & E Laundi 

C'mon Inn _, 
Igar ManuTaeturlng 

aundrWCar WaatWHi 

-Rub* and SholltrHolten— 

_ ThlerHi»erFatis~Eagtes— 

Les's Sanitation 

Jorthorn State Bant 

. & H Sales 

-Red-Lake ElectYlc Cooperative _ 

■ TRF Convention & Visiter's Bureau 
Pennington Squaro/Ponnlngton Main 

Joppru Meats. . 

Northwest Community Bank In Plummor 

St. Hllalro Automotive 

■ - v fHrrjonnaoii- 

oils Radiator Service, Inc. . 
Northwoods Beverage .' 
First National Banff 
St. Hilaire Seed Co. 
nold Ave. on 
— AfOtlcX^lt^ 

Visit our wob page at: http^/www,fwthomnQLcom/leeptiog/ 


•Senator Rod Grams listened intently-as-area resJdenta^commant- 
ed on the area farm crisis at V meeting Monday morning at 
^Northland Community and Technical Collega in Thief Rhrer Falls. - 
-Son. Grams also lad a meeting in Roseau later on Monday. - 

Watershed board oks 
river dredging project 

Street to the dam, and a section of 
the Thief River just north of the 
Eighth Street bridge. Additionally, 

Eroperty owners may request to 
avc a '40-foot stretch dredged up 
to their property. Property owners 

' Thursday, Red Lake Watershed 
board of directors reviewed -cost 
estimates for the Thief Wver.Falls 
reservoir dredging project j.und 
'gave its approval for the project to 

proceed. '■'•'; •-,*!(•:■ -. . . . 

Ron Lindberg, public 1 wc*ks will, however, be billed for dredg- 
director for theCtty oMTiief-River— ing up to thrir-propefly.-— - 

Falls, presented the. final cost'CSti 
_.matcs to. the board. Thesummary 
indicated that the project cost is 
expected to be-around $l,t 00,000, 
Details ironed but from the summa- 
ry Involved 'what costs -will be- 

Sjestions sull being considered 
ve whether it is possible to 
add to the project if donations for. 
the additional cost can be obtained. 
Lindberg- explained that an addi- 
tional $40,000 could complete the 

matched by the stole; and what -balance of _lhe proposed, project 

costs will not be matched. The state 
will cdntribute $550,000 toward 
the project The remaining cost for 
the project will come from the city 
$300,000, and the Red Lake 
Watershed District board, 
$250,000. Lindberg was careful to 
'note that much of the city's cost is 
.in the form of donations, and there 
won't be any. assessments. 
•The "scope of the project has 

from the Third Street bridge to the 
dam. A fund-raising effort Is under- 
way to.'securc funds to expand the ' 

In giving its okay to proceed, the> 
Red Lake Watershed District board 
said in its resolution that no addi- 
tional funding was requested, but it 
would consider any requests at a , 
later date, if necessary. ' 

Brent Johnson, project engineer 

Sen. Rod Grams visited Thief 
River Falls and Roseau Monday, 
July 12, to listen to the concerns 
and problems facing farmers. 
Grams said their stories would help 
him in his efforts to find solutions 
to the agricultural crisis. 

Grams heard plenty to take back . 
to Washington, DC, at the morning 
meeting held at Northland 
Community and Technical College 
in Thief River Falls. 

There was plenty of support for, 
a disaster declaration, as requested' 
by Minnesota Governor Jcssc- 
Ventura. Grams said it would have 
been nice for his office to have 
re ceived a dvance notice of the 

jiiesrirolh Ventura's odi 

supports the declaration. 

.Farmers, implement dealers, - 
government officials and business- 
men from Pennington, Polk, 
Marshall and Red Lake counties 
encouraged Grams to support the 

He was told by many that the ' 
disaster goes beyond the farmers 
and is hitting main street. 

Thief River Falls Police Chief 
Ken Froschhciscr asked Grams to 
please remember city and county 
government. Social Services and 
other services- provided by-local- 
government are being strained to 
the HmiChcjaid. 

Grams said North- Dakota 

received the disaster declaration 
but what it received goes out of the 
norm of rules .and regulations. 
Nevertheless he supports the 
request and said it may open the 
| — gate — for— similar — action — for- 
Minnesota. • ■ - 

The disaster facing agriculture 
and rural communities goes* 
--beyond- any- single -event, -sue 
iflrrndingniFarmrni iWfrr row 
point out a number of problems 
. facing them including capital gains ' 
* tax, estate tax, the alternative min- 
imum tax, CRP acreage caps; not 
bringing enough for loan deficien- 
cy payments, foreign government 
ag support,, cross border trade 
agreements, 'and the" purchase of 
rural property by government 
agencies.: They are also faced with 
a year in. which many have not 
been able to get a crop in the 
ground because of wet weather. 

Michelle Benton of Kays, 
Benton, Safranskl and Co., ccrti- - 
tied public accountants, said the 
tax consequences are horrible for 
farmers trying to;get out of farm- 
-(Continued on-Page 2) 

TRF receives.. 
Blandin grant for 
LEAP program 

The. word LEAP, stands, for. 
Leadership, Empowerment, And 
Participation. This program is 

. .AREA 

Jaws of Life equipment for the Goodridge Area 
Bra Department was obtained through the 
donation of funds from a number of ' groups and 
organizations. Cost of the equipment. Including 
Jaws, hoses, straps, ram and hydraulic pump 
was-about^$13 t 000. Donors -were -Pennington 
county, $5,000; Marshall county, $1,000; Red 
Lake' Electric Foundation (from Operation 
Round-up), 1,800; Goodridge Area Development 
Corporation, $1,650; Minnesota Department of 
Natural Resources, $900; Veterans of Foreign 
Wars Post 2793 in ThiBf River Falls, $1,500; and 

AAL Branch 1635 of Faith Lutheran at Goodridge, 
$250. Pictured from left are Rodney Wayne, fire 
department board chairman; JohnLovly, 
Goodridge Area Development Corporation; Dale 
Hanson, fire chief; Galen Peters, fireman; Orlan 
Stolaas, Red Lake Electric; Don Jensen and Skip 
Swanson, Pennington county commissioners. 
The fire department also acknowledged the help 
of Sheldon Peterson of Sheldon's Auto Parts 
who provided car bodies for firemen to use for 
training with the new equipment and accepted 
return of the cut-up parts. 

98th Pennington County 
r^r^Lroffer six-day run 

„ So filled^wilh activity .that it will also available in advance. Mesa tioncd bull ride Friday and Saturday, 
take six pack it all in. the passes and onc-duy posses will be July -23 and 24, starting at 7 p.m.; 
98th annual Pennington County Fair available at all county convenience ' and Demolition Derby sponsored by 
will be presented' Tuesday through stores and supermarkets through the St. Hilaire Lions Club Sunday. 
„..__._. .',..,.. «„« .. . L _ <■„?_ Tuesday. July 20. July 25. at 4:30 p.m, 

■An entertainment Grand Puss Individual adult admissions will 

good for all grandstand events is 

available in advance for $20 for 

adults and $15 for children 12 years 

of age and younger. The Grand Pass 

offers a $25 saving for adults who 

will attend all five grandstand 

events or. a $4 saving for the two 

nights of Thunder on Hooves bull 

Sunday, July 20-25, at the fair- 
grounds in Thief River Falls. 

Rogers Bros. Funland carnival 
will be on the midway again and has 
promised the county fair association 
mat it will have more of |he large 
thrill rides than it offered a year ago 
and will also have a merry-go-round 
this year. The carnival will be open 
Tuesday beginning at 6 p.m. and on 
Wednesday starting at 12 noon.. 

Two advance sale combination 

be $12 for each night of the bull ride 
and $7 each for motocross, pro 
wrestling and the demo derby. 

An added attraction Saturday 
night will be fireworks following 
the bull ride, and sponsored by. 
Pepsi-Cola, Rogers Bros. Funland 
and the City of Thief River Fulls. 
Grandstand Attractions 

Molqcross racing Wednesday 


riding alone. Grand Passes will be 

available through Tuesday, July 20. _ 

"ba^irrralcyanVbelngTSfftred'Tigntn — orPcnnington'Squ ar e un a-Pcnmn g-' e ycning-will-be-ofle-5Cgmcn^fihtr 

this year, one for the carnival and ton Main, Petro-Pumpcr and Errs Doyco/Chrislian Molors/FANS Fair 
one for the grandstand entertain-^ Markctin Thief River Falls. Eagles. ..Motocross - Scries with points - 

ment.' Squarein Red Lake Falls, Kruse In awarded leading up to the final 

A carnival Mega Ride Pass is pf St. Hilaire and the Hartz Store in . event at the Grygla Fall Festival. A 

being sold for $30 and cndtles the Goodridge. ■ large number of racers can be 

holder to* unlimited rides for the. Grandstand shows include moto- expected with three of the senes 

•entire- fair.- The price has been- cross cycle racing Wednesday^ July . races being held in six days, include 

increased from last year's $25 21. starting at '5 p.m.; professional ing the Marshall county fair in 

umouot because of the expense wrestling featuring midget wrestlers Warren on Friday, July 16; the 

beenjimited by available funding, of Houston Engineering, indicated 

-Currently, — the— project scope— that dredging-wili.probably begin 

includes dredging of the Red Lake in late July; A contractor, has been 
River from roughly Finsbury Park working bn,an impoundment area 
-to we -Third Street bridge. The con- - north of-Nonhland Community and 
tractor is required to leave. a 15- Technical, College. The impound- 
foot buffer on either- side of the ment area is nearly complete. ' 
river. Part of the project eliminated The dredging project is expected 
due to a lake offunding included a to take two summer construction 
stretch of the river from Third seasons to complete. 

TRF phpne calls to 'Plummer 
require ho long distance toll 

Beginning lost Friday.'July 9, theirj phone! equipment must be 
—Thief- River- Falls-telephone- cus- — rep h^ anin ^ffrom-ione-distflnce- 
tomers are able-to call customers in to sevefi^dTgitaialing for Plummer. 
tbePlununer exchange .wlihout a ' .'Tnbse*who subscribe to & long 
long distance charge. Calls, may-be distance volume discount plan 
made by simply dialing the seven- should inquire from their long-dis- 
' number..- tance .carrier' if the .change will 
charge per call, mere is on increase who have measured or message ser- 
in the monthly phone-biU'of Thief vice, local usage rates will apply.. : 
River Falls customers. (Plummer Persons who have questions may 

exchange customers also incurred 
an additional charge which was 
..explained prior to. a ; vote on the 
extended area service.) 

In Thief River Falls the increase 

direct them-to the number listed on 
their telephone bill or to the busi- 
ness office at the' number shown 
below: Residence, r-800-244:iIU; 
small business^ 1-800-603-6000; 

"lrl7centS"pcr : monmTorrcsldcntia| — loige"business"or"goycramenrand" 
-one-party~service,-42-cents~pcr education, I-800-777-9594j-and- 

month for.'-business one-party and federal service, l-800 T 87 o -2818. ■ . 
%pubMc access lines, and 44 cents per . ■ Persons may also write to the 

month for trunk lines. ' Public Utilities Commission, Attn: 

.JTiier-Rivef-FaUs-ois toinenVare— Jjlu nu^ 

reminded that if they havespeed Falls, SLfllluTreand Thier River 
calling, -automatic dialing equip-.. FalisEAS, 121 East 7th Place, Suite 
ment of* call fowarding systems. 350, St. Pouli MN 55101-2147. : . 

being developed to provide oppor- 

tuniues" for- personal leadership t r ^ m 

development to people who are not local fair board. A $15 full day pass Thunder on Hooves. PBR-sanc- 
in traditional leadership positions, 
by helping people to know them-' 
selves and their community better. 
The program will feature a vari- 
ety of learning situations presented 
by individuals with expertise in the 
areas of personal development and 
effort between the Thief. River 
Falls' - Community! Education 
Blondin Foundation, and the Thief 
River. Falls .Community; Thief 
River' Falls' has received partial ; 
funding of $43,000 for over: three 
years from the Blandin Foundation 
to put on the LEAP program. ,r 
XEAP'sessions will be;hetd' 
every two weeks starting on 
September 21,- 1999 through.. 
February 15, 2Q00. Injotal there;' 
are 10 sessions. Topics covered ' , 
Leadership - What Is n Leader?, 
The- -Challenge, '.of'. Cbanm,". 
Adventures in Attitude, JLtitealng/ 
and the Art of Communication, 
Strea^.^Man^gem ^-^ Pbwer : 

Healthy. -.Community : - .Teanv 

Building. '.■'■'. •ti*?-r** ,,,': 

' Who" should- participate in 

LEAW-l^viduaU.wilh a desire 
- for persohal .growth, who care 
~ obC4it .u^eirj.cbnmiiinity.:and - woa 
, are comrniBed to parddpate in all 1 

;of diverse .backgrounds and pre: 
rexpeiieuues-witli rrdesirc tcri ' 
' op iheir leadership skills! ' " . 
v Individuals interested in signing 
; panjdpate in the I£APpro~ 
ihoold.. contact the -Thief 

involved with the additionol'largc and a Jesse Ventura look-alike Roseau County Fair Tuesday, July 
rides, a carnival spokesman told the Thursday, July 22, starting dl7 p.m.; 20; and the Pennington County Futr 
. .,.■.■■ . . r -.., , .. «...__■„ __ .._■_.... Son (Continued on Page 3) 

Children to , 
learn about 
pioneer life 

'■''■'■ Children from eight through 14 
years of age may participate in the 

"Pioneer; Days-program" to be. con- 
ducted Wednesday -and Thursday, 
Jiily ; f4 and 1 5, at- Peder Engclstnd 
Pioneer Village inThicf RivcrFulLs.. . 
Hourswillbe.from 10 u.m. to 2 
p.m. The hours have been changed 
from an earlier announcement. 
• Reservations' are to be made 
through the Thief River Falls Purks 
and Recreation 'Department since 

', the activities are reslrictcd to 25 


pant.will make his or her own lunch 

at the village. The number to call 

for reservations is 681-2519. Cost is 

ag% T ^ pari^nd-recreation departmcnriir 
►It 'cooperation 'with the Pennington 
'^- . County 'Historical Society, which 

■ operates the Pioneer Village. 
Nine different presentations of 

pionecr-activities-will be given dur-— 
ling the four-hour .'period.; .They 

■ Include me following: .' ■'.■'' ..■;-• 
' - Candlcmaking;scnool:in a one- ' 


. history of the area;, display and 
information on animal JtKins by the 

information o 

Minnesota Department of Natural 

Resources;, -sing-along; black- 

.iver Falls Cdmmunity Ee^jciuloh, at ,218-68 W7li. The final 
day to apply is August 30,'. 1999. - 

-ovsthHi-fof^r|>«rfonitanee^ —■• ■ ■ - * ■ 

In St Hilaire. The troupe has participated In the cultural festival yam;"visk wim^apioneer mrnijy; 
' " ■*■•■■■■■' - '.bur— '■' --..t.-^^i.!..- . 

for many yeara,' and te always well received. 

.bultenhnking; and Irve bee hive. 





Wednesday, July 14, 199? 

Wednesday, July 14, 1999 


t"MVW4«fflW^U)t iB lWtmWM«"H ! 


ft < j gS 5 '-■'»"">*«.■>■ S') SF •lh.dRiv. l f.iii,.;iH.(,Sl-i;^ • hoo^im].* 


• Body & Fender Repair 
•Export Reflnishing 

■ Plastic Welding 

• Windshield Replacement 

Call Us For An 


Sen. Rod Grams listens to 
concerns of area farmers 

Warren Affeldt, Polk county 
commissioner and past presi- 
dent of the Minnesota Wheat 
Growers Association, was 
among those commenting dur- 
ing a meeting with U.S. Sen. 
Rod Grams Monday -at 
Northland Community and 
..Technical College in ThiefRiver 


(CniitiiiucdTroiii l?agc I) 
in«. She mikI many arc -laced wiili 
cither going deeper in debt or jjct- 
-ting out of farming. IJccuusc of the 
tax consequences of the Inter, she 
described the problem as "trading 
one noose for another." -. 

One area resident pointed out a 
- iwu-iier problem that many farm- 
ers, now in their SIK.and 60s face. 
Many have little in stwial security 
and have put everything they had 
into fanning. Their rci'ircmcnt 
plans hiiigcupon the value yf their 
land and whether they can rent or 
sell it. Many are deeply in debt and 
there is little or nothing to encour- 
age young fanners to get into the 

Grams told the audience which 
was estimated at over 75 during 
two separate meetings, that he had 
(lie same concerns and was sup- 
porting an agriculture bill that 
would reduce capital gains tax by a 
minimum of live percent and 
would get rid of the estate taxes. 

Another area resident noted that 
CRI* rates are artificially forcing 
rent prices higher, making it diffi- 
cult lor farmers to rent property to 

Another fanner asked that some ' 
flexibility he built into the CR P 

mxmsoFA $ 398^ L %f$ T 

mum on mis 


sale.. ;-$99* 


CHAIR & OTTO... iyO~ 



$4 98 88 

program, allowing for shorter per> 
ods, such as three or five' years', 
.instead of 1 year periods. 

A county commissioner noted 
that Minnesota DNR and U.S. Fish 

have anything against a local resi- 
dent selling ilie land; but. if gov- 
ernment buys the land it should nay 
the full tax on the land just like 
everyone else. 

Grams agreed that seventeen 
cents on the dollar in lieu of.taxes is 
just no| enough. 

The commissioner further 
explained that when, government 
buys land and as, the population 
-lends -down ward— il-shttis-the-lits.- 
- burden on fewer nnd:fcwer people. 

Grams said he agrees that gov-' 
eminent owns too much land 

already. He said he's very against 
this, and thinks government should 
he reversing this trend. He agreed 
"that there is a need for national 
parks, et cetera, but "ij's getting out 
of hand and i<ki expensive." 

A number of individuals 
expressed concern about cross bor- 
der agreements and trade issues. 

Grams explained that some of 
theiproblems American farmers are 
facing are due to the subsidy pro- 
grams in other counties, but doesn't 
feel that's the answer for America. 
"More government is not what wc 
need." Cirams said. He said he 
would rather see farmers get a good 
price off the field. He said "it's 
hard to prop tin something when 
the market won I." 

Cecil Anderson, implement 
dealer in Thief River Falls for 28 
years, said (lie public thinks noth- 
ing of the minimum wage that pri- 
vate business is forced to pay. Why 
can't we guarantee fanners a mini- 
mum wage? he asked. 

Paul Nelson, chief executive 
officer for Mart/. Foods, thanked 
Sen. Grams ' for visiting 
Northwestern Minnesota. It's been 
a long litnc since a senator has vis- 
ited this area, he said. Nelson said 
t lie farm cri si s is killing small town ■■■ 




1' l£2£l(F^'^l/tS 


1 V 




w r A' 






WdT^ . ... 



Thief River Falls Community Education program 
recently received word that it had been funded 
through a grant from the Blandlrt Foundation to 
provide a program called LEAP. LEAP stands for 
Leadership, Empowerment And Participation. 
This program is designed to, provide opportuni- 
ties for personal leadership development to peo- 

ple who are not In traditional leadership posi- 
tions, by helping people to know themselves 
and their community bettexJUcttired with the 
Blandin Foundation grant are, from left: Marie 
Hvldsten, Lois Steiger, Nancy Tofte, Carol Ihle, 
and Rev, Marcia Sylvester. . 

America. "There's no money," he 
said, "and no reason for people to 

■siiiy." . 

This is a niuch'UiggcrlSKDtnhan 
for farmers, he said, lie too agreed 
that we don't need another govern- 
ment program.. Consumers will 
have to pay, he said. 

Grains thanked those who came 
io the meetings and encouraged- 
ihem to send their letters of sup- . 
port. In their letters, he encouraged 
them to describe-iheir situation and 
how the agricultural crisis affects 
them: Sen: Rod Grams, 26 1 
Dirksen Senate' Office Building. 
Washingt'opV:OC 20510: phone 
(202) ■ ,;,22it3244: or 

-<>. — — — 

98th Pennington County fair to offer six-day run 

office across from Hugo's or at tioned to the public Sunday at 3:30 
cither KKAQ or KTRF radio stu- p.m. prior to the 4-H livestock auc- 
dios. They should also be at the lion. 

'bandshell by noon to draw for posi- 
tions. Keyboard, drums and lope, 
and CD player wilt be available for 


(Continued from Page I) 
Wednesday. July 21, according to 
Jerry Erickson of Thief River Falls, 
race director. ""■„',". 

Classes from Micro Mini to 

Open and skill levels from beginner 

— toTidvanccd-nrc-offcred-and-a pria 

Parking on the fairgrounds this 

"'""" '■-'"■ "he local 


year will he conducted by the local 
Take-Down Club youth 




J388 § 

.. $ .29# 





is CARPET - 



i88§8l& : 



Queen SQQQ 95 

Twin ea. pc. s 139' 5 
Full ea. pc. s 189' 5 
King Set s 599 ,s 


Hans Kandel, Red Lake county 

Ben Klelnwachter of Strand- 
qulst, member of the Marshall 
county board of commission- 
ers,. testified durinfl>the meet- 
ing conducted by-LKS. Sen. Rod 
Grams with area -governmental 
and agency officials Monday in. 
Thief River Falls. 

of S 1 .200 is up fur grubs in the Dash 
for Cash. 

Professional wrestling makes its 
county fair debut in Thief River 
. Falls ottThursday night of the fair 
wiih midget wrestlers billed in the 
spotlight of the main event. Other 
wrestlers on the card include AWA 
legend B_uck*"Rock'n'Roir Zu'm- 
hofc, The Serbian Assassin, Jesse 
Ventura look-alike J. R. Carson, 

Prizes to be awarded include an 
Arctic Cat 4-wheeler, Arctic Cat 
"Sexy" Ace Steel. "Dapper" Danny Z120 snowmobile, riding lawn 
Dominion and "Scrap Iron" Adam mower from Sears, mini tiller from 
Pierce, along with "others. The Hardware Honk. Weed Eater from 
wrestlers will be uvuilablo for auto- Evergreen Implement, mountain 
graphs before und after the matches, bike,- homemade queen size quilt, 
Friday and Saturday night bull one year's supply of Pepsi, five 

. rides. proriiisc a lot_.onhigli_qualily dwards_of.S100_m_cash_and_fivc.. 

action as 525,000 in added prize awards of S50 in cash. 

Miss thief River Falls, will assist 
with the program and perform her 
vocal talent, while judges are reach- 
ing their decision. 

Support for~thc free entertain- 
ment in the bnndshell comes primar- 
ily from the raffle conducted by the .„ „. D _, .... „. 

fair board. Tickets at SI0 each jire south of McDonalds on Highway 59 

'table from fair board mcrfibcrs. southeast, the Heritage Community 


Shuttle bus service will be. pro- 
vided from 3 to 10 p.m. Wednesday 
through Friday ariu'3 to II p.m. 
Saturday arid Sunday. Buses will 
run on the hour TroTtnhc-parking lot 
at Northland* Community and 
Technical College, the- parking lot 

money is expected to draw some top 
competitors from the Professional 
Bull Riding Association (PBR). 

The Pennington county fair bull 
ride, named Thunder on Hooves for 
""ihcfirsr time this year, is growingin 
recognition among professional bull 
riders and the arena in front of the 
.grandstand will; be. . filled with top^ , 
athletes of both the four-legged and 
two-legged variety both nights. 

Closing out. the grandstand 
events will he the demolition derby 
lute Sunday afternoon. This. show 
has been a popular attraction for 
many years with large crowds 
hootin' and hollerin' for their 
favorite drivers. 

The county fair also offers a lot 
of free entertainment at the band- 
' shall, beginning with Gospel Night 
from' 6:30 to 9 p.m. Tuesday, July 

Professional chainsaw sculptor 
Denny Saunders of Omaha, NE, 
will present four shows per day 
Friday, Saturday and Sunday in the 
area of the fairgrounds between the 
Iog~building and"the"fair "board" 
office. His creations will be auc- 

Ccnicr and Hugo's supermarket. 
Passengers will be dropped off and 

Eickcd up at the front doors of the 
luck Olson Memorial Civic.Ccntcr 
on the fairgrounds. 

Fair board president Mike 
Sortcbcrg and past president Floyd 
Erickson said that the county fair 
association will .severely miss the 
assistance and presence of board 
members Kcrmit Finslad and Mitch 
Swanson who died earlier this year. 
Both were very much involved with 
the fair planning and operation and 
donated a good deal of their time to 

point in speaking with U.S. 
Sen. Rod Grams at Northland 
Community and Technical 
College in Thief River Falls 

U."S. Senator Rod Grams 
_ explains government Jnvolvfci 
mant In the farm crisis at a 
meeting Monday In Thief River 

DonLoflslie.of Warren, a past 
president of the National 
Wheat Growers Association, 
commented at the meeting 
with Sen-Rod-Grams-lh-TWef— 
River Falls Monday. Seated Is 
Sharon Bring of- Newfolden, a 
Marshall county commissioner. 

Queen Size,™"" Top $CQQ! 
ONLY... J5" 

Twin ea. pc. S 169 DD 
Full no. pc. s 229' 5 
■ing Sot s 699°'- 


Five from northwest among 83 
teacher of the year nominees 



Unieses j f ree , 


201 Norlh LaBroo Thiol River Falls 6B1-3914 

Mon. 9:00-6:00 

Tues; 9:00-6:00 

J Wed. 9:00-6:00 m 

iJTmrs 9:00-8:00-% 

1 Fri. 9:00-6:00 

{Sat. 9:00-5:30j 

Five fcachcrs from northwest 
'Minnesota arc among 83 nominees 
for Minnesota Teacher of the Year 
selection in 1999, according to the 


Included arc Betsy 'Saurdiff, 
Goodridgc/Gryglo; Linda. Ueland. 

. Marshall C ounty CcntptU t Ifrwf, l- 

| 3cri;" Donald Hazeman, Rcu Cake; 
Charlotte Hass, Roseau; and Kath- 
leen Duchschcr, Thief Riycr Falls.^, 
, During the coming months- .p 

panel of 20 community leaders and 
educators will "review nomination" 
materials submitted on behalf of the 
candidates and select a group 
Teachers nf Fxtttlfrn™ (; 

tsts). From this group a list of Honor 
Roll Teachers (finalists), and the 
Teacher of the Year will'bc selected.' 

All nominees wi ll 

and the Teacher of . tficT"Ycar. ," 
announced at a banquet Sunday, 
Oclobcr 17, in Bloomtngton. _ 

20. Appearing in half-hour seg- 
ments will be the Trochmann 
Family, Straight from the Heart, 
Trinity Trio (Mike Sortcbcrg, Jay 
Forney and Rick Erickson) and the 
___Wcdnesday_ at _thc bundshell ..a 
"Battle of the Bands" is scheduled 
from 5 to 9 p.m. Groups interested 
in entering this competition may 
contact Joel Kezar at Kezar Music. 

Regular schedule of entertain- 
. ment begins at 2 p.m. Thursday with. 
Franco the Magician .opening the 
. bandshell program. Other groups 
which will alternate hourly through 
Sunday include die Moras Sisters 
and Jacob, Marv Nisscl Band and 
the area band "Saddle Tramp." , 

On Sunday the bandshell will 
feature a local talent contest begin- 
ning at 1p.m. with twd age divi- 
sions for contestants through 14 
years of age and 15 and older. First 
prize of 5100 and second prize of 
$50 is* available, in each division. 
Contestants will be awarded points 
in four categories — talent and abili- 
ty, stage presence, material original- 
ity and talent presentation — and die 
top point award winner will be elt- 
. gible for the state fair amateur talent 
show. . ■ 

Contestants are encouraged - to 
register in advance with Diane Lee 
at her American Family Insurance 

Connie Stock, English and 
Theater Arts teacher at Lincoln i _ 
school in Thief River Falls and 
Lovn Hodny, first grade teacher at 
Viking elementary school in the 
Marshall County Central school 
system, arc among 18 fellows 
selected to participate in the Red 

"River Valley Writing Project which " 
began June 28 and will end July 22 
at Die University of North Dakota in 
Grand Forks. ... . . 

Summer fellows for'the project 
come from 13 different area com- 
munities nnd^rcpresent nearly ,evcry .. 
grade level and range of disciplines. 

Dan Sheridan of UND is director 
of the project. . Nancy Devine of 
Grand Forks Central high school 
and Judy Sheridan of East Grand 
Forks senior high school . are co- 

The Red River Valley Writing 
Project is a new site of the National 
. Wnting Project (NWP), a profes,- 
sional development program devot- 
ed to teaching writing. NWP is a 
nationwide program, federally 
funded since 1990,. that works to 
improve student writing abilities by 
improving the teaching and learning 
of writing in the nation's schools, 
provide professional development 
programs for classroom teachers 
and expand the professional roles of 
teach ers. • • . ; :■?..- 

For the Red River Valley Writing ; . 
Project, $20,000-in federal funds 
was matched by local area commit- 
ments, primarily from UND, These 
funds pay stipends, conduct the 
summer institute- and begin to estab- 
lish a network of teachers who will 
do in-service work during the 

Dr. H; Ray Collver to conduct 
series at Assembly of God 


|— Thief- RiverFallsinthe- 1960s, wili 
conduct a series of meetings July 
14-1 8 at New Life Assembly of God 
church. Meetings will start at 7 p.m. 
each_cycmng _ and— 10:30_a.m. 

Canadian Air Force in World War II, 
Collver was shot down while flying 

- a mission over Europe. He was 

.awarded, the Distinguished Flying 
Cross. . ■ 

With over 50 yean of ministry, 
experience, he his been a circuit 
.rider preacher in Canada, conducted 
evangelistic crusades across the 

— U nited-Stat es an d- Cnnada - an d-pas^- 
tored Parkin wn Assembly of God in 
Milwaukee, WI, after leaving Thief 
River palls. Attendance grew from 

=42atoJ-,0TO ; iiiJ&years: 

-Dr. HcRnyjCollver, who pastored . Public attendance at the meetings 
the" Assembly of God church^in— Is invited. 


Stock and Hodny join in 
university writing project 

school year. " 

Begun 26 years ago at the 
University of California at Berkeley 
as the Bay Area Writing Project, the 
NWP operates on a teachers teach- 
ing teachers "model. Du'ring'thr 
institute, area teachers who excel in 
the teaching of writing, comc-tb the 
UND campus to share their practice 
with each other and to write togeth- 
er. The hoped-for result is a commu- 
nity of committed teacher/writers 
who can then help the professional 
development of tneir colleagues in 
.regional schools, .„ 

There ore over 160 such sites 
around the country, most of them on 
college campusesr Activities-are- 
open to teachers in all subject areas 
on all grade levels from kinder- 
garten through .college. . 

For more information, contact 
Dan Sheridan at 701-777-4162. 

UMC Chancellor's 
list includes several 
from NW Minnesota 

Several students from northwest 
Minnesota were on the Chancellor's 
list for the spring quarter, according 
to Chancellor Donald Sargeant. To 
qualify* students must complete 12 
or more hours of college credit 
while attaining a perfect 4.0- grade 
point average. . 

Named m the list. wcreJJancy 
Gcske-Lurson, - Euclid,' Minimal 
industries management; Jason Carl- 
son,. Karlstad, health management; 
Julianne Miller, Lake Brpnson, post - 
secondary educational opportunity 
student; and Amanda LaPlante, Red 
Lake Falls, business management. 



Wednesday, July 14, 1999 



Page 5 - 

The Times 



Wednesday, July 14, 1999 

Display at Pioneer Village focuses on drum and bugle corps 

Book about TRFinette adventures in 1973 republished and available for safe with proceeds going to PCHS 

by Kuthi Carlson 
Times Reporter 

White the world seems to change 
at in ever increasingly rapid pace, 
some things never change. 
Dedication, determination and 
desire nave been and will always be 
the components of a winning learn. 

In 1973. a group.,of young 
' women'put Thief River Falls on the 
map as they marched their way to a 
second place finish in a national 
ccJiiywiitien ijitNew Orleans. 

■ Tlie..groii|)was the TRFinelles. a 
72-mcmbcr. all-girl drum and bugle 

Anyone living in Thief River 
[■alls prior to 1975 would most 
likely remember the TRFinelles 
and its predecessor groups, the 
"Bridgcman Half Pints ' and 
"Bridgcman Bridgettes." 

The Half Pints were organized in 
1949. Sponsored by Bridgcman 
..Creameries, the young drum and 
■ baton unit became a popular attrac- 
tion at parades and events through- 
out the area. Un i forms -featured _ 
plaid kilts and were made by the 
participants' mothers. 

Later, as they grew, the Half 
Pints became known as the 
Bridgcman Bridgettes, adding' 
more adolescent females to what" 
was still a drum and baton unit. 

In 1970, valve bugles, working 

.name to TRFinettes. Additional 
instructors were hired lt> arrange 
and teach new music, and the killed 
uniforms were replaced with gold 
Mouses,- bright green tunics' and 
plumed hats. Sponsors -included a 
number oflliiel f River Falls organi- 

More changes were experienced 
in 1973 as.lhe uniforms' Shi 
Fores'i *i 

more military look'. With addi- 
tional directors'* "helping with 
marching, maneuvering and musi- 
cal arrangement and selection, the 
young women gained recognition 
for their precision step as they com- 
peted in cities and towns in 
Minnesota, Wisconsin and Canada. 
The summer of 1973 included 
trips to the Twin Cities where the 
TRFinettes place third in a VFW 
contest and first in an American 
Legion competition. The excite- 
ment did not end there, however. 
Topping off that summer's events 
..was a trip to New Orleans and the 
opportunity to compeie nationally. 
Preparing the adolescent women 
for a national competition required 
hours and hours of practice, and 
financing ihe trip to New Orleans 
.demanded tireless fund raising 

Members of the 1973 
flags and a rifle line were added to .TRFinettes included Marsha 
the corps, and the group changed its Adamson, Kathy Bottem, Kathy ' 

[Jerg. Nancy Vagle, Rhonda Lee, 
I'ani Kngelstad. Jacki Lindquist.. 
Rcnae Hedard. Kathy Omdahl. 
Kathy Liden. Charlene LaValley. 
Mary lingelstad. Lori Peterson, Sue 
Shumway. Darlenc [iliason. Nancy ■ 
Looker. Sue Peterson. Kari Warner. 
Sandy Foster. Kathi Myrold, Lori 
Molstad. Laurie Botieni, Carol 
lhenvood-.._Walsoii._Patti Sampson. Cttitfy 
way to Kjensnid. Janet Peterson. Kristi 
' Jorge n sun. Susan Svcan, P.-h'ii ' 
Uursiad and LeAnn Gibson: 

Also Roberta Reopellc. Kim 
Wold. Paula De Lap, Chris Irvine, 
Cindy Reslad, Tammy Budiolz, 
Mary Johnson. Cindy Bcrard. 
Kathy Muni, Marsha Swanson, 
Cheryl Wassink. Beth Nichols, Pam 
Sinding, Gerry Liden, Brcnda 
Laidley. Mary LeMoine. Marci 
Madunich. Kathy Hanson. Kim 

Jopnru, Sue Ann Gnddard;' 
Wold and Jodi Bergland: 

Also Shari Aniiut. Lisa Noreen, 
Cindy Poissant, Patti Erickson. 
Tracy Rodahl. Michelle Sloliman. 
Linda Maltson. Clicri Idso. Mary Jo 
Hclland. MarchcIle;Cupj>ett. Nancy 
Opdahl. Kari Kemhit/.. Carla Reed 
and Cheryl Hanson. 

The adults who accompanied the 
72 young women included Gail 
Bergland, director. Mike Lehrer, 
miisic consultant; Vernon Lee, 
manager; Bill Dee. event facilita- 
tor; Polly Reed, communications: 
and Sherryll Irvine, nurse. Other 

Former TRFinettes and Navy Orleans chaperones the group hold a bugle, a souvenir sign from the 

■ visited Peder Engelstad Pioneer Village recently New Orleans trip,. TRFinette jackets and stand 

and included (front from left) Clayton Rested, beside one of the flags used in their perfor- 

Barb Restad, Dorothy Wold, Shari Larson, Mary mances. With the exception of Kathy Berg who 

Twistol, Carla Hmby and Polly Reed and (back, was visiting from Napervllle, IL, these former 

from left) Darlene Wiseth, Sue Ortloff, Carol corps members are among those who continue 

Lovly, Mary Mattel!, Gayle Bergland, Kathy Berg, to make their home in the Thief River Falls area. 
Vemon Lee and Deb'Staite. Various members of 

J fanning 


We Jfaue ls)£at 
you DCeed. . . 

(jnarauda c/nviiaHons 
U/ian£~you Cards 

• Response Cards 

• Otface Cards 

• 9izr/y Zfauoi-s ' 

• DCaptms.. 
• Accessories 
Gus/om Designed 

£7/wi/a/io/is-— — — -■•■- 

See C7£e OCew S/y/es Dor '99 

6S>The Times 


324 Ma|n Ave. N, Thief RjverFalls 


Dressed ^n green and black military-style uni- 
forms, the TRFinettes used bright flags, rifles, 
drums and bugles as they performed In numer- 
ous parades and events. This 1973 drum and 
bugle corps traveled to New Orleans In August 
of 1973 where they participated in a national 
competition. Polly Reed, one of the group's 
chaperones, documented the event and pub- 
lished it, first In 1973 and again in 1978. Copies of 

the publication can be purchased from Reed or 
at Peder Engelstad Pioneer Village. Proceeds 
from the sale of the booklet will be donated to 
the Pennington County Historical Society for the 
maintenance of the village where a display case 
in the Inga Geving Museum features the ' 
TRFinettes arid Brldgeman Half Pints and 

chaperones were Dorothy Wold, 
Gloria Lee. Darlene iind Irv 
Swanson. Btirb and Clayton 
Reslad. Avis and Perry Oicn, and 
Ardis and Ralph Foster. ■' 

With the sponsorship of the 
VFW and the support of the entire 
community, an excited group of 
girls, corps personnel and chaper- 
onc-Heft Thief- River Falls in two 
charter buses early in the morning 
on August Iti. 1973. embarking on 
an adventure of a lifetime. 
.Jn addition to the .regular duties 
of a chancrone, Polly Reed was 
responsible for keeping a written 
account of the trip. She also called 
KTRF radio eacli day, providing 
parents and un interested communi- 
ty with news of the trip. 

Beginning with a description of 
a beautiful summer morning and 
the prayer offered by Reverend 
Paul Biegncr before the travelers 
left on their journey, Polly's care- 
fully written- journal-detail*, the 
places, people and experiences 
encountered by the corps and Its- 
entourage as it made its way to 
New Orleans and hack home again 
on August 26. 

Because the girls had spent so 
much time together and knew each 
other so well, Polly compared them 
to bantering siblings. 

She detailed the picturesque and 
often historic scenery along the 
route, sometimes in poetic form. 
Mention was made 'of the varying 
weather conditions, and the various 
schools and community centers 
where the group spent its nights 

funds for Pioneer Village, the only' 
place, to Polly's knowledge, to give 

has to laugh wnen imaging the space to the history and activities of 

chaos as nine chapcroncsr- t t u c uuf - the TRFinettes. 

th.-m men, attempted to wash- dry, A display case in the Inga . 
— Geving Museum at Peder 

sort and fold the clothing of 86 peo- 
ple at a laundry. 

Rain or shine, the girls took the 
opportunity lo practice at every 
stop, -often to tlic delight of. the 
townsfolk who gathered to watch 

The activities of the dedicated 

Engelstad Pioneer Village features 
photographs, trophies, uniforms 
and other memorabilia related to 
the drum. and bugle. corps of. the 
50's, 60's and 70's. 

Copies of "The Summer of 
1973V can be purchased for $3.50 

chaperones _wcrc -noted atso,_os_at Pioneer Village or by conlactinj 
Polly described laW-night costume Polly Reed at "{2 1 8) 681 


latcd group as they returned homo 

and equipment preparations. 
"Finally,- Polly's journal is filled 
with the many emotions experi- 
enced by the girls and adults 
before, during and after tlic, compe- 
tition and especially as members of 
the Thief River Falls community' 

ened their arms to the tired but 
up I 
on August 26 

Polly Reed and her family 
moved to Thief River Falls in 1970 
Of her involvement in the 
TRFinettes she says, "It wasa great 
way lo get to know people." Also, 
her daughter, Carla Reed Hruby, 
was among the corps' members. 

Her narrative of the New 
Orleans trip was originally pub- 
lished on September 25, 1973 and a 
copy was given to each of the girls 
who made the trip. 

In December of 1998, Polly 
rewrote "The August of 1973" to 
commemorate the 25lh anniversary 
of the TRFinettes' participation in a 
national competition and to raise 

proceeds from its sale will be given 
to the ' Pennington County 
Historical Society for the mainte- 
nance of Pioneer Village. 
Additional available memorabilia 
includes TRFinette postcards; 
emblems and dccals. 
' Polly ended her original story 
with "Good luck, TRFics, You've, 
earned it!" She was speaking to the 
future drum and bugle corps mem- 
bers who would never be as the 
TRFinettes dissolved only two 
years later in 1975. Lack of partici- 
pation is said to be the reason for 
the dissolution as Thief River Falls' 
young women marched on to other 

■■■ Polly's nostalgic-story-isintcr- 
csting reading for anyone and will 
especially bring back memories for 
those who participated in the 
TRFinettes drum and bugle corps 
as they tell their own children and 
grandchildren about- their adven- 
tures. As Polly says, "They were 
great times!" 



Wednesday, July 14 

Aerobics at 9 a.m; at Heritage Community Center. 
- Senior Circle meets at 1 p.m. at Heritage. Community Center. 

Thursday, July 15 

Attrition Council meets at 9 a.m. at Heritage Community Center. 
■ Foofcare clinic at 9:30 a.m. at Heritage Community Center. 
. Blood pressure clinic at 10:45 a.m. at Heritage Community Center. , 

Whist at. 1 p.m. at Heritage Community Center. 

Friday, July 16 

Al-Anon meets at 8 p.m. in;Room H3 at NWMC. 
AA. meets at 8 p.m. in the north conference room at NWMC. 
Aerobics at 9 a.m. at Heritage Community'Ccnter. . 
Family night program focuslhgon farm crisis at 7:30 p.m? at Oak Ridge ■ 
Lutheran Church in rural Thief River Falls. ' ; . 

Saturday, July 17 

A.A. meets at tf p.m. at 708 North Davis. . . 
Al-Anon meets at 8 p.m. at 708 North Davis. 

- — Ladles' brunch ta-10 a.mrat-VIking Covenant Church. — — : — : 

IraraunlzaUon dlnlc from 9 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. at Inter County Nursing - 
" Service. Call 681-5950 for appointment. ,," 

Sunday, July 18 

" "Al-Anon andAlatcen meet in Room 113 of the NWMC at 8 pjn. - ;. 


Jam Session from 2 to 5 p.m. at Heritage Community Center. '■■ 

Monday, July 19 

Aerobics at 9 a.m. at Heritage Community Center. 
Evening meal at 5f30 p.m. at Heritage Community Center. -. 

Tuesday, July 20 

Bingo at 1 p.m. at Heritage Community Center. 
Al-Anon and Alatecn meet at 8 p.m. in room 1 13 at NWMC. , 
" mects^t^P-mJiuhcjionb_CQnferenccjr^ 

Soda! Security representative at Heritage Community Center 

from 9:30 o.m. to 2 p.m. . . ,v 

Old Time Music from 1 to .4 p.m. at Steak Knife HI in Grygla: 
TRF Christian Womens Club to meet at noon at Best Western hW 
'MTCbristlim'-Wcmeiis-AflcriSiQnl H ^ 




Gwer^Braun and David 
Winjum to wed August 7 

Week or July 18 
Tuesday, July 20 

Viking 1-2 p.m. 

Oslo 3-4:30 p.m. 

Wednesday, July 21- 

Karlstad ..'.;■ 9 a.m.-noon 

Stephen 1:15-2:30 p.m. 

Argyle 2:45-3:45 p.m. 

Thursday, July 22 

St. Vinceni. 11:30 a.m.-noon 

Lancaster School . . .1:15-2:30 p.m. 

Lake Bronson. . . . 2:45-3:30 p.m. 

Halma. 3:45-430 p.m. 

Notice: Persons with a disability 
who want assistance ncccishift. , 
library materials from the 
Norttiwesi Regional fJbrary 
Bookmobile may contact the book- 
mobile librarian Fridays from 9 

Jamie Marvin and Troy 
Mattern to wed August 14 

Gwen Lynn Braun and Captain 
David Scoll Winjum announce their 
engagement and forthcoming mar- 

Parents of the couple are Alfred 
and Pamela Braun of Hankinson, 
ND and James and Kathy Winjum 
of Pelican Rapids and formerly of 
Thief River Falls. 

Gwen is a graduate of North 
Dakota Stale University and is 
employed by JC Penney in Fargo. 
ND. ■ 

David is a 1986 ^otdualc of 
Lincoln High School in Thief River 
Falls and u graduate of the Univ- 
ersity of North Dakota. He is an F- 
16 fighter pilot for the North Dak- 
ota Air National Guard in Fargo. 

A wedding is planned for August 
7 at Calvary United Mcfhodist 
Church in Fargo. 



co* 1 " OUR SAVIOUR'S- 

THURS., JULY 15 th ,'. 4:30-7:00 P.M. 


Mr, and Mrs. Buzz Marvin arc 
pleased to announce the engage- 
ment of iheir daughter, Jamie Lynn, 
to Troy Joel Maitcm, son of Mr. and 
Mrs. Joe Maitcm. 

Jamie is a 1995 graduate of 
Warroad High School and a. 1999 
graduate of flic University of North 
Dakota. She is currently interning at 
Fairview Hospital in Burnsville in 
the public relations department. 

Troy is a 1994 graduate of 
Warroad High School and a 1999 
graduate of the University of North 
Dakota. He will be employed by the 
Richfield Public Schools system 
this fall. , 

A wedding is planned for-August 
14 in Grand Forks, ND. 

The Couple will reside in Eagan. 
Jamie is the granddaughter, of Tony 
Dom and the late Teddy Dorn. "" 

-The„.Chlldren .of Howard & Delpha 
Comstock would like to give a very special 
thanks to all who helped them celebrate 
their parents' "50th" Wedding Anniversary. 


Langston and Ostby to 
wed Saturday, July 17 

Goodridge teacher Unda Peterson stands In a dragline bucket at 
Center Mine In North Dakota. Peterson recently attended an edu- 
cational seminar, "Lignite - Our Regional Resource: Energy, 
Economics and Environment," in Bismarck, ND. _. 

Teachers learn about 

.Over IOO teachers learned about 
lignite production and use, energy 
economics and the environment at a 
' three-day teacher education seminar 
•entitled. "Lignite — Our Regional 
Resource: Energy, Economics and 

The seminar was' held in 
Bismarck, ND on June 16-18 and. 
was sp6nsorcd by the Lignite 
Energy Council and ihe American 
Coal Foundation. 

Linda Peterson of Goodridge 
was among Ihe teachers from 
Minnesota, North Dakota, South 
Dakota and Montana who attended 
in the seminar. Sponsored by 
_Minnkola„. Rower ^Cooperative,. 
Peterson said, "This was a super 

informative workshop! I particular- 
ly enjoyed meeting educators from 
the four-state region. Every teacher 
should take this opportunity to 
attend the lignite seminar." 

Activities included classroom 
presentations on lignite production 
and use, energy economics and the 
environment and a> session on how 
teachers can intcgratclignite educa- 
tion into their classrooms. Teachers 
also lourcdthe Bculab Mine, Center 
Mine, Coyote Station, Milton R; 
Young Station and Great Plains 
Synfucls plant. 

Teachers attending the seminar 
earned one continuing education 
graduate credit from _the_ University, 
of Norm' Dakota. 

Kari Kirkeby and Jason 
Yonke plan Aug. 21 nuptials 

"KurT Kirkeby and Jason' Yonke 

announce their engagement and 
. forthcoming marriage. 
' Parents of the couple arc David 

and Karen Kirkeby and Chester and 

Maria Yonke, all of Thief River 

Kari is a 1995 graduate of 

Lincoln High School and a 1997 
. graduate of Interstate ^Business 

College. She is currently employed 


Jason is a .1992 graduate of 

Marshall County Central and a 
"1994 graduate of Vermillion 

Community." College. He is 
-employed- by Moorhead Public 

Service. ', > • 

"" A wedding is planned for August 

21 at ZIon Lutheran Church in 

Thief-River Falls. - 

Tera Marquis and Stuart 
Carter to marry August 14 

Grygla July 20 

Kelly's Old Tune Bond will pro- 
vide the musical entertainment for 
old time music on July 20 from I to 
v 4 p.m. at Steak Knife III in Grygla. , 

■Niwi r Mirqittriiid;St^^ . 

Todd Carter along with-their par- 
ents; Alien and Jooni Marquis of 
Trail, Lorraine Carter of Coleralne 
and Robert Carter of Elbert, CO, arc 
happy-to- announce- their ■ cngoge- 
■ment and-forthcbmingTmaniage. — 
Tern is a graduate of Oklee High 
School aha has - been' attending 
Winona State College. She will 
continue her education at Brevard 
College in North Carolina this fall. 

- Stuart is a graduate of Grand 
Rapids High School and a commu- 
nications/computer systems pro- 


'orce In Asheville, NC. 
An August 14 wedding. Is 

lanncd at rlrst Love Fellowship In 
_iceton. . ;, .;■:.. .... ' .The Senior Nutrition Council 

_ .TeraJs^me..granddaughtcT^of„^ w ill-mect-ai-9-a.m.-on-Thursday r 
Alvin and Bonnie Jensen and Dick j u ] y 15 at die Heritage Community 
and Mariaff Marquis,- all of Oklee. Center. : 

Page 6 -The Times 


Wednesday, July 14, 1999 

Yon kes to note 50th 
anniversary Sat., July 19 

In celebration oflhdr SO1I1 wed- 
ding anniversary, Lcnmird and 
Shirley Yonkc will he hi'iioreil al an 
ii|>t*n luHiStf on Sainrday, July 17 
1mm 2 to -I p.m. hi the Heritage 
Community Center in Tliiel' Kiver 

Oakland Park 
executive board _. 
to meet Thursday 

Oakland Park N«r>inp Hume's. 
executive hoard will hold its 
monthly meeting on Thursday; July 
15 in S:30 p.m. nt the home. 



Paul and Elaine Kaysers 
celebrate 50th anniversary 

'i'aul and lilaine Kayser of Thief 
Kiver Falls tele-bra ted iheir "iClili 
. wedding anniversary on July 2. . 
To eon I men 10 rate the occasion, . 

dinner hosted by ihc couple's chil- 
dren and grandchildren was held at 
the Evergreen lining Emporium. 

Baby shower for 
Alexis Kiesow Sat. 

A baby show will be held lor 
Alexis Kiesow al 5 p.m. on 
.Saturday. July 17 at , the. Senior 
Center in Goodridge. 

Alexis is the infant daughter of 
Tony Kiesow and Nicole Burns.- 

...Ah, Yes, Gardening 

I always admired the pretiy gardens in town as 1 drove past. houses on 
my way here and tlifcre. never realizing what Wiirk went into ilium.' Alter 
trying to do a bit of gardening myself this year. I have now developed a 
ereiit resneel for ihose who produce Ihose pretty gardens that I see. 
. How do they do it? I have planted two liillc patches ol flowers. .not 
counting the one Utile hole where a tree had been dial wouldn't grow grass 
•no mailer what I did. I put some inmatiens in thcluile and guess what.' I he 
grass is now growing like crazy. My son said il was because I am watering 
it. hut I don't think so - I think il is just being contrary. 

Ii must take years lor people to create those pretty gardens in lown. 
Alter one year of il. I realize 1 can' I do it all at one lime. I net I could spend 
the nest It) years at it and il still wouldn't look like those I've seen. I don't 
know if I can keep at it for It) more years - I'm exhausted" - but more about 
that later. ■ ■ ... ■• ,• 

/ Anyway. I have two little paiches and ihey seem m be taking up all ol 
my time, and my patches don't look anything like ihc beautiful gardens 1 
see around lown. either. They look pretiy puny in comparison, and - I have 
wectK - ifi lacl. I Miaw I am ciillivaliiig weeds.. I planted so many seeds 
■ihat I am not sure if something is a weed or not. so I've jusl been letting 
some of Ihem grow. Sooner or later I'll recognize a weed. won l 1 .' 

Speaking of planting a lol or different things - 1 did. I ined to keep 
one annual garden and decided lo Iry lo make a new little perennial bed. 
Never mind thai ihc perennial one looks like a grave in my hack yard - 1 
figured if il grow I would enlarge it nexi year and make it less grave-shaped. 
Well, il's growing, so I plan lo make it bigger. 

' I've been reading up on this perennial stuff, and I ve decided to use 
some realty hardy things to fill out my addition. I'm keeping Irack of some 
nice "weeds" I've seen, like daisies and bluebells, and I m going lo go out 
and get some of those for my bed. My books also say to beg from friends 
:mrl n.-i t -bbors. so jf a nyone has some extra perennials ihey don t want, let 

Noreens to note 40th 
anniversary Sun., July 18 

An open house, celehraling the 
40th wedding anniversary of Lloyd 
and Janice Noreen will be held from 
2 lo 5 p.m. on Sunday. July 1 K at the 
rural Thief 'River Falls home of 
Wendy and Craig Matlson. 

Hltc event will lie hosied by the 
couple's children. Wendy Mattson. 
Lollie Olson and Brian Noreen and 
their families. 

The Mattson home is located one 
mile east of Thief River Falls on 
Hwy. 1. No gifts please. 

Head Start seeks infants, 
toddlers for new-program 

, Northwest Head Start is recruit* 
. ing eligible families with infants 
and toddlers for a new program 
called Early 1 lead Sian. Early Head 
Start is. operated by Northwest 
Community Action. Inc. and serves 
families in Marshall, Roseau. Lake 
of the Woods a nd 1 " Kittson counties: 
Head Stan is a family oriented, 
comprehensive child development 
program which provides activities 

_ of education, health, 

social services and parenl involve- 
ment. Early Head Stan serves preg- 
nant _womcn. and families with 
infants and "toddlers up to three 
years of age. 

If you have an infant or loddler 
and arc 'interested in teaming more 
about Early Head Start, call ihe 
Badger office at (218) 528-3227 or 
toll free at 1-800-568-531°. 

Local residents among 
women at convention 

Delphine . Mpngoycn. and Beitv 

Kezar were among more than 5.500 
Lutheran women and iheir guests 
who attended the 28lh biennial 
convention of the national 
Lutheran Women's Missionary 
League (LWML). 

"Let Freedom Ring" was the 
ihemc as the group gathered over- 
ihc Founh of July weekend al the. 
Minneapolis Convention Center. 
Highlights' of the event ranged 
from servant events and u 5K 
walk/run to approval of mission 

projects totaling more than $1 mil- 
lion and "election -urtWML-oItt 

The LWML, with a membership 
of more than 200,000 is the official 
women's auxiliary of The Lutheran 
Church — Missouri Synod. For 
"more than 50 years the LWM1. has 
been encouraging and equipping 
women to live oui iheir Christian 
lives in active mission ministries 
and to financially support global 
mission projects, 

me know. I could use them, ..,.■. 

' I tried lo do everything right, the way the books said, and put little pop- 
sicle stick labels in where 1 planted, mil now ilicy seem to be lost m all the 
foliage, so I don't know what 1 am growing. Noih..fg looks like it did on 
the seed packets. Seed packets should show the size of things. Everything 
1 have seems to have much smaller flowers than the packets showed. The 
only thing I recognize are the Iwo poppies that have popped out this week- 
end (I was so excited loseelhcm that it made my heart gopittcr-pat). 

Gardening is hard work - walering and feeding and Irying to pull out . 
the obvious weeds. One has to keep at it every day or the flowers don t 
grow. 1 thought gardening would be relaxing. It isn't. Fighting the heat 
and mosquitoes and oilier bugs is enough lo lire anyone out, but especially 
me since I'm not loo fond of any of ihem: I don't care lo perspire, either, 
and this gardening business seems to involve plenty of all of ihose things. 
First of all. 1 go oui to do a Utile gardening, planning lo spend maybe 
15 minutes or so at il and then get on with the rest of my work inside the 
house. Three hours laier. I am still at il. I am perspiring mplaces 1 didn t 
know I could perspire and perspiration. (or old-fashioned "sweat ) is run- 
ning dowii my face and into my eyes. My face is bright red. except for 
around my mouth, where il is while and scary-looking, my hands and most 
of the rest of me are dirty with real dirt that you can see. and 1 have mos- 
quito bites all over. Last weekend I got hit on an ear and my forehead. .My 
ear is still red and large and my forehead is swollen right down lo my eye. 
Maybe it was a bee. ■ 

T. finally quit and headed for the shower; exhausted, dirty and swcaly. 
of course. Why can't 1 spend just a little time gardening and quit wheal get 
hot and tired and bitten up. ihen slart again after I have rested? Thai seems 
to be impossible because, even if I just spend a short time gardening. 1 need 

"a shower- W I ran back-arid forth in and oui or the shower aHduv; I would 
lum into a prune. It seems like once 1 gel gardening 1 have to keep it up 
until I'm done. ■, 

Another Ihing oboul gardening - il's mighty expensive. I don l dare 
add up how much I've spent on gardening things Ihis year. And I tned to 
keep expenses down by starting seeds indoors instead of buying plants. 
Needless to say, I didn't get very many seedlings, being a novice at this 
stuff, so 1 had to buy more seeds to put into the ground, "Then 1 had to buy 
plants to put in the gardens so they wouldn't totikllk'e nothing was planted 
there, and some polled plants to hang around so I'd be sure to have some 

. flowers To look at. . 

Of course I had lo get some decent potting soil and vcrmicuhte when 
1 was trying to planl my seeds indoors, and then top soil for Ihe beds, and 
fertilizer, and then I needed tools to work the soil, a hose to water the seeds, 
some garden gloves so I wouldn't get blisters, and a little mat for my knees. 
1 bought fencing to contain everything and then liiing it up because I decid- 
ed to let everything be unconfined and easier lo mow around once it start- 
ed to grow. Like I said. I don'i even want lo know how much 1 spent. 

But now that I actually have a few flowers growing. I can see how 
this gardening stuff might be addictive. Even if il is exhausting, it was quite 
r - fun'iohawmyTfcart'gtfpilie^ ,l " trv ~ 

again next year -and plant lots of poppies. 

Evening meal at 
Heritage Center 
Monday, July 19 

'lite menu for the evening meal 
.it 5:30 p.m. on Monday. July IM 
will include pork chops, baked 
potatoes, green be.m casserole, 
rolls, salad, beverage and rhubarb 

Reservations for ihe meal can be 
made by calling 6HIC793. 

Bridal shower for 
Ghrista Jones 
Saturday, July 17 

Chrism Jones will Ik honored at 
u bridal shower al 2 p.m . on 
Saturday. July 17 al Na/arelb 
. Lutheran Church in Moll. 

Chrisiu is ihc fiancee of Shane 

Farm crisis focus 
at Oak Ridge Fri. 

Speakers on various areas .of the 
farm crisis will be featured Friday, 
July 16. al 7:30 p.m. at the family 
night program at Oak Ridge church 
- seven miles west of Thief River 
Falls on Highway I and one mile 
north. All interested are invited. 

Oakland Park home 
has no deficiencies 
in its annual survey 

Minn esota Department of Health 

survey team conducted lis annual 
survey of Oakland Park Nursing 
Home in Thief River Falls July 6-8 
and gave the facility a perfect score. 
The survey concentrated on the 
major areas of dining experience, 
overall resident care, stafl-resideni 
interaction, medicaiion passes, 
restraint issues, cleanliness of facil- 
ity and ■ resident and staff inler- 

Your -Best 

is flexible to meet ijour needs. - 

everyone need!. v>mcilimtt 
(ItHcirjil Millj-ink cm dcsliyi 
your homeowneti policy to m«l 
your exact needs No more, no 
less Plus, we niter competitive . arid superior service. To 
' discus* yout uuiiohs, wit our 
iifjcncy tixiiiy 


20l3rdSirwtE. -ThM River F»l!s,MN 
four btit Iniaraac* 

It a good ogoat. 


^FL/ company 

Tho Sttto Auto Insurance) Group 

(■o>Woa*>a catatlfopWc ovonti) 

■Hi "We "WoKt "tpawi Sudutea! 

FRYING PAN?^ -j / ^ 


bythe summer 




inzz motors, inc 


=T HWY. 1 & 59 V 


Down On 
The Farm 

' Northwest Medical Center 
reports Ihc following births since 
last week's edition of T/jc 77»t«: 

• On July 6 a baby girl was bom 
to Matthew and Jilna Erickson of 
Thief River Falls. She has been 
given ihename Janaka Lyn. 

• On July 1 a haby'girl was bom 
to Thomas and Elizabeth 
Budziszewski of Strandc|uist. She 
has been given the name Naomi 

• On July 8 a baby girl was born 
to Allison Bjerklie of Trail. She has 
been given the name Hannah 
Elizabeth Bjerklie. 

• On July 9 a baby boy' was bom 
to Edward and Micliclc Jesme of 
Middle River. He has been given the 
name Brody Edward. 

• On July 9 a baby Boy was bom 
to Brett and Mindy Picrsol of Red 
Lake Falls. He lias been given ihc 
name Nicholas Alan. 

Nothing ruins my day like a call take uninicrrupicd naps, 
from a telemarketer. To me. thc'nghl to spend an 

I answer every phone call at evening unadulterated by obnoxious 

intrusions is as precious us anything 
in the Constitution. Uninterrupted 
naps arc essential to my pursuit of 
happiness. ' . 

• Bul whenever some brave legis- 
lator proposes to ban telemarketers, ' 
telemarketing firms hire expensive 
lobbyists lo get the bill stuflcd in a 
dark hole somcwlicrc.'Nobody is 
there to defend the rights of nappcrs 
and others .who don't want to 
answer phone calls from people 
selling things. 

The phone, company lias services 
which screen oui ull calls but those 

Senior Chief Jerry BJerke was recently promoted to Master Chief 
in the U.S. Navy at ceremonies recently in Coronado, CA. A 1981 
graduate of Lincoln high school In Thief River Falls, hejHas served 
- trnh^7ravYf°r^47Bara^s~a^udOTn3ovrarelfl/mri^ 
warfare and surface warfare specialist. Chief Bjerke is stationed at 
'Coronado Island and his wife Barbara and their three children, 
Carolyn, Thomas and Kystien live In San Dlegd, CA. At the pro- 
motion ceremony, Bjerkl's" Master Chief collar devices were 
pfnrmd on by-his wife and hisJatherrindaw,:Ledr..John.fl JMIflL 
Sr„ USN (Retired) of Plummer. 

home, full of hope that it is some- 
body 1 love, the governor asking for 
advice, or perhaps Publisher's 
Clearinghouse. But my hopes fade 
fast' when the person on the olhcr 
end massacres my name, which is 
quite a trick. 

1 correct .their mispronouncia- 
' lion, and concede that they have 
reached the person for whom their 
arc calling. 

Unembarrassed by their slaugh- 
ter of my name, they sweetly ask, 
"How arc you doing toduy?" 

The gall. Somebody who cari.t — 

-pronounce my name can't possibly coming from numbers you have 
give a hoot how Pm doing... . •■' ■ '" approved aheud of time. But'what if 

Sc-i-tcll-thcm-whaUUicy-don't — u^ 

want to know. to tell mc that 1 am a big winner? 

"Well, the swelling's gone down Whal ' nboul Publisher's 
a little," 1 say, trying my best lo Clearinghouse? 1 don't want to cut- 
sound pitiful. out all surprises from my life. - 

That throws ihem off. According Instead,! think somebody should 
—to theirscriptrl was supposed lo-soy — publish the home-phone-numbers of- 
"l'm doing fine, thank you." Now, the executives of companies who 
they don't know what to say. Many employ telemarketers. Then, a 
just hang up. Others say. "I will call bunch of us. could call those 
you back at a more convenient scoundrels during prime nap time 
_ timc-jl ' __ ■ " and sweetly ask them how they arc 

"' "As if'merc is ever "a "convenient ""doing loday. , ' "."' 

time to be pestered by a stranger . . ■'■■_■ 

who wants money. JatTl SGSSIOI1 3t 

Why isn't telemarketing illegal? u . /*««*„- 

-ATMhonc-iinlesmen-defemled-by— nerltag©-Center—- 

the Bill of Rights? Did the Supreme CunHair lulir 1ft 
Court decide sometime back that OUIiaay, JUiy IO 
telemarketers have a right to disrupt A jam session will be held on 
domestic tnmquUiiy.nt.theu'Iwbim?I_Sunday > July 18 from 2 to 5 p.m. at 
• I don't think so". The problem is, t h c Hcriiagc Community Center in 

■UicieJs-JM-orga n iza l iOPlilefcndillS TWef_Rivej*--Fall5^Rcfrcshmciits_ 

the righ of law-nbiding citizens lo w jH be served. 

ThelTimes .^tfcH[ 


HERE'S HOW: Visit our web site (www.frftlmcs.coni) 

-an<Hmd-the-eyber Scavenger Hunt ..Contest Page. Surf 
participating'Scavcnger Sites and find the hidden objects. 
Submit your finds on the Times/Northern Watch entry, 
form K u n dTfl l uu r web bile iui d7om-entry-will:be includ- 
ed in thc drawing at the end of the. month to win a COOL 
PRIZE. Full details and contest rules ava ilable o n our web. 
site. Nbl)hon~e^lis~plcdsc7'~ \\, "~ . " ~^^ " 

Wednesday, July 14, 1999 


Page 7- 





Bottle Scoops 
'.Make scoops by diagonally cul- 
ling off the bottoms of laundry, 
detergent, bottles. Make a yam bail 
by -wrapping yam around a" piece of 
cardboard, sliding' the cardboard 
out, and tying the yam together in 
the middle. Let your children use 
the scoops to toss and caich thc yam 
ball Variation: Let your children 
use thc scoops to toss and catch 
small sponges or crumpled newspa- 
per balls. These scoops can also be 
used as shovels in a sandbox. 

(Contributed by Discovery Place 
child care center.) 


For next week's Activities fea- 
ture, you will need water, a paper 
clip, a magnet and a clear jar. 


Thc Thief River Falls public 
library invites you to browse 
through its new selection of. chil- 
dren's books including thc follow- 
ing: - ■ 

Stanley, ■ Diane. Rumpcl- 

stlltsldn's Daughter. In a modern 

day re-thinking of the original tale. . 

.-^Si xteen years after Rumpclstiltskin 

and ihc miller's daughter were wed. 
their only child, Hope, scis things to 
rights in the troubled kingdom, 
while achieving a unique plan for 

Manna, Anthony. Mr. Semolina- 
Scmollnus. Arcti, a Grecian king's 
daughter, decided to whip up the 
man of her dreams out of semolina 
wheat, almonds and sugar. But 
when an evil queen hears of this 
treasured creation, she steals him 
away to thc very ends of tile earth. 
What lengths will poor Arcti travel 
to get him back? 


Friends Like Me. Sing, dance 
and play along to on-screen lyrics 
and join your favorite Disney char- 
acters in their most* memorable 
musical moments. 


Serve up the fruits of summer 
with five playful recipes ranging 
. from frozen pops to berry pancakes. 
You'll find there's not much room 
for improving on ihe swcct.and lus- 
cious flavor of freshly picked 
— bcmel-in-'Uie-June/July-issue^of- 
Fnmilv Fun. - 

■ "The Virtual Schoolhouse." 
■ house" 

Remember that the Thief River 
Fulls public library has preschool 
slorytimcs every Thursday al 10 
a'm. Also remember lo check qui 
the parenting comer by the chil-" 
drens room for new, information 
and helpful hints. for busy parents 
on books, reading and much.mon:, 

Want to listen to a story' over the ■ 
'phone each day? Call Dial-A-Story 
at 681-4985! 

(Caniributcd by thc Northwest 
Regional Library.) 

Children, Fruits and Vegetables,. 

This is the lime of year when we 
have many fresh fruits and vegeta- 
bles available to use. Unfortunately 
this season passes all too quickly in 
northern Minnesota. Noi only are 
these fruits and vegetables good to 
cat and good for us physically, but 
this is also a perfect opportunity for 
learning! ' 

Thc young child is naturally curi- 
' ous. He wanU-tolcam.first hand. 
By "that we mean he wants to touch, 
taste, smell,' look and listen. 
Whenever possible givc-y our child 

the opportunity 10 examine" foods" 
before and afier you cut ihem up 
and cook them- Let him or her be 
involved, within reason, in the 
whole process. ' 

Your child can team many sci- 
ence, math and language skills 
through food. Here are some possi- 
bililiesr — — -■ 

•Observation: at each step, check 
color, feel, taste, smell. 
•Note changes, similarities and dif- 

Math , 
•More or less. 
•Bigger or smaller. 

•Encourage your child's comments. 
•Let him or her describe what they 
sec, taste, etc. 

•Help Ihem develop language, to 


Name thc different roods: zucchi- 
ni 'squash, necjarinc, cucumber, 
-plum", :ctcr-TfllkraDOUntho'ir;colors,-T 
shapes and sizqs. -;.-■. 

(Contributed by the 1 Early 
Childhood Family Education 
deportment of School District 564.) 

Ladies' brunch at. 
Viking Covenant 
Church July 17 

Everyone is* welcome* to attend at 
ladies* brunch at "ihe Vikjng 
Covenant Church at 10 a.m. *on 
Saturday. July 17/ 

Naomi Dunavan. staff writer for 
Ihe Grand Forks Herald, will be thc 
guest speaker. 

While there is no charge for the 
event sponsored by the Viking 
Covenant Women's Ministry group, 
a free will offering will be accepted. 

Social Security 
rep at Heritage 
Center July 20 

Questions about Social Security 
will be answered when a represen- 
tative from lite agency visits the 
Hcriiagc Community Center on 
Tuesday, June 20 from 9:30 u.m. lo 
2 p.m. 
* , Applications for benefits arc not 

'completed during town visits bul 
can be complclcd by culling 1-800- 
772-1213,- a national toll free num- 

. ber which does nol ring in thc 
Grand Forks office. 

Trent Softer 
celebrated 5th 
birthday in TRF 

• " Trent Sorter cclcbralcd his 5th 
birthday on Saturday, July 3 at the 
home of his great-grandmother, 
Louisa Haugen, in Thief River 


"Dare to be THIN 
for Summer" 

Informational Heeling to Ihe public 
tolntroducQ an all-natural weight 
loss program. 

Lose 10-30 lbs. In 30 days - 

100% guaranteed or money back. 

Sat., July 17 • 2:00 p.m. 

at the. Elks Club* TRF 

Free Samples • Open House Discounts 

For more information call: 
6814119 or 681-4544 


do you need life insurance 
from Farm Bureau? 

Prairie Songbird Program July 18 

at Rydell National Wildlife Refuge 

What kind of people get up at the Union Like Sarah 

4:30 a.m. to battle mosquitoes and Improvement District, and Fncnds 

dew-laden, hip-high grass that can of the Rydell Refuge Association, 

'completely soak your pant legs in a To get lo the RydelWtcfuge go 3 

matter of minutes? And WHY miles cast or Mentor or 3 miles 

would Ihey willingly do this? Thc west of Erskinc on U.S. Highway 2 

answer people with a passion for nnd turn south on Polk County 210. 

birds. Join Jill Dechant on Sunday, Follow 210 about 2.5 miles souih 

July 18th at Rydell National to thc large entrance sign and main 

WJiHIifr Refuge lo learn a bout g atcof the Refuge. If nrriyingfrom 

research being conducted on the south; turn north off of Polk 

impacts of habitat changes on County 41 onto Polk County 210 

grassland nesting birds in Polk and go about 3.5 miles north and 

County. More specifically, she is turn left at the Refuge entrance 

examining the effects that habitat sign. For more information call 

fragmentation "of prairie 'areas and Wayne Goeken at 218-574-2622. 

features of thc surrounding land- 
scape have' on the density and nest- 
ing success of grassland birds. Jill 
wHl'share some preliminary obser- 
vations from thc research nt 2 p.m. 
at the Rydell Refuge. 

Jill Dechant is an ecologist with 
the United States Geological 

Hayes Lake State 
Park to host 
interpretive program 

Turtle -Talk and -Bog Walk are 
thc name of the two Interpretive 
irograms, being offered at Hayes 

Thc party featured a "Rugrats" 
theme and was hosted by his par- 
ents, Kami and Scott. Sorter, and 
sister Amber of Albert Lea. 

Relatives in attendance were 
from Dcs Moines, IA, Bemidji and 
Thief River Falls. 

LHS Class of '49 
invites visitors at 
50-year reunion 

Members of thc Lincoln high 
school Class of 1949 invite friends 
and acquaintances to visit with thc 
classmates at several times during 
the reunion scheduled for July 16. 
17 and 18 in Thief River Falls. 

A social gathering the evening of 
Friday, July 16, at the Best Western 
Inn is open to all. as is a church ser- 
vice Sunday at 9 a.m. in the historic 
Asphull Lutheran Church in Peder 
Engclstad Pioneer Village and a 
goodbye brunch at 10:30 a.m. at thc 
Best Western. . 
-~The-ban_quct Saturday- is inicnd-_ 
"cd for only class members and their 

Work on Sand Hill 
river bridge pear 
Climax starts soon 

Minnesota Department of Trons- 

Eortation reports that work on the 
ridge over the Sand Hill river on 
Highway 220 west of Climax will 
get underway July 13, weather per- 

The bridge work will require a 
detour to be put in place as soon as 
work starts'. Motorists traveling 
south on Highway 220 from 
Highway 2 will be dctoured onto 
-CSAH-45 and then onto- Highway- 
75. into Climax. Travelers from 
Climax going north to Highway 
' 220 will take thc same route .in 

The work is expected to 
plet cd by September 30, 1999. 

Now Available 

Prelecting your- family's financial 

future takes careful planning. 
And, ilirough every slagc of your 
life. Harm Bureau is there, with 
innovative life insurance options. 



Jiut tan vhra... icktntrtr gau'r* rrnrfg.' 


Farm Bureau financial Services 

. Iruuroner • tmtitmtnU 

Swuniin pnJutnuid mim mlltftil Bimri*^ 
FqwTn>VlM*i<i>i>f S*>K« ■ : 

i.ioo-WJJiio ofBLiooe 

Join us July 17 for Hallmark 
Keepsake Ornament Premiere! 

Its the "must attend 1 ' event of the year! Ifs the unveiling 
of the new 1999 Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Collection. 

You'll find Premiere-exclusive products you can't get any other 
time. Plus, play the Collector's Pursuit game to win one of 

many prizes in our store. 

Open Saturday, July 17th 
9:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m. 




.»«< nmniiB ihr IJSGS the picnic shelter. Turtles arc a com- 
tRnSSTof «S ta mbn sigh. ta*in s .in tho S »n along 
r™£«™ iiid the StnS ihc wnlcr's edge. Leam about the 
SSS» of New York n different speciSi in Minnesou and 
' ^"SVL^gn^prairie j*j<* °°£^ Hayes Lake home. 

that was present at the time while ^£$$%T£3 C tL Ti'°m ' 

■ people. tot anivedron the conti- ^ t,i"KW 

■' Sonly «io.'perceht.WmaihsN-n«arrfc>ll»«'.'» .HS*";^ 

Today. Fragments 0? native prairie campgrounds. Jom the park nam- 

- aieai locMed- in- northwestern raHft on trus one^ighft ot a mile 

Minnesotn.were ehostn. for the «S; c -a;?u^ue 0r fSr2 -^ 

White* Cedar bog. Along thc way, 

learn some of the native plants and 

animals. ■ 

All programs are tree 'and open ■ 

aB The Times «W/geH 

ZfJBt CommercUl Prim Sboj 
', 324 Main Avenue North 
Thief River Falls, MN 56701 


\l,,hhin it o/isim- L**OI.. 

i> il i-asicr. 

SllverPro™ Series Easy Mulch, Side Discharge Mowers 

• 6.5 HP. DuraForce™ engine - commercial grade, , 
. easy start.Long lasting and easy to maintain. 

• 21 " Staggered wheel steel deck for close • 
trimming & easy maneuverability. 

•"4-ln-1 system. Deck converts easily, from mulching 
' discharge to side bag to rear tjag. 


$ 329.00 

Reg. $349.00 

Push Mower 


-Reg. $299.00 

All Lawn-Boy' Mowers 
On Sale! 

Electric Series Cordless Mulching, Side Discharge Push Mower 
' 'SO/ifi /1A • 24 and 36 volt battery 
24 Volt 0«£«7>UU • Polyethylene/Steal no-rust dock Is lightweight. 

Reg. $365.00 
36 Volt 

$ 359.00 

Reg. $399.00 

EASY, iff if OUT 

durable and scrape proof 

• ProUong™ Charger LED 
display system 

• Outperforms competitors 

• SlldeVButton Starting 
Easy starts every time • 




gAtoMtoAcd t9S4t 

study because of their high quality 
and uniqueness. 

Jill will present slides of the 
prairie areas and the species of 

tSSS^Jple lSe'£ tothe 'puffie. howeCir avehfeie 
%m$mS£i lEtteS-p™.' £ required lo ="^«- 
for TnlinlTand monitoring nan. formorc.nA)rmaooncall2l8-425- 
bandfng songbirds, -and 'counting '■*«• 
birds' will be demonstrated. Tne |_, m , m |_ n »| nr , 
importance of. prairie habitat to inflmUniZclllOn ,. , 

Sparrows, LeXonu?s Sparrows. V ?*^w -i .>SiS 
Bobolinks, Sedge Wrens. Upland July 17 at ICNC 
ri'SwilltedSSd An immunization clinic will be 

° h Thfp^am IpSS to be held 6n Saturday. July 17. from 9 
veryinforaKeandagreatoppor- "■>■ to .'WOp."" •«"> ".„<"» 
tunltytoleammoreaboutourvalu- Njmtaj .Service (1CNS) in Thier 
nble Drnirie landscape. All arc wel- River Falls. ■ . 

comTE come tolhK free program Immunizations jm m Stable to 
at "ii m.. Sonday, July 18m at the people of all, ages w 11 be adminls- 

TWeftfu»e^ltorlCeincrrThe— lereAbv^TOintment-only-auaxott. 
'ffiii^s ooen on Sunday' after- of $5 each. However, no one will be 
Soonffrom T£ 5 pi Tutors denied I «, .immunization becauseof 

jrSjh.W.s an P d tatovcyhc -J- ^^^^ai. 

ricn 1r-»,ie .'. I.«I.J .. ItQ Ir* n | n )i 

""e^TbTtTaflHc Visitors Center.-^ 

SK VSZZi Tof'the SPSO.rcNSS'.ocateda.SlgKnlgh't 
Mapj^Lato-faproveniail-Disulcl. Avenue Worth. , ^_ 

*f ^ TyyyaT* 1 

'urc 8. 


n il. i j p m i WWWWfjIUUlLl 

■impi'M m.ji«i 

Wednesday, Ju ly 14, 1999 

Wednesday, Jully 14, 1999' 


Page 9 


I Mabel Bergerson, 95 
I Jackie Bredeson, 63 
Clifford Johnson; 76 
I William Klasen, 29 
I Alvin Kompen, 87 
1 LaVern Larson, 67 

Kalmer Ostby, 95 
Lawrence Phillpp, 88 
Ethel Sanders, 90 
Stewart Sistad, 68 
Vernon Wlkstrom, 82 

Jackie Bredeson, 63 

'[•lik-r RIut Kails • Jjckii- 

HrcilcMtti. to. ilicil Suntl.iv. July ■'. 

I'I'J 1 ) ill her hume in Tlncf Uivci 

Falls, u; 

Funeral SL-niLi-s were Mil ;il 2 
p.m. t'n 

Satiinl;i\. July 
Ml u Green 
Funeral Home 
in Tliiel River 
Falls «iUi 

Kcvctirml any 

jiiiiip. Muml* 
w;i\ jititvulcil l»y ' 
Grace H.HTitncr. 
'Burial was in 
G r c c n w 11 n d 

Jaiiuclinv Lee Olson was hom mi 

February 22. I9.V> in Thief River 

Falls, ihe daughter of LeRoy 

■■Hush" and Kulh (SchuMerl Olson. 

. She was hanli/ed in llie Calliolic 

in Tliu-lRi ytT Falls where she 

HredcMin ill Thief River Falls. She 
worU-il ill Brcdesim. Cleaners for 
Mime lime after iheir marriage, and- 
ihe tiiiiiilc lived in Thief River Full> 
tor cielii years before moving lo 
San Gabriel. CA in l%3. 

In l')7l). lliey relumed to 
Minnesota and settled in 
Ulonminglon. Jackie :i 
Holiday Inn. a my company. 
Nabisco and was manager ol Cedar 
Conns Aparin'ients in illoohiinglon. 
IV fdufiJe returned to Thief River 
Falls in Au trust of 1 W». James died 
■■in Mm-lrl2:-IW), — 

Jackie is survived hy her step- 
mom. Donna Olson ofHiief River' 
I'jIK: .me- son. Michael James 
(Christina) Bredeson of "Park 
Rapids; one yriiiuldaujilittir; one sis- 
ter, Judy Biorkhind ol Minneapolis: 
one brother. William "Hilly" 
tDelores) Olson of Minneapolis; 
and several nieces and nephews. 

preceded in death hy her 

also, attended school, eradualing 
from Lincoln High School in 1 953. 
■' On May 28. 1955 Jackie was 
united in marriage to James 

Kalmer Ostby, 95 

lUSa Mourlu-iui - " Kalmer 
S^-Kally" Ostby. •).<-. died 
Friday. July l J. 1999 at MerilCare 
Hospital in Fargo, ND. 

Funeral services werejield on 

Tuesday. July 

Flat II a.m. at 

Trinity Lutheran 

Church in 

Moor he ad. 

_Inicrnieiii. was._ 

in Our Savior's 

Cemetery in 

Mcintosh. The 

Wright Funeral 

- Home of Moor- 

-liead was in 

charge of the arrangements. — 

Kalmer Ostby was horn on 
September 13. 1903 in Mcintosh 
where he grew up and attended 
an from Mcintosh High School in 
' l')2l.- In 1925. he graduated from 
Concordia College in Moorhead 
"with a bachelor's degree. Kully was- 
captain of the basketball team and 
lettered in football and baseball. 
. From 1925 to 1944. he Was 
superintendent of Twin Valley 
schools. Rally served in the U.S. 
Army during World War II as a 
radio operator on the front lines in 

Clifford Johnson, 

KgSa Ktirlstad • Clifford 
PF<? Johnson. 76. died Sunday. 
July II. 1999 at the Karlstad 
Memorial' Nursing Center in 


Ethel Sanders, 90 

Thief River Fulls - Flhel 
Sanders, 90. died Tuesday. July 6, ' 
1999 at Oakland Park Nursing 
Home in Thief River Falls. 

Funeral services were held at 
10:311 a.m. on 
Saturday. July 
10 at Abundant 
Life Free 

Church in Thief 
River Falls with 
Wesley Langaus 
officiating. Bev 
Kays was the 
organist, and 
Grace Hammer 
was the soloist. Ethel's grandchil- 
dren. Todd —Sanders. Bradley. 
Sanders, April Bailey, Rhonda 
Reriek. Kevin Sanders and Carna 
Von Holium, were the caskclbcur- 
. ers. Burial was in "Greenwood. 
Cemetery in Thief River Falls. The 
Green Funeral Home was in charge 
of the arrangements. 

F.ihcl Alice Myrin was bom on 
February 9. .1909 in Thief River 
Falls, the daughter of Nils and Julia 
Thicf River Falls, attended school 
there and graduated from Lincoln 
High School on June I. 1928. Ethel 
attended the Minneapolis School of 
An and returned to Thief River 

On January 30, 1937, she was 
united in marriage To Carl Emil 
Sanders at Mavie hy Reverend E.W. 

Bnumann. The couple farmed on the 
Sanders homestead' farm. After Carl 
died on March 20, I960. Ethel con- 
tinued to make- her home on the 
farm until moving into Thief River 
Falls in 1962. For the past 15 
months she hud resided at Oakland 
Park Nursing Home. ■ 

Ethel was baptized and con- 
finned at Trinity Lutheran Church 
and later joined Abundant Life Free 
Lutheran Church where she has 
maintained her membership. 

She was a lifetime member of the 
Sons of Norway and was an accom- 
plished, oil painter. She played the 
piano and was the organist for 
Telemarkcn Church. Ethel was also 
a seamstress for many people. She 
especially enjoyed her grandchil- 
dren and great-grandchildren. 

Ethel is survived by one son. 
Kenneth (Ruth) Sanders of 
Goodridgc; one daughter, Sandra 
(Gale) Packard of Minneapolis; one, 
daughter-in-law, Lila Killoran and 
. her husband, Joel of Minnctonkn; 
six grandchildren; six great-grand- 
children; one-sister-in-law; and sev- 
eral nieces, nephews and cousins. 

Shc.was preceded in death by her 

husband; one son, Richard; her par- 
ents; one great-granddaughter, 
Sarah Rose Sanders; two sisters, 
Myrtle Myrin and Laurel Blasjo; 
five brothers, Arthur, Irwin, 
Millard. Clifford and Vcmon Myrin; 
and two brolhcrs-inrlaw. 

LaVern Larson; 67 

•©a Red Lake Falls - LaVem 
P^ "L.W," Larson. 67. died of 
cancer on Thursday.- June 24, 1999. 
at Hillcresl Nursing Home in Red 
Lake Falls. 

The funeral was. held on 
Tuesday, June 29 at Pettcrson 
Funeral Home in Red Lake Falls 
with Father Tim Bushy officiating. 
Music was provided by organist . 
Polly Beyer and soloist Rose 
Curriere. Casketbearers were 
Cannon Jackson. -Todd Kjos, Del 
Clark. James Gilbertson. Bernard 
Columbus and Chel Brown. 
Military honors were -accorded by 
the American Legion Post of Red 
Lake Falls. Burial was in Si. 
Joseph's Church Cemetery. 

LaVern Larson was born, on 
January 18. 1932 in Thief River 
Falls, the son of Harold "Joe" and 
Gladys (Hovland) Larson. He grew 
up in Thief River Falls and attended 
Lincoln High School. 
". He entered the Army Air Force in 
1948 and later entered the U.S. 
Navy, serving his country for 22 
years and retiring in 1969. While in 
the service, he scn'al in Japan. 
China, Vietnam, Korea and the 
— Philippincs-whcre he was an avia- 
tion instructor and aviation store 

On July 2. 1900, LaVern married 
Irene Wysoski in Red Lake Falls. 
He was the administrator of 
Oakland Park^ursing Home in 
Thief River Falls from 1969 until 
1972 and the administrator of 
Hillcresl Nursing Home in Red 
Lake Falls from 1972 until his 
retirement in 1989. 

LaVem enjoyed traveling. Fish- 
ing, golfing and playing cards. He 
was a member of the Fleet Reserve 
Association, the Red Lake Falls 
American Legion Post where he 
was past commander, adjutant and 
finance officer for several years and 
'40 et 8 where he was a chef de gare. 
He was also, a member of the 
, Minnesota Association of Hospital 

■ Survivors include his wife. Irene 
of Red Lake Falls; one son. David 
(Bcrnadcltc) of Wurroad: one 
daughter, Diane (Douglas) Roob of 
Sartcll;. four grandchildren; three 
sisters, Joanne (Roy) Landmann of 
Isanti, Deanna Larson of Thief 
River Falls, and Janic Hipsher of 
Fishen two brothers. Dennis Larson 
of Eagle, WI and Edward Larson of 
Thief River Falls. 

He was preceded in death by his 
parents, an infant daughter and an 
infant grandchild. *o»o»i»»ji.h 

Stumpf reminds farmers to apply for farm rebate 

husnand: tamer: mother; one 
LaRay Trimbom: and two nephews. 
Blake Olson and Demfy Bjorklund. 

France and Germany. , . 

After serving in the army, he 
attended the University .,. or 
Minnesota, earning a masters 
degree in 1946. Rally then moved to 
Henning where he was high school 
principal from 1946 to 1948. From 
1948 to 1956. he was principal at 
Lincoln High School in Hiief River 
Falls. He then moved to Rochester 
where lie taught junior high science 

" at Kellogg Junior High'nnlil retiring 
in 1971. In 1989. he moved to 

Rally enjoyed playing golf, 
attending sporting events and 
watching them on television. 

. __l!e.was.a booster .of_Concordia „ 
College and was active in Kiwanis. 
Trinity Lutheran Church in 
Moorhead and Zum'bro Lutheran 
Church-in .Rochcsicjv Hcjrnjoycd- 
attending.his army reunions of the~ 
94th Signal Battalion each year. 
Rally is .survived by one sister, 

-Juliette Slcncrson- of Thief- River 
Falls, and four nieces and four 
nephews. ' ■ 

He was preceded in death by two 
sisters. Malhilde Dale and Emily 
Slenersim: and one brother. Carl 
Ostby. AiM«miwiri.M 

76 ■•_•■. 

Conservation Camp at Big Fork and 
then served with the U.S. Army dur- 
ing World War 11. Following his dis- 
charge from the military, he worked 
in logging camps hear Loman for a 

today (Wednesday. July 14) 
p.m. at Karlstad Baptist Church 
with Pastor Carroll Enckson offici- 
ating. Kirslin Olson will be the 
organist, and vocal music will be 
provided by LaVonne Anderson. 
Casketbearers will be Vernon 
Johnson, Lionel Johnson. Tim 
Anderson. Robert Clark. Mark 
Nettcrlund and David Johnson. 
Interment will be in the Karlstad 
Cemetery with military honors 
accorded by ihc Karlstad American 
Legion Post 445. The Collins 
Funeral Home of Karlstad is in 

_chargc of ihc arrangements. _ 

Clifford Melvin Johnson was 
bom on December 8. 1922 at 
Karlstad, the son of Fred and 
Gunhild (Peterson) Johnson. He 
grew up at Karlstad, graduating 
from Karlstad High School in 1940. 
Clifford worked at a Civilian 

"StewarffSistaares - 

' Grygla - Stewart Sistad, 68, died 
Monday, July 5. 1999 at Northwest 
Medical Center in Thief River Falls. 
Funeral services were held at 10 
a.m. on Friday, July 9 at Grace 
Lutheran Church in Grygla with 
Pastor Paul Knutson officiating. 
Gloria Sistad was.lhe organist, and 
the pianist was Kim Clcven. 
Soloists included Stephanie Olson, 
Jodi Schult/. and Jody Kirkeidc. 
Casketbearers • were Norman 
Hanson, Johnny Benson, Bob Santl, 
Donald 'Thomas. Rodney Byklum, 
. Leland Thomas, Larry Nordby and 

-Dennis Sistad — 

Honorary caskctbeurers were 
Stewart's grandchildren, Crystal 
Beilo. Kari Bcito, Adam Cwikla, 
■ Ryan Cwikla. Barry Olson. 
Stephanie Olson. Mike Clcven and 
Greg Olson, and all those who con- 
-sidcred him a iriend.- Burial was in 
Si. Olaf Cemetery in Valley town- . 
ship of Marshall county. The Green ' 
_FuneraI Home of Thief River Fnlls_ 
— wad in charge of. ihc arrangements. ._. 
' Stewart Oscar Sistad was bom 
on'June 3, 1931 in Benville town- 
ship of Beltrami county, the son of 
Joel Melvin and Mina "Minnie" 
' Tiilenii (Bye) Sislad. He was bap- 
tized and later confirmed on 
September 16. 1945 at the Vallc 
Lutheran Church. He grew up in 
Benville .township and attended 
Benville rural school Ihrough the 
eighth grade, receiving his diploma 
on May 31. 1945. He-remained at 
home, farming with his parents, 
until he was an adult.. 

On March 12, 1951 he was unit- 
ed in marriage to Lottie' "Laudy" 

Vernon Wikstrom, 82 

Ann Lcskiw in Hallock. While ihe 
couple lived in various places where 
Stewart worked, they always con- 
sidered Grygla to be their home 

Stewart's working years includ- 
ed the Hannah Mining Company, 
the oil fields in Tioga. ND.'Erickson 
Farms, pipeline construction, ihc 
Peterson Cafe which the couple 
operated, Grygla School, Land 
O'Lakes, Thygcson Construction. 
Benson Construction, Arctic Cat, a 
gravel .trucking business thai • 
Stewart operated for some time, All 
. Stale Paving, Grygla" Forestry 
Department, Farmer's Union, and . 
Ag Dept., and Stanley Farms. He 
also continued to farm his land. 
■ ' He was a member of Grace 
Lutheran Church, a charter member 
of -the Grygla Lions Club, charter, 
-membcr-of- ihe Fourtown/Grygla- 
Sportsman Club and a member of 
the Teamsters' Union. 

Stewart is survived by his wife, 
Louie ^Laudy" of Grygta;- three, 
daughters, Bonnie (Bob) Cwikla of 
Grygla, Connie (Rick) Bcito of 
Middle River and Susan "Susie" 
(Rick) Olson of Grygla; sixgrand- 
childrcn; Ihrcc sisters, Hazel Bjorge 
of Buxton, ND. Alma Foss of 
Mentor and Adeline Slettcn of Thief 
River Falls; .two brothers, Marvin 
(Alice) Sistad .of Erskinc and 
Palmer Sistad of St. Paul; one stslcr- 
in-Inw; and -many nieces and 

He was preceded in death by his 
parents; two brothers, James and 
Arvid; one sister-in-law; and three 
brolhers-in-law. " 

Y2K workshop for small 
business in TRF July 28 _ 

Minnesota Technology, Inc. will been established lo answer qucs- 
-liold4i-Y^K-aKseaiment/conlingcni:y — linns and. dlSlfibyte. J ^Jv^Pwff 1 ; 
planning workshop for small busi- . 
ncsses from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. 
Wednesday, July 28. at the Best 
Western Inn of Thief River Falls. 

Registration fee is S25 and the 
workshop is open to small manufac- 
turing companies and other small 
businesses in the region, companies 
can register by culling Minnesota 
Technology's Moorhead regional 
office at 218-236-8584 or at 
2000 on the inicmct. 

The workshop is part of a com- 
.-prehensive program lo help Minne- 
sota companies prepare for the Year 
2000 issue. During the next six 
months, ■ Minnesota Technology's 
Y2K leam will help small coimiu- 

Tliief River Fulls) reminded farm- 
- ers lo apply for ihe agriculture 
relief payment if they nave not 
already done so. The Minnesota 
Department of Revenue begun 
mailing agriculture property tux 
rebate checks on July I. 

The agriculture tax rebate is one 
part of the agricultural relief pack- 
age passed by the 1999 Minnesota 
Legislature to help financially- 
strapped farrncis. The tax relief 
package included S70 million in 
direct payments to farmers, which 
came from the stale's budget sur- 

Rurul legislators also won a per- 
manent agricultural property, tux 
cut worth 553 million to the stale's 
farmers. While agricultural land 
owners will notice the lower tax 
rales. Inter in the year, the purpose 
ofStumpX's announcement recently 
was to make sure urea farmers are 
aware that this direct aid is avail- 
able to them now. 

"The Legislature passed the 
relief package in Apnl, and the 
Department of Revenue, began pro- 
cessing the rcbatc _ forms inlate 
May," Stumpf sutd. "The individual' 

checks are now lieingcut and 
out to fanners. This is direct relief 
for fanners who have been smug- 
gling lately. 1 know that the checks 
can't arrive soon enough." 

Payments of up to $5,600 per- 
farm are' authorized, at a rate of $4 
per acre. The payments are based 
on acres that a farmer has in pro-' 
duciion. whether the land is rented 
or owned. The state will be using 
infonnution collected by the feder- 
al Fann Service Agency to verity 
acres in production. 
J^ Livestock producers operating 
~oh less than 160 acres may instead 

choose lo receive a payment equal 
to their first-hair property taxes, up 
to the SS.fiOO cap. Hobby farmers 
operating less than 40 acres are not. 
eligible lor the rebate. 

"The rebate options are spelled 
out on the application forms." 
Stumpf noted. "Farmers must apply 
for the rebate by October 1st or the- 
end of ihe year, do [Hindi rig on the 
relief option they choose." 

"1 urge fanners to apply for iheir 
rebates now," said Stumpf. "The 
rebate checks will certainly help 
some fanners with cash flow prob- 
lems. Il may seem like a drop in the 

bucket for those who are really 
struggling, but this help fniin the 
stale will hcjusl what some fartn 

Jiuniltes need right now -- a shoi in 

■ the ami." 

Option A, the refund available 

.for livestock fanners that operate;- 
on 160 acres, requires an AG-2 
form. The application is due by 
December 3L 19.99, Option B. the 
per-acre paymemfor crop farmers, 
requires a letter from the Farm 
Services Agency, and is due by 
October I. 1999. 

.. All information is available, 
from cither the Department . of 

;. local county extension" 
offices county. auditor offices and 
Farm Service Agency offices. The 
Department of Revenue can be 
contacted toll-free at 1-800-652- 
9094. Forms will also be available 
online in <hilp://www.*. 

Stumpf also encouraged farmers 
who might have any questions to 
contact Ilis office for assistance. 





nics assess their Year 2000 risks. 
Y2K spccialisls will be available lo 
conduct -on-sile assessments for 
small companies and a special com- 
puter lab will be available for busi- 
nesses to test and evaluate software 
and hardware prior to installation. 
Companies can request assistance 
by calling-MinnesotaTechnology's 
Moorhead regional office at-the 
number listed above. ' 

A Y2K Help Center. has also 

lion packets. By calling a toll-free 
number or accessing the internet, 
companies can obtain'frcc project- 
tracking software to develop contin- 
gency plans and manage their over- 
all Y2K compliance plans. 

In addition. Ihc Y2K packet 
includes information on how com- 
panies can obtain special software 
lo delect potential problems with 
computer operating systems. The 
help center is available at the inter- 
net address above or by calling 1- 

The workshop and the help cen- 
ter are part of n partnership includ- 
ing Minnesota Technology, Inc„.ihc 
■ Minnesota Small Business Admin- 
istration, the Minnesota Small Busi- 
ness Development Centers, ihc 
University of Minnesota Extension 
Service and the. Minnesota Depart- 
ment of Administration and Office 
of Technology. 

Minnesota Technology, Inc., is a - 

ftublic nonprofit corporation estab- 
ished to assist Minnesota compa- 
nies in becoming more competitive 
ihrough the-applici'iiorraha develv 
opment of lechnology. 

* ^cwW7<**#fe*£ 



Why: . 

We Wave Sxfietttded- Gtt* SuhcUxc* *Dc*t£H? JBww* j£u*cfa*H. "WCck* 

.Thief River Falls 
. . . . .Sunday-Monday 
. .To Try Our New Entrees 

'*■*'»!?■ .3 •■.-■* aha tMdin turn mr temot hf 1 


Iron Works in Mountain Iron. He 
also worked with his father, Fred. ■ 
manufacturing culverts at Karlstad." 

On December 28. 1984, Clifford 
was united in marriage to Eunice 
Clark at White Bear Lake, and the 
couple made their home in Karstad. 

He was a life-long member of the 
Karlstad Baptist' Church where he 
served as a trusiec and also a custo- 
dian for many years. He was also a 
long-lime member of ihe Karlslad 
American Legion Post. 

Clifford is survived by his wife, 
Eunice; one brother, Arnold 
(Bcm ice) of Minneapolis; one sis- 
ter, Genevieve (Rudy) Nettcrlund of~ 
St. Paul; one sister-in-law; one aunt; 
and many nieces, nephews, cousins 
and other relatives. 

He was preceded in death by his 
parents and iwo brothers. Roland 
and Mindolf. AHunimimrnt 

Grygla - Vcmon Wikstrom. 82, 
died Monday. July 12, 1999 at 
Northwest Medical Cenicr in Thief 
River Falls. 

Funeral arrangements arc pend- 

ing with the Green Funeral Home in 
Thief River Falls. 

"A complete obituary will appear 
in the July 21 edition of 77ie Times. 

Mabel Bergerson, 95 

William Klasen, 29- 

Brooks - William "Billy" 
Klasen. 29. died Monday, July 5. 
1999 near Oklec as a result of a sin- 
gle automobile accident. 

Mass of Christian burial was 
held on Friday. July 9 at 10;30 a.m. 
ut St. Francis Xavier Calholr 

was born on March 4, 1970 in 
Fosston. the son of William and 
Annellc (Assclin) Klasen. -He was 
baptized and' confirmed at St. 
r.Francis Xavier Catholic Church and 
attended school at Oklec, graduat- 
" In 1988, he began 

■ Church in Oklee with Father Gary working as an operator for Northern 
' XaMoine 'officiating. Barb Melby Pipeline of Lakcvillc, and Ihc job 
~was~lhcm | aTilsrrnnd-spccial-music — loflk-him-alUvcrJainnesota-and-to- 
.f.. „ ~ ■ ........ (he caS | coasl. 

Billy was a member of the Local 
49crs Union and St. Francis Xavier 
Catholic Church. 

He enjoyed fishing, hunting and 

was provided hy St. Francis Xavier 
Church Choir. Casketbearers were 
Fred Klasen. Danny Klasen. John 
Klasen. Henry Klasen. Jamey 
"underson. and ..Jeff,..J Cv»sagcr. 

Honorary casketbearers were . farming. 

Billy-: friends -from work. Burial '_ Billy is survived by two children. 

Fosston - Mabel Bergerson, 95., 
formerly of Gully, died Saturday, 
July 10, 1999 al First Care Nursing 
Home in Fosston. . . ■ 

Funeral services were held at 10 
a.m. on Tuesday, July 13 at Lund' 
Lutheran Church in Gully with 

-Reverend Robert Rains officiating. 
Cindy Bjerklie was ihc organist, and 
vocal music was provided by 
Dorovhy Walton and Karen Olson. . 
Caskclbcarers were Alan Bergerson, 
Jeremy Bergerson, Tim Bergerson, 
Wade Bergerson, Robert Peterson 
and Harold Sweno. Burial was. in 
Bethany Church Cemetery near 
Gully. The Pettcrson Funeral Home 
of Oklee wus^in charge of the 

Mabel Alvina Sweno was bom 
-on August 16,- 1903 lo Martin and 
'Karen (Bergh) Sweno in Johnson 
township of Polk county-where she 
. was . raised and attended rural 

She worked on her parents' form 

—until— her— marriage— to— Bonnie- 
Bergerson on June 9, 1930 in 
Crookston. The couple resided in 
Johnson township alf of their lives, 
farming and raising livestock. After 

.- Bcnnic-died on October. 11. 1975, 

until entering the First Care Nursing 
Home in January of 1998 and resid- 
ing there until Ihe time of her death. - 
She enjoyed sewing,-- crocheting, 
quilling and knitting. Mabel always 
had a big garden and canned its pro- 
duce. She-will be remembered for 
her homemade bread. She was a - 
member of Bethany Lutheran 
Church,- Ihe Ladies Aid and a neigh- 
borhood birthday club. 

Mabel hfs survived by six sons, 
Kenneth (Evelyn) Bergerson," 
Dunne (Lcona) Bergerson, Glenn 
(Crystal) Bergerson and Floyd 
Bergerson, all of Gully, and Mclfred 
Bergerson and. Melvyn Bergerson, 
bolh'of Oklee; three daughters, 
Marlyce (Richard) Kerr of Whitney, 
TX, Conine Bergerson of Young 
America, and Delorcs (Glenn) 
Peterson of Grand Forks, ND; 23 
grandchildren; 51 great-grandchil- 
dren; two great great-grandchildren; 
one brother, Carl (Nalome) Sweno. 
of Lebanon, MO; and several nieces 

Q. I heard that the amount of 
money that a person on disability 
can earn has Increased. Is this 

A. Lel'-s back up for a moment 
and 'state that whenever a person 
receiving disability benefits from 
Social Security returns to work, it is 
a requirement lhat they report this 
work to Ihc Social Security 
—Administration. - Unlike- retircinent.- 
or survivor benefits, for those 
receiving Social' Security disability 
there is not a given amount that can 
be earned during ihc year before 

checks must be adjusted. 

Since receiving disability is a 
strong indicator thai the person is 
■ unable to work; all earnings can be 
_ important. With that understanding, 
/■there is a dollar amount of gross 
-learnings per month that the agency 
uses as a general guideline fo help 
determine if earnings are-ofa. sub- 
stantial level. Effective July 1, that 
guideline did increase from $500 to 
, $700 per monlh. While not a stand- 
alone figure/this amount is useful in 
determining if a person's employ- 
ment over time Indicates an ability 
to return to work despite an impair- 

ment after an interim trial work 

For more ' information obout . 
reluming lo work while receiving 
Social Security .disability call the 
national toll-free number at 1-800- 
772-1213 and request publication 
05-10095, "Social Security - 
Working While Disabled, How We 
Can Help." . . . 

Q. I .was ellglble^rocMedlcare _ 

Part B (Medical) some years- ago 
but refused ft and only have Part 
A (Hospital). Now my situation 
has changed, and I wont to sign 
up for. Part B. How do I do this? 
A. Someone who does not.sign 
up for the medical (Part BJ'portion 
of Medicare during his or her initial 
opportunity must wait for the annu- 
al general enrollment period, 
between Jorniory 1 and March 3 1 of 
each year. ~ 

'* Although you will sign up dunng . 
lhat time, the insurance coverage 
does not begin until the following 
July. Also, your premium will be 
higher than it would have been had 
you had signed up when you were 
first eligible. - 


XS^imMm^ t *t J i^i'^r i M ii* him*i mill »i*rf pw 


Marshall County 
July 14-20 

July 14 - Arrive in Warren at 9:30 
a.m. Pick up passengers in 
Newfoldcn at 7:30. Stmndquist at 8, 
Stephen at 8:45and Argylc at 9 a.m, 
Depart Warren at 2 p.m. 

July 15 - Arrive in Grand Forks 

at 9:20 and Oslo at 9:40 a.m. Depart 
Grand Forks at 2:30 p.m. 
Polk County 
. • July 14-20 
July, 14 - Arrive iri Thief River 
Falls at II a.m. Pick up passengers 
In Crookston at 8:30, Red "Lake 
. Fall* at 9, Brooks at 9:20, Oklee at 

RUSTY $&% 

Bar & Lounge 

303 MoJnAvmuo North ■ 6ai-Nall (6245) 

Thure., Fri. & Sat, July 15th, 16th & 17th 




bCo/neTo TTw Rusty NaB, 
Ewyorw's favorite Spot/ 


More Winners/ More Often/ 

Hot Times 
' and- 


H Along WHh 5* Burgera & Fries 

\ : Lbrettfrlynn-flc : John Gonlee.. 


She was preceded in death by her 
husband; parents; an infant son; two 
grandsons, Kenny and Kevin; one 
brother, Henry Sweno; and one sis- 
'.ter, Inga Johnson.., ■_ _,_■_•_.. 


Hl ,„ „ Pick-nnr-passengcn-in— g.^-oiHl-Plumnwr-at-aSS^DeparU- 

Stmndquist at 7, Newfoldcn at 7:15. Thief River Falls at 2:30 p.m. . 
Middle River at 7:45, Holt at 8, July 15 - Amve in Grand Forks < 
Thief River. Falls at 8:30 ond St. at 10:45 n.m. Pick up passengers in 
Hilaire at 9 a.m. Depart Grand Fertile at 9, Beltrami at 9:15. 
Forks at 2:30 -p.m. — Climax^ :at-fc30, Crookston at 9:45 

was in Si. Fmncis Xavier Cemetery Brandon and Alyssa Klasen of .. . |^ ftf ^ inon 07 
in Oklee. 'Hie Peiterson Funeral Louisville. TX; his mother, Annette AIVII1 iVOiTipen, Of 

Home of Oklec was in charge of the (Don) LaCoursierc of rural Brooks; 
umingemciiK, iwo sisters. Janet (Kurt) Halvorson 

William Bernard "Billy" Klasen of Trail and DceAnn (fiance David 
Eskell) Klasen of Oklec: one 
nephew; two nieces; his grandmoth- 
er, Madonna Assclin . of South 
—Milwaukee , W lrand-several-aunl 
uncles and cousins. 



'GoanuitBetl Memorials Sinn IBS/- 

■ Thief River Falls - Alvin ing with the Green Funeral Home in 

Kompen. 87, dicdTucsday, July 13, Thief River Falls. 

1999 01 Northwest Medical Ccnier . Acomptete obituary will appear 

in Thief River Falls. in the July 21 edition of The Times. 
Funeral arrangements ore pend- 

iHc was preceded in death by'tiis 
father, William on October 30, 
1987; one brother, Steven Klasen on- 

-January -10, 1993; his paternal 
grandparents and maternal grandfa- 

' then aomouhwilh 

awrence Phiiipp, 

Thief River Falls • Lawrence ing with ihe Green Funeral Home in 

Phiiipp, 88, died Monday, July. 12.. Thief River Falls. ^ 

1 WWNoBi»ar Mrtlfrrt i>wtrT- ift .'' Agc^toe.ooin«ry will, appear 
in Thief River Falls. in next week's edition of The Times. 

Funeral arrangements arc-pend- 

JulyTfi - Arrive "in Warren for 
Senior Citizen Day at the Marshall 
County Fair at 9:30 a.m. Pick up 
passengers in Newfolden af 7:30, 
Stmndquist at 8, Stephen at 8:45 
and Argylc at 9. Depart Warren at 4 

July 19 - Arrive in Thief River 
Falls at 10-a.m. Pick up passengers 
in Newfoldcn at 7:45, Gatzkc at 

9:20 a.m. Depart Thief River Falls 
at 2 p.m. 

July 20 - Arrive in Grand Forks 

rot 10:15. a.m.-Pick-up passengers in- 
Strandquist at 8, Newfolden at 8:15,, 
Viking at 8:45, Warren at 9, Angus 



~ D epart - 

15 a.m. 

Grand Forks at 3 p.m. 

July 16 -Oklee Fair Senior Days. ' 
Call for reservations. 

July 19 - Arrive, in Grand Forks - 
at 11:30 a.m. Pick up passengers in 
Lengby at 9:30, Fosston at 9:45,. 
Mcintosh at 10, Erskine at 10:10, 
Mentor at 10:20, Crookston at 10:40 
and Fisher at 11 a.m. Depart Grand 

July 20 - Arrive in Forgo/Moor- 
head at 11 a.m. Pick uppasscngers 
In Crookston at. 8:30, Climax at 9, 
-Nielsville at-9: 15 and HaTstad-RcUL- 
Stop at 9:30 a.m. Depart Far- 
go/Moorhcad at 2:30 p.m. 



0:00 - S:30 P.M. ' 



, POST #2793 


Monday-Friday 1 P.M. - 1 AM. 

Saturday 11A.M. -1AM. 




sAo - etao p.m. ' 


StOO -«:30 P.M. 

HrMn^mtuvMmtaffS mn iii im i m cammt 

iGcbrgejonej K-ffitfrWdUr> 

;>•*-<*■; .; SilKlS ;;4phi Jjs^S; 
VJC ?;QrtdMivEvente.Ai9na";i s 

VJp'VckitHoMri sPirty 6iim, K 
■ Miring AAlurMOurCsbtM. ;r\. 

. Christmas 
Win July 

Register to win a 

50" Color TV, Living 

Room Set and much. 

much more! 

Win <al999 
B-uick tieSabre 

Whispering Winds 


I Combo I ^ 

tBacl^orflasi^^fendsb i 

-£dlaaif Brotrieri|= '; 

\ "i<Gr»at Northern RKtauram S Oemy.'; 
^^cT-^allSlObtooSttMf- • 


CAS/iVO <X IIO'1 1:1. 

MdhiHtnli'li. M\ 






Post 11 7 faces bu s y season-end ing schedule... . .- 

TRF Legion 1-2 at tournament 

or Mk title in 
nvitalinrial Ann' 
<;ill tournament 
'.isl tl7 loM li* > 

.1 tiur pitchers, outside 
ao innings, iliil ;i prci- 

led Id- 1 Ik 
ratlicd it 
mrul tn 

l Riv 

■ill Is 

A tier 



|'*;ills piiclier Joes I'lihuh 
live sliulutir tunings. : jimiii: 
117 an opportunity U'piU t.ijn 
eome-fmm-helimil clhni. 

Aeai.lM Pine l'il>. Thief 
FalN gave ii|WU'it lit-l mum 
and couldn't make up ilie t 

.tihlelicadcr was 
ilie selie.litle upon 
e.! Lake l ; jills olli- 
Thicl Riser Falls 
compete lonighl 

■ - ■ Sipe 

I 1' I 

■ ai In- Wils. 

' will pliiv : 


Tiuel nivor Falls 000 t H ■ 6 to 2 

Rcfong ■ INL-Sl Jotl BosondaN 7-W. (TRF) Jotr 

Hiilov 3-L; Ryiin Looslio 5. 
onenwo highlights - (NL-S) Jctl IlosorvJahl M: 

Brclt loops 3'4. (TRF) Stovo WfiOlh J'5 

TRF vs. Parte Rapid* 

ParkRaprts 130 000 0- 4 5 2 

TtMl Hi«f Fans 012 3-10 >- 7 10 1 

Pitching ■ (PR) Dan Hjcmwud GL; (TRF) Jooy 
PnbuM 7-W. 

Otloii'jivo riigWKjhii ■ (IRF) Jolt Rislov 2/3. ttou- 
Wo, homo run, John Morbofl 2/3; Ryan LmjIio 

TRF v». Pine Clly 

Ttwl fiivcr Fads 001 200 4 - 7 9 2 

PifioCity 700 Ol.l-i •, 9 9. 2: 

Pitching • (TRF) Nick Wilcox 1-L. OorckHorg 5; . 
(PC) John Anderson 7-VV 

Ottenwo highlighls - (TRF) Jaiofl Roiorson 3/4; 
Utk WilCOi 23; (PC) John Kruw 2/4. 

■gase up a bunch 1 'I 1 litis 

I lluel River. 
;ich Mike Wienen. 'We hiul 
iiiiiiiius in ilie louriiaineiii. 
niir- piiehers had trouble 
i strikes. Thes pill env-. on 
id ilie oilier' team would ' 
. with llie.kes liil lo drive 

mil the remilar season, 
.lucked iiji twinhills will he 

'Ihursdav vs. W'arroad. 
. Monday vs. frookslim, 
■ ;it Unscn'ii. and Weiltiesday. 
. ai Wiinniul in a in;ike-up ■ 
1 .Ink 1 postponement. 
' of the l^-iuiiiti oiiiiny 
I'eiliani. eaeh iloiihlelieader 

nled tn In- held at Roseau, will begin 
Wednesday.' July 2K. 

TRF v*. Now London-Splcer 

year ai 12-13. The 


Division I 

■FUdgorunnors '. 

Ton/ Dom-Fiinoss Cantor 



Sluggers ■ 

- Dlvlilon II 

.„..!__ 12 

_ Don's -Trucking ....^..V.7:"„7,7,7,"u^ ' ?... 

KnnOiyohl 1 '!> 

■ . Results 

.... ■MDnday.July.l2-.(6:30p.m,)PoDoi 19,. 
Digl-Upy 2; Ridgo runners 20, Dan's Trucking 
1; Daily Quoon-Sfllhof Law 13. KanUiyol" f>: 
Tony Dom Ine.-Fitnofls Conlor 15. TlnUoit-. 
PhiHon 1; Swingars 13. Sluggof:, 2, (7:30 


{>n -Knn^vohi ?.y Dim-Kgy-12.- 
ijiui II; HiiHiurijnilun 24. Dairy 
t;r Law IQ;SliirK]ora 27. Tlnbon- • 
my Dorji Inc.-Fiinoas Conlor 17. 


'■ W.'Hn»:.(I.iy. July 1-1 - (6:30 p.m.) 
SMiiHii'ci vs.. Dairy QuoorvSnlhor Law, Frold 
) ;Sn7i'|(ii":'Vt.r Dan i Truck ino.'F! Did 2: Tony 
Dom Inc.-Fitnoss ' Cnntor va. Popol, 
Fai'iiuutiK^ smt; KflndiyoMI va. Digi- 

Kr-y Huil Lalto Fiillr, Fiold I; Tlnbort-Philion 
, y HnKjurunnors. Bc<l Lnko Foils Fiold 2: 
(7;30 Low vo. 
" Tony Dom Inc. -FitnosaCimlor. Flold t;Diin'ft ' 
IrufUni) vs. Swlnnors. Flold 2;Pop3l vs. 
Slu'ia-irB. Fnii(jrounils Diamond. Tlnbort- 
Pi'mTon vs. Difli-Koy, Rud Liilio Fnlts Rfltd l: 
Kandiyohi vr.. nirinnriinnorn. Hod Lnlio Fntls 
Flnlfl Z. ..._..... 


Area notes; 

■ Mike Brekke of Detroil 
Lakes, jinindstin of Don ami 
Gail Brekke nf I'lummcr. has 
heen seleeled It) play on a 12- 
undcr naiiiitial baseball team 
hased mil of Mesn.AZ that will 
comncie in a one-week inviia- 
tional. lournaineni al~" 

CooperMuvvii. NY beginning 
July 17. Mike is a pitcher for 
the Detroil Lakes braves II- - 
I ^ear-olds. While in New 
York, icain memlwrs will be 
'presented with home and away 
uniforms, a tournament ring, 
and personalized baseball 
cards, and will be inducted 
inio the American Youih ^ 
Baseball Mall of Fame. 

Ari'drevV"Solem"hastal<en-on-thBTaloxrx!osBHorthe-ThiBf River — 730: 



Sports hditor 

Wednesday, July 14, 1999 

Thief River Falls hosts 
1999 Ame/ican Legion 
all-star baseball game 

Tony Sipe League American 
Legion baseball all-star game will 
be played lotiiahl (Wednesday) al 
Thief River Falls' Irv Wilson Held. 

Tlie game features seniors (18- 
year-olds) from the 14 league mem-, 
bers. Players on die North learn will 
come from Thief River Falls, 
Badgs-r/Greenbnsh-Middle River. 
Roseau, Bagley. Clearbrook; 
Fosston? and Warroad. The Souili 
roster will fealurc players from East 
Grand Forks, Crookston, Red Lake 
Falls. Ada-Bomp. Fenile-Beltrami. 
Ulcn, and Winger. 

North coaches include Mike * 
Wienen, Thief River Falls: Darrell 
Siromlund, Roseau: and Aaron 
Pesck, Badger/Grcenbush-Middle 
River. South coaches will be Shane 
Zu'lz, Red Lake Falls; and Sievt 
Gusl.'Easl Grand Forks. 

Player rcgisiralion will start at £ _ 
p.m. A home run contest will kick *' 
off ihe activity al 6 p.m. The" nine- 
inning game is scheduled lo start al 

Falls American Legion basiiball pitching staff. The Post 117 starter 
at third base, Solam is used as a hard-throw late-inning relief 
pitcher by coach Mike Wienen. He is shown here working against " 
East Grand Forks in the first game of a Wednesday doubleheader 
at Irv Wilson Field: Post 117 will host Warroad Thursday to begin 
a stretch of six doublaheaders in a seven-day span to close out 
the 1999 regular season schedule. 



Dlvlilon I 



Budgol-Stor Trlbuno 9 

St. Hilolro floors... .'.......1.9 " 

Universal Scroonprtnl-B. Cat .,,.8 

Northwost Eyo Conlor 5 

, Dlvlilon II 


Coiiuiar 2000-C3onaroux 10 

Land O' Lokos 10 

Rusly Nall-Andorson Povvar .....B 
Tnco John's/Tony Dom...: 5 

Dlvlilon III ' 

Groan Funoral-Koyotono 

Modal Loundry-Rrvor Road.... 
S.H. Aulomoiivo-Wlrrlco-A.C.. 
Brrxllri-Prcrwlar Expioss 


liy Hub Ilult^rvri 

Grecnbush Race Park entertained 
the Northern Lale Model Racing 
Association and held its Mid- 
Season Champioi]^_ _ 
The wealher. shaped into a beauti- 
ful nighl for racing, and with 7 l ) cars 
'in the pits, the fans were in for an 
exciting night. Only four caution 
flags flew ihc-cntiVe evening. Once" 
again, track officials did an excel- 
Icnrjnh-prcpnringthc .VKlh mile 
oval lor Ihe evening action. 

Fourteen Lale Models made ihe 

irip lo Grecnbush for Ihe special 

_night jif. racing. Tlicvpul .on. an 

exciiing"25-lap main feature. Steve 

Anderson of Grand I ; orks. ND led 

-the firsl Itvc-laps. Inn-he wawou- 

stanlly pressured by ihe nexl live 

— cars ils he cruised ihctrack nl-im 

• average tap speed of jusi under 8S 

' mph. Troy Schill of Grand Forks 

was running fourth wlien he dove lo 

ihe inside of Turn 2. passed three 

cars, and wcnl on lo lead ihe next 20 

laps arid pick up the win. Tom 

Corcoran of liasl Grand Forks was 

second, with Dale Skylland of 

[•dmuro. ND third. 

Three different drivers led lhe.20- 


■ Thuttday. July IS - (8:20 p.m.) 
Unlvorsal Saoonprlnt-Black Cat vs. Plua 
rtut-Collulnr 2000, Flold I: Taca John's-Tony 
Dom Inc. vs. Elka, Hold 2: St. Hitalro Boora 
vs. Budoot-Stor Tribuno. SI. Hilolro Flold 1: 
Norttiwosl Eyo Conlor vs. Pepil, St. Hilolro 
RoW 2; (7:30 p.m.) Erw n. Plun Hut- 
Colluior 2000. Flold 1: Toco John's-Tony 
Dom Inc. vs. UrUvoraol Scioonprtnt- Block 
Cat. Rold 2: Nonhwosl Eyo Conlor va. 
BudflOt-Slar Tilbuno. SI. Hilolro Flold 1: SI. 
Hilolro Foots vs. Pepsi, St- Hilolro Flold 2. " 


Grand Rapids Luke Infested 
Minnesota Department of 
Natural Resources lias confirmed 
the- presence of Eurasian wutcrmil- 
foil in Lake McKinney, a small 
rccrcalion lake just north of Grand 
Rapids in Itasca County. This is the 
first time a lake in the area has been 
.found to be infested with this harm- 
ful aqualtc exotic plant. According 
lo Wendy Crowd], DNR-Eunisian 
Walcrmiffoil Program coordinator, 
it appears that tne lake has be'en 
infested for some time. 

"We surveyed the lake nnd found 
dense mats of milfoil in many areas 
of the lake, and around the entire 
shoreline," Crowd! said. "It means 
lilfoilJiHs prob ably ' 

lap ...... 

Olmsiead of Badger sinned on the 
poll and led the first three laps 
before Shannon Gusi orSiralhcona 
looVlbelead on L;fp4:Slx laps-Inter 
bolh Gust and Olmstead had trouble 
ut the same time as a caution Dug 
flew for a three-car pile-up else- 
where on the track. Gust went into 
llle tire change area leading the race, 
but came back on the track in 12lh 
place. Olmsiead took his cur direct- 
ly to the trailer. With the two early 
front-runners out. Dale Holtan of 
Newfojdcn took the lead for the 
final II laps lo win the Modified 
Mid-Season tide. Ryan Cornell of 
Grand Forks. ND, who started 13th; 
would Tirtish in second, witlrGreg 
Ferris of Emo. ON, in third. . 

Gordie Lancaster of Bcmidjr 
would race flag-to-flag for what 
appeared to be the victory in the 
Super Stock class. However. 
Lancaster would later be stripped of 
the win due to an unknown track 
violation. Dean ForstofThicf River 
Falls finished dn Lancaster's back 
bumper to claim ihe win. with Bob 
. Shafer of Bcmidji in second and 
Durrin Foley or Reynolds, ND in 
third. Foley had an excellent run. 
after starting in I3lh place. 

Super Sport feature provided 
some of the fines! racing seen at the 
Grecnbush Race "Park this season. 
Dave Meyer of Thief River Falls led 
the first 12ofthc'l5-lnp final before 
ivinc way lo eventual winner 
: °i-.i.' fp... * \ta n:„i.. 

Ihe fire in the Minf-Sprints feature, 

. winning the I5-Iap event from out-. 
side Ihe front row. Bales' would be 
clocked at an average lap speed of 
just over HI 1/2 miles per hour lo 
win ilfe'Mfd-Scason'llllcrRobbie- 
Fetcrson of Middle River started 
fifth and quickly moved into, .sec- 
ond, but was unable' to close the gap 

~nif Bates. Corey Olson of Roseau 
had another impressive outing. 
Olson, who continues to improve 

_wcck afier week, raced his No. 2 car 

"to U third place finish. 

Grecnbush Race Park will hold'a 
regular.night of action, featuring its 
five-class program. Friday. July 16, 
sinning at 7 -p.m.- The full-service 

- complex is located one-half mi,Ic ■ 
north of Grecnbush. For additional 
truck information cull 218-782-. 

July 10 Rflco Results 

■ MInl-Sprtnts - (Hut 1) 1. Cory Olson. ' 
Romou. 2. Robbto Potoraon. MkWIo Rlvor; 
3. Monkk Hlotola. Bodaor, 4. Rick Boios, 
Badgari 5. LoMor Rontonon. Thiol Rlvor 
Falls: (Faature) 1. Botos; 2. Potorson; 3. 
Cory Olson; 4. Rontonon: S. Child Olson. 

■ Outlaw Snoots • (Hoot 1) 1, Richard 
Jncooson. Wonnoska; ,2. Bryon Boraor, 
Bodgcr; 3. Bill Moodor. Karlstad; 4. Tim 
Undobotg, Lako Bronoon: S. Ronnio 
Novacak. Giaonbush: (Heat 2) 1. Jado 
Frodrrckaon. Drayton, ND; 2. Danny Lyborg. 
Loncostor, 3. Sholdon Potorson, Thiot Rlvor . 
Foils; 4. Damn Wondl, Wiltlston, ND; ' 

Tlie 18-year-otds on ihe Thief 
River Falls roster ibis summer 
include- Derek -Berg.— Jarod — 
Rcierson, Andrew Solem, Joey 
Pribulu. Jeff Rislov. Nick Wilcox, 
and Ben Slcchman. 

TRF Tigersharks swim 
In Firecracker Classic 
June 24 at Crookston 

Thief River Falls Tigersharks 
swam in the Firecracker, Classic 
swim meet ut Crookston June 2*1. 

Boys and girts ages 6-18 from 
Thief River Falls; Crooksion. 
Grand Forks._Roscuii,_Warroad,__ 
Breckenridge-Wahpeton, and West 
Fargo, tootpart in the meet. . - 
' Highlighting Thief Tfiver Falls 
efforts were first place perfor- 
mances turned in by Ryan 
Hermunson (8-iindcr), -50 buck- 
stroke, 50 brcasistxoke. I0Q I.M.. 50 - 
freeslylc; Brandy Hcrmanson (9- 
10), 100 brcakstroke, 100 I.M.; 
Casey Engclstad (11- 12-year olds), 
200 ■ freestyle," !«H:M:r Jon Kays- 
(11-12 year olds), 50 breaststokc; 
Jenny Hcaton (13-I4-ycar-olds) 50 
butterfly, 50 freestyle; Tiny Kczur 
(13-14), 50 : brcaststrokc; Dnnica 
Schroeder (14-ovcr), 50 freestyle. 

■ Thief River Fulls' delegation also 
included Kristina DahT, Kcndru 
Mooncy, and Nick Johnson. 

Thief River Falls Tigersharks arc 
coached by Mary Helen Houlihan, 
Chris Pribuln, and Wendy Lindqust. 

-Coroy— Omdnhl— Soloh— (Ftoture)— 1: — games- 

Paul Cronk of Thief. River Falls boated this trophy-size small, 
mouth bass while fishing June 11 on Rainy Lake, about 20 miles 
east of International Falls. He caught it in five feet of water on a 
quarter-ounce chartrduee stringer jig tipped with a leech. He tied 
' the anchor linp on to the fish because he though it was too heavy 
for the steel stringer. 

growing there for several years." 

A survey of ihrcc other fakes near 
Lake McKinney found no evidence 
of milfoil. ' ' 

DNR planed toircat the. wuicr-_ 
"body wilriariTiquatic Kcrbictde. """■■ 
— •friSTinlikclyTharw-rrwill be ablc- 
to .completely eradicate milfoil 
from the lake," Crowcll said. 
"However, we should be able to sig- 
nificantly reduce the abundance of 
milfoil in this lake, and reduce to 
potential for spread to other lakes in 
the area." 
The public access will be marked 
diatcly. The DNR will begin sta- 
tioning walcrcraft inspectors at the 
access to' help ensure that boaters 
leuving Ihe lake urc not inadvertent- 
ly transporting Eurasian wntermil- 

-Roger-FtoliMJf-SteT-AnncT-MBrFiola — Btt 
and Rod Peterson of Thief River 
Falls diced back and forth over 12 
laps of action before Rolu hit pay 
dirt' to pass not only Peterson, but 

-also Meyer for. the. win. Meyer 
wniild."fint.sira~st rong"seconil, with 
Peterson third. The 16-cur feature 
ran flng-h>flug, with a lot of g^ood 
passing and wnccl-to-wheel action. 
Outlaw Sirccishad their best car 
count of the season for the Mid- 
Season title race. Jade Fredrickson 
of Drayton.. ND would start on the 
outside of the front row and lead the 
10-car race flag-lo-fiag for his scc- 

"oml feature" win 'Of the season at the - 
track. Division points .-leader 
Richard Jacobson of Wannusku i was 
second, with Corey Omduhl of Salol 
finishing third. ' 

After an unimpressive heat eventr 
Rick Bates of Badger put the coal to 

Frodrtckoon: 2. Jacobson: 3. Omdahl: 4. 
Moodor: 5. UndoborQV 

■ Supor Sparta - (Hast 1) 1. Kolly 
Knutson, Mlddlo Rlvor: 2. Bon Ballo, 
Groenbush: 3, Kolly Cloven, Warroad; 4. 
Allen Gustolson, Fosston: 5. Ambof Wollflfl, - 
Nowloldon; (Heat 2) 1. Dan Gregolro. Sto, 
Anno. MB: 2. Stan Olson, Thief Rfvor Folia; 

3. Jamon Foss. Groonbush. 4, Dovo Moyor, 
Thkrt Rlvor Fobs: 5. Kovtn Selo, Koristod; 
(Hoot 3) 1. Rotfor Flota, Sto, Anna, MB; 2. 
Rod Potorson. Thiol Rlvor Falls; 3. Danlo! 
Norlokls, Thiol Rlvor Falls; 4. Glen'Eckman. 
Nawfoldon; S. Scotl Kami. Greonbush: 
(Foslure) 1. Flota: 2, Mayor, 3. Potorson; 4. 
Holtan: 5. Grooolro. 

■ Wtosolo Supor Stock • (Hut 1) 1. 
Kovln Soxton. Wlnnlpoo. MB; 2. Doon 
Wontlorr, Wonnoska; 3. Jolt Road. Bomldjl; 

4. Scolt Rlpptlngor, Wonood; 5. Gordlo 
Loncostor, Bamldjl: (Hoit 2) 1. Mike 
McCaughan. Wlnnlpog, MB; 2. Bob Shafor, , 
BamUjl: 3. Mike JoMords. Cavallar, ND: 4. Ed 
LoMunyon. Cavallar, ND; 5. Daon Foret, 
Thlot Rlvor Falls: (Hoot 3) 1. Jooy Poiorson. 

' Warren: 2. Jutlo Osowskl, Drayton, NDr-3. 
Darren Foloy, Raynolds. ND; 4. Don 
Morboro, Monlor; 5. Tony Blocklonco, Thiol 
Rlvor Falls: (Feature) 1. Font: 2.. Shafor; 3. 
Fotoy; 4, Potorson. 1 

■ Wlssota Modlllod - (Hoot t) 1. Ryan 
Corbatl. Grand Forks, ND; 2. Dave Rlopalla, 
Aroyla: 3. Nolan Omlstood, Badgar; 4. Grog 
Forrts, Emo, ON; 5. Lynn Luckan. Wlnoon 
(Hut 2) 1. Rlchlo' Bargor. Badgar: 2. Rick 
Jacobson. Tenslrlka; 3. Tracy Koftlad. 
Romou; 4. Los Prllchard, RoMon, MB: (Heat 
3) 1. Dalo Holtan, Nowfolden; 2. Gary 
Johnson, Koristod; 3. Shannon Gust, 
Straihcooa; 4. Tarry BlacUanca. Thiol Rlvor 
Falls; 5. David Bnlstad, Mcintosh; (Feature) 
• , Hottnn; 8. Corbott: 3. Forrls; 4. Johnson; 5." 


Lake Agussiz District playoffs 
urc scheduled this week far baseball 
players ages 13-15. 

Thirteen-year-olds" will play their 

and Technical College in Thief 
River Falls. First game will be 
played Thursday al 9 u.m. Thief 
River Falls I and II will be joined by 
tcanis from East Grand Forks, 
Crookston, Roseau, Red Lake Fulls. 
. and Warroad. 

Playoffs for the 14-15-ycar-olds 
will take place in Warroad, where 
Thief River Falls will huve n single 
entry, ulong with, teams from 
Warroad, . Baudcttc, East Grand 
Forks. Crookston, Roseau, and Red 
Lake Falls. 

1 There will also be a two-out-of- 
threc game playoff scries for. 14- 
yeor-olds between Thief River Falls 
and East Gnuid Forks - the only ■ 
area programs fielding teams for 
just 14-year-olds. A coin flip. will' 
determine the site for a Friday dou- 
bleheader. A third game, if needed, 
would be played the following day 
at the other site. .'- 

. Qualifiers will move on to state 
tournament play. 

Wodna«day t July14. 

■ Lection - Tony Slpo Looooo on-star 
gomo. 7:30 p.m., Irv Wilson Rold. 


■ 13-yoar-olds • Loko Agosstz District 
toumomont (at Thkif River Fofls). 

■ 14-1 5-yoar-olda - Loko Agosali District 
toumomenl (at Warroad). 

_J_mJ/EW • Thiol Rlvor Falls at Moorhaad, 
530 p.m- 


i ;j, - u^ r« uy^ a'j| WB l ifj ^.i ^ .^ w i i iti P ^ ' " ■ ■ ■ 

Page 11 -The Times 

^IW'V&W'TSWraWr*.* ■ — ' — r -" 1 " "^"•■^ , ■ 

Thefts reported to local 
law enforcement last week 

Law enforcement officials vehicle. There were scratches all 
investigated a number of thefts in . around ihe vehicle and ihe mink 
the area last week. would not latch. Damage loss was 

' Thefts. On July 3 at 9:42 a.m. 'estimated by police at between 
police received a complaint from a S 1 .500 and S2,(HXi. ' 

visitor ai Friendship Park. ■■ - ■' Urivlaji while intoxicated. On 

Someone had taken an electric "'July 7 al 7:311 p.m. ihe sheriff's 

Igloo cooler with a 12-volt battery. 

valued at $300, from their camp- 

' site. A short time Idler, police 

.^received a second complaini from 

"Mlnother camper who reported thai a 

green electric refrigerator, two- to 

three-feet tall, and valued atS3I)0. 

had been taken. 

On July 2 at 9:54 a.m. police 
received u report thai someone had 
taken u CD [player, a 1 0-mcter hand 
radio, u CD. and two 10-inch 
speakers from a vehicle parked in 
the 100 block of South Crocker. 
Damage loss was estimated at 

On June 6 at 1 1:30 a.m. ihe sher- 
iff's department received a report 
" thai ~a"~Galloway~ Big Bertha" 
Warbird hud been taken trom a hag 
in a golf curt. Tlie 'theft loss .was 
cstimutcd ut $250. 

On June 30 ut 1:37 the police 
received u report lhat someone had 
broken into a vehicle in'Thicf Riyer 
Falls and had'taken a stereo system. 
Through investigation, and with 
assistance of the Warren police 
— department, charges of felony theft 

department made a traffic slop. A 
"charge of gross misdemeanor dri- 
ving while intoxicated is pending 
against Mark Alan Lindholm, Thief 
River Falls. 

On July 9 at '1 2:4(1 a.m. while on 
patrol in (he 200 block of East 
Third Street, an officer observed a 
mate juvenile with what appeared 
lo be a can of beer. A charge of fur- 
nishing alcohol to a minor is pend- 
ing against 23-year-old Robert 
Anthony Gooscn, Thief River 
Falls, and for consumption by a 
minor against a Id-ycar-old male. 

On July II at 12:33 a.m. police 

charged 40-year-old Bonny Renee 

Slormo. Thief River Falls, with dri- 

-vina while intoxicated. — — 

On July 10 at 12:41 a.m. police 
charged 54-ycar-oId ' Kathleen 
Elaine Johnson, Thief River Falls, 
with driving while intoxicated. 

On July 12 at 9:32 p.m. police 
stopped a vehicle for erratic drir 
ving. Suzcllc-Gaye Thompson, 34, 
Thief River Falls, was arrested for 
driving while intoxicated, refusal to 
test and no Minnesota, driver's 

Consumption under age. On 
.July 9 ut 11:30 p.iii..an_olTiccr.onj 
bike patrol observed an individual, 
drinking alcohol. Jason Daniel 
Peterson. 19, Thief River Falls, was 
cited for consumption by u minor. 

Drugs. On July 6 ut 5:05 p.m. 

and criminal damage to property, 
arc pending against 18-year-old 
Rickey Lee Lindcniocn of-Warrcn. 
The theft .loss wils estimated at 
$2,536.16. Damage loss was esti- 
mated at S2O0. 

On July 10 at 11:15 a.m. the 

Pennington County Sheriff's , . . „ ... 

deportment received a report lhat ihe sheriff's department received a enforcement officials or attorneys 
someone had stolen a 1989 Jeep call frouwi resident in St. Hilairc even before the case reaches 
Cherokee valued ut $8,500. On July about an individual at the residence court. Readers should also realize 
11 ut 5:49 a.m. police found the who had been asked to leave but that under the Americarisystem 
Jeep. There was no apparent dam- would nut. On the wuy to die locu- of jurisprudence, individuals 
age to the vehicle which was found iion, the individual described was charged with crimes are Innocent 
near Challenger Elementary school observed driving a vehicle, and was until proven guilty of those crimes 
and Abundant Life church. ""— *'— - l — •■ — ''«"■■- — ,, " t ~» '- -™ »«>■-• «"«•* 

terroristic threats. The charges stem 
from an incident on the same day 
during. which he forced his way 
into a residence, assaulted two indi- 
viduals 'and threatened a woman 
with a knife he had picked up at the 
residence. He was in custody as of 
Friday, July 9, and had made an 
appearance in court. 

On July 1 1 at 5:39 p.m. the sher- 
iff's department received a report 
of a domestic incident. Upon inves- 
tigation, Patricia Joy Osowski, 44, 
Tltief River Fulls, was' cited Tor 
fifth degree assault. 

Accidents. On July 9 at 11:44 
a.m. police received a repbrr,of an . 
'accident at Pennington Avenue and 
the entrance to the Hugo's parking 
lot. Margaret Grisanti, Thief River 
Falls, was drivings 1996 Chevrolet 
Blazer east, and Annette Joy 
Swanson, Thief River Fulls, wus 
driving a 1992 Oldsmobile van 
south on Pennington Avenue, when 
-Grisanti entered the -intersection 
and the vehicles collided. Grisanii 
observed a cur in front of the 
Swunson vehicle turn into the park- 
ing lot and thought Swanson wus 
going to do the same when she 
entered the intersection. Police esti- 
mated dumuges ut $1,500' to the 
Grisanii vehicle, and $7,000 to the 
Swanson vehicle. 

These reports Include names of 
Individuals charged, -arrested or 
cited with various crimes nnd 
.offenses .by pollccjhe.: sheriff >_; 
department or other law enforce- 
ment officials. Depending upon 
the circumstances of a case, 
charges can' be, and sometimes 
are, changed or dropped by law 

The Minnesota State Patrol Breath Alcohol 
Testing (BAT) Mobile was in Thief River Falls last 
'weekend. The BAT mobile is a tool to be used by 
the State Patrol In conjunction with local- law 
enforcement egencies. it will be used predomi- 
nantly for DWI saturation patrols such as Safe 
end Sober NightCAP. This custom-made com- 
mand center, in which tests for alcohol and 

drugged driving, as well as suspect interviews 
can be conducted, cost $190,000. It was pur- 
chased by the state using federal afcohoi Inc&n- 
tive- funds.- It will be found at major . events .- 
throughout Minnesota this summer. Last year, 
the State Patrol .made 30,892 DWI arrests 
because drunk driving kills. 

Speeding citations listed 
injcounty coujt reports 

incident remains under investiga- 

On July J2 al 9:47 p.m. the sher- 
iff's department received a report 
that a .22 calibre Marlin rifle, and a 
Koss stereo system had been taken 
from a Nordin township residence. 
The toial theft loss was estimated at 

■"$415, — ■ r— 

Criminal damage to property. 
On June 28 police received a com- 
plaint that a number of letters' of a 

Civic Center had been damaged. 

■ Through investigation, six 13-year- 
old males admitted responsibility 

'known by the officer, not lo have a in ; a court of law. 
license. Tlie officer stopped the 

..vehicle and Ihe. subject got out of 
ihe car and was holding something 
in his hand. Allegedly, the subject 
would noi drop what lie was hold- 
ing and later during a short strug- 
gle, swallowed what he was hold- 
ing. After being booked ut the law 

-enforcement ccntcmhc subject was- 
said to have told officers he had 
swallowed 20 to 25 ritalin pills, a 
schedule II controlled subsluncc, 
which" requires n~ prescription. The 
subject, identified by police as 21- 
ycur-old Juan Gabncf Barrios, St. 
Hilaire. was taken to Northwest 

for damaging the letters.. Damage Medical Center. He Has been 

Goodridge woman 
injured when car 
hits road grader 

Donna Mae Nelson of 
Goodridge is listed in fair condi- 
tion "at" Northwest Medical Centcr- 
ufter the car she was driving 
Monday north of Goodridge collid- 
ed with die rear of a -state road 
grader.' - — -™ 

Minnesota State Patrol received 
u report of the accident at 10:10 
o.m. on Monday, July 12. The acci- 
dent happened twoTnilcs north of 

Several speeding citations were 
listed in the latest edition of the 
Pennington County Citation 
Disposition Bultetin. 

Minnesota Stale Patrol cases: 
Lauretta Jean Punek, 45, Thief 
River Falls. 65/55, S75: Eric John 
Wang. 17, Thief River Falls, fol- 
lowing too closely,- $85; Duntcl 
Putrick Sprosty, 24, Thief River 
Falls. 65/55, $160;' Lisa Marie 
Poole, 28. Thier River Falls, 70/55. 
$95; Bradford Neil Strand. 43, 
Forgo. ND. 65/55.i75;Maria Lynn. 
Austad. 21, Oklcc, 69/55. $78.50; 
Thomas Michucl Dignan, 26, 
Hcnning, 7W55, $95: Joan Lori 
Johnson, 29. Thief River Falls, 

69/55, $85; Trade Lyn Jones. 24, 
South St. Puul, no -Minnesota dri- 
ver's license, $85; Keith Allen 
Marshall, 41, Kulumazoo, Ml, 
74/55. $95: Corey Anne Merrill. 
18. Drayton. ND. 74/55. $95; 

Arno Nole Borreson, 29. 
Grecnbush, scat belt violation, $60; 
Chud Mitchell Borneman, 17, Thief 
River Falls, 72/55, no scat belt. 
$ 1 55: Scott Alun Erickson, 4 1 , East 
Grand Forks, 74/55. $95; Jody 
Elizabeth Stusynski, 41, Dayton, 
_70/55.S90:JasnuaAdumDukc. 19.. 
Dayion. 73/55, $106.50; Ross 
Tcnney Ecg', 54, Grecnbush, 65/55; 

Thief River Falls Police 

department cases: Richard Todd 
Grcisen. 30. Thief River Falls, cal- ■ 
endar parking, '$25: Brent Allen 
Olson, 34, calendar parking, $25; 
Brenda Ann Koch. 38. Thief 'River 
Falls. 40/30. $75; Shirley Ann 
Sliningcr, 56, Thief River Falls, 
allowing a dog lo run at large, 
$57.50; Phyllis Kay Soren, 48. 
Tltief River Falls, no scut belt, $60. 
Pennington County Sheriff's 
department coses: Jordan Garrett 
Hunson, 16. Strathconn, 75/55, 

_$95; Richard Charles Confer, 54. 
Grand Forks', ND7.70/55. S95; 
Romeu Leclund Gudmundson, 66, 

- Luke Brohson, 65/55. $75. • 

SeveraLwantedjDn warrants 
is sued in county durin g May 

joss was estimated at" 51,150. " "charged with controlled substance"" Goodridge on Highway 219. 

Charges of criminal damage lo 
' ilihe 

property arc pending ugutnsi ihe six 
. chifdrcn. 

On June 6 at 2:38 p.m. police 
received a report of vandulism to a 

crime in the fifth degree. 

Assault. On July 8 at 10:30 a.m. 
47-ycar-old Galen Robert. Wik, 
Thief River Falls, wus charged with 
assault in the second degree and 

According to the accident report, 
"Nelson was - driving a 1993 
Mercury four-door cor' north on 
Highway 219 when her car collid- 
ed with the rear of a road grader 

Kyla Skiple is ambassa.dor-£|l|£«S ,i f 

Northwest Medical Center with a 
broken arm, bumps and bruises. 
Benson did not require hospital 
care and there was no damage to 
the grader. There was moderate 
damage lo the vehicle driven by 

at St. Cloud State 

Kyla Skiple, a sophomore at St 
Cloud State University, has been 
selected to participate in the Univer- 
"^lry"Ambnssadorsr ~ 

Applicadon's ore submitted to Ihe 
SCSU office of admissions and 
ihosc chosen to' be finalists are.. UUJI1U1 . C 
■interviewed— by^n-Ambassador—_« e ]^. 
'Kyla is the daughter of Herb and Advisory Board and current 

■ Evie Skiple of Thief River Fulls and Ambassadors. 

ssfia^r--* several animals held in 

Ambassadors. serve as hosts for ■^■^- w ^";~ :" -.■•- — -- — - 

such events as commencement, con- 
certs, receptions and banqueLs; Irav- 
. el to area high schools and conduct ' 
tours on campus to give a student 
perspective of life at S 
and- represent and promote the uni- 
versity in other ways. . 

Lutovsky earns 
master's degree 

Brenda Lutovsky of Thief River 

Falls has earned a master of arts 

degree from Ball State University in 
. Muncle, IN., and graduated at the 
. end of the 1999-spring semester. 

Animal Pound in TRF 

Several pcLs ore being held in held at the animal pound: "a black 

perspective of life at St. Cloud State the Thief River Falls Police depart: N male cat, impounded July 2, from 

—j . __j .. ,u. .._! ment Animal Pound.*Ownersmay. the area of Greendale Manor; a 

: claim their. lost'pets by contacting female black mutt, impounded July 
the police department and proving 9 from St Hilairc; a male grey cat, 
ownership. Pound fees; license fees- - . impounded July 7 from the area of 
and any other expense incurred by.' ; North Knight, 
the department will be assessed '- The foflowuig aiiimals will be 
'prior to release. ' • given away: a female white mutt," 

Animals impounded 'by the-" impounded July 5 from the area of 
police department will be kept a ; State Avenue; and a mala, orange 
minimum of 10 days/The follow-* cat, impounded June 16 from the 
ing described, animals arc being .' area of ^opth Sl Paul Avenue. 

. Several individuals have out- 
standing warrants ut Pennington 
County District court. All ofthe 
following warrants were issued in, 

"May/The individuals arc asked to 
contact the Pennington County 
Sheriff's department at 681-6161. 
Anyone with information about the 
following urc also asked to contact 
the sheriff's department at 681- 

-- Wantcd-on warrants issued ia. 
Pennington county are: Rhonda L. 
Anderson, 41, for gross- misde- 
meanor bad checks; Billy W. 
Fisher, 30, a commitment on 
felony theft of motor vehicle; fail- 
ure to pay: Heather M. Fulton, 21 ;. 
failure to appear dn misdemeanor 

Chester F. Grabinskl, 75, com- 
mittment -,30 days home monitors 
ing; Cindy j. Johnson, 27, failure; 
to appear on citation for cul de sac''' 
parking; Roberf T. Johnson; 43y 

failure to appear on DWI and dri- 

- ving uftcr suspension charges; 
Anthony C. Kloltcr, 19, misde- 

- meaner (heft; Christopher J. 
"Maxwell, "27. failure to appear on 

gross misdemeanor aggravated dri- 
' ving while inioxtcutcd/refusul to 
test; Timothy J. Meyer, 39, PM 
parking violation, failure to appear 
" for arraignment; . Michael 
. Molskncss, no age listed, appre- 
hend and hold; Michael P. Morln, 
.'.two warrants, commitment on 
,■ domestic assault 30 days and fine, 
and offering forged check; James 
. A. Odcgnrd, 26, three warrants, 
' gross misdemeanor DWI/refusal 
? t two L test, failure to appear on DWI 
..and refusal to test, and failure " 




meanor theft; Jason C. Sheeler, 

Robert G. Wold, two warrants, 
misdemeanor DWI failure to 
appear for arraignment, and failure 
lo appear on PM calendar parking 

Vehicle damaged 
in one-vehicle 
roll-over Monday 

Vincent- Porkhurst of Redlake 
was not injured when his ear rolled 
in Ihe ditch one mile east of Thief 
River Falls on Highway'), but there 
was substantial damage to his vehi- 

Minnesota received a report that 
the accident happened at about 3:58 

am. on Monday.July VI. Parkhurst 

... _._,.. _.. % -,,, - was driving his vehicle west on 

28, commitment for failure to Highway, 1 when his vehicle left 
appear: on i fifth degree assault; Oieroadon the right and rolled. He 
Jonnthon A. Wagner, 26, commit- was wearing a seat belt. ' '; ■ ■ 
'mem for. failure "to poyfine; and — . ' ■ 

■ Ulo Models • (Hoot 1) 1. Stovo Moon, 
Arvorudo: 2. Troy Olson, Forgo, ND; 3. Tony 
Nowhouso, Grond Forks, NO; 4. Brian 
Strand. Bomldjl; 5. Jon Sola. Barruajl: (Hart 
2) 1. Tom Corcoran. East Grand Forks;' 2. " 
Stovo Andorson, Grand Forks, NQ: 3. Dak 
Skytlond, EdmoroCND; 4. Tony Sena; Grand t 

6 p.m., Irv Wilson Flold. 

Friday, July 16 
■ 13-youx-olds • Loko Aoossii Olilrtct 
toumomont (at TWal River Falls). 
~" ■ 14-yBar-okts "Loko Aaasslr District 
loumomont (at Thiol River Falls or : Ei 
Grand Forks): ■ 

-f^t^NDi-erHaroklCchillrWaatFMgovtJ D; | ■ I^TO P^tiJ^ 1 
(Fosture) 1. Tony Send; 2. Coreoron;,! toomamwt (at Wanoad). 

(Posture) 1. Tony Send; 2. Corcoran;,! 
Skyltand: 4. Andorson: 5. Harold Schld.WasI 
Fargo, NO. 

VFW district tournament 
will be held at Moprhead 

Vfinlrt -District VFW baseball *Sfig* 

■ Legion - Thiol River Fans at Asnoy, S 

Saturday, July 17 
. ■ 13-yotif-oklt - Loko Aoostlz District 
tournament (at TWor River Fails). 

tournament for 16-ycar-olds will be 
■ played Friday through Monday. July,. 

23-26, at Moorhcad. 
Thief River Falls VFW regular 

season schedule will be completed 

with 1 ' P.m. daubleheodcrs 
-Thursday ai Moorhcad and Sunday— 

ut Fergus Falls. 

„ 14-lS^oof-oWa - Lake Agassuf District 
loumamonl (at Warroad). - i% ' 

■ Legion - Thiol Rlvor Falta vfj_Porhom, 

Sunday, July -IS 
. ■ 13^eor-okls • Loko Agossli Diilrict 

■ 14-1 5-year-okto - Lake Aaeulz District 
loumomont (al Warroad). 

"■"■ VFW - Thiol Rlvor Foils at Fergus Falls, 
1 p-m. 

■ 14-yooVolos --Loko Agasslz Oiitnct 
oumamont (at Thiol Rhror Fans or East . 


El«phant»'were uMd to erect th« Carton «nd "UntWM 396 (wtlong. The Canon aod Barnes 
Barnes dreua tent Thursday prior to perfor- Ctrcusta the largest traditional big top dreus 
mances that afternoon and evening. The circus ' touring the nation today. . 


• Iff 3' Depth 
.'■■''■" .•24""Bucka - '" 

• 59' Width 
.,'* For Water Lines . : 
.-Foundations, Drain, Tile, 
" .■ Sewer Systems 
'"■•'■• Will Thnch Parallel 
.:-±..-j...t :Weir.7---=^- 
. • Easy To Run.' 

118 Main Ave. N. 
Thief River Falls 


." i 



.- ■■ ■ 'r 

— ! 

. i ■ 

... . ... . - 





■ I 

■ ■ ■ 








$ 1,000 00 


. ■ MSRPS16.2S5 ^ / 

1999 FORD CONTOUR §1~ ^ 


60 MO. 




Ust . $41,488 
NMTR. Price 

$ 36,5j)0 


BLACK • STOCK K106699 

PRICE! <a 

Retail . $28,260 
NMTR. Price 

$ 24 L 861 

r 1999 CHEV. TRACKER 2-DR. 4X4 


.^^-mviitk topi 
Retail $18,160 "*"" "^^~ 

NMTR. Price 
Alter Rebate of •1,0004 






■^^'■'- AS LOW AS*- 



| Ust $22,435 
NMTR. Price 

P ■ As Low As 

$ 19,990 



V-6, Auto., Air. Cruise'. 
AM/FM Cos 

Turns price 


4-Cyl., Auto., Air, Cruise, Tilt, 


Rear Defrost, Clean 




Bf'tj^r "A^ki AW* m m * ' - ■-- -.- - . •-^r"ryygjgB 


©■CHEV. S-10 BLAZER 4X$,V ■}'$£. 
®j§94;FORD F-15C 4X4 


l 990LDS.ALERO,»»>tto,oMBi • ■ • ■ |1§,900 1 



'97 BUICK CENTURY.CUSTQM, ramwrn ! [13,900 

'97 CHEVY LUMINA, m.pi*roi .... ... ....... . .10,900 

'96 PONTIAC GRAND PRIX, i«.»mt .!>]2,900 

'96 BUICK RIVIERA, oral ;...... " J '1&299 

'96 BUICK PARK AVENUE, mm ■ I1 1I>299 

96 OLDS. DELTA 88 LS,«m..uM $13,900 

95CHEVY.LUMINALS,tM.»TO .i 9,900 

'94 BUICK CENTURY WAGON, «a J 6,900 I 

'93 OLDS. CUTLASS SUPREME, m.*mt ! 8,900 

'92 FORD TAURUS WAGON, blue .4,900 

'92 CHEVY CORSICA, «tn .-. •• J 3,900 

»1 PONTIAC GRAND AM, ux„wt._.. J 4,900 

30 PONTIAC GRAND PRIX, mmuk • ■ ^§,900. 

'89 PONTIAC BONNEVILLE, «... 3,900 

88 OLDS. CERA, we.... $1,600j 


Rear Defrost, Clean 


:i9S4. FORD CONVERSION VAN. '. :. V - 
$99O-P0NT1AC (SRAND-.AM.,4s~. Mi~f -I'31 CHEV. CAMERO Z2 & ■ ' -■ *' ft. I 

Ja09 > 3ePdrffiF-|NTlg,Fata^S»feBr i n!ee 

3. Aulo., Air. Cruise, Tilt, Power WindowgLw 

Tims PIKE 4,* 




,111a FORD COHTOURXTAK -.■ .. , 



-USJOODOENEOK^i-s^ - .i. 



i m jUICHlEffllBB EtfY . rfer'j te 

■■"'■■''■ ■ ^_ I 




egond .Front 

Volume 88, Number 28 

Old Mil! State 
Park programs 
set for July 18 

Old Mill Suite Park will hold 
ilirec interpretive programs, on 
Sunday. July IK. ;il the park. 

Beginning nt HO) a.m. on 
Sunday. July 18. :n the heath park- 
ing lot. a wildlluwer walk will be 
held. During lliis excursion onto 
ihe. prairie, view, some of the 
flower species jii bloom nl this lime 
of the year. 

At 1:30 p.m. sul;iryr;iphics. a 
children's activity, will he offered. 
Using natural objects, participants 
will create their-own piece of art 
from shadows. 

From 3 to •> p.iiv. visitors- will be 
able lo find out what life was like 
' around the lurn of the century at 
the Larson Mill and Cabin. 
Participants will also learn about 
the steam-powered mill for which 
"Old Mill Stale Park is mimed, and 
the park naturalist will be nn hand 
to answer questions. 

All programs are free and open 
to thc-public. however, n vehicle 
permit is required to enter llie park. 
— For-morc-tnformatioh-call-2 1 H — 

Plans available 
for building "safe 
room" in homes 

Federal Emergency -Manage- 
ment Agency (FbMA)' has plans 
available for people who would like 
to build a tornado "safe room" in 
their homes. Rooms are designed to 
provide protection against winds of 
up lo 250 miles per hour and pro- 
jectiles-traveling- at -100 miles an 
hour and lo remain standing if the 
house is severely damaged. 

For construction plans and a 25^ 
page illustrated FEMA publication 
entitled "Taking Shelter f mm the 
Storm: Building a Safe Room Inside 
Your House is available by calling 

- toll-free I-X88-565-3896.-- Internet 
users may access the FEMA web- 
site at then click on 

__1'M ill g at io n'.I_ a n d . .'"To rjia do Safe 

Wednesday, July 14, 1999 

Health laws will 
impact lives of 
many in Minn. 

Changes coujd benefit thousands 

Thousands of Miimesijtails will 
k-'nefit from new health care laws 
set that look effect on July I. 
according io the Minnesota 
Hospital and - Healthcare 

Partnership (MHHP). 

Among the initiatives that will 
lake effect July 1 is funding for ihe 
Rural Hospital Improvement Grunt 
program Ihat will enhance the care 

Croyidcf) by hospitals in rural 

Runil Grants 
MHHP's rural hospital improve;-' 
ment griint progrum was one of llie 
first health care funding measures 
agreed to by legislators. Rising 
health care costs and decreases in 
-"-federal— government— reimburse- — settlement-for- tin's endowment, the 
nicnLs have -changed ihe way health legislature appropriated S5 million 
care is delivered ■ in . rural for medical education beginning. 
Minnesota. Beginning July I . $2.8 July I . Up to 5 percent or (he inter- 
million will be available to rural est earned from the fund is to be 
hospitals for capital improvement appropriated for medical education 
programs, such as upgrading and activities in Minnesota, 
remodeling of hospitals and for the . • Job skills partnership program 
purchase, of new equipment. The —The bill established a health care 
legislature also moved lo expand and human services worker train- 
the number" of hospiiuls eligible' lo ing and retention program to allcvi- 
receive up to $300,000 each in ale worker -shortages confronting 
grants. - 

"This program allows hospitals 
in rural Minnesota to undertake 
remodeling projects that otherwise 


Other Major Health 
' Cure CJmnges 
Other major health care laws 
that take effect on July I include: 

• Charity care aid — llie House 
and Senate passed a provision that 
allows S(0 million in charity care 
aid to hospitals that provide more 
than the average amount of uncom- 
pensated care. Hospitals through- 
out the state often provide health 
care services lo people without 
insurance who""hick the ability to 

• Medical Education Endow- 
ment Fund — - fn addition lo S3J7 
million from the one-lime tobacco 

certain areas of the slate. It will 
provide grants (SI. 5 million for the 
biennium) to health care facilities 
working alone or in consortium 


A Carson and Barnes Circus employee directs an 
elephant to the big top which was being setup 
-for performances at the fairgrounds Jn .Thief 
River Falls on Thursday. Jho large number. of. eler 

phants, camels, horses and other animals 
attracted quite a few spectators. The Carson and 
Barnes Clrcusjsjhejargestjrgdr tional big top 
..circus touring the nation today. : . ._/.... . 

would. nofbc possible — projects wiih colleges und universities. The 
such' as new emergency rooms and program targets qualifying individ- . 
updated outpatient surgical cen- uals for jobs in the health care sec- 
tors," 'said Bruce Rucbcn, prcsi- tor. ' .. 
dent, MHHP. '"Minnesota's hospitals arc vital 
Hospitals in rural Minnesota. - partners in their communities and. 
through the grant programrT^in — take pride in proytding the highest ■ 
bring their facilities' up-to-date quality health care. These new laws 
through new-construction' and the . cnublc.thiit partnership to flourish 
purchase of more advanced equip- nnd grow for years lo come," 
ment, such as tclcmcdicine tech- Rucbcn said, 
nology thai can link physicians in 
-ono-«irttmunity_with_pttUcnt3 Jn.__j ; . _^ .. .; .._ ■ 

Slalt Fnnj 

Family - 

It's a no cost review 

of your insurance coverages 

and needs. 

■Sec Aecm: 


313MalnAvo.N. • Thiol Rivor Fallo 


• UieaxootlntlthbtuStattFarmUthtrt' 


Did You Know You Can Search For Products 
And Services Worldwide Even If You Don't 
Have Internet Accessl 

ClwtJltdiiy.Fhonc ' 
1-800-FREE-LJST (1-800-373-3547) 

ICyou are away rrom your 

comnuicr, or Tot [haw 


conhnvcthcmuluofyour : 


nulled to you Tor free! 

Adqual Claulfictii 

available 11 
or www.nwoich^om 

'The Times • WXFZ3H 



— 1-800-51 1-5759 . 

209 LA8REEAVE. Ni^i 


Leisure Pack 

in time for 





to your service plan 
_ $3-o o- - 

per month 

Cellular 2000" 


tan on <MwH t aim HBHt|).MM ib«4Hra cIwdm m4 l ** , «!M w ^^ c, ^5F , f!!™?!^ l I*< 
eic<4MirtUHit«rm«nM^«mtMMMnMpiMiMi4Me«M»aw • 
n<mm» taio^ctoittfaoa. >«.-— •. — -r- — « 




' i 

' | - - 

r "' 

r ' ■!■ - -; 

,;' U 




t."" : -fo 

1'iiRc 2-- The Times 

n »i> n ' ' .mj y . 


Wednesday, July 14, 1999 




i P Bv.jf-.'^. , ^ j 7 ^ ' y»v. ' j iw Ka ' ^H^jw^iiiy.ii^ ' i ! ^y).i i .. ' .M- f . 1 

Plummer Co mmunity News 

Woddlng Anniversary 
Torly years ago on Juno 27, Molvln 
Eskoli and Flosemnry Lund woro mar- 
tied in Snrtd Valloy Lulhoran Criurcti al- 
Trail, Thoy ■ sotllod on a larm nrJor 
Plummoi where- Ihoy raised Itioir family 
ol six children This yoar on tho samo 
dahrflhoir children and males hostod a 
celebration at tho American Logion 
Club at Plmmier. Coming Irom.a dis- 
tance on Thursday and Friday woro 
Lottnie and wife, Julio, Aaron and Nick 

■ Eskoh ol Androws AFB in Maryland; 
. Wesley Eskoh 61 Roseau; Eric and 

Gtnn Eskeli. Nick and Aloxandra ol. 
Itasca. IL: Lisa Eskoli and Ryan 
. Thompson ol Prior Loko: MN: also 
• Steven and Becky Eskoli, Ma?) and 
,-KaylOR.and David Eskoli ol Plummor. 
as well as David's (iancoo DooArwi 
Klasen of Okloo. Spoctat fluosts woro 
' Eddy Eskeii. tho best man at their wed- 
ding: groomsman Lylo Lund and wilo 
Sharon ol Trail: Aunt Mablo Schmitz ol 
Trail: Shirley Strublo - moihor ol Ihetr 
llowor girl Rita Jo Olson of Twin Valloy; 
Glonycb Esfccli. who frad prasldad at 
the guest book; Leonard Eskoli and ; 
daughter Doltio Ann ol Now York Mills: 

■ Fom Eskoli, Donna Kvasagor ol Okloo. 
Tom Beach ol Falcon Heights, and 
Claronco and Maxino Thompson of 

Grand Forks who sang al thoir wod- 
dlng. Frlonds-from tho aroa Joihod thorn 
for a suppor. Bocky Eskoli spoko brlolly 
lor (ho family and Lonnlo inlroducod all 
ol his siblings and (ho special guosts. A 
dafico lollowod wilh music by'lho 

' 'Wavoll and Lloyd Soronson woro 
among Iho many who all ended tho 
anniversary parly for Molvln and 
Rosemary Eskoli, 

Dorothy and Ernlo Paquin ol- 
Milwoukoo spont somo llmo ovor tho 
4th ol July wilh hor moihor. Hilmn 

Don arid Connio Hagon and family 
arrived Homo shortly boloro tho 4ih. 
having had, ajjtlla vacalion limo. Thoy 
drovo to Yorkvillo," IL 10 visit his brolhor 
Paul Hagon and wilo Eiloon, whoro 
Emily had vlsitod slnco Juno 13. Sho 
rolurnod homo wilh thorn, but John 
romainod (or o llmo. Thoy woro 
ovornight gn osis on thoir rolurn Irip at 
Connie's paronls' homo in Rosomont. 

Eric, Glna, Nick and Aloxandra 
Eskoli 1olt on TuoSdoy alter sovoral 
days with thoir paronls, Molvln and 

Wos Eskoli took Lonnlo, Julio, Aaron 
and Nick Eskoli, and Molvln and 

and Carol Gorardy. Wilkons, 

Poggy Hosso.wos a Saturday 

Birthday for Poggy. ovornlghl guosl ol hor mothor, Est hor 

Funeral poggyHasso Was Iho guosl ol honor Dnhl ol Mlddlo Rlvor. On Sunday thoy 

Slncoro condolancos aro oxlondod al a birthday dinner and golhoring of otlondod iho Conlonnial colobrallon or 
to Tracy and Ryan' Potorson in tho family and frlondsal tho Hayloft In Thiol Unllod Lulhoran Church olGatzko. 
■ doolhs ol thoir twins. Mogan Jonnllor Rlvor Falls on Thursday. Helping hor Donnlo Hosso ol Elk Rlvor spent 
— ■ ■ -- ■ *- — colobralo woro hor husband.- Molvin. 

' daughtor Bronda and Kolly Knutson 
arid Shawn, Krlsla, Knylo and Dorok of 
Middlo Rlvor, Pat and Dawn Simonol 
arid Doug ol Florida, Mary Hosso, 
sDoris Malwtlz, Dolla Roworlz and Rulh 
Witkons ol Plummor, Linda and Chris 

and Laco Eliznboth, daugtitora olTracy 
Jo and Ryan Jon Potorson ol Tolstoy 
woro stillborn on Tuesday, Juno 15 ol 
Holy Infant Hospital ol Hovon, SD. A 
prlvalo gravoslda sorvico was hold on 
Thursday at Tojsloy Sovonth Doy 
Advontlsl Comolory with Pastor Jim 

July 4lh wookond wilh his mothor 
Lorollo Hosso and oihor rolnlivos. Dn 
Friday night, olhors who camo to 
Lo ratio's homo woro his slslor Linda. 
Noll and Chris Mnltlson ol Thiol Rrvor 
Foils;' D.J. Hosso, Harriot Norman. 
Laurie and Richard Jonas and girls. 

Kock ofliclallng. Survivors includo Iholr • : Mattlson ol Thiol Rlvor Falls, Harriot Doris Molwilx. Syl Hosso, ond Chuck 
■ - Norman of Plummor, daughlor Uurto— ond-JolByno-Simpaon^UndaB-llltlo- 

pororjts. a sislor Ryloo Jo, thoir motor- 
nal grandparents Chuck and Jolayne 
Simpson ol Plummor, paternal grand- 
paronts Russott and Kothy Polorson.ol 
Tolstoy, matornnl groot-grandparonls 
Howard and.Margarot Groonwald and 
Bill and Holon Simpson of Plummor, 
ond palomol groal-grandparonts Joyco 
Walson of Blackberry, ond Marvin and 
LotlySloU ol Tolsioy. 

Virgil and Mario Soronson woro 
ovonlng visitors of Korn and Alice 
Tillman ono doy last wook. 

On Friday, Wavoll Soronson visited 
al Iho homos of Shollo Gorardy, Avis 
Frolland, Lisa Soronson; Karl Soronson 

and Richard Jonas and Lisa, Miranda 
and Slophanlo of lasaqunh,- WA, and . 
Gaylono Noss ol Thiol Rlvor Falls. 
Have a good yoor, Poggyl 

Froncos Schlolort and Lorona . 
Woslorlund vlsitod Pat Larson on 
Friday. Pat raconHy-sufrereda brokon- 
anklo and had boon-hospllallzed.-Got ■ 
wall, soonl 

Sylvostor Hosso, Doris Malwllz,' 
Harriot Norman, and Laurlo and 
Richard Jonos and girls woro Saturday 
visitors of Mel ond Poggy Hosso. . 

Tarn Witkons ol Grand Forks spont 
Saturday with ho*r grandmother, Ruth 

dog, Crlckol, was o big hit with ovory,- 
ono, ospociolty tho chlldron, 

Family Rounlon 
Horb ond Esthor Waltdr and olght ol 
Irfoir nlno chlldron on|oyod a family 
reunion al Camp Shalom on Maplo 
Lako on Saturday, and .Sundoy._Tha 
only- ono -missing —was^MarvIn ol 
Junoau, Alaska. Atlonding woro Ray 
and Rolnollo Waltor of Thiol Rlvor 
Falls, Vickl and Mitch Olson and two 
chlldron ol Las Vegas, NV, Jonnio and 
Jason Yutrzonka of Omoho, NE. lona 
Morkely of Buffalo, Marilyn and Gono. 
Budraltis ond Matthew and Josslca ol 

Luvorno. AL, Duano Waltor and Ihroo 
sons ol Mlnot, ND. Jitno and Jim Smith 
of Hugo. David Waltor ol tho Twin 
Citlos, Barbara, Oonlolta and Andrea 
Pine ol Hastings, Rogor and Janol 
Watlor and lour chlldron ol Plummor. 
Various mombors ol Iho group havo . 
- boon In and out. of Iho local homos 
roconlly. - . " 

Lonnlo and Aaron;. Lisa Eskoli, Ryan 
Thompson and Molvln Eskoli spent- 
Soturday fishing al.Lako of Iho Woods. 

Sid SchJolorl and family al 
Bloo ml ngton- arrived at Iho homo of his, 
-mothor, Francos. Schiofort.on. Saturday ._ 
and spont iho 4th of July wookond 

Rlck. Bonnie and Chancoy 
Groonwald ol Stacy and Nora ' 
Groonwald ol Florida woro Saturday 
ovornlghl and Sunday -guosts ol 
Howard and Margaret Groonwald. On 
Sunday aflomoon, Sharon and Rodney- . 
Wayrto of Goodrldgo camo to visit and:.. 
brought daughtor Klmborly and chll- 
dron Tylor and Josslca. 

Dlxlo and Brad Bosch of Fargo spent 
iho holiday wookond with hor paronls 
and brolhor, Arlan,- Gorda and Doan 

'mJMPU *frf4S&tM&* 


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(Vr's't'y Langoas. Potior . 
681-2300 J 

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Worship Services: Sundays ui 9:30 


m Joraensen, Pallor- 
' M.iiy.L. Joraontan. Lay Assistant Pastor 

Worship Services: Sundays at 11:00; Tuesday Wonhip/Oimmunion: 
(>:(K) p.m. 


1563 ttiflhwny 59 SouUinnit • Thlot Rivor F(W» 

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'Doo Jay S Cay Donlm. Toan'fJintston 


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Kill's On ilic Move Children's church; 

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'~7p.m. : 



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H;IK)u.m. and IkOOiun. 

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WolSthip^c-vkcs* St. Petri: Sundays 
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H3reg Yraltar. Inlom Pastor 


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July 18:9:00 a.m. ' 

Worship Services - Silver Creek (East 
ofTRF on Range Line Rood): July 18; 
No Services. Plan to attend an area 


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Tuesday. July 20: Sliced lurkcy, 
cscallopcd potatoes, green ncus, 

. strawberry gclalin w/fnifrcocKtqil, 

: white bread, margarine and 2% 
Wednesday, July 21: Swedish 

—mealbtills,:'gravy, steamed potatoes, - 
peas ' and cnrrols, npplc cobblers, 
wheat bread, margarine and 2% 
milk. ■' 

Thur-day,_J_uJy:22: Sliced ham, 
whipped poiaioes, gravy, spinach, 
vanilla ice cream, while bread, mar- 
garine and 2% milk „ . 

.Friday.July 23:.BnJccd fish, taior 

lots, pcus untl carrots, banana cream 
dessert, wheal bread, margarine and 
2% milk. 

Thief River Falls 

Your nutrition center: a place for 
meals and information on services 
for older adults. . 

Monday. July 19: Evening Meal 
at 5:30 p.m.: Pork chops, baked - 
potatoes, green bean casserolfc, roll, 
salad and rhubarb dessert. 

Tuesday, July . 20: Liver and 
'onions, mrnhctt^nnocsTT^lIopcd- 
corn, roll and cherry delight.' 

' Wednesday, July "2 1: Macaroni 
■tomato holdish, grcen beans, .heel 
pickles, banana bread, ginger bread 
w/toppinu and milk. 

Thursday, July 22: Meal loaf, 
parslied potaloes, carrots, roll, fniit 
and milk. 

Friday. July 23: Salmon loaf, 
boiled potatoes, peas and carrols,- 
roll, dessert and milk.. 
■ Lutheran Sociill Service Center 
nulrilion program will serve meals 
at ihc Heritage center at 301 4th 
Streel East Monday ihroush Friday 
cxccpl holidays. Serving Degins at 
11:45 a.m. Reservations appreciated 
one day in advance, but not neces- 
sary. C all 68 1-27 93 for rescrva- 


Monday, July 19: Chicken chow 
mcin w/vegetabtcs over rice, lettuce 
salad ..w/dressing,_roll. margarine. 
■dessert and milk. . 

Tuesday, July 20: Swiss" steak, 
boiled potatoes, mixed vegetables, 
bread," margarine, dessert' and milk. 

Wednesday, July.-21: Liver and 
onions or steak, mashed potatoes, 
gravy, scalloped corn, bread, mar- 
garine, dessert and milk. 

Thursday, July 22: Meatloaf. 

Earslicd poiaioes, oriental blend, 
read, margarine, dessert and milk. 
Friday, July 23: Salad supper, 
dessert and mtlk. 

Monday ihrough Thursdays are 
noon meals. Friday is an evening 
■meal at 6:00 p.m. 

Smmmm ' "Our People Make The Dtfiere'nce" 

go^tNsuRANCB (218) 681 -641 1 • 

110 Third St. East • Thief Ri\>er Falls 

Giving assistanceto severalo! the participants in the media work- 
shop conducted this week at Lincoln high school En Thief River 
Falls is Instructor Kris Soronson (center) of Minneapolis. The 
workshop on Vision vs. Technology attracted 22 educators from a 
number of schools in northwestern Minnesota. Among the par- 
ticipants were (from left) Betsy Thaden, Sandy Flagstad, Roseau; 
Polly Peterson, Warren; , Rebecca Farr (back to camera), 
Greenbush/Middle River; Robert Johnson, Tri-County dt Karlstad; 
and Mary Beth (Betsy) Humbte-Thaden, Fisher. — - 




Will Be Held On 

TUESDAY, JULY 20, 1999 

At 8:00 P.M. In The 

Heritage Center, TRF 

Discovery Place 

22 from area attend media 
arts workshop at Lincoln 


Monday. July 10: Milk, orange 
Juice, clnnnman toast and Klx. 

Tuesday, July 20: Milk, oranges, 
scrambled eggs nnd toast. 

Wednesday. JUIy 21: Milk, grape 
Juice, pancakes nnd syrup. 

Thursday. July 22: Milk, apple- 
sauce. Rice Krlsplcs and muffins. 

Friday. July 23: Milk, apple Juice. 

Klx and toast. 

Lunch i — ■ 

. Monday. . July. 19;_.Homcmnde 
chicken noodle soup, saltincs, 

bologna sandwiches, pineapple and 

Tuesday. July 20: Chicken 
nuggets, mashed potatoes with 
gravy, bread and butter, corn, sliced 
peaches and milk.. 
■ Wednesday. July 21: Tacos. bread 
and butter, pear halves nnd milk. 

Thursday. July 22: Roast beef In 
gravy, mashed . poiaioes. . carrots, 
bread, butter, pineapple and milk. 

Friday, July_23;.Hot_dog on n bun. 
chips, pork and beans, pickles, 
"apple crisp and milk. 


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Chad Parsons, Youth Pastor 


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Wednesdays: Adult Bible siudy and Jr. 
& St. Higli ut 7:00 p.m. 


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Qree Walter. Mom Pastor 


Offlco HourK.Tuoa„.Triurs.. Fri. 9-12 Noon . 

Worship Services - Bethany: Sundays 

in July al 11:00 a.m.: August at 10:00 

a.m.: Midweek scrviccs-at Bethany on 

July 14 al 7:30 p.m. 

Worship Services - Ekelund: Sundays 
in July at 11:00 a.m.: August at 9:00 

Worship Services - Faith: Sundays in 
July al 9:00 a.m.: August ol 1 1:00 a.m. 



P.O. Box1B7>Nflwk*J«n 
1 Ray. Leroy FtkUngar, Pastor 
Worship Services - Wcstakcn Sundays 
nt 10:30 a.m.; Listen to ihc 'Trumpet of 
Truth" radio broadcast Sundays from 
7:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. on KTRF 1230. 
Wednesdays: July 14: Rudlo-Bcthania 
at 9:00 p.m. . 



David Bnxkopp. Pastor 

Worship Services: Sundays: Worship at 

10:00 a.m.; Bible Study at 9:15 u.m,; 

Sunduy School ol 11:00 a.m. 


Second 4 Homco • TWot Wvor Fait ' 
Danktl Horn Pastor 

Tammy Welssllryg, Youth Director 



P.O.Gkw1S5> ttowloUoh- 

OWo UrtUM, Potior 


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Wednesdays: Bible Study at 7 p.m. 


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Worship Services - Black River: 
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Tuesdays: Weekly Bible siudy at 7:30 
p.m. in Fireside Room. 



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Sunday School at 10 a.m.: Wednesdays: 

Midweek Fellowship at 7 p.m. ~~— 


1024 Thdoiph Avonuo South • Thiol FUvor Fans 
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(Sotith-rrt Baptist Convention) 

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a.m.; Sabbath School al 9:15 a.m. 

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evening services al 7 p.m.; Wednesdays: 

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a.m.; Family League on Third Sunday at. 

-7:00 p.m — 


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10:45 a.m. 

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— Qeonje Bunoa*\-Paaur— 


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Thiol Blwr Falls. Mft '■'■.-.. B-aTtitm:~-HSr- 



Phom: 468-421 B 

Hwy. SB 






Instructor for the "Vision- vs. Technology" media arts workshop 
conducted last week at Lincoln high school In Thief River Falls 
was Kris Soronson of tha Minnesota Media Project The workshop 
was funded In part by grants through the Perpich Center for Arts 
Education and Northwest Regional Development Commission's 
Arts Council. 

-..A mediu arts workshop" entitle J 
K.~ron vs-TccliiwIoxy /P9S* attracted • 
22 educators from tlirouglioul ihc 
area July 5- l J at ihc Lincoln high 
school media center in ThieC River 

Inslnictor for the program was 
Kris Sorenson.of.lho.Minncsoin. 
Media Project in Minneapolis^ 
Funding .was._prcjvided__by__ the 
Perpich Center lor-ArLs Education, 
the Arts Council of -the Northwest 
Regional Commission and fees paid 
by the participants. 

Organized and arranged by Alice 
Hofstad, media center director al 
Lincoln, ihc workshop was an out- 

- reach" activity Of- the . Northern 
Expressions School of the Arts— the 
magnet arts school al Lincoln — a 

Center for Arts Education, . ■ 

Kris Soronson led the group in 
learning how to use the Adobe 
Photoshop 'computer software or 
digital' imaging using digital cam- 
eras, scanners and, color- printers. 
Wilh this introduction and direction, 
workshop participanls worked on 
individual projects in 'ihc Lincoln 
media center.' Some of the project 
work completed at the workshop 
will be on display later this month at 
the Thief River Falls public library. 
Sorcnson said the workshop here 
had attendance greater than almost 
of the greater Minnesota workshops 
'she conducts and she complimented 
Mrs. Hofstad for her organization 

workshop said it would "build par- 
ticipants critical understanding of 
the image-making process: build 
visual literacy .ana 'digital imaging 
skills and vocabulary and Increase 
.practical knowledge of image-based 
software and hardware. "Partici- 
panLs will produce digitally manipu- 
lated artwork during the course and 
will Icam practical art making excr- 

Medla workshop, entitled "Vision vs. 
Technology: A Practical Course in Digital 
Photography and Design* was conducted last 
week at Lincoln high school.ln Thief River falls 
with 22 educators from throughout the area 
-attending; Among the participants learning the 
use 6f computer? for digitally manipulated art- 

work were (from left) Vickie Kolden, Oklee 
schools; Pat Dunning, Marshall County Central at 
Newfolden;. Mary Follett and Mary Almqulst, 
Franklin middle school In Thief River Falls. Some 
of the works created :b"y the participants will be 
on dismay-soon at the Thief -Rlver-Falls.public- 
llbrary. .*••' * " ' 

cises for classroom use," the 
brochure staled. 

Il didn'l say the process would 
also be fun, hut participants' became 
so involved In what they could do 
that the six-hour days seemed for 
most to pass loo quickly. 

"Some of the people didn't take a 
lunch break "and you had to pracli-' 
tally tear them away from the com* 

.p'utcrs and. shove, tliem. out of.the 
door al the end of ihc day," Hofstad 
said, adding thai she wasn't com- 
plaining; it was n' pleasant problem 
because of the interest shown. "We 
said wc would be hero until 9 p.m. 
Thursday (class sessions were 9 

.va.rn.-12 noon and LtoAp.m.), but 
thai was it." 

Participants and the schools 
where they teach included: 

■ Murilyn Adams and David Peter- 
son. Lincoln in Thief River Fnlls; 
Mary Almquist and Mary Follctl. 
Franklin in Thief River Falls; 

'Conine Anderson. Dawn Bcnlley 
and J~rnnkic Scalzo, CIcarbrobk; 
Debbie Aunc and Rebecca Farr, 
Grccnbush-Middle River; Pat 
Dunning, Marshal) County Central 
at Newfolden; and Sandy Flagstad, 

Also Evelyn Glenn and Charlie 
Lindbcrg, Kittson Central; Dcbra 
Haugcn. Gryglo; Mury Belh (Betsy) 
Humble-Thoden, Fisher; . Robert 
Johnson. Tri-Counly at Karlstad and 
moving to Brainerd; Vickie Kolden, 
Oklee; Barb Longer and Linda 
Simmons. East Grand Forks Sacred 

■ Heart; Polly -Peterson, -Warren; 
Mary Elldn Salvcson. Win-E-Moc at 
Erskinc; and Jackie' Skaurud, 
Norman County East at Twin 

'Enthusiasm for the workshop 
was indicated by ihc fact that 
despite Ihc distance involved for 
participant travel, all of them had 
perfect attendance for the five-days. 



Vera Valoskle cams , on Friday to : 
spend .b .low. days aijhe Alvln_ 
Qrondatrand's . homo. On Saturday ' 
thoy visited with Myrtlo.Hoper at'. Jho .Hopdre, 
wore Carol Hagen ol Fosston ana her 
daughter Heather and children of New 

On Sunday. Alvin and Bamyce 
Qrandslrond attended the Centennial' 
celebration of Silver Creek Lutheran 
Church and In the evening Vemelte 
Stokke of Newfolden was a visitor at 
Iho Grandstramfa homo. 

Alvin ' Grandstrands and Vera 
Valesklo traveled to Roseau and 
Watroad on Monday and spent the . 
day. On Tuesday, Alvin and Bemyce 
Qmndstrand and Vera Valaskle were 
dlnnor guests And afternoon visitors al 
, tho Ida Rupprecht home ln.ThleLR|yer 
-Falls. -•-. ■!■■ ': •* - ■;- 

On Monday afternoon LeRoy and 
Rulh Suslad treated Uz Swenson to 
coffee at McDonald's.' : ' 

Tom end Debbie Price end Shawn 
Dee were Joined by Mitch, Krlstan and 
Lake Bronson State Park.. Lost 
Wednesday the Tbm Prices visited with . 
Harvey Hanson of Strathcona. ■■-" 

Mefvln.and Irene :■' Grandslrand 
enjoyed a.cook-out with other family 
mombers at Ihe Jim .Hogto noma on 
Sunday' night. On Tuesday night tho 
Grandstrands visited at- the Ida' 
Rupprecht .'. homo ond_'tdok Vera 
Valoskle out for supper." : -'— '■' 
' On June -26, Sidney and, Clarice 
Ranum accompanied thelr^son Lowell ' 
to Spirit Lake, Iowa, to attendjigrand-^ 
"daiighter'a wedding. , ". "~ 

Sldpoy-and Clari ce _ Ranum ■ s pent 

TSunday July 4tFTat son LoweFsTwme . 

Heritage Pines offers a private 
apartment lifestyle, with ,the 
—securit y o f ? , 4-hnnr st a ffing . Tf ypu _ 
are considering a nursing home, 
consider Heritage Pines first-- 

' Good Samaritan Village - 
Heritage fines Assisted Living ^^. 
-■2208 River Road -NW,-— --vf]=J- 
Ea3t-Grand.Forks r KN — ^J»5L 


! - STUFF 







Ownud and oporntad by 
A CnlhilnrJOOQ' Donlor 
Comnulirr Run/fladto Shack 


YtiiiNc pit i|uenlioiih We've Riit un?iwrr»," 

Thursday ovoning Arnold and 
Vomlce Uirson visited and onjoyod 
lunch wllh Shlrloy Lolrodlh. 

Mrs. Curt Thompson invited nor 
brother Harvey Skyborg over Id have 
suppor with hor and her husband Curt 
on Thursday ovoning, July 1. 

Friday forenoon visitors and colfoo 

gliosis at the Arnold and Vornlco 

Larson homo woro Sybil Cwikla and 

-Gall- Larson: : : 

During tho month ot May, Mario and 
Boulah Bjommd woro to tho graduation 
ol Matt Hanson, son of Slovo and 
Bonnie Hanson. Ho graduated from 
Oak Hills Bible Coltogo. Thoy sport tho_ 
wookond with Stovo and Bonnlo and 
also atlonded tho graduation of Lyn 
Bjernrud, son of Marlln and Joannino, 
Bjomrud who graduated from ' 
BabbltlHlgh School. 

Friday attomoon Arnold and Vornlco 
Larson attondod lha open houso at the 
Strondqulst Post Olf'co celebrating 100 

Sunday July 4th visitors at lha 
Hanna Moon homo woro Richard and 
Pal Moon, Charles and Londa Allen, 
Jimmy Nolson of Si. Paul, Chat and 
Bonnie Camp of Thiof Ftlvor Falls, and 
Marvin and Botty Moen. 

Roy and Laura-Roppe-and'FranK — DavflHnnson,- '■ 

and Harriot Kujnva nttondodiho celo- Sunday afternoon' Arnold and' 
brnllon in Slrandqulst on Saturday. Vomica Larson and Martys Auno wont 

Nadlno Hunzikor of Chicago, Ulllo to Rorian Park and onjoyod lunch with 
Olson, Joan Glbbs of California, and Don and Gall Larson; and Andy, Josh 

Watorworth and Harvey Skyborg visit- 
ed with Morlo and Boulah. 

Saturday Marlys Auno camo to 
spend a low days visiting with Arnold 
and Vornlco Larson and other relatives. 

Last weekend Brad and Marie Moen 
and tamlly spent tho weekend at the 
Clara Hanson homo. ' t 

Monday visitors and luncheon 
guests ot the Arnold and Vemlce 
and Karl Josmo and Collin and Taylor, 
Gordon Borggron, and LaVol Thun. 

Wednesday Donna Tunheim, Nancy 
Tunhelm, Hilma Leo, and Joan Lee 
wont-lo.Bagloyjo.vlsit with Mark and 
Tamml Nelson and Cruz and their new 
daughter, Jusllna. , 

Vomlce Larson and Martys Auno 
wont to Thiol Rh/or Falls on Tuesday 
and visited with Maymo Auno, Sue 
Dondellnger and Karf Josmo. 

On Wodnosdey, returning 
Missionary" Lowoll and Ruth Olson of. 
Pontwotor, Michigan visited with Merle 
and Beulah B)omrud. 

Martin and Joan Leo and Hllma Lee 
went to Grand Forks to tho home ol 
Darin and Trida Loo tor a 4th ol July 

Tuosday evening visitors and sup- 
"per'guesrs at the Carol Ness home 
were Arnold and Vomica' Urson and 
Martys Auno. All onjoyod a very good 
supper and a visit 

Poter and Frances Gerszewskl. 
Bud and Ruby Moon visited with Holbn and Sarah, Ken and Sybil Cwlkla, and attended the' Emily Blzek funeral 

attondod a birthday party for Tonnor 
Hanson, son ol Doon and Tamml 
Hanson, were Clara Hanson and Davo 
Hanson and other rolatlvesand friends. 
After Iho birthday party, Dave stopped 
lo' visit with his mom, Clara. 

Those who vlsltod at tho Marvin and 
Avis' Nolson homo on Monday evening 
were Donna Tunheim, Hilma Loo, 
Wallace and Joan Roppe, and Gorald 
- end-Diane- Nelson.- 1 ; 

On Saturday, Marlys Auno camo to 
spend a few days visiting with hor sis- 
tor-ln-law, Vomlce Larson, and othor 

„ Curt Thompson.en{oyed a nice visit 
ovor a cup at cofloo and goodies with 
Ruobon Haugon on Monday otlomoon, 
July 5. 

Morlo and: Boulah Bjomrud spent 
Fathor's Day/at Iho Stove and Bonnie 
Hanson's homo In'BomldJI, and also 
celebrated their47lh annlvorsory. 

On Monday, Muriel Nolson vis 
with Hanna Moon* - 

Ulllo Olson, Jorod Olson, Yvonne 
Hurt, and Ryan and Ladawn Olson and 
boys vlsltod at tho Chuck and Sherry 
Olson home on Sunday ovenlng. 

Clara Hanson went on the bus to 
Bomldji on Wednesday to visit with 

Sorenson on Tuesday. 

On Saturday tho Auno and Borggron 
reunion was hold at Rorian Park with 
about 70-75 cousins, and second and 
third cousins. Soma hadn't soon each 
other for many years. Those woro on 
Vornlco Larson's side. Everyone 
enjoyed o potluck dlnnor, -swimming 
and lots ol visiting. 

Fourth ol July, Lisa Sparhowk had a 
plcnlcdinnor and spent the afternoon 
_wlth_h_or_M.ornan_d.Dadj Elaine and.Curt_i 
Thompson. Thoy enjoyed It so much- 
Clifford and Elva Dyrud stopped In also 
and It was nice to visit them again. In 
tho ovoning thoy had a' nteo visit via 
tolophono with Mark and Barb 
Thompson who were tolling of Iho bad 
live, no damage was dono. Bobbin and 
Rogor colled on Monday ovenlng. Thoy 
had taken tho kids out (or suppor after- 
wards, watched tho fireworks, which 
were good and thoy onjoyod. 

Morlo and Beulah Bjomrud attended 
the wodding for All Bjomrud to Tyler 
Burkum ot Nashville. Morlo and Beulah 
woro ovomight guost of Ralph and 
Dovoona Hanson of Mt. Iron from 
Friday until Sunday. - — — 

Sunday ovoning visitors at the 

Todd and Karl Jesmoond Collin and ^ 
Taylor. Carol Ness, Joey and Justin - 
were also.thero and had a very nice 

visiL. ;. . 

Merle and Boulah Bjomrud vlsltod 
the Group Home In Argylo on Tuosday 
oltornoon. In tho ovoning Phil 

Saturday at. St Bernard's Church In 
Thlet River Falls. ■- ■- " ,■-.-...' 
Dennis and Unda Gerszewskl ot SL 
Louis Park were house guests of Peter' 
and Frances Gerszewskl during; the 
long 4lh ol July weekend. 

Star Community News 

Those who gathorod on Tuesday at . Ivarson family and all of' GlennleV 
(he Anna Kriel apartment In Thief River friends and relatives. May his memory 
Falls Included Alfred Iverson and .be blessed. 

Leslie. Mr. and Mn. Donald Mosboek,,._ Shirley Johnsntd was a visitor and 

Ramence, South American Dancers, 'entertained spectators at the 
AIINatignslCulturalJ^e^ ._ 

One of the young spectators at the Alt Nations Guttural Fest In St 
Hilalre last weekend models one of Squire Uwrie's creations. 
spectators too. -■;-.- 

The fur trade encampment, created by the Coon and Crocket 
Miizzleloaders; participated In the All Nations Cultural Festival In 
St. Hilaire last weekend. Above, a club member demonstrates 
some blacksmith techniques. - 



Jessica Johnson and Maymo 
Johnson. visited by phone with Joss|p 
Kennel of Colorado on Tuesday after- 

Thoso who attended prayer service 
for Glonnie. Ivorson . ot tho Green 
Funeral Home in Thlot Rrvor Falls on 
Thursday 'ovoning woro Mr. and Mrs. 
Clayton Carlson ol Thiol River Falls, 
Diane Johnson, Alfrod Ivorson and_ 
LbsllerMrV'and Mrs. Donald* Mosbock 

and Betty Mostrom homo. 

Sorry the names of Joan Johnson, 
Donna Neosath and Maymo Johnson 
were omitted from the ones that attend- - 
od tho reception for Morion and Brace -'. 
Johnson at the Hlghlanding Hall oh' 
Saturday afternoon". ■ .-'.■'. 

Shannon Lundeen visited ' on 
Monday with his grandmother, Shirley 

Thoso who spent the^tjv of July at_ 
Turtle Lake at Bomklji were Mr. and 

Hanna Moon hoZ X"roS, "no •! St. Hllalro and Mr. ono Mni Vomon Mr,. Ga„ Johm»a .* mi. J.™my 

SaXnoTXiXnndbo« varaon. Gpnova Spatby ot npdjonnllor Johnson anefchalsey ol 

S."nln a SSKr,ri!lf " , ° b,a " rrnaKpTiTlnThWto B ™ 

"T^TZMXL. *> F.,„.0«,.»n,o.»,| 8 „x,.„ a ad,om. 



Heat Pumps 

Residential customers who are not on dual heat that are Installing a heat 
pump are eligible for loans from t(ie City ofThlefJtlver Falls with a 
maximum of $5,000 at 7% Interest for the Installation of the heat pumpr 

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Air Conditioning 

Residential customers not on dual heat that are installing an air 
condltlonerare eligible for loans-from-the City of Thlet River Falls-with-a- 

maximum of $4,000 at 8% Interest for the installation of air conditioning. 
Window type air conditioners are not included In this program. Financing 
is dependent upon a 'satisfactory credit rating. 

Water Heater Rebates 

Customers Installing an electric water heater with a R-1 6 insulation value 
are eligible for a $120 rebate after the water heater Is Installed, inspected 
and.controlled by a City loadcontrol. device..., _: ■';" — L_ 

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: ~TF 

i ■■ ■■■! 

Marvin Lundin 

._. Editor- ■' 

David Hill • 
Associate Editor 

Wednesday, July 14, 1999 

Editorial opinion published under this heading Is intended to stimulate thinking and discussion among our readers. Unless specilied otherwise, the editorials are written by Editor Man/in Lundin 
and do not represent opinion of other staff members. Opinions in items trom other publications maynot coincide with the editor's own views but areoffered lor their general interest. 

When Is Wilderness Not A Wilderness? When The Wind Blows! 

Wo "used 10 ""hear ij'iiittT":!' biriiruiiil the - 
Boundary Waters Canoe Area (BWCA) and its 
designation and treatment as a "wildcrmiss" area. 
There is a certain segment of the population 
which believes very strongly in the "wilderness" 
concept — that places should be set aside to allow 
nature to take its course without interference 
from humans. Mostly; these are areas quite a dis- 
tance from where this certain segment-ot'jhe pop- 
ulation lives. __ 


referred to as environmentalist, opposes the use 
of motorized devices as beiny intrusive in these 
designated "wilderness" areas but thinks it ist)K 
if they and their friends and families paddle and 
walk and and climb and fish and cook and pitch 
their tents with hundreds, even thousands, of 
other like-minded and abhi-bodied paddlers. 
walkers, climbers, fishersn.'boks and lent pitch- 

-ct s t Tb i s ~ k ~ "c» mmcnmg-with-naiurc." this is 
finding "solitude." this is. the "wilderness experi- 
ence,"- — ■■-.. .■■. . .■',.-.. 

These people like their "wilderness" raw. 

They want it pristine and unspoiled except 

when they want access to use it for themselves. 
Thei^will accept no compromise; a wilderness 
should test the basic instincts, abilities and phys- 
ical capabilities and perseverance of real men and 
women. No motor driven assistance here. This is 
(he last bastion far humans to face nature head 
on. mano en mano. come what may. 
Until the wind blows. 

Evetnhe'bcsi of tentsand/or sleeping" bags' 

offers-little falling tree or a 
lightning strike or/ a' high wind itself. - ■ j 

So last week when 'storms hit the "wilder- 
ness" of the BWCA and the windjlid bad tilings 
to trees and people tinder and irfbund them, the 
ban on motorized equipment became, moot. 
Injured environmentalist type people were spot- 

"ie"d"by^i^aTliralfdliirHfte-il-by-hOtlcoptcrTathci — 
than left to "rough it" and "experience nature" as 

~ victims as" well as visitors.' 

This is humanitarian, of course. We don't, 
nor should we, abandon people who need help. 
We do as much as we can, as quickly us we can, 
in any. practical way that we can to protect life 
and reiieve suffering and repair injuries. Even 
environmentalist .type people can understand and 
appreciate mat effort, especially those who lost 
their battle with nature and needed help. It just 
males good sense to react to an emergency and 
" sel'aside'the rules to accomplish what is practi- 

On portages where environmentalist typcu 
battled' to have motorized transport equipment 
banned, chainsaws were welcomed to clear the 
trails so people could get buck to civilization; 
again, a' practical breaking of the "wilderness" 
rules. Other than an early morning lawnmower. 
what makes u more irritating, intrusive noise than 
a chainsaw? 

Practicality, however, seems to end along 
..with the emergency. Millions of trees were said 
to have been toppled on thousands of acres in the 
BWCA. By any application of reason and com- 
mon sense, every economically feasible effort 
should be made to salvage what will otherwise be 
a net loss of lumber. Don't bet that common 
sense will be allowed to prevail. 

While standing and growing, the trees added 
to the scenery and serenity of the area. Now top- 
pled and twisted, positioned to rot and decay on 
the ground or turn to tinder if suspended, they 
offer nothing but danger. r 

Wc have already read one statement from an 
.official involved with the BWCA who indicated 
tlie trees would be left" where they fell. After all,- 
naturc did it so it must be OK. Those fallen trees 
will dry over time and provide th e fuel for future 
fires that will be impossible to control, further 
endangering the paddlers, walkers, climbers, 
'fishcrsrcooks-and-tcnrpttcherswho-inhabirthc- 7- 
area each summer.- 

-Howmucrrbctterit would be if timber com- 
panies in the area would be allowed to harvest 
what they could of the downed timber rather than 
letting it go to waste and become a future fire 

-hazard. How ironic it is that the onvironmcntalist- 
who cries over-'evcry newspaper that isn't recy- ■ 
cled will Tight to the death to keep loggers from- 
salvaging BWCA trees. 

Federal Tax Cut? Het's Pay Our Debts First 

Advocating a big tax cut maybe politically 
smart but doesn't seem to be too wise from, an 
economic standpoint. Republicans and Democrats,, 
have been sparring- lately-in_Washington about.. 
how big a cut is warranted. Republicans want to 
give up to'5800 billion in cuts while President 
Clinton leans toward a S250 billion figure. We 
disagree with both camps. 

While everyone agrees that taxes are high and 
it would be nice to have them reduced, the fact 
remains that our government has overspent its 
means and incurred debt which is extremely cost- 
ly to the American people. Prudent people pay 
their debts to eliminate interest costs before they 

start giving their money away. Why do people 
• lose sjght of that fact when they are elected to 
government office? ■ 

lLshould.alsQ_bc.ktfptJnjni.nd that the "sur-_ 

plus" which the Administration and Congress arc 
talking about is- speculative and long range. It is 
not at hand for immediate use. If and when it does ' 
actually materialize in a tangible way. it should be 
immediately applied to federal debt reduction in 
its entirely. And coupled with this resolve should 
not be a lax reduction but a freeze on increased 
' spending.' 

Spend no more, eliminate federal debt and the 
tax probleiiis will resolve themselves. 

Thanks For Listening, Senator Grams 

In response to a question asked by someone 
attending the meeting with Sen. Rod Grams in 
Thief River Falls Monday, wc were trying to 
recall the last time a real, live U.S. Senator from 
Minnesota was in Thief River Falls for anything 
but a campaign stop. Perhaps the visit was less 
than memorable, but wc couldn't come up with an 
answer. . . 

At any rate, Monday's visit by Sen.- Grams 
was appreciated. The meeting afforded the type of 

' interchange that is common when political office 
holders meet with ihcir constituents about major 

■ problems. The elected official listens politely and 
intently, affirms that the situation is understood, 
agrees that something has to be done, and assures 
the constituents that legislation is either being 

with thcproblem. Then he or she thanks the pub- 

lic for iLs valuable input and goes back to his or 
her office knowing full well that he or she can't 
do a whole heck of a lot about making the prob- 
lem go away. 

We are sure that, if he could. Sen. Grams 
would change some laws and regulations that arc 
burdensome and/or costly to farmers and those 
who want to get out of farming. And we arc sure 
he is' understanding of and sympathetic to the 
plight of farm families in this area who haven't 
liad a decent crop in five years and poor pri ces for 
what little they could harvest. But from a practi- 
cal standpoint, he probably doesn't have much 
more to offer than a sympathetic car. 

~ However lilUe'lic'can actually do, it was good 
of him to come to town and listen and to discuss 




Joel Flodlor and tils mothor Eh/a Fiedler wont out tar din- 
ner at Handy Farm's In Thiol River Falls on tho 4th of July. 

- Monday. : _del-vl9llor9 at tho Norman -and Marie Adams'- 
homo woro Tllllo Elloson ol Hibblng and Adam and Sharon 

- Grabow and their grandson, 

Kristle Johnsrud ol Bolcourt and Paul Kurltllo ol Rolla. ND 
were visitors at tho Shlrloy Johnsrud homo. 

Jossica Johnson and Katlo Fursolh ol. Thiol Rlvor Falls, 
and Jean Johnson woro visitors and lunchoon guosts on 
Monday at tho Moymo Johnson homo, 

- Jordanra fribrid dl'Bfady" Fiddler, was an overnight giibsl 
during tho wook at tho Elvo Flodlor home. 

Friday nltomoon Lorraino Watno attended the funeral tor 
Qlonnlo Ivorson hold at El Luthoran Church. 

— An- overnight -guest on -Thursday at the Gary and Norma 

Johnson homo was littlo Chblsoy Johnson ol Thiol River 
Falls. ■ 

Mr. and Mrs. Bitty Cristor woro brief visitors during tho 
wook at tho Elva Flodlor homo. 

Shirley Johnsrud visllod with Bonnie Johnsrud on Monday 
at her apartmont in Thiol Rlvor Falls. 

Oloon Krlol attended tho funeral lor Glonnlo Ivorson hold 
at Ekolund Lutheran Church on Friday afternoon.' 

Those who gathered at tho Vomon and Clara Ivorson 
homo on Friday afternoon woro Gonova Sparby ol 
Minneapolis, Mr. and Mrs. Miko Kurtz, Mra.Gary Wlomorol 
Bloominglon. Alfred Ivorson and Gary, Anno Krlol of Thiol 
Rlvor Falls, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Mosbock ol SI. Hlloiro. Mr. - 
~ and Mrs, Kolly-Mosb-ck-and-Emiiy,. David Mosbock and 
Jossica and Bonjamln, Allon Mosbock, Mario Goldado ol 
Mandan, ND; Mr. and Mrs. Tim Radnlockl ol Okloo. Alton 
Sparby ol Gatzko, Oloon Krlol. and Kalhy Ho vol and Donnls. 

Shirley Johnsrud and Kristi Johnsrud of Bolcourt visited in 
Bom!d)i with Gary and Karen Otlllo and they onjoyed dlnnor 
at tho Groat Wall Chinoso Rostourant. 

Saturday callorsol tho Vernon and Clara Ivorson homo 
wore Loslio Ivorson, and Mitch Marquis, Ethan and Justin of 

Oloon Krlol «as a visitor and coffoo guost on Friday night 
at the Vomon and Clara Ivorson homo. 
'Joan Johnson and Moyma Johnson hod supper on 
Wodnosday evening afjho Pizza Hut In Thldf Rlvor Falls. 

Go nova Sparby loll for fibr homo 'in 'Minneapolis on 

- Monday after attending thalunoml for Glonnlo Ivorson. 

Aflor attondng tho funeral for Glonnlo Ivorson on Friday, 
Gary Ivorson loft for his homo on Sunday af to moon. 

Those who onjoyod a polluck dlnnor on Sunday afternoon 
at Iho Vomon and Clara Ivorson homo woro Mr. and Mrs. 
Oriln Hanson and Doon. Loior that nltomoon Mr. and Mrs. 
Vomon Iverson wont to Thiol Rlvor Foils where Ihoy hod sup- 
per at tho Anna Krlol oparimant along with Gonova Sparby 

- and Mr. and Mrs. Donald Mosbock. Later Mr. and Mrs; Rogor - 
Kozar woro visitors al tho Anna Krlol homo. 

199? Roeiw- ftm-0-llelln 

fitch«i">poiibgn*lW.eo - ' 

Brooks Community News 

Feature Stories 

Tho Tlmae la look! no for eUHgw<H^ 
lions or etorloa that would be of Inter- y 
oat to our roadors. ' ■ ;'■."' 

Story suggestion* may be> about'.! 
an Individual or organization recrofljfi- 
nlxad for an achlavamant or accbm-. ■ 
pllshmont. unusual hobblaa or col loo-*; 
tlona, volunteers or. persons who- 

- ha v* done someth In g- outstanding- or ;v - 
have made a difference. 

Send your suggestions to Katlilyr 
"Cariaon at; 77ie Timmm, PO'Box lOQy" 7 " 
Thief River Falls, MN 55701 ;'«-mall to .. 

- trftl mee O trft Imes .ao m; - or- bal I -21 B--^ 

Janet Borborich of Thlorfllvor Falls 
visited, hor mother, Mrs. Mayme 
Borborich on Saturday. 

Lamonlo and. Mary Lu Doavar 
accompanied Marc Parontoau and 
Mrs. Betty Howo to tho Grand Forks 
Airport whoro they boarded tho piano 
for thoir homo In Charfotto, NC, after a 
throo wook holiday at their Maplo Lake 

Mrs." Mabel' "Sobourin arid 
■Evanaolino Grovo visllod Mrs. Lillian 
Hlnco on Tuosday. 

Tuesday guosts 61 Mrs. Poarl Unlet 
worn Mrs. Vi Gagnor, Dorothy Myhre 
and Myrtlo Hamrum. 

Gary and Dannlllo Parontoau; Marc. 
Ryan and Ahdroya ol Invar Grove 
— Heigh t s - warn— 4th-ol_July_ wacko nd _ 
guosts of Marc and Connie Parontoau 
and Virgil and Tho rasa Radnlockl of 
Okleo. ■ ■ . 

Willard and Shlrloy Hlnce, Mrs'. 
Mabel Sabourln, Evanaolino Grovo 
and Russell Hlnco visllod Mrs. Lillian 
Hlnce on Wednesday. 

Walter and Wltllo Katschko hostod a 
4th ol July with guests Carl and Joyco 
Magors and grandson Chase Grinds, 
— Lowell and Cindy AriL-all of- Plirmmerr- 
. Shorrl and Jason Engon and Alex and 
Jordon ol Thief Rivor Falls,' Rodney 
and Margaret Kook and son Dorok ol 
Indiana, and Klmborly Kook and 

—jacquollno'ol Las Vegas. 

Tom and Dlanne Parenteau ol 
Maplo Grove, Slevo and Vlckl 

Parenteau of Grand Forks were week- 
end guests of their parents Aurel and 
Gloria Parentoau and also guosts of 
Clare and Pottl Jo Thompson at ihoir 
Maplo Lake home. 

Mrs. Myrtlo Hamrum was a 4th of 
July dinner guest of hor son Lowell and 
Margaret Hamrum. 

On " Thursday, , Mrs, Evangeline 
Grave, and Erzolla, Donna and Agnes 
Olson ofThlef Rivor Falls visited Mrs." 
Lillia n Hlnce. 

Mrs. Jeanne Cramer and Billy" 
Howe at Denver left for Fargo. on 
Tuosday where Betty boordod the 
piano for home after a holiday hero vis- 
Itlng hor slstor, Mary Lu and Lamonto 
Deaver at Maplo Lake, Aurol and 
Connie Parenteau. 

Guosts of Mrs. Pearl Lanlet on 
Wednesday, were Mrs;- -Audrey 
Bachand, Lorraine. 'Colo, Joan 
Bronkon, Dorothy Lambert, . Rose 
Mandt, Shirley Chrlstotterson and 
Doris Hanson. Audrey and Lorraino 
won the Traveling Prize. 

Mrs. Mabol Sabourln and 
Evangeline Grovo visited Mrs. Lillian' 
-Hlnce on Friday: - 

Mrs. Peart Lanlet visltpd-Ann Hlnco 
Wednesday evening. 

Walter Sr. and Monica Novak along 
with Raymond, Chris and Carley, chil- 
dren of Walter Jr. -and Cindy .Novak,' 
and Paul, son of Nita Mattlson of Mlrtot, 
ND attended the Proulx family reunion 

picnic hold, at Camp Dillwator Park 
near Bemldjl on Sunday. 

Russoll and Shawn Hlnco and 
Evangeline Grove vlsltod Mrs. Lillian 
Hlnco on Saturday. , 

Mrs. Vi Gognor, Grog and Michelle 
Gagnor and- family, Mark and Dlanna 
Gagnor and family, Arthur and Martha 
Gagnor, Loren Gagnor and friend, and 
Dobra and Sandra Gagnor wore 4th ol 
July guosts of Gono'ond Pat Proulx ol 
Map le Lake. . 

Marc and Connie Parentoau, Auret 
and Gloria Parontoau, Dnlo and Nancy 
Purruse of Cable' Lake, Mike and 
Donna Parenteau ol Walla Walla, WA, 
, Joanne Gramor ol Fargo, Joanne and 
Don Rlevor ol Nebraska, Dale and 
and Kay Losmon of Brooklyn Center 
were 4th of July guosts of Mrs. Joyce 
McMonny of Thompson," North Dakota. 

Sunday guests of Mrs. Ulllon Hlnco, 
were - Bill Hawkyard and Velma 
Kalhmon ol Thief River Falls, Russell 
Hinco, Mabel Sabourln and Evangeline 
Grovo.' . . ■ 

Clarence and Dtanno Gagner visllod 
their son Tim and Brando Gagnor and 
-famliyend-also-attended-a bail-game- 
that their- grandson participated al 
Detroit Lakes on Sunday. 
■ - Myrtle Hamrum and grandchildren' 
Jessie and Tyrell drove to Red Lake 
Fallson Saturday to-wtsh Mrs.-Nettle 
Perreault' a 90th birthday anniversary. 
Happy birthday, Nsttiol 


Bud and Marie Stoffon, Kayo Tumwolr, Joan Gehris, Juno 
Kssprowlcz, Tracy Follond, and Judy and Lois Klolnvachter 
motored to Stelnbach,- Manitoba on Saturday evening to cel- 
ebrate Judy's birthday and enjoy a delicious meal. 

Polly Stevenson of California returned homo after spend- 
ing throe weeks with hor sister Betsy Thompson,' a trip sho 
tokos each summer. It's a great time for Isaac to chauffeur 
them around. 

Tho weather In northwost Minnesota gave us a roprievo . 
from rain for two whole days, but today they say more rain will_ 
bo here this wook. With county fairs going on, it'makes'lor 
poor attendance and littlo lun. The wind that came along with 
tho rain storms, surely mado plenty clean-up work wherever 
It wont - downed trees and branches up to 8 Inches wore bn> 
ken off. II also gave many ladles the latest hair-dos, not too 
hard lo do since It looks like thoy had Just stuck their fingor in 
a light socket or faltod to comb It for a wook. 
. I did get a lough when I walchod a crow trying to retrieve 
something out ol a gatbago can near tho car wash, when the 
wind was En high gear. Sho hooked hor claws an the edge 
and when she tried to pick II up the wind tipped her head first ■ 
Into the can. Alter a couple of failures, though sho had usod - 
oil tho rules of on alrllno pilot, flaps down and tall down, sho 
took a look at the dumpster and Ihon "as the crow fllos" took 
a direct courso to hor homo. 

Tho Strandquist Seniors mot on Thursday at tho confer 
and Helen Jacobson servod tho lunch. Thoy will moot again 
on Iho 15th and t hope lo get there Ihon. They have quilts and 
rugs that thoy ore working on. 

Tho tolksfrom Strandquist surely did put on the best pro- 
grams and parades that I hove seen for a long time. 
Strandquist knows by now what it is like when you have to got 
In the car and drive several miles for a quart of milk. Thoy 
now are trying to get sewers and slorm drains put In, some- 
thing thoy wished had been dona many years ago, so thoy 
could have saved thoir town. We wish them all sorts of good 
luck In their endoavbrsr Small towns people should approci- 
ato those who In years past and now are trying to servo them 
In various ways, and shop first at homo. I find many things 
here si a better bargain lhan in larger places. ' 
1 rljolmor and Mortys Vlg and Elsie Lefroolh were dinner 
guoits-of Louella SJostrand on Sunday at Irene's Cafe. 

Morris and Hazel . Anderson and Jim and Christy 
Wotterlund took ono of tho Toura on a Tankfuf as advertised 
on tho TV and had a great time over the weekend.' ' 


.-. . mimw.m i , ii ii niiiii . i i.n i i minjutt,. -.- ■ • 


Wednesday, July 11, 1999 

HismxiCM. Review i>r I m: I imes .\xi> St. IIii.muk 

From the Pages of 
The Times 

Case of County Eggs Ends 
Up At Cunip Lcjcunc N.C 

"Pic. Kenton Anderson, Thief 
River Tolls soldier. Mat toned m 
Ciimp Dcjcunc. North Curolinii. 
recently was surpriscd'to noticc,in a 
'case ol'eggs rcccivcd^ircomp on egg 
candling slip filled out February I at 
cry. Anderson is the .son of Mr. and 
Mrs. John Thorslad of litis city." 

June Employment In City Is 

2.2 Pet. Below Total For 

June 1948 

"June employment in Thief River 

. Falls failed to continue the upward 
trend that started lasi April, the local 

' "employ meht _ 6rnce~"rcVeaIed in its' 
report J'or the past month. A better 

.. than 30 percent gain in construction 
was counteracted by u heavy drop in 
government employment, due to the 
closing of city schools for the .sum- 

. mer. ■■ 

"Employment in this urea is now 
2.2' percent less than u year ago. 
Construction employment is at ils 
nook ut the present lime, but it is, 
however, considerably below last 
year's top level of 364 workers, 
employed in August. Construction' 
employment was exceptionally high 
in 1948. because of extensive street 
and highway work." 

Moderate Temperature's 
Prevail Here This Week 

. "Pleasant summer weather with 
moderate temperatures and wiih no 
rain prevailed in this locality during 
the past week. Maximum lempcra- 
tures since Saturday ranged from 73 
lo 80, with minimum.* varying from 
-S3 to 57.-Tlie .spell of- dry- weather- 
enabled farmers to get in the hay 
thai had'dctcrioratcd during ibe pre- 
ceding spell of rainy weather." 

Soo Line To Put In Second- ' 
Siding In Old Mill Yard 

"The Soo Line plans to start work 
during the coming week on a major 
improvement, project in.T1iicf_Ri.ver_ 
Falls, it was announced today by E. 
A. Hamerski, division^supcrinien- 
dent. Tlie project consists of the 
construction of a second siding, 
approximately one-quarter of a mile 
in length, in the former mill yard lo 
serve the new municipal water treat- 
ment plant now under construction, 
us well as new industries that may 
plan lo locate here. 

"The siding will cross 
Pennington avenue near the south 
end of the mill yard, and wjjl pro- 
ceed north and west lo a point near 
the east end of. the First .street 

Turning Back 

Ten Years Al A Time . 


— In rase you missed the circus Monday, Ringling Bros, circus 
is coming- to Demi dji. in -August :: — . _,_-. — 

— Ants arc supposed lo be industrious crealurcs, but, says the 
Applcton Press, it's surprising how many picnics lliey attend. 


impression that it was illegal to snoot off fire crackers in Minnesota. 

—Sometimes wc half agree with ihe cynical Henry L. Mencken 
that operating a democracy is like running a circus from Ihe monkey 

cage."":."". ■.- """.".'..' 

" — rWlien you next have o sleepless night, you might occupy your 
mind by counting the number of . neighborhood groceries in Thief 
River Falls. ". .'".'..- 

— Remember way back when city folks considered themselves 
more up-to-date than their friends out in the country? '■ - ■ 

— Walter Winchcll quotes Uiis definition of a reactionary:. One 
who wants to go back to the days of the balanced budget. 

— W omen, they tell us. don't mind being economical as long of 
they don't look economical. 

From The Upper Falls 


In the Thief River Falls Lumber Company's Mill. 

■ "Lumbcr'is now being sawed tn the Thief River Falls Lumber 
company's mill. One band saw-ond the band-rc-.saw were started up. 
Monday night and have been running day and night since. The band 
saw on the north .side of the mill start. 1 ; sawing today..' 

"The mill is a model one, and was constructed in u remarkably 
short time, a little over 60 days, after specifications dmwn by D. J. 
Murray of- Wausau, Wisconsin. The foundations arc as substantial us 
rock, and the mill is equipped with all of the latest improved machin- 
ery, thus insuring the- manufacture of lumber untie lowest possible 
pnee. It is an institution in which every citizen of Thief River Fulls 
should take a pardonable pride. Giving employment to nearly 300 
men, it the most prominent factor in the development of our; 
city, and everyone should speak well of it when occasion requires. 

The building of the mill has been under the direct supervision 
of George W. Luke, and to htm is due much credit. Earl M. Rogers, 
one of the brightest, young lumber manufacturers in the state, will 
have charge of the mill this season," - ' . 

St. Hilaire Spectator 


"Haying has commenced. 
■ "Club dance Saturday evening. 

?Will Peters is giving tlie Norwegian Lutheran church a coat of 

^A^F. Bell has opene d up a restaurant and cigar stand i n his old 

location. * ■ r '" ■ " ■ . ' ■ '.*"" 

" The Willin g Workers sewing society wjill- meet with Miss 
Clara Lund next ThUfsday'aTterrrooTr^I~fTO 
attend. "■ — 

■•"■ "Ed Bridge, the trusty night engineer at the big mill, has com- 
pleted arrangements to have a 24 by 24 cottage built on his lots 

atljoihlng the M. E. church. " -"" —■•*■—■ -- 

- "Amo Mcrccn and J. B. O'Brien drove to Thief River Falls 
tering many bad places in the roads. 


and was put to the test Monday in all kinds of soil. On account of it 
being on exceptionally warm day, four- teams were hitched to it and 
the full length of Water street was graded, and completed in first class 
shape. The-machtneis-known as the 'Austin 'grader and wherever 
tried the best of satisfaction has been'given.- Black River, Wyandotte 
and River Falls havcrcccntly purchased the same make graders." ■ 

1879 — One Hundred Twenty , 
"Years Ago 

— Conductor Sands brought up 
1 5 curloiids or Iron Cor the 
[ruiljroad between Fisher's Landing - 
and Grand Forks on Saturday lust. 
(Grand Forks Herald, Dakota 

— R LaMay of Polk county lust 
Saturday threshed one acre of oats, 
which shelled out 63 bushels, 
machine measure. (Grand Forks 
Herald, Dakota Territory) f 

— Railroad building is going on 
ut a rapid rate in the southern part 
of Dakota Territory and the north- 
western part of Minnesota. (Grand 
Forks Herald, Dakota Territory) 

1889 — One Hundred Ten Years 


— C. G. Rapp goes to Crookston 
today Jo attend the session of the 
investigating board in the seed 
wheat mutter. Charley will also 
look over the circus. 

— The dance at the St. Hiluire hall 
Tucsduy evening was a success with 
about 18 couples unending. 

—Tlie boys in St. Hilaire fired 
guns and beat anvils in ihe morning 
onjujy 4, keeping the town awake 
nearly utl-mghL^_^ 

1899 — One Hundred Years Ago 

- — The Carman Big store has 
received a large shipment of para- 
sols a nd is of f erin g litem ut "be ggur- 

1y" prices. 

— The Odd Fellows commenced 
excavution for their new building on 
LuBrcc-avcnuc at Second street. 
— The sawmill started operating 
uguin after a lengthy period of inac- 

t 1909 — Ninety Years Ago 

— The city council has purchased 
the Lcnnon site at the comer of 
Main .and- Sccond-sireeUfor_an. 
armory and auditorium. 

.—Chief of Police Long asks that" 
owners of automobiles and bicycles 
who drive after dark have lights on 
their vehicles. 

— Pure water from the city's deep 
_wcl1 which cost $75 is n ow b eing 
"pumped into the" city's water mains. 

1919 — Eighty Years Ago 

. — "A district . court jury found 
'Muuricc Giller, former local cloth- 
ier, guilty of arson. 

— I.D. Converse plans to resume 
publication of the Banner newspa- 
per at Goodridge. 

—With 5.3 inches' of rain falling 
in Thief River FallsJuIy I and2and 
13, inches reported in Goodridge, 
thousands of acres of farm ' land 
were flooded. 

— The. city council ' rejected an 
ordinance banning Sunday movies. 

, .1929— Seventy Years Ago 

— The county board at its July 
meeting . levied $104,000 for the 
coming year. 

—The Pennington county wool 
pool, .aggregating 50,197 pounds, 
was soldfor 30 cents a pound. 

— Sixteen marriage licenses were 
issued for Pennington county in 

:d president and A. B. Sicnberg, 
clerk of the local board of educa- 

— Mayor W. W. Prichard 'reup- 
poinied Mrs. ■ P. W. Mabey. Mrs. 
-Mary-V. Shaw..and-Mrs.-L.~G.- 
Larscn to ihe library board. 

— The Thief River Falls creamery 
sel a new- record-by- -churning 
511.261 pounds of butler in the first 
six months of 1939. 

. 1949— Fifty Years Ago 

— The Pennington county board 
adopted u lax levy of $253,193, up 
'S23.000 from lustjear. 

— The Soo Liiie is installing a 
second, spur track in the old mil) 

— W. H. Mulry was re-elected 
chairman of the county welfare 

— M. C. Gulbranson succeeded 
Herman A. Kjos as chairman of the 
county polio chapter. 

1959 + Forty Years Ago 

— Dr. Herbert R. Achcnbach'will 
lake over the dentistry practice of R. 
L. Sonstcguord in this city this fall. 

— Workmen arc busy construct- 
ing a shop building at the municipal 
airport, for ihe aircraft course lo be 
taught by the area vocational tcchni- 
"•cal-school.. _^_ 

— A third medical clinic will"bc 
opened in August by two new doc- 
tors added to the Thief River Falls 
medjeal staff. Dr. S.E. Pollman and 

1939 — Sjxty Years Ago 
-Dr. A. E. Jacobson was rcelect- 

1969 — Thirty Years Ago. 

Dr.-Duonc- Davidson was elect- 
ed chief of staff at Northwestern 
hospital, succeeding Dr. Earl Dagg. 
— New owners of the Fashion 
Shop in Thief River Falls arc Mr. 
and Mrs. Duane Walton who pur- 
chased the business from Andy 
Williamson and Mr. and Mrs. Orvis 

Rev. Bruce E. Anderson will be 
installed as pastor of the Goodridge 
Lutheran parish July 20. 

— Terry Lee Joppru, 19, son of 
Mr. and Mrs. Mclvin Joopru of 
Thief River Falls, was the victim of 
a drowning accident at the th e 
Tmdolph swimmihgarea. . , 

1979 — Twenty Years Ago 

— Approximately 1,000 persons 
attended the Art in the Pork activi- 
ties here sponsored by- the Thief 
River Falls community arts council. 
' -!— Raxannc Erickson, 14, and 
Barb Bulger, 17, have been selected 
by the. Thief River Foils Saddle club 
as the junior and senior saddle club 
queens respectively. 
- — Development of a seven-acre 
park for use by community senior 
citizens is being reviewed by 
Lowell Swenson. Work on the pro- 
ject is planned for next spring. . 

1989— Ten Years Ago 

— Jennifer 
named Miss .Thief River Foils for 

Eggenbcrger was 
icf r " " ' 

1989 at Ihe pageant Sunday. 

—logo "Conn ■ and Ernest L. 
Swanson, both of Goodridge, were 
named outstanding senior citizens 
for Pennington county for-1989. 

—A total of 166 Pennington 4-H 
club_members hove registered 129 
animal exhibits and 460 nbn-Iive- 
stock exhibits for the county fair 
next week. 

Brooks Community News 

Walter and Monica Novak, Anita 
Mattaon and Paul of Mlnot, and Ray 
and Rennatts Walter ol Thiol Rlvor 
Falls, traveled to Elbow. Lake on 
Saturday afternoon to visit with 'Mitch- - 
and Vicky (Waller) Olson who Is on a' 

-holiday flt-lhe-laka,—— — . 

- Aurel end Gloria Parenteau, Maro 
. and .Connie . Parenteau,. Mrs. Jeanne . 
Gramer ot Forgo, Betty Howe of 
Denver, Co, Lomonte and Mary Lu 
Oeaver of Charlotte, NC, and Mrs. 
Donna Parenteau and Corey of 
Erskfne attended the pretty wedding of 
Bllry'Gramer and Tina 'Lucken at their 
homo on Union. Lake on Friday aftor- 
noon. "Congratulations, Bitty and Tena. 
~ Mrs. Dorothy" Myhre accompanied 
■ Ron and Choriene Myhro of Thlel River 
Falls to Lake Vermillion to visit Darrel 
.and Audrey Carpenter at their take 
home over the weekend. 

ABpeoalMasa and polluck evening " 
dlnnor was held at SL Joseph's 
Catholic Church - on Wednesday 

'&VAWno w1th~St-Wncerrt-wid-^Str 
Frances members, In honor ot Father 
Joe Richards, who leaves to serve SL 
Frances' deSales in Moorhead begin- 

-nlngon Jury-1i.FalherRlchard8WBa 
presented a.curlo cabinet for his Walt 

.DIsney.eollactk>rUWe.wUh-yc<i-walUn_ _ 
your new home, Father Joe. You will be 

jnlssecf, God BlesaTout__ _ , 

On Thursday, Rodney and Margaret 
Kbbk arid son Derek of North Judson, 
IN, and Klmberty Kook and daughter 
Jacqtfellnaof Las Vegas, NV arrived to 
visit o Week at the home of Waltorand 
Willie Katschke and families. 

• Mike and Donna Parenteau ot Walla 
Walla, WA arrived on'Fnoay on a, week 
holiday at the "home ot his parents, 
Aurel and Gloria Parenteau and fami- 

Monday guests of Mrs, Lillian Hlnce 
were Sherlin and Evangeline Grove, 

Brooke of Okleo, and Gerald Haggor of 

— Fourth' of Julyi'arty 

"Mr. und Mrs. Morris Las<(ll and 
family, Mr and Mrs, Nels Bcrggren, 
Mrs. E. DeVclting and daughters 
motored to the home of Mr. and 
Mrs. John Bugge in Numedal und 
spent the day of the. Fourth very 
pleasantly. A hig dinner was served 
and the afternoon devoted to 

Birthday Party 

"Mrs. J. S. Ameson, assisted by 
Miss Kuthcrinc Flanagan of Si. 
Paul, was hostess ut a birthduy luwn 
party Wednesday afternoon of last 
week for her daughter, Miss 
Margaret, who was twelve years 
old. The hours were passed in play- 
ing different games and a delicious 
5 o'clock luncheon was served with 
a large cundlc-udomcd birthday 
cake as the centerpiece. Those pre- 
sent "were the" Misses Lucille 
Larson, Kalhcryn r-'dby, Murgarei 
Barzcn, Margaret Bjorkman, Grace 
Provcnchcr, Elizabeth Baker, 
Katherinc Bakkc and Theresa 

Tent Meetings 

' "Professor Brocn of Grand Forks 
commences a scries of lent meet- 
ings beginning July 1 5 and conlinu- 

ing - unttl-~July"-20 -nt^the-John-- 
Cliristenson farm, Numedal. 
Meetings every afternoon and 
evening and all duy Sunday. 
Everybody welcome." 
Confirmation ut Goodridge 

"V. O. Aakcr. Pastor. Thirteen ' 
cateclHimeus will be confirmed in 
Goodridge Sunday forenoon, July 
13. They arc. Morris. B. Erickson, _.„ 
Russell 'I horson, Alice Stephenson, ' 
Esther Ronken,' Edith Gundcrson, . 
Eunice Thomson, Lillian Morkuson, 
Mabel Morkuson, Thclmo 
Torgeson, Oscar Torgcson, Morris 
Rcson, Raymond Stephenson ond 
Sydney Stephenson. Services will 
be conducted in the following order: 
Prelude, opening of prayer, hymn 
by congregation, collection, epistle 
and confession of faith, song by 
girls, confirmation' sermon, song by 
congregation, catcchisation of the 
conltrmands, solo by Miss Adsero, . 
offertory (Mission), song by con- 
gregation, benediction,, closing 
hymn and closing prayer. 
Communion services Sunday 
evening uj 8 p.m. Both services in 
English. Torgcrson YPS [Young 
Peoples .society) meets Sunday . 
afternoon at the hone of Mr and 
Mrs. Andrew Wells. A large crowd 
is expected. You arc welcome." 


Star Community News 


A largo crowd attend od tho 
Anderson family rounlan hold .at the 
Tarry and Lono Andorson home on 

Mr. anaTMrs. Danny johnarudrElroy, 
Tylor, Erica and Kolsoy enjoyod the 4lh 
of July picnic nl tho David Slulostad 

On Sundoy, Mr. ond Mrs. Dolo 
Andorson and Katlo woro visitors at tho 
Lynn and Lola Anderson homo at Lako 

Mrs. Larry Kotrba and Amla were 
vlsltora and coffee guosts on Monday 
at tho Lorl and Vonco Wlseth homo. 

Mr. and Mrs. Dale Anderson attend- 
ed tho funoral on Monday for Tholma 
Anderson hojd at Bethel Luthoran 
Church In Sroonbush. May her memo- 
ry be blossed. 

A large crowd attended tho 4th of 
July picnic at the David S|uloatod form. 

Vlsltora from Hibblng over tho week- 
end at tho David, and Mary Ann 
Slulostad homo were ■ Gordon and 
Shlrloy JHovot, Grog Hovel and John,. 
Greg Jr. arid JoH. Torval and~ArJano 
Dahle, Darin and Clndl Oohlo and Allen 
and Austin, Steven Dahle, Faye 
Ostrander and Jenny and Sandy of 
Koowoutln, Adam and Sharon 
Graboue and Christopher, and Tillla 
Blason and Amla and Jaml. They all 
were overnight guests at the David and . 
Gorakl Slulostad homoo. 

Mike and Kothy Boyer of 
MinneSpolla spent the 4lh of July 
weekend visiting at the Juno Johnson 
home. . ... 

On Monday .night Mrs. Geno 
Marquis and Megan and Andrea were 
visitors at tho Dick and Marion Marquis 

Agnes Eldelbes and Mr. and Mrs. 
Darwin Eidolbo&onjoyed supper at the . 
River Road Casino on the 4th of July. 

Those who enjoyed colfee with 
Anna Krlel at her apartment In Thief 
Rfver Falls'were Oloen Krlel, Mildred 
Kovet, Ruby Ramsey and Rulh 
Mosbock olSL Hilaire. 

Ethel Johnson was a visitor and 
lunch guest during the week at the 
Hanford and Shlrloy Rolsland homo. 

Shirley Johnsrud was a visitor and - 
dinner guest on Monday at the Ella 
Mostrom noma In Gonvick. 

Mr. and Mrs, Leonard Johnson loft 
■orr- Saturday- morning for New -York - 

Mills where thoy spont the 4lh of July 
with Mlko and Patty Gwynn and family. 
Tho Leonard Johnsons also visited 
with. Bob and Joanno Johnson and 
"FamlTyTn'Bratlwd. = 

Mr. and Mrs. Ronnlo Kotrba and 
' Duslln lolt on Sunday to spend the 
wookond In Bomldjl, 

Thoso who galharod at tha Morlo : 
and Donna Naosoth homo on tho 4lh'ol 
July .were Jason Naosoth, Jessica 
v Johnson; Katlo Fursolh, Jean Johnson 
and Michelle and Monica, Dennis and 
Doe Schulz of Euclid, and Mayme 
Johnson. They all enjoyed a barbecue 
turkey dinner and all tha trimmings. 
- Monday morning visitors and coffee 
guosts ot Ihe Mlkfrod Hovet home In 
Thiol Rlvor Foils wore Anna'Krlel arid - 
Gonova Sparby of Minneapolis. 

Lorraino Watno and Kalhy Hovet 
attended church on Sunday and later 
thoy enfoyod dlnnor at the cafe In 

Monday morning visitors and coffee 
g uests at the Norman ond Maria 
Adams' home were Delbert"Sherryot~ 
Warren and Mr. and Mrs. Larry Kotrba. 

Sunday visitors at the Shirley 
Johnsrud homo Wore her grandchil- 
dren, Shannon and Allssa Lundeen 
and Angle Chorvestod of rural OWee, 

Donna Naosoth and Jean Johnson 
hod dinner on Tuosday aHhe Pizza Hut 
In Thiol River Falls. 

Those who helped Dean Hanson 
celebrate his birthday at the Howard 
and Linda Hanson home on Friday - 
evening woro Lorraino. Watno and Nora 
Hanson along with Howard and Linda. 
A lunch was servod with birthday cake. 
Dean also received gifts and cards. 
Happy birthday, Dean! . 

Elva Fiedler waa among' others who 
helped Qeyton and Martys celebrate 
their anniversary al the River Road 
Casino on Tuesday forenoon. Happy 
nnntvorsory, Martys and Clayton. 
. Joan Johnson, Donna Naeeath and 
Moymo Johnson had breakfast on 
Saturday morning at the. River Road 
Casino before they left tor Thief River 
Falls to shop. On they way home Jean . 
and Moymo were visitors end lunch - 
guests at the Merle and Donna 
Naeseth home. 

Elva Fiedler attended the funeral for 
' Qlennle Iverson at the Ecklund. 
■ Lutheran Church on Friday. ' 

21st Annual 

Arts •$• Crafts 

In the Park 



in. Detroit Lakes' beautiful City tail*. 
' Browse! Eat! Discover! Buy! 
' lot* 10 M* 0- 40 


Diabetic Patients!!(Type I & Type II) 

. Ifyou h*v* Medicare or Private Insurance, 
You may be. eligible to receive your! 

Diabetic supplies at 

NO Cost To You! 
For more information call 
Diabetic Supply Program 

Tall-Free 1-888-466-2678 

' (no HMO pstltntii please) 

M I'- 

J.. . _.- 

— — h 

~ l — — . . 



Prairie Community Waivered Services has a part- 
time positior^pen for an LPN to work 20-25 hours 
per a 2-week ■pay' period, between two of our 
adult/child foster care, homes for individuals with 
developmental disabilities, Possibly more hours 
available for working direct care. 
If interested call 218/681-3114 or 681-6603. 
V AA/EOE . / 

Help Wanted 

Page 8 - The Times- 


Wednesday, July 1 4,1999, 

Wednesday, July 14, 1999 


Page 9 - The Times 

; i !F'y ji.'7 ' n ' y y*f'"« ^ ' . i n ! ^j>w^- i 

The following position is available In School District #564 
Thiol River Falls, Minnesota: 


Effoctlvo: Fall 1999 . ■ 

Dulles: Drivo ronulnr a.m. nnd p.m. bus roulo on days school is In session. 
Roqulromonto: Musi hnvo n valid Minnosolo Cortlllod Dflvore Llconso witti 
Scnool Bus nnd Air Brako Endoisomontpnd n good driving rocoid. Most 
in b ml! ton criminal til story background chock. 

Applications may bo obtalnod in parson or by writing to tho Porsonnol 
Department, 230 S. LoBrooAvo.. Thiol Rlvor Falls. Mlnnosota 56701. 
Applications will bo accepted until positions aro flltod. For additional 
Information pi on so conlact LoRoy Vlgon, Transportation Supervisor nt 

"An Equal Opportunity Employer" 



WORK HOURS; lOporwook 

WAGES: S10.80-S12.00 por hour 0,0.0. 

JOB DESCRIPTION: Public Spooking. Communicating & Organizing Sonlor 
Cillzons Programs, Coordmaio Volunloors. Attend Board Meetings, 
Dovolop And Submit Groni Proposals. 

SKILLS NEEDED: Ability to oHoclivoly communicalo wllh Sonlor Cillzons and 
olhor organlznlions, administrative skills, clorical and compulor skills. 
' " Somo" modica l/nursing background may bo holplul. 


IF INTERESTED CONTACT MN Work Forco Center, Thiol River Falls, MN. 

Tri-Community LAH/BN&Js An EEO/Alliimalivo Action Employer 



Qualifications: Appropriate Minnesota 
licensure for Elementary Teacher, primary grade. 
Tills position may be combined <wlth the following: 
Coaching. Title I Director., and/or ECFE Director. 
SaIaiy-And.BenefitB^AS-pcr_ncgQ[latccl ma ster 

Application Procedure: Letter of application, 
resume and credentials to be sent to;. 

Goodrldge Ind. School District 561 
Box 195, Goodridge, MN 56725 
Application Deadline: 11:00 >.m:, Thareday.'July 22, 199B 

Ind. pchoal District No. SGI is An Equal OptmtunUy Employer. 

/ NEED A JOB? \ 

— . __.. vVarttto-makeadiHorenceln-your-llle. .-- 

as well os someone else and at Iho same time make some money? 

Work os o Resident Counselor doing - ■ 
direct care in a homo lor the devolopmentally disabled. 
Prefer experience, but noi necessary as wo provido training. 

We havo a variety of openings located 


Shifts vary Irom a.m.'s, p.m.'s and ovornlflht shifts.' 

Each shlli Includes every other weekend. . . 

Starting salary Is S7.00 per hour (oiler orientation) with _ : 
a differential pay vyjien working wbokends and overnights. 

' Must be 17 years old and havo o valid driver's license. 
Background checks ore roqulrod. 

. If Interested Call Prairie Community Services 218/253-4310 . 

^k AA/IOI f 




Blaze a Trail 
With Polaris 

Wo aro the hottest manu- 
facturer out thero of ATV's, 
snowmoblios, personal. 
watorcraft, and motorcy- 
clos. Join us In designing 
_FU N rWa. have two o ppor- 
tunltlos, ono in our drivo 
train unit and ono In: our 
seat unit, for experienced 

Thoso positions will be 
responsible for establishing 
and Implementing Jhe mosl 
cost officiant methods for 
-production to, include: 

• Working with designers 

■ and tool engi neers I n _ 
tooling and fixtures (and 
assisting in tho develop- 
ment of now tool and 
fixture design and Ideas) 

• Looking for ways to 
reduce unnecessary 

■ Establishing standards . 
on operations, sot up, 
and work station layout 
.- Reviewing preliminar y 

• Rovlowlng part saurcing 
- and making recommen- 
dations, when necessary 

• Assisting In the prepara- 
tion of departmental 

In addition to 3-5 years of 
previous engineering expe- 
dience In o manufacturing 
environment, you should 
have a Bacholor's In indus- 
trial, mochanical. or manu- 
facturing engineering. 

Polaris offers an excellent 
salary and benefits pack- 
age including stock options, 
profit sharing, 401k, tuition 
reimburse ment , medical, 


casual environment, 

employee - discounts on 
products and clothing and 

~moret — For - consideration;-" 
please mail/fax your 
resume and salary require- 
ments to: 


„ ■ ■■ , Attn: HR 

805 Somlnole Avenue 

Osceola. Wl 54020 


- EOE 

Help Wanted 

Help Wanted 

NOW ACCEPTING omploymont applica- 
tions lor production workers. Good start- 
ing pay with a four day work wook. Plus 

_ health and lllo Insuronco, paid holidays, 
vocation, sick loavo, bonuses and a prof- 
it sharing plan. Apply In poison at Nordic 

■ Fiberglass. Hwy. 75 S., Worron. MN. 




307 Main Ave. N., T.R. Falls 

scuta coro hospllal/ER. rolallng ahllts. 
reports to "Director of Nursing ro sponsion- 
lllos: Coordinate nursing caro lor hospital 
E mo money potion Is, suporvlsa nursing 
staff. LPN's. NA's. Requires currant MN 
registered nurso llconso. Acula caro/ER 
oxporlonco proforrod. If Intarostod appli- 
cations aro avallablo at Mahnomen 
Hoallh Contor at 414 W. Jollorson Ave 
Mahnomen. MN, 216-935*2511, 
EOE/AA. T3160C 


is.- now accepting^ 
applications for production^ 
workers. Bonus & 401 rC 
Applications may be 
picked up at: 

401 Conley Avenue So. 
Thief River Falls, 

Or Call ''.*!■ ■; 

Equal O^bTtunify - 
Employer! . 


~Day or 


Handy Farms/Hayloft 

Thief River Falls 




TRF but now residing In St. Paul suburb, 
looking for person lo Ihro-ln with thorn 
and provido holMlmo (20 hours par 
wook) caro tor tholr children starling In 
Soptombor. For moro information call 
Tracy and Paul Pholpo at 651-683-1010 

coiioct. peieop ■• __ 1 

WORK FROM HOME! Company ox- 
pandlngl Nood pooplo to work 10- 
40/hnVwook. S7.50/rato to start. Sond 
SASE: Attn: Bov Oapt. 11, 73761 367th 

St.. Kimball. MN 55353. PBIS9p 

POSITIONS OPEN far full- or part-tlmo 
Customor Sorvlco Roprosonlnllvo. Floxl- 
blo hours avallablo. Apply in porson at 
Ponnlngton Square or Ponninglon Main, 

TRF. 3t57c 

paid vacation, paid layover, homo ollon, 
sign-on bonus, owner operator program 
also. Gall 21B-6B1-32S5<or 1-800-338- 
0963. 6159c 

sorvlco cantor looking lor Electronic 
Technician. BOO-243-3077. 2t57p 
Port-time up to 40 hours, acuto. caro hos- 
pital/ER. Res pons Ibill lies: Provido paliont 
care undor Jho direction of roglslorod 
nurses lor aculo caro hospital patients 
and Emergency Room patients. Roqulros 
- current MN- LPN HconserAculo core/£FI~ 
oxparionco proforrod. II Intoroslod appli- 
cations aro avallablo ol Mahnomon 
Hoallh Contor at 414 W. Jollorson Avo., 
Mahnomon, MN. 218-935-2511. 

EOE/AA. T3I60C ' 

WANTED- 49 pooplo to loso weight fas). 
All natural, 100% guorantood. Increase 
your metabolism! Start today. Call 600- 

■ 465-71 19, P8IS9p 

FRONT DESK dork noodod Friday and 
Saturday, 11:00 p.m. to 7 a.m. Excollont 
wagosand bonolits, oxporlonco "por-~ 
fonod. Apply in porson at Supor 8 Motol, 

Thiol Rlvor Falls. 54lfc 

First Care Medical Services sooks ap- 
plicants for a homo hoallh aldo to provide 
Enrsonol caro sorvlcos lo hospice and 
omo hoollh patients. Mlloago and travel 
llmo paid from homo. Bonolits witti paid 
lima olf. RoquosI applications Irom First 
Caro Medical Services. 213 LaBroo Avo. 
N„ PO Box 714, Thiol Rivor Falls; MN or 
call 216-681-6189. Equal Opportunity 

Employer. 2157c _ 

HELP WANTED- FulWparMlmo cooks 
positions ovnllablo, somo bonoflts do ap- 
ply with compotlirvo wago. Hours vary, 
but must work ono wookond por month. 
Plcoso apply al Doo's Kltchan. ask to 
speak wllh Cynthia or Lisa. 46tlc 


Classified ltd deadlines art: 10:00. Monday for the Wedriesdiiy 
edition of Tlic Times; unit 3:00 
p.m. Wednesday for Hie Siiturday 
edition ofihe Northern Will cli. 

© 681=4950" 


$3.00 Mlnlmum,For Up To 

15 Words. 81.00 For 
Additional 10 Words. 81.00 
Internet Charge Per Week. 

moment Should acconipwu *•■ ".. 
MUUmum OUIIn0 Anaunt la •10.00. 


The Times 
P.O. Box 100 
Thief River Falls, MN 56701 

Help Wanted 

Mlnnosota county Financial Workers and 
Child Support Olllcors^Bolh careers start 
al ovor 521K, olfor good bonotlb and 
daytimo. M-F hours. Holp pooplo and 
youraolf. Call now lor Information. CLC 
Admissions, 1 -600-933.0346 or 2 1 8-655- 

6037. 4156c 

FUU.-TIME DAY Clerk. Pick up applica- 
tion at Potro Pumper, Hwy. 1 & SO West, 
TRF. S2ttc 


Is seeking part-time care- 

plex In CrooKston. Must 
live on site. Compensation 
Is partial rent concession. 
Mall resume to GMM Attn: 
Gary Hedman. Box 205, 
Mentor, MN 56736 by 
Tuesday, July 20, 1999. 

Mobile Homes * 

2-BEDROOM READY to bo moved mo- . 
□Ho homo, now carpet, windows and 
sinks, rodono bathroom only, $5,600, 
253-2363. P6I58P 

MUST SELL- 14x70 mobllo homo In 
TRF, 2-bodroom, 1-balh, romodolod, now 
fumaco, appliances, 8x10 entrywayi 
10x14 dock. S5,500/o,b.o„ to bo moved, 
701-324-2722. P4156p 

FOR SALE- 1973 trailer houso. 2-bod- 
room, to bo movod. Localod at Country 
Estalos, Thlot River Falls. 
S2,500.00/o.b.o.. 222-3496. PI2l59p 
FOR SALE- 14x70 trallor, 150x150 lol, 
double garage and two slorago sheds. 
possible terms. 661-3786. P4tS9p ' 

^The Thief River Falls Pojice Department ^ 


Is seeking a fi tfl-tlpie main- 
tenance person. This position 
offers paid holidays, vacation, 
sick leave, cafeteria plan, sim- 
ple IRA and a vehicle. 

Salary negotiable depend- 
ing on experience. 

Mall resume to: 
, GMM 
Attn: Gary H. Hedman- 
» P.O. Box 205 , 
Mentor, MN 56736 

by Tuesday, July 20, 1999. 

is accepttng.applfcatfpTisypra : 

Part-time Police Officer- 

Candidates must be licensed by the Minnesota Board 
of Peace Officers Standards and Training or eligible to 
be licensed as'a Peace Officer |n Minnesota. 
Applications can be obtained' at the Minnesota 
Department of Job Service located at Northland 
Community and Technical College, 1101 Highway One 
East. Applications will be accepted until July 23, 1999 
at 4 p.m. j 


— TECHNICAL-INSIDE Salon- Position- . 
Nordic Fiberglass. Inc. Is a loading man- 
ufacturer of flborglass products for tho 
electrical underground Industry. Nordic 
distributes,' Its products throughout tho 
US and other countrlos. Our growing 
company Is soaking a qualified candidate 
for tho position ol Technical Insldo Sales- 
person. DosJrod applicants will nood to 
perform Iho following requisites. Assist 
our sales representatives and distributors 
with quotations, technical questions, pro- 

design. Dotormlno cut lorn era needs 
through product evaluation. Provido fol- 
low-up on quotes lo onsuro satisfaction 
with Nordkra product" Utilize Microsoft; 
Otftco 97 software for «oloa roporta. Ef- 
fecUVo communlcaUon and Interpersonal 
skitla a must Interested applicants can 
send a resume to: Nordic Fiberglass, 
Inc., PO Box 27, Warron, MN 56762. 
EMAIL nordlcOruralaccoB9.not. Nordic 
Fiberglass Is on equal opportunity em- 
ptoyor. P4l59p 

HELP WANTED- Full-timo scroonprintor, 
oxporlonco roqulrod. Mon-Fri., 8 o.m,-5 
p,m. Bonoflts. Inquire or sond application 
lo Universal Scroenprlnl, Hwy. 69 N., 
TRFalls. 4tS8c . 

FOR SALE- A lh roe- bedroom trallor plus 
land out In Aasoby Trallor Court. Asking 
$14,500 or bost ottor. Coll aftor 5;00 at 
663-3118. P4t59p 

Want to Rent • 

WANTED TO Ronl- Cropland for year 
2000 In a 25-mllo radius of TRF, 1-515- 
B22-4B25, P4IS9p 

FOR RENT- Mobllo homo, 3-bodroom, 
Countryside Court, available. July 1, 681- 
1853 or 666-3872. P4t58p 

wmm 68l-5927mmL 

Melby Realty, Inc 

(218) 681-1433 

1304 Main Avo. N. • P.O. Box 425 

-Thlof Rlvor Folia. MN 00701-04 25 




169,500.00. '- — 

REDUCED TO $110,000.00. ' 

| * &*§*• e*ttt •*•»!*<**** *r wn*Wim*ftiFr+*thrie»m\ 

Michael L Melby • Broker:* 681-4117 , 
Marilyn Nelson -Assoc. Broker* 661-8261 




Norman A. Wasslnk - Assoc. Broker * 681-3365 

cam for 3 children agos 5,3 and 2-1/2, 
ovory Monday^30-11:00 p.m. For do- 
loils or II Intarostod call Jonnl at 681- 
_5173_P4t57p : 

NOW ACCEPTING Applications! Pioneer 
Court, an aportmonl complex for tho el- 
derly and disabled. AmonlUos inctudo a 
slnglo-slory floor plan, largo community 
room and spacious 1 -or 2-bodroom units. 
Ronl Btatta form $300 end S315. Hoat 
paid. Income limitations apply. Rental os- 
sitanco may be avallablo. Phono (800) 
728-7011 for application information. 
Equal Housing Opportunity. 8161c 
chalr accosslblo, available August 1, 

661-0494. S3tfc 

mont, avallablo Aug. 1 , doposll/roforonc- 
09, S225/mo., all utllltlos included, 661- 
BB83. 55tfc ' ■ 

Real Estate 

■ FOWS'ACE or rortiJNowfy ro-condioonod 
960 sq. foot 3-bodroom homo, 1/2 mile 
from Thlof Rlvor Folia dty Umlts. Homo 
has off-peak and propane heat, now well 
. and sower, now doom, oak molding, cell* 
. Ing fans, lllo flooring, watk-h pantry, dish- 
washer and custom oak cabEnots.;Nlca. 
yard wtlh trees. Show by appointment 
only. 423-396.9468. P4IS8p 




A vacancy exists fur a Court Administrator in Red Lake County, .Offices arc 
located in' Red Lake Falls. Minnesota. The Court Administrator's office has 2 
employees, and is part of the Ninili Judicial District served by 20 District Court 
Judges. ' _.. . ;_ __; , 

EXMilRL E S X/F fltJTIES (Muttrativt anlvi: 

• Serves as administrator of llic courts in Red Lake Courtly 

- Complies with all court orders and ensures llicir proper and timely execution 

- Maintains secure custody ofull legal records, cash securities and court exhibits 

- Carries out all duties and responsibilities mandated by statute, rules of court and 
judicial system policy 

- Assumes responsibility fur uil administrative and clerical functions of llic court 
administrator's office / ■ 

- Assumes responsibility fur all financial uspecis of court operations 

• Prepares and manages budgets 

- Responsible for administering the court personnel system 

• Performs oilier related duties us may be assigned 


Desired qua I ill cat ions and experience include a degree from an accredited four- 
year college or university with courscwork in public nr judicial ad mini stratum 

or a related -field, or five to elglil years of progressively responsible managc- 
' mcni/administraiivc level experience in court administration, public administra- 
tion or a related field. 


SI5.55-SI8.4 1 ) per hour 


Please subt|iit contplcicd applicatii 

t and resume to: 

D.J. lUnion, Judicial District Admlnlitrstor 

Mlmh Judicial District 

P.O. lloi 848, IkmldJI. Minnesota 56619^1848 


Application and tnumc must tie received by July 30, l999.Recelpt of appli- 
cation and resume after this deadline may be cause Tor elimination from 

- conildtrsllon. Conlact the above office for application and a more detailed 

1 job description. ■ 

'Equal Opportunity Employer" - ~ 


Red^Lake Falls P ublic Schools has a full^ 
time /opening for 'an Art Instructor. Please. 

submit a letter of application, resume and 
credentials to Dr. Mike Verdun, Principal, 
404 Champagne Ave., P.O. Box 399, Red 
Lake Falls, MN 56750. 


LOCATION: Lincoln High School 
EFFECTIVE: ,1999-00 school yoor 
DUTIES: Toach Ulo Scionco/Blology nt tho high school level 

REQUIREMENTS: Minnesota certified or cortlllabloia.a.aecondafy 

Ufo Science or Biology Instructor. Proforonco gtvon lo applicants with 

qualifications for and wllllngnoss to obach/advlBO extracurricular 


SALARY AND BENEFITS: Por negotiated contract 

APPUCATION DEAOUN& -Tuesday, Jury27, 1B09. 

Applications (Including crodonUals, iranscrlpts, and a copy ol Mlnnosota 

tonchlng license) rocolvod and comploto by 7/27/99 will rocolvo full 


Rogalla, Personnel Manager, Thlot River Falls Public Schoola, 230 LaBrae 
Avenue South, Thlet River Falls, MN 56701. 218-681-8711. 


./The following position Is available In Schoot District «S4, ^W 
^ ThlefRfverFallerMlnneiota- : ^ 




Qualifications: Appropriate Minnesota 
Licensure. This position may be combined with 


and/or ECFE Director 

Salary And Benefits: As per negotiated master 


Application Procedure: Letter or application, 

resume and credentials to be sent to: 

Goodrldge Ind. School District 561 
Box 195, Goodrldge, MN 56725 

Application Deadline: Open until filled 
Ind. Schoot Ulslrfci Nc'SGl Is An Equal Opportunity Employer. 


Location: Lincoln Hlah School 

Effective: 1999-00 School Year 

Qulieju Teach physical science al Ihe high school level 

Req ui rements: Minnesota certllled or certifiable as a secondary . 

Physical Sclonco Instructor. Preference given to applicants with - - 

qualifications for and willingness to coach/advise extracurricular 


Salary and benefits: Per negollatedconlract. 

ftppifpatlpn " Deadline: Tuesday, July 27, 1999. Applications 

{Including credentials, transcripts, and a copy of Minnesota teaching 

license) received and complete by 7/27/99 will receive full 


For Application Materials. . Wrlle . or Call: 

Becky Rogalla, Personnel Manager 

Thlaf River Falls Public Schools 

230 S. LaBree Ave. • Thief River Falls, Minnesota 56701 

• (218) 681-8711 • 


World's Foremost Outfitter* 
Announces Our.., 

Job Fair! 

For our nrwcjf ihowraam In Eatt Grand Forts, MN 
Wo An Looking Far Pooplo Who: 

• Know what II means to dolrver outstanding customer 

• Havo an appreciation for tho outdoors 

• Havo an oneroetlc and positive attitude 

• Work well In a toam.envlronment_ "___ _ _ 

Poliltlori* Avallablo: 

■ Cashiers/Customer Service Associates 
» Sales Aeioclslee : — 

• Food Servlco 
:• Malntensnce/Houattkeeplng 

• Rocelving 

• Security 

Join Cobela's Retell, Inc.* and oam ' competitive wago and 
oxcellent benefits. We Invite you to attend our Job Fair to 
loam more about employment opportunities and fill out an 
application. Individuate with hunting, fishing, camping and 
outdoor gear experience are strongly encouraged to apply. 




_ , (all three sold as one) . _ 


6th ft Davis Ave. 
►Thief River Falls, MN4 

Sealed Bids To Bo Rocotvoc 

By July 30, 1999. 

Send To: Norihwost Grain 

(sealed bid TRF) 

—51 5 Broadway Aver- 


duplex, Includos garago, 618 Main Avo. 
N., S450 plus utllilios. 681-4012, avail- 

-nDW-Juty-istrP^STj ' " 

RoaBonabla ratos, you Insure! 081-8803, 
loavo mossaoe. Btfc 

, 2-BEDROOM DUPLEX, 217 4th Street 
West, $340 a month plus utilities, cou- 
ploe preferred. Call 681-2981:' P4t58p 
CLEAN FURNISHED apartment, outside 
patio off kitchen, no smokers, cod 681- 

4290 aftor 8 p.m. T2t56c . 

NOW ACCEPTtNQ applications In Son- 
lor subsktlzod housing. Must be 82 years 
of ago and ovor or handicapped or disa- 
bled. Riverside Torroe«;225 LaBroo Ave." 
So., Thief River Foils, MN 56701; 216- 
681-7857. E.H.0. 90tfc 

3-BEDROOM MOBILE homo, onlry, 
Countryside Court, no pels. Deposit, ref- 
erences, loaso required, 681-2863. 
~P4t59p : : ■ - 

race Tbwnhousos located on Hwy. #1 
and Bridge Ave. In Warren, MN, Is now 
~laNrig~appltalk>hs for 2-"and 3-bodroom 

WANTED TO Buy- Farmland En a 25-mllo 
radius ol Thiol River Falls, -1-615-822- 
4825. P4t59p • ' ' 

HOUSE FOR sale In Warren, 3-bedroom 
wnh 2-car garage, nowor gas fumaco. In- 
dudes appliances, asking $18,000, Noel, 
218-437-8621 days or 218-437-6488 
evenings. P8l57p 

■HOUSE FOR Solo- Groat neighborhood, 
5 bedrooms, 1 full and 2-1/2 baths, new- 
ty carpetod family room, 2-car garago, ■. 

. large backyard with shed, gardening spot 

units. Occupancy avallablo for Juno and 
July. Certain tncomo restrictions apply. 
For mora Information, please' contact 
Connie at O.W. Jones Management, Inc., 
218-547-3307 oxt 106 (TTY). Equal 

Housing Opportunity. 41 Be ■ 

FOR SALE or Rent- Throe-bedroom 
larrnhouso,17mlloenorthofTRF.Tbpur- - 
cruise $45,000.00, to rant $350.00 
month. For moro information coll 1-701- 
271-8653, leave message. P4t57p . 
FOR RENT- Small 2-bodroom house, 
$275.00 a month plus utilities. CaO after 
8:00 681-8377. 2tS6p - 

FOR RENT- Upstairs 2-bedroom apart- 
ment partially lumlshed, ulillUes paid, 
deposit and references required, 661- 



ATTACHED GARAGE.- $42,000.00. 


QARAqEWITH ; 8H0P^$t 6,000.00. .-.„„___i_ 

DETAILS - $7,600.00. 

X>* RobsftFfynn, Broker 

I~J Jerry Hoffman," ORL Aiwcfata Brotor_44^39IS 

_5S . ' Call Phone: 6884224' 

"MLSi J« t < Lww > SaiMA * aociats -r-^ — 6M-tgsa 


Call Phone: 689-2104 

CALL FOR AN APMII4TM8NT-21 8-681-6050 

Flynn Realty, Inc. 

320 Main Avenue North 

ThWRIwr Fella, MN 

HOUSE FOR tale In Argyle, 2-1/2 bed- 
room, 2-tShlh, 2 garagos^l attached, In- 
dudea appliances, asking $29,000, Noel, - 
218-437-6621 days or 218-437-6488 
evenings. P8157p 

BUILDING LOT for tale- Water, power, 
gas, sewer aft In. Good highway frontage, 
. old building on lot Call 68f VKfro. 4Udc 
TWO-BEDROOM HOUSE w/dpublo ga- 
rage, two storago sheds, 5 lots. Radium, 
MN. Nowor carpet, newerwlndows, good 
furnace, rural water, $24,000 or win con- 
skJor CD., 218-745-4153 or 507-373- 
1271. leave message. IP8tS3p 
FOR BALE- In Red Lake Faint, 4-bed- 

— rbomri : ira bathrnaw garfumace,now-— 
ty remodeled 2-story home, double unal- 

— tached^rago'rlarge-lotarCall-218-253- — 

FOR BALE- 3-bedroom, 1-1/2 bathroom 
house bi city of Hon. For more' Infomia- 
HoncaH218-44fM811. P4IS0P 
HOUSE FOR Sale-Groat locabon,oxcol- 
-lentconditlon, 2 or-3 bedroormv-1-1/2- 
. baths, Droplaca, new carpeting and lino- 
leum. All appliances Included. Newer 
double (car garage. 339 Merriam Avenue " 
North. Can 881-6056 for additional infor- 
mation. P4t59p 

Mobile Homes 

1 less than book. .Can 661-8897 Cindy or 

- Mark.-P4l58p — -^— 

FOR RENT- Mobile home lots In SL Hl- 
lalm,.$SS.oa/month,' can 681-8089 or 
681-1043. P4t56e . ■ 

_ FOR SALE- 12x70 mobile homo. Would _ 
■ rraka good hunting shack or lakrf home, 
661-8089. P4I5BC 

>^ Genereux Realty, Inc. 

i3El Hwy.32South 


Thlaf River Falls, MN 56701 

(218) 681 -HOME (4663) 

^^1^00=447^0382— ; 

f^^ Check Out Our Web Page 

rfemift GenewiDf, Brofer^dBf-SWa 

Jan Hm, Safes,,' iMWSJ 

JufePearscfl ; 68f-76S4 

ieslfe Stejkmi, Safflt--68/'JI68 

2 btth* md Iwndry il on IM 
Roerl TN« v»ry eptooH«ipjfi*ss- 
UrMnutttd cseng* In tttJwvW. 
and Dfll rju tnwot ItsMup tor-e 


NMihont pordii Mnvwvlnyt sid- 
bsentspUKedlcnjtNUa ■ 

t0163-^rU8T LtSTEDI! See 
this nice 3-bedrbom, 2-beUi 
rambler with everything on 
one floor, dining roam has 
sliding gist*, doors lo the 
Nicely decorated end move- 
In nwdyl MO.OOO.OOt 

room brick rambler with hard- 
wood floors, flrtplece In the 
IMng, room... Dinette, area. In. 
kitchen, laundry next lo 
Mtehert and en atteched 
■ parage! Wjoaooti 

VB109-HeTar>'A MCE MEO- 

boom- utmx- McetB-wrm 

DOW, Iota ol new updates! 
Move-In ready, sppllancei 
mdudedl Why rant? Thla one 
lsentyM,700JMI . ... 

an old house and a mobile 
home hookup I Single 
ONLY— S2B.S00 - ■- '— ~ 

TflFtl Sandara 180 acres 
with 147.6 acres of CHP O 
$33 peracrel 7 acres of 
woods Is great spot tor: a 
site Is ranted out tor $46 per 
month. CALL TODAYI , . 

Residents on Main 

Red Lake Falls, MN • 218-253-4352 

" Affordable, Spiicious 3-Bcdroom Apts. 

- 3-Bcdrooin $395-$4()5 - 
• Convenient Downtown Location- 
- On-Sile Managers 
■ Some Income Restrictio n's Do Apply 

CALL Becky or Dcnise 218-253-4352 




SummerField Place ' 15 
Senior Community has 
-l-&-2-bedroom apts* 
available. Variety of 
floor plans. (Must be 
age 55 or over.) 

Ilcntvd undvn:r<iiina^| 

_. L'lcvoior.^cSminuIili^. 

zltvlly room.*. Hiich' upjvfaq^vnl Iiun cvntriil bcutidg^'i 
coulln):, wiLShcr/<lryciy / il,shwa.shi;r,',m,cn)Vfavc , ,'/rai- 
cvrrfKcrutor, Kurbucv dU^otioI. Hcut nnd'WStcr jwdjC' 

— tw — 

Call 2l|p81rSa 

The Country rlace 

RR2 Box 300 • Erskine, MN 56535-9371 . 


(55 years of ago and ovor) . 
at tiie intersection of Hwy. 59 & Hwy. 2 in Erskine, MN 

I Independent Living featuring - 

• Noon Meal •Emergency Catl System 

• Weekly Light Housekeeping • Free Washers & Dryers 

• Cable TV '* • Security Entrance 

I • Bay Windows ~ • Electric, Heat, Water 

• Group Gathering Areas & Sewer Paid 

H • Additional Services Available -Scheduled Activities 

lyloW- CallKariat 

*/— (218)687=-2288_ 


j^For Appointments Call: Zl 8-681 -4087 


• Dlodrv Nordln 


• Ooll Oyatar 


nisa^nnr^usTEiii^wow, . 

m thla, on* now! Vary 
appealing 3-badroom horn* 
with offleo, family room, 3' 

pamoa and 

-Ungla attached) thflOQMt 



OARAGE. $84,900.00. " 

PRICE OF $119,900.00! 

$84,900,001 . \ 


24 X 32 GARAGE ALL ON A CORNER LOT. $94,900.00. 

DETAILSI — . . ■— '- 


MENT, 28 X 30 OARAGE] THIS ONE IS A MUST-SEE! $80,000.00! . 



PaKt'JLO..^_Tlit'. TiniL's . 

For Rent 

FOR RENT- Small B-ot'droom iiouso with 
garngo. S350.O0.'mo • utilities. <iv;iilabio 
Aug. 1. Roloioncesiind deposit foquirod. 

— nopolcCay a t-'-'JO- a-rn 

FOR RENT- 3-Dedroom mobile homo In 
TRF. wilt accept HUD. availabto now, 
449-4331 anytime. P415Bp 
1-BEDROOM UPSTAIRS, clouo to down- 
town, uliliuos paid, deposit and rcjflrenco. 
non-smokor. 6B1-5736 ovomngs. P4iS9p 
FOR RENT- 2 3-t)0droom mobile homos, 
ono has singto garage, other has Saldino 

dish. 964-5169, PJ"t5Bp . 

FOR RENT- Small 2-bodroom house, 
S240/month plus uhlilios and 
posit. Call 631-7630. il no onswoi call 

6B1-4761 al1or'3p.m. 55tlc 

RENT- Ellicioncy apartment. 

" SIBSOO/month. plus oloctiic; --garbage,— 
S1 50,00 deposit, NON-HUD. no pott, 
non-smokors.'long-lorm, oll-slraol park- 
ing; c.lT~piug-m. roforoncos. 631-7419. . 
loavo mossago only. Also 1-Bodroom 
apartment. S195.0Qfmontn, snmo terms. 
FOR RENT- 2-Dodroom apart monl, avail- 
able Aug. 1. S375 plus S300 deposit,- 
Partly lurnlshod with wnshor. dryoi. 
stovo Iridgo and mora. Hoal paid, cloan. 
Ironl onlrnnco. 302 S. Conloy. Call G81- 

0355or683-719B. P4l58p 

FOR RENT- Small t-bodroom basomont 

'"dpnrtmor»r~fn — Tntol — Rivor- -Frills. - 
S225Jmonih plus deposit. 463-0336. 
FOR RENT- Small house, gnrngo, , 
S250.0O deposit. S295.00 month plus util- 
itlos, long-torm ronlor, no pots, non- 
smokers. non-HUD; rolorancos. loavo 
mossago only. 631-7410. PT4iG2p 
LARGE ONE-BEDROOM npnrtmorit in 
qulol buildinrj. Includos. nit appliances, 
dishwasher, gnrbngo-disposal, air. dc 
po alt/ro I o ronco s .toqu trod , 8B 1 -3834 . 

_ FOR. RENT- 2-bodroom mobllo homo, 
avallablo July 15th. no pals, good rblor- 
oncoroquirod. 21B-683-7247. P4l58p 
— FOR RENT-Smol! M/2-bodroomopofi— 
monl. all utilities lumishod. S325 por 
month. Also, 2-Bodroom apartment, wilh 
garago In quiot B-ptox. $405 por month 
plus oloctricity. no pots, roloroncoo and 
doposlt required. Call 6BM47B. 6 o.m.-6 . 

p.m. SStlc ■ 

LARGE 2-BEDROOM 3(d floor opart- 
monl lof low Incomo party, mus! havo a 
dopondont. Stovo. tildgo, noal and not 
walor furnished. To qualify call 6B1-40B7 . 
arjd ask (or Slon at Tho Stan Gibson Ro- 
alty. T52tlc . 


Wednesday, July 14, 1999 

'.....iki,.' i-.,., ..j ..... 

For Rent 

mdilionor and btilconyjiont,- sewage 
water included. Thud Door aptin- 
.call 681-1535. 56IIC-- 

Daycare - 

DAYCARE OPENING soon. Lots «l 
openings' lor loddlors. Call Sherno altar 3 
p.m..6B3-7381, P4t58p 

Situation Wanted 

a wt***uxi*>e 

ADULT MALE looking lor lawn mowing 
jobs in and around iho Thief River Falls 
01011.681-1191. PBl63p 

— —Wanted to Buy — ; — 

WANTED TO Buy- 12- to 14-fool alumi- 
num boat, no motor or (roller noodod. 
lonsonablo. Call C8I-Q5S5. 291lo 

Household Goods 

AIR CONDITIONING- 2-ton control olf 
packages, starting at S700. Wo oorvlco 


FOR SALE- Etoclrlc motors. 1/4-h.p. to 
7-1/2 h.p. Sob us for all your oloctiic mo- 
tor, noods. Floot Supply. Call 68I-2BS0. 
ol S795. 12 mon!h/12.000 milo warranty - 
w/oxch. on robuildablo coro. installations 
and towing Jivollnblo. Don's Machlno 
Shop. Fo5st6n.MN,80O-44B-15ia. 1711c 
' AIR' CONDITIONING- 1-1/2 Ion duciloss 
mini split packages starting at Si, 095, 
Now window A/C's also avnltablo in-4 dil- 
loronl siios. Nolson Hoal & Air, TRF, 449- 

4141. P81S8p 

quanlilios. SS/quart. 6B1-14S9. P4i5Bp 
GAS AND wqodburning firoplacos and 
stovos. Will hoal In 'a powor ouiago. 
wood stovos and In saris, masonry Hie- 

' placos. "wood-oil furnaco3r*finoncing.-- Mahnomen. 1- 

B00-446-4043. . 31lfc 

MUST SELL 2 arch-typo stool buildings. 
Custom or couldn't pay balanco. His loss- 
'your gain. 25x28. 30x42. Will linanco for 
you. Call now 1-800-222-63SS. P4157p 
FOR SALE- Mac IIX and 21" Mono- 
chrome monitor; Mac II ci and mono- 
chromo port roil monilor: Mac II ol and 14" 
color monilor; Mac SE-30 and 15" mono- 
chrome monitor. Contacl John Mattson at 
Tho Tlmos, 324 Mnfn Avo. N.. Thiol Rivor 

-- F01I3.-MN 50701-. -29lfo — ; 

WE NOW olfor color copiosl Thiol Rlvor 
Falls Tlmos • Northern Watch, 324 Main 
Avonuo North, 681-4450. 73tlg 

Rummage Sales 

< Automobiles 

■go DODGE Ram 4x4; auto., air. crulso, 
till, AM/FM cass.otlo, now tiros, recolvor 
hilcti, tonnonu cover, omorald gtoon wilh 
light driftwood. osklngSi7.500Vo.b.o. Coll 
6BI-494B or 66C-65S0, ask for Brandon — 

any. r„u U) r. JO ,y . u - FOR SALE- 1908 Jeep J^lM*""-* ■ 

6:00 p.m. and Saturday, July 17 Irom cylindor. 5-spood. 3-Inch lilt, good tiros. 
S'OO am 1o 2'00 Dm Tpddli" * hr "" nh miiuinnii fifli.3fl67. 2i57d * 

GARAGE SALE- Saturday. July 17. 9 
a.m.-2 p.m. Sodding, toys, ■ cloth oo and 
hoosohold Horns; 418. Hickory Road, 
(Souihtownl by tho Challongor School. ■ 
- GARAGE SALE ut 325 South 
alloy. Friday. July 16 from 8:00 

FOR SALE- 2050 Jonsomd chain saw. 
now. S285. Snowplow pickup. 1976 
Chov.,.S1.500. 661-6167. msg. P4t5Bp 
all stolnloss stool. Provon lo ouilast mild 
stool fumacos. Guaranteed lowosl pric- 
es. Financing. 1-800-446-4043. Mahno- 
„mon_JSIlc — 

Sporting Goods 

FOR SALE- 4x32 powor 1" lilbo, Tasco 
scopo, period for 22 rifle, $25.00. Soo 
John al Tho Times, 324 Main Avo. North. 

Thiol Rivor Falls. 32llo 

NORTHERN GUN 5. Pawn pays cash lor. 
guns.311 N. Main. 681-6611. 56lfc 
FOR SALE- Now and usod goir carts. 
Wilcox, Rod Loko Falls, l-eM-645-5081. 





SummerField Place hasp 
^bedroom — 2-bath — 
apts. available in the 
multi-family general 
occupancy townhouses 
on Westvicw Ave. 


lf-ifiu>iivt'- run CM 

illy txinUs^ecT •■•"•» 
apartment its well 

wuNhi-r. nikniwuvL'. i-uugg} rcTrlgcnitpR ^gUMgo 
Gurucv iivuiliiblc. Hftiiifind wulcr'^ala^,, -. ; - ^ 

can iimshspm 

FLOOR HEAT Water lubing. High quality, 

lowost prlcos. Ensjor Installation. Call lor 
-Iroo'quolos.' Financing, www, m Ike shoot— Mahnomon, 1-800-446-4043. 


FOR SALE- Electric motors of various 

slios. 110- and 220-volts. 1/12 h.p. lo 1-. 
' 1/2 h.p, Conloct John ol Tho Tlmori. 324 

Mflln Auo. N.. TRF. 301lo . 

FOR SALE- Air condlllonor; Konmoro. 

12.000 btu.. like now. $275. Cnll 081- 

7118 ollor 6:00 p.m, 2t56p 

N otices 

VENDORS WANTED lor nnllquo and col- 
loctiblo show: Coins, B8 cards, fumlturo, 
glasswaro, Boanlo Bobios, guns, dolls, 
lowolry, otc.ll Hold Aug- 13 & 14; Park 
Rapids. Call fof'brochuro. 216-732-9439, 
HoartlondAroaPromoilonB. 3l57p 
JflJQE 1BTH Annual Summonlmo Arts & 

-Cralnnnlfthrnllon hold al.Eork Rapids on 
July 16. 17 4 IB. Throo big buildings full 
ol artists and emtio re from throughout tho 
Midwosl...Join Iho funll Call 218-732- 

_ 9439TorlnfotmattorT^9t57p : 

Rummage Sales 

GARAGE SALE- Sotutday. July 17. 8 
o.m.-4 p.m., 420 Morrlam Avonuo South. 
Chlldron'tvadult/largo siio ladlos' cloth- 
ing, chosl and bland drossor w/mlrror. 
largo mirror, framos. bfcyclos In good 
condition, flroplaca screen, Ty Boanlo 
Bo bios and lots of miscellaneous,- 21S7p 
GARAGE SALE-Thurs.. Frl.. July 15-16. 
722 S. Kondnll, TRF. 8:00-5:00 boih 

-days,. Lots. of cloUios. fumlturo, llros and 

miscellaneous lloma. 2t56p \ 

WOMEN OFToday group rummogo sola- 

. FriJSal.. July 16-17. 8-6, Amoricon Lo- 
glon, Mlddlo River. Somothlng lor ovory- . 

onol H56p 

OARAGE SALE- Frl., 6-6 p.m.. Sat.. 8-3 
p.m., 1514 Cartway (bortlnd Northland 

— Village) tont r tiros^diahos..booka.r:ll56p_ 

' through 
adult clothing, books, o'xorcisd. oqulp- 

. monl. ollico lurniluro, knlckknocko. bicy- 

clos ond miscollanoous. ll5Cp 

LARGE GARAGE Salo- Thurs.. July 15. 
8 a.m. -4 p.m.. 1302 Oalo Slrool. Bod-. 

.room sol. lots of nowor housohold iloms 

' ondoppliancds. 2i56p '__ 

GARAGE SALE- Four-whoolor liros, 
lawn mowor, bar sink, soivico lank, Ya- 
maha ihroo-whoolor. highchalr, largo 
chalkboard. 3chool dosks. chlldron'd 
clothing, no mo brand clothing, etc., 411 
Norlh'Arnolii. Sal.. July 177 8:00-1:00. 
RUMMAGE SALE- Sul., July 17111, 8:00- 
3:00. boys' clolhos, loon and youlh, toys, 
plciuro3. lots ol misc. Hwy. 59 N. 3rd 

house post Joppru moat. 2l57p 

4-PARTV GARAGE Solo- Fumlturo. 
Irooior. households, tools, air tools, pick- 
up toolbox, pickup lunnol covor body 
tools and supplios, wood era Its, boat lilt, 
no clolhos. Sal.. July 17, 7 a.m.-4 p.m.. 
1/4 milo onsl ol Our Saviour's Academy 
on Sartoibarg Dilvo. Follow signs. 2l57p 

-GARAGE SALE--1300-EasUl3LSirool. • 
Wed.. Thursday. Sat., noon to 5 p.m. Fox 
studio Is closing out nil plcturo frnmos. 
wedding albums and mounts. Also, Noal 
Is soiling hla sioam onol no collection, 
GARAGE SALES- 4 garage solos along 
Stato Aid 3 (GF cut -across). From Kruso 
In comer wost 4,2 milos. look lor signs. 
Largo varloly ol iloms, Sal.. 7/1 7. 8-4. t 

Custom Services 


llal/commarclal. Specializing in ospholl 
and woodon shako shingles. Toar-olf and 

al soil. 681-3667. 2l57p 

'84 town<ar: 

50,000 tnllos on throttlo body 
E.F.I. 302 V-B, 17,000 on oVor- 
drivo trans. I havo all receipts 
for work dona ovor tho past 14 
mo., totalling ovar S1 ,000 and I I 
novor wont 3,000 miles r 
botwoon oil changes. Must 
-sollmovlng toAsin.-won't fit In 
suitcase. ST ,700 O.B.O. 

BOAT FOR Solo- 24' Searoy Wookondor. 

I O. now corpol ond landom trailer, 218- 
435.1350, Fosston, MN. P4l57p 
FOR SALE- 1971 Glaslron 17-1/2'. 115- 
-horsepowor Morcury, 51,700.00, 1B96 
Daylona Tigorshark 770, usod little. 
52 400.00. 1993 Tigorshark 650. 
SI 400,00. 2-placo trailer. S400.00. 681- 

1856 or 686-3872. P4l56p ■ 

S225/down, S225/monlti. Call Cochran's 
Marino for dolalls. 1 -800-732.7297. 


FOR SALE- 1988 Comoro. 305. olr con- 
ditioning, bluo w/groy ground ollocts, 
S2.700. call 681-4236, P4IS9p 
1993 FORD F-150 4x4. oxlra cab pickup, 
loaded. 302 onglno. high. road milos. 
Phono 218-843.2056, P4i57p 
FOR~SALE- "94 Dodgo pickup, two- 
whool-drivo, loodod. groon in color. 
68.000 mllo3._now llros, aulo., asjtlng_ 

' S11 ,500/o.b.o.. 526-2596 allor 5:00 p.m. 
:95 GRAND Am.SE. 6-cyllndor, ABS, 4- 
door, 78.000 milos. powor wind- 
ows/doors/mlrrors. $7,800, 633-3075. 
1986 MAZDA B2600 4x4, 20K mlloa on 
no w molor. S3,000/o.t).o. Call 681-7356. 
FOR SALE- 1990 Pontlac Sunblrd LE, 4- 
door. 5.000 milos on robullt motor, 

S2.50O. 874.3662. P4IS9p 

FOR SALE- 1987 GMC S-15 4-whool- 

. drivo. In rool nico sttopo. 681-3786 oflor 8 
p.m, P4t59p 

FOR SALE- 1976 MaBBoy Forguson 

cornbin'o wilh pickup, good condition, ol* 

ways' shoddod. priced lo soil, . $4,200. 

~C6nlacl"R0nr218796'-5344 or 612-824- 

4308. P8162p ' 

WE DRILL and bush cult, shanks. Wo 
also slock J.D. cull, u brackoto. shank 
bushings, shank wear guards and sq, 
holo woshors. Ponnor Woldlng, St. Hl- 
lalro, MN, 216-964-5266. 12160c 
WANT TO Buy- Small 3-polnl cultivator 
for Ford tractor. (6. 7. or 6-tl,}, Call 218- 

253-4801. P4tS8p , 

B-TON 4-WHEEL trallor wilh now oak 
rack. 10'xlB' for hauling big bafos. Minno- - 
solallO manure spioador. now.floor, roa1._ 
good shapo. powor toko-ell, 216-563- 

3274 ovonlnps. P4l56p/2ISBf 

TIRES FOR Solo- 2 14.9x26 10-ply with 
rims ond lubes, 2 14.9x38 6-ply with 
tubes, 465-4563. P4l56p 

Hay, Feed and Seed 

FOR SALE- Squiiro baloa ol mlxod hoy, 
slorod Insldo. good lor horses. S1.50 
oach. 681-1720. P4l58p ■_ 

1986 ISUZU Troopor II, 4-whool-drlvo, 4- 
-roplacomonl. Froo ostlmolos,- roforonc-- QM^f on glno. complololy robullt,- B— ■ 
oa/waifonjios/insurod. No |ob loo big or flpood _ pirostono all torraln llros, cloan, 
$2,000. 681-5675. 2156p 

small. TRF. 681-3879. P12l57p 

trTELEPHONE MESSAGE PADS- 100 F0R SALE . . 42 Cnovy Ci0 .E. truck, 

shooia por pad. 95 conls por pad, $4.25 nowor e-cyllndor, 4-spood w/2-spood 

lor frvo pads. Avalloblo at Tho Times. 324 MiQ ro(J _ n CQnfJ w /mi 0i $450.00, 681- 

Maln Avonuo North, Thief Rlvor Foils. 4333 5Zt(Q , 


Chapter 7: $400 


Uncontested: $250 



FOR SALE- S-10. V-6, aulo., noods 
work. 1984 Phoonlx. $200. Styrofoom 
sailboat, new, S150. 681-6187, msg. 
YOU CAN accoss Adquost Natlonwldo. 
Classlllod ad servlco by phono, 1-800- 
FREE-L1ST (1.800-373-3547). II you ore 
away Irom your computor. or lor Ihoso 
without Iniomol accoss. you can search 
Iho Adquost Online Classifieds by phono 
and havo Ihom faxod or mallod to you for 

1978 4X4 Ctiovy Blazor. 400 cubic Inch 
onglno, automatic, body oxcollont shapo, , 
now llros, oxtra rims, $2,200 firm. 661-_ 
3887. 2tS7p 

WILL DO clerical work'ln my homo. No ™ SA ^ ,9W P° nl ^ G ?" d ^ rt S i' 
iinri l.nnnl Sncrotnrv Dooroo. Roloroncos $4 900.00/o.b.o .. 874-3713or 674-21277^ 
FOR SALE- '88 Plymouth Sundanco, 
now cu. shafts, ball Joints, plugs, brakos, 
struts; 38,000 on onglno, 681-9799 oxl. 
4355 days; 686-4760 nights, $950/o,b.o. 


FOR SALE- 1993 Ford Tempo OL, 2- 
door, S-spood. For mom inlo.' call 216- 
449-4811. P4l59p 

o vallablo, 681-6062. P4156p ,_ 



Stompina popor Is now available at Tho 
Tlmos. Envolopos and all colors ol papor 
lor. making catds. Pro-packagod wlih 
prlcos starting al $2.50 plus Tax. lor a 
packago of 50 shool3 8-1/2x5-1/2. Also, 
all colors of 8-1/2x11 . Stop by Tho Tlmos 
and soo ourdlsplay. 324 Main Avo. North. 
Thiol Rlvor Falls. 20lfo 

Card of Trianks 

Thanks to ovoryono who como to colo- 
broto our birthdays. Thanks for cords and 
gilts and spoclol lhanks to our lamilios 
and f (lends who brought all tho food and 
mado tho day so ported, 

Lillian & Alma Wagnor 


An oxuborant word ol thanks to ovoryono 
who son! mo cards during my hospital 
stay at Abbott Northwostom and my eon- 
valosco at my daughters homo. Your 
messages of caro and hoaling holpod mo 
recover Irom my heart surgery, 

Dolores Carlson 

.__ 2t56p 

■ We would llko to lhank ovoryono who 
- camo and colobralod our onnlvorsary 
wilh us. Also, for (he many cards and 
gifts. It was a very onjoyoblo llmo. 

: Mel vin-i-Rosemaiy-Eflkoll— 

. 1tS6p 






Camp ers/ RVs 

1983 CLASS A molomomo, now blinds, 
cloan, non-smbkor, olr. gonorator, awn- 
ings, oxcollonl condilion, $12,500, 661- 
5644. P4I59P. 


BILLSSlll . 

Dodrt problflmaT Conioll- 
date debts! Same oay ap- 
proval. Cui monthly pay- 
ments to 50%. Become 
debt Iree. No appUcmion 
leest BO0/B03-M06. «1. 
B7B. www.tialp-pay- 

Need debl comotktaiionl 
Can Chose Manhattan 10 
gel tho linaneiat roiol you 
need throuoti our Innova- 
tive residential mortgage/ 
refinance programs. Call 
no*! 800/554-3273. 01999 
The Chase Manhattan Cor- 
poration. Al righuiwerved, 
Equal Houiing Lender. 


Use equity In home. Coin . 
last for any reason! Al eredrl 
welcome. Pan bankrupt- 
cies ok. BOO/MB-eSO. 
Mortgage America, 
BtowWrtgton. MN. Can lor 
Iree onalyala. 


Won with service, deduce 
payments up lo 65%! I No 
advance feesll Special 
cash back ottor. Can now! 



Call this newspaper for 

information on how to place 

your ad In this space. 



Start your own .bustnois. 
Work fawWo hours. Enjoy 
unkretod earnings. Con toil- 
lioe 888042-4053.. 


Ths Senlinol. tullypogl- 
natod, lull-color dally, seeks 
pholograptier. Send totter, 
resumo. rolorenees and 
aamptes to: Editor. Senli- 
nol. P.O. Box 08 1 , Fairmont, 
MN 5SQ31: 


Has oponinQS lor party dem- 
onslrolors & managers I 
Homo decor, gifts, toys, 
Oirtttmu. Earn cash, trips, 
recognition. Froo eatntog.- 
inlormollon 800/488-4875. 


Loam llrohghUng skitl*. FuU 
payJbonefits. Rolocauonie- 


Truck Linos. Refrigerated 
Iwiuling. 'SI ,000 sign-on 
bonus for eip, co. drivers. 
• Solo drivers atari up to 33C . 
Solo drivers & contractor! 
coition Iroo; 077^83-8393. 
Oradusio students: 800V 


•A no I her pny Ineteoso. 
'OTR 'Drive more miles. 
'Co. pd. lumpois. 'Up lo 
38e per mile. Can 800/395- 


Irniloi, Pay ol S42.07 an 
Lots ol wort m Twin 



Uplronl lor nebullior breath- 
ing medication? Express- 
Med can help.- Wo work di- 
rectly with Medicare. So you 
gel your nebullier breathing 
medication wlihoul paying 

upfront or fitting oul clrilm 

forms. And delivery Is Iroo, ■ POOLS 

Call Express Med loday. — 



Scandinavian, German. Eu - 
rope an. South American. 
' Asian High School ox- 
change students arriving 
August. American IniercuT- 
tuml Student Exchange. Call 


Nowslottor: Helping rural 
singles meol since 1980. 
ConOdontW, roputableplon, 
For Iroo details, voile CCN, 
P.O. Box 4 OS. Superior. 
Nebraska 68978 or e-mail 
counlryconnectlonsO . ,•_ 


Try ToMOan NonWhUce. A 
health promoting pjjee used 
lor 2.000 years. FDA op- 
' Satiitaction guar- 

proved. : 

Morlnda"' Dill. 515442. 

Huge19 , X31'0.D.lamlly- 
sliod pool wilh sundeek, 
lonce i niter only S929 com- 
.Jon arranged. Three 
InstanaUon)! Can 

HaHaOon ananged. 
day Instanallont! Cat 
ion Iw! BOO/852-7948. 




"Wvonding moehlnei," In- 
cludes S10.000 ol product 
OrotaD.AniorS9.995. Can 
now! 80UV998-VEND. 


Wnniod ol. dairy nowspa- 
per. Wage nogotioUo.bon- ' 
elits available. Send re- 
sumo to: Dairy News, Attn: 
Tare, P.O. 8o< 970, 
Wnhpolon, ND 58074. 




Now hlflng Halbod & van 
drivers. ExcoDeni pay & 
benefits. Home weekly. Cal 
8007328-2218. Smithway 


Buy Factory Direct Excel- 
lent Service. FloxlUo Fl- 
nandng Available, Homo/ 
Commercial Units. FREE 
Color Catalog. Can Today 
80QVB42-1310. ■ 


And campground member- 
ships, bluer** tales • 
cheap! Worldwide selec- 
tions. Can Vacation Net- 
workU.S. and Canada, BOB 
543-6173. Free rental Inlor- 

motion 954/583-5586. 



brUal.grii. Includes inven- 
lory, futures, buying inp, 
.BnininB— Mm 


Jo oofl aanal phoUaofianM- 


Established vending route. 
Witt eel by 7/25/99. $8900 
minimum investment, 
13000+ monthly Income. 
Lease available with good 
credil, 8 «m 7-7«44. 


In progressive central ND 
community.. Completely, 
remodoledin 1997. Eicoi- 
lent business venture. Price 
'■ Lynn 701/438- 

negotiable, t 

_ . commission basis. 
Proven oamings ol SI ^00 
to SI.BOOVweokly. Mutt 
havo own vehicle. Some 
oipenset paid while in ori- 
entation. Eiccllont oppor- 
tunity lo work lor yourself. 
Catt 800/332-0085, Mon- 
Thursday 8AM to 4:30PM. 
FrkJoy bam 10 1 iam. 

Mmnesou 2X2 DUplay Ad- 
vertiUng Network Pla« your 
2 column by 2 ncft (4.25' x 
.2*) dopuy ad In over 200 
newtpapors sutevodel Cau 
your local newspaper o> DM 
Mmneiou Mewipaper A*w- 
ctatlon lor more Wlotmatton. 


From your heart lo 
Oltdnng your baby love, 

lime mom. Lei's help each 
other. Please can Mantis 

,800/73 L-fi3G4 

SAWMILL $3795 
Saws logs inlo boards, 
plonks, booms. Largo ca- 
pably. Best tawmm valuol 
anywhere. Free informs- 
■— Norwood Sawmffla, 

"Sale:" 5;000+""s«osr 
40lQDXl4, SB,844; 

50x75x14. $11,796; 
50x100x18. $15,688; 
60x100x18.(17,745. Mini- 
ttorage buttdtngs, 40x160, 
32 -unite, $16,914. 
Free broctiuies. 


wito promise baby secure 
tuture. Loving grandparents, 
pels, educational opportu- 
nifios. RoberVBarban 883/ 
5BG-8674 or allomey 600/ 


You needn't be alrakl. Pro- 
lusslonol, SI. Paul woman 
ronoyjohelp, ProvkJolove, 
stability, lamiry. education, 
opportunmes for your baby. 
Dianno. 877/645-2728 (toll 


stallatlon ovallablo In al ar- 
eas. Can Fergus Music 600/ 



Factory direct Gateway conT 
putorsl money downl 
Some credit problems OKI 
Penllum 111500. Low 
monthly payments. To waive 




- And Umoshanj resale dear- 

Ingliouiell Don'l want 

yours? Wei take HI! Buy) 


North ol MN, walleyes, 
northerns, jumbo perch (no 
Smit!) Packages tromW9.95 
por porsorVday lor cabin, 
boat, motor, fuel! Free Bro- 
chure B00-4S2-B824. 
■■ "--'--'-s.eom. 

FREE- Adornblo kinono. vory playful, lit- 
ter box Irnlnod, moihor good hunter. Call 
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1986 GRAND Am, new llroo. oxcollont 
condilion. Coll 449-3695. P4tS6p 
1985 CHEVY Coprico Classic. V-B. 305 
Qutomnllc, now Flroslono tires, batlory, ' 
alternator, oxhausl and brakos. runs 
groat, good work cor. $800. Ploaso call 
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CALL 21B-681-4Z49 OR 
218-378-4492 ASK FPU TQM. 

Trucks/ Semis 

5- a pood, 

FOR SALE- 1985 Cadillac O0VIII0. 
noods work, asking S300.0O. Call 681- 

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FOR SALE- 1989 Comoro RS. rod, gray 
loathor Interior, now tranny, twsi oflor, call 
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•92 PONTIAC Bonnovlllo SE, lully load- 
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1988 FORD Tourus, .now Urea. 
51 ,500/o.b.o. Call 681-3749 oltqr 5 p.m. 

1980 INTERNATIONAL 4x4 buckol 
truck, 36-fl. roach, hoavy-duW^lncli, cob 
damagod. runs oxcollont! $4,995.00, 
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1999 RM 250 din blko, 3 hours, mint. 
54,200. 8'x24' onclosod race traitor, 
S4.000, 449-2300 ovonlngs. P4t56p 

E2 PONTOON trallor. fits 20*-24' pon- 
toon, landom, $1,000. Call 681-3260. 

p — — — — — -CUT OUT AND SAVE 1 
j" ' . Call 964-5237 For.., 

l-z, ^We Have Heated Ready Mix For i 
I ^ ■■' Year Around Jobs. I 


. For Saturday DolrVery Of Ready Mix. Can Friday 


I Concrete Inc. 


St. Hllalro, MN 

■ UUNUHEIC trtfc*. — — ;■ r 



4ias— an— immediate— need_fot_a_ 
Warranty Cost Accountant This 


m wummm #!«• person would be responsible for ana- 
ilnVlf lr CA I - iyzing and reporting vyBJiaiityeostsas 
well as tracking and anahyzing war- 
ranty transactions between company, and vendors. An 
Accounting, or Finance Degree Is preferred, however an 
Associate Degree Is acceptable. Must have excellent verbal 
and written communication skills, be able to effectively use 
spreadsheet software such as Quattro Pro. Preference to can- 
cost accounting. Please send resume/cover letter to: ,. 
Arctic Cat, Inc. 
600 grooks Ave. So., P.O. Box 810 
Thief River Falls, MN 56701 
attn: Corlnna Voegele. EEO 

- Bomlco Snupo and daughtor, Mona, 
ol Anchorage, Aloskn wore lunchoon 
guosts of Camion Qustafson at hot 
homo roconlly. 

Donald Arno ol Manossa, Virginia 
and her son. Allonwrno and family ol 
Phoonlx. AZ, vlsllod at Iho Ruby and 
Lowell Hanson homo on Sunday. 

Carmon Gustafson nttondod tho 
Miss Thiol Rlvor Falls pagoant on 
S Saturday ovonlng. A neighbor, Andrea 
Olson, was ono ot tho participants. 
Lator In Iho evening Carman attended 
Iho birthday celebration ot tho Best 
. Western lor.Julla.Oso Grazo.nnd.hor-,- 
husband Chrlstophor, and (or Roger 
Oso on his 65lh birthday. 

Moo Reunion ...... 

Approximately 85 descendants of 
Anno and Soron Moe galherod at the 
Nazoroth Church In Holl (or an altor- 
~"noon and averting of vbHingand got- — 
ting reacquainlod. Thoy ware servod a 
delldous suppor by a circle ollho - 
Nazaralh ELCW.A business meeting,- 
choir rehearsal and games followed, 
iho meal. 

On Sunday, worship services ware 
hold'at the Satorsda! Church. The pre- 
lude was a fluto solo by Soon Owen ol 
Columbus, Ohio. Eileen Larson 
Johnson ol Issaqua, WA, led tho sor- 
vlco. Organist and pianist was Randy 
Moo and Karon Dalagor dlroctod the 
choir. Everett, and Arlotle Kompollen 
sang a vocal duot and an original 
poem -Reflections ol Salorsdat* was 
road by Joanio Rasmusson ot Lake ' 
Park. Thero woro scripture readings 
and hymns by Iho audience throughout .. 
the service. An'insplratlonat message 
was brought by Rev. Bruco Dolager ol 
Grand Forks. Tho benediction was 
road In unison and the closing hymn 
was "On Our Way Rejoicing." lono 
Tuura and Orville Larson served as 
ushers. Tho noon moal. at tho Bost 
Western, was sorvod poolslda. 
Roglstored guests were Irom 
Washington, California, Ohio, North 
Dakota, Iowa, North Carolina, Georgia 
and Minnesota. 

Ruth Hanson and Joan'Maldment 
visited wilh Hulda Slock at Valley . 

—■"Camion and Larry Gustafson joined— 
other family members at a got-to-goth- 
or at Iho John Gustalson homo on 
Sunday aftomoon. * 

Bomlco Trochmann, MyrUo Solberg_ 

and Ida Rup wero Sunday'alter- 

— noon- vlsitors-al- iho-home-ol-Helon— 
. Allele Bakken visllod on Friday 

^-ovonlng - wlth-her-grandparents^Ruth-i- 

' ond Lowell Hanson. 

Harvey and ■ Karen Moohl of 
Royolton, Barbara Champ of 
Rlvordale, GA, Kim Champ and 
. daughter Misty ot Minneapolis, Unda 
and - Todd Meehl and Savannah, 
Nichols, Amanda and John, and 

— Carmen- Brltz-ol_Buckman._Duana— 
Shoots ot Bemkfji, and Jerome and'. . 
Shirley Kvidt ol Grand Forks, wero 
hero tor the weekend to visit Doris 
Keushagon and to attend tho receplloh 
on Saturday for Bill and Krlsti 
Kaushagdn at the. Joan and Dean 
Kaushagen homo. 

Wednesday, July 14, 1999 

<.i„ l <^ir>i«<j.iWLiiaui,l t llJ(|lf*|JMl 


"wnwwnwBwfliwpTOii imin i .i i ii 

Paac 11 

i .. i n w w 


July 14. 21. 1999 ' 





Coon Rio No. PG-09-525 

In Ro: Estato of Chllord N. Andarson, 


II Is Ordarod and Noilco Is tioroby oivon 
thai on August 10. 1909, al 10:00 o'clock 
A.M.. d honrtng will bo hold In this Courl at 
Thiol Rlvor Foils. Minnosolo. tor Iho lormal 
probalo of on' inalrumonl purporting lo bo 
Iho win of the abovo namod Docodont, 
dotod May 23. 1S94. and codicil lo tho will 
datod February 1. 1990. ond so potato writ- 
ing undor Minn. Slat. 524.2-513 fWiir). ond 
for tho appointment ol Donnls' Sundborg, 
whoso address 'Is P.O. Sox 154], Qryrjla, 
Mlnnosota 50727 as porsonal roprosonin- 
Irvo of'tho Esiato of tho Docodont In n 
SUPERVISED odmlnlstratlon. Any objec- 
tions to tho petition muoi bo Iliad wlih tho 
Court prior to or ralsod at Iho hoarlna. II 
propor and If no objections aro tiled or 
raised, tho porsonal roprosontatrvo will. bo 
appotalod fitth lull powor ro admbilstor rho 
Estalo. Including Iho powor lo collect nil 
assets, pay all legal dobls. claims," tax os~ 
and ouponsos. losoll roal and porsonal 
proporty. and do all nocossary nds for tho 
Estalo. ond closo tho estate 

Notice is also olvon lhal (subjoct to Minn! 
Suit. 524.3-801} all crodllors having "claims 
ogalnsl.Ihe Estalo aro roqulrod to prosont 
Iho claims to tho porsonal roprosantattVo or 
lo the Court Admin Islrator within lour 
. months after tho dato ol this Notlca or Iho 
claims will bo banod. 
■' Datod: July 7, IDOO 

-s- DonnisJ. Murphy 
— ~ — : (COURT-6EAL)- 

•s- Barbara Bolto 

assigned by the Courl lo Iho parsons ontl- 
llod tharolo. 

IT IS HEREBY ORDERED; that said poll- 
lion bo hoard on iho 27th day ol July. 1990, 
al 10.00 o'clock a.m. by tho abovo named . 
Court al Thiol Rlvor Falls. Slnto ol 
. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that Iho poll- 
' Honor gtvo noilco ol sold hearing in tho man- 
ner proscribed by M.S.A. 524.1-401 lo all 
parsons onlitlod lo notlco pursuant to 
M.S.A. 524.3-403 and to all persons who 
havo lilod a demand lor notlco pursuant to 
MSA. 524-3.20-4. 
Datod: Juno 30, 1999 

(COURT SEAL) -s- Barbara 

Clork Barbara Bollo 
Mlchaol L. Joioonsori 
AHomoy lor Potillonor 
119 Wost Second Street 
Thief Rlvor Falls. MN 50701 
(21B) 061-4002 

July 14.21.28. 1999 



all othor persons unknown } Clvll-Oulet 

claiming -any right,. Irtlo. ) Title Action 
. o stato. intorost, or Hon In ) 

tho roal astato doscrtbod in ) 

tho Complaint horaln. ) 

Dolondnnts. ) 

Yourond-oaoh-ol-yourare-hereby -eum— 

monod and roqulrod to answer tho 

Complaint ol Iho plaintiff In the obovo-enli- 

Sea|od bids will bo accoplod until 3:00 
p.m. on jury 22, 1999 al lha Dopartmont ol 
Natural Resources Roglonol Hoadquariors. 
Regional Buslnoss Oftico, 2115 Blrchmont 
Booch Road NE. Bomldjl, MN 50001. A bid 
' oocurliy In tho lorm ot a cortillod, cashlor'a 
chock or bid bond for 5% of tho total bid 
prfco must bo submltiod with iho bid. For 
quoslions on-bidding procoduroa. call Iho 
roglonol business managar, (216) 755- 

All quoslions rogording tho design and 
gpeclllcallons of this protect can bo dlroctod 
to Kovln Stouffor, Roqlonal Flshorlss Projoei 
Coordinator. (216) 755-3621. 

July 14. 21. 1999 

The Board of Education ot Indoporidonl 
School District No. 504, Pennington County. 
Thiol RrVorFalls, Mlnnosota will rocervo 
saparato bids lor 1) Milk Products, 2) Broad 
and Bakory Productar&nd 3) J iilco Products 
for uso In tho 1999-2000 School Lunch 
Program until 2:00 p.m. July 29, 1999. 

Tho Board of Education rosorvoa lha 
right to accept or reject any or all bids and lo 
warvo any lomialltlos In tho bidding process. 

Tho School District will not assume 
responsibility for the timely doltvory ol bids 
sent through 'the mall. Bids must bo 
received sealed. Therefore, no bids may bo 
faxed directly to the School District. 

Envelopes containing bids mutt be 
cloarty marked to Indicate which bid Is 
ondosodr ~~ *■"."■ 

For more Information and bid specifica- 
tions please contact Kaytynn Wold, School 
DisUtct Service Center, 230 LaBroe Avenue 
South. Thief River Fans. MN 56701 or call 

Independent School District-No. 564 

Thiol Rlvor Falls, Mlnnosota 

Jean Larson, Clork 

County of Ronnlngton, Stato ol Minnesota, 
doscrlbod as lollows. to wit: 

The Northeast Quarter (NE1/4)of- 
Sectlon Seventeen (17), Township 
One Hundred Fifty-two (152) North of 
. Range Forty-llvo (45) Wast of Iho Filth 
Principal Meridian. 
will bo sold by tho Sheriff ot sakf County at 
public auction on Soplombor 21. 1999. at* 
10:00 o'clock a.m. at tho Ironl lobby ol tho 
Law Enforcement Cantor In iho City ot Thiol 
River Falls In saJd County and Stato. lo pny 
tho dobl then socurod by said Mortgage and 
in* os, If any, on -said promises and iho 
costs, attorneys' foes and dlsbursamants 
allowod by law. Tho tlmo allowad by law lor 
redemption by tho rhorlgagors, Ihoir person- 
al roprosontallvos or assigns Is twolvo (12) 
months Irom tho data of said sola. 
Datod this 9th day of July. 1999. 


By: - ; 

Miction I L. Jorgonson 
Charison, Maman 4 Jorgonson. P.A". 
Attomoys lot Morlgagoo ■ - 

119 Wost Second Stroat 
Thief Rlvor Falls. MN 56701 
Phono: (21B) 681-4002 

Viking — • 

On Sunday July 4th, LoRoy and 
Ruth Suslad wont to Grand Forks ond 
mot their friends Clayton and Zona 
Pearson and attended morning wor- 
ship sorvlcos ot Hopo Covononl 
Church, originally locotod In Eosl 
Grand Forks, but duo to tho flood situ- 
ation; re loco tod In Iho Kmart Mall on 
South Washington. -Folio wing Iho sor- 

$1,000 check from the Thief River Falls Rotary Club was present- 
ed to the Viofence Intervention Pro/act IVIP) in Thief River Falls by- 
Jean Heinrichs (right), 1998-99 -Rotary club president Accepting ' 
the donation for the VIP building project is Oenlce Sevigny, exec- 
utive director. The money came from the picnic and community 
band concert sponsored by the Rotary club May 10 at. Northland 
Community and Technical College. 

Attorney For Porsonal Roprosontatrvo 

Brian K. Rokko 

Attorney Al Law 

1 07 Wost Johnson Avonuo 

Warren. MN 56762 

Juno 30. July 7, 14. 21. 28, August 4, I9f 

THIfl |3 AM ATTEMPT-TO-COLLECT-A vicofl_Jho_i3aarsQns and_ Sustads — | 

DEBT AND ANY INFORMATION onjoyod dinnor out and ihon wonl 
OBTAINED wiu be USED FOR that sightseeing in tho Grand Forks down- 

_llod.octron,.whlch.Complalnt has boonjllod PURPjOSE. THE RfQHT TO ..VERIFICA-... _ t own oroa -■■- — 

i tho olflcool tho Court Admlnisiniior. In tho TION OF THE OEBT AND JDENTITV OF Thursday aflomoon Uoyd Ranum 

Brooks Community News 


Jury 14,21, 1999 




Court Fllo No. , ■ 

In Re; Estate of Msdelena Kalvorson, 

ska, Madelane M. Halvorson, Deceased. 



Tho petition ol David A. Halvorson, dalod 

Juno 30, 1990, having boon filed In this - 

Court representing that tho abovo named 

decedonl has boon dead for mora than 

three years leaving certain' proporty. thoroin_ 

-doscrlbod, and requesting Iho probalo of (he 

~" fast-will ■ of "each" decedentrff -anyrand-tho^— 

. descent of sold property be determined and 

assigned by tho Court .to the persona onil- ' 

tied thereto. 

."IT iS'HEREBTCWSeFiED, thai sold potF - 
tlon bo hoard on the 10th day of August, 
1999, al 10:00 o'clock A.M. by Iho abovo 
named Court at Thief River Falls, County ol 
Pennington. Stole ol Minna sota, 

.JT IS FURTHER ORDERED "thai the pell- . 
Honor gtvo notice ol said hearing in the man- 
ner prescribed by M.SA. 624.1-40! to all 
persons ontltleo to notice pursuant to 
M.SA 524^-403 and to all persons who 
have filed a demand for notice pursuant to 
M.SA 524.3.204. 
Ddfod:July7, 1999 

Donnls J. Murphy, Judge 
BY: ->■ Barbara Beito 
""'"' ---.-■■ Court Administrator 

Paullhlo , 

Ihle & Sparby. PA 
Attomoys for potlUonbr 
31 2 North Main Avo. 
P.O. BoxSTA 

ThletRtver Falls, MN 56701 


has occurred In the condlUone of the follow- 
ing described mortgage: . 

DATE OF MORTGAGE: August 7, 1991 
MORTGAGE: $21,019.00 


Chrtslophor J. Dahlln and Brenda S. Dahttn 

MORTGAGEE: Norwost Mortgage, Inc. 

Filod for record In tho otflco of tho 
Pennington County Recorder, Pennington 
County, Mlnnosota, on August 7, 1991, as 
Document No. 135364 (Book 226 ol 
—Records, paoo-239); which mortgage was 
subsequently' assigned to Harbourton 
Mortgage Co,. L.P.. by Assignment ol 
Mortgage dated September 15. 1995. and 
filed for record on November 13. 1995. as 



City ol Thiol Rivor Falls, County of 
Pennington. Stale ol .Minnesota, ond to 
s'oryo a copy .ol your Answer lo said 
Complaint upon tho subscriber at his oftka 
In tho City ol Thiol Rlvor Falls. Minnesota, 
within twonty (20) days otter tho service of 
this Summons upon you, axclusrvo ol Iho 
day ol aorvlca; and II you fell to answer Iho 
Complaint within tho tlmo alorasald. Iho 
plaintiff will apply lo Iho Court for tho roflol 
demanded In Iho Complaint and toko Judg- 
ment tharof or against you. 

You aro lurthor notlflod that the llllo to 
that certain -roal property lying In and being 
In lha County ot Ponnlngton, Stale of 
Mlnnosota, described as follows, lo-wlt: 
■ Commencing at a point 33 feet south 
■of the- section line between Sections 

Twenty (20) and Twenty-nine (29) and 

73 feet West of the section Una 
„ between Sections Twenty-eight _{2fl) 

and Twenty-nine (29); thence West 
— parallel-wlth-the-North- llna-of -eatd' 

Section Twenty-nine (29) for a dla- 

tanceof65feet;thencenuth10Sfeet; . Ml ,„ .„„,„,„.., „,,„ _., 7 „„ _„,...„ „ „_ _ _._ „.. . 

'^""•*JL5?J^J^^?5d!!J- l H — Mortgage ^Servicos — Comwajlon^by Qu8taiic«.iwo«ght-a-p4cnlc-«upper-1o — someone, was- living thero-Whoro-l-was — JonlcoJ^p^ooUjia-VogaSrNV.passod. 

reel to the P^^orboglnnlng. field Jf^ 1 ™"',, ' 2™S^^tSJL T^ol' Tony and Sanna Qustafson In Rosoau . bom Wore wasn't.evon a Iree, but also away. Sho was the daughlor ol tho lalo 

Jean Nelson visited with Evolyn 
Bolstad at Valley Homo on July 4th. - 
Carmen Qustafson attended her 
40th class reunion got-to-golhor on 
Friday evening at tho Evergreen and 
tho bonquot on Saturday oven In g at 
the Eagles Club.": "' 

Ruth and Lowell Hanson and VI and 
Bemle Weigelcelobraled Iho 4th of 
July with Joan and Kermlt Moldmont at 

Docum ont ~ Nor - ! 46710 - iBooK - 200 _ ot — thBlr home: : : 

Rocords, page 449): which mortgage was Stacy and Slavo Blerman and Justin 
? u _ b !?3 u _ on " 1 t._*'*J? nod JfL?.™, 1 ?? °D? ond Matthew, and Urry and Carmon 

Russoll and Charfll Hlnco hostod a 
birthday dinnor party In- honor ol 
Mlchollo on Sunday with guosts 
Mlchollo ond Lonnlo Longton ond 
Kovln and Ashloy, Dean and Joy 
Torhetson and Amanda ond Allison, all 
ol. Plummor, Mrs. Ulllan Hlnco, and 
Shawn Hince, to holp Mlchollo cole- 
brolo hor birthday. "Happy Birthday, 
Michelle! - - 

Frod and Ooloros Borborlch wore 
among thoso who visited Mrs. Nellie 
Porreaull to wish her 'Happy Birthday" 
on Saturday. ' 

On Thursday Mrs. Pearl Lanlol 
accompanied Mrs. Ella Mao Dorosioro 
ol Rod Loko Falls ond woro dinnor 

senior In Crbokstdn "and visited with 
Mrs. Dolores Myorchln. Altorwards 
thoytourod tho homestead "ol- Ella 
Mao's grandparents. Sad lo say thero 

-was-nolhlng bul o grain field with olow— Church In-Bfooksfor-Ihetlmflbelng, 

trcos whoro sho was bom and grow up. ' Harvoy and Mary Rlendoau 
Tho buildings woro still there and rocolvod. news that Iholr nieco, Mrs. 

tor. Then wo drovo bnck to Crookslon 
and vlsllod whoro our grandparents. 
tlvod on Washington Avonuo. I had a lot 
ol good momorfos thortf ond qlso tho 
homo was well kepi up, as ihoro are n 
lot ol nlco rosidencos built along all of 
Washington Avonuo. Whan I was a 
child thero, thero woro a lot of weeds 
and open spaces and thon I also saw 
Iho' elOQpIo of." Sir "Ann's" Colhollc 
-Church bohlnd Happy Joo's oldng 
Hlghwoy 2 East. I was baptlzod and 
mado my'Flrst'Communlon and was 
Confirmed at SI. Ann's Church - and 
now it's all gono also - what a change 
Ufa is. On Iho way homo wo had dinnor 
at Ella Mae's, which hor daughter MAry 
had prepurod In Rod Loko Falls. 
' ~On WodnosdoyTTiomlnQcoflooand " 
rails woro sorvod In honor_or Father 
Richards oso (arowed. il was io be hls- 
last service haro al St. Joseph's 





In Re: Estate of Stanley J. Szymansld, 

plot ot ground being located i 
One (1) of Section Twenty-nine (29) In 
Township One Hundred Fifty ■three 
(1B3) North of Range Forty (40) Weat 

of the Fifth Principal MerWlan. 

is offoclod, Invoryod. and brought In .ques- 
tion thoreby, and that tho object of said 
action Is to dotormlno that tho plaintiff la the 
owner, In lee simple, of said premises, and 
lhal you, and oach of you, have no interest 
or estalo therein or lien thereon, and that no 
personal claim Is mado against you, or any 

' Doled this 29th day ol Juno, 1999. 



-s- Michael L Jorgonson 


Attorneys lor Plaintiff 

119 Wasl Second Street 

PO Box 606 

Thief RJvor Fan*. MN 66701 

(218) 681-4002 

— Atry-Rifl7NortBOl44— thereof: ' 

1997. and filed for record on May 26. 1998. 
si Document No. 153734 (Book 265 ol 
Records, page 31 6). 

TY: South Twonty-SU Foot (S.2ff) of Ut 
Ono (1 ) and aft of Lot Two (2), Block Six (6). 
. Townstte of Rod Lake Rapids, according to 
the official plat thereof on record, now a part 
ol tho City ot Thief River Falls. Pennington 
County, Minnesota. 

LOCATED: Ponnlngton 
GAGEE: $20,693.98 

THAT prior to the commoncomonl oT this 
mortgage foreclosure- proceeding mort- 
gagee compuedwtth al notlco reo^tremonts 
as required by statute; 

THAT no action or prcoeeolng has been 
Instituted at taw or otheivrlsa to recover the 
debt secured by said mortgage, or any pari 

Tony and Sanna Qustafson Ir 
on Monday. 

Ron end Barb Moo of Onlton and 
Charios Anderson of Alexandria wero 
Sunday -ollomoon viallors ot. tho.i 
Adeline Moo home. , 

Bev and Luvemo Ham re were 
Monday morning coffee guosts at the 
Ruth and Lowell Hanson homo. 

grain fiolds as a lot ol olhor forms when 
wo lived In iho area ol .Russia 
Township. Nothing showed whoro the 
school .was that .1 attondod at. 
Qroonvlow. There ,was a farm whoro I . 
lived In Iho earty 1930's - did have a' 
nico now homo ond buildings, yard well 
kepi up • thot really mado mo fool bet- 

away. Sho was the daughlor c 
Ralph and Mrs. Albino Grandbous ot 
Mllwaukoo, Wl. . ' 
- Darby and Denlse Zentnor. woro l 
Friday to Sunday .guosts.ol her parents . 
. Darryl and Dolores. Grimm and atland- 1 ( 
od her 10th class reunion' of the Okleo - 



* Court File No. 

IT IS ORDERED and notice Is hereby 
given that on the 10th day of August, 1B», 
at 10M o'clock ajn., a hearing win be held 
In Iho above named Court at Thiol River 
Fans, Mlnnosota, for tho adjudication of 
' Intesiacy and determination of heirship and 
, tor me uppotntmonl of June 0. Etta, whoso 
address Is Route #2, Box 192, Groonbush, 
Minnesota,' as personal raprasonlatlvo of 
the estate ot tho above named decedent In 
supervised- administration, and that any 
objection thereto must be filed wfth Iho 
CourLThaL II proper, and no objections aro 
fUed, said personal representative wm be 
appointed to admtnlstor the ostate, lo col- 
lect alt assets, pay all legal debt*, claims, 
taxes and expenses, and sell roal and por- 
sonal property, and do a» necessary acts for 
the estate. Upon completion ol the admin- 
IstratJon, the- representaove shall (Be a final 
account for ttte allowance and shaD distrib- 
ute (he estato to the persons thereunto ontl- 
Bod as ordered by tho Court, ond dose tho 

' Notice Is further gfvon that ALL CREDI- 
TORS having claim* against said estate are 
required to prasenl tho some to aakt per- 
sonal representative or to tho Court 
Administrator wttrun four months, after the 
_doto of this notlco _or_saW.cfolma.wllt bo. 

— -Datod lhl*12lh day otJury,1999, 

Dennis J. Murphy, Judge 





: <*■«■■■* p"» M" 

AD persons unknown 
claiming any right, tltlo, 
estato, tnleresi or Hon 
In Iho real estato deacr 
In the Complainlhoraln, 


You, and each of you, aro hereby sum- 
moned and required lo answer the 
Complaint of the plaintiff In the abovo-ent>- 
tlod action, which Complaint has been filed 
in the office of the Court Administrator. In tho 
City of Thiol River Falls, County ol 
Pennington,' Stale ot Minnesota, and to 
serve -n copy of your- Answer to said 
Complaint upon the subscriber at hi* office 
in Iho City ol Thief River Fulls, Minnesota. 
wtthln twenty (20) days after the service of 
this Summon* upon you, exclusive ol the 
day of service: ond It you faH to answer the 
Complaint within the Dme aforesaid, the. 
pWnOfl winappfy to the'eourt for the reftef. 
..demanded hi the Complaint arid take Judg- 
mont theraibr against you. 

You ere further notffied that tho tMe to 
Out certain real property lying In and being 
In the County of Pennington, Slate of 
Minnesota,- deacrtoed a* follows, to-wtt . 

Lot Two (2) of Block Two (2). 
BamlclfB Second Addition to the City of 
Thief River Falls. 
. la. offoclod. Involved,. and brought h ques-„ 
lion thereby, and that the object of aakt 
owner, In fee simple, of saJd promises, and 
' that you, and each ol you, have no Interest 

PURSUANT to the power ot sale con- 
tained In ' said mortgage, the above 
described property win bo sold by the Shertfl 
of aakt county n foOows:. „ ... 


PLACE OF SALE: Lobby of the 

Pennington— County Law Enforcement 

Quiet TMe Action Center, Thief River Faaa.MN 58701, to pay 
the debt secured by sold mortgage and 
taxes, II any, on sold promise* end the costs 
and disbursement*, Including attorney's 
lee* allowed, by law aubfect to redemption 
wtthln six riwitne from the date of aakt sale 
by the mortgegort», their personal repre- 
sentatives or assigns, 


sjSiTjgvraftJS TRF Education Foundation 

Ton) Buchand 
MerUo Poschke Scholarship 

v ■- ' John Danielson 
Tippl Benson Scholarship 

Laura Follelt 
Bob Jury Scholarship 


Dated: June 23. 1999 

Source One 
Mortgage Services Corporation 
Assignee ol Mortgage 
Northwest Legal Servlces^PA 
3001 Metro Drive, Sufle 130 
Btoorrunglon, Minnesota 5542S ■ 

.Attornoye tor Aaaignee-of Mortgagee 

110 West Second Street ■ 
P.O. Box 508 
. ..ThWRtvor.FoJl*,MN 66701 . 




..^ Court File Nc^___ 

»ln Re: Eatate of-Ervln.Etdo Voeeks, 


■ Thepetttton of TenyVoecks, dated June 
28, 1999, having been Bled In this Court rep- 
resenarvj that tho above nemed decodent(s) 
' has (have) been dead for mors than three 
year* leaving certain property therein 
. . deeertbed, end requesting tho probata of the 

presents five scholarships 

Thief River Falls Education- selected. They will receive $1,000 

Foundation hoi awarded five more scholarships and include: 
scrtoIaranipstograduatesofLincoln Toni LeMoine, daughter of. Sue 

high school, according to Judy Buhl and Kent LeMoine, rtlto will 

Dirnichi executive director of (he attbnd Northland Community and 

foundation.' Technical College to study business 

The Bob Jury Scholarship! estflb- administration; 

lished in memory of Bob Jury, a . Monica Schrocdcr, daughter of 

longtime Thief River Falls educator, Jodi and Dave Bergman and Merlin 

u/as awarded "to Laura Follelt. The Schrocdcr, who is a sophomore 

daughter of Glen and Mary Follelt, studying nursing at Northland 

she will otlcnd Concordia College' Community and Technical College; 

in Moorhead this fall and plans to and, 

major in pre-medicine. The award is John Danielson, son of Diane 
for $1,000. .; Danielson, who will major tn music 
MetUo Poschke Scholarship was ' al Northland Cornmunily and Tech*. 
«tablishcdwith_memorialsgivcnin__ nical College. - ■_■*_. 
memory gf the media Mnter'dircc- ' Triief'TtiverTFalls Education 
tor at Franklin. middle school. The. Foundation is a nonprofit fourida 7 . 
scholarship will be ongoing with tion which works to support cduca* 
one awarded each year. This first lion in Thief River Falls by award- 
year award of $250' wits given to ing grants and scholarships in 

.—• _ v . — ---- ----„- -- - -,-T— -,- --- -- -—— Toni-BMhandrdaughter-or^ancy— ^ 

Dated thu lent ^^^^ m r H ^rS l ^^^Xl^!^.^Z and Bil l. Htui.nan. who will study inforrnation or lo become a member 

ftWrWENSoK l PA *d TdaTof^TiSw. aM^irranc^etnenfary ^education at Moorheoa oF the foundation, contact the ollicc 

recoraedln Book 2fl7 of Records, page 279, Slate' University this fall. , .,'. at 230 LaBree Avenue South or call 

aa rjocument No. 14«71; the original prtn- Three additional Tippi Benson 681^8711. 

<dpaJ amount aecured bv said rnortoaoe. „-.-•■ • • i_..-_i._ r r. — _.._■ 
being .Twenty-eight ■-.... 
Hundred nfty-nine 847100 Doilara 
(S2SJU9JM): that no mortgaoorii havo been, 
released from financial obligation on aakt - 
Mortgage; that no ecton or pmceedUg has 
been Instituted by law to recover the debt 
secured' by aald Mortgage, or any -part 

thereof; that there I* due and claimed to be _ . . 

lJue'uporraaJd Mortgage; aiclucaYig~trRBrest "Art'ahd' QIoruTTossum returned .How nlco lo Have tho whole Tttniiry 

Jury 14, 21, 2fl, August 4, If , 18, 29, 
y Sept 1,1999 


default ha* occurred ki the condition* of thaf 
certain Mortgage, dated June 26, 1999; 
executed by Steven R. Moabeck and Karen' 
Moabeck, husband andwtfe.aarnortgagors, 

to NorthemState Bank of Thief River Fass. , 

*»rrwrtc*o*er filed f««»rtJnrr*efflc«ol — -Toni-BMhand.-dauflhter-oT-Nancy- 

the County Recorder, hand for the County _^T R jh ^nnan who will sludv 


or estate therein or Sen thereon, and that no 
personal dakn Is made against you, or any 

L Jomenson 


Attorney* for Puunun 

119 Weat Second Street 


Thief River FoDa, MN 66701 


Atty. Reg. No. 166144 

Plummer Gornmunity News 

deecent of said property be determined and 

Solicitation of L__ 
Thar Section c4^FI*herie*.la accepttngi 
bid* for a Bubble-. Aeration System to bo 
buHt and hstatied for the Flortan Reeervolr 
In Marshall County,' Minnesota: Al project 
work must be completed by November 1, 
1990. Bid package* aro avakbl* by caflng 
the regional business office, (316) 76S-3D7S 
w fax^ a request to (216) 755-4075. 

to the date' hereof, and taxes, If any, the aem 
.of Twenty-eight Thousand One Hundred 
Forty-eight' 28/100 Dollars. ($28,148.23); 
that al condWon* precedent to forectoeuni 
of the Morigaoe and accak«riJk» of the debt 
secured thereby have boon fulfilled: and 
that pursuant to the power of sale' therein 
contained, sakf Mortgage wtfl be foreclosed 
and the tract ot land lying and being m the 

home on Tuesday from a visit to 
Sheridan WY where they visHed with 
son Jim and Chris Fossum and family- ' 
Joining them were.- Rich -and -Nancy - 
Fossum and family of Chippewa Falls, . 
Wl, Mike Fossum and daughter Erin of 
Portland, OR, and Robert and Nancy 

together for the,July 4th holiday. 

Dinner guests at Wednesday of Art 
and Avis Frollarid were nieces Dolores 
and BJU Tonnahin of -Las Crucos, NM, . 
and Margie Miner ot Grand porks. 
Another niece, (delta Samuelson ' of 
Thief River Falls, came In the afternoon 

Fossum and family of Pocatelto, ID. ...tovtoll with the cousins.. 

\ : 






ln.coyprlng_lho colobrn_l[on Jn_ 

Strandquisl last Saturday, I .missod 
what !0 mo was ono ol Iho bosl parts - 
lhai ol (ho singing and playing by 
floubdn Hnugon of Nowfoldon. 
Porhnps that was Iho song "All Worn 
Out." and it was really moanl (or old 
limors. Mis nnmo wasn't on Iho list thai 
I was givon and 1 Ihought ho was ono 

■ ot Ihoso namod until I rocoivod a nolo 
(his wo ok from a (rlond in Nowfoldon 
who notod Iho omission. Thanks for 
mo toiior as I wasn't Iho only ono who 
erjoyod Mr. Haugon and thoso songs. 
Lorn Sarkalatic and Mlnorva Kmulik 
of Virginia and David. Phaola and 
Kjion Thompson " visited Polor and- 
Poarl Thompson on Monday altornoon 
and also with Bocky. Mlchollo and Joko 

On Sunday. LaVorno and Bov 
Rasmusson c-f'Frozoo vtsltod Isaac 
and Bolsy Thompson and Iho Roy 
Vjgios homo. Thoy hod boon on tholr 
Mim north of Strandquist to sao about 
a gram bin thai 'was- deslroyod in last 

-wo 0I14-9I ormr-lmoglno-lhoff-surpriso- 

Op, */ Move yxm 

p ^ $/ Mad yxuvc 

Eye*, ehedbed? 

* ■ whon thoy discovorod Iho big quonsol 

Demonstrating how their new Jaws of Life Goodridge Area rire Departm ent attracte d a h ad lako n a irlp ond was in a Hold a- 

equipment can assisHherrT in^emoving^ictimF number^onriterested vfewers'at an open house rrifo away. Funny butthosowho-nad 
trapped in damaged vehicles, members of the Monday, July 12. 

boon thoro boforo hadn'l nolicod that it 
was misslngi 

On Thursday ovonlng Iho W.M.s 
mol at Bolsy Thompson's homo for a 
mooting and dinner. Thoso who 
onjoyod hor hospitality woro Lois 
Frooman. Calaon Pondlblon, Poarl 
Thompson, Cathy Thompson, Elsio 
Lolrooth and Myrtlo Voglo. 

Tuosday ovonlng, Grog and Austin 
Lolrooth camo lo visit and show 
- — QrarrdmtrEtsKrlhat-Austin-could-walk- 
by himself. You bailor got o gato for Iho 
basomont slalrs now, onco thoy get on 
tholr fool, Ihoy aro loo last for you to , 
calch him. 

Elmor Holmstrom and Evolyn 
Albaugh visited Judy Klolnvachtor this 
wo ok. 

Donny and 'Marlys and grandson 
Austin had dlnnor al Elsio's an 
Wodnosdoy and Donny roturrjod to 
Wlnnlpog Thursday'momlng. 

Poarl Thompson, Bocky and 
Joromy Johnson visllod Elslo Lofroolh 
on Wodnosday. 

Roy has boon on Iho go slnco 
bo(oro]six this morning and I ihought 
ho was going to rest for a while, "and 
what do you know, ho's up watering 
tho housoplunls. ■ 

Sara Donaldson was horo with tho 
news about hor birthday. party. that had .. 
boon lorgotlon last wook. Sho had col- 
obratod togolhor wilh hor couBln, 

• Eye Exams 

• Glasses & Sunglasses 

• Contacts (Soft, GasPerm., Disposable) 

• Free Adjustments 

• Repairs 

•Lab On Premises.,- ._; 

Call For An Appointment 


•^mages' / m 

-214 3rd Street E. •-Thief River Falls,.MinnESOta_ 

Brooks ^<E^fr^fo 





- Rogor and Mary JnnoParadls spent 
Saturday with Todd and Hoalhor. 
Nolson in Fargo. . . 

Darryl and Doloros Grimm spent iho 

, , , , ., _ ' . *. . , 4lh of July with tholr daughter Darby 

While onlookers stood by, members of the mantle an automobile. Demonstrations took an d Doniso Zontnor in warroad ond 

Goodridge Area Fire Department demonstrated place at an open house at the fire department Darron Grimm at Saiol, 

use of their new Jaws of Life equipment to dis- Monday evening, July 12. Mf , 8 - DofWhy Myhro was_a wo°J<°nd 

T r , guost of hor son Rod and Chariono 

■ — : — . — : — : . . _Myhfo_aLThlof.nivor. Falls, 

Plummer Co mmunity News 

_BlrthdayJor.Francos _. 

Tho children of Francos Schiofort 
hosted a dinner on July 4th In honor of 
hor rocont 80lh birthday. Atlonding Iho 
dlnnor hold al Third Boso In Brooks 
woro hor brolhors, Henry and Paulino 
Knott. Frank and Izzlo Knot, and sister 
Gort jind Ed Schmltz ol Rod Lake Falls 
as well as hor children, Sid and Susan 
Schiofort of Bloominglon and tholr chil- 
dren Sharrlo and frlond Jofl ol Savago,. 
Lynda, John, Derek and Stophani Ruod 
of Prior Lako: Mario and Bob Swanson, 
Rob Kim, Dale and Llndsoy Swanson, 

; all of Thief River Falls: Sandy and Glon 
Osbjpmson ol Oklao. Dan. LoNotlo. 
Zachary and Ashley of Glyn don. Nancy 
and Mercedes Swoop of Fargo, ND, 
Darby, Gono, Cody and Koytlln 

' .Trondtvot of Okloo, Horloy, Alice. Josh 
and Danielle Schiofort of Wost Fargo; 
Jim Sherry, Hoathor and Heidi 
.Schiofort, and Vic Schiofort b! 
Plummor. Aflor iho dlnnor thoy all wont 
out to tho Vic Schiofort whoro tho chil- 
dren enjoyed rides and fun whllo tho 
family visited, lator thoy had a picnic 
suppor and supervised fireworks. 
Congralulatlons, Froncosl 

Rick, Bannio, Chancoy and Nora 
Groonwald visited Lorona Wostorlund 
while they woro up north ton we July 
Fourth weekend. 

Eldon. Karen and Karl Vlgslol trool- 
od Burnol and Elfio Byor lo a boiatod 
Fathor's Day brunch at Lokovlow on 
Sunday. 1n Iho lato aftomoon they an 
onjoyod a July 4lh picnic at Iho homo ol 
Ray and Shirley Vigstol 0' rural Thiol 
Rlvor Falls. Othor guosls woro Julio 
-.and Mlckoyla Adolphson.of.Thlof Rlvor 
Falls. Shannon Adolphson of Fargo, 
and Becca and Miko Jordol ot Said. 

Rogor and Edna Hydo spent July 4ih 
at Iho lako homo ol luan Schuman of 
Loko Pollcan wilh Luan, Don n Is Hydo, 
_Stacy Swanson ond throe dnuahlofs.of. 
Moorhoad, Jon. Slophlo and Llttlo 
_ Jonnie-of-Bloomington,- and - Lua n'»- 
daughlors Klrston and Amanda. Thoy 
all took In tho boat show on tho lako In 
tho aflomoon. 

Unda and Brent Homloy and girls 
hosted a July 4th picnic at tholr home 
for Joe and Holon Flshor. Ray and 
Marilyn. Fishor ond family, Jon and. 
Dlano Andorson and boys, and Charlos 
Fishor of Thiol Rlvor Falls. 

David and Bonnlo Gorardy, Gabrloilo 
and Brianna of Chanhasson arrived on 
Thursday boforo tho Fourth el tho 
homo ol his paronts, Carol and Jorry 
Gorardy, and epenl almost a wook 
horo; Coming "homo" for thiTJuly 4lh 
dlnnor woro olhors Ihot Included 
Tammlo and Josh Gorardy, Kovin and 
: Usa Gorardy and Barblo Konlckson of 

Thief Rlvor F alls, Char los Gorardy oj_ 

SI. Hllalro, Tony and Snoila GordrBy 
and family, and Ronnlo and Celosto 
Gorardy of Thiol Rlvor Falls. 

■*■ Jan Glascock and frlond Tom Wilson , 
of Albuquerque, NM camo on Thursday 
night lo visit hor mother Clara Hesso 
and olhor rolotivas over Iho long wook- 
end. On July 4th, iho family galhorod at 
tho homo of Shirley and John Haglund 
at Baudotto for Iho annual "Fourth" pic- 
nic with many family members and 
friends attending. 

Al and Lorraine Fishor mode a trip lo 
Dlckonson, ND lor tho July 4lh holiday 
and relumod on Wednesday. Thoy 
woro houeeguosls of Goorg'o and 
Rasomary<Bqrger and also vlsltod Tilllo 
Kuntz and family. Ron ond Pally 
Holsor, as woll as other family. and 
friends. Their son, Shannon of 
Brookings, SD. was passing through 
Iho city ono day and they vlsltod ovor 

■ Arl and Avfs Froiland spent July 4lh 
wilh iho Richard Froiland family at tho 
farm. AlUof Iho girls woro at homo 
oitcopt Shannon and Miko Notson. 
Tho Molvln and Rosamory Eskoli 

■ farmwas the perfect place for a July 
■4lh'plcnlc wilh family mambora. Eddy 
Eskoli and Donna Kvasagor Joined 
Ihom thoro. In the ovonlng, somo of iho 
group wont to Trail for tho annual tiro- 

' Bun ny DuChamp and grandson 
at Iho homo ol Cojrjlo and Loo Johnson 
of St. Hilalro. Otftars. thoro wore Luolla 
DuChamp, Rod. Chariono, Shane and . 
Sabrfna Myhro. all of Thlof RIvorFaUs, 
Diane and Kan Blollold of Bumsvillo. a 
friend ol Shana's, Dob and Wayno 
Votlloson and Wyott and Dodo of Trail, 
and Dorothy Myhro of Brooks. 

Joan Carponler spent July 4th wilh 
Gary and Jdpji Carpenter at Lako 
Mlnnlo. Son, Coroy and Roso 
Carponler of Forost City, Iowa vlsltod in 
Plummor and Lako Mlnnlo ovor lha 
wookond. ' . 

Roborta and Dick Molno of 
Richardson, TX and Jizolla Schiofort of 
Rod Laho Falls vlsltod Francos 
Schiofort on Monday. 

Carol ont^' Jorry Gorardy hoslod a 
d inn or on Monday for Mary ond Rachol 
Gorardy of Fargo (who woro unoblo lo 
coma on Iho 4lh bocauso ol Iho slorm 
In Fargo), David and Bonnlo Gorardy 
and girls ol Chanhasson, Tommfo and 
Josh Gorardy and Barbie Konlckson ot_ 
Thlof Rlvor Falls, and Tony. Shollo, 
Mallory. Broil. and Abby. Gorardy of 

Lloyd and Wavoll Sorenson woro 
Monday suppor guosts ol Tony and 
Virginia Weber ol Trail. . . 
..Wos. Eskoli .loft for. his homo Jn. 
Rosoau on Monday. Lisa Eskoli and 

Ryan Thompson loll on Tuosday, ond 
"Lonnlotind'Juile Eskoli and boys left on- 
Wodnosdoy for Andrews AFB In 
Maryland. Empty nosl, folks) 

Rulh Wllkons, Bunny DuChamp, 
Dorothy Myhro and Veronica' Boucher 
Iroatod Edna Hyde to a belatod birth- 
day luncheon on Tuosday at Iho 
Unlom and lator returned lo Bunny's 
. homolor dossort and tho aftomoon. ■ 

Visitors from Washington 
Laurto,' daughter of Harriet Hesse 
Norman and hor husband Richard 
Jones with daughters Usa and twins 
Miranda and Stephanie of Issaquah, 
WA. camo last weak to spend a weak 
horo with Harriet. Thoy hod an oventful 
wook visiting aunlsV uncles* and 
cousins' homos. On Sunday It was 
church at Rodaemor Lutheran Church 
and Iho Plummer Saddlo Club Horso 
show. Ihon horsoback riding at Chuck 
and Jolayno Simpson's home, and also 

■ at the Doan and' Sandy Hoose farm. 
Bonnlo Wlchlorman gave lha family a 

_tour and riding losson. at, hor.rtding.- 
horso farm. There wore fireworks-at 
undo Ike's farm,, a dinner ot Aunt 
Lorotto's, strawberry shortcako" at 
Uncle Mol and Peggy Hesse's homo 
and Iho throo girls entertained Uncle 
Bill ond Auntie Helen Simpson with 
songs and dances. They will not forgot 

" tho visit in Plummor. — -■-- _- - -■ 




• 305 Auto., P. W.. P. U 

• Tilt. Crulao. • 1B.O00 Ml.* Block 

1M7 CHEVY S-10 EJCT. CAB 4x2 

• 30,000 Ml. ■ Mnroon 
1067 CHEVY EXT. CAB 4x2 " 
• 38,000 Ml. • MaroofvBoigo 
1007 CHEVY EXT. CAB 4x4 

• 54.000 Ml. • Croon 
1997 CHEVY EXT. CAB 4x4 ■ 

• 50.000 Ml.' Croon 
1997 CHEVY EXT. CAB 4x4 

■ . • 34.000 Ml. • BtocWSUvor 

1990 CHEVY EXT. CAB 4x4 

■ 350 Auto. • P.W., P. Locks 

•Tilt* 60,000 Ml. • White 


v-4,,4 -.-p.-Window.- P. todor- 

. • Alum. Whoota 

• 09.000 Ml. • Block 


• 1-T6n Flat Bod* 350 V-B , 

' • 4-spd. • Rod 

19B0 CHEVY REa CAB 4x2 

• .V-fl. 5-Spdr • MaroorvBlack ' 

1988 QMC REa CAB 4x4 

• V-6, 5-Spd. • Rborgtmi Topper 

• LI: Autumnwood ' 




... • 4-Dr. • 23.000 Ml. • Maroon 


• 12.000 Ml.* Red 


• Auto. • Tltt, Crulso • Green 


> 2-Dr.; 4-Cyl.. 5-Spd.. Tltt, Cruise 

CD.» 48,000 Ml. 'Whlto 

v T*H"P ■ 

• 4-Dr„ 350 Auto. 

- • 42,000 Ml. • Blus/Boloo 


•_4-Dr„ , Loathor Int. 

• 48,000 Mi. •Sltvor 
1997 CHEVY BLAZER 4x4 
• 4-Dr.< 38.000 ML* Rod 

-■ 1999 CHEVY TAHOE 4x4 

• 4-Dr.' 57JXWML' Rod . 

~~ - 198B CHEVY SUBUHOAN 4x4 

• 350 V-8 • Auto • P. Windows 

- • P. Locks' Btus/Sltvor 


• P. Windows •. Tltt •CtvJoe* Bluo 

• Gran Prix Conversion • Leather Seals 

• Hllch*RomotoSUtn<RoarA/C 
_ — _.*.83,000 Jj^lo BtoeWMeroon . 


• 32,000 Mi. • Sitvor 


• 4-Dr. -19.000 Ml, • Groon 


'"'•4-Dr. • 28,000 Ml. 'Blue ' 


• P. Soots • Auto. Torrjp. Control , 
•Loaded •58.000 Ml. •Whllo 


• Aulo. Tomp. Control • P. Seats 

• Red • Loaded • 33,000 Ml. • Boigo 
•35,000 Ml. •Green • 

' ■ 35.000 Ml. • Maroon 


• uiiro • 4U,uuu mi. • bmcK 

1900 OLDS. 68 LS 

• 47,000 Ml.» Whllo 

• OO.OOOMI.-Whllo-*" — 

• 65.000 Ml. • Green 

- ■ 1993 BUICK CENTURY 4-DR 

•V-fl *i Till • Cruise • P. Windows 
• P. Locks • 87,000 Ml. • Green 
. 1993 FORD PROBE 

• 4-Cyi* 5-Spd. • A/C 
• 53.000 Ml. -Rod' 


• 4-Dr. • 96.000 Ml. • Rod 

• V-fl, Auto.. P. Windows, P. Locks 

Lions club In Thief River Falls installed officers 
for the 1999-2000 club year at its recent weekly 
meeting. Pictured from left are (front row) 
Ellsworth Jorgenson, secretary; John T. 
Anderson, treasurer; Rev- George Davis, first vice 
president; David ' Olln, president; and Ray 
Safranski, two-year 'director; (bacK-row) Larry 
Spong, past president; Michael Melby, second 


vice president; Ron Undberg, one-year director; 
Bob SorvigrLion tamer; and Richard Roger, two* 
year director. Not pictured are Bill Hannan, third 
vice president; Norm Wasslnk, backup secretary; 
Orville Hanson, backup treasurer; Romal 
Burtness, one-year director; and Timothy Bauer, 
tailtwister. ... 


Red Lake Falls 



Volume 88. Number 29 Two Sections 324 Main Avenue North, Thief River Falls, MN 56701 • 

Wednesday, July 21, 1999 

Activities underway for 
Pennington -County. Fair 

A number of children appear in the cast of The 
King &l, the Thief River-Falls Community Arts 
Council's production of the Rodgers and 
Hammerstein musical which will be presented 
August 3-7 et 7 p.m., and- August 8 at 2 p.m. at 
Northland Community and Technical College 
theater in Thief River Falls, Tickets are now on 
. sale at Budget. Children appearing in this scene, 
. a reprise of "A Puzzlement" are fr om lef t: (front 
row, center). Bethany tieske and Bailey Sorvig; 

(row two) Mallory Asp, Laura Heschke, Brittani 
Panek, Tyson Panek, Jessica Rider, Chesnay 
Dobias, Maddy Sorvig, Keaton Joppru, 
Cassandra Tela, Traci Adamson, Kelly Thorstad, 
Michelle Noreen; (row three) Corey Thorstad, 
Lindsay . Johnson, Dane Jensen, Samantha 
Rader, Alyssa Rogalla, Lauren Rogalla, Melissa 
Zimmer, Mauri Gonsorowski, Rachael Johnson, 
Ellen Heschke, Kyla Genere ux; (back row) 
Henjamin Carlson, and Peter Holes. 

Beginning will) opening of flic 
Rogers Bros. Kitnlunu ciimivul and 
Gospel music nighl Tuesday, iicitvi* 
| — tics"fonhc : *)Hlh-annuai-Pcnnington- 
Counlv Fair arc underway. The six- 
day fair will continue .through 
Sunday, July 25. with enlry'dny for 

Sen class and 4-H exhibits lo be on 
uirsday, July 22. 

Advance ticket sales ended 
Tuesday for Grand Pusses to the 
rive grandstand shows and Mega 
Pusses for six days of carnival rides. 
The Grund Passes at $20 for adulls 
and S15 for children provide admis- 
sion to all five grandstand attrac- 
tions Wednesday through Sunday 

open ( 

TRF Arts Cou nci I presents 
The King & I August 3-7 

Thief River Falls Community 
Arts Council will preseni Rodgers 
and Hammcrstcin's classic musical 
"The King & 1" on August 3-7 at 7 
p.m. and Augijsi 8 at 2 p.m. at the 

Northlund Community and- 

Tcchnical College Tlieatcr in Thief 
River Falls. Tickets at $7.50 each 
may be purchased at Budget ahead 

so doing, is facing his own intcrnul 
struggles willi the teachings of his 
upbringing and that of the new 
world. The struggles between Anna 
and the King center around the 
-clash of their cultures andastrug- 
gle for power by both characters. In 
the end, Annu realized thai- the 

Brandli, Brcnda Hanson, Lynnc 
Hanson.' Surah Kopccky and 
Amanda Norccn; Lara Huymon'd, 
Kay Stcigcr, and Sarah Willis arc 
the Amazon guards; the child 

firinces^arc- portrayed .by. Keaton 
oppru, Dane Jenscrc and Tyson 
Panek; the child princesses ore 

King was truly n man who iried to pluyed by Tract Adamson, Mallory 
of time or one hour prior to the' be a good and admirable King and Asp, Chesnay .Dobias, ^Kyla 

single performance admissions.' 

■ Grandstand events include moto- 
cross racing beginning at 5 p.m. 
tonight (Wednesday, July 21); pro- 
fessional wrestling, including 
midget wrestlers, Thursday at 7 
p.m.; PBR sanctioned bull ridirig 
for cash and national, finals points 
Friday und Saturday at 7 p.m.; and 
the. popular demolition .derby 
Sunday, July 25, at 4:30 p.m. 

The carnival Mega Pass at $30 
allows die holder to have unlimited 
rides on the carnival throughout the 
entire fair. Price was increased from ■: 
$25 last year in anticipation of more 
; large rides being included with the. 
carnival this year. 

if lime or one hour prior to the' tie a good and admirable King and Asp, Chesnay .Dobias, Kyla open class exhibitors musi bring 
limvTmlfi^ininiwcoI^^ — Genereux Jict liany^c.skc,jflaun — iheir-cntrics-to.dieJair-bctwccn_5, 

,i..^' r knv ..flic,.- ' ••iren ilftr>r rfl-nlll . OotlKOrOWski. Ellen HeSChke. n m nnrt f. -nm Thnrcrlnu lulu "}1 

aler 's bpjLOfliCj.*; 

Gonsorowski, Elle n He schke, n m- n n d 6 p.m: T hursday, july_22.^ 

r Tlie King & I" is based on Portraying llic King in litis pro- Laura Hcscttkc, KuchacI Johnson; ^ mcc judging willTicgin at 9 a.m. 

Margaret LungdnnY book "Anna duction is Al Rogalla, Dennc Lindsay Johnson, Michelle Norccn, Friday, July 23. Flower cniricsmusi 
■and-ilwj-Kingrof-Siam'-^hich-waK — Barrctt-plays-Anna-Lconowcns. — BritumLJ?ancJc^Samanthn_Raucr, — be-in-placc-by-5-p.m_-4tH-club, 


based on the writi 
Lconowcns. Umgdon's .book had 
earlier inspired the non-musical 
version of "Anna and the King of 

''■"Siiirn"' , "whlch'\starred'TrcrnrDuflne" 
und Rex Harrison. This story has 
also inspired u .recently released 
animated version. A dramatic ver- 
sion with Jodie Foster is scheduled 
for release this fall'. The musical 

' tells the story of a 28-year-old 
English. _school teacher, Anna 

Jane Anderson portrays Lndy Alyssa Rogalla. Lauren RoguIIa, mC mbc'rs will' have their entries 

Timing, Wayne Rahlf plays the Bailey Sorvig, Maddy Sorvig, pinccd in conference judging. All 

Kruhihomc. Joanna Swuntek is Cassandra Teic, Corey Thorslad, exhibils arc to remain in place until 

Tuplim. David Christcnscn is Lun Kelly Tliorstad. and Melissa 5 am^unday,. 

Steve Tomac of St. Anthony, ND,.will be barrelman for. the 
Thu n der on Hooves bull r ide et the Penningto n County Fair Friday^ 
antl'Saturday at 7 p.m. irThls spare time, when norranchlng"or 
clowing, Tomac is a North Dakota State Senator. He says the 
objective In all cases Is to "stay ahead of the bull." 

'Lconowcns, who- comes to Siam 

' withticryoungsontotcachEn^ 

to the children of the King of Siam. 

The King is struggling to bring 

Siam .into 'lite'. new century and, in 

Lconowcns, Prince Chulutongkom 
is portrayed by Peter Hoks, Capt. 
Onon is pluyed by Val Hcffncr, 
Dane Jensen is the Interpreter Phra 
Alack, Jessica Rider is 'Princess 
Ying Yaowalak, Sir Edward 
Ram se y is p layed by Philip Hoks, 

and the wivcs!arc~playcd"by."Jun: 
Peterson, Karen Jensen, Connie 
Morris, Laura Scltmiiz, Heather 
Vcdbraaten, nnd Lori Ann Walscth; 
the dancers are played by Edic 

by David Christcnscn and Philip 

Hoks. . 

The artistic director for "The 
King and I" is Heidi Hoks. Diane 
Johnson. is directing the orchestra 
and the vocalists with Catherine 
Hagcn as accompanist; Laurie K. 
and Key Teeters-Asp is both cos- 
turner and choreographer. 


in Ditch 83 suit against DNR 

. Faced with a lawsuit scheduled 
for trial on or ubout September 22, 
Minnesota Department of Natural 
Resources (DNR) has filed a request. 
- for on order of summary judgment 

es drain into Stale Ditch 83 and 
derive benefit therefrom. Total acres 
benefited on these county and iuili- 
. cial ditches was placed at 570,752 
acres, of which 280,853. acres are 

with -the Ninth- District Court -in — state and federal. |ands._ ... 

Listed as ditches benefiting from' 
State Ditch 83 were county ditches 
28, 2, 33, 46 and 20 and Judicial 
Ditches 23. 12, 34, 1 1 and 21. Total 
.. benefits for this area were placed at 
52,021,594.35. ' " 

East Valley township; all in 
Marshall county. 

The petition met wilh opposition . 
front some landowners in the area 
, and others who objected to chong- 
ing the natu re , of a c hannel which, 
over nearly 90 years, had "revcHcdTo 
the appearance of a river. Olher 

expressed concern of increased d 
cer of downstream flooding. 
Over the winter of 1997-9 

77ie Times will take photos of 4- 
H grand champions Thursday at 4 

-p.m. in the Huck.Olson. Memorial 
Civic. Center, of 4-H livestock 
champions Friday in the livestock 
barn area and open class grand 
champions' Saturday at 10 n.m. in 
the civic center. _ 

^^rcc'enicrtalnment-'aL thT bandar 
shell which: began with Gospel 
Night Tuesday continues with a 
Batdc of the Bonds tonight from 5 
to 9 p.m. Beginning at 2 p.m. 
Thursday and continuing through 
Sunday, entertainment will be pro- 
— vidcd_by_£ranca_the_Magictan._ 
Maras Sisters and Jacob, the Marv 
Nisscl Bond and Saddle Tramp. A 
local talent show is scheduled for 
Sunday beginning at 1 p.m. 

In support of the free bandshcll 
attractions, the county fair board is 
conducting a raffle'with $10 tickets 
available from any board member. 
Prizes range from an Arctic Cat 4-. 

_wheelcr_to rive_$50_cash_prizes ! _ __ 

T'AV added : attraction will be 

choinsaw sculptor Denny Saunders 

of Omaha, NE, who will present 

four shows per day Friday, Saturday 

(Continued on Page 14) 

Timing is everytrTing for 
barrelman Steve Tomac 

Steve Tomac of St. Anthony, ND, 
doesn't take his barrelman role at 
docs one of his .other jobs — thatof- 
being a North Dakota State Senator. 
He just seems to have a lot more fun. 
in (no rodeo arena than the political 
arena. ■ 

• "The objective iij both is to keep 
ahead of the bull," he said of his 
-senate andbarrelmun jobs^-'Andthe- 
. liming 1 use as a clown has helped 
me in politics, because timing is 
everything." ' _■ _.-'_■ 
Tomac will be in tfic barrei"and " 
entertain during chute changes at 
the Thunder on Hooves bull ride 
Friday and Saturday at 7 p.m. at the 
Pennington County Fair. The Pro- 
fessional Bull Riders Association 

SD, the nearest town. In the-SIoux 
language, watauga means muddy 

„ water.. — '_ — : ■ -, ... 

- !mie first thing 1 wanted when I 
went to college was my own pair of 
blue jeans," he said. "I hod such a 
quest for independence. Needless to 
say, our supper table was a rioL" 

Steve graduated from North 
Dakota State University in Forgo in' 


Thief River Falls. Hearing on that- 
request has been set for July 30 in 
the district courtroom here. 

Red Lake Watershed District 
Tiled suit against the DNR February . 
It, 1999. in- Ninth District Court in 
Thief River Falls. In dispute is 
responsibility for payment by the 
' DNR foe- a share of the cost of. 

. cleaning StatciJitch 83, known gen-- ...- ,~....... — , - r—,----^--- . 

crally as the Thief River, northeast trees, sill and debris'from ihe dilch from the channel banks. The work 

of-Thief River Falls. _nnd_up over the topof the spoil, cut- was done at selected locations along Fifteen of the top 50 bull i riders 

At issue is application of state -ting of the bottom back down to ihe thcchonnel. in the Professional Bull Riders 


«.r r _.__.. ..:..-:-.- f m e ditch to a 4-1 grade on about Lake Watershed Distnct.orfice, pro- tide at Thunder on Hooves during 

14 miles of channel from Section 34 ject' expenditures, to _ date total 
of Excel township to' Section 16' of .. -(Continued OTrP&ge&j*' 

iricultural economics and commu- 
nications. He went to work, for-the 
Bank of North Dakota, then became 
vice president ofanoiher bank: 

Later he was named director of 
marketing for the North Dakota 
Department of Agriculture. In. 1982 
he' was named executive director of 

.„„,„,„,. the North Dakota Wheat" Growers 

■ (PBR)-Mnctioncd-evenUwiU-draw__Association=thc_sarac^yenr_iie— 
some 'of the lop riders to compete, bought a l,50Q-acrc^nrm and ranch 

,U2I,594.35. uvcr UlC winter oi mt-yo, u „. u «»_,_!__ w. .11 

Red Lake Watershed Districl contractor hired by the watershed Hign SCOiIng DUII 

accepted a petition for repair, of district conducted spot clearing and r i-i-- e ranHotorAri tn 

Stale Ditch 83 on June 11, 1997. snagging to remove trees and snags rHK3r» icyiaicicu iu 

The petition requested removal of from the channel and leaning trees rlHo here this Week' 

trees, silt and debris'from die dilch r — «•» -»■ ' »""' t - *"■- ™* ,IUC ,K " w u,,i> ™* re ' v 

and_up over the top of the spoil, cut- 
ting of the bottom back down to the. _ the channel. 

for a share of the total purse of near- 

. . Now 45 years of age. Senator 
Steve is the second oldest of Bob 
and Betty Tomac's-18 children- 
nine boys and nine girls. He grew 
S> on a ranch in North Dakota, 
though the address was Watauga, 

just southwest of Bismarck, ND, . 
where he grows wheat and runs cat- 
tle. He also runs an agricultural con" 
suiting and ranch appraisal- busi- 
ness. ■ ' ■'■ 
"I function'by crisis and get it all 
done,'! he said. . 

(Continued on Page 14) - 

purposes. The watershed district 
claims rights to determine benefits 
and assess costs . under state 
drainage law which grants those 
rights; '. ■'•.-. 

r~ Minnesota DNR has claimed it is 
not obligated to pay an assessed 
share of the project costs under 
other law which grants the Commis- ■ 
sione'r of Natural Resources the 
rig^it'to authorize assessment on'lhc 
state's consolidated conservation 
— ( cq n «co n) -la n dt_ 

State Ditch 83 was created by. 
court order ' of -Judge Andrew 
Grindeiand dated May 24. 1910. at 
"me request or'petitioncrsT Its cost 
was estimated to be $125,000 and • 
.-me--behent«-tc-bc-$l744 5-Ihej. 

order showed 8 1 ^2 1 .9 1' acres:tp. be;- .. 
benefited by the project'. " <7 

On March 16, .1976, Judge'- 
Warren5octre Issued an order trims- - . 
■ ferring management of State Ditch 
83 from the previous ditch authority 
to the Red Lake Watershed District. 

OiOpctober 9,'I986, the board of. . 
managers ofthe Red' Lake Wotcr- 
shqd' District accepted the viewers' 
report which redetermined benefits 
in trie Stole DItch'83drhTn'ag"c "sys""-" 
tern. The 'order noted that the 
acreage directly bcne,filcd • is 
37,988.72 acres and the total bene- 
fits $671.24835; 

Determination was also made by 
the^vicwers and the board Hint a 
number of county and judicial ditch- 

Randy TwistoL School DIstrlct.564 board "member, was otw'of 
about 120 volunteers who helped Install the Challenger 
Elementary school playground equipment Saturday, ^Juh/17.- 
Organizers of the massive volunteer Activity, originally expected 
the effort to take two days. Ehougnt skilled volunteers showed up 
on Saturday to complete the project In one 12-hour day. 
Organizers and volunteers sold they appreciated the donations of 
refreshments. Organizers had oho arranged volunteers to provide 
day care at Challenger for children of the volunteers.- J 

the Pennington County Fair.Friday 
and Saturday at 7 p.m. 

Heading the. list is third place 

.rider Gilbert Carrillo of Stephen- 
■ville. TX, who has PBR winnings 
through July 15 of $79,363. less 
than $3,000 behind second place 
rider Terry Don West. Running 
away, with the event this year is 

. Cody Hart who has already earned 

. Also riding here will be,,Gi!bert's 

■twin.-, brother Adam, who has 

- jumped into 10th place in the stand- - 
Ingi with earnings of $48,432. 

-^"Amonaroihcr ridenrregistered to~ 
>:• compete ncre end their PBR placing . 
as. of '.'July .15 vore Jaron ' 
^Nunneniaker ( ,..fortuna,-.CA;'.lIU. 

■ Cody.Custer,WlckenlH^Bb ( AZ,"15; 

,Ddnald'Oweri«,-Choctnw ( 'OK; : -20; 

,Tater. Porter, .Kenansville,- FL,-.24; 

' and Royd Doyal, Piusburg.MX; 29; . 
(., -Also Clint Green, Richton, MS, 

;40; Aaron Semns,' Auburn; CA,^41; 

"Brock Mortensen, Mackny.TD, 42; 
Jim Sharp, Stephenville, TX,.44; 
Barry. Gullo Jr., Oklahoma- City, 
OK, -47; arid- Pacen -Thygerson,- 
Dunciuri,AZ, 50. • — -. 

There are 40 differeni riders 
scheduled each night of Thunder on 
Hooves ^.with the top eight; each 
night making a second ride: Tho 
popular: kids' mutton buslin' will 
also be a part of the entertainment. 

■ v - .-■'.-:■; 

Expansion plans made 
for-River Road Casino- 

Seeking to bridge the gap 
' between the Red lake band and res- 
idents or Pennington county, repre- 
sentatives of the Red Lake tribal 
board discussed expansion* plans 
for the River Road Casino during a ' 
meeting Monday with the. 
Pennington County -:Board of 
Commissiohers and the Thief River 
Falls City.Council. ■. . .-'■:■ 
' Red Lake. -bond of Chippewa 
; operate the Red River CosinoTocot- 
ed about severi'mllcs south of Thief 
" River Falls^About six years ego, 
the^and JK)TOscd_locadng^fljc^ 
.casino in Thief River Falls at what 
:wns' thetiL the: former Red 'Owl , 

Whitefeather said the tribal board 
agrees .that: they ore going to do 

building. Public opposidon pretty, 
m ncrr^efeated-thnf-t "" 


something, but not to what degree, , 
They are taking & very careful end 
deliberate look at expansion p'tansi 
The. plans could, include expanded 
food service, lodging, o race track, 
a' water park,' and possibly a golf 
course, whitefeather said there are 
-"'■ . .."; (Continued on Page 14) ; , 

Road in front 
of Challenger 

'■•■'■ County" Staie FAid 8 (located in 
vfront ,ot Coallenger j f chooQ-js 

ShonJy after- mnt, me band discov- - 
ered'thrit it bad about 7.8 acres of. 
truit land south of Thief; River Falls - 
'(the current site' of the casino). ' . ^ 
(: Since its. beginning, the casino . 
revenue; 'Bobby 'Whiiefeflther,-- 
chairman.' of the band, said that it 
has < been a goal as' a Nation, to 
make the band self-sustaining so- 
that'membe'rs doTtidt have'tdwony 
about jobs, food ' or shelter. : 
Whitefeather said gaming is not the 
cure-all, but hopefully it will gener- 
ate a revenue stream to address the 

Currently,, thc.barid is in a posi- 
tion' ' to expand -the- casino. 

■ ; Pennington County Bdard L df 
. Commissioners awarded the-cbtw 
tract for paving the,eritu^.strctch of . 
road -from- -Pennington r Avenue ■ 
(County road 17) td Highway .59 to 
Northern Paving^of .Crookston; 
With a bidQf'Sr98^93r.Northern-- 
Paving submitted the lowest of., 
four bids on the project The bid ' 
.also. ceme-undcr..t*ie,erigiheer'l 
estimate of $260,238 JO. The pn> 
jeel is being financed with the use . 
of county state- aid construction 
funds. .-."■' . ', ; 

Bid specifications call -for the 
project to be completed- before 
schoolstans, ...:.•'.. 


„-. JTv--. :»» icifnt^gca 


YVcdncsday, July 21,1999 

sustainable ag 
loans available 

Willi more and more farmers 
looking Tor ways to increase ihcir 
profitability, the Minnesota 
' Department of .Agritillturci *hus ' 
announced ilie jivmUibiJily of low- 
interest loans lliat can he used Tor 
processing equipment Tor value- 
udded agricultural products. 

Loiin funds arc uvuiluble for 
purchases and projects that help 
make Minnesota farms more eco- 
nomically, environmentally and 
socially sustainable. Individual 
fanners are eligible for loans of up 
to SI 5.000 with a 6 'percent interest 
rate. Joint projects, involving sev- 
eral farmers, are eligible for loans 
or up to 575.000, with a SI5.000 
limit for each participant. . 

Ag Commissioner Gene 
llugoson praised the loan program 
aud its bo rro_wcrs,_By participating 
'in the program, he said, farmers are 
, helping themselves and the envi- 

"This program helps scores of . 
Minnesota fanners improve their 
profitability through the applicn-, 
tign of innovative sustainable prac- ' 
ticcs," Commissioner Hugoson 
said. "With more liinn S2.5 million 
loans to 250 farmers since the pro- 
gram began, the payback record is 
outstanding. This shows me lliat 
these are true success stories, and 
—famiers-cun-nieel-bolh-thcir eco- 
nomic and environmental goals at 
' the same time." 

~T Eligible, purchase may include 
innovative items such as value- 
added processing equipment, pro- 
duction items such as hoop houses, 
fencing for rotational grazing sys- 
' terns. Or equipment for alternative 
weed and soil management. 
. The loan program is accenting 
applications ' until September I . 
1999. A technical review panel will 
evaluate the applications based on 
potential to increase'farm prof- 
itability and benefits to the envi- 

- For an-uppliention- or additional - 
.information call Wayne Monsen, 
Loan and Grant Coordinator at 
651-282-2261. .or write: Sustain- 
able A g riculture program. "-Minn-., 
csola Department of Agriculture, 
90 West Plato Boulevard, St. Paul, 
MN 55107. or e-mail 

The First Tortoise end Hare 5K was held in Oklee Hast weekend 
during the Red Lake County Fair. Carmen Fore"(centeMrorganizer- 
of the event, presented trophies to the overall winners Harold 
Peterson of Thief River Fails, and Annamarte Fore of Oklee, . 




w^ii Visit us o n the World W ide Web; 

First and second place children winners in the First Tortoise and 
Hare race in Oklee were presented awards by Carmen -Fore (cen- 
ter), organizer of the event: (from left) Call! Larson, Megan Larson, 
Tyler Larson and Bret Gerardy. 

Education, therapy session f or 
adult children ofalcoholics 

Adult Children of Alcoholics 
combinati on and therapy sessions 
will be held from Wednesday, 
August II, through Wednesday, 

.These sessions are open to any- 
o ne who has g rown u p in any type 

October 13. This group meels ■ 
-a— week— for -II) -weeks: every - 
' Wednesday night from 7 to 10 p.m. 
ut Mount St. Benedict Center, 620 
Summit Avenue, Crookston. 

of dysfunctionariamily situation. 
No new registrations will be 
accepted after August 18. To regis- 
ter or for further questions, contact 
Sister Joyce Sclandcr at 218-281- 
3441. . . 

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sporting goods, furniture, 

baby bedding & accessories 

ordered from Our 

Spring & Summer, 

JCPenney "Signature Series" 

and Summer Catalogs. 

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JCPenney 9 Catalog 

log on to our wetelte 

Malthew W. Dyer 

Matthew Dyer 
gets Norwest 

Matthew W. Dyer; a student 
from Thief River Falls, has been 
awarded a SI. 000 scholarship from 
the Norwest - Corporation 
Scholarship program. Matthew is 
the son of Tamara Dyer, un 
-employee of Norwest Bank- 

A total of 273 scholarships, cov- 
ering tuition aiid academic fees for 
full-time post-high school educa- 
tion programs, were awarded by 
Norwest this year. Seventeen 
scholarships were awarded to stu- 
dent from North Dakota and north- 
western Minnesota, including 
seven renewal scholarships forlast 
year's winners. 

Applicants were measured on 
their educational performance and 
leadership ability. Criteria used to 

-select _ .scholarship recipients. 

included grade point average, per- 
sonal and school references, partic- 
ipation in school and community 
activities, a statement about career 
— goals-and-work-experience. 

Jeff Twomey 

graduates from 
Univ. of St. Thomas 

--.--Jeff Twomcy-of Thief River 
Falls has graduated from the 
University of St. Thomas with u 
bachelor of arts degree in business 
administration - marketing man- 
agement. He was among more than 
945 students receiving, bachelor's, 
master's and doctoral degrees at 
spring ceremonies. 

St. Thomas lists 
area students 
on Dean's list 

University Of St. Thomas recent- 
ly announced the names of studen ts _ 
■wrroseTicademic'achicvcmcntsTlur= B?Idaefte~St6cl 
ing the -1999 spring semester - — • - ■-- - 
earned them a place on the univer : 

iit y'.s Dean's list. 

~ Students named to tmvlist have 
maintained a minimum of "a 3.5 
grade-point average,, on a 4.0 scale, 
during the semester.' 

Named to the Dean's list from 
this area were: Trevor Lee, 
Rebecca' Mooney, ~ Elizabeth 
Odette, and Jam! Philipp all of 
Thief River Falls. 

Cory Ryan 

Grandson of TRF . 
residents earns 
high school honors 

Cory Ryan, son of Jeff and 
Wendy (Jensen) Ryan of Inver 
Grove Heights and grandson of Roy 
and Catherine Jorgcnson_of.Thie.f_ 
"River Fallsrcrodumcd with' honors" 

from Simley high school in June. 
■ He was the recipient of Presi- 
dential, all-conference and four- 
year tetter academic awards, 
.National Honor Society member- 
ship, all-conference and captain 
awards -in soccer and track, MVP 
award in track in 1 998 and 1 999 and 
Spartan award in soccer. He 

Area students on 
UMD spring 
Dean's list 

University of Minnesota Duluth 
(UMD) has announced'its Dean's 
list for Spring Quarter 1999. The 
students on the Dean's list have 
achieved n.grado point overage of 
3.5 or higher. 

Area students, on the UMD 
.Dean's list include: Lisa Marie 
Hovet. a senior from Thief River 
Falls in lhe_ college of education 
-"and" human -'services^ professio ns;' 

and Evan M7Tv111laxrlS'."a - 50ptItF- 
morc from Warren in the school pf , 
business and economics. 

Pennington DFL 
sponsors booth 
at county fair ' 

Pennington 'county DFL party 
has announced plans for Its booth ot 

Cory has been accepted into the 
college of engineering at the 
University of Wisconsin, Madison. 
"He has received- a-$2;500-annual- 
foiir-ycar scholarship from West 
Croup and a 52^00 environmental ■ 
scholarship from IJF1 Systems of 

ihe Pennington County Fair July 2(F" 
25. State Sen. LcRoy"Stumpf will 
be in the booth from noon to 3 p.m. 
.Thursday, July 22. Information will 
- also be available on announced can- 
didates and from the House and 
Semite caucuses and state DFL 
party. .. 

Wednesday, July 21, 1999 


^e«n*6 wn rt 


Wednesday, July 21. 1999 

Once again, 4-Hers will shine at the^enningtoh Co. Fair 

by Kuthi CurLson 
Times Reporter 

If things urc a bii hectic in ihc 
. Helgoland household these days, il's 
only hecausc it's county 'fair time. 

Ifiejiteen-year-old Bryanna 
Helgeland and her 15-year-old sis- 
ter. Chelsey, are busy preparing for 
entry' day, and chaos in anticipation 
of the- Pcnningion County Fair-is-a 
long-standing family tradition. 

EJry.*inna and Chchcy an; mem- 
bers of the Smiley. 4-H Club, The 
girls' older sisters, Lesley and 
Jocelyn: were members of the club 
as was their dad. Bud. Their mom. 
Linda, grew up with 4-H. loo, as u 
member of the Silvenon club. 

The history^)!" 4-H clubs in 
America goes bdift To the late liSOO's 
when -educators -in several states 
developed programs to teach useful 
skills to farm children. 

In 1896, a naturalist at Cornell 
University began to publish infor- 
mational leaflets to be used by 
■eounlrv schools in forming nature - 
clubs. "In the early 1900's. com. 

canning and poultry clubs in sever- 
al southern and midwestern states 
.stressed learning by doing. 

It was a school superintendent in 
Ohio who began one of the first 
organizations similar to today.'s 
local 4-H clubs. Meetings were 
held regularly, and members 
worked on projects dealing with 
—corn,- flowers and soil testing 

The U.S. Department of 
Agriculture encouraged the forma- 
tion of such clubs in states across 
the country, and southern land- 
grant colleges joined the depart- 
ment in sponsonngihe clubs. 

Irt 1914, the Smith-Lever Act 
established the " Cooperative 
Extension Service. The act also 
granted federal funds to states" .to 
"organize boys' and girls' agricultur- 
. al clubs, and each state soon set lip'' 
a club department. Gradually, boys 
-and girls began joining.thc same 
clubs as they do today. 

In the early I920's, agricultural 
—clubs throughout the United Stales- 
adopted the 4-H Club name and 

emblem, a clover with four white 
Il's on its leaves, that had been used 
in Iowa since about 1910. 

Today, nations around the world 
have 4-H clubs or other similar 
organizations, and while some have 
not adopted all parts of the pro- 
gram, all join in helping young peo- 
ple develop uselul .skills, and 
.become, product! VC-cilizeiis. '. 

With funds contributed by feder- 
al, state and county governments, 
county extension- service agents 
organize 4-H programs across the 
country and. provide leader. training. 
The Department of Agriculture and 
slate universities provide educa- 
tional materials to club members 
and help organize slate and nation: 
al 4-H events. 

Ustablished in 1976. the 
National 4-H Council supports the 
organization's work on a nation- 
wide basis, The non-profit council 
is supported by the contributions of 
corporations, foundation and indi- 
viduals and helps to amingeucliv- 
ilies and events, operates public 
information services and develops 
educational materials including 
project handbooks and leaders' 

Although much about the 4-H 
program remains constant, there 
nave been changes throughout the 
years' 10 accommodate changing 
demographics. Today, only a small 
percentage of 4-H members actual- 
ly live on farms with the remainder 
living in cities, towns, suburbs and 
rural ureas. 

Linda Helgoland is Smiley 4-H 
Club's key leader; and Sharon 
Larson is ihc club's assistant leader. 
able for today's 4-H youth, Linda 
says.-'Ifs not just cows and cookin'" 
anymore." In fact, if a youth's area 

Lincoln, -she Was active in the 
school's concert choir, and she 
enjoys playing softball. Bryanna 
currently serves us Smiley 4-H 
Club's president and is the reporter 
for Leaders Council. 

Chelsey will be u freshman at 
Lincoln this fall and participates in 
choir, volleyball, basketball and 

ijnick._ Her. current .4-H projects 
include English angora rabbits.* 
horseless, youth leadership and 
clothing in holh the constructed and 
purchased garment categories. She 
is presently the Smiley club's 


Bryanna and Chelsey arc two of 
about 250 Pennington county 4-H 
members from 10 clubs who urc 
hustling to get their projects ready 
for this week's fair. 

On Monduy, Chelsey was almost 
done with her projects, but her sis- 
ter still hud a lot to do. and the 
girls* mom thinks that Bryannu's 
procrastination might have some- 
thing to do with thefact that Smiley 
club members have already won 
trips to the state fair, having won 
the Share the Fun competition ear- 
lier this year. 

In actuality, Bryunna might just 
be one of those who does her best 
work when she's under pressurcV 
Many of us cun remember the 
excitement of going down to the 
wire with projects as we prepared 
for the county fair, the relief when 
making the .entry deadline and the 
anticipation- of the judges' deci- 

Although they have evolved 
through "theycars. - worth while""and " 
interesting 4-H projects are aniain- 

-s lay- of- the- eoun ly~ fai r-a nd - re rh a i n — 
as constant us the .organization's 


The white clover with H's on its 


This Florida White rabbit Is among the 4-H projects Bryanna 
Helgoland is busy preparing for this week's Pennington County 
Fair. Her other projects include a cat home landscaping and youth 
leadership. Bryanna is currently .the president of the Smiley 4-H 

the organization's numerous project 
categories, the youngster can pur- 
sue the subje ct' a s a 'sclf-dct cr- 
mihed" project. - - - - 

Membership criteria has 
changed also. Until they arc eligi- 
ble to become 4-H members at trie 
age of nine, children from kinder- 
garten age may participate in the 
Clovcrbud program. Membership 
is also now available to youth for 
one yeur aftec graduating from high 
■school; ' 

Like most 4-H clubs, the Smiley 
club meels. once a month. With 
about 20 members, the club meets 
at the Smiley hall during the worm 
months and intown during the win-— 

Bryanna and Chelsey Hclgcland 
have been attending 4-H meetings 
for as long as they can remember, 
accompanying their older sisters 
enough to be members incmsclves.. 

Bryannu's projects this year 
include Florida white rabbits, cots, 
home landscaping and youth lead-* 
crship. She graduated from Lincoln 
High School last month and-plons 
to attend Northland Community 
and Technical College this fall. At 

green field with the H s represent- 
ing heads, hearts, hands ana health, . 
and 4-H members ■ continue (o 
"pledge their heads to clcarcrthinlc-- 
ing, hearts to greater loyalty, hands 
lo larger service and health to better 
living for the club, community, 
country and world. 

"As her mom, UndaTToolcs onTCHelseYHelgeland addrsome-fln: 

ishlng stitches to the Jacketed dress she made for her construct- - 
ed garment project for the Pennington County Fair, Chelsey Is a 
Tnemberof'the Smiley4iH ClubrandUnda is one of the dub's 
leaders. Chelsey will also have purchased garment rabbit, horse- 
less and youth leedership projects at thJsweek's fair. 

J fanning 

^ou OCeec/. . . 

. .*.(jnyrauef/.S^nv//a//o/ts.^z 

' D/jan^you Garas 

• Response Coras 

• 3%ace Gartfs 

• [Parfy Uauors 

• OCapitins 

• ^/Iccessorics 
• Gusiom Designed- 


See DUe.OCew S/yfes Okr '99 



7 o 


® The Times 

324 Main Ave. N, Thief River Falls 

This flower bed and sign are new additions to project this year, the club added the flower bed 
the west side of the Pennington county fair- end sign. The Smiley 4-H Club was established in 
grounds this year. Trees were planted In 1990 to 1940 and Is one of 10 4-H dubs In Pennington 

commemorate the 60th anniversary ■ of the : county. 

Smiley 4-H Club, and'as Its Community Pride 



Wednesday, July 21 v 

Aerobics at 9 a.m. at Heritage Community Center. , " 

Senior Circle mectsut 1 p.m. at Heritage Community Center. 
Pennington County Fair. 

I Thursday, July 22 

Blood pressure clinic at 10:30 a.m. at Heritage Community Center. . 
Whist at 1 p.m. at Heritage Community Center. - 

Dance at Heritage Community Center from 7 to 10 p.m. 
Pennington County Fair. 

Friday, July 23 ^ 

Al-Anon meets at 8 p.m. in Room 113 at NWMC. 
AJL meets at 8 p.m. in the north conference room at NWMC. 
. Aerobics at 9 a.m. at Heritage Community Center.' ' 
Pennington County Fair. 

Saturday, July 24 



. _ me e ts at g p . m ^t^ Q8-NcTth-Ehrm: : ■ ; 

Al-Anon meets at'Sp.n). at 708 North Davis. / 

Pennington County Fair. 

, Sunday, July 25 . - 

1 Al-Anon and Alateen meet in Room 1 13 of the NWMC at 8 p.m. 
A jV." meets at 8 p.m. in the north conference room at NWMC. 
Pennington County Fair. 

!_Monday,July.26„ _ L__„ - _____ , 

Aerobics at 9 a.m. at Heritage Community Center. ' 

I Tuesday, July 27 

Bingo at I p,m. at Heritage Community Center. 

— Al-Anon and Alateen meet nt-8 p.m. in room I13atNWMC~.J : 

A-A. meets at 8 p.m. in the north conference room at NWMC' . 

J- . 

■ M " JUI » U I ,»l « »mHH P ! ■ WWrrt^wW I^WI V ' I . I' 

Jenny Edwards and Kent 
Holmes to wed August 21 

Jenny — Edwards — and— Kent- 
Holmes together with their parents. 
Jan and Steve Edwards of St. 
Joseph, MO and Mary, and Gus 
Holmes of—Thief.. River Falls, 
announce their- engagement and 
forthcoming marriage. 

Jenny is a 1991 graduate of 
Amcry, Wisconsin and is currently 
employed "with Pcrccsion Bio- 
medical in Piano, TX; 

Kent is a 1989 graduate or 
Lincoln High School in Thief River 
Palls and a 1995 graduate of 
Bcmidji Siaicj University. He is cur- 
rently employed by the Dallas Stars 

A wedding is planned for August 
21 at the United Methodist Church 
in Thief River Falls followed by a 
reception and dance at the Elks. 




TAiesduy, July 27 

Plummcr. 9:30-10:30 a.m. 

Brooks 10:45 a,m.-noon 


.1-2 p.h 

Wednesday, July 28 

Grygla 10:30 a.m.-tioon 

Gatzke I:l5-2p.m. 

Middle River 3-4:30 p.m. 

Thursduy. July 29 - 
Ncwfoldcn T0:30 u.m.-noon 

Strundmiist : I -2 p.m. 

'Flurijin ■.:.'.' 2:.l()-4; 

Notice: Persons with a (Usability 
who want assistance art-essing 
library •materials from the 
Northwest Regional Library 
Bookmobile may contact the-book- 
mobile librarian I'riilavs front ° 
tun. to 5 p.m. ttf 681-IOMt or 1-S00- 
450-1066. " . 

Hutchens and Christianson 
to wedjnJSepjember _ 

LSS expands respite program 
to include Pennington county 

Staccy Hutchens and Brian 
Christianson announce their 
engagement. and forthcoming mar- 

riage. . 

* Parents of the couple arc Michael 
and Patricia Hutchens of Trcynor. 
1A and Delbcrt and Norma 
Christianson of Thief River Falls. 

Staccy is a 1989 graduate of 
Trcynor High School and a 1993 
graduate of Northwest Missouri 
State University. She is currently 
employed us a market analyst, with 

-Commercial— Federal — Bnnlc— in- 
Omaha, NE. 

Brian. is. a.. 1988. graduate! of . 

Lincoln High School and a 1992 
graduate of Moorhcad State 
university. He received his master's 
degree- from the University of Iowa 
in 1994. He is currently employed 
as a supervisor of contract services 
with Union Pacific Railroad, in 
Omaha, NE. 

A wedding is planned for 
September 25 in Omaha. 

Final summer library program 
to feature magician 


Ma gicia n Jeffre y Sal vcson will 
resent a 45wninufc program antic" 

Tiief River Falls Public Library at 2 

p.m. on Thursday, July 22. 

Salvcson has been a favorite area 
children lust year prompted the 
'library to ask him to return this year. 

.This the final event of- 
this year's 'Treasure Your Library" 

summer program, and people of all 

ihc performance, certificates for the 
-reading achievement program will 

be presented, reading raffle- draw- 

in gs w ill be held, and the library 

Lutheran Social Service of 
Minnesota- will use grunt funds it 
has ' been awarded to expand its 
Respite and Caregiver Support pro- 
gram to includCPcrinirigion caurily.- 

Thc -grant is from federal funds 
through the Older American Act, 
administered by the Minnesota 
Board on Aging, Northwest Areu 
Agency on Aging in Region I . 

For several years tlu: program 
has been serving families in Polk, 
Norman and Marshall counties. 
Services arc. provided to families 
who care for loved ones who urc 
chronically ill; frail, elderly or dis- 

^Through the program, volunteer 
respite care services provide short 
term relief for caregivers while they 
take a break. Non-medical, in-home 
services arc available for persons 
age 60 and older in their homes with 
the role of the volunteer to uct as a 
friendly visitor,', making sure that 
everything remains safe and secure 
while the caregiver is ubscnt. 

The best caregivers arc healthy 
caregivers, and many times individ- 
uals don't realize that they arc worn 
out from caring for others, ignoring 
their own well-being. Respite care 
provides caregivers with the oppor- 
tunity to relax, spend lime with 
fri ends or ponicipatc in un activity. 
"The person - wh"o — rcccives~rcspllf" 

care. cun also. benefit from-Mxmg- 
und being around others while the 
caregiver takes a break. 

A discussion group wilt also be 
"available "to Pennington - cnunty- 
caregivers with speakers providing 
education .and" support. All care- 
givers are welcome to attend un 
organizational meeting for the dis- 
cussion group. which will he held on 
.Tuesday, August 17 ut 10 a.m. at 
Trinity Lutheran Church in Thief 
River Falls. 

Currently, efforts arc being made 
to identify caregivers in need of 
assistance and recmil volunteers to 
provide respite care. Referrals from 
public and private agencies, church- 
es und ihc general public are vital to 
the success of the program. 

Tara Giese, LSS respite care 
coordinator is nvailahle to speak to 
any interested groups, individuals or 
congregations about ihc Respite and 
Caregiver Support program. To 
make a referral or for more informa- 
tion, oil! 1-800-317-4845. 

Dance at Heritage 
Center July 22 

A dance will be held at the 
Heritage Community Center from 7 
to 10 p.m. on Thursday, July 22. 




store will*bc open for business. 

For more information, contact 
the Thief River Falls Public Library 
at. 68 1-4325. 

Larson and Green to wed' July 30 

Mr. and Mrs. William T. Green 

of Mcintosh and Mr. ana" Mrs.. 
Arnold Larson of Lake Itasca would 
like to announce the upcoming mar- 
-Tiagetif their childrenrboren* Louise 
to Sean Arnold. 

The celebration of love will take 
place at 4:30 p.m on Friday, July 30 
followed by a reception and dance 
at The Headwaters Inn. ' . 

Lonie Dargon to 
celebrate 80th 
birthday July 24 — 

An- open -house commemorating- 

the 80th birthday of Lonie Dargon 
will be held on July 24 from 2 to 4 
p.m. at the St. Hilaire Senior Center. 

NWAAA accepting 
applications tor 2000 funding 

'Applications are being accepted 
for.funding to. provide services for 
.individuals 60 and over in north- 
.western Minnesota for the calendar 
year 2000. 
' The Area Agency on Aging (of 
the Northwest Regional Develop- 
ment Commission administers 
grand funds and .contracts for.aerr* 
vices under the Federal Older 
Americans Act based on an Area 
Plan on Aging submitted to and 
approved by the Minnesota Board 
— oirAging. 

August 13- has been set -as the 
deadline to submit a letter of intent 

to apply for Federal Older American 
Act funds, and only agencies- sub- 
mitting a. letter of Intent will be 

■ Roseau counties. Some of these ser- 
vices may include, chorejeryice,. 
legal services, housekeeping/home- 
maker' service, advocacy, volunteer 
respite care, telephoning, informa- 
tion and assistance, transportation, 

. .home repairnnd renovation and the 
developmenitof residential services^ 
Funding is also available for heath 
promotion and wellness programs 
designed to encourage individuals 
to adopt more healthy lifestyles. 

Public or private agencies and 
political subdivisions of Minnesota, 
are eligible to apply for the match- 
ing grant funds.* Federal Qldor 
Amencans Act funds are provided, 
by the Minnesota Board of Aging 
and administered locally by the 
Northwest Area Agency on Aging. 

To obtain a letter of intent packet 
or for further information, contact' 
Danica Robson, Northwest Area 
Agency on Aging, 115 South Main, 
Suite U Warren, MN 56762 or tele- 
phone (218) 745-6733 or 1-800- 
333-2433. . 

invited to submit a fuir grant or con- 
' tract proposal. The deadline for sub- 
mitting grant and contract proposals 
will be September 30. 

Funding is available for agencies, 
providing services to maintain the. 
independence of individuals 60 and 
older in Kittson, Norman, Marshall, 
Pennington, Polk, Red Lake and 

drive draws 1 i62:donqrs 

Reger,, Kenneth: and Donna Poole, ■ 
Sharon . Odegaard. ' : Lorraine 
Dallmonn," Shirley Booth, Jane 
Reuter, Mary Voecks, . Kristen 
Wises, Esther Martsbn, Jan Dillon,'. 
'Pauttrie AuboirwrFilruscth, Luif 
Oien,-' Joyce Holbosch and Arlena 
Folger.- Redeemer Lutheran Church 
provided the space for the drive: . 
.-..; Donations. wlIL.heIp.meetlthe. 
blood needs of many patients in 43 : 
area 'hospitals served by United 
Blood Services. 

. Of the 162 people who' volun- 
teered to donate blood at,th6.recent',- 
Thief River Fails blood drive, 151 
were able- to give,, and three were, 
.first time donors. J _ _^_ . ,- ■ 
'-Marilyn Winters coordinated the 
drive. The drive was^ponsored by 
Redeemer Lutheran Church which 
assisted with recruiting donors; pub- 
istering donors. . 

; Those assisting included LaVoy 
Hickerson, Linda Johnson, Judy 



Page 6 - The Times 

SugarHouse Mortgage 

The Company For Your "Home Sweet Hot 
1406 W. Lake Street Ste. 207 • Mpls., MN 53408 

Karl DaLap, Branch Manager 

Specialize In Credit Problems A Low Rates: 
— 10O%-Rinancing--Debt-Cansolidation_r;„ 
Home Improvements 


Wednesday, July 21, 1999 

Wednesday, July 21, 1999 


FBEE CONSULTATION, CALL 1-888-303-6060 | 

■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ 


GS-500-for optimum joint support 
Tried and proven by people like you 


"We TOotU tym- 


• Body S Fender Repair 

• Expert Reflnlshlng 

• Plastic Welding 

• Windshield Replacement 

Call Us For An 


Class of 1948 
to hold reunion 
in Las-Vegas 

Lincoln High School's class of 
1 948 will hold a reunion on January 
20-22. 2000 at the Imperial Palace 
in Las Vegas, NV. 
'—Reservations should be mudo by 
calling Inez Rumbcau, sales depart- 
ment, at I-800-634-644L This will 
insure placement in the block or 
rooms mat has been set aside for the 

On Saturday, January 22 u dinner 
with special entertainment and 
awards will be held.. Rese rvation s 
arc necessary and should be made 
when rooms arc reserved. 

The Minnesota contact for the 
reunion is Arlene Micklcy at (218) 

Ryans announce 
birth of daughter 

Randy and Amy Ryan of East 
Grand Forks announce the binhof 
jheir daughter, Madison Lynn^bom 
" at 11:38 a.m\~6nTamefYDa'y. June 
20. at Altru Hospital - in Grand 
Forks. ND. The infant weighed 8 
lbs.. 3 oz. and was 20-1/2 inches 

Grandparents are Joe and Glcnda 
WesscI of Thief River Falls and 
Randy and Jeanie Ryan of Chula. 
MO. Great-grandparent. 1 ! arc Gilbert 
and Clarice Trontvct and Mcrril 
Wesscl. all of Thjcf River Falls. 
~BcU~KylTri - brEUdOTarKS - nrla' — 
Arcvella Case of Brookficld. MO. 

Matters announce 
birth of baby girl 

Ralph and Mary Matter of Thief 
River Falls are proud to announce 
the birth of their daughter, Grace 
Marie. The baby was horn on July 7 
and weighed 5 lbs.. 14 oz. She was 

.welcomed home by brothers Chris 
and Sam and sister Sarah. 

Grandparents are Bill and Joyce 

-Bulger, of Thief River Falls and . 
Ralph and Joyce Matter of Lake 

- Career-transitions 
workshop being 
offered inTRF 




Five generations of "the Nelson family gathered for a family pho- 
tograph recently. Seated is great-great-grandmother Bertlna 
Nelson and standing behind her (from left) are Barry Nelson, Tara 
Nelson and Marvin Nelsorj holding EmmaRae Nelson. 

Deer Park Garden club met July 13 

. ' Deer Park Garden club's annual 
tour on July 13 began at the hillside 
farm home nf Evelyn Myrum. rural 
provided a beautiful backdrop for. 
Evelyn's floral border beds. 

From there the group traveled to 
the rural Bagley retreat of Curtis 
and Jane Ronnings. The Runnings 
had saved materials from lite- past 
and gave, them new life in the 13 
flower beds that Tilled a large por- 
tion of their lawn. Club members 
enjoyed eoflce-and a snaekfrom the 
Ronnings' veranda. 
- Walker Brook Valley provided a 
view of Kenneth and Rutli Foldoc's 

rural Slievlin home where the 
flower gardens were complemented 
by a pond and waterfall. ■ 

-Th e lust sto p for cluh members 
was "Farm by the Lake," a spiritual; 
family and environmental center, 
and the garileriers visited the log 
cabin calr'Chickcn House Retreat. ' 

Following the tour, club mem- 
bers returned to the Myrum home 
where a lute afternoon luncheon 
was served. 

The next meeting of the Deer 
Park Garden club will be held at 7 
p.m. on August 10 at tile rural 
Goodridgc home of Henry and 
Deloris Bcndickson. 

Wessels to celebrate 
25th anniversary Aug. 7 

Kays, Benton, Safmnski & CorbLP^ 


■YyrrlifiirM ^Public (s/lccmtnlmiU 


formerly Anderson, Poissant, Kays & Co. . : ;;•] 

takes pleasure in announcing the partnership of ?**?$] 

Thomas Kays, Michelle Benton and Raymond SafranskF)] 

as of Friday, July 16, 1999. " ■_ '"'" 

: — : — -Welook-forward-toyour--—- 

continued business with our firm. . 

116 West Third Street • -P.O. Box 637 

Thief River Falls, MN 56701-0637 
{218) 681-4287- fax: <218) 681-4313 
i-L .^EdT»aH:Jcbscj^_@rnean^net 

~~TIic - rural _ cnsis _ haS"'lmpactcd— 
many people, both on forms and in 
area communities. As people con- 
sider various options for supplc- 

'~ mental income,~a~dlfferent _ job, ~ 
more secure employment or a 
career change, many decisions 
must be made. This workshop is 
being offered to area .men. and 
women who are experiencing such 
transitions in their lives. The topics 
and activities will help clarify the 

might make, and some of the . 
options available. 

"Career Transitions: Your 
Future Work" is a two-day work- 
shop to be held on August 10 and 
1 1 in Thief River Falls. The pro- 
gram includes: "Choices for 
Change - What Holds Us Back?", 
"What's My Style - Myers Briggs 
Instrument , "Lighten Up with 
Lena -•Valueof Humorin Our 
Lives", "Creative Job Search", and 
"Checking Out Options". Various 
individuals- and agencies will serve 
as presenters, including University 
of Minnesota Extension ■ Service, 

-RuralJ-ife^Outreach,, Minnesota. 
Workforce Center, Northland 
Community and Technical 
College, and the University of- 
Minnesota, Crookston. . 

First day's sessions wilt be held 
at the C'Mon Inn, Thief River 
Falls; the second day will be at 
Northland Community '„_ and_ 
Technical Colleges. Participant's 
fee for. the two days is $15, which 

. includes lodging, meals, and mate- 
rials. Remainder of the actual cost 
is provided by special Rural 
Response funding, through the. 
University of Minnesota Extension 

For further information or a reg- 

ie* and Glcnda Wessel of Thief followed by a reception until 5 p.m. 
RivcrFalls will celebrate their 25th ' The event will be hosted by the 
wedding anniversary with an open couple's children, 
house at the Heritage Community Joe and-QIcnda were married on 
Center. A 2 p.m. program will be July 20. 1974 in Thief River Falls. 

Harders announce birth of baby boy 

Danielle and Riley Harder arc 
"proud' to "announce" tneranival 'of 
their brother, Nicklaus Mark, born 
at 6 n"m. on May 19 io Mark and 
Sherri Harder of Warroad. Nicklaus 
weighed 7 lbs., 6,oz. and was 20 
inches long. 

Maternal grandparents are_ 

Leonard Cole of Fairbanks, AK' and 
Genevieve Halvorsoh of Warroad. ~ 
Wayne and Donna Harder of Thief 
River Falls'arc the paternal grand- 

Barents. Oreat-grondmoihcr is Mary 
aker of Thief River Falls. 



Magnet Mnglc 

Fill a jar with water and place a 
paper clip in it. (Be sure the paper 
clip you use is magnetic. Some arc 
not.) Make the paper clip dance up 
and dowh in the waier by moving a 
magnet up and down outside the jar. 
Variation: Place a paper clip or 
other metal object on top of a table. 
Rub the magnet under the table and 
watch the metal items move around 
the toole. 

(Contributed by Discovery Place 
child care center.) 


For next week's Activities fea- 
ture, you will need your time. 

The Thief River Falls public 
library i nvites you to browse 
through its new selection of ■chil- 
dren's books including the follow- 

Davol, Marguerite. The Paper 
Dragon. When .the terrible dragon 
Sui Jen awakens from his hundred 
years' sleep, only one brave villager 
is wise enough to"confront the scaly 
beast: Mi Fei. 

Mclmcd, Laura Krauss. Little 
Oh. Much to a lonely woman's sur - 
prise, the little origami paper doll"" 
she constructed springs to life one 
day. From that moment onr their 
love for each other grows and grows 
and greater adventures than she 
could ever imagine arc created. 

Tom Sawyer. Mischievous Tom 
finds adventure and trouble on the 
shores of the Mississippi with his. 
friend Huckleberry Finn as they 
track down Injun Joe and then tum 
to a life of respectability.' 

Whether done sprawled on n 
beach blanket, cross-legged by a 
campfire, or lying under a shade 
. tree, reading in the summer can be a 
child' s ticket to transformation. The 
ultimate list "of. favorite summer 
books con be found in the June/July - 
issue of Fjunily-Bui- 


"Survival." Great site a bout 
vildltfe and -endangered species. 

Remember that the Thief River 
Falls public library has preschool 

— r; -". ^^rr^ — ;^;^;- , ri;.™-.l,ii-ni-in- 

' lot of time. So the question is: liiw" 
can we encourage children to pick 
up their toys'.' One way is to make 
sure that toy storage is convenient 
for them. - ' 

Rather than using one large loy 
box, where cvcryilnng'is alt mixed 
up and thrown together, use small 
containers so that similar things can 
be stored together. This method noi 
only teaches children about organi- 
zation, but actually makes the toys 
more inviting to play with. 
Inexpensive containers to use 
include ice cream pails, rubber dish- 
pans, coffee cans or sturdy card- 
board boxes. You could even glue a 
picture on each to show the child 
what goes inside. 

Other good storage includes bas- 
kets, lower dresser drawers and 
slurdy"shelves _ afthc"botmm~of-a- 
closet or bookcase. Choose storage 
places your.child can reach if you 
want them to use the places. 
Remember children will not 
become responsible and pick ,up 
their toys just because you have 
good storage. But good storage, 
Kelp and encouragement from par- 
ents will do a lot to promote respon- 

sible c h ildren. 


Help your child learn about sort- 
ing and position words as you pick 
up toys together. For example, say. 
"put the cars in the bucket." "put the 
blocks on the shelf." etc. v 

(Contributed by the Early 
Childhood Family Education 
department of School District 554.) 

The Timus 

Programs Sunday, 
July 25 at Old 
Mill State Park 

Two programs are being planned 
■for-Sunday. -July -35, at Old Mill. 
Slate Park west oINewfolden. 
_~~"Ar 1 1 a.m. at.llie beach a chil- 
ififcn'.s activity will feature 
Factions Frogs ami Totals. 
Children will learn about 1 these 
mphihians-and-makc a-I'mg-lliiil- 
they can take home. 

From 3 to 4 p.m. the 'historic 
Larson mill and cabin will be open. 
The park naturalist will be oh hand 
io answer questions about, what life 
was like around the turn of the cen- 
tury and the flour mill .for which - 
Old Mill Slate Park is named... 

All programs arc. free and open 
to ilie. public. A vehicle permit is 
required to enier the park. 

Several pets 
being held 
at pound 

Several pets are being held at 
-ilicTtiicLKivcr.Falls Police AniiuaL 
Pound. Owners may claim the pets 
by contacting- the police depart- 
ment at 68 1 -61 6 I . Each of the pels 
will be kept for a minimum ol 10 
days. Animals may be claimed by 
proving ownership. Pound fees, 
license fees and any oilier expense 
incurred by the department will be 
assessed prior io release. 

Animals held in ihc pound 
— i ucl u 't '" " miili 1 , h lti pk ca t, 
impounded July 3, from the 
Grecndale Manor area: a male grey 
cat impounded Jirty" 7 from the 
' North Knight urea; a white female 
cat. impounded July 18, from the 
Stephen area: a mate black lab. 
impounded July 17 from the 
Riverside area; and a female lab 
cross, impounded July 16, from the 
area of County "Road 20. 

Charles LeDuc appointed to trial bench 

storytimes every Tnurs~day~ai""10" 
a.m.' Also remember. to. check out 
the parenting corner, by the chil- 
dren's room for new Information, 
and helpful hints for busy parents 
on books, reading and much more. ■ 

Wont to listen to a story over the 

Governor Jesse Ventura has 
announced the appointment of 
Charles LeDuc : to the Ninth 
Judicial District trial bench vacan- 
cy in Koochiching county which 
occurred with the retirement of the 
Honorable Peter Hcmstad on May 

-3 1-1 999. 

LeDuc is a partner in the 

-International Falls law firm of 
Shcrmoen, LeDuc and Juska. He 

-has-becn-an ancmcy^with-the- firm- 
since 1979. He was also an assis- 
tant public defender in the Ninth 
Judicial District from 1980-1996. 

-LcDuccarned both hisjuris doctor-- 

me degree in 1979. and his bache- 
lor of science degree cum laude in 
1975, from the University of North- 

In addition to trying cases in 
state and federal courts. LeDuc is 
also admitted to the Red Lake 

-Tribal court-He-isjiasfcpresidenLoE 

ihe Koochiching County bar asso- 
ciation, the Local Rotary club and 
Jaycees and is a little league coach. 
ND. and now resides in 
International -Falls with his wife 
Brcnda. and two children ; Jaime 
"and Charlie.' 

Northwest Medical . Center 
reports Ihc following births since 
last week's edition of The Times: 
On July 12 a baby boy was born 

to Jorrod and Kan Wilde of Thief 
River Falls. She has been given the 
name Hailey Joy. 

On July 14 n baby girl was born 

to Chadwick and Penny Persons of . to Corey and Lori wikstrorn of 

Thief River Falls. -He has been . 
given the name Cameron Brian. 
On July 13 a baby boy was bom 

Karlstad. She has been given the 
name Dariann Leigh.' 

OnJuly 18 a baby girl was bom 

istration trc«hure, contact Glenic6^, oTo( i(i sax nn( j c yn , n i a Haccn of to Thomas Pribyl and Christina 

Johnson al-the Pennington County 
Extension Office, 683-7030, or 
your local County Extension 
office: . 

Mesaba reports 
net earnings 

Mesaba Holdings, Inc. has, 
reported that its net income 
for the first fiscal quarter ended 
June 30, 1999 totaled $9.1 million, 
or„$0.43^per_diluted share, ( 

-Grygla.- He was given the name 
Dillon Sox. 
• On July 14 a baby girl was bom 

Ryan of Goodridgc. She has been 
given the name JaeCcc Marie 

Pearl Poppenhagen 
to note 90th birthday 

years diluted earnings per share of 
50.31. For fiscal 1999, this amount 
excludes' a one-time charge' of. 
$0.03 (net of tax) per diluted shore 
for the write-off. :, of 
deferred start-up costs. Excluding 
that charge, net Income was $6.8 . 
million: -Operating 'revenues; 
for the current period increased 
24.0 percent to $99.8 million* - ~ - - 


€3The Times 

881-4450 -ThWRlvir FaKa 

Friends and family members will 
attend a picnic gathering commem- 
orating Pearl Poppenhagcn's 90th 
birthday on Saturday, July 24. ■ r 
- The event will begin at noon and 
continue throughout the afternoon 
on-tho-picnic-grounds at Oakland 
Pnrlc — -r — 

In the case of inclement weather, 
thegalhcririg-will be- beld.Dt New- 
Life Assembly of God Church. No 
gifts please. 

Melissa Lund to 
be feted at bridal 
shower July 31 

A bridal shower brunch will be 
held in honor of Melissa Lund on 
Saturday, July 31 at 10' the 
cost or Holt on County Road 7. ' 

Melissa Is the bride-to-be cf Ben 
Lindquist. ' 


(Contributed by the Northwest 
Regional Library.) ' 


Toy Storage -• ■ ■ 

It is hard to know just how many 

§omes, puzzles, crayons, blocks, 
oils and other toys a child manages 
to play with in a day. But one thing 
you can-be sure ofis that, someone, 
has to pick up those toys, over and 
over and over again! Wouldn't it be 
nice if your children picked up their 
own toys7 After alt it would teach 
them so much about responsibility 
and independence pjus saying us a- 

Applications are being accepted 
fo r the . titlc_of-Mrs- Pennington - 
County. Official preliminary to the 
Mrs. - Minnesota . International 
Pageant, to be presented at Stewart 
Hall, March 18 and 19, Year 2000 
in St. Cloud! 

The woman - chosen ' as Mrs. 
Pennington County will become an 
ambassadorfrom Pennington coun- 
ty and will receive an official title 
and sash. 

— _loe_woman_chQsen_as_Mrs. 
Minnesota Internationa) will 
receive a prize package worth 
$7,000 and the chance to represent 
Minnesota at the Year 2000 Mrs. 
U.S. International Pageant. 

The Easter Sea) Society a nd the 

Down On 

Nobody cures* but ■ statistics Wcll,-they should have left home 

released recently confirm that traffic earlier. Do they hate wasting^imc 

fatalities in Minnesota have gone on the road? Well, they should buy 

way up since the speed limit was somebooks-on-tapc.. .. 

raised on freeways and many other It is particularly comic when cal- 

roads. cified retired couples zoom by me 

It is clear that higher speeds kill, in their Eldorados. C'mon grandma 
Nobody has successfully proven and grandpa; take a pill! Isn't slow- 
otherwise. But, because you can't iftg down what retirement is all 
pin the blame for any one accident about? 

on the higher speed limits, no rela- At bottom, most hurry is . mere 

tives of the deceased arc likely to conceit People are desperate Tor a 

lobby for a return to fifty-five. sense of importance, and being 

I have always enjoyed driving rusTied is one way of looking lmpor- 

fifty-five miles per hour, at least on taht. 

two-lane roads. Driving sixty-five I am convinced that many people 

unnerves'me,andattheendoratrip not-so-subconsciously leave home 

on a two-lane 65-mile-per-hour latejusttogctthe.thnllofnishinglo 

road I see double and feel drained, their' destination and arriving in a 

I savor the solitude of driving. I breathless condition. Hurry adds 

often slow down as 1 approach my drama to their otherwise dull and 

— desttoationrjust-to prolonfrthc-iimcw^ ' 

spent away from the phone, away No delusion is more sacred to 

from problems, away from the press humans than the belief that ihcir 

of people who want things butof dally routines are hugely Important, 

mcWhen else can one listen to full of drama, filled with suspense, 

music without the threat of intemip- and vital to the universe, 

lion by a telemarketer? If more people could appreciate 

As for these people who pull -how vain hurry is, how inconsc- 

rijtht up to my bumper, then zoom quential are our daily worries,'. how. 

by me as ifl am a relic of the last silly, it is to get bent out of shape 
- century - what Utteirrush? None of -.over getting to WalrMort before the 

them look as if tbey are bleeding, sale ends, more people would be 

choking, or in labor. content toslip in a good I tape, relax, 

To me, rushed drivers look like and keep the needle on fifty-five. 
_beady-eyeigerblU.niiining on_one__J3erejsa ^cascj^re^ jitUephi-. 

of those i spinning wheels. Are they losophy could save a few lives, 

late for an appointment or work? .-'... 

Search for MrsTPennington 
County is announced 

Susan G. .Komcn* Breast Cancer- 
of the Mrs. Minnesota International 

The current reigning 1999 Mrs. 
Minnesota is Dee Henderson of 
Stillwater. Her platform is 

"Changing Children's Futures 

through Adoption." 

Competitions include' personal 
interview, aerobic wear, and 
, evening gown. There are now 
'sw imsuit competitions. 

Married ' women' "living" .in" 
Pennington county who are inter- 
ested in applying should write for a 
biography form to Mrs. Minnesota, 
International Pageant, P.O. Box 
11447. St. Paul, MN 55111-0447; 
— or call 612^432-6758;orfax-612-- 
953-3896. : - - ■ 

Bridal shower for 
Erica Lefrooth 
Saturday, July 24 

Erica Lefrooth will be honored at 
a bridal shower on Saiurdoy, July 24 
at 2 p.m at the Strandquist 
Community Center. _ * 

Erica is the bride-to-be of Chad 
Nelson. . .; -... _ 

Pill!*." « 


Wednesday, July 21, 1999 


Rosalie Maier, 58 

Arthur- Brow rr, 86 
Orris Johnson, 82 
Louis Keller Jr., 84 
'Alvin Kompen, 87 

Rulh"Lewlsr96 — 

Rosalte-Maier, 58 

CurtisNordby, 94 

Marie Olson, 79 
Lawrence Philipp, 88 
Alice Puschinsky, 89 

-Mabel Sovder91 _ 

Vernon Wikstrom, 82- 


r. 5S. died Tuesday. July 1 3. 
at Alt™ lldspiu' ' " " 

I (irUIld 

-l-'nrks.-NI): :' 

limi-ial -ervices were held ai 
111 if) a in. on Saturday. Julv 17 al 
Ciutrn 1-iinciul EUnm: iiiTliiuf Riwr 
] ; ,ili\ wiili Ueu-ieml (iary Johnson 

moved In Crookston to be -with her 
sister anil brother-in-law. Carol ami 
Cierald Pimomicuult. She lived in 
moved in Thief River I : alK where 
slie has since resided wild Carol and 

Curtis Nordby, j),4 

Crycla - funis 

Sunday. July 
Memorial Care Cer 



limit* enjoyed animals, espmul- 
tr — iy race-horses.- Hiui-rwing-wiih-liur 
family and friends. 

len Mai 

Lawrence Philipp, 88 

■' Fulls - Lawioncu 
.1 M..m..i\. Juh i:. 
.evL Medical (Vnk'f 

■ lU-t 

I., i the 

i CI: 


eh. i 

kills, uiih Reverend 
luliii W..llon/ieri nliieiatiriy. ('.rase 
llaminei was ilie oreanisi. and vocal 

Sueiw.ii'.ind WemK Ula/cjovvki.' 
C.^ellrLMiei- ii't'H' l.aHf.'jiee'.s 
_e,iaiiddi!l.lren.-Ktii'Ll!lii]i|ip. Slevci,—. 
I'liilipp. Keislin lt].i/iii.i. Aaron 
Hl.i/in.i. J.i-oii Philipp ami Amanda 
I'liilipp. lloiu-rarv e a ske theaters 
wt-K- R'.eei Philipp. Joe I'hilipp. 
Dean I'hilipp. Hale I'hilipp. Seotl . 
Philipp. Mieliael I'liilipp. Darren ■ 
l'liilip|> ami Iciirev I'hilipp. Hurial 
w\t- in Hetlianv Cemetery in Smiley 
lnwiisliipol rennineiim eountv. The 
--" -I'Thiel River. 

I-ianeise... CAdurine ih. 
On October 2x I'M 
was united in mania; 
Nelson al Muvie. The c. 
u .form in liuvl lo 
Marshall eonnlv lor a 

i\ horn on 

!...ll..the fa 

daughter ol Theo.loie and Helen 'I'll 

(TiaeiVi Maiei. She was baptized nej 

'•iulinlie l.iillieian I'ailh and attended grt 
selHiol in Cliicajjo. Kosie lived vviili 

lu-i p.iients licit i I \hc> died and then liei 

Louis Keller Jr., 84 



(Gerald) I'insomieault 
River Falls: one niece; one 
w: and live great niece's and 
iqihews,- ■■- 
sie was -preceded in death by 

s Nordhy. 94. died 
\W) al I'ioneer 
1 Krskine. 
_ • will 1* l'«W •» 
111 a.m. on Friday. Julv 23 al Grate 
Lutheran Clmtcli in Grygia with 
Reverend I'aul Knnlsim ntlieialing. 
Joy Nordhv will he the organist, and 
-vocal-musio-will he provided .by. Joy 
Nordby. Marie Anderson anil Sandy 

■ Caskeihcarers will he Mike 
• Nunlhy. Jim Nordhv. Jerry Nordby. 
Kurt Jankowski. Raniey Nordby. 
Kim-Umerv and Dave llalvurson. 
Ilonnniry 'casket bearers will be 
Tiinva Verboul. Kascy Nordhy 

fintioil into the Lulheran faith. The 
family moved Iti Mutton, ND and 
later returned to Grygla. '■ 

On October 15. 1939. Curtis 
married' Alice Mac - Wamc, -'and 
together lliey farmed and had dairy 
cows. After Alice's death in 1969. 
Curtis sold die farm to his oldest 
son. Doughs, and unwed to Thief. 
River Fulls where he lived urilil a 
year ago when a stroke forced him 
id lake residence al Pioneer 
Memorial Care Center in F-rskine. . 

He was a member of Grace 
Lutheran Church of Grygla. 

Curtis is survived by iwo sons,' 
Douglas (Lorraine) Nordby and 

fucas Nordhy. Justin NwdbyXaurii* Larry Nordby: one daughler. 
Malviirsou. Megan Halvnrsmi. Charleen (Keith) Jankowski; seven 

;md pun 


I'M'). Me^iKo farmed 
larni lur many year-.. 
Lawrence was a 
_Ucil];inyJ J tirlicia.iL r .h'!!: 
Me enjoyed limitim: 
andhisgianilcliildicn v. 
and joy. 

MidilU' River -Louis Keller Jr.. 
■I.dieil Wednesday. July 14. 1999 

i Sheltering Oaks Nursing Miinie in 

Funeral services were held at 10 
in. on Friday. July lo al Our 
.nun's Lutheran Cliureh in Thief 
ake wilh I'asiiir John' 
MKialiiiL". I'at M; 







...... Fern:' two *.nv Wallaa 

iThehnai of I'eona. II. and lional. 
(Lois) of Thief River Falk o.k 
daughter. C.loria (Kent llh/imi ol 
Thunder Hav. Oiuario. Canada: si> 
eiandchildien: thice hrolhers 
'lames (Connie', Vernon iVvonne 

Middle Riv 



lo. Donald Beitu, Kean 
rold Deito anil Fugcnc 

"emetery in Middle Iliver. 
ins l-'uneral [{nine of 
charge of the 

Lawrence- I'hilipp was horn on 
March :i. I"ll in (Iraud I'lain 

loiwislup ol Marshall coimiv. the 
M.u ol John and Sarah iKloekniaiU 
I'hilipp. lie was hapli/cd and con- 
firmed into ihe Lutheran failh. 
attended DMiiel 7d couniry school 
and eradimled llom the Northwesl 


lilimii ol Las V.-ims. 5!V; 
i-in-law. Mildred Hiihppo 
|-- l ansisco. ("A: and H> ni 
\e was precetled in ilealh rr 


school and grew ii]i near .Strallteona 
and was hapli/cd and con tinned in 
ihe Lutheran faith. 

Fur many years. Louie farmed in 
Thief Lake township of Marshall 
county near Middle River. He was 
also employed at Polaris Industries 
.in Roseau until retiring in I9K1). 

Louie moved lo Thief River Falls 
and al the lime of his dcalh. lie was 
residing al ..Sheltering Oaks Nursing 
Nome in Roseau. 

He was a member of ihe Moose 
Lmlge and ZCUJ Lodge. An avid 
ouldiiorsman. lie especially enjoyed 
tunning and irapping. 

Louie is survived hy one sister. 
Violet Giisl of Roseau, and many 
nieces, nephews and oilier relatives. 
~ !dediirtlcntrr hy-hiv 

Finery. Kaillin limery, 

Donaviin Nordhv, Jonatltan 
Jankowski. Ilyan Jankowski and 
Chiise Jankowski. Ilurial will he in 
Vallc Ccnielery in IJenville liiwn- 
ship of Heltnimi county. 

Visitation will be held from noon 
imlil 7 p.m. July 22 
with a 7 p.m. prayer service at 
Green Funeral I lome in Thief River 

Cu"rirs~Noi dliy*wasr bortron AprU~ 

II. 1905 in Renville township of 
Dcllrami county, ihe son of Feter 
and Uenhea (llye) Nordhy'. Curtis 

Jioolin Denville lown- 
,hip and was baptized and eon- 


grandchildren: 12 grcal -grandchil- 
dren; one brother. Harold Nordby of 
California: five sisters. Puula 
Wicklutid. Rorence Shay and Alice 
(Oilman) liylland. all of Spokane. 
WA, Eslher (Clause) Krislrom of 
Aberdeen. WA and Ililma Niven or 
Monlello, Wl: and many nieces. 
nephews and other relatives. 

He was preceded in death by his ■ 
wife. Alice; special friend. Ingu 


grandson. Skyler. Nordby; ihrec 
brothers. Calmer, Arthur and 
Adolnh Nordby and one sister. 
Myrtle llaugen. Ai».i)uiimrui 

horn on 

H in Pci|>lar tirovo He Wiis |ll . 

ITsii-lte^-imriisEiijiVor.Rnseati-coiiniy^ncar-parcnls and two brothers-in-law. 
SirallK'oiia.-theMin-of Loui: 

Ruth Lewis,' 96 

^VuTrTOttl— Rntrrl^wisT9Mi^ _ ^^ m ^" ll, ^ l ^' ,d " or " nuniin S- 0, l d 



Keller. He attend ' 

Vernon Wikstrom, 82 




i MI2S. 

o| A. 


n Crookstoi 

Irani! I'lain town- 
ship of Marshall county, worked in 
Ihe Woods in northern Minnesota 

Marie Olson, 79 

Mentor -Marie Olson. 79. died 
Tnesdav. July I.'. (999 al Dakota 
Heartland Hospital in Fargo. ND. 

Funeral services were held 

l-rldav. Julv l"<raT~irrcn a.m. al 
Faith Lutheran Church in Mentor 
wilh Reverend Orlin Nu 


^ ist, and the soloist was Uayorue 

' Kochler. Caskctbearers were David 
-Olson, Uoger-OKon.Arnold Olson. 
Jr..' Sam Olson. Hlaiiie Hanson and 
Vernon Roll. Honorary easkelbear- 
ers weie all of. Marie's grandchil- 
dren. Hurial was in Faith Lutheran 
C'emeierv near Mentor. The 
I'etterson' l-'uneral Home of Red 
Lake Falls was in charge of the 
arrangements. ' 

Marie— Fan line— Ainber.suiu._ 

horn on March 5. 19211 in Woodsid 
township of Folk county, the daugh- 
ter of Peicr anil Falma (Kindt 
Anibersmi. She grew up and ailend- 
ed school in ihe Mentor and 
Hchrami areas. 
'"From 193S until I9(if.. Miirie 

■ was married lo Leonard Hallcbrol. 
and from Anuusl of l%8 until 
November of 1993, she was married 
inAllwri Flame. On A nril K, 199-1. 

Farland; Ihrec hroiheis. Ralph. 
I and Charles: and two broiheis 
aw. IrviiiHaiighomaiidClitfoid 

.Marie .was. united. iiuiuarriagc^ io._ 
Arnold Olson, and ihe couple lived 
in Mehlor. 

She enioyed old-time music. 


Marie is survived, hy her hus- 
band. Arnold of Meritor: one son. 
UariiDS-ville:" Iwo daughters. 

■ Vernon Wikstrom. H2. 

July 12. 1999 at 

Medical Center in Thief 

were held at I 
p.m. on Friday. 
July Id al Grace 
L u t.h 

few summers. Vernon worked on 
the pipeline. He also drove bus for 
the Grygla School for 25 years, and 
later he was a star route mail driver 
for Ihe post offices in Grygla and 
Goodridge for 17 years, retiring at 

Vernon and Viola enjoyed travel- 
in ing by bus and automobile, arid they 
with visited all of the United Slates and 

vinces. The y ah 

Canadian I 1 . .. . 

made one trip overseas: The couple 
recently celebrated their 60lh wed- 

Lind and Pastor 

I'aul Kniilson , . ... 

officiating. Joy ding unnivcr*aryvvith_Jim^y_jind_ 

__ ... ' -^friends; : 

Vernon was a member of ihe 
Minnesota Farmers Union for 55 

Lorraine (llaroldl Keele 

. MargareHDcttiiisj.l,ee,.botliofReil_ 
Uke Falls: nine grandchildren: II 
great-grandchildren; three brothers. 
Waller Amberson and Palmer 
Amherson.- both of. Solwav, and- 
AlviniFlla). Amberson of lleiiiidji; . 
one sister, Violet I'a/dernik til 
l-rskine: inany siepcliildren: .step 
grandchildren; step gieal-grandchil- 

organist, am' 
vocal music wa 

-provided by — years-iind-held-iiffi 

Lowell and Donna Mae llogberg. | and county boards. He was also a 
Caskctbearers were Doris -Gilt, member of the Siar Route Mail 
Scon Wikstrom.Allan.WiksiromJr...„Roulc Association, and a life-long 
Robin Rosga. Sheila Thuraldson, memberof the Democratic party. 

iis employed for many years in 
hospitals in thief River Falls, 
Bluefield. WVUnd Warroad. 

Ruth was a member of the. 
P.T.A.. Rebekku's and Zion 
Lutheran Church of Warroad, She 
was also a Cub Scout leader. 

For the past 13 years, she had 
been a resident of the Warroad Care 

Ruth is survived by three sons. 

Bill (Marlene) and Bob [Linda). 

both of Warroad, and George 

(Dcbby) of East Grand Forks; two 

California and daughters, Mavis Davis of Bastian. 

■VA and Kathleen (Frank) Ramillcr 

In Iiveretl. WA. she married of Ml. Morris. MI; one slepdaugh- 


ihree daughters. After ihe couple Humboldt; 28 grandchildren and at 

separated: Ruth came lo Warroad as least one great-great-grandchild. 

li-hDii'Jckccpcr-forthc-Lcc-L^wi!; Shrwas preceded m death by her- 

family- husband, Lcc Lewis; her parents; 

On August 19. 1932. she and Leo one daughter, Mclba; nine brolhcrs 
'ihe'iocai . ■■ & *:'* were un ited in marria g e at and sislers; and four gr andc hildren. 
Baudette. and the couple had three Ai™mnv«iui 

sons, After Lee died in J.958. Ruth 

Thursday. July 15. 1999 -at-the 
Warcoud_CiireXci}lcr,in Warroad. 

I-'uneral services were held at 2 
p.m. on Sunday. July IS ill Helgeson 
Funeral Chapel in Warroad wilh 
Reverends Michael and Karen 
■ Holniberg-Sniith officiating. Inter- 
ment was in Riverside Cemetery in 

Ruth 0. Klinger was bom on 
February 22. 1903 at Maloon. Wl. 
the daughler of Fredrick and Maria 
(Golischalk) Klinger. She later 
moved with her family and lived in 
North Dakota. " "" ' 

She was preceded in deallihy her . 
husbands, Leonard I lallebrot ami 
Albert I'lante: her parents: one 
daughler. Irene Larson: one son. 
Warren Hallchrot: two brothers. 
Morris Amberson and Arnold 
Amherson? arid two sisters. Clarice 
Amberson ami Julia Atnbersori. 

Curric. Deborah Ford. 
Itecky Jo Maxwell. Sandra Jorde. 
- Steven labor.- Ton i Ward, Tracy 
McGibbon. Corey Wikstrom. 
Chrisiopher Wiksirom, Deserae 
Konickson and Becky Berg. Burial 
was in St. Petri Lulheran Cenielcry 

couniy. The Green Funeral Home of 
Thief River Falls was in charge of 
ihe arrangements. 

Vernon Emanuel Wikstrom was 
born on March 2H, 1917 in East 
Park township in Marshall couniy 

He enjoyed spending time with 
family and friends and especially ' 
enjoyed his 20 great-grandchildren. 
Vernon loved living on the farm and 
winching lltings grow, Following 
his retirement, lie rented out his land 
and helpedhis soit-iri-law. LeRoy 
Johniion, operating his 4-whccl 

Arthur Brown, 86 

.f^g^ Detroit Lakes - Arthur 
i^^ Brown. 8ft. formerly of 
Thief River Falls, died Salurday. 
July 17. 1999 at St. Mary's Nursing 
Home in Detroit Lakes. 

■ drive tractors and machinery larger 
■him Vemon ever owned. 

Survivors include his wife. Viola; 
two sons. Allan (Phyllis) Wiksirom 
of Baxler and Keith (Yvonne) 
Wikstrom of West Fargir. ND; two 

Alice Puschinsky, 89 

■Kurlstnd - Alice V. Puschinsky. 
89, died Thursday. July 15. 1999 al 
the Karlstad. .Memorial Nursing 
Ceiiter'in Karlstad. 

l-'uneral services were held on 
Monday. Julv 19 at Collins Funeral 
Chapel in Karlstad with Pastor Gary , 
Halvorson officiating, Rev Folian'd 
was the organist, and vocal music 
was provided by Ruth Halverson. 
Ca'skcihcarcrs w'ere Jason Carlson. 
Dale Klegsiad, Don Johnson and 
MarlirNordlnnd.Jnieruieni was in 
' .the Karlstad Cemeiery, 

Alice V. Martinson was bom on 
Seplemher 14. 1909 in Kittson 
eountv near Karlstad, llie'dnughler 
of Nels P. and Brila (Wikhelm) 
Martinson.. She. was baptized and 
confirmed in the Lutheran failh and 
was educated in the Karlstad com- 
munity where she grew up. ■ 

Alice attended nurse s training 
and was employed as a registered 
nurse al the Ah Gwah Ching Slate 

Mabel Sovde, 91 

(Jret'tihusli - Mabel Sovde. 91. 
died Sunday. July II. 1999 at the 
Greenhush Nursing Home in 
Greenbush. - 

Funeral services were held at 10 
a.m. on Friday. July Ifi at. Bethel 
Lulheran Church in Greenbush with 
Piislor Ernie Christensen officiating. 
Linda Sovde was ihe organist, and 

Hospital in Walker for many years. 

She was united in marriage lo 
William "Red" Puschinsky. and 
they resided in Iowa where lliey ran 
a resort. They also resided in 
Omaha. NE. Lake Bronson and 
, llalma. After Ihe death of her hus- 
band. Alice coniinued-loreside al 
llalma and then in Warren and at 
Karlstad for two years. Since 
August of 1994 she has made her 
home at the Karlstad Memorial 
Nursing Cenler. 

Alice is survived by one sister. 
Lilly Nordlund of llalloek; one 
brother, Rudy (Clarice) Martinson 
of Thief River Falls; and several 
nieces, nephews and other relatives. 

She was preceded in death by her 
husband; parents: six brothers, 
Woodrow.- George. Edward. Fcrdy. 
Harold and one in infancy; and four, 
sislers. Elsie. Bertha. Myrtle and 
one in infancy. / m^mji 

near -Slrandquisl. the son of Peter daughters. Jeanne (LeRoy) Johnson 

and Christina ( Kongsvig) Wik- -of Goodridge and Dianne (Derwin) 

strum. Vernon attended couniry TaborofMaple Plain; 14 grandchil- 

school near the farm and later went drcn; two foster granddaughters: 20 

m school iiiStrandiiiiist. ■ ■ great-grandchildren: four sisters : in- 

He worked^oFliisTiuiiily's fanii law; one brother-in-law rand" mnny" 

ii mil he married Viola Adeline nieces and nephews. 
I uiidell oil June 3. 1939 at Vernon was preceded in death by 

Crookslon. For the first year of their his parents; eight brothers. William, 

marriage the couple lived al Adolph, Peter. Arvid. John. Helmer. 

Kennedy where Vernon worked on George and Carl: and five .sisters. 

farms anil in ilie'polauTwiireliou'sc; "Iiig'iiT'Miibte", Ruth; Myrtle and Ida. 
In ihe spring of 194(1 they moved to Arimwiwiui 

Grygla where lliey farmed. For a' ,. 

Alvin Kompen, 87 

Gondrlilge - Alvin 0. Kompen. Alvin worked on the family farm 

S7. died on Tuesday. July 13. 1999 his entire, life, raising small grains 

Reverend Gary 
Johnson offici- 

-ating, Ida 

Nordvall will be 
the organist, and soloist will be- 
Diane Johnson. Mililary honors will 
be accorded by the Thief River Falls 
American Legion and VFW posts. 
-Burial will -be , in Greenwood 

Visitulion was held from noon 
until 7 p.m. on Tuesday. July 20 al 
Green Funeral Home in Thief River 
Falls with a 6:30 p.m. prayer, ser- 

unilcd in marriage to Alma Hanson 
in Floyd, IA; The couple moved to 
Brownwood.TX where Art was sin- . 
lioned in (lie armed forces. Their 
first child was bom in 1943 while 
-Fu Hera I— ^rt^aj^tadoiiedJn_riie_Europcnn_ 
services will be Theater. After his discharge in 1945, 
held at 2. p.m. ' the family moved lo rural Floyd. I A 
today where they farmed. In 1960, they 
(Wednesday, moved to Thief River Falls where 
July 21) at Zion they purchased a rest home. The 
Lutheran couple owned and. operated 6th 
Church in Thief Street Grocery from 1964 unlit ihcy 
River Falls wilh sold the business in 1972. 

■ Arthur drove school bus for the 
Thief River Falls school system 
uniilhcrelired inJ985 i Hc_mndeJiis_ 
home in Thief River Falls until 
Alma's dcalh on July 27, 1994 when 
he moved Jo Moorhead Manor in 
Moorhead. In 1 997, he moved to St. 
Mary's Nursing Home in Detroit 
Lukeswhere he had since resided. ... 

He was a member of Zion 
Lutheran Church of Thief River 
Falls, the Thief Riycf Falls VFW 
anil American Legion posts und the 
Sons of Norway. He enjoyed' fish- 

vice. Visitation will also be held for ing, playing cards and spending 
at the- time with family and friends. 

al — muMc 

. provided hy — tlig 

e Carlson and Yvonne Bocn. 

Caskeihcarers were Edwar 
Dallager. Dick Sovde. Merlon 
Kirkcide.-Keniielh l-angnas. Vernon 
Langaas and Rodney Langaas. 
Burial was in Pauli Cemetery, rural 

Greenbush. The Gieseke Funeral 
Chapel was in charge of the 

Mabel Sophie Dallager was bom 
on February 27. 1 908 .in Greenbush. 
the daughler of Nils -and Karen 
(Sogn) Dallager. She was baptized 
and confirmed in the Lulhenin failh 
and graduated from Barnesville 
Hi,.|, Sdionl and Moorhead Slate 

Northwest Medical Cenler in 
■Thief River Falls. 
. Funeral services will be" held at 
10:30 aim. on Friday. July 16 at 
Hkeluud Lulheran Church, rural 
Goodridge, with - Reverend Gary 
Johnson officiating. Grace Hammer 
was the organist, tmd Diane Johnson 
was the soloist. Caskctbearers were 
Judy Shurti", Irene Farrigan, Clinton 
HolTman " - "-"--- '"—■•■ 


Jensen. Linda Rouhonicmi and Jon 
Jensen. Hurial wus in Ekelund 
Cemetery in Highlanding township 
of Pennington county. The Green 
Funeral Home of Thief River Falls 
. was in charge of the arrangements. 

Alvin Olai Kompen was bom on 
April 15. 1912 in Lyon county, the 
son of Gudbrund and Julia 
(Bmughton) Kompen. He was bap- 
tized and confirmed in the Lutheran 
faith and attended. Hazclwood 
School District 59 jn Slar township 
of Pennington couniy. , 

one hour prior To s ..- . , 

church, Arthur is survived by two sons, 
Arthur Reser Brown was bom on David (Sharon) of Haiwasse, AR 
August 30. 1912 in Floyd. IA, ihe- and Norman (Shirley) of Coon 
son or Harry and Augusta (Reser) Rapids; one daughter, Susan 
Brown. He was baptized and con-- (Butch) Poolmun of Pelican Rapids; 
firmed inlo the MclhodisLfaith in seven grandchildren; two great- 
moved lo Goodridge where he pi yd where he grew up und attend- grandsons; and one brother, Byron 
resided for two years before moving C(1 K \ ma i Arthur worked on the Brown of Osage, IA. 

family farm until entering the He was preceded in death by his 

United Sfaies Army in 1941. wife, parents and one broiher. 

On October 26. 1942 he was- Ralph. 

and sheep and milking cows. He 
also workctl for his uncles, husking 
com und doing farm work "on a, sea- 
sonal basis. 

In December of 1996 Alvi 

lo Pioneer Memorial Care Cenler in 

He was an avid sportsman who 
Susan Hoffman, Gary enjoyed football, baseball, cats and 
Leslie Iverson, Rick playing cards with family and 

Alvin is survived by three sisters. 
Hilda HolTman of Thief River Falls: 
Clcnora (Alfred) Iverson of 
Goodridge and Agnes (Roy) Jensen 
of Thier River Falls; nine nieces and 
nephews; and several great nieces 
and great nephews. 

He was preceded in death by his 

Parents; two sisters, Gladys and 
lilda in infancy: one infant niece; 
and one brolhcr-in-Jaw. 

AnccuiniiiWJUl . 

Orris Johnson, 82 




Guaranteed Memorials Since 1897 


. 024 N. Stall Ava. T.R. Fallt, MM . 
V 21S-WB1-14B4 _y 

•ersiiy. She taughl in urea 
schools for45. years, 

On March 2 1. 1 942. Mabel mar- 
ried Ncslor Sovde at Sualhcomi. He 
died on July 19. I98i 
- She was a member of Bethel 
Lulheran Church. 

Mabel is survived by one son. 
Noral Sovde of Greenbush; four 
grandchildren; six great -grandehil- 
lirenf one step great -granddaughter: 
one foster great-grandson; and 

Unemployment in region 
declines from 3.4 to 3.3 

Unemployment rate in the seven 1.1 percent, 
counties of economic development Counties with declines in jobless 
Region I declined one-tenth of one rale from May of 1998 to May of 

•la Phoenix, AZ - Orris C. served in the 25lh Signal Corps of 
&^ "O.C" Johnson. 82, former- the 25lh Infantry Division in the 
ly of Holt and Thier River Falls. Souih Pacific for three years. For 
died Sunday. June 20, 1999 at his nine years after the war, he worked 
home in Phoenix. AZ. . for the Soo Line Railroad out of 

A , Thief River Falls, 

memorial . ser- In July of 1956, Orris moved his 
vice was held family lo Phoenix, AZ, and he 
on Thursday, worked for the Southern Pacific 
June 24 at. until June of 1980, retiring as a con- 
Trinity Lulheran .ductor. 
^^ Ure ll===^ff^===Hg-Tnarricd-Julic-Bolto n -in : 1 9 77p 

Wednesday, July 21, 1999 


Page 9 _ The Times 

Poissanl. Kays & Co. in 1996. Her 
husband, David, is self-employed as 
a Mateo tool distributor. 

Dr. Mickelson 
attends MOA 

Cindy'Stromlund to' the position of annual ITIGGtinQ 

branch manager of their Santa 3 

Monica office. Dr. Craig R. Mickelson, oplo- 

Slromlund joined Ihe company in mctrist, recently relumed from Ihe 

April of 1998 as an assistant branch 98th annual meeting of the 

manager of Us Torrance office. Prior Minnesota Oplomctnc Assn. The 

to joining Wescom, she held man- event washcld in Minneapolis, and 

Cindy Stromlund 
joins Wescom 
Credit Union 

Wescom Credit Union h 
announced the appointment of 

Among the graduates of Lincoln High School's 
class of 1999 were five cousins. Pictured (from 
left) are'Mitch and Melissa Hoard, Mike and Mark 

Suvanson, Dale and Kristine Koop, Carol and 
Leslie Ihle and Ton! LeMoIne and her mother, 
Susan Buhl. 

agemenr positions at three other 
California area credit unions and 
worked in management prior to that. 
Stromlund begun her career in the 
financial industry in I979 >at 
Northern Stale Bank in Thief River 

Falls. - : -.—— 

The daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 
David Stromlund of Thief River 
Falls. Cindy is a graduate of Lincoln 
High School. She and her husband, 
Frank Roblcs, reside in Rcdondo 
Beach. CA. 

i addition lo the business meetings 
included 14 hours of educational 

Presenters included Thomas W. 
Samuclson, M.D., a clinical assis- 
tant professor ofonthamology at the 
" Universiiy—of ~l\l inncsota, — and - 
Robert C. Ramsey, M.D. who main- 
tains a surgical and medical practice 
at Vitreo and Retinal Surgery in 

Wedul earns 
FIC designation 

. Aaron L. Wedul, a Lutheran 

| Brotherhood di strict re presentative 

from Thief River Falls, recently" 
earned the Fraicrnal Insurance 

Loon Program at Rydell 
Refuge on Sunday, July 25 

"official s'lale b'irdin I96t7after 

Loons, one word says it all. con- 
juring up images of lake country 
and northern Minnesota. Hearing 
the yodeling or laughing call of the 
loon captures the magic of 
Minnesota summers. Leum more scarlenanagt 
about the fascinating natural histo- ally prevailed as ihe symbol for 
ry and legend of this oldest bird -Minnesota's north country setting. 

era! attempts to. have official status 
placed on the American goldfinch 
failed. School children polled at the 
lime overwhelmingly supported the 
scarlet tanager but the loon eventu- ' 

"liaveeach year? WhyUoThe chicks" 
sit on the parents back when 
young? Find out Ihe answers to 
these questions and more at. the 
loon program at the Rydell Refuge, 
Sunday. July 25ih at 2 p.m. Come 
und share your favorite loon story.- 
Tliis program is free and open " 

Small grain 
plot tours to 
be conducted 

A wheal and harley tour will be 
conducte d on Friday. JulyJtf.jiL' 1 ^. 
a.m. on IbeSWeiisoirFarm. a levy 
miles south of Oklee on -Highway 
92. Dr. Joehijm Wiersma. a small 
grain specialist from the Northwest 

-Experiment - Siaiion-wilt-|ead-ltle . 
lour. He has planted the same 
wheat and barley varieties al 15 
locations ihroughout the Red. River 
Valley from Otlertail County to the 
Canadian border. 

, The objective of this field tour 
is to provide producers a chance to 
see 21 hard red spring wheat, one 
hard white spring wheal, and six 
barley varieties side by side. Al ihe 
end of the. season the plots will be 
harvested and yield, protein, and 
tesi weighl will be determined for 
each individual variety. The results 
will Ik published during the late 
fall." Zach Fore, cropping system 
specialist, will show some of his 

' trial plots. He will address some of 
the water management issues rele- 
vant lo cropping systems. 
. l( you h ave any plant samples of 
wheat or ■ KSHcy wilh disease or 
other symptoms, please bring them 
along so Dr. Wiersmn can identify 
the problem and discuss possible 
control measures. All interesled 
producers are invilcd to participate 
in- the tour. A second wheal tour 

will take place on Monday, July 26. 

sinning at 9 u.m„ west -of St. 

Hilaire. The plot is located on 

excellent swimmers with District,, Union Lake Sarah /Highway 3 about four miles wesl 

nocafea'riTdrenirtlK — Improvcmenr-Dt strict— and— ihc^-5rtlic"Slcigcr Road lurrf. " 

camcu uic rrmcnuii msu.un^ Bruce, ! with the MN DNR Non- . rear of ihe Dody than most ducks Friends or the Rydell Refuge Ass/T 

Counselor- (FIG)- designaiion-from— game Wildlife Program-in Bcmidji,- which conversely makes for poor To get to the Rydell. Refuge gtf3 JohnSOn attend S 

.l. u..!„.i p_ t/- ~f £.:n :.i- .. -iT.i^ i„ti,«» r.,.,1 mnkllliu 'In f«n nm.innfltir in tes ensl of Mentor or 3 nlllCS »***■■■■»***■■ w»w<-«w 

known lo man al a program pre- Minnesota has the largest popula- the public. Program. co-sponsors 

sentcd by. Bruce Lcnning on tion or loons in ihe lower 48 slates, are the Maple Uke Iniprovcmcnt 

Sunday, Jul y 25th at 2 p.m. at the Loons _ 

RydeirRclugc Visitors Center, powcrlul lej 

Cenex Harvest 
States receives 
AgSmart award 

Cenex Harvest States Northwest 
Grain Division of Si. Hilaire has 

the Naiional Fraternal Congress of 
America. Wedul is uffiliatcd wilh 
Don Johnson and Associates of 
Fargo, ND. 

FIC designation is given only to 
those who complete extensive basic 
and advanced training courses in 
fraternal life insurance, pass three 
comprehensive exams and meet 
established production require- 

Jeff Lane joins 

bee n award I h e SI milli on cl u b of J rlynn Realty. 

dealer recognition from AgSmart, a ~ * o ( . , J ~ 
national trade credit financing pro- ' """ " 


Flynn Realty is pleased to 
anno unce that Jeff Lane has j oined 

Northwest Grain reccivcdThe ilsTales staff, 
achievement nward aficr reaching JcT was bom ond grew up 
more than' $f million in agribusi- Thief River Falls und is o i graduate 
nciis loam AgSmnrt is " ""tion"! o f Lincoln Hi gh School, Northland 

trade credit financing program that 
offers point-of-sale financing 
through agribusiness dealers . , 

earn award 

Greg and Donna Radniecki, 
owners of Radnicckt's Classic 
Cleaners, have ' recently completed* 
the continuing industry education 
^Company, n cleaning systems man- 
ufacturer, and earned the Achieve- 
ment Award while at ihe company's 
1999 convention in Las Vegas, NV. 
In honor of this achievement, the 
designation of "Accredited Ass'o-. 
ciater* was officially'bestowed upon 
Greg and Donna. 

Hallock lawyers 

Community College and BcmidjI - 
Stotc University. 

He and his wife, Kristi (Dillon) 
Have one daughter," Bailey. Prior 
employment includes Arctic -Cat, 
Inc., Black Magic and Northwest 
Beverage. Jeff's interests include 
outdoor activities, hunting, fishing, 
softboll, golf-hnd. spending time 
with his family. 

AAL Branch 
1669 honored 

Members of Aid Association for 
Lutherans Branch 1669, Thief River 
Falls, have been awarded' a Gold 
Star rating by the fraternal benefit 
society in recognition of outstand- 
ing volunteer service to the commu- 
nity.' ■ 

The branch is led by Norman 
Bussc, chair. Dal e Koo p, coord j na--' 
tor; and~Bonrius Brockcmeier, 
recorder and treasurer. 

will provide u slide presentation 
about the common loon in 
Minnesota including facts uboul 
the Minnesota stnie bird, its migra- 
tion patterns, natural history, and 
research results from our area. Tips 
will also be provided on conserva- 
tion measures that individuals can 
take to help provide habitat and 
improve nesting success of. the 

The loon became Minnesota's 

Canola and 
alternative __ 
crop tours set 

The canola and field peas are 
past blooming and in the pod set 

land mobility. 'In fact, origin of the 
word "loon" is traced to the 
Scandinavian "loom" or English 
"iumme". meaning a lummox or 
awkward person which is true of 
the bird's land locomotion. 

Do loons. mate for life? How 
long do loons live? How deep do 
they dive? Why are their eyes red? 
What do their different calls mean? 
How large arc their territories? 
How many chicks do they usually 

miles cast pf Mentor or 3 miles 
•west of Erskine on U.S. Hwy. 2 and 
turn south on Polk Co. 210 about 
2.5 miles. to the Refuge entrance 
sigh und main gate. If arriviiig from 
the soulh. turn north off or Polk Co. 
41 ontoPdlkCo. 210 and go about 
3.5 miles north und turn left at the 
Refuge entrance sign. For more 
information contact the Rydell 
Refuge at (218) 687-2229 or 
Wayne Gockcn at (218) 574-2622. 

suigc."!hTb r "isi^ao^ltriic"to lookrut— 
different varieties and crop produc- 
tion aspects. This year there will be 
unopportunlty to attend canola and - 
ficlu pea tours on Tuesday, July 27. . 
This first tour will start at 2 p.m. on 
the Landsverk Form along US. 

Highway 2 (between Mcintosh and 

Fosston.) - -.-- A luncheon- separated the morning and afternoon sessions of tha 

™\ ™ C ° n , or r n f W !h e S Mon2 annual Ladles Invitational Bridge tournament at the Thief River 

-I^e-FalIs-uso-Counw-road_li leftlSelma _"Sa m' Rasmussan of Thief River Falls. In t hir d place 

{About oric and one-half miles west and Zutz Duckworth of Crookston capturing first place. Afternoon 

§ost the junction with County rood winners were (back, left) Elvera Cullen of Thief River Falls in third 
(on County road 13) you will see )ace Eleanore Forberg of Thief River Falls in second place and 

NACD meet in 
Cedar Rapids, IA 

■ Danny Johnson of 'Goodridge 
was among morc.than 250 soil and 
waler conservation district repre- 
sentatives from across Ihe midwest 
to attend the National Association 
of Conservation Districts (NACD) 
■ North Central Region meeting July 
. 1 1-14 in Cedar Rapids, IA. 
' Johnson is serving in his 20th . 
year as a supervisor in the Pcnning- 
-ton-Soil- and- Waler -Conservation; 
District. SWCDs arc local govern- 
ment entities which set conscrva- . 
county boundaries. 

Representatives from Illinois. 
Indiana,. Iowa, Michigan. Minneso- ■ 

met lo discuss nalurul resources 
Conservation issues and challenges" " 
In' Ccdar-Rupids..Spcukcrs ineludcd„ 
Tim Reich, NACD national officer, 
"and Patti Judge, Iowa Secretary of 
Agriculture ond Land Stewardship. 
Also included in the session 
were tours of the Amana Colony 
Forms and Wapsininicon River and 
workshops on carbon sequestration, 
urban conservation ond conserva- 
lion buffers. , . — ! — 


a big" ,ign sl.owijig.ihnt the tanola g~™^' •fig^Jo^ Forki, ND winrtlna'flrst ptaci. Not pic- IffllflMilMIJHIiaiffJBl 
Sn *"^| d S" r = m S pte . «.r.d lilnJ, Kott. of W.m who flnhhed second In th. .Her- jTZ.1' 

were planted by the University of •'- noon session, 

Dr. Houlihan 

American Research Corporatii 
has recently released the names of 
Minnesota lawyers selected by their 
peers as Leading American. Attor- joins DflKOtQ 

^.a^K.M/^J'T Clinic team 

. Dennis Sobolik* and Robert K. 
Sevcrson of Hallock, partners of 
Brink, Sobolik, Sevcrson, Malm & 

- AlbrechtrRAr ■- — — - 

The honor is nehieved by fewer ■ 
than six percent of practicing 

,.. Minnesota, attorneys and. was the 
result of an extensive survey in - 
which Minnesota attorneys were 
asked who they would recommend 
to a friend or relative in need of spc-_ 
cializcd legal services. 

honored at annual 
-meeting of MOA: „ 

Dr. Orion D. Beich, optometrist, 
was recently awarded a plaque With 
a quartz clock at ihe 98th annual 
meeting of the Minnesota Opto- 
metric Association held in Minn- 
eapolis. The plaque was awarded to 
denote 50 years of service to the 
profession of optometry. 

Also honored with, a 25-ycar 
plaque was Dr. Harold Freeman,, 

Carna Von Holtum 
passes CPA exam . 


Dr: Greg Houl- 
ihan began prac- 
tice at the -Dak- 
ota Clinic Reg- 
ional Health and 
Surgery Center 
on June 28. Dr. 
Houlihan ' had 
previously been 
in practice in the 
U.S. Air Force 
and was in solo 

Minnesota alternative xrops team, 
and many of the commercially 
available canola is planted side by 

-side-to- 1 get-yield-ond-oil-contcnt- 

' data.' 

At the same site a dormant 
canola trial was seeded last fail. Dr. 
Erv Oelkc, Extension Agronomist 
from the University of Minnesota, 
will lead the tour. More than-100 - 
canola varieties, and ^hybrids were 
planted with four- replications at ■ 
each location. " ~ 

lerYi-ounu. - , 

July meeting of the Pennington couniy attended the YLE event, 

county 4-H leader's council was Mystery trip registration is due 

called to order by president Sunny August 2 and the trip will be taken 

Carlson. Roll call was laken and August 19. Members must have 

secretary and treasurer reports read completed seventh grade to be old 

Polk County 
July 21-27, 

July 21 - Arrive in Thief River 

Falls at 1 1 a.m. Pick up passengers 

in Crookston at 8:30, Fertile at 9. 

v-e^Mths-froirr-Pctinlngtoir — ErsWntntr9^0,-McIntosh-at-9:40; 

. .* I..1.L. UII- . r- . . 1-11.1.. «> in. in nn,l 

and approved. 

Cloveroud projects are' ncci 

dcelopcd In die 1970s. It is a oool ^^X*.^ 
season broadlcaf plant from trie 
mustard family ancf is well adapted 
to northwestern Minnesota's grow- 
ing conditions. It heeds cool 
weather during its flowering stage.' 

enough to attend. 

: Reminder, was issued that photos 
of ^grand champion winners will be 
token at 4 p.m. Thursday, July 22, at 
the 4-H ' registration area. Winners 
of grand champion ribbons- arc 
asked to be sure to be there on time. 
Deadline for entering a club ban- 
ner is Wednesday, July 21, at 10 
- - Henlsmanship will again be 

ww wu> ... «m, be. grown, but ihe crop must be" 
nctice in Kansas Gity.KS. Since- planted^- early.. before pinntini 
lay of .998 hehas practiced at *^^n?*£?SZ 

Usually cano!a.can be grown sue- r^y- . j-,- ft . -^„ ; xh i hili wi ii w- 
cessfuuy wheresp.ring_whe.t : can„^ 

Ma^ __ 

Altru Clinic in Thief River Falls. 
Dr. Houlihan will now be working 
.with both the Family Practice and 
Internal Medicine Deportments at 
the Dakota Clinic Health and 
Surgery • Center in Thief River 


Smiley 4-'H club's meeting^was 
held at 7:30 p.m. June 14 at Smltey. 
Hall. Meeting was called to order by 
club leader Linda Helgoland and 
roll call was answered by. members 
stating if they liad started their 
county fair projects, 

crop trial will also be shown during 
the tour. '.-:"■ ..:'-■' i.~. . . 

For more information about any 
of the field tours please call the 
extension office in Red Lake Foils 
at 1-800-770-1244 or 218-253- 
2897. ■ 

club banner and community pride 
projects, were reviewed and it' was. 
noted entries were due at the county 
extension office no later thoniuly 6. 
Nominations were Invited- from; 
4-H families for- the 4-H.Hallof 

Prc-fair clean-up will be July. 21 
at 10 a,m. Post-fair clean-up will be 
July 26 at 10 A pickup. and 
trailer would be helpful. ■ 

Workers al'the county fair food - . . ,, 

stand are urged to be on time for judged dunng the fair. Livestock 
. . ..,.. . .. __ L)Lt ._ t. exhibitors are rerninded_to pick up. 
their born the 4-H exhibit 
25, > area on Thursday when their live- 

— SMd'HiirCamp-rcglstration^^ 

due July 20 for the camp to be held last year two first aid lots were 
August 1 M3."Club members must taken from the bams, 
have completed fourth, fifth or sixth 
grades lb"altend. A S40' fee is 
payable at registration. ..' _ 

Camp counselors are needed for 
4-H" day camps .August 17 in 
Goodridge and August 18 in Thief 
River-.FaIls.''CaII Michelle at the 
extension offic6 if interested in 
being a counselor. 

A YLE report was given by 
. Marsha Lubitz, and Lynette Solberg. 

Mesaba announces resignation of Pros: arid CEO 

. Mesaba -Holdings, Inc. has a very strong interim CEO in John 
announced today the resignation of . Fredericksen, who during his'7' 
its President and Chief Executive years withMesoba has hod respon 

Members qualifying for state fair 
trips must sign up for them by 
Sunday, July 25, ' ■■■'■,■'. 

August meeting of the leaders 
council will be used for training for 
the new records. ■ 

The HotT)oS"flward went lo Joan 
Lubitz fertile federatibn week pro; 
jccL /The meeting was adjourned. '. 
: \ BryonnoHelgeIand,re^rter • 

Fosston at 9:50, Oklee al 10:10 and 
Plummerat 10:30 a.m. Depart Thief 
River Falls at 2:30 p.m. 

. July 22 - City-wide in Fertile 
from 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. 

July 23 - Arrive in Grand Forks _ 
at II a.m. Pick up passenger in . 
Fertile of 9. Beltrami , at 9:30, - 
Crookston at 10 or Fisher at 10:30 , 
a.m. Depart Grand Forks at 3 p.m. 

July 26 - Arrive in Grand Forks 
at 11:15 a.m. Pick up passengers in 
Gully at 9: 15, Trail at 9:20. Oklee at 
9:30, Brooks at 9:45, Erskine at 10. 
Mentor at 10:10,. Crookston -at 
10:35 and Fisher at 1 1 am. Dcpan 

July 27 - Amvc in Bcmidjiot _ 
11:15 a.m. Pick up passengers in 
Gentilly at 8:30,-Red Lake Fulls at -■ 
"9, Plummer at 9:15, Oklee at 9:30, 
Brooks, at 9:45, Gully nt 10 and 
Trail at 10:15 a.m. DcporrBemidji 
at 2:30 p.m. 

- Marshall County 
July 21-07 

July 21 - Arrive in Fargo at II 
a.m.' Pick up passengers- in 
Strondquist at 7:30, Ncwfolden at 
7:45 and Thief River Falls at 8:15 
o.m.'Depart Fargo at 3 run. 

July 22 - Arrive in Thief River 
Falls at 9:30 a.m. Pick up passen- 
gers in Strondquist at 8, Middle 
River at 8:30.-Newfolden at 8:45 
and Holt at 9 a.m. Depart Thief 
River Falls at 2 p.m. 

July 23 - Arrive in Thief River 


Orris C. 
Johnson was 
bom on May 31, 
1917 near Holt, 
the son of Olc B. and Cora (Ander- 
son) Johnson. He wus baptized on 
August 9, 1917 and confirmed in 

and they lived in Hot Springs, AR 
until her death in 1993. Oms then 
returned to Arizona, living firstin 
Prescott for six months and then in 

Survivors Include one son;-- 
Conrad N. Johnson; one daughter, 
Suzanne E. Johnstonbaugh; Ihree 

Shc_wiis_precoded in death by.her 

parents, husband; ini"e"^real-yraild~ 

son: and several cousins. 

percent from May of 1998 to May 1999 included Marshall, .5 from 6.3 tnc Lulheran faith by Reverend grandchildren; and two grent-grand- 

or 1999. accordin'gto the Minnesota to 5.8 percent; Norman. .7 from 3.9 L,M. Rcdal on July 2, 1933. children. 

Department of Ifconomic Security. to 3.2; Red Lake, .1 from 5.7 to 5.6; On November 1, 1941 Orris was ' Orris was prccedcd'in'deoth'by" 
Fourofihecountics intheregion and Roseau,,.) from 2.4; lo 2.3. uniied In" marriage to Marian A, his wives; his parents; three broth- 
showed a decline while two showed- Those wilh increases were -Kittson.- oison of Holt. The couple hod-two era, Gcojgc, Murnett and-Myron; 

-inereasei and_onc rcmaincrl 6.fromJ3J.lo.3.9_and_Ecnnington 1 _^ c iii]j ren _^ n j_ WM _ mi jJ r i C (Luniil itnd-Six_sisters l iThora,.Inga 1 _Thea,. 

unchanged. All of .the 1 , counties .2 from 3.3 to 3.5. Polk couniy Marian died or cancer on December Julia, Olga and Myrtle in Infancy, 

showed substantial declines Trom_ ..remained unchanged at 2.7. 13,1976. ■ """ , .woooibitoiui 

ihe month of April, 1999, averaging Orris and his brother, Murnett, . ' .'-"-. 

Panic, Youth leaders are heeded as its jtetdenj and Chief Btecutive years r *'™" e ^ n ^™« l r ">?? n ; Falls at 10 a.m. Pick up passengers 

. __ j given. Members'" Wi 
they should have received their 
county fair premium lists. Dates for 
the- fair ore July 20-25 and entry day 
, isJuly22. " — 

Pennington county sharc-the-fun 
contest was held May 11- and 
Smiley club won first place with 

schedule their club tours early. 

Announcement was made, that 
the Arts-In" would bo-hcld"Augnsr 
13-19 with' performances' Augtlst 
25-31 at the state fain Cosjii $200 
per participant ond-'the.Jeader's 
-1-1# „„„ .„„. council has $75 scholarships avail- 
Happy Acres second and Steiner able. Auditions were/set June 17 and 
thira. Two of the 12 county mem- 

1 served as President and /Chief 
Executive Officer of the Company 

Bbard drDirecto 

— 7^0r^Ste^n " at-8: 3 0,-^Argyte-at- 
■8:45 ond warren at 9 a.m. Depart 
Thief River Falls at 2 p.m. . ::■■ 
1uly-24^"ATrrve-in-Thicf River- 



Mesaba Holdings, Inc. 1s the 
parents-company^— of— ^fesab" 
l !birect0B appointed John Airlines, -.which operates: as 
S Fredericksen, the Company's Northwest Airlink- afRUate' out of 

Vice President, General Counsel ; N^ WH *:^ H ^^^ bs nn i |} /yu.u5ioai 0: ou,«.vu™ u «u l o.^ 
arid Administration,- a r s : Interim .Minneapolis^L Paul, De^t, flnd M d Warren ot 9 a.rn: Depart Thief 
aief Executive Officer/ ;.i ' . Mcmphls^The airline ^^ oyer. . jSn^»l2p.m. 
"OnbehalfoftheMesabaBoard. 900 daily departures to 98 cities in ~»? r .^J? "*-**' . 

Falls at I0 a.m. Pick up passengers 
' in Strahdquist ul 7, Ncwfolden at 
7*30, Oslo at 8:30, Alvorodaot 8:45 

23" 'states and three Canadian ■ 

Hii^y^gg^Mg^^ ^vincc,;:: i ¥o»a..o^ to .,... 

July 25 - Arrive in Grand Forks 
Strandqulst at 7, Ncwfolden at,7:45. 

- .™? _^j ~r*i*~>A,.«A Chi. .« r nn .iTi« , u h n .liH m nii» n H th*. Chelsev He oe and. reoortcr one of. the best management, teams w». Forks ot 2:30 o.m. 

~ate~omrtcolirHigir _ 
1993 g'raduate of Moorhead Stale 
University. She joined Anderson, 

to families who did not attend the 
last Cloverbud meeting. Entries for 

Chelsey Helgelahd, reporter 

one of the best management, teams 
in the regional airline industry and 

Forks at 2:30 



— rf 





• 1 

— — 



- : ! 




"!'... : "j_ "_. ..I 


. ; . 





•' "l 


Wednesday, July 21, 1999 



_-•■-,-• ^ •<._. 


■> P'- 

4&&, ■ 


■ . . " 

1 /'f 1' 

1 -'^Xl' 

' H' *fl 

: lk l 


L__"''"^ £~ 


- Gilbert and Adorn Carrillo of Stephenville, Texas, twins who rank 
third and 10th respectively In the Professional Bull Riders 
-Association standings, will-compete at -Thunder on- Hooves In 
Thief Hiver Falls this week during the Pennington County Fair. 

Bergeson Gardens blooming 
and open for public viewing 

Bergeson Gardens, located on thought it would have to charge an 

the grounds of Bergeson Nursery admission -to-cover the added 

three miles south and five miles cast expense, but that won't be neccs- 

of Fertile, is expected to be in peak sary. "We just want everybody to 

bloom from late July through Labor come out and sec what's new, ' he 

Day. Admission is freCand the pub- said. 

lie is invited to view the gardens. . Printed guides are available for 

"We have added over 200 roses, visitors and specific plants arc 

_as_welLas_iuany.Jicw^innuulrund=^bded^F^liiM : flndgroup4ijdioi 

perennial beds," Eric Bergeson said, feel free to bring picnic lunches. 

"We have repeated some successful Garden viewing hours arc from 8:30 

ideas from the past and come up a.m. -to 8 p.m. Monday through 

with some new ones as well. New Saturday and noon to 6 p.m. 

-scctionsTtre-nddeUeueliycurandthe — Sunday.-Pop,-jmce--iind-ico-crcam- 

gardens now cover about- four -snacks-are availablc-during regular, 

acres." business hours. 
Bergeson said the family had 


Wednesday, Juiy 21, 1999 


Page 11 

Carrillo twins will bring twice the 
experience to Thunder on Hooves 

by Marvin Lundin 
. Times Editor 

Twin brothers Adam and Gilbert 
Carrillo arc" only 27 years old, but 
between the two of them have more- 
than 28 years of bull riding and 10 ' 
-years of -profcssional-buil riding— 
experience.' The Carrillos will be in 
Thief River Falls this week hoping 
for a big chunk of the 1 $25,000 in 
added money" for the Thunder on 
Hooves bull ride at the Pennington 
County Fair. 

Ills the money that is the attrac- 
tion, Adam Carrillo said in a tele- 
phone interview from his home in 
Stephenville, TX. He "was among 
the 18 bull riders who formed the 
Professional' Bull Riding Associa- 
tion (PBR) a few years ago and has 
helped guide it to be what he calls 
"the greatest corporation ever 
formed by cowboys. ' 

The PBR has attracted major 
sponsors and created major events 
which provide lots of cash which is 
up for grabs by the competitors. 
Former qualifiers for the National 
Finals Rodeo while corhpeu'ng in 
the Professional Rodeo Cowboys 
Association (PRCA), the Carrillos 
now concentrate their efforts in the 
PBR. ' 

'While Gilbert has enjoyed 

Greater success this season by riding 
7 of the 39 bulls he has attempted 
for 43.6 percent and total earnings 
of $79,363 as of June 29, Adam is 
having a good year as well — cspe- 
- dally "cbming-off a season^when a- 
broken arm and a case of Lyme dis- 
ease limited his performance — 

Adam, recently won back-to- , 
back' championships in Bud Light 
' Cup bulf rides at Tunica, 
Mississippi . and Louisville, 
Kentucky. He scored 94 1/2 points . 
in winning the latter event, being 
the first person this year to ride 
"JIT," a former NFR fighting bull 
owned by Harper and Kimberland 
Rodeo Company. 

"He is a good bull but 1'gol the" 

job done." Adam said matter of fact- 


The Carrillo brothers started rid- 
ing hulls when they were 13 years 
old and earned their professional 
cards in -1992. Through 1998 Adam 
.had PBR' earnings. olS92.93&_and_. 
Gilbert had earned $239,466 by rid- 
ing in PBR sanctioned events. The 
brothers are five feet, live inches 
tall and weigh 130 pounds. Both 
attended Odessa College in Texas. 

At the end of June. Gilbert 
Carrillo was in 'fifth place in the 
PBR Bud Light Cup standings with 
3.570 points. Adam was -in 25lh 
place with 1.931.5 points, but his 
wins in Mississippi and Kentucky 
will boost those standings. 

In the rare times when they -urc 
not riding bulls (they will each get 
on 100 to 150 hulls a year), the 
Carrillos buy and sell real estate and- 
dabble in other businesses. Adam is 
married and he and his wife Heidi 
have a' 15-moulh-old daughter 
Hadcn. Gilbert is single. 

Both of the brothers have quali- 
fied for the PBR finals five limes 
(1994-1998) and each has been a- 
Nalional Finals Rodeo qualifier 
twice— Adam in 1993 and 1995 and 
Gilbert in 1992 and 1 998. Both have - 
been Texas high school rodeo bull 
riding champions and Gilbcrtqwas 
the national high school champion 
in 1990. Adam won'lhc 1987 world 
AJRA hull riding championship and 
Gilbert was the reserve champion. 

In 1992 Gilben was ihc PRCA 
Resistol Rookie of the Year and in 
-i994-Adam~won the Brazilian. 
Invitational Bull Riding competi- 

"I rode in Thief River Falls the 
first year of the PBR bull .rides 
there, Adam said. "We're looking 
forward to coming back again, 
although 1 remember that first year 
the ground was like asphalt!" 
■ And when you come right down 
to it, the ground is one or the hard- 
est things about riding bulls. 

Confirmation service was held Sunday, June 20, at Abundant Life 
Free Lutheran Church in Thief River Falls for four youths from the 
congregation. Pictured from left with Rev. Wesley Langaas are 
Nicholas Swanson, Kyle Molstad, Jonette Swanson and Steven 
Wiseth. The congregation hosted a reception for the conflrmands 
and their families following the service. 

Plan fishing and outdoors 
program at Lake Bronson 

Youngsters who want to have fun 
while learning about fishing and the 
outdoors arc invited to participate in 
a nature, program Monday, August 
9. from 10 a.rri.'to 4 p.m.- at Lake 
Bronson Stale Park. 
. Part of the 1 MinnAqua program 
of the Minnesota Department of 
Natural Resourccs'(DNR), the event 
is sponsored by Lake Bronson State 
Parle, the DNR and local partners. It 
will include fishing from shore, 
pond study, practice casting, boat 
and water safely and other practical 
outdoor activities. ; 

There will be a series of mini- 
stations, where children -can lake 
pan in activities provided by DNR 
conservation officers, forestry', 
wildlife, parks and fisheries experts. 
The free event is intended for chil- 
dren-from eightto-14-yciirs-of age^ 

picked up' at Sunny Day Cafe, Karl- 
stad; Java Cafe, Lancaster; Lakeside 
Sporting Goods, Lake Bronson; The 
Cafe, Kennedy; Hallock public 
library; Lake Bronson Slate Park; 
and the Kittson county extension 
office. . 

Forms can be brought by partici- 
pants the day of- the event. Children ■ 
from any location can attend .pro- 
vided they have a permission form 
signed by a parent. 

Tilleif A River Runs Through It. 
the event is intended to provide 
.aquatic-education on ccotogy, natur- 
al resource management and con- 
servation. The events in northwest 
Minnesota" are considered unique 
because children get to learn from 
DNR staff with expertise in every- 
thing from what lives in the bottom 


rRVsM° tcrS , 
1 R „rth* eSl 

tttW ,, 





Spoils hditnr 

Wednesday, July 21, 1999 

Fall sports forms must 
be completed, fees paid 
before starting practice 

All Lincoln Willi .School ;ind 
franklin Middle School athletes 
.mil cheerleaders who arc interested - 
in piiriicipatinj! in a fall sport arc 
reminded 10 luivc their required 
forms completed ami user fees paid , 
■ helore the Start of practice. 

I'articipanls will not tie allowed 
id join the learn' until all paperwork- 
is on file at the Lincoln activities 

form* can be picked' up at the 
activities office from 7:30 a.m. lo A 
p.m. Monday through Friday. 

Athletes are required I o have a 

ieal e 

very three ye; 

yoij need a physical, appointments 
should be made in advance of the 
start of practice. 

Activities lees are' S60 tor 
Lincoln and W5 at Franklin. When 
a check or the correct amount o|- 
cash, along with the required forms, 
are submitted, u white permit card 
will be issued.. You will be eligible 
to begin practice when you present 
the card to vour coach. 

.Football, boys and girls cross 
country, girls tennis, girls swim- 
ming, ami volleyball teams will all 
begin preseason practice' Aug. 16. 

Area high school teams 
wrap up play in summer 
league hosted by NCTC 

The 1999 Northland Community , 
and Technical College summer 
boys and girls high school basket-' 
ball league has completed its regu- 
lar schedule, and playoffs, it was 

— reponerj-by- Pioneer* ■ men^i-heiid- 
baskeihall coach Rick Nikunen. the 
program director. 
Teams from Fosston. Kittson 


Saturday L ft qion baseball fwinbill... 

TRF, Perham play two 
high-scoring contests 

State tournament-bound Thief River Falls 14- Dusty Gogner, Dane K|ono, Ben Weigelt, Ben 

year-olds beat East Grand Forks in a 2-out-of-3- Worker, Mike Carpenter; back row, Klell 

game championship series to win the Lake Johnsrud, Jon Walrath, Stephen Rundell, Josh 

Agassiz District Babe Ruth baseball tournament Langlle, Raid Siaahelm, Eric Leister, Ryan Forney, 

title. Members of the team Include, front row Milch Pribula, and coach Scott Vedbraaten. 

from left, Ryan Swanson, Travis Klinkhammer, :J~ 

TRF 14-year-olds head to state 

_.. American Legion baseball, 

but scores in the Saturday afternoon 
Thief River Falls vs. Perham dou- 
bleheader at Irv. Wilson Field 
looked more like men's slow pitch 
, softhall results - a 15-10 Perham 
i win"iirGanie~l-and-irlG-l2 Thief- 
River Falls victory in Game 2. . 

"It was an interesting day," 
acknowledged Thicl" River Falls 
coach Mike Wienen. "Both teams . 
nil the ball real well. Overall, things 
went pretiy well for us." 

The Thief River Falls offense - 
included a 6-for-7 afternoon for Jeff 
Rislov, who hit three doubles in 
both games. Teammate Andrew 
Solem hit' three home runs during 
the day, including a pair of thrcc-run ■ 
.shots in the opener. 

Pitting - (Parhom) Sluno Handriekson-W; (TRF) 

4/5; (TRF) Jott Ftotov 3M, 3 douWos: Dorak Borg 
3/4; totittm Solum 212, 2 homo -tun: Jorod 
Roloiion2/3;JoitiJonMinZ/4. .. .-. 
Oam* 3 

r h a 

.Porham ...... -201 310 5-12 9 2 

TNotHwor Fulls .510 460 x- 16 IS 

Pitching ■ [Pnituni) MAo Fokfl-U (TRF) Jell 

Otlsralvo Nghfghts - IPoiham) Jott ButosU 3/4; 
(TRF) Jott Rislov 3/3. 3 doubles: Jooy Pnoola 2/3; 
Derek Borg 21* homo run; Nick Wilcox 21*. homo 
run; Andrew Solem homo run. 

... ■■: 

Wednesday, July 21, 1999 ; 

Best Ball tournament 
title won by Sjobergs 

River Falls. Kittson County North. 
Marshall County Central. Roseau, 
Warren- Alvarado-Oslo. and Red 
-Lake- County Ccntral-took-part- in- 
die program. 

NCTC Girls Loaguo 

■ Final standings - Fosolon 9-i. Kittson 
-Cofitfnl-B4«!h-7-3.-Clonrt)took-Gonvick 7-3,- 

Thlof FUvor Foils Royol 7-3. Kittson County 
North 8-4. Thiol River Foils Gold 5-5, Kittson 
'Control Gold 5-5, Marshall County Control 
Purplo 5-5. Ftosoou 4-6. WarreryArvorado- 
Oslo Ornngo 3-7. Marshall County Control' 
QoW 2-8, Warron-AhmrackvOsSo Black 1-0. 
NCTC Girts Loague Playoffs 

■ Rrsi round • Kltwon County North dot. 
Warron-Alvarada-Oslo Black: Ftosoou dot. 
Marshall Country Control Purple; Kittson 
Control Gold dot. Wo ftan-Alvnro do-Oslo 
Orange; Thief Rlvor Foils Gold dot. Morsho.ll 
County Control Gold. 

-■-Quarterfinals - Fosston dot. Kittson 

County North; Thiol Rrvor Falls Royal dot. 

Rosoau; Kittson Control Block Ool. Kittson 

Control Gold; Thiol Rlvor Falls Gold dot, 

Cleo»rt»fc-Go(wicJ<.___ __ ; . 

■ Somitlnats - Fosston dot. Thiol Rrvor 
Foils Royal; Klflaon Control Block del. Thiol 
Rrvor FaUt GokJ. 

, ■ Championship • Fosston dot. Kittson 
Control Black. 

■ Fosston loom mombors • Robin 
Goldsmith. Cnsoy Francis, Kolly Royslond. 

-NIcqIo Sundnom. Emlty Swanson.. Krtj 
Sathor. Torn Erdmnnn. Amy Chflstlan, 
Tltlony Poaroon, Chotsoa Bodurok. 

NCTC Boys Loaguo 

■ Standings not available. 
NCTC Boys Losguo Playoffs 

■ Quarterfinals- Marshall County Control 

I dot. Tit-County 1; Thiol Rrvor Foils I dol.Tri- ' 
County II; "Marshall County Control II dot. 
Rod Like County Control. 

B So'minnols • Thiol Rivor Foils II dot, 
Morsholl County Control I: Marshall County 
Control II do). Thiol FUvor Falls I. 

■ Championship - Thiol Rlvor Foils II dot. 
Marshall County Contral II. 

■ Thiol Rivor Falls II loam mombors • 
Soth Hollow, Justin Skjorvon, Luko 
Erickson. Ryan Oslby, Loo Totstod, Nolo 
Sorvlg. Joaquin Wosiorman, Tyler Bosh. 
Androa Thlbodoau. Joy Rislov. 

Men's slow pitcteoftball 
tournament Is set In TRF 

Thief River Falls Invitational 
. men's slow pilch. softball loumn- 
menl will be played Sunday, July 

Entry Tec is SS5, plus a Blue Dot 
softball. Teams are guaranteed three 

Tournament directors, arc Mike 
Carpenter, telephone 681-8859, and 
Brett Brandon. 681-2850. 

Beating Iiasl Grand Forks iwo 
game id one in a 2-oul-ofO game 
weekend series produced a Babe 
Ruth slate baseball tournament for 
Ihe Thiel" River Falls 14-year-olds. 

While mosl area towns field 
teams in the l-t-15-year-old ponton 
of lite Lake Agassi/. District tourna- 
ment. Thief River Falls and Hast 
Grand Forks were the only commu- 
nities putting together rosters of just 
[•1-year-olds this summer. 

uualify'mg showdown tltut began 
with a 9-3 Thief River Fall* win 
Friday and a 9-5 East Grand Forks 

_vicEorxSaturday-tt> tie the- scries and- 
foree "a title game Sunday, won by 
Thief River Falls 9-3. The home 
team won each game of the series. 

Josh Langlie was the winning 
pitcher and also came up big offen- 
sively in Thief River Falls" Game I 
win with an inside-lhe-nark home 
run and a triple, Ben Weigelt also 
had a pair of first-game hits, includ- 
ing a double. 

Thief River Falls, errors led lo 
eight unearned runs in the second 
game when Jon Walrath was tagged 
wilh the pitching loss. 

Ryan Swanson was the winning 

. pitcher in Ih e series lie-b reaker 

when key hits included an KBl sin- 

gle by Kjell 'Johnsrud. and a nin- 

Erodueing double off the fence by 
en-Worker : 

Other members of ihe Thief River 
Falls team include Stephen Rundell, 
Reid Sjaaheim. Eric Leister, Ryan 

Forney. Mitch Pribula. Travis 
Klinkhammer. Dusty Gagner, Dane 

_Xjono. anil Mike Carpenter. ' 
• Double-elimination Babe Ruth 
siate tournament for l-l-year-olds 

■ will be played this weekend at 
Golden Valley. . The Scott 
Vedbraaten coached-Thief River 
Falls squad will draw a first round 

In Ihe other Lake Agassiz Dislnci 
tournaments, the Thief River Falls 
13- year-olds were (1-2 in games 

and Technical College, while lite 
Thief River Falls 1 5-year-olds went 
1-2 at Wa rroad. Title s went lo the 
Red Lake Falls 13-year-olds, and 
the Easl Grand Forks 14-15-year- 

Flilher-son- combination of Stan 
and John Sioberg won the scratch 
' division, while Jim' Barry and Jeff 
Lidcn teamed up to win the handi- 
cap division in the annual Thief 
River Golf Club Best Ball tourna- 
ment Saturday. 

A total of 19 teams participated in 
ihe evenl. 

JcIT Wiltse and Jeff Hendiekson- 
won on a lie-breaker to take second 

place in the scratch division. Scott 
Blankenfcld and Bruce Sausiad 
wound up second in the handicap- 

Boat Bait Tournament 

■ Scratch Division - 1 . Sinn SJoborg-John 
Slooorg, 67; 2. Jotl Wlllso-Joft Hondrickoon. 

. 73; 3. Bruce WlUloma-Wado Jordo, 73. 

■ Handicap Division - 1. Jim BoiryJetl 
tidon. 61; 2.- Scott Blonkonlold-Bruco 
Soustod, 62; 3. Lorry Collom-Kotlh Doloy, 

VFW baseball squad 
starts-DistriGt-9 play- 

Post 117 ends home season 

There was a lot of racket Monday 
as workers prepared the grounds for 
ibis week's Pennington County Fair. 
But the Thief River Falls American 
Legion baseball team made plenty 
of noise, too, wilh a first-game 
offense that produced a 12-2 five- 
inning win over Crookston al lrv - 
Wilson Field. 

Post 1 1 7 has been solid offensive- 
ly mosl of the summer. And' that 
trend continued in the first half of 
llic final home appearance of ihe 
1999 season when a six-run fifth " 
capped an 11-ht t atta ck that pro-^ 
"ducetl an early 10-run rulccnding. 

Crookston pitcher J.J. Schcving 
quieted ihe Thief River Falls offense 
in Game 2, leading to a 4-2 win for 
ihe visitors and a twinbill split. 

The winners didn't waste any 
time gelling started. As the earth 
movers reshaped the area behind lite 
diamond into a moto-cross course 
that will be pan. of the fair, Thief 
River Falls bals were banging out 

Game I first inning hits - like a 
lead-off single by Jeff Ris|ov and a 
two-run home run over the left field 
fence by Derek Berg, the next bat- 

Crookston got one run back in the 
top of the second on a one-out sin- 
gle to' left by Adam Hanson and a 
two-out RBI single to the same spot 
by Brian Abeld. 

But .a walk, an error on a pick-off 
play and an outfield error on a pop- 
up pluted the first of three Thief 
River Falls second inning runs. 
Rislov did even more damage wilh a 
"iwo-riin libmerun to righi-centcr for 
u 5-0 lead. 

A high fly ball by Andrew Solem 
hit the fence in right field for a one- 
out douhlc in ihe third inning. He 
moved up a base on base hit by Joey 
Pribula and scored on a btoop single 
inlo short left field by Josh Jensen. 

Thier River Falls pitcher Bretl 
Johnson, who just rejoined the team 
after a lengthy absence to "purtici- 

pale in summer hockey programs, 
gave up just the one run and Iwo bits 
over Ihe first four innings. The sec- 
ond Crookston ran was unearned in 
die fifth when an inning-opening 
error, stolen base and iwo-out single 
to left-center by Ryan Frcdricks 
made it 6-2. 

The Thief River .Falls offense, 
aided by- a pair of Crooksion errors . 
and a wild pitch, doubled the home 
team run total in ihe boltom of Ihe 
inning to end the game. A walk 
issued to Pribula was followed by a 
perfectly-executed bil-and-run thai 
-went for op RBI double by Jensen to - 
start it. Nick Wilcox walked and 
Johnson dropped a single into short 
left field that had an error tacked on 
to it for a run. Rislov then drove a 
single inlo left-center field for a pair 
of runs. A slolen base and a single 
by Berg made it 11-2. Berg look a 
couple of extra bases on an error oh 
(Continued on'Pagc 13) 

District 9 tournamentplay awails ' 
-the-ThicfRiv«Fa]ls.VFW baseball, 
team beginning Friday at 

TTic seven-lcam, doubte-climino- 
tion event will advance its winner to. 

:Lr= ^V6\ ley bail-cam p opens— 
_ Monday In Grygla gym 

Volleyball camp for girls going 
into grades 4-12 this Tall-will be 
held July 26-29 in the Grygla 
school gym. 

Sessions will be held from 12- 
noon to 1 p.m. for grades 4-6 and 
from 1 to 4 p.m. for grades 7-12. 
Cost of the camp is $15 for grades; 
4-6 and $45 for grades 7-12. 

Larry Woodndgc is llic camp 
director. For additional, information 

contact Goodridgc/Grygla-Gatzkc- 

. head high school volleyball coach 
Jean Schulzai 218-294-6592. 

The camp isjapen to all girls in 
■ the area. 

the state tournament two weeks 
later at the same site. 

Bcmidji is the tournament's No. I 
seed, followed by No. 2 Perham; 3. 
Moorhcad; 4. Detroit Lakes;., 5. 
Thief River Falls; 6. East Grand 
Forks; and No. 7 Fergus Falls. That 
will produce a Thief River Foils vs. 
Detroit Lakes first round match-up 
Friday at 2:30 p.m. 
■ Thief River Falls finished the 
regular season with an lf-13 record 
against District 9 opponents by 
splitting a Thursday doublchcadcr 
against Moorhcad when the Chris 

- Mills-coached-squad ■ bounced boclc- 
from a 3-2 first-gome loss to win the 
second game 6-4. 
It was the third iwinbill split of 

. the week for the Thief River Falls ■ 
16-year-olds, who won 19-8, then 
lost 7-2 Monday' against Perham 
and won the second half of a 
Tuesday, match-up with Detroit 

. Lakes 11-3 after losing the first 
game 7-6 in nine innings. ■- 

T*f va. Portwoo • Ommn 1 

...... t . h-0- 

Pitching - (Porham) Irnrto-U (TRF) J 
— OToMlw'NtfWiB-; fTOF) Stovo Wtaoth 3/4.- 
douUo,"nono nm; Dwroy Woikor 21*. 

.TKTva. PowfeoM -'Otm* a . 
r h o 
_. 1.22_2-0 0_0^_7_15_2_ 

TnWnrWfF«*.'.™.100 001 0- 
Ptehinfl • fTRF) Joromy Uan-L 
OT»rarvohk>*ghli-(TBFOJonwnyUanrJoubto. ■ 
TV n. Portrait lokoM - Ocum 

if -h o 
ThWRIvofFalU...101 200 200- 8 5 4 

Detroit UkM .012 102 001 • 7 'S 2 

Pitching - rrflF) Joromy Uan-L 
OfloRshv KghSghtj - (THF) Stow VAuth 2!*, 
Double. ' 
TKP vs. Dottrall Lakes - OonM* 


r h o 
TNolFU¥OfF«li..™..t30 034 0-11 2 
DotrottLiikw 101 001 0-3 75 

Pfcnkw ■ [TRF) John Matbon-W; (DL) M Olwn-t 
- OBonirvo hlghftgrtt - (TRF) Stow Wieth 3a 2— 
RBI; Oowoy Workw 21*. 2 RBI: John Unrbon 2/4. 

IRV «. MoerfcMol - OouNO) 1 
r h a 

TMolRhwFaB 002 000 0-2 8 1 

Moorhood 120 000 0- 3 4 

. pitching - (TRF) Juton Skjorwn-L [Moorhood] 

Oflonshrs hkjrJghb • (TRF) Jinan Slikwwn 212; 

TIV vs. MototrfcMcl - 0«m* 3 

.... t..t\ o. . 

TNolRJvorFal* 104 000 !• 8 B 1 

Moorhood .000 210 1- 4 8-1- 

Fltcning - (TRF) Joromy Uon-W; (Moorhood) 

OBoraho Wphtjhti - (TRF) John. Morton 313; 
CodyCropoau2/4.2RSI. . 

iiL-«-i.ij.j = mi 

DIvIsIm I 


Pizza Hut-Collutor2000. 14 

Unrvorsal Screen prlnl-B. Cat ..12 

SL Hllalro Bonra.. ..11 

Budgot-StarTrtbimo 10 

Northwest Eyo Contor .7 

DIvlolM II 

Luthoran Brothorhood-Root..,.13 

Coltulor 2000-Gonoroux 12 

Popil - - - 11 

LondCTLakoa...; -11 

Rusty Noll-Andarson Power ...10 

Toco John's/Tony Dom .6 

Elko ..-4 

Dlvlslow III 


Groan Funorat-Kayotono 13 

Modol Uundry-Rrvar Road 7 

S.H, AirtorrwltvfrWrrlco-A.C.....7 

Brodin-PfOwlorExproos 5- 

Dlgl-KoV. 1 

■ Thuroooy, July 22 - (8:20 p.m.) f 
Unlvonut Scroonpitnt-Bloek Cot vs. . 
Northwest' Eyo Contor, Field 1: St. Hlloiro. 
Boors vs. Land O" Lokot, Fiold 2; Ptzzo Hut- 
Cotlutor 2000 vs. Lutheran Brotherhood' 
Root Supply, St Hlloiro Bold 1; CoBulor . 
2000-Genorout Roolly vs. Budgot-Stor 
Trtbuno, SL Hitolro Bold Z; (7M p-m.) 
Unlvorsel Scroonprtnt-Bloek Cot vs. St. 
Hllalro Boors, Ron 1 ; Northwatt Eyo Contor 
vs. Land C Lokos, Field 2; Puzo Hut- 


Jeff Rislov rounded third base and accepted a 
conflratulatory handshake fronvQiIeiJiver Falls 
head coach Mike Wienen after hitting a two-run 
second inning home ran against Crookston in 
the first half of a Monday American Legion base- 

ball doubleheader at Irv Wilson Field, ftlslov, 
who had six. doubles in a 6-for-7 twinbill against 
Perham Saturday, came back with a 3-for-4, 4- 
RBI effort In the opener against "Crookston as 
Post 117 rolled to a 12-2 five-Inning win: 


Unrvorsat Screonpctnt-Btock Cot i . . 
Hut-CoHutor 2000 11 ; Toco John'o-Tbny Dom 
Inc. 13, Elks 5; SL Hlloiro Boors 10, Budget- 
Star Tribune 10; Northwest Eyo Center 18, 
Popsl 18; (7:30 am.) Ptzzo Hut-Cellular 
20M 8. Elks 6; Universal Scroonprtnt-Block 
Cot 7. Toco John's-Tony Dom Inc. 3;'Budgo»- 
Star Tribune 10, Northwest Eyo Contor 10; 
SL Hlloiro Boors 10.' Pepsi A, 

■ Monday. Jury 1 • (8:20 pjn.) Universal 
Scroonprtnt-Block Cot 13, Budgot-Slor 
Tribune 10; Elks 14, Northwest Eye Center 
13; Pizza Hut-Conulor 2000 3. St. Hlloiro 
Boors 2; Lutheran Brotherhood-Fleet Supply 
12, Rusty Noll-Anderson Powor & 
Equipment 8; (7:30 p.m.) Budget-Star 
Tribune 23, Northwest Eyo Cantor . G; 
Unrvorsol Scroenprint-Bloek Cot 7, EDts Ij- 
Pizza Hut-Cellular. 2000 'IE, Ruity Nell- 

Dans True 

3 1S 

Kandiyohi 1 17 

■ Wednosdoy. July 21 - (8:30 pjn.) 
Ridgorunnors vs. Swlnoors. Held 1; 
Sluggers vs. Konctyohl. Field 2; Thrborl- 
Pruilon vs. Dairy Oueen-Ssinor- Low. 
Folrgrounds Duunond; Popsl vs. OW-Koy, 
RodLoko Fess Field 1; Don's Trucking vs. 
Tony Dom Ina-Rtnoss Corner, Red lake 
Fans Hold 2: {7^0 iwn.) Swlnoors vs. . 
Sluggers, Fiold 1; Kandiyohi' vs. Dairy 

-Queen-Sother Uw,FTokl2;.Thtoort.Phloon-- 
vs. Ridgorunnors, Fairground* Diamond; 
Dk>Key vs. Tony Dom, Inc-Frtnoso Center, 

- SL Hsoue Field 1; Dan's Trucking vs. Popsl. 
Rod Lake Faiti Field 2. . 

Crookston runner Travis Schevlng came up with a stolen base 
when the throw got by Thief River Falls second baseman Ben 
Stechmann In the fifth inning of Monday's American Region base- 
ball doubleheader opener at Irv Wilson Field. Thief River Falls won 
the game 12-2! 

Northwest Team Shoot 
is won by TRF Sunda y 

A Thief River Fulls delegation 
won the title Sunduy at tlic (999 
Northwest Team Shoot hosted by 
the Grccnbush Trap Club. 

Thief; River Falls won the event 
by shooting a 949, followed by 
Grccnbush at 943; Red Lake Fulls 
937, Roseau 93 1. Bcmidji 912. 
Erskine 901, Crookston 899, and 
Warroad 886. 

Representing ihe Thief River 
Trap Club were Karl Bjorkmon, 
Peter Tri, Pat Fischer, Kevin 

Erickson,' Kurt Duprec, Dan 
Narverud, Steve Narvemd. Murk 
Matlson, Dave Duprec,' and Pat 

Tri and Darry'l Cymbaluk of Red 
Lake Falls both shot n lOO-straight 
to lead the individual scores. It was 
the first time a 100 had been record- 
ed in the 15-year history' of the 
cvcnl. Cymbaluk bent Tri in a tic- 
brcaking shoot-off. Fran Johnson 
was third. 


Boating Reminders. 

At least 80 percent of fatal boat- 
ing accident victims would have 
survived had those victims been 
wearing life jackets. So say Ihe stale 
conservation officers of the 
Minnesota Department -of Natural 

"It happens lime and time again," 
said DNR Conservation Officer 
Jason Jensen. 'We find the bout 
drifting empty on the lake, and 
among the fishing gear on the bot- 
tom of the boat is an unwom life 
■ jacket. The victim probably thought 
that since he was a good swimmer, 
he didn't need to wear the life jack- 

' and readily accessible. 

"Readily accessible means that 
they have lo be easy to reach in time 
of an emergency;" Jensen noted. "A' 
life vest that is zipped into a case or 
still in, the plastic wrapper, is not 
considered accessible in the eyes of 
the law." . ' 

And it's much smarter to be wear- 
ing a life jackcr rather than just 
shoving it under the boat scat. DNR 
officials say that putting on a life 
jacket when faced with' an imminent 
boat accident would be like trying 
- to put on o scalbell in the split sec- 
ond before n car crash. 

"Boating accidents happen wtlh- 

boating in good -out warning so you have to be wear- 


Photo Contest Deadline Ncurs 
First Minnesota Department of 
Natural - Resources Nnnguntc 
Wildlife Checkoff photo contest 
deadline is Aug. 6. Amateur and 
professional photographers may 
submit photo entries of live butter- 

fly(s) native to Minnesota. 

Winning cniries from the contest- 
will be featured in the vcar 2000 
Nongame Wildlife Checkoff Poster. 
The poster, which helps 'promote 
donations to the Nongame Wildlife 
Program, is available free lo people 
who donate lo Minnesota's wildlife 
Checkoff on stale tax forms. 

Photographers may submit up to 
12 original slides, taken in 
Minnesota, Photos chosen to be 
included in ihe year 2000 poster 
will be published with photo credit. 
Contest winners will receive 10 
rolls of 35mm slide film and a 

Elimcninry copy of the besl-selling 
ook Landscaping for Wildlife, 
published by . the DNR Non game 
Wildlife Program. 

Eniry forms and contest rules 
may be. obtained from the DNR 
Information Center by calling toll 
free I-888-M1NNDNR. 

Post 117 Legion baseball 

(Continued from Page 12) 
the play, and ironed home with ihe 
game-ending run on a wild pilch. 

Scpring in Game 2 began with a 
two-run ' second inning triple by 
Thief River Fulls' Jarod Reierson, 

Crookston tied it in ihe sixth on 
RBI singles- by Dominick Hammer — 
and Adam Hanson, then won it with 
— U'pair of seventh inni tig- runs, 

A hit batsman and an error on a 
sacrifice . bunt put the two 
Crookston runners who scored in 
the final inning on base. A double 
by Jeremy Yaegcr broke the lie and 
a sacrifice fly by Schcving added an 
insurance run. 

The splil left Thief River Fulls Bt 
14-15 for the year. 

"Our offense was really solid in 
the first came, and Brett Johnson ' 
threw well," offered Thief River 
Falls coach Mike Wienen. "In the 
second game, we had to play base- 
bull, una we just didn't make the 
plays when we needed to.. Schcving 
pretty much shut us down. He's the 
best pitcher in the area, next to Josh 

Championship honors in the 1999 Northwest 
Minnesota Team Shoot at the Greenbush Trap 
Club went to a Thief River' Falls squad that 
Included, front row from left, Karl Bjorkman, 

. Peter Tri, Pat Fischer, Kevin Erickson; back row, 
. Kurt Dupree, Dan Narverud, Steve Narverud, 
Mark Mattson, Dave Dupree, and Fat Moisted. 


by Bob Hultprcn . 

-Another- fantastic night of racing 

14-car Wissota Super Stock final, 
and that lumcd out lo be u goodspol 
for ihe Warren driver, who moved 
his way to the front for the win. Bob 
Shaftr of Bcmidji started und fin- 
ished second, with Dan Morberg of 
Mentor racing from the pole to fin- 
ish third. Class points-leader Dean 
Forst of Thief River Falls finished 

The. 1999 season bus been either 
feast or famine for Shannon Gust of 
Struthcona. On Friday, Gust feasted. 

ct when he „ ... — — p --, — r 

weaiher." ^lng"a~lIfe~jackcrall-thcnimc-to-bc^ — OIson(Roscau)^' 

According lo DNR record* most safe," Jensen said. Pribula also pitched a strong 

boating accident victims are males, "You could fill a warehouse with game' in the nightcap, going. '' 

~arc-in-iheir-30s,-and-have-some — tho-life-jackcts-thaL-wcre, hanging^ iimings-_bcfore_giving_way. 

swimming ability. The boats are unused on the back of a boat scat . Solem. "The pitching by Johnson 
small (16 feci or less) wilh motors because the boater thought he ■ andPribula was the most satisfying 
would have some warning before an pan of the night," said Wienen: 

"accident." ~- ". * '■ --■■— -v A- Tuesday doubleheader- at 

According to the DNR the other Roseau and single, game 'tonight 
big' problem in boating safety is (Wednesdnyyat Warroad will finish 
alcohol. Boating while intoxicated the regular season for Thief River 
■ has been- unlawful for yearsryet — Falls.-Ninth-District-tournamenl 
there are still, on average, 200 ' play starts Wednesday at Roseau, 
arrests for that offense every year. 

"People who would never think .. OaMra.l- 

of drinking and driving a car will 

40 horsepower or less. 
■* ■"" "I thlntc what surprises people the - 
most about fatal boating 'accidents is 
that they aren't fiery 'higli-specd col- 
lisions between boats/ Jensen said.. 
"It's a simple capsizing orfallover-- 
board. The ocrson stands up to 
move around in the boat,' loses bal- 
ance, and topples into the water." 
Jensen said that as the victim's 

Friday nl the Grccnbush Race Park. 
Despite cloudy and cool conditions, 
fans were treated to a hat lime on 
the (rack. 

. What do you do if you arc leading 
u nice, and coming out of llic final 
comer you are spun out by ihe car 
behind you? Well, if you're Roger 
Fiola, you slap your cor in reverse 
und cross the line backwards. That's 
exactly what Fiola. of St. Anne, 
MB, did on Friday during the Super 
Sport Feature. Fiola fought his way 
to the front, then was spun out on 
the last lap by fellow Manitoba 
racer Dun Grcgoirc. Fiola would be 
given the win, but actually crossed 

the line fourth going backwards. — „ 

■Amber-Holtnn-of-Newfotdcn-had — trackMwiih a_flaL_GusUcd. 
herbesi outing of the season with a way, but didn't pi" 
second nlocc finish. Dave Meyer of Ferris of Emo, ON ; . 

t Falls led mu ch of the on Gust's back burnt 
race, but would finish third. 

In ihe Mini-Sprint Feature, Robbi 
Peterson of Middle River jumped 
out-; to- a- good-sized- lead- and 
appeared tote running' away with 
the win. However, with five laps to 
go, Pctcnon— soi-ron-the-back- , . _ 

straight-away with ■ - mechanical . ened the points chase up even clos- 

going flag to- flag for the Wissotu 

Modified win. It was Gust's second 

feature win of the year ut the 

Grccnbush Race Park. In two other 

races, he was the leader when, in the 

first instance.. he blew his. motor, 

and just a week ago had to leave the 
. i- ... - „ . . . JUllc _ 

unable to make a pass. Ferris 
ished second, wild points leader 
Nolan Olmstcad of Badger finishing 

thtrd^-- -—---— 7 --' 

None of the points leaders in the 
'five classes were able to post a ' 

-during Friday's-proaram. ThaLLtght- 
" i clos- 


July 1fi Raco Result* - ■ 

■ Mlnl-Sprfnti - (Kaat 1)*1. Robol . 
Poiotfton. Mlddlo Htvon 2. Cory Olson, 
Roseau: 3. Shown Bugoo, Thief Rrvor FflBi; 
A. Chad Olson. Badger S. Morrtck Hletala. 
Bodgor; (Feature).!-. Rk* Bates, Badger; 2. 
Chad Olson: 3. Cory Olson; CBugge: 5.. . 
LoMnr Rontanon. Thiol River Falls. 

■ Outlaw Slreot • (Heel 1) 1. Bryon 
Beroor. Badrjor; 2. Richard Jaeobson, 
Wannosko: 3. Jado Froditckson. Drayton. 
NO; 4, Cory Omdahl, Said: S. Rick Johnson, 
Badaar; (Feature) 1. Frodrlckaon; 2. 
Omdahl; 3. Bill Moador, Kartilad; 4. 
Jaeobson; 5. Sheldon Poterton, Thief River 

' Falls. 

■ Super Sport • (Heal 1 ) 1. Don Gregoira, 
Sto. Anno. MB; 2. Glon Eckman. NewloJden; 
3. Stan Olson, Thiol Rrvor Falls: A. Kevin 
Solo, Karlstad; S. Scott Kami. Qroenbusfi; 
(Htat S) 1. Roger Fiola. Sto. Anno. MB; 2. 
Mike Martin. Wlnnlpog; 3. Kelly Clovon. ■ 
Warroad; 4. Amber Holtan, Newtoldon; S, 

-Oon-WonstoftrROBonur[Hear3)-ir-Dnvo — 
Moyer,' Thiol Rrvor Falls: 2. .Rod Petoraon, 
Thlof Rlvor Falls; 3. J amen Fois, 
Oroenbush; 4. Bon Belto, Greenbush; 5. 

-KrjtrrKratsorrMhtta RlveTr(Fe«tUTt)-1; — 
Fiola; 2. Holtan: 3. Moyor; 4. Olson: 5, Fota; 
0. Knulson: 7. Belto; 8. Komi: 0. Gregoira; 
10. Wonslolt, 

- "-■-Wls»ota-Supe''Slock - (H»H4) 1 — 
Kovln Soxton. Winnipeg; 2. Qordlo 
Lancaster. Bomldjl; 3. Brad Song, Grand 
Forks, ND; 4. Joey Psderson, Warren: 3; 
Dean WonslorT. Wonhaska; (Heat 2) 1. Dan- 

-MorboTB.-Mrmtorr2.-Bob Sharer, Bomk#;3.— 

head goes underwater, the sudden grab a cooler full of beer and empty S£?£J"-rjr 

shock of entering the water causes 
the victim to gasp and aspirate 
water into lungs. If the victim isn't 
wearing a life jacket, drowning is 
the most common outcome. 

Lack of enough life jackets or 
flotation devices' u among the most 
common touting law citations writ- 
ten by conservation officers. "I don't 
think people mean to be unsafe, 
'''Jcnseii suid,"but in the excltemenrto 

the course of on afternoon's 
boat outing, 11 said Conservation 
. Officer Jeff Birchem, who is sta- 
tioned tn the Warroad area. "I guess 
they don't understand that drinking 
ana operating a boat con be more 
dangerous than driving-n car,-nnd- 

Croofcston , 010 01 ■ 2 44 

MRhtrFato 231 06 ■ 12 11 1 

Pitching • (Crookston) Oommk* 4 WJt Ryan 

Freoncks Itt [raF) Brett Johnson 5-W. 
ONonsrv* hrgtjghts -(CrooluBon) RysnFrodrtcks 

20; (TRF) Jolt RWov 31*. rromo run, 4 RSI: Josh 

Jonsen 212. double. 2 RBliBratt Johnson 2/3; 

Dorak Bora 2/4. homt lun, 3 RBI. 

probfems. Rick Bates of Badger was er with only five races remaining on Dean Font. Jhw^r FsJto:*. o*"^ ^f : 

rks-wri^s^-^TS-i.,,..,. radns „, was.i warns?? 

weekend at .the Greenbush track. 
Remaining dates include a regular 
race July. 30:. the. Elliot Baker 
Memorial Modified Special Aug. 6. 
a regular race Ang. 13, the track 
championship Aug. 20, and the sea- 
son finale Aug. 27. ' 
The Greenbush Race Park, local' 

sometimes they wind up hurting 
themselves and others around 
them." _ 

, _ ^According to-studiesdoneoy-the 

get out on the wotcr to fish or ski or U.ff Coast Guard, alcohol levels as 
just cruise, they forget to make sure low as . .035 (about _ one-third 
mere are chough life jackets of the 

proper size ana type in the boat:" 

Minnesota's legal alcohol limit), 
combined with stress factors in the 

r li • 

Crookston 000 002~2- 4 4 

TrWRh«F!ls™.0Q2 000 0-2 6 3 
Pitting - (Crookston) JJ. Schcving 7-W, (TRF) 

-Jcny Pnbuta Mnoraw SoKmrl-U-^— i ^r 

Oflonslve Nghsgntt ■ (Crookston) Jsramy Vsegoi 
double: [TRF) J«*xl M«Kt\ tnpki, 2 RBT. 

The Times' 

ly stoned to pass the three cars 

ahead of htm to win the race. It was 

Bates' third feature win of the year. 

Chad Olson of Badger had his best 

showing while finishing second.' 
Jade Fredrickson of Drayton; ND 

may be the new-man to beat tn the 

Outlaw Street Class. Fredrickson 

led flag-to-flag from his outside 

-*frontrow.-slartingposilion and raced — ed one-hnlf-mile north of-Greenbush- 

'to his second consecutive feature on County Road 7, is a 3/8-mile 

win. Cory Omdahl of Salol finished facility with modem concessions, 

a strong third, with class points beer garden and bathrooms, 
-leader-^ Richard — Jaeobson— of— Admissron-is-$8-for-aduIuuand-$4_ 

Wannuska in.third. . for children agcs-6-12. Children 

Joey Pedcrson started tenth in the ages S-under are admitted free of. 

(Feature) ' 

Morbero; A. . _ . . . 

Wonslolt; s. Julie OwoakJ, Dratyon, N . 
Lancaster; 10. Stephen Frank, Warroad. 

■ WtuotB Modrflod - (Heat 1) 1. Dale 
Holtan, Newfotden; 2. Shannon Ouat, 
Strathcono: 3. Woe Blakasleo, Roseau; 4. 
Oavkl Balstod, Mclntoth; 5. Jason Andenon, ' 
Emo, ON; (Heat 2) 1. Nolan Otmotea.d, 
Badger: 2. Chuck Arptn. Fort Fronds. ON; 3', 

Badger. 6. Tony Btacklance, Thktt f 

Greg Forrts. Emo. ON; 3. Steve Arpln, Fori 

Frond*, ON; 4. Gary Johnson, Karlstad: 5. 

Scott Greer, Winnipeg. MB; (Feetura) 1. 

Oust: 2. Ferns; 3. Olmstaad; 4. Johnson; 5. 
■Strjvo _ Arprnr6VRk]c«tk»rTrQroerr8.-Lynn— 

LiKkw.WlngV,ftBla<ia»««;10.Hottaa . 

" changed' n couple of years ago.. A 
boaters flotation seat cushion used 
to fulfill legal requirements. Now 
each person in a boat must have a 

boating environment, can .cause 
serious lapses in judgment, vision 
and balance: On average alcohol is 
involved in about SO percent of all 

... --_-j^_— -_- Jatol boating accidents.- ' ._ 

U.S.CdasVGiianl "approved type I," ■ ~"If people 'would'dnlyweartheii' 
n, UI or V wearable life' jacket on life jackets and avoid alcohol when 
board. For boats 16 feet and longer, they are boating, Minnesota waters 
there must also be one type IV would be considerably safer and 
boater's flotation seat cushion for there would be many more people 
the boat. A life jacket must be the alive at the end of the summer, 11 
proper size for ihe intended person Birchem said. 

Northern Gun & Pawn 

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10:00 A.M. - 7:00 P.Mr 




! <* 


Face 14. 


Wednesday, July 21, 1999 

Wednesday, July 21, 1999 


' .jjii k i u- s m ' . p wws ■! ■ ■ !g?w - 

Page 15 ■ 

Summary j 
in Ditch 83 

(Continual limnpaee I) 1 
<.;i)l.7lf».45. MoilMIk.ii hall'of lliiv' 
e.\|»eme iSMU.^Si.i'. in eiiginecr- 
nlciciJ'iis leuuesicd h\ the petition- 
ers is estimated ;» il.Ol 
Based mi ihcjit-ncnis determined in 
I'tSI. b\ (lie watershed district, stale 
,md federal governments would 
share lo a laree esleni in ilk- costs of 
the projccl. 

In ti> case aguitiM Oil- DNK. llic 
watershed district lia>. rc^uc-tiril a 
declaratory judgment declaring 
whether thV state is iei|iiired In |iay 
i in repair assessments 
levied or in Ik- levied on benefited 
consolidated conservation lands 
located within the Siale Diieli S3 
drainaee wsicin. 

It 'claims thai llie DNK did nol 
ippcnhhc -fimlititis-nf-fwl-nml mder- 
in MJSffiind paid its redeiertliined 
diU'h la\ assessments from I'W> to 
l')')2. ;ii which lime irsinpped pay- 
in e an v di'ieli assessments ;u-Mh:ial- 
eifwilh Stale Dileh S3. 

The watershed disiriel' also 
claims ihat under stale siatuie. ihe 
DNK "niin mil exercise ils authnii- 
tv in any way which will interfere 
willi (he operation of ditches of 
drainage sysienis existing in any 
game preserve area, or consolidated 
conservation land, unless ihc - 
■ Gom m i s *i o ner— fi r*t— auuu Uc s — ilia l_ 
right hy purchase or.coiuleninaiioii. 

"In 'refusing lo pay assessments 
and in asserting its right in interfere 
with drainage repairs, ihe Depart- 
' Natural Re 

ud gement req uested 
suit against DNR 




Commissioner of Coiiseuanou m 
1949." ihe walershed disiriel Mutes. 
"However, llie aiilhorily granted die 
Commissioner upon which Ihe 
Deparlineni of Naliiral Resources 
relic's was' subsequently repealed hy 
Ihe legislature. " 

In us mot inn for summary judg- 
ment, the DNR slates thai "llie 
Commissioner has not con sou ted 10 
or joined in llie petition, for. the. 
- repair of-State Ditch S3 ami-has not- 
consented lo itr filed a certificate or 
siatemeiil authorizing ihe assess- 
me ni of con-con lands f or_re|uir_ 

Also in Ihe molion. ihe DNK 
summarizes iis view of how state 
came about. Assessments for large 
scale drainage projects in several 
nonhwesiern Minnesota counties 
were unable lo he paid by the 
landowners in the laic 1020s and the 
land was forfeited to Ihe counties 
for non-pavtneni of taxes. The eoun- 
lies were t'lnahle lo re-sell the"laiid 
and "ihe .Stale was compelled- tu 
intervene hy paying* the unpaid 
laves in order to prevent defauil and 
preserve llie counties' and Slate's 
general credit." More than 1.5 mil- 
lion acres were included in these 
consolidated conservation lands. 

The Stale's paymeiil eventually 
. exceeded $4 million after paying off 

When ihc hearing was scheduled 
lo consider the repair of Suite Ditcli 
83 in I'm. Deputy Commissioner 
of Naiural Resources Ron Nargang 
senl a Idler lo the district, along 
with a recent letter from (he 
Attorney General's office.' noting 
thai the Commissioner musl 
approve assessment for this projeel. 
the DNR contends. Tile district pro- 
ceeded to issue llie repair order on 
June II. IWK' "before il had any 
discussions, much less resolulion. 
i-oiiivriiing.ilie assessments »f. Slaie _ 
con-con lands." the DNR says, 

DNR officials and the walershed 
disiriel met on July 23. 1998. hut the 
disiricniffered no explanation as lo 
hove the proposed repair of Stale 
Ditch H3 would benefit Ihe con-con 
lauds, the DNK stales in its summa- 
ry judgment request. 

"The district insisted that the 
benefits to the con-con lands had 
been set in its 1986 redetermination 
of benefits done under the drainage 
code (Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 
103E) and thai the State had no. 
basis for objecting lo any assess- 
ments based upon that proceeding, 
DNRj-laff maintained that. the bene- 
fits could on ly.becstabl 'shed :byjhc_ 
Commissioner's approval pursuant 
lo Minnesota Statutes 84A.55, sub- 
.division-" r- : 

District Judge Dennis Murphy of 
Thief River Falls will rule, on the 
DNK request for summary judg- 

troversy is only a mailer of law, he . 
will issue the summary judgment 

. which in effect dismisses the case. If 
he determines there arc questions of 
fact, he will reject ihe request and 
the case will go lo trial as scheduled. 

Timing is 
everything for 
Steve Tomac 

(Continued from page 1) 
During the 80 days ihe lcgisla- 

— tu re ~ i s~ i n - session — Tomac-s I uy s- - i n — 
Bismarck although his ranch is only 
.11) minutes from the Capitol, ft* 
easier to concentrate, he said, and if 
he went home he would find a hun- 
dred other things to do. 

Popular with rodeo fans is 
Tomac's liltle red fire truck named 
■"Suiokey." Tomac has ti quick wit 
and the ability to turn a situation 
inio something funny. He usually 
gets along well with rodeo 
announcers who set up some of his 


the business_arai't so funny. Ten 

_years ago a. ton of beef on the hoof 
smacked him into an arena wall in 
Missoula. MT. 'cracking four verte- 
brae and hruising a kidney. He had 
to check himselfout of the hospital 
that 'night so -he could drive' 800 
miles to meet his contract ut ihe 
next rodeo. 

* Apparently he applies the same 
sense of responsibility to his duties 
in the Senate, where lie has served 
since 1990 after Iwo terms in the 
I louse of Representatives. The vot- 
ers keep reluming him lo office 
each election. 

Pat. Dunning was one of many volunteers from 
tho comm unity to participate in Pioneer Pays at 
Pipneer Village in Thief River Falls. She is pic- 
tured above going over some art instructions in 
Little Oak school 065 in Pioneer Village. During 
Pioneer Days, children learned, through the pre- 
sentation of nine different activities or presenta- 

tions, what it was like for children during pio- 
neejr days. Pioneer Days is s ponso red by the^ 
Thief River Falls Parks" and Recreation depart- 
ment in ^cooperation with, the Pennington 
County Historical Society;' which operates 
Pioneer Village. 

Expansion plans made for River Road Casino 

(Continued from page I ) 
a lot of unknowns, llie tribal hoard 
has employed a company to con- 
duct a leasihility study, a company 
lo look at the company conducting 

ii or not, tin 
partici paling 

■at ion is already 

, , „. he- community. 

About 25 percent of- the workforce 

at ihe casino live in ihe community 

Thief River Tails, llie rcserva- 

IhrTciRlbltltyTtlHlyrnnd-nnrlnok^ — tion— also— has-uii- 
ing in their own numbers lo deter- c —- *"• — 
mine what ihe market could hear.— . 

Parrot the reason ihc tribal rcn- 
resenialives were visiting with pub- 
lic officials Monday was to discuss 
future plans. The other reason was 
lo attempt to bridge' the gap thai 
was created when the public 
opposed the casino being located in 
Tliier River Falls. 

Whitefeather said Ihe reserva- 
tion is looking to become u part' of 
the community -- join the Chamber 
of Commerce. Jaycees or whatever, 
he said. 

Whether the community realizes 

interest in working" with tribal 

Jean Heinrichs. city council rep- 
resentative, .and Bud Ciimsioek. 
county commissioner, apologized if 
; re p re se n tat i vcK-u f - die- uibaLboard — 
were offended by the opposition to 
locating the casino in fliicf River 
Falls six years ago. '■;;- 

Delton Shult/.. county engineer, 
expressed an interest in renewing 
discussions regarding. a passing 
iane neur the casino. It's a safety 
issue that seems to have been lost 
in the shuffle. 

Many of the local officials at the 
meeting noted that they have had u 

Xroblems. long relationship with the Iribal 

one of their board, and said they hope the rela- 
major problems righl'now is hous- lionship will continue to improve. ' 


Local officials expressed an 

-invesuiienl— hi- 

— If the expansion plans arc. real- 
ized, more employees of the casino 
will likely reside in the community 
oflnief River Falls. ^ 

Marv Hanson, gaming manager, 
said that if the casino does expand 
it will mean a lot for thiscommuni- 
ty, — mostly positive. 

The Red Lake Reservation and 
the community of Thief River Fall; 
have some common problr - 


Several speeding and traffic violations in court reports 

Several speeding and other Traf- 
fic violations were listed in last 
week's edition of the Pennington 
County Citation Disposition 

Minnesota Stiite Patrol cases: 
_ Justin_MichacUCarrierc._ 1 S._Rcil_ 

Lake Falls. 68/55. S85; Richard 
Lee Schram, 46, Detroit Lakes. 
65/55. S75; Matthew Leo Olsen 
Shaffer. 20,. Thief River Falls. 
65/55. S75: Lyle John Swanson. 43. 
Thief River Falls, failure lo use scut 
bells, 560; Gary Leonard West. Jr.. 
Savage, 37. 85/55. $135: 
Christopher Michael Zimmerman. 
23. Thief River Fulls, no Minnesota 
driver's license, possession of a 
small amount of miirijuanu/drivcr, 
S320wiih S75 stayed on condition 
begets valid driver's license within 
45 days; 

Travis Hdwurd Gross. 22. Fargo. 
ND, 67/55. S85: Chad Allan 
-Labincr-25r-Muy vi I !c— N D— no- 
insurance, no current Minnesota 
registration displayed. S.l'JO: 
Jessica Rnye McGregor, 21, 
Warren, seal belt, $60; Kyle James 
Molstad, 16, Thief River Falls. 
82/55. S135; Ronald James Nelson. 
23. Esmond. ND, 65/55, $75; 
Fredrick Ray Ovcrmyer. '31. 
Warroad, 64/55, S75; Mark A. 

Probelts. 28. Winnipeg. Manitoba. 
65/55. S75; L-frain Ramirez. Jr.. 25. 
Thief River. Falls, no Minnesota 
registration. $25; 

Gary Dale Anderson. 47. Kulm. 
ND. 68/55, $85; Nicholas A. 
S75v Arvid Duane Cellmer. 58. 
Grand Forks. ND. 65/55,, $75; 
Jessica Marie Drew. 19, Hast 'Grand 
Forks, no Minnesota driver's 
license, no proof of insurance, and 
85/55. $545: Rebecca Ami 
Galfaiiey. 22, Thief River Falls, 
70/55. illegal use of plates, $1'J5; 

liverell Lloyd Ault. 60. Thief 
River Falls. 65/55. $75: Michael 
Clinton Bauer, 16. Thief River 
Falls. 70/55. $95; William Thomas 
Charlton. 1'J. Williams. 64/55. S75; 
Steven Graham Knorr. 19, Palm 
Bay. FL. scat hell. $60; James Leo, 
48, Searsnian. ME. 65/55. $75; 
Jamie Marie Lukcsh. 22, Thief 
-River- Fnlls.-no-Minnesota-driver's- 
Ifcense, no proof of insurance. 
$670; Phyllis Elaine Hodgson. '57. 
Grand Forks, ND, failure to use 
scat belt, $60: Leslta Ann Wallace, 
37. Thief River Falls. 82/55. S135. 

Pennington County Sheriff's 
department cases: Nikki R. 
Greene, 19. St. Joseph. MO. issue 
of dishonored 1 checks. $135,. 

11 restitution; Gary Clark- Christopher Raymond Iiaginan,~2l. unsupervised probation for two 

Sundeen. 40. Hallock. issuance of Thief River Falls, criminal damage 

dishonored checks. S235. $41.77 to properly. $135, $40 restitution. 

restitution; Sandra Ann Balderston. 30 days in jail stayed for one year; 

27. Thief River Falls, welfare Dale Allen Hashy. 40. St. Hilaire. 

fraud, $35. 91 days in jail stayed for driving after revocation, $285, 30 

Two years, placed on unsupervised days in jail stayed for one year; 

-.-■».. --•-.— - lerfr^~AneT"L7uxyr21"rTliief 

probation for iwo years. 

Thief River Fulls Police 
department cases: Donovan Lee 
Olson. Jr.. 38. Thief River Falls, 
theft, 10 days in jail stayed for one 
year, S50 restitution; Marc Anthony 
Tiuni, 26, Thief River Falls, gross 
driving while intoxicated, $915, 
one year in jail with all but 30 days 
stayed for iwo years, placed on 
unsupervised probation for two 

Scars: Jeremy Scott York, 25, St. 
lilaire. a'gg violations, $1160, one 
year in jail with all but six months 
stayed for two years, placed on 
unsupervised probation for two 

— Chad-Miiciicll-Beito,-2l 1 -Thief- 
River Falls, theft, $135, 30 days in 
jail stayed for one year; 

"Jc ffrey~Al len" Lacey. 217 
River Falls, driving after revoca- 
tion, $245, 10 days in jail stayed for 
one year: Richard Erfing. Lian, 43. 
Thief River Falls, fifth degree 
assault, $160, 10 days in jail stayed" 
for two years; 


Mitchell Armond I'rouk. 23. 
Thief River Falls, furnishing lo 
minors. $335. 30 days in jail stayed 
for two years, placed on unsuper- 
vised pr obatio n! for iwo years: 

— Mandy'Lynne Rollins, "23, Bend. 
OR. no Minnesota driver's license. 
$135; Francis Kenton Womack. 76". 
Thief River Falls, failure lo yield. 

.■• Bart Vcmon Colden. 33. Thief 
River Fulls, gross misdemeanor 

Tracy Dclanc Gaydcn, 22. Thief- refusal to submit, one year in jail 

■ River .Falls, domestic assault, $85, 

filaccd on unsupervised probation 
or five ycors^ Nikki Ranee Greene, 
19, St. Joseph, MO, minor con- 
sumption, $85; Dennis Obert 
Hovct, 39, Goodridgc, theft 
(shoplifting). $135, 90 days jn jail 
stayed for one yean Jesse Ross 

with all but six months stayed ft 
two years, placed on unsupervised 
probation for. two years: Clarence 
Ali Davis. 22. -Thief River Falls, 
furnishing alcohol to minors. $335. 
30 days in jail stayed for two years, 
placed on unsupervised probation' 
for two years; Roger Harlan 

Sheldon, 27. Thief River Falls, dri- ' Garfvc. 27, Ncwfolden. fifth degree 
-ving-whilc-intoxicatcd, $660,-60- assault, $235,-30 days in jail stayed 
days in jail with all but 30 days for one year; Murk Steven Groslic, 
' for two years, placed on 20, Thief River Falls, minor c 

sumption. 30 days: Leroy William 
Krapohl. 31 . Thief River Falls, cal- 
endar parking. $25: 

Nancy Jean Sioffel. 53. Thief 
River Fulls, calendar parking, $25: 
Amy Lynii Thode. 19, Badger, cal- 
endar parking. $25- Anthony ■ 

-RomiId-WinlL l rr-I9r*rfiier- River- 
Falls, possession under 21 (alco- 
hol). $235; 

Levi Baptist Davis. 20. Fertile. r 
illegal consumption. $85: Jeffrey 
Scott Frei. 2o. F.verado. ND, calen- 
dar parking. $25: Harlen Neil 
llockert. 29. Thief River Falls, vio- 
lation of a protection order, 30 days 

.stayed for one year; Melissa Ann 
Klos. 24. Thief River Falls, two 
counts, calendar parking, $25 each, 
count; Frailan Narvai/., Ill, 21, 
Thief River Falls, driving after 
revocation. $325: ' and Hans 
Gunllier Gregory, 34. fifth degree 
assault. $135. 30 days in jail with 

-all- but -four days stayed for-one _ 

rayed for two years, placed on 

Law enforcement respond to a variety of incidents 

Two vehicle crash near St. Hilaire 

There were no injuries in a two 
—vehicle- accident— near_ S 1 —H ilairc. 
Thursday, according to the 
Minnesota State Patrol. 

The State Patrol received a 
report- of the accident at. Highway 
32 and St. Hilaire at 1:36 p.m. on 
Thursday, July 15. According to the 
accident report.- Joel Sorvig, St. 
Hilaire, was driving a 1994 Ford 

alleged she had been beaten up. She 
had marks on her neck, a bruise on 
the side of her head, and she com- 
plained of abdominal pain. She was 
taken to Northwest Medical Center. 
Eric Scan Minto. 27. Thief. River 

...._ . C.I--I- Falls, was charged with fifth degree 

pickup south on Highway 32 and C r eyewear. The driver was cited for They also estimated $8,000 dam 

^iisuitieJupuiltajighUumjyJjcjui drivinH-at*tcr-revocuiion-and_no agc-uilhe-trailciiowiic(LhyJliplcy!____ 

1987 Oldsmobile" "driven by proof of insurance. During a back- Inc. of Erhard. at 11:53 p.m. the sheriff's depart- 

Jcnnifer Knott, Red Lake Falls, .ground check, the officer learned . On July 13 at .7:39 p.m. police ... ment received a report of two mdi- 
which was also traveling south, die driver was wanted on u warrant rece'ived a report of an accident at viduals causing a disturbance at an 
collided with the Sorvig vehicle. oul f Marshall county for con- Third and Arnold. Daniel Dennis establishment in Goodridgc n 
There were no injuries. 'There was i cm pt of court. The driver then fled Austud, Thief River Falls, was dri- 
cxtensivc damage to the Knott on foot. He was caught u couple of ving a Blazer north on Arnold, and 

Law enforcement officials in ving a car cast on First Street when 
Thief River Falls and Pennington his vehicle collided with a parked 
county responded to a variety of trailer with a tractor on it. A pas- 
culls during the past week. - scngcr in the Bulger vehicle was 
■ Pursuit. On July 1 9 at 2:30 p.m. taken to Northwest Medical Center, 
a police officer stopped a motorcy- Police expect that the Bulger vehi- 
cle rider who wasn t wearing prop- clc will be considered a total loss, 
cr eyewear. The driver was cited for They also estimated $8,000 dam- assault. 

lraffic""stop. A charge of driving 
while intoxicated is pending 
against 37-year-old Dawn Lynnette 
Olson. ThiefRiver Falls. 

Consumption. On July 18 ai 

1 :35 a.m. an officer performed a 

traffic stop. The driver. Michael 

Lee Sax, 19. Grygla.was alleged to 

-h"y.c.bcc fi . drinktng and now faces a 

. One 

vehicle, and minor damage to the 
Sorvig pickup. 

Sigdah sentenced in criminal 
vehicular homicide case 

blocks later Aaron Kirk Oberg. 25, -Curtis-Eugene Brandt, Thief River 
Argylc, faces additional charges of Falls, was driving a car east on 
escape from custody, and obstruc- Third Street, when the vehicles coi- 
tion of legal process. lided in the intersection. Austad 

man had allegedly caused damage 
to a door with a pipe. Charges ore 
pending -against -a Rcdlakc man. 
Gary Allen Ncadcau, 34, 
Minneapolis, was arrested and 
cited for disorderly conduct. " 

Dismissed. On July 15 the had stopped at a slop sign before was also wanted on a warrant out of 

«»:«», nH J"*.*....,.. At, *.«.*.■.*.. *nlHnrtr. tl,j* li.4i.ivi,i.tinn hill rllfln't RMlrfimi fAlintU 

Activities underway for 
Pennington County Fair 

(Continued from page 1 ) 
and Sunday near the lair board 
-office on lliC'.grouiuK. I hs_cj>'- l| i_ l,lls _ 
- will bc-auctioncd tn-tht-public-iit- 
3:30 p.m. Sunday prior to the 4-H 
livestock auction. 

Shuttle bus service lo and from 
ihe fairgrounds will, be provided 
from 3 to 10 p.m. today through 
Friday and 3 tu 11 p.m. Saturday 
and Sunday. Buses .will run on llie 
hour from Northland Community 
and Technical College parking lot. 
the parking lot suuih of McDonald's 
on Highway 59. Heritage Com- 

market. Passengers leave and board 
ihc bus at the front doors of the 
Huck Olson Memorial Civic Center. 

— ~Senior~Ctil7cn~Dny — witt-bc- 
Friday, July 23. with a program at 1 
p.m. in the curling club building at 
which the county's outstanding 
senior citizens for 1999 will lie rec- 
ognized. Bingo will also be played 

— inthccurling club building trom 4 
to II p.m. Wednesday through 

. Sunday, 

A number of oilier activities are 

scheduled throughout the fair. Some- 
of these include-fireworks following 
ihe Thunder' on Hooves bull ride 

-Siiturday-nighM-H-and: open, class - 
dog shows beginning at 7 p.m. 
Wednesday: Prairie Schooners car 
club drive and display Thursday 
from 7 lo 10 p.m.: 4-H and open 
goat show Saturday at 9 a.m.; 4-H 
and open-class horse show Saturday 
beginning at 9 a.m.; rooster crowing 
contest at Il v a.m. and bunny races . 
in the rabbit barn al 2 p.m. Saturday] 
horse show beginning at 9 a.m. 
Sunday: 4-H tashion revue and 

-award s-nrogram"Sunday*arl"p;mT" 
and pedal tractor pull at 2 p.m. 
Sunday in front of the civic center. 
Thief River Falls Take Down 

-Club-will-hhndlc the- auto -parking- 
on the grounds. Parking is $1 per 
day or $2 passes are available fer- 
tile entire fair. The public is lo use 
only the east and west entrances to 
ihe grounds. Livestock exhibitors 
may use the south entrance on entry- 
day and Sunday night. Participants 
in the demo derby are to use the 
northwest entrance off Sixth Street. 

Bergeson Gardens blooming 
and open for public viewing 

Timothy Sigdahl. 18, Red Lake 

Falls, was sentenced in Red Lake 

'.County court last week on d charge 

of criminal vehicular-homicide 

The charge stems from an inci- 
dent in November 1998 during 
_Vihich Davis. Gustafson of An eta. 

supervised probation on condition 
that he pay restitution to the victim 
reparation's fund upon notification 
of llie amount. Hc.was then ordered 
to serve 12~months-ut Northwest- 
Regional Corrections Center in 
Crookst on w ith crcdit_for_jtlmc 
served. He was ordered to under 

Pennington County Attorney's 
office dismissed charges, without 
prejudice, of assault in the fifth 

, degree, tampering wi(Ji-8 witness in 
the First degree, and terroristic 

-thrcotsr~agninsr Richard Shane 
Paulson, 40rThief River Falls. The 
charges stem from an incident 

entering the intersection, out didn't 
see the Brandt vehicle. Police esti- 
mated damages at $1,500 to the 
Austnd vehicle, and $2,500 t o the 
Brandt vehicle. 

Beltrami county. 

Public nuisance. On July 18 at 
1:55 a.m. police received- a loud 
mus i c co mplaint from a r esiden ce 

chcmtcaland psychological evalii- 
ily with the re 

AssnuIts.-OnJuly-14-at-lOrlO — Driver Ciied-for-- public- nuisance 
p.m: a corrections officer was " was - 43-year-o!d ' Dennis " Ray 

„.„„.„ „... _ assaulted by an inmate. A charge of Blazcwjcwski, Thief River Falls. 

reported-to-law-enforcemenlHn — fel6nv-fourth-<legree~aasauTl-is Driving — while— IntoxicuCcd.- 

Junc. pending against Myron Dean Following a traffic stop on July 17, 

.Accidents. On July 13 at 11:01 Sunram, 22, Thief River Falls. charges are pending against 

p.m. police received a report of an On July 17 at 4:34 a.m. the sher- ; Gregory Lee wojeiewshowski, 

accident on First Street infront of iff 's department received a report Thief River Falls, for driving while 

ND, feiffrom the roof of u vehicle 
driven by Sigdahl. Gustafson died 
from the injuries. 

A prison sentence of 48 months' bw*,™*... « — »,....,. ... „ r .- r - 

■to-the-Slato-Gommissioner-of— but-he-wa-i ordcred-to pdy-a-fiur Brc*Ks~AVcnuc—John— nmothy — ofni~domcslic _ lnc|denrnr-nrirsi: — intoxicated: 

Corrections was stayed for a period charge of $50. Bulger, Thief River Falls, was dri- dence in North township. A woman " On July 17 at 5:54 police made 

of 10 years. Sigdahl was pluccd'on ........ _ --.- - 

charge of consumption— under 

lilt nnd run. On July 16 at 6:57 
a.m. police received a report that an. 
unknown vehicle had backed into a 
1998 Ford Contour parked in the 
800 block of North Arnold by 
Pamela Ruth Pcdcrson, Thief River 
Falls. Police estimated damage to 
(he vehicle at $2,500. . 

These reports Include names of 
Individuals charged, arrested or 
cited with various crimes and 
offenses by police, Ihe sheriff's 
department or other law enforce". 

"merit officials.' Depending upon " 
the circumstances -of a case, ■ 
charges can be, and sometimes ■ 
are, changed or dropped by low 

-enforccmcnt-offlclnls or nUameys— 
even before- the case reaches 
court. Readers should also realize 
that under the American system 
of jurisprudence. Individuals^ 

unlil proven guilty of those crimes 
In a court of law. — — 

Bergeson Gardens, located on 
the grounds of Bergeson Nursery 
three mites south and five miles east 
of Fertile, is expected lo be in peak 
bloom from late July through Labor 
Day. Admission is free and the pub- 
lic is invited to view the gardens. 

"We have added over 200 roses. 
as well as many ncw-anmral and 
perennial beds," Eric Bergeson said. 
"We have repealed some successful 
ideas, from the past and come up 
with some new ones as' well. New 
sections are added'each year and the 
gardens now cover about four" 

Bergeson said ihe family had 

expense, but that won't be neces- 
sary. "We just want everybody to 
come out and sec what's new, he - 

Printed guides are available for 
visitors and specific plants are 
labeled. Families and groups should 
fee) free to bring picnic lunches. 
Garden viewing hours are from 8:30 
a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through 
Saturday and noon to 6 p.m. 
Sunday: Pop, juice and ice cream 
snacks arc available during regular 
business hours. 

Lake Bronson park 
activities' Friday, Satu rday 

Activities fur children and adults 
— a re- pi a n ned- fu r-bii ke-B mn son-S in le - 
Park Friday and Saturday. July 23 
and 24. 

On Friday al*4 -p.m. children of 
all ages arc invited to meet at ihc 
beach house for a scavenger hunt. 

An interpretive program entitled 
Bat Facts will be presenied for all 
ages at 8 n'm. at the picnic shelter. 
At 9:30 p.m. a night hike is-planncd 
-lo familiarize hikers with the sights 
and sounds of the park after sunset. 
. Hikers are advised to '"bring your 
insect repellent and night eyes and 
medal the lower.".. — 

On Saiurday the children's acliv- 
ity will be Fabulous Frogs mid 
Tafia's at 2 p.m. at the boach. Young 
people will learn about amphibians adult. and make a 

-frog-to-taWhomc— = 

A boat tour and kids' fishing 
event is planned for 4 p.m. Children 
should bring their fishing rod and 
try their luck al catching a fish. Bait 
will be provided. Space is limited 
and those interested should register" 
at the park office between 9 a.m. 
and 12 noon. The activity will last 
from one to two hours. 

. At 8 p.m. a wildflower hike will 

be held to view some of the flower 
species in bloom at this time of the 
year. Meet at the tower lo begin the 

hike. -. 

AH programs are free and open 
to Ihc public, but a vehicle permit is 
required m enter the park. Permits 
arc for sale at the park entrance. 

■ /— 1 

■']' '- J 

■■■■ . 1 . . . 


. 1 


1 ■ 

■'.- F-.l 






List $41,488 

NMTR. Price 












Retail $28,260i 

After Rebate of '750 J 


s 24,1 11 



1999 CHEV. TRACKER 2-DR. 4X4 



' -es==riil^l^ TOP I 

Retail $18,160 ^^^ 






for up to t m A 


After Rebate of M ,0004 


^^jMifJALQUALiTYl" jd rWe &/5«$F 






Ust $22,435 

NMTR. Price 

As Low As 


•n.imrHi.v',. ■;: v :| 





-fof-up to-X*fc- 
' months 


T'99 OLDS. ALER0, iwxiaaira-. -$16,900 1 


'98 BUICK CENTURY CUSTOM, mm..: i '14,900 

-'97 BUICK CENTURY-CUSTOM, juw .! .13,900 I 


'97 OLDS. REGENCY, nmmnm .! .18,900 

'96 P0NTIAC GRAND PRIX, M«,wni .... '32,959 

J '96 BUICK RIVIERA, okh ". . -. . .— -.tttt.- vtt; 15,900 

|'960LDS.DaTA88LS,«iB.!u« .$13,900 

T95 CHEVY LUMINA LS, h«.»hte ......$9,900 

'94 BUICK CENTURY WAGON, era $6,900 

'93 OLDS. CUTLASS SUPREME, hr,miie .$8,900 

'92 FORD TAURUS WAGON, buie .$4,900 

'92 CHEVY CORSICA, wn $3,900 

hlPONTIAC GRAND AM, m,^ ......$4,900 


I '90 PONTIAC GRAND PRIX, «*.«* $5,900 

1 '89 PONTIAC BONNEVILLE, «K.wm $3,900 | 

['880LDS.CIERA,«m .$1,6f 

^97 CHEV. SUBURBAN LS, w «HiEvraa«n m900l 

'97.CHEV.TAH0E,«».wffiD ....$26,900 

'97CHEV.EXT.CAB4X4,>mu>ie 520,900 

'96 CHEV. SUBURBAN LT, mmmnmam to? ann 

lEflrawnnofl Iri'xSK I 

'96 CHEV. EXT. CAB 4X4, ma .1117,900 

-'96 CHEV. BLAZER LS, ^iiam™ .'. .J 17,900: 

I '96 FORD RANGER XLT EXT. CAB, gkeh . $11-,900.| 

'95 CHEV. SUBURBAN LS, wwsm t „ „. i 

wfflnaoTHwiHWn •• ■ ... • 'Vfclixxr I 

'94 CHEV. ASTRO VAN, m ' -$7,999 

'94'FORDflANGER XLT REG. CAB, nu* .$6,900 

I '85 CHEV. BLAZER 4X4, bucmbey ••••J 2 '™ 



fflKlZEvGb'MFORT wfr1fn3Eff| 
1gf';' ; ::.' "LUXURY YOU EXPECTKT" 3 * 1 





rupto I £ 

$ 228 M 




'"" 1RE ; ''. 

EFORP XEROSTXR XL' . •; . ,:.: : su, ...... 



™,«4>LYM0UTH-GRANPV0YA<3ER:L : E-'S^e 

K^iCODGE VTON CARGO VAN :. ,.'4,',.:||1 

SJ-ORD WINDSTAR LX . v.?.;.:i &<%$)& 







Volume 88, Number 29 

Sen. Stumpf 
"tcrcirculate - 

Wednesday, July 21,1999 

petition for 
ag assistance 

Over lilt next several weeks. 
Sen. LeRoy Stumpf of Thief River 
Falls will circulate a petition 
detnundini; agricultural ami disaster 
assistance for struggling farmers. 

The petition will insist lliat 
Congress pass legislation to help 
farmers in northwest Minnesota 

' who have been hit by bad- weather 
this year, and by crop disease and* 

. poor commodity prices over the 

" past several years. 

"Farm families have been asking 
politely for u decent chip insurance 
system and oilier necessary help for 
long enough,*' Sen. Stumpf said. 
"It's time for farmers lo demand 
uction from the federal govern- 

The Minnesota Legislature this 
year provided $70 million in direct 

■ farm aidjiaymcnis and another 550 
million for permanent agricultural 
property lax cuts, but Stumpf does- ; 
n't believe that this is enough. 
"Wc at the State of Minnesota 

have done our pan," lie sunlT 
time for the federal government to 
act. This is a national problem, but 
wc in northwest Minnesota arc at 
the forefront. Only Congress can 
provide the assistance wc need." 

Sen. Stumpf said that he. has 
been at several public meetings, 
hearings and events in communities 
throughout northwest Minnesota 
this spring and summer, and that 
farmers arc beginning to lose hope. 
"The farmers I've talked to arc 
.saying. die same thing as the local 
bankers, accountants, seed dealers, 
implement dealers, store "owners* 

-much-more-of-this,— Uic-senator. 
said. "Wc have to start being more 
„ ssiv c.if w c want to g et any- 
thing accomplished." 

Stumpf said he plans lo have the 
petitions available at county fairs, 
town festivals und other public 


MDAto L bfferf r_ee_water_ 

testing at clinic in Polk Co. 

Minnesota Department of 
Agriculture, along with the 
Minnesota Department of Health's 
Well Management Unit, llic Polk 
Soil and Water Conservation 
District, and llic University of 
Minnesota Extension Service • 
Polk County will conduct a clinic 
next month to lest drinking water, 
livestock watering systems and irri- 
gation wells for nitrates in I'olk 
county and surrounding counties,- ■ 

-The-clinie—wilUbe— held_on — I 

Tuesday, August 3. at the Rydell 
National Wildlife Refuge located 
between Erskine and Mentor from 
9 a.m. to 3 p.m. The event is part of 
a stutcwidc series of water-testing 
clinics- being offered throughout 

Nitrates arc the most common 
coninminants in Minnesota's 
groundwater, and a significant 
number of the state's wells have 
high nitrate levels. With that in 
mind, MDA Commissioner Gene 
Hugoson urges people to lake 
-advantagc-of-the-frcc-cli ' " 

and one after llic treatment process. 
Homeowners with just a water soft- 
ener need only lake one sample,, 
either before or after the water 
passes through the water softener. 

Samples should be taken no 
more than 24 hours before die test- 
ing, and they must be refrigerated. 
Samples should he cool when arriv- 
ing at To ensure accura- 
cy, homeowners should mark the 
bags wilh llieir name; phone num- 
hcr-anil a. well-identification num- 
ber if more than one well is sam- 

If ihcy wish, homeowners may 
remain anonymous. In that case 
Ihcy should simply choose another 
easily recognized number to put on 
the well samples. It is not necessary 

water. ' 

MDA/MDH staff will also dis- - 
tribute information to the home- 
owner describing ways to correct 
nitrate problems. Minnesota 
Extension Service bulletins about 
fertilizer Bcsi Management 
Practices will lie available, as well 
as information on manure manage- 
ment and crediting nitrate in irriga- 
tion water. 

'Hie MDA/MDH's nitratc-tcst- 
ing clinics arc presented in cooper- 
ation with County Extension 
Educators, Soil and Water 
Conservation Districts and local 

"Wc were very pleased with the 
attendance and publie interest in 
past clinics," Commissioner 

to provide information about the Hugoson said. "In some cases, us 

Lightning struck the cross at Redeemer Lutheran Church En Thief 
River Falls last week. The damage was discovered the morning of 
Wednesday, July 14. From this side of the.cross only a small por- 
tion of the top of the cross appears damaged, but on the opposite, 
side Is a large crack that goes quite a way down the cross. 

POW, Missing recognition day set 

The . Department of Veterans Freedom Flight Hot Air Bulloon, 
Affairs - ' Medicnl^and-Rcgionnl— DrrJimTuonlaTvillbcthekeynotc- 

-Officc'CcntcrrFargnrwill'obscrvc— -spe a ker : 

National-Prisoncr-of-War-Missing— — Tlie bravcry..suffcring.und_pro-_ 
In Action Recognition Day on found devotion to duty of our 
Friday. S eptember 17. The pr o- POWs and M I As have earned litem 
gram, in recognition ot the special a precmmenrplaec iirilfFnea'rtS"Of": 
sacrifices or POWs, Ml As and their all Americans. Former Prisoners of 
families, will begin at 10 a.m. in War. families of MlAs, veterans 
the west parking loi. In honor of the and llic public are invited to atiend 

""lO^yenr — anniversary - -of — thc^ — ihis-recognition-service: 

" Wc "strongly 'recommend that, 
people lake advantage of this ser- 
vice because studies indicate some- 
where between five percent and 25 
percent of the private wells in 
greater Minnesota have nitrate lev- 
els ubovcth'c federal drinking water 
standard," Commissioner Hugoson 
said. "Nitrates can be a major prob- 
lem when they are consumed by 
infants because they can cuusc suf- 
focation due to a condition known 
as 'blue baby' syndrome." 

In 1998, !56 clinics were held in 
.63.countics.ueross.llic stale. Clinics. 
have been offered ut cou nt y fairs.' 

wells from which waler is taken, 

Samples are analyzed on the 
spot — the process usually takes 
less than five minutes — and 
results are given directly lo ihe 
homeowner. If the nitrate level in a 
-sample, is elevated, MDA/MDH 

many as 500 people brought i 
waler samples for testing. Many 
people asked that ihe clinics contin- 
ue so they can feci more confident 
lhat ihe water they are drinking is 

For more information on ihe 
clinics, contact Jcrry-FIorcn, Soil 
Scientisl,'65 1-297-7082. 

stafl can refer ihe homeowner to 
certified labs dial will relcst Ihe 

Mar-Kit Landfill receives 
f S rst of two grants for f aci I ity 

Rep. Jim Tunheim (DFL- 
Kcnncdy) has announced that the 
Mar-Kil Landfill of Marshall und 
Kiltson counties will receive u 
S300.273 grant for die firsl phase 
of construction of its new waslc 
^recycling facility. 

"TJnivcrsity of MTnncsotu 
"Agricultural "Experiment Station 
field days, und as separate events. 

_ln np<'*r '" pnrlicipiilp in Hie lesl- 

ing, homeowners must bring al 
least one-half cup of water in cither 
a Whirl-Pak plastic bag or a Ziploc- 
typc bag. In order to get a represcn- 
tativc sample, ullow the water to 
f 10 I f) rp inii li-.; hi-f om fillii 

lie' Solid wasle Processing 
-Facilities — Capital— Assistance- 
Program-<CAP)-granUwilLbc-the — 
first of .two grams totaling $1 mil- ' 
lion t argete d for the p rojec t, and 

one grant per project. ■ 

However, ihis post legislative . 
session Rep. Tunheim authored 
legislation that will allow a project 
to receive two grants as long as die 
combined amount doesn't exceed ■ 
the amount of the original gram 
: a needed scp 

'It will provide a needed service 
counties, but Koochiching. Lake of. 
ihe Woods, Red Lake and Roseau 
counties," as well, said Rep. 

the 'bug. Homeowner with water 
__trcatmcnf cquipmem jihould _takc_ 
. two water" samples — one before" 

The' recycling facility, which 

will be built at Mar-Kit . Landfill 

_ near Halloek. will remove rc cy- 

iles and hazardous household 

materials from collected garbage 

uy bccallse " iwn Ainitcnunas — bcfonr-the-vvaHte-is-buriod-in-the-- 

needed for the project were avail- landfill, thus reducing the amount 
"ablc^nnd-CAP-niles-yllowcd-only — of-waslc buried in ihclandfiU 

proceed wilh the project rather than 
wait for u single SI million grant. 

In post years, Mar -Kit would 
"irave—bEcn — forced - to etioose 
between partial funding; or u year's 

-ttMrfeinu. torn tm MC 











JiiKlTESfelWffWtfRWllEllT ttllESlOE--^ 

didIiht t* o n mc**'i BH'flwcs«io^ T * B r^ ffy' " — * ■ 

OF US!! 

681-4820 ciikysleR' 

- hwv 1&s9w. vjj ,-t 
thief river falls, mn t , l11 

Dakota Clinic welcomes Dr. Greg Houlihan 

Dr. Houlihan, DO earned his medical degree from University of Health Sciences College of 
Osteopathic Medici ne and completed his family practice residency at Trinity Lutheran Family 
Practice Center in Kansas City. Missouri. Prior to joining Dakota Clinic. Dr. Houlihan was on staff 
at Altra Family Practice, Thief River Falls, where he was the family practice medical director. 
Dr. ^Houlihan enjoys practicing .medicine in Thief River Falls and looks fo rward to continuing to - ;-- 
provide service to our area at Dakota Ciinic in Thief River Falls. 


Duane BrowningrMD - 
Jcanninc Fortin. MQ 
Peter Johnson, MD 
.Penny Langland, MD 
David Lofgrcn, MD 
Charlcs^Winjum, MD. 
"Greg Houlihan, DO ~! 


. Randall Bolar, MD. 
Jerome Bray, MD - 


James Langland, MD . 
Ashok Patel, MD '. 


-RaymondAiiardrDO - 


Warren Worker, RPH 
Brcnda Rivera, RPH 





Burton Belknap, MD ' 
Norman Bystol, MD 


Bonnie Davidson, PT 
Sieve Poissant, PT 
Michael Crockett. MSPT 
Deniccc Hanson, PTA 


Mark'Yuska, DPM 


— Anita-Lizakowski; ATC ~ 



Juho Krcpp, MD. ..__; 


Richard' Hcinrich: 
...Sanjay.Patcl, MD 


James Grindley, MD 

Ernesto Padilla, MD 


Manuel Otero. MD 
Edward Dean. MD 
D. Brcni Simons, MD 
S. Schrcitcr, MD 

nose and throat 

Richard Bruncllc, MD 
. Ferdinand LaVcnuta,MD— '. 
David Tscn. MD 


i^BtucerpiaU^ M D- . 7 . ... . 


Howard Russell, MD 


Dennis Sollom, MD 


Michael Fischer, MD 



Physical Therapy. 683-2569 
v Surgery Center 683-2650 

Appointments: 683-2700 

Pharmacy: 683-2725 

Dakbta~Cllnlc Health and §urgery Center 

1720 Highway 59 SE -Thief River Falls 



PiiRC 2 - The Times 


•Wednesday, July 21, 1999 

1 1 ii L i n i hjj ii •memmmmswawx 

Wednesday, July 21, 199!> 

!' ■ ' ]), i nii. i ft.. i MMj 'i JU" i' .flj » jl*i o? 



I>a B e 3 


U!l«III.Hll'lllll" , l 

Gatzke Community News 

A Wook ago Mi. and Mis. Wayno 

Ruud of Kntlslad and Mr and Mrs. 

Choslio Ruud spont iho wookond ni Iho 

■ Michael Ruud homo al Dululh and wont 

c i n g _a nd-.w o r (L_a1s o dinnor 

; .it Iho Al Lonnrtson homo In 

On Saturday, Don Potorson of Los 
Angeles and Oalo Poio'son ol FJadgpr 
visited -oi Iho Gono Polorson homo. 
Don stayed until Sunday, 

Last wookond Saturday visitors at 
i iho 'Howard Lunsotlor homo woro 
Rodgor Bornat ol Salol, Viclor Garcia 
and wilo. Veronica of Rosoau. and 
Menaml Lonoa . Iiom iho Marshall 

Janollo Roich. rilox. Phillip, and 
flachot camo on Friday and stayod 
until Wodnosday at tho Wayno ■ 
Lunsotlor homo and also visitod with 
alitor rolaiivos and friends In iho aroa. 
On June 30, Bort and Poarl Jonos 
celebrated 6B years of woddod bliss. 
" Mr."ahd"Mr5rA1an-SGVDns-too>rthom-- 
. out lor supper. Congratulations Bort 
and Pearl! 
Visitors at tho Chosllo Ruud homo 
' an Monday allornoon and colloo 

guests woro Mrs. Pal Bliss and Mrs. Wodnosday at tho Chosllo Ruud homo. 

Dalo Wojlavtae ol Minneapolis. Karl and Julio Tysl. Alicia, Bryan and 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kldmar visitod on Krislon of Chardon. Ohio, arrivod at tho 

Sunday evening at tho Gono Potorson Wayno Lunsotlor homo on Saturday 

nomo ovoning to spond somo timo yisitlng 
~~ Or^Satu7Hay'dvb"mng7Mrra"rtd'Mrs; — wim-rolattvos-and friends: 

Howard Lunsotlor visitod at tho Wayno Ashloy Brolang camo on Sunday to 

Lunsoltor homo with iho Janoll. Roich spond a fow days with hor grandpar- 

family and tho Karl and Julio Tysl fam- - onts, tho Gono Potorsons. 

ily Sunday ovoning-, Hnzol and Glon 

Mr. and Mrs. Arvin Dahl. Mr. and Aunowonl to Sprlngstool Island to .visit 
Mrs. Larry Dahl, Mr. and Mrs. Evort .-with Mr. .and Mrs.. Ed Wold and 

Wostborg. Mr! and Mrs. Donavan Dahl Jaylono. and Carplo Auno ol 

and girls, and Orlan Dahl woro among . Minnoapolls. 

thoso who woro suppor guosts on 
Tuesday ovoning al the' Duano Llan 
homo noar Grygla for Duano's birthday. 

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Wold ol Minneapolis 
visitod on Tuosday and Wodnosday al 
tho Hazol and Glon Auno homo. 

Mr. and Mrs. Larry- Sovorts ol 
Fairfax, and Pastor and Mrs. Arlyn 
'Lloyd and Kylono. and Kolsoy ol 
Wodon, IA spont tho 41h of July wook- 
-ond at-lho -Alan-Sovorta u homo-and r 
allondod .tho Contonnlal at United 
Lutheran Church. 

Arda Andorson of Goodridgo was an 
allornoon and ovornighi guosl on 

Mylos Smith of Mlddlo River visitod 
on Friday at tho Alan Sovorts' homo. 

Thursday aftornoon. Mr, and Mrs, 
Chosllo Ruud* visitod with Art Ruud at 
the Karlstad Health Coro Contor and 
also wonl to Iho family at Hamilton, ND. 

Sunday aftornoon, Mr, and Mrs. 
Howard Lunsotlor visitod al tho Wayno 
Lunsotlor homo with Iho Reich family 
and Tysl family. 

— Visitors onJvtonday-July.5.aiiha Alan. 
Savons' homo woro Crystal Foss ol 
Groonbush, Eunlco Larson, and Mrs. 
Ronnio Potorson and Lance. They 
woro also dinnor guosts. 

Clifford Klamar spont sovoral days at 

Northwest Medical Contor and Dakota 
Hoortlflnd in Fargo. Ho had sovorol vis- 
itors at both hospitals. 

Hazol Auno and Mr. and Mrs, 
-"Lnverno-Aune-ol-Grygla-vleltod on- 
Thursdoy a I tho Clayton Carlson homo 
In Thlof Rlvor Falls. 

TonLro and Anna Ruud ol Rosovlllo 
and Mr. and Mrs. Chosllo Ruud all had 
suppor on Tuosday ovoning' with Julio 
Halvorson, Randl, Whitney and 
Morgan, and also wonl to Iho movies. 

On Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Howard 
Lunsoltor wonl to Park Rapids and vis- 
itod with Ralph and Mary Anno Bugroll 
of Grotno, NE. 

Gono Potorson visited ' al Iho Alan 
Sovorts' homo on Thursday. 
' Pastor and Mrs. Arlyn Lloyd, and 
Kolsoy of Wodon,' Iowa visitod on 
' Friday at tho Chosllo Ruud homo and 
■ all onjoyod suppor at Iho Steak Knllo. 

Marcus Wallaco spont tho wookond 

Congratulations lo .Richard and 
Carol Engolstatl who celebrated IhoJr 
25th wodding anniversary. 

Preston and Kalio Scott ol Rod Lake 
Falls spont a few days with tholr grand- 
parents, tho Eugono Polanksys. 

Tuosday, Mitch Bornstoln of Okloo, 
Mrs. Rick Larson, and Mr. and Mrs. 

Visitors on Sunday at tho Alan 
Sovorts' homo woro Mr. and Mrs. Lew 
Wallaco, Gono Engon and James. 
Avron. Marcus roturnod horns with his 

Howard Ltinsetlerhnipnd Bin Bornstol n , , ... Rocont visitors at tho Clifford K lamar 

colobroto his 84th birthday. homo havo boon Ellon Raton, Houben 

On Friday ovoning. Kody and Haltoy Haugon of Nowfolden. Holloy and Kody 

Dolozol ol Prior Lako and Mr. and Mrs. Doloial ol Prior Lake, Mr. and Mrs. 

Paul Klamar visited at tho Alan Sovorts' 


■ Wodnosday Eloonor Zacharias ol 

Minnoapolls. Mra. Loverno Auno, Mrs. 

Alton Sparby. Mrs. Arvin Dahl and lone 

Auno onjoyod dinnor together In 

Adam Tosarok. Mra, Michael Tesarok, '■ 
Mr. and Mrs. Cordoll. Klamar of 
Rosoau, Harold Klamar, Mra. . Paul 
Klamor, and Mrs. and Mra. Howard 

Dlano Konworthy of Warroad la 

Grygla. They celebrated Alva's birth- spending a wook at tho Eyotyn Sevens' 
day. homo. 

Plummer Co mmunity News 


Poogy Hosso vlslled hor daughter, PotorsonB now Ih/o in Warroad. 
Bronda and Kolty Knutson and lomlly Bornico . Potorson onjoyed the 
Middlo Rlvor. Okloo, olong with hor slstor\Eleanor 

Mill and Jon Potorson and Ryan vis- Christlanson, Doris Nelson; and 
Hod Bunny DuChamp oh Saturday. Tho Luvomo Grimm. 

^£$mn- 1A$ ff&j&irtH*** 


1602 Punmnglon Avonuft • Thml Hmor Full a 

Wesley Langatti. Pastor 


Ollico Hourfl:,Tuoa.-Frl., 9-12 Noon 

Worship Services: Sundays ni 9:.W 


Bo« 39 - NowtokWn — - 

John Jorgoraen. Pallor 

Mary L Jorgor) ion. Lay Assistant Pallor ; 

--■■--■ 874-7115 ■■ ' — 

V'onJiip Services: Sunday: 
:mn — ■TsicmIh y-Wi i rUi i pid 


1 563 H/otiway 59 Swtrwui ■ Thiol Rwor FaM 

Cameron Strntton. Pastor 

Doe Jay & Cay Donlin. Toon Ministers 


Office Hour8|_Mon.^FrL 9-5 

Worship Services: Sundays at it); 
Kid's On ilie Move Children's church: 
Nursery and preschoo 1: 
Wednesdays: Chosen Generation Teen 
Group*. Precious Prciiclionl, Nursery iinil 
Kids on The Move Children's Church m 
7 p.m. - ' 


P.O. Doi 00 • NowfoWon 

Gary BarWt, Pastor 

■ Mylos HogDorg. Youth Director 


Worship Services: Sundays at 10:30 
a.m.: Sunday School ut 9:15 a.m.. 



Rt. t Box 141-OklOa 
Stoven fl, Spatlev. Pastor 



001 Downy Avo. North • Thiol filw Folll 

George Davis. Pastor 

681-7705 Church • 681-5462 Olflco 

Worship Services: Sundays ut 10:15 

a.m.: Family night service every 4th 

Sunday al 7:<X) p.m. 

Wednesday: Bible .study ut 7:00 p.m. 


Bl. 1 Do* 1 32 • Nowloldon 

Ruben IV. Dahlen. tnttnjrn Pastor 

Otto Walter. Intern Pallor 


.Worship-Services - Nuwireth.(HoIi): 

July 25: 'J:00 a.m. . 

Worship Services - Sliver Creek (East 
ofTRF on RuriRC Line Roud): July 25: 
10:00 a.m. 


Pom 08 • Plummer 
Clarence, J. Johnson, Pastor 

•■ —466-4625— ----^ 

Worship ■ Services - Immiimicl: 
Sundays ni 9:00 a.m. 
Worship Services - Ebenewr: Sundnys 
at 10:30 n-iii. 

A Mlnlilry of the 
Savanth Dty Advsntlit Church 
401 SI. Pnul Avonuo South • Thiol Rlvor Foils 
Marcus Mundall. Pastor 
. Olflco - 663-3251 
Worship Services: Saturdays at 6:00 
p.m.; Prayer time ni 5:15 p.m. 
Vespers on Fridays at 7:30 p.m.: 
Mothers' Prayer Circle on Wednesdays 
al 11:30 a.m.: Home Fellowship: 
Wednesdays al 7:00 p.m. 


. ... ELCA 

County Rood 20 South • Rural Thiol Rlvor Folo 
Worship Services: Sundays In July at 
9:00 am.; August at 11:00 a.m. 


Worship Services - Ml. Olive: 

Saturdays at 8:30 a.n 


Worship Services - St. I'elrl: Sundays 
at 8:00 a 

. WotorSlrool-Sl. Hilalro 

- Worship 'Services: Sundays in 

1 1 :0O AuguM at 9:00 a.m, 

Worship Services - Onk Park: 
- Sundays nt 10:00 a.m. 
Worship Services - Nuzurclh: Sundays 
at 11:15 a.m. 

— 4l4HofacoAv 

Ron GuHman. Pastor 


Worship Services: Sundays al 10:30 

n.m.'.- Sunday school at 9: i 5 a.m.; 

Evening service ni 7:00 p.m. 


1 05 Knlghl Avonuo North • TWol Rlvor Fnlli 
Fatnor Dennis Wieland. Pastor 
681-3571 « Offico 
Hours: Mon.-Fri., B o.m.-12 Noon; 1-4 p.m. 
Musses: Saturdays al.5 p.m.: Sundays ut 
K:(M)a.m.and IkOOa.m. 

Muss: Sundays at 9:30 

Muss: Saturdays at 7:30 p.m. 


Thiol Rlvor Falls 

George Davis. Pastor 


Worship Services: Sunduys ul 2:30 

p.m. (Communion: First Sunday each 


. Father Gary LeMoino. Pastor 
Weekend Mosses: 
Drunks: Shiurday nt 7:00 p.m. 






Father Don Bnuikmonn. Pastor 

Uten and Lee WatsM, Pastoral Assistants 

— (216)782-^467 Roctory- , "222-3392 Offico - 

Mass In Middle River: First, third, and 

tifih Sunduy: 8:15 a.m.; Second and 

fourth Sun ilny: 1 1:15 n.m. 

Moss In Karlstad: First, third and fifth 

Sunday: 11:15 a.m.: Second and fourth 

Sunday: 8:15 a.m. 


NonrJonomlnBllonal . 

H^iway 1 Eail; Frt. 4 Ooi HA/TNot Rlvor Fom 

Curtis Jacooson. Pastor 

. 661-2265 

Offico Hours: Mon.-Thura., 9-3 


Evening service at 7 p.m.: Wednesdays 

at 7 p.m. 

Gatito •ThkotLdkeorea ' 
Worship Services - Our Savior's 
(Thief Luke): Sundays in July ut 11:00 
a.m.: August ni 9:00 a.m. 
Worship Services - United (Gnlikc): 
Sundays in July at 9:00 a.m.: August at 


First LuthotonChufCh---Mt*Bo Rivor 

Outlaw Adolph Luihotnn Ctiurch • Slralhcona 

Jorut Jorgoruon, Pastor 

Maty L Jorgenson. Lay Assistant Pastor 


' Worship Service* i'~- First 'Lulhernn 

(Middle River): Sundays ol 9:45 a.m.: 

Thursday Worship/Communion: 6:00 


Worship Services • Giutav Adolph 
(Slralhcoria); Sundays nt 8:30 a.m. 


- 2076 Hwy 58 South ■ Thiol Rivor. Foils 

Tony Olson. Pastor 
-' Offjco Hours: Weekday mornings 6-12 

Worship Services: Sunduys al 9:30 a.m. 
-Wcdncsdnysr Bible-study- and prayer ul- 
7:00 p.m. 


Rural Goodridgo 

Raynan) HugMn, Pastor . 


Worship Services: Sundays at 9:30 a.n 

(Holy Communion first Sunday) 


325 Horace Avonuo Norm • Thief Ftrvor Fan* 
John A Woaanxhn, Pastor 
Tinotny M. Bauer. Pastor 


Htghwoy t * Goodrkfgo 

' Torn/ Olson. Pastor 


Worship. Services:; Sunduys nl 11:30 


Offico Hours: Mon.-Fri.. 9-4, 

Worship Services: Sundays at 8:30 a.m. 


9:30 a 


Don 157 • Goodrtdgo 
Robert. WLDahlenJastti: 


P.O.DOK 1B7«Nowfoldon 
Rov. loroy FlkUngor.-Pallor 
Worship Services - Wcstokcr: Sunduys 
at 10:30 a.m.; Listen to ihe "Trumpet of 
Trulh" radio broadcast Sundays from 
7:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. on KTRF 1230. 
Wednesdays: July 21: Radio- Wcstakcr 
at 9:00 p.m. ; 



David Drockopp, Pastor 

Worship Services: Sundays: Worship al 

10:00 a.m.; Bible Study al 9:l5a,m.; 

Sunday School at 1 1:00 a.m. 


1300 East Nora Slrool 'Thiol fllvar Falls 



Rural St. HUalro 

Galon S Mawta Sylvester, Paslora 

Offico Hours: Mon.-Fri., 8-4:30 
Worship Services - Redeemer: 


Second a Horac* • TWol Rrvor F»a» 

Daniel Horn. Pastor* Tammy missi n g , 



Offico Hours: Mon.-Frf., 830-5:30 

Worship Services: Sundays nt 9:00 

n.m.; Fellowship lime at 10:00 a.m. ■ 

Tuesdays: Weekly Bible study at 7:30 

p.m. In the Fireside Room. 

Senior Meats 

Dave Myher helps a student participating in Pioneer Days at 
Pioneer Village in Thief River Falls Wednesday Into a pair of snow- 
shoes. Myher was one of many volunteers giving presentations 
on pioneer activities Wednesday and Thursday at Pioneer Days. 
There were nine different presentations during the four-hour peri- 
ods Wednesday arid Thursday. Pioneer Days was sponsored by 
the Thief River Falls Parks and Redeatlon department in coopera- 
tion vylth the Pennington County Historical Society, which oper- 
ates Pioneer Village. 

Thief River Falls 

Meals on Wheels will deliver 
meals Monday through Friday 
including holidays. For more infor- 
mation, call 681-4336 or 681-6861. 

Monday, July 26: Baked chicken, 


toes, tossed Kulatl wrThousand 

Island, butch apple pic. wheal 

bread, margurinc and 2% milk. » 

Tuesday. July 27: Salisbury steak, 
gravy, whipped potatoes, wax 
beans, apricot sauce, while bread, 
margarine and 2% milk. 

Wednesday. July 28: Craniipple 
juice, chicken strips, rice, oriental 
vcg., ornngc cake, wheat bread, 
margarine and 2% milk. 
. Thursday. July 29: Beef 
sirogunoiT, medium egg noodles, 
sliced carrots, pineapple coleslaw, 
strawberry ice cream, white bread, 
margarine and 2% milk. 

Friday, July 30: Salmon loal" 

| — w/crcamed-peas— sauccrTttrsltcd" 

potatoes, whipped .squash, lime 

gelalin w/fmit cocktail, wheal 

bread, margarine and 2% milk. 

Ttiief River Falls 

Your nutrition center: a place for 
meats and information on services 
Tor alder adults. 

Monday, July 26: Beef stew, pota- 
toes, vegetables, mandarin orange 
Jcllo and pear sauce. " 

Tuesduy, July 27: Turkey breast, 
potatoes w/gravy, carrots, roll and 
dessert. . . » 

. Wednesday, July 28: Pork chop-, 
pclte, boiled potatoes, green beans. 

roll, pumpkin bars and milk. 

Thursday, July 29: Spaghetti, 
meat sauce, lettuce salad, corn, 
pickle, garlic toast, milk and pineap- 
ple tidbits. 

Friday. July 30; Baked fish, 
paprika poiolocs, peas and carrots, 
rol l, pudding w/whjppcd cream, and 


Lutheran Social Service .Center 
nutrition program will serve meals 
at the Heritage center at 301 4lh 
Street East Monday through Friday 
except holidays. Serving ocgins ut 
11:45 a.m. Reservations appreciated 
one day in advance, but arc not nec- 
essary.. Call 681-2793 for reserva- 
tions. ■ . ' 


Monday, July 26: Macaroni lomu- 
(o hoidish, green beans, apple ring 
garnish, banana bread, margarine, 
dessert and milk. 

— Tuesdayr-July - 27:— Mcntloafr— 
baked beans, coleslaw, bun, mar- 
garine, dessert and milk. 

Wednesday. July 28: Baked 
chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, 
mixed vegetables, dinner. roll, mar- 
garine, dessert and milk. 
— Thursday, July-29:-BecX cubes. in_ 
gravy, noodles, lemon gelatin, 
honey commeal muffin, dessert and 

Friday, July 30: Pork chop, boiled 
potatoes, margarine, peas and car- 
rots, bread and margarine, dessert 
and milk. 

Monday through Thursdays arc 
noon meals. Friday is an evening 
■ meal at 6:00 p.m. - 


Did Yau Know You Can Search For Products 
And Sen'ices Worldwide Even If Yon Don 1 
Have Internet Access. 1 

mill-l'HICK-I.Isr ( 1-SDII-37J-.15J7I 

The Times •VVaVV'H 

"Our People Make The Difference" 
iNSURANCe (218)681-6411 

1 1 Th ird St. East « Thief Riv er Falls 

Mo. I B life 

Business I M^MmM I ftim 

Judy Duray, CISR 
Dan Baumgartner, CIC 


1425 Thin) Slrool East • Thiol Rlvor Foil* 

Atonlll Klndal Pastor 

Chad Persons, Youth Pastor 


' Offico Houro: Men. -Frf., 8:30-5 

• Worship Services: Sunduys al 9:30 

.Wednesdays: Adult Bible siudy and Jr. 
& St. High ni 7:00 p.m. 

Greg Walter, Intern Pastor 
378-41 91 
Office Hours: Toes.. Thurs., Fit, 8-12 Noon 
Worship Services - Bethany: Sundays 
in July nl 11:00 a.m.; August ut 10:00 
n.m.; Midweek services at Bethany on 
July 21 at, 7:30 p.m. 

Worship Services - Ekclund: Sundays 
in. July nl 11:00 a.m.; August. 01.9:00; ' 

Worship Services - Faith: Sundays in 
July at 9:00 a.m.; August at 1 1 :00 n.m. 


P.O. Sox IBS' NowtokJon 

OHM Urdohl, Pastor 


Worship Services; Sundays at 9 a.m. 

Wednesdays: Bible Study al 7 p.m. 

Worship Services - Black River: 
Sundays at 9:30 a.m. 


" ' . VWng 
- - Dom Roach, Pastor 


Offico Hour* Mon.-Frl., 9-4 

Worship' Services: Sundays at II a-tn.; 

Sunday School at 10 am; Wedncsdayi: 


Discovery Place 

Breakfast: ' 

Monday, July 26: Milk, apple 
Juice, bran muffins and Chccrlos. 

Tuesday, July 27: Milk, orange 
Juice, toast and Cream of WheaL 

Wednesday. July 28: Milk. 

Juice, scrambled egg and toasl. 

Friday, July 30; Milk, apple Juice. 
Chex, npplcsaucc and bread. — — — 


and milk. 

Tuesday, July 27: Eaca Hoped 
potatoes w/hnm. corn, pears, bread, 
butter and milk. 

Wedncsdayi July 28: Beef chow 
mcln hatdlsh, lettuce salad w/ranch 
dressing, bread, butter, pineapple, 
and milk. 

Thursday, July 29: Hamburger on 
bun, potnio chips, beans, nppte- 

Monday, July 26: Homemade beer 
-s lew- w/ veggles.-checse^breatL-but 
tcr. cranberry sauce,' fruit r™'"- 1 


Mr. and Mrs. David Sjulostad woro visitors at tho Tony and Laura 

among othors-wtio spent tho weekend Rublschko home on Sunday evening, 
at Spring Sleelo Island at Warroad. During the day on Friday, visitors 

Mrs. Eddy Stucy visitod with her and coffee guests at the Vernon and 

mother, Loola Cullen, at the Good Clara Iverson home were Mr. and Mrs. 

(Southern Baptist Convention) - 

Worship Services: Sundays at 10:00 



—TltAmokl Avonuo Nortn _ 'TriioirnvorFDtls— 
Motrin SkA. Associate Pastor 
' eai.3B55 
' Offico Hours: Mon.-Frl., 8 -5 
Worship Services: Sundays at S;30 a.m. 
-and ll n.m,; Sunday School al 9:45 a.m.; 
Wednesdays: Bible Study and prayer al . 
7:00 p.m. 

. J W7C«inly_nMd 82. Thiol Rlvor _FoBi_ 

Don Shaln, Pastor 
Olfico.Hours: Mon.-Fri., 8-12 Noon 7 
Worship Services: Sundays at 11 n.m.; 
Sunday School at 10 a.m.; Sunday 
evening services nt 7 p.m.; Wednesdays: . 
Prayer 6\ Bible Study at 7 p.m. 




I02«*nridolpri Avonuo South -TNot Rlvor Foils 
' ; Marcus Mundall. Pastor 
Worship Services: Saturdays at 11:00' 
a.m.; Sabbath School at 9:15 a.m. 
Sitvorton Township • ThW Rlvor Foils 
Qoorgo Davis, Pastor ■ 
Offk» 681-5462 
Worship Services: Sundays at 8:45 
u.m.: Family League on Third Sunday at 
7:00 p.m. 


P.O.Box37- VTUno 


Rural ThW Rlvor Fdta" 

Patd A. Che*. Pastor 

Worship Services: Zlon: Suodays 1 
10:45 a.m. 

Worship Services: Oak Rldgei 
. Sundays at 9:00 a.m. 

246 KondoD Avonuo North • Thiol Rrvor FatU . 
George Bunnell. Pastor . . 
Otlfco Hours: Mon.-Fri., 8:30-5 
G81-4718or666-69B8 - 
Worship Services: Sundays at 10:30 
a.m.; Sunday School Adults at 9:30 a.m. 
Wednesdays: Bible Study and Youth at 
7:00 p.m. 


Missouri Synod .. 

101 Pino Avonuo South* Thiol Rrvor Folt* 


Oflico Hours: Mon.-Frl., 8-12 Noon 

Worship Services: Sundays ai-8:45 

km.: "Lutheran Hour" on Sundays at 



505 Mom Avonuo North ^ThW Rlvor FaBI 
Dennis Raymond. Gary Johnson, Pastors 

~"." " 681-3296 ■ Offico Hourtr: 

._M<m.-Fri.,8a.m.-12^p.m.,iao-5pm ■ 
Worship Services: Sundays at8:30»jn. 
and 10:00 a.m. (From Memorial Day 
..through Labor Day); The 8:30 a.nvser-..._ 
vice Is broadcast over KTRF (AM.I230) 
and Coble 3. 

"7ti£<i <?6ecie4 T>erect*ru, 0* Spattered tl>y "76.e yo£C<u<Ac^ 'Sa^ixteiJ.ei: 

! ?:[3[SC§[E)[§©^DKa 



P^TT^ T--. phon ,. 681-3286 
523 Amotd Avo. South 
Thief Rlvor Fall,, MN 66701 

. : Jt A ; fBOtl#S.O— ^.— - -- 

:21SM5tn Ave. North 
^HThWHrVer FoJIs.MH 

Searching For The RIGHT 
Agency?. Call Usll 


'ttrptrojdltoSeriitoj-Smtllriejf'lsCrt' ■ 

21 3rd StrMt East 

ThlsfBlwr Fslts; MN— - 

I .- 7AjLl. > -1l'p,M;r;0R YOUR ■ 

'vu am si. Ui:»iuo! ^fniijUmi rviicijmi 



... moms 68.1.4S31?,!: 

. 420 Utrfo'Avt? N^"j. 
Thtof Rtvor Folto. M»ft«701 

Advertise in The Times.' 

g^lrrWBrtfM . 




BA.M.--BP.M.-MondoyFrlday- ;T - 

W^mffl*liVa''Jii»ij.Owrw 208 Knight 


WarTonWorkor.RPH— I^WvTOCT 



— Locally Owned & Operated Forl5 Years — 

^oiwJJ81-8300 __ 

"207'8o)condatr— t EsmH"".. - Thl«f Rlvr Fills, MN" 

^■ BUYIN Q,6R selunq STOCKS 

,_. — : — i "^^fWnTyiW fW Tffl' 

f • *^**A1isM)tio £Sii] 
. -W14SiaV»SrS 

Samaritan Homo In Warren 

On Monday afternoon, Mrs. Clayton 
Johnsrud received a phono call from 
her Bon, Kenneth Und of Litchfield. 

Jim Johnson and Christine and Jean 
Johnson were visitors on Tuesday 
evening at the Mayme Johnson home. 
' Tuesday ovenlng Mr. and Mrs. 
Bruce Sotoerg brought birthday cake 
and greetings to Troy Schroeder at 
. Olstad Acres near Grygla. . ' —.--.. — - .--,-■-., , ; , 

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Iverson and Johnson, and Mayme Johnson all 
Leslie were visitors and coffee guests enjoyed breakfast at a restaurant In 
■'.,■. , ' _^ .,,. ' on Saturday at the KathyHovet home. Anoka. After breakfast. Donna. Jean 

Ashley Hammer teaches the schottische, a dance step, to children Mr and Mn Ronn | e Kolrba. Dustln and Mayme left for home. On their way 
-parHcipating In Pioneer Days Wednesday and Thursday at Pioneer — and -Trevi8-.ett-on-F.iday-nWWor— tome,-^ 
Vlllaae In Thief River Falls. Nine different presentations of pioneer Minneapolis where they attended a coffMwtmTbmandJiioVLamlw^rsklat l 
activities were presented to children during the four-hour period ff^E^n^kop^f tS ^SSSay night, those who enioyed 
each day. Ashley was one of many volunteers from the communi- Kotrbas returned homeon Sunday. supper at the River Road Casino were 

tv participating In the proflram. Pioneer Daya was sponsored by on Friday, Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Mr. and Mrs. Cleyton Johnsrud, Mr. 
-the TTiIef River-Falls Parks and Recreation^ 

Leonard Johnson end Jim Olson of 

' Joan Johnson, Donna Naeseth and 
Maymo Johnson left on Friday after- 
noon to visit at the Dob end Kathy 
Johnson home In Andover. While there, 
Jean, Donna and Mayme visited- with 
Roxanne Johnson and her friend, ClncJ 
at Blaine on Saturday evening. Earty 
Sunday morning, Jean Johnson, 
Donna Naeselh, Roxanne Johnson 
and her. friend ClndJ, Bob and Kalhy 

tlon with the Pennington County Historical Society,.whIch oper- 
ates Pioneer Village. 

Homo In Mcintosh. 

_ ,: — l . — -.- - — — — — Mra;-~4lm-Prfggo- of -Phoenix and 

-^ ■■«.■ Joan Johnson were visitors end lunch 

Newfolden Community News ^sLtsr^ " "" mm ' 

Thursday Mr. and Mrs. Bruce, 

johnsruds haddlnneYat a restaurant In 

Mcintosh. After dinner they visited with _._ . _.-. --■■--_. , . 

Tiiiia Johnsrud at the McManor Nursing - visitors on Sunday night at Olstad 

■ - Acres near Grygla. 

— Rartdy-John*rucl-of-BemldU-wao-i 
supper guest on Tuesday at the home 

THIEF RIVER FALLS 211 North Labrcc Ave. • 681-5606 

Located at former Hid went Viiion locations.- 

On Thursday, Vomlco Larson look 
Martys Auno lo Stephen where she 
_spent_a tow days_ visiting _wtth Nellie 
Olson. Whlld there Nellie look Vomica' 
.and Martys out for dinnor and had a 
' very nice tlmo visiting. After visiting .a" 
few days- with Nell's, Martys will go to 
Grand Forkd'to visit with hor cousin 
-Loretta and Al Michel- before -going. 
bock to Clrdo Pinos. We had a real 
nice time while she was here. 

Harvey Skyborg was an evening vis- 
itor and onjoyod snacks with Mr. and 
jCurt ' Thompson on Friday 

on Saturday evening. 

On Salurday, Beverly Ertckson went 
with Jane Schaumburg to pick up Matt 
Camp at Palisade. MN. They also viall- 
ed at thoBiitch Schaumburg homeat 
BemkJjl. ■ ' ■ - ■ 

Peter and Frances Gerszewskl were 
among many who attended the funeral 
services et 2 p.m. on July 8 for Botte 
Solorski at Stennes Funeral Chapel In 
East Grand Forks. Alton-yards (hey vis- 
ited with Vema end Judy Slomlnskl. 

Thursday evening those who helped 

Solberg and Mr. and Mrs. Troy 
Schroeder and Jessica end Haley were 
visitors at Olstad Acres. 

of his parents, Clayton' and Martys 

Jamie Helen visited with Michelle 
Johnson at the Jean Johnson home on 
Sunday night 

Those who brought belated birthday 

evening, July 9. .... ~. - Amold.Larson celebrate his .'birthday. 

On Sunday, Kamoron and Kathy wore Don and Gait Larson, Sarah, 
Haretad came and picked up Hanna • Josh and Andy, and Edward end 
Moen and went lo Bogloy to visil with Janice Carlson. Jim Larson of Mounds 
Ken and Sharon Braalon. View called to visit with him end wish 

—Orfand-and- Laura— Roppe-ol- -him Happy Birthday; All had a nice visit. 
Moorhoad and Bort Kron of Thief Rrvor and lunch, 

Mr. and Mrs, Leonard Johnson were greetings to Mm. Tim Radnleckl on 

visitors and coffee guests on Friday at - Sunday and also enjoyed dinner were 

the Dale and Susie Anderson home. Mr. and Mrs, Vernon Iverson, Mr. and 

-Elva- Fiedler, June-Johnson, Donna . Mrs. Kim Roaendahl of Madison, MN, 

Naeseth and Maymo Johnson had Clara Radnleckl, and Jill Radnleckl. 

breakfast on Tuesday m>m!ng at the Later in the afternoon, they all enioyed 

River Road Casino. birthday cake and lee cream. Mrs; Tim 

" MrsTRorTFultohrJbhn and Jesse ot "Radnleckl also received birthday greet- 

Roseau were visitors and supper IngsfromJierbrother.Harlenlversonof . 

Suests at the Clayton and Martys HaBock. Later that afternoon, Mr. and 

ohnsrud homo on Sunday. Mrs.WmRosandahIleftforthelrhome. 

On Sunday, Joyce Solberg, Sam >tappy birthday, Sandra! 

Adams, Kristaln Solberg and DaNaa' n " «i«ini.iu*iiu. Mr 

Falls visitod and woro dinner guests at 
tho Roy and Laura Roppo homo on 
Hllma Lee visitod with Clara Hanson 

1720 Hwy. BQ SB Butt* 1 Ha ™^ 8 -° M-T-W-F; 

ThM Rlvr Falls. MN " 

Monday forenoon, Beverly 
Ertckson vlslled ol the Kenny HJelle 
home. ' ■ ■ 

Wlseth went fishing at a lake by Trail; 
'Mrs. Norman Adams spent the 
weekend will. Frances Mlslevlo In 
Detroit Lakes. While there Mrs. Adams 
and. Frances. Mlelevlc ottended the 
40th anniversary for Andy and Ulrica - 

,. Birthday for the Twins 
Grandma Hamel Norman hosted a 
belated sixth birthday party for her twin 
granddaughters " Miranda' " ' and 
Stephanie Jones on Tuesday In her 
backyard.. The children enjoyed the 

Wavell Sorenson, Sheila Gerardy 
- and. children set out on Tuesday to see 
the new little boy bom to Virginia and 
Jon Berns of Oklee. Not finding them 




-MSm Phone: 466^4210— 

^SF 1-80O-224-4547 
_i_^>— —Hwy.^ ^M^^PJummer, MH 


- Guests ware cousins Jacob and Brand) 
Mahvltz, aunls Doris Matwltz arid 
Loretta Hesse,' undo Syl Hesse, and 
the twins' parents and sister Lisa. The 
— 3oWB-tamr^ left on-Tuasday-for-lhf '- 

- home In Issaquah, WA, and plan to 
-.visit- .Yellowstone- National pork 

Sorenson s home, arid"lound"lhem' 
there. Utile Makay James has two 
older alstera, Mcaulli and Madison and 
will be well loved. Other vtsllors were 

Marquis, who Is home on leave from 


irquis, wl 
rt Lewis, 


On Wednesday, Mr. and Mrs. 
Clayton Johnsnid attended the farewell 
party for Intern, Greg Waiters at the 
Ekefund Lutheran Church. 
: On Thursday, Mr. and Mrs. Clayton 
Johnsrud made a business trip to 

„ w „, „ „, ,_, # Wanen. On tholr way home, the 

Sherry at Shakopoe. Congratulationa Johnsruds were shoppers In Th'al 
Andy and Ulrica. - RhrerFalla. ■■ ■ . 

On Monday, Mr. and Mm. Vamon ■ Mayme Johnson and-her-grand- 

Iverson, Leslie Iverson and-Donald daughters, Michelle and Monica 

Mosbeck of SL Htlalra were- vishora Johnson were visitors and. lunch 

and coffee gueats-at the-Anna-Krlel^ gueeta-on-Monday-evenlng-at-rthe— 

mii a .. homelnThiefRlverFalla, ' ., Merie and Donna Naeseth home. _-- 

6WS Those-wrH«>f«>oh»-wnhday.g«ei^ — Mrw la y e tt e r rM»rcJOny.nubuwhKa— 

Ings to Brady Redlor on his 14th birth- and Joey,were visltora at tho'Ctayton 
day at the Elva Fiedler and Joel Fiedler arKjJtams Johnsnid home, 
home "on Monday were Usa'Ouatey. " "Mrs. r^n'Hansonwae a ytotorjon 
Zachary and Justin. Happy birthday, -—-■—-•-—'•■- — - - 
Brady. ■ ■ ■ ■ 

A farewell party was held for intern, 
Greg Wallers at tha.Ekelund Lutheran 
Church on Wednesday evening. Pie 
and Ice cream was served to aO. Greg 
Walters also;rec»lved'iiuirry:ghuUrom 

theparlshlonerB:- --'- -.- - . — -_,-^. uJj . 

On Saturday night, Mr. and Mm, Vance were Larry and GWaJ<otrba 
Dale Anderson, and Katie went to andMlncHejvdlJceyHotlman.Thenon 
Detroit Lakes to vtsHat the Curt and. Sunday Larry and GUda. vtshed and 
Karen Johnson ho me and were als o _ had c offee with Bob Mlalevk. at DeftvjH 
ovemlgHfgifests there. — .-- 

Tuesday at the: Clayton and Martys 

Johnsrud home, - 
Mm. Dale Andereon visited and had 

coffee with Ofeen Krlal on Monday, . 
- Vance and LorlWlseth spent some 

time at the Edgewater Beach dub. In 

Detroit Lakes.:ThOM.who vtshed and 
-.vvere overrdc^t-auastaiwr«-LorL I Bnd: u 

Mr. and Mra. Clayton Johnarud were 


Heritage Pines offers a private 
-apartment lifestyle;-""with- :the 
secuii t y of-^-hour^staffi ng.-If you 
-are-cpnsideringv-ar--nursing-horrie r 
cbnsider Heritage; Pines first. 

*Goo.d-5amintim--Viilage-— — 

Heritage Pines Assisted living -^ 

2208 River Road NW, T=T 

■ EaseGrand-ForksrM N, ■ '.. ■ ■■«»■ 

^ _ "I"T 


-;■--. 1 


'" ■--" "■ " '' ■ ■- Li"' ^ 


• ■ !! • ■ ■ 




r ■ .-.-■-.. , " ■ I 

. T 



' •'. - .•.,.-['.. 

■ ;-+ , . 


Pa B c 4 


Wednesday, July 21, 1999 

v ..i ■ ., i . i » pi .hh I 'I ,H : J ' IUM, i ..m, J l . 11 )^^ 

Wednesday, July 21, 199!)' 



Plummer Community News 


Saiurday morning visitors ol Art and 
Avis Froiland wore Miko and Poggy 
Lolobvio. formerly of Plummor, but now 
- of HonrJorson NV • a suburb ol Las 

"Holly Mario Andarsdnot Fargo'vlsl!-"' 
od nor mothor, Sophia Andorson, ovor 
tho wookond. 

Jim and Shlrlay Jao'gar of St. Paul 
woia wookond guests ol Howard and 
Maigaro! Groonwald and assisted his 
eisior. Mary Ann Gagnor 'wilh IHo auc- 
'.lion sa!o on Sunday. 


Wookond visitors al Miko and Sandy 
Groonwald's homo woro Choryl and 
Joromy Sctiiolo of Jamoslown. ND, 
Byron Bauno and filch Montgomory Of 
'-' Goidon valloy, Sharon and DanrDorick- 
and Dorln Solbol o( ChampVin, and 
Norman and Shiiloy Bauno of Kramor, 
ND. Thoy arrivod on Friday bul woro 
Horo to tiolp Bob Bauno ol rural Thiol 
Rivor Palls colobrato his 501h birthday 
on Saturday ovoning. Others coming lo 
holp sufprlso Bob woro Jim and 
Da rly no Frosoth ol Kramor, ND, Arm 

and Vor'hon Soior of Kolso, WA. Jim 
and Joyco, Jason. Jusiin and John 
Carlson of Thiol flivor Falls. Ko:ioy 
Bauno and Koith Bauno. Ray and 
Roinollo Waltor. Brian and Ton 
- Schindler,-all of Thiol Rivor Faiis. Brunt- 
Nolson of Okloo. and Rogor and Janol 
Walter.. Francos Schiolort. Shounn and 
Patty Groonwald. aM of Plumrr.or. Lots 
of good food, laughter and volleyball 
was onjoyod for many nours and tno 
nolghbors didnt mmd at oil! Ovormght 
visitors roturnod lo their homos on 
Sunday aftornoon 

Viking Community News 

On Friday. July 9. LoRoy and Ruth 
Sustad and granddaughtor Jonniloi 
drove to Bluowator Covonant Biblo 
Camp north ol Grand Rapids to altond 
... family camp whore thoy onjoyod lollow- 
shlp with many old IriondsandmoTnoW - 
ono* It was a full camp and boauliful 
woafhor soiho youngor generation 
could pirtako in many walor front acllv- 
Itlos uhdor adult supervision. Larry and 
Dobbie McKmnoy -Irom Provldonco 
Col logo. Ottoiburno. Manitoba, provid- 
ed . gos p-Lmu si co nd.B iblo messages. 
Othors in the program woro Joll and 
Bronda Potueok Schulto ol Brontwood. 
. TN. and Kim and Nathan Bock. On 
Monday, tho Sustads drovo lo 
Suporior. Wl, and back to .camp by 
ovoning. Tuosday morning tho Suslads 
toll oarly for homo having had a vary 
onjoyablo vacation. 
Last Wodnosday morning, Mary, 


Judy and Barb Wotoskl and Mary's girls 
loll for Winnlpog to toko In Folklorama. 
Thoy had a wonderful time and a (land- 
ed Italian. G rook, .Scottish, Swiss. 
Corlbboan.- Scandinavian. Ukranlan, 
and Irish pavillons"and - rolumod to tho 
roal world oarly Saturday morning. 

On Saiurday aliornoon. Hal and 
Ardollo Andorson drovo lo Audubon 
with Dick and Dob Wontzpl to thoir lako 
homo and ware |oinod by Uoyd and 
DoLoris Raltosoth of Moorhood, 

Julio Froy of SI._P_otor_and.Jan_ojid_ 
"Darln'oliSlouK Falls, SD are gnosis al 
tho John and Loona Gustafsan homo. - 

Visitors last Sunday ol lho'Molvin 
Grand si rand homo woro Allan and 
Gordo* Andorson of Yumo, AZ, and 
Word and Barb Sinn of Thiol Rivor 

Mr. and Mrs. Hal Andorson attondod 
(ho church services at tho Warron Fair 

and aliorwards visited Dolo Andorson 
at tho Good Samaritan Homo in 

- Eail and Joyco Erickson wont ovor 
to Potor Erlckson's homo on Thursday 
-sovonlh birthday. 

Tom and Dobblo Prlco nnd Shawn 
Doq vlsltod at tho Milch Prico homo in 
Grand Forks. 

Brothor Frodorlck-Moyor ol Granito 
Falls camo Saturday and vlsltod a short 
tlmo aMho Borl and Joyco Kron h omo 
boforo ottonding h'ls SO-yoar class 
reunion at Lincoln High School In Thiol 
Rivor Falls. On Sunday ho was o 
broakfost guost at Iho Kron homo 
boforo returning to Grand' Tolon 
National Park In Wyoming whoro ho 
works as a host and loves it. 

State "Fenn Insurance - Dan Drevlow Agency, selling policies in Thief River Falls for 29 years, 

received a More Progress award from the Thief They provide a full line of policies including fire. 

River Falls Chamber of Commerce recently. The life, auto and health. Three people are employed 
-agency moved to its locatlon-at-316-North-Main— at-the-office: Dan Drevlow, Eunice Kimball and 

ir> September of 1997 following *-fire at their Darlene Torstveit. Pictured presenting the More 

location on Second Street aocTMain Avenue . Pro gress award are Renfee Fynboh, Chamber of 

Recently, a new a.wning has been installed and Commerce ambassador, Julie Olson, executive 

the interior office renovated. Further remodeling director of the Chamber of Commerce, Dan 

is scheduled at the office. Dan Drevlow has been Drevlow, Darlena Torstveit, and Eunice Kimball; 


Great Northern history 
grouplias convention 

The "Red River." a dicscl-pow- , and lilovator was given by Michael 
crcd passenger train -traveled daily Strobel, explaining lite use of trains 
from Grand Forks to life Twin Cities for hauling grain freight. Today 
"and back from June 25. 195!) to about 12 lo 30 cars a day are loaded 
May 28, 1960. Many ihings about, at Grand Forks, while in the past . 
llirslrain7alsd"ktioWtras"WI2,were — there were more- carsrbut they- were - 

H..I ■M.I.I I.I.M.U1H.ITI 

On Sunday thoso who vlsltod at tho 
Morvln-and- Doris Rindohl homo woro 
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Johnson, Mr. 
and Mrs. Orlio Foro and Eslhor 

Galon Englund of rural Grygla was a 
visitor and colloo guost during tho 
wock at tho Honlord and Shirley 
Rolsland homo. 

Donna Noosoth. Michollo Johnson 
and Maymo Johnson had broakfast at 
tho Rivor Road Coslno on Tuosday 

Ovomighl guostfl on Tuosday ol tho - 
Loonard and Bornlco Johnson homo 
woro Patly Gwynn and Mia ol Now 
.York Mills, and. Curtis Johnson o( 
Dolfolt'iakosr : : 

Suo Phllipp was a brio! callor on 
Tuosday ovoning at tho Larry and 
Gllda Kolrba homo. 
_JTiJosdnyJorDnMn_visltorB^and,cot_^ V j rta .Q f , ^1-5^11 - O ff e r9-thesomo great-service— The- office -doctor_is-Dr.-AndreQ_Zipprich,_Trie_ 

srs"h. n r«r™ vs^ss, » « 2& ™*°< >« <°™< »=-» ■* »«*«»» ?°™ is <*«■'«>- 9 "-"s-f^XJ!^ 

rural Grygla, Unda Brockor of Edon Vision. The name change represents a change In Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, Thursday from 

.Prairio.-and.. Richard ..Johnson ..ioL - ownership that took place a cou ple of years ago. . 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., and Saturday from 9 am too 

Thief Rivor Falls Chamber of Commerce recently^ p.m. Pictured above, Perilee Fynboh, Chamber of- 

Commerce Ambassador (left), and Julie Olson, 

The~Hustle MuscleUop photoHs-nrostored- 
SD45 {SD stands for "Special Duty" moaning 
thatjt had six axles for extra pulling power, 
when most engines normally had four), 
3600-horsepower Great Northern, engine 
from 1966, which now is owned by the Groat 
"Northern Railway Historical Society and 
housed in Duluth. There it is used on regular 
runs from Duluth up the North Shore Drive 
by the Lako Superior Museum _ of 
Transportation on weekends. An interesting 
comparison was drawn to a brand new 

-SD7G;— 4400-horse-power-engine-(b'6ttom- 
photo), just built this year and set up on the 
track next to the Hustle Muscle. The new 
engine sported the newest paint scheme of 
orange, greon and yellow. The cab was obvi- 
ously very comfortable and efficient witftair 
conditiontng and computers to run the train, 
whereas the Hustle Muscle controls were 
the older style of dials and gauges. Both of 
these were on display at the 1999 annual 
convention of the Great Northern Railway 
Historical Society July 11-14 at Grand Forks. 

unique, with its five ears, including 
a railway post office/baggage ear, 
three 60-seat passenger coaches and 
a coffee shop/dinclte/parlur/obscr- 
vation car. It left Grand Forks at 
7:30 a.m. and traveled 320 miles to 
St. Paul, arriving at 2 p.m.. llicn left 
Si. Paul al 5:30 p.m. and arrived 
hack at Grand Forks at 1 1:59 p.m. 

At about the same lime, the Great 
Northern depot at Thief River Falls 
was served by a scries of locals, 
made up of a mail car and one pas-, 
scngcr coach in the early 1950's and 
lulcr becoming entirely a freight 

. train, which left Warroad daily and 
made a run to CrooKston and then 

The "Red River" train which 
served Grand Forks in those pxxt 
years provided' the theme for the 
1999 annual convention of the 
Great Northern Railway Historical 
Society, which was held this year 

_ frdnTJuly"Il-14"arGnindForks: 

The convention was started on 

Sunday with a community open 

house, sponsored by the Burlington 

Northern Santa Fc Railway. There 

-wcre.tours_ofjievxtald'D^i? nl kinds_ 
of railroad cars, as well as a display 

_oLniodcLrailri>ading put o n by the 
Thief River Falls Model RailroaiT 

. Charles Naplin, president of thai 
group, Chuck Kimbrough, Charles 
Schwartz. Richard ScuTthorp. Bill 
Becker. James Kubanick, James 

smaller capacity, al -It) Ions, i 
pared lo th_ 1 30-lon ears of mday. 

A special slide presentation was 
given by Dr. Jim Larson on the "Red 
River" with an explanation of the 
speed at which il traveled, 75 to HI) 
mp it. compared with other trains al 
an averagc'of 60 mph. 

Laler lid Nygaard gave a presen- 
tation on his building of an MO 
model or the E-7 #512. the "Red 

On Tuesday a bus tour was taken 
by those attending ihe convention, 
who came from all over the United 
States, to sec the iraek to Devils 
Lake and, while there, visit the 
Great Northern Hotel. Bill Becker - 
ofThicf River falls, a CI 1 Rail engj- 
heer, who is -.member of seven dif- 
ferent railroad -Irfstorical -societies..,- 
took this trip and says (hat his, 
favorite part was.' 'a presentation • 
-about a famous collision of two •• 
~~_mpirc Bui Idcrtrains-at- Michigan;— 
ND. on August 9. 1945, in which 34 
Gls were killed. 

Later in tip day, some of the 
Grand ForksTBNSF facilities were 
loured as well. ' The Grand Forks 
roundhouse, wlfiCti - was - built in - ' 
- 190 8, w as o rig inall y cons truc ted 
wilh 20 stalls unu an 80-foot 
turntable that was so finely bal- 
anced that it could he turned by 
hand with an engine silling on it. . 
Later 19" more stalls were added and 
the turntable was replaced with one 

/f'/Stf'/ff/ o/t/// ot/ 

ilOfff ftHttfil 

'Jfff/f0 /I 


1W2Hwy.32S. ■ 681*44]] • Tlitef Rhw F«l* 

Tick and Ann Kimbrough, holpcd that was 110 feet in length. This 

. set up the model display and spent turntable is still in use. powered by 

lime answering questions and show- an electric moior today, 

ingoff the 20 by 24-foot three main The convention concluded on 

line HO model train display. (HO Wednesday wilh u tour of Grand 

means that everything is in the scale Forks antl a banquet. Nexl year's 

The impressive display 
d west town (set up 



Mr. and Mrs. Loonard Johnson vlslt- 
od on Friday ovoning at Iho Dalo and 
Susio Andorson homo. 

On Sunday night, Mr. and Mrs. 
Vomon Ivorson woro visitors al Iho 
Loonard and Bornlco Johnson homo. 

recognized the changes that have taken place by 

awarding a First Dollar award to the store. Vista executive director of the Chamber of Commerce 

Opticel has two fashion and designer lines, offer- (right), presents Trish Lane, manager, with the 

ing the customer over 400 frames to chose from. First Dollar award. 


Strandquist Community News 

Want to Know the Quickest and 
Easiest Way to Tackle the Internet? 



Instruction (or the beginner, intermediate user and especially 
those stilLdeclding when and-Iiow to get started on the Internet. 
Beginner'sesion at 5:00pm, Advanced 'Questions Answer session at 
3:l$pm or stop in anytime. There will be computers available for 
hands-on practice! 

Garden Valley provides local Internet Access to Thief River fails! 

I Thursday, July 29 3pm - 8pm I 

J Garden Valley Conference & Training Center - Erslcine, MN ■! 

| - No need to register -Frea of charge! I 

I Questions? Call... 80uM48-B260 I 

1 .'..'....''■ 

I Visit our Web Sits at | 

I -^j^r A Hmbcr-Owned CHjxntfvc | 

Whan Iho woalhor in' northwosl 
Minnesota govo us a couplo al nlco 
sunny days, wo thought wo ware about 
lo got tho summor that wo hod 
droamod of last wlntor whon wo woro 
without oloctrlcjly. Instood wo oro 

-promlsod moro rain lor this wook.-Tho v 
worm doys brought our day lillos Into 
full bloom, bul thoy don't soom to |lko a 
lot of walor pourod down IholHowoly 
throats and only lost a low days' I was 

' hoping thoy would havo laslod until 


' brallng Iho 25th onnlvorsory ol Iho 
Karislad Nursing Homo wilh Ihom. 

Tho Strandquist Seniors mat on 
Thursday with all mombora prosanl 

. and throo visitors. Gula Stromgron and 
two llltlo girls thai Evelyn Kllno was 
babysitting and had lahon thorn with 
hor to Iho mooting. Tho Sonlors tlod 
moro rugs, for which Ihoy oro becom- 
ing known to havo to sail. II is thoir way 
ol llnoncing somo of iholr outings. This 
Thursday thoy will bo ploying Bingo, 
just for fun. Delphlno Brafl served tho 

< lunch last wook. 

Thanks to Poslor Eric Hoslin (or Iho 

--Parish Post," tho -monthly- nowslotlor 
from Satom arid Bothosda Lulhoran 
Churches. Thoy lot mo know 
nows from Strandquist. But tho 'Big 
Nows" Ihls wook- was - Ihol-Paslor and- 
his wllo are Iho happy paronls.of Thor 
Hestin, a beautiful baby boy 111 

Visitors at Eddlo and Marcy Nelson's 
homo for a wook woro Marcy's sister, 
Vicky Cordoro and hor Iriond Ed Norton 
of Chicago. On Monday, Marcy, Vicky 
and Ed Norton visited thoir brother 
Sidnoy Young and Clalro at Bagloy. On 
Tuosday Palti Wolnarowicz, Nick, 
Lanco and Tron vlsltod tho Nelsons 

and Ihoir company and onjoyod a 

Anno Thompson, wilifoMho loto 
Narris Thompson, and Iholr doughlor 
Amy of Davenport, IA arrivod lor a cou- 
plo days visit and woro houseguosts of . 

- Alico Thompson In Kartstad.On Friday. 
thoy joined Alico and Marilyn Johnson 
for dinner" ot Elslo Lofroolh's homo. In 
tho oltomoon, Elslo had opon house for 
tolallvos and friends. Thoso who took 
advanlago of Iholr brio) slay wore Peter 

_and.Poorl Thonip_son, Hazel An dorson, 
Gloria Ronstrom, Genova Nordlh, 
Bosslo Thompson, Myrtlo Vafllo. 
Marlys Lolroolh, and Grog and Ausiin- 
Lolroolh. Wo all onjoyod soolng Ihom 
nnd In iho lato oltomoon thoy wont to 
soo Olo arid Walter Thompson, Mary 
and Oonna Ronstrom, and Bosslo 
Thompson al Iho nursing homo. 

I have to mako a corrocllon (Or Sara 
Donaldson, a cuto Illtlo-Miss a couplo 
blocks from hero.. Tho Donaldsons 
havo two daughtors with birthdays this 
month. I thought Sara had brought a 
fow sho had forgotton tho wook boforo 
as Iho guost Hal was almost tho somo, 
but last weak II had boon Aloura's day. 
Sara had hers on tho Bth and Aloura on 
tho 9ih. Hor daddy, Jeff, surprised her 
too, with llowors, and hor mom hod 

guosls woro Joll, Margaret, Aloura and 
Sara Donaldson, Vance and Adrionno 
Lofraoth, Loyal, Taylor and Emily 
Lolroolh, Lisa Allison and Edwin, Vanco 
Jr., Kolly, Amanda and Jessica 
Lolrooth, groat grandma Elslo Lofroolh, 
Ruby and Stanloy Swanson, Brant, 
Rochello and Ethan Donaldson, grand-' 
pa Donaldson, andDoroon Nelson. 
Happy belatod groollngs, Saralll 
Jonathan Thompson and his chil- 

dren, Kovln, eight and KJmbarly, throo 
years ol ago, ol San Dlogo, CA spent 
, two wooks fixing Iho rool on his quon- 
sot and visiting at Iho homo of his par- 
ents, David and Phaela Thompsons. 
Supper guosts at David's woro 
La Von no and Brent Johnson, Karen 
Thompson, and Peter ond * Pearl 
Thompson. Jonathan and children 
roturnod to San Dlogo on Monday. 

Elphlo Adlls wonl lo visit hor dough- 
lor. Lindo In Argylo. on Sunday arid 
also wilh Ton) Kasprowlcz. 

Ronnlo and Eloanor Slonnos of 
Soattlo, WA, Oscar and Edna 
Mossostab, Mr, and Mrs. Lylo Paulson 
ol Thiol Rivor Falls, and Polo and 
Doroon"Andorson"ot'Draytori- vlsltod 
Shirley Ulroolh last wook. 

On Saturday, LoRoy ond Poarl 
Lundoll who recently returned Irom 
Europo where thoy spenl about a 
month touring around, camo from 

Minnatonka to show us tho pictures 
and loiters our (others had written oarly 
In Ihls contury. That called for a real 
Cumpa Kolas at Isaac and Betty 
Thompson's home. Jim and Cindy 
Wattorlund of Grand Forks also recent- 
ly rolurned Irom Iho Scandinavian 
countries whoro Ihoy loo had collected 
so much from all the relatives who are 
living thoro. There woro 15 who 
enjoyed Iho Cumpas Ih'at Betty had 
prepared: LoRoy had holpod her 
'cause ha had done the grinding of tho 

-potaloosrlt surely was fun and-hopes— 
oro to got together soon to finish trans- 
posing Iho old lattora. 

On Saturday aliornoon, Anna and 
Amy Thompson of Davonport accom- 

- panlod Marlys Lofroolhlo Winnipeg to' 
the raco tracks to watch Donnio 
Lofrooth's horso run. The horse won, 
bo thoy ell had their pictures taken In 
tho "Winner's Clrclo." 

Brooks Community News 

On Sunday, Mm. Myrtle Hamrum 
and her sister Mrs. Hilda Kvaalo and 
tho 50th woddlng anniversary ol cousin 
Joo and Arlys Leo In Mohnomon. 

Mrs. Irono Hlnco of Okloo, Mrs. 
Mlllio Schummor of Somldji and Poarl 
Loniol, Evangeline Grove, Russell 
Noyos and Mabel Sabourin vlsltod Mrs. 
Ulllan Hlnco on Sunday. 

Mrs. Eloanore Hodgson ol Red lako 
Falls hosted an ovoning dinner party In 
honor ot Mrs. Edna Hyde on 
Wodnosday with Mrs. Dorothy Myhre,- 

Adelaid Noss ol Mentor, Jot and 
Lorralno Brown ot Rod Lako Falls, 
-Dona end Sarah -Fossom-of-Norway,— 
and Edna Hyde of Plummer. 

: Mrs. Pearl Unlet attended the Red 
Lake County Board on Aging. In 
Plummor on Tuosday. , 

i On Sunday, a large crowd attended 
the salo of Mrs! Mary Ann Gagner. '; 

[Ronnie and Delias Paradls were 
Sunday evening dinner guests of 
Lonnle and Kenya Paradls at their 
summer home at Union Lake. ' 

' Floyd and Forn Hosso attondod tho ■ 
graduation ol thoir granddaughtor 
Erlcka Grlndo ol Elk Rivor a fow wooks 
ago, Thoy woro accompanlod homo by 
— theirdBufjhlor.-Nancy-jQ-Malllson-and- 
Taylor and Lovl ol Woodbridgo, VA.. 

Class Reunion 
Tho Porshlng High Schcol^lass ol_ 
'■""1 989" Kold Tla lO^yoarclrm'ro union on 

Friday and Saturday. July Z and July 3, 

Of mo'21 gradualos, 14 wore In atton- 

danco including Craig and Alllsandra 

Brantl ol Texas, Glon and Amy Buckta 

and- sans Jusllco and Mason of 

Rosoau, Anglo ond Donnls TofKelson 

and son Travis of Plummor, Slovo and 

Bocky Eskoli ond.chlldron Matlhow 
. and Kaylflfl — of - Plummor; — Kerry — | 
. (Froiland) and Grilfln Nowlnnd and son 

Dorick ol Thiol Rivor Falls, David and 

Bonnlo . Gorardy and daughtors 

Broanna and Gobriollo of tho Twin 

Cillos. Nlcoto Kruso ol Soattlo, WA, 

Lonnio and. Michollo Longtln and chll; 

dran Kovln ond Ashloy ol 'Plummor, 

Tammlo (Morcfl) and Jolf Kolloy and 

daughter Jado of Plummor, Michollo 

Rlondeau and daughter Emily of 

Brooks, Jim and Jonnllor Skjorvon of 

tho Twin Citios, Bill Troll lino and 

fioncao Tina ol Iho Twin Cillos, Vlckl 

(Waltor) and Mitch Olson and children 

Colo and Morgan ol Las Vegas, NV, 

and Kolly Bachand of tho Twin Cillos. 

Tho class mot at the Pit Stop In 
piummor__on Frlday_nlghl to got ro- 

acquainted. On Saturday" they" mofal" 

tho Plummor pork for a family barbo- 
- cuo and a low games of volleyball. 

Saturday ovoning a dlnnar was sorved 

ot Third Base-lnBrooks.lollowod by a ■ 

danco at Iho Plummor American 

Loglon Hall. A big lhank-you lo'Tammlo 

Kolloy lor this story! 

Fom Hosso and Nancy Jo Matllson, 
Taylor and Lovl ol Woodbridgo, VA 
spont several days .visiting Ross and 
Vlckl Olson ond family In Moorhood. 

Bornlco Peterson accompanied 
Norman and Juno Voredahl a! Winger 
to OltorTall.Lakb ovor Juty"4th whore 
they visited hor granddaughtor and 
husband, Mr. and Mrs. Davo Gravlln. 
. Floyd and Fern Hosso wore proud 
grandparents at tho horso show In 
Plummor of tho Fourth ol July. Thoir. 
groat- grandchildren, Jazzmino 

Wlehtorman won first prtzo, Cholsey 
Olson 'won second place, Levi 
Matllson and-BrontkMvOlson.won 3rd. 
and 4th placo honors In tho load lino 
ovonl. Thanks lo Aunlle Bonnie 
Wlehtorman for tho uso ol hor beautiful 

horsosl , . . . 

— Royd and Fom Hesse entortainoo; interiors of an. old style Great Northern business car and 

. Jo Mattison ond Taylor ond Lavi of -are surprisingly similar. On display at the 1999 annua! con- 

Woodbridgo.VA, Ross,Vickl„Choisay V6 ntEon of the Great Northern Railway Historical Society 

S, nd w B !^ n A^-^itarh? , wi July 11-14 'n Grand Forks were a 1916 restored car (top 

o7Se? h R£TogS K a^c?Sy photo), privately owned, which was displayed , b V; John H. 

wichierman, Ivan Hosso. ond Diano Robinson, ^curator of the IVIinnesota Transportation Museum 

and uurio Jones and family of t|w o , der onB nfld boon UM£ , for in ^heyday; (bottom ' 

photo)..' -■---.■ ^ ,— .---.^.. 

of 1/87.) 
included an Old 

by Giarlcs Naplin) with a mining 
train (by Charles Kimbrough), a 
highrise building with moving clc- 
vators (by Charles Kimbrounh), and 
a pastoral scene with a hobo camp 
_bridgc_ (b y Charles 

convcnlion will lake place c 
Wcsl Coast. 


Business Carps 

wItomiSk' forma!: 
AndOnc /IpjtolrUnifjil Foin 
SlarllniJ /ll Orllu 

$ 1 C 00- 

$1 "700 

iM Ol not tsUM »Wpmfl KM I 


Many Additional Styin, 
Paper Stock and Ink - 
. Pric«e W1U Vaiyl 

I^Th e Times - WCrCHl 

^ *3^nm7«l«Q'yii|rS^J 

324 Main Ave. -North 
rhleintvw Falls, MN 5670! or 

k gg 681-4450; 

Schwartz). Tho yard areas were set 
up by James Fick. A circus shown in 
the model display was recently 
donated to the club by Mrs. Eric 

-Hoardrin memory- 

and will be maintained by the club 

in his mcn\ory. 
On Monday afternoon a prcscnia- 
-tion-obout-the : North-Dakota-Mill 

Jim Dagg insurance agency 

207 Homcc Avenue Norlli • Tlilcl River T.ilK. MN 

(218) 681-2900 

Put Your Car And Home Under One Roof. 

If you put both your home and car Insurance with me ancf 
you're an excellent, driver, you could gef a discount on a 
portion of your car Insurance: To see how much money you 
can save, -r : .— — _______ 

Issaquah, WA Joinod Ihom lor fire- 
works. • ■ 
1 'Chase Qrindo of Spring Grovo 
spent July 2nd through tho 5th-wllh his 
-grandparonts... Carol and Joyco 

■ Maflors, who took him to Detroit Lakes- 
on JulyJJth whore ho nwl his mommy 
ond daddy and Wade and Sarah, and 
retumod homo with them. 

Ross, Vlckl, Cholsey and Brandon 
Olson of Moorhood sent July 4lh week- 
end wilh hor' parents, Floyd and Fern 
Hesse, and also visited wilh hor slstor, 
Nancy Mattison and family. 
" Doug and Ardella Holland of _rond- 

' Forks spont most ol Saturday with his 
cousin, Bumot and Efllo Byer. 

Brooks Community News 

Del and Cindy Ootarman, Joss, 
Brad, Collan, Aaron and'BroAnna 
spont the 1 4th of July wookond at Iho' 
homo ol her' slstor, Davo and Candy 

_Borentnt.Elk.RivD_and_also lo ailond 
Valloy Fair. . r -- . 

'• Mrs.' Dorolhy Myhro and Veronica 

Boucher, Mrs. Bannla.DuCriamp and 
Ruth Wilkons'of Plummer helped Mrs. 
Edna Hyde celebrate her belated birth- 
day on Tuosday. " 

Mrs. PearTLaniol visited Mrs Ethel 

Johnson arid, her slstor Mario at Oklee 
on Friday. 


Leisure Pack 

Stay in 

touch all 




Minutes - 

to your service plan 

per month 



*— urmMt>- 
liupui— utoall 






— <p- 


mL-1— MBS 



Thief River Falls 

John P. Mattson 
. Publisher 

Marvin Lundin 


David Hill 

Associate Editor 

Wednesday, July 21, 1999 


Wednesday, July 21, 1999 


in Tin: Ti\iKs.\sit St. IIii.mhi: Si'i:<rxron 


_. Errors Plague Sierra Club Timber Report 

The folluwi'mi article wriiion hy Marshall 
Helmherger I'irsr appeared in <»'' Timk-.-juy' 
M'»'.v/)(J/jit.v and. was reprinted in a recent issue 
of Timberline. a publication fur the ft'iesl indus- 
Irics oI'Minnesoia: 

Tile Sierra'Cllib has. a pmMein mi its hands . 
— line largely of ils own making. The jirmip 
made it nig splash lust week iviih ihe release of a- 
.report ' on timber harvesting in norlhern 
Minnesota. The report included maps derived 
from satellite images ami eommentary that sug- 
gested the region's forests were being severely 

overlia rvesled. j_j : _ _„ 

'But some of the harvest numbers in the 
report, especially lor county- managed lands, 
appear to be significantly inflated, in some eases 
by a factor of four, and affected counties aren't 
happy about it. Koochiching county board mem- 
bers have discussed the issue twice in the past 10 

^ay!rand^r^vT:igtiingT n ^ hl ^ ,r ^ l ' T,,rtio,, f i:|lc_ 
St.- Louis county board also discussed the issue ' 
"this week and instructed the land department l» 
develop an official response.' 

The Sierra Club has been slow to address the 
concerns, ostensibly because the consultant who 
developed the figures is currently on vacation* 
and no one else ay he organization appears terri- 
bly familiar •witirthe numbers. The problem 
appears to stein, from the fact thai the Sierra Club 
never requested harvest figures from the anilities 
but rather dcdiiied tliem by subtracting known 
state and federal numbers from total harvests. 

"Exactly where "the apparent miscalculations 

difficult to say until the Sierra Club 
provides more information— something which 
probably won't liappen until later this month. 

When 'asked why the organization didn't 
simply remiest the county harvest figures direct- 
ly, a club spokesperson said that as a volunteer 
organization, the club simply didn't have the 
resources to engage in such in-depth research.- 
That explanation simply won't wash. I requested 
the latest harvest figures from St. Louis county 
this week and had them sitting on my fax 
machine If) mimitcsJalcr. Most county land 
departments are perfectly ti p -to -diilc on th eir data 
eolleeiiimaiiil ciiii give precise"! igures on liarvesr 
levels with nolhing^more than a single phone call. 
There's no need for guesswork, 

Gelling the right numbers isn't a luxury, it's 
a necessity when a group is planning to make 
such~;f public campaign. Releasing numbers and 
•milking— serious — maicmcnis— based— o n 
remiires due diligence in determining their accu- 
racy. It's not oidy county land departments whose 
reputations are at stake— it's the Sierra Club's 
reputation that is now most in jeopardy. 

There appear to be other problems as well. 
The maps released as part of the report are some- 
what misleading. They may accurately reflect 
forest disturbances that have taken place in the 
past 1 5-20 years in the region, but not all of those 
disturbances are related to logging. Indeed, the 
1 992 Mother's Day fire south ofTower shows up 
miite clearly on the map as cuiover land. While 
it's irue that the- land was largely denuded.-fire is- 

a natural process, one that the Sierra Club advo- 
cates using as a means of forest disturbance. 

Of course, the area burned in that fire is now 
regenerating. Nearby land that was burned in a 
fire 24 years ago is now a young and thick jack- 
pine forest. All of which demonstrates tliat our 
forests do. in fact, regenerate, whether from fire 
or logging. Many of the areas identified in the 

■ Sierra Club's maps as cutover probably wouldn't 
be recognized as such by observers on the 
ground. Ten years later, in n»») cases, young 
forests are clearly re-established in most of these 

All of which is not to say that we rriay not 

— facc-problems-ulieadr-The-Sierra Glub-s-wuming- 
of the pending shortage of mature aspen is hard- 
ly' disputed by the DNR or the timber industry. 

-While the ONR^antjejpates filling that gap with 
birch, maple, stand thinnings and hybrid aspen, 
the inventory data is somewhat questionable on 
that score. No agency has the kind of detailed 
inventory data to say exactly how we'll make up 
or the gap in aspen supply, while at the same time 
meeling still greater demands for wood as addi- 
tional [plant! expansions go on line. 

Nor do we know how the anticipated changes 
in the source of the stale's. Umber. supply will . 
a'ffect loggers, especially in our area. The current 
focus of timber harvesting has been in the north- 
eastern counties, hut as the shortage of mature 
aspen begins to arrive, it is likely to shift to coun- 
ties on the edges of ihe state's forested zone, 
where harvests have noi reached the levels expe- 
rienced in our reg ion. A n d whi le h ybrid as pen 

planted in northwestern Minnesota may help 
mills fill the gap. it is unclear how they will help 
loggers in our area pay their bills. 

But while the Sierra Club raised its valid eco- 
nomic concerns in ihe report, its efforts to elimi- 
nate-logging in the region's national forests will 
only exacerbate economic disruptions in our 
region as Ihe supply of aspen is further restricted. 

The issue should not be logging versus no 
logging. It should be abouV maintaining sound 
forestry practices and sustainable levels of har- 
vest, while ensuring protection of the habitat for 
all our native wildlife. 

As Helmberger poinls out in his preceding 
-:miele,-the-shifun ; aspen-luirveJ(Cis.indeed.lQWiird. 
the edges of the forested zone of Minnesota. One 
can scarcely miss seeing the^iiuny trucks loaded 
with aspen logs making their way through Ihe 
Thief River Falls area in. the past year or so. For. 
ihe most part the logs on these trucks are over- 
mature, .(narked by rotten heaftwood. and unfit 
lo^any'"^!^^'^^ OIlICTtllinrchipboaTd"or file- 
wood. v 

Our hope would be that the areas from which 
these trees have been harvested will be allowed 
to regenerate into new aspen stands., although we 
know thai will not always be the case. Despite 
the adverse farm economy, there continue to be 
landowners who prefer to remove Irees and con- 
vert the land to agriculture. Thai is their right, of 
course, but il further alters ihe landscape in this 
area which, in just ihe last three or four decades, 
has lost much of its wooded nature. 


From the Pages of 
The Times 

Record Attendance At 
Eagles Picnic Sunday 

"Encouraged by idea! weulher, a 
record attendance was registered 
Sunday at the annual picnic of ihe 
Thief Kiver Falls Eagles aerie at 
Squaw Point, several neighboring 
"aeries also being represented.' An 
informal program ol musical num- 
bers was presented, in addition to 
which horseshoe games and races 
were held, with pony rides for the 
little folks. In the evening a soflball 
senting ihe Thief River Falls and 
Crookslon aeries, the locals winning 
by a score of 14 to 6." 

Station KTRF Allotted 
Channel For Television 

TRadio St ation KTRF. ■ . T hlcf 

more than 35 stations in Minnesota 
thai have been allotted television 
broadcast channels under a tentative 
proposal of the federal communica- 
tions commission, which announced 
that a public hearing will be held 
"August 29. on the proposed 'expan- 
sion program. At present, only two 
Twin Cities stations, KSTP and 

WTCN. are broadcasting tcle\ 
in Minnesota." 

Part Of First Street Bridge- 
Material Has Arrived 

"The work of assembling materi- 
als for use in construction of the 
new-First Street- Bridge continued 
during the past week. Among the 
items received were a carload of 
cement, reinforcing steel for the 
piers and abutments and port of the 
piling which will be rcquired'on the 
pro j ec t." ^ m 

Mother -Nature 
Whets Her Whims 

"White fruit grows on an albino" 
Junebcrry bush on the Hull farm 
near Fergus Falls. A strawberry from 
John H. Ross' onc-ucrc bed at 
mcasurcs nine inches in circumfer- 
ence. Men and beavers arc battling 
over a culvert near Bovey; the busy 
broadtails want a dam at the upper 
end and traffic wants a safe high- 
way; a dozen limes or more (he dam 
has becntom out; each time within 
24 hours the culver! is blocked 
again." ' . 

V iking 


Thotma Dnhl and"Ros<f5ollia' spanl'ma 4ih ol Jiily wooF - ^ 
ond ot Iho Bort Gjovih homo near Park Rapids and oxporl- 
oncod a portion of Iho storm that nil that area. 

On Tuesday. July 1 . Raymond Droits drove to Bulfnlo. MN 
— who to howas a guost ot his ntoca. - Lois Rostand family.-On— 
Friday, ho accompanied Lola and tior son Malt lo 
Mlnnaapolls whofo ttioy got his slslor. Ruth Drolls, and con- 
'tlnuod Ihelr trip lo Botonia. IL lo bo wilh Iholr brothor. Hans 
Droits, who Is o rosidont at Homstad Covenant Rotiromonl 
Homo. On Salurday ovonlng n spocial dinner was sorvod lo 
honor Hons on his 90ih birthday wilh 21 family mombors pro- 
sont Including his daughter. Ruby and husband from 
Rocklord, IL. and son, Loslor. Irom Elgin. IL. His daughter 
Rhoda was on a business trip lo Norway.but hor family wore 

presbril lor tho onjoyoblo gairanrir/rOrreunaay-thoyattond' 
ed tho chapel worship sorvlcos ai Homostad at which Lois 
sang a' spocial hymn tor hor Dad, "His Eyo Is on Iho 
Sparrow." Monday morning, llmo to hoad back lo-"cool 
Minnesota." Too hot In Chlcogol Wilh Lois, a good city driver. 
they had a wonderful trip back whoro thoy took Rulrflcphor 
place. Raymond was again an ovornlghl guosl at Roso's 
homo InButfnlo. Tuesday morning, ho loft Idr Viking with tho . 
thought "It's good lo bo back homo again' but ho onjoyod 
ovory minute of tcavol and bolng with family mombors, 

On Wodnosday morning, LoRoy and Ruth Sustad mot at 
Iho Bast Woatorn In ThfalRlver Falls (or-food.-fun and fol-- 
towshlp with friends. Bernard and Bloncho Engovik of Julian. 
California ond Olga Engovik ol Thiol Rivor Falls. 

Last Thursday night Alton Swonson Iroatod his grandchil- 
dren, Chris and Alyssa. and Liz Swonson lo a dlnnor at Plrzo 
Hul. Tho. grandchildren are from Ulah ond oro spending tho 
summer at grandmothor Judy Bruggaman's homo. 

The Pennington -Counly-Homomokors'-Group.-whlch- 

Includos Iho Rosewood Homomokors, took their annual tour 
which was lo Frost Flro Thoolro al Wolrfallo, ND wilh a slop 
at tho Pembina Stalo Musoum. That Is a worihwhilo place 
and tho lhaatro production was groat. ' 

"OnTudsdoyaltornoon.Tholma Dohl."Millio.Womos'and 
Liz Swonson drovo out lo Thelmo's garden and sloppod at 
Iho Bort Kron larm for cookies and lomonodo ond a visit. 
Elmer ond Clarico Rookor also sloppod In and wo had such 
a nlco llm